The Little Black Boxes.

By M.P.

Chapter1...749 A.D. Somewhere in the Mediterrainian Sea.

A large cylindrical object falls from the sky and crashes into the cool blue-green water, its metal skin glowing with an errie incandesance. Upon striking the cold water, billows of steam rise almost thirty feet into the air. After several seconds the large cylinder from space settles and sinks into the abyss. Then as if a giant beast was suddenly awakened the water begins to churn and ripple, and a silver pod shoots from the sea into the sky above.

In the city of Alexandria on the nile, the population were out celebrating the first days of a new summer. In the courtyard of the great hall the scholors from all over the civilized world would meet and exchange their views of the world. At the great library they had emmassed the greatest collections of all the wonders of the age. The women and children were the most beautiful in all of the planet. Adorned in their best silks, they wore all their favorite pieces of gold and silver. The men were all young and strong, and showed off their finery with pride. All enjoyed the blessings of peace and much prosperity. Alexandria had been the seat of culture and wealth for many years and hoped it would continue.

Suddenly the sky was alive with streams of colored light and a huge ball of silvery metal sailed across the city. The citizens cast their eyes skyward as it passed over. In its travel the ball began to dissolve and released several small silver objects. The objects cooled in their decent to earth and turned into small black box like containers. The boxes hit the ground and popped open. Each box began to emmit a low humming sound, and soon all the women over the age of 18 and under 50 were strangly attracted to the places where the boxes fell.

The weird metal boxes held a terrifying secret. When a woman would pick up a box she was suddenly encased in a tube of transparent plastic and the box would shift its shape and enclose the tube. The sounds of their muffled screams could be heard from inside the boxes all over the city. Left and right the tube traps sprung and soon all the women in the city had been captured.

As the last chamber sealed itself, soon the cries of the trapped women ceased and the city grew eerrily quiet. The men organized an army to rescue their women folk from the strange containers. They gathered together the large boxes and took them to the outskirts of the city.

When the last container was brought to the site the boxes began to emit another tone. This tone was more shrill than the earlier one,and when the sound stopped the boxes began to open.

Inside each box the captive women had been turned into bright chrome androids. Their sexy shiny bodies were lined with plastic tubes which ran to different parts of their bodies. They stepped from their cocoon like chambers and started to advance upon the army of towns people.

While inside the chambers the chrome womens clothing had been removed and the entire army of naked lovelies marched in their nude glory toward the line of soldiers before them. The soldiers saw the line of nude warriors and raised their swords of bright copper in preperation of defending themselves.

One soldier raised his sword and prepared to strike, when he recognized the android woman before him as a friend. After he knew who she was he lowered his sword.

She had retained her human appearance but it was forever encased in a fine metal skin. The hair on her head was a flowing stream of metal that shined with a startling rainbow effect.

Her breasts were like two bullet noses with hard pointed metal nipples that stuck out. She had a smooth flat rounded belly with a small indentation where her belly button would be. At the junction between her legs were fine strands of metal thread in a perfect vee. The metal hairs framed a shiny chrome pussy. Her legs were well muscled and scupted in reflective perfection.

Even her ass cheeks were two smooth rounded globes.

His penis grew hard under his toga and he felt the urge to embrace her. He pulled the chrome woman close to himself and kissed her hard metal lips. He stuck his toungue into her mouth and was shocked. It was like licking the inside of a tin can. He rubbed her hard metal nipples and heard the click click of the smooth metal under his fingers. He probed into her metal sex and found that too had no features to it as well. He removed his finger from the little dry hole, when suddenly she opened her eyes. The young soldier backed away screaming in agony and fell at her feet as a beam of red light shot from her eyes and killed him. She stepped over his lifeless body and began to shoot down more of the men before her.

This same scenario was taking place all over the city. And in less than a day the entire population of the city had been devastated. Then the army of nude androids began to collect as many artifacts of gold and precious jewels as they could find.

Chapter 2...1999 Somewhere in Egypt...

Dr. Carl Knetmer Archiologist Scientist to the University of Southern Calafornia was on a dig in the desert to uncover the lost ruins of Alexandria. His whole life had been spent on the search for the elusive city of treasure. He had gotten several leads in the past but none had led to fruition. This time however he knew he was close. The digging had uncovered a massive underground temple which held a map room. He used some ancient texts and the stories from some of the locals and figured where precisely the great treasure of Alexandria was kept. Little did he know that the treasure was not an easy thing to aquire.

Knetmer had brought two young assistants with him, Mark Rice and Carol Lups. Each were honor students in his class at U.S.C. and had won the right to join the doctor on the dig. Mark was 21 and had long blonde hair that was natural blonde. He had a good muscular body that he kept well tuned from countless hours in the gym. Carol was 22, and a knock out. At 5'8 with short brunette hair that was styled in a pageboy cut, she had small breasts and wide hips. Her legs were long and well toned and sported a deep rich brown tan. The two were your average California kids. Only here in the Sahara they were a long way from the Pacific.

The diggers suddenly started shouting and Knetmer and the two students ran to see what had happened. Before them stood the edge to a great wall. The three smiled at each other and knew that this had to be the map room.

Another hour would pass and the diggers had knocked a five foot hole in the wall of the map room. The three adventurers entered the massive room and were shocked to see it was not the map room but instead it was something else.

The chamber contained hundreds of pedestals. On each pedestal stood what appeared to be a woman made of metal. All were extremely beautiful. Their bodies reflected the incoming light from the outside world through the hole in the wall. The narrow plastic tubing on their sexy bodies made them look like a soryama painting from the early eighties. The doctor and Mark were at first dumbstruck by the beauty before them. Carol walked toward the first of the androids and touched its leg. Though it was cold to the touch Carol could sense that it was somehow alive.

The native workers had begun to enter the chamber now and soon the ahs of thier voices made the trio of archiologists attention return to the situation. In the furthurmost corner of the massive room was piled a treasure that no mortal had seen in almost a thousand years. Statues and art works of all kinds made of pure gold were piled as if it was merely a pile of junk that some arrogant garbage collector had gathered as the days trash. In another corner were piles of precious jewels as well. Carol walked over to this pile and picked up a diamond the size of a baseball. She stared into the magnificent gem, the lights of it inner fire reflected off her face like thousands of small prisms. Mark as well found something of interest to him as well. Among the gold statues Mark pulled out the figure of a reclining girl. The statue was about three feet in lengh and weighed at least one hundred pounds. The realism was amazing The artist had captured the beauty of his model and forever it would be frozen in pure gold. The two students returned to the professors side and soon Knetmer spoke.

"Mark I think we have discovered the miracle of the millenium." Knetmer continued. "I want you to organize the workers and we will begin to transport the contents from the chamber back to the ship."

Having given the orders Knetmer stepped out of the massive chamber and returned to the dig site. He was confident that Mark would handle everything. Yet as he was leaving he had a strange sence of forboding as he walked past the chrome women. He thought for a moment to tell Mark not to have them brought but then his greed got the better of him. In his mind the museums would pay hansomely for any antiquities he brought back. The marvelous chrome women would fetch a hansome price.

That night the natives had settled down to sleep but for some reason the trio of scientists could not rest easily. The one most effected was Carol. After midnight she had finally settled into sleep when she began to dream. She dreamt that she was the queen of Alexandria and suddenly the sounds of her subjects cries of torment reached her ears. She walked to or in her hieghted dream state she floated to the window overlooking the massive city. Every where she looked she could see these strange black boxes fall from the sky. Then she saw the transformations begin. She heard the sound becon her as well but fought it with all her mental strengh. She ordered the men to organize themselves into a legion and rescue the captured women but after several hours this proved to be in vain. She looked out of her windows in horror as the onslaught took place. The chrome women had emerged now and were systematically killing off the men with their deathray eyes. After all but the very weak had been killed off, the chrome women stopped their murderous rampage and began to collect the valubles from the city coffers. She stood in amazment as they loaded the massive vault with the towns treasure and then sealed the opening behind themselves.

Carol awoke, sweat streaming from her brow. It had been so real she said to herself. But then she laid back down and tried to sleep. Somehow she had to figure the reason why she had such a strange dream and what did it mean to her or her friends future.


Chapter 3... Back in the U.S.A


The ship docked at universal pier 303 in New York harbour. The leading archiologists and paelientoligists from the entire country had come to welcome Dr. Knetmer and his colleaugues home. With much fanfare Knetmer, Mark and Carol stepped down the gang plank of the freighter that had been their home for the last month. In many ways they hated to leave the ship for it had been a pleasent journey. Now however the real work was to begin. That night the happy trio were given a heroes welcome at Delmonicoes restraunt. The New York museum society had always prided itself at its elaborate parties and this one was no exception. They had the finest in champagne and the food was the finest in goumet cuisine. The party continued well into the night when Carol suddenly realized that she had forgotten something that was very important. She excused herself and left for the storage dock where they had placed the crates containing their findings.

The bright yellow taxi pulled up at the grey roll down door outside bin six. Carol paid the driver and stepped out into the damp night air. A light fog was beginning to form and in the distance she could hear the howl of a fog horn from one of the many ships at anchor in the immence harbour.

The warehouse bin looked like it was out of a horror movie. It was a tall structure about five stories above the street and all of its windows were dark. The moon was full but because of the dense fog it's rays were subdued. Inside the warehouse the night watch girl victoria was startled by the sound of a car pull up outside.

Carol pulled her coat tighter about her and reached into her purse to produce the key. She found it and opened the grey door. Inside it was dark, the only light in the emmence room was on the second floor from what appeared to be a small guard shack. She reached to her right and found the small light switch. When she flicked the switch on the vast room was flooded with bright blue-white light. Carol jumped in fear at first because the first thing she saw was one of the chrome women standing next to the doorway. Apparently one of the handlers must have opened the crate and posed the shining figure in the room. Carol had not had a chance to better examine the chrome females while they were being stored so now she stopped to get a better view. It was amazing the realism. If she had not known that it was a metal art work she would have sworn it was a living girl coated with shining chrome. Carol ran her hands over the smooth skin of the figure and reveled in its coolness. She gently touched the tubes that ran all over the figures lithe frame. She reached up and gently ran her fingers over the smooth round breasts. She tapped her fingertips on the smooth breast and was fasinated by the resonate tone the metal made. Her inhibitions quickly leaving her, Carol began to examine the figure even more closely. She touched the figures thighes and felt all the gentle curves. Her hands strayed further and ran up the leg and touched at the figures shining clitoris. Carol was so turned on now that she slowly opened her own dress and let her right hand strayed down into her own pussy. Soon she was pumping herself in the same rythum that she was administering to the chrome girl. After several minutes of standing alone with the figure her self ministrations paid off and Carol moaned in pleasure as she released her own orgasm. She felt slightly ashamed at her base feelings, but it had felt good. She took off her panties and looked at the dark wet spot she had left on them. It had been a long time since she had gotten off. Her thoughts turned to Mark. He was such a hansome guy. Later tonight she would have to pay him a little visit, and complete the sexual release she had started. She took the sopping wet under garment and tossed it into a trash container and closed her dress. She felt a rush of excitement again as the cool air in the immense warehouse ran up her loose fitting skirt. She went to the telephone and dialed a number to order a taxi. She would be back at her apartment soon so she just had to restrain herself a little longer.

From upstairs Victoria had seen the entire thing. As she watched Carol masturbate she too found her hand deeply buried in her own pussy. After several pumps into the wet little hole she found she could no longer stand it and came with a shudder.

Outside the taxi arrived and Carol once more lovingly touched the chrome womans body. She turned out the light and locked the door as she left the warehouse. Victoria now came out of the little shack and went down to the main floor. She waited until Carol had pulled away and then turned on the lights. She rummaged through the trash and picked up the soiled panties and pressed them to her nose. The intoxicating aroma of Carols musk still strong in them. Victoria ran a hand lovingly along the chrome girls form and winked. She was about to leave and go back to the guard shack when suddenly to her amazement the Chrome woman began to move. Victoria stepped back in fear but it was already too late. Victoria watched as the tubes on the chrome female filled with what appeared as a white milky substance. Victoria could only assume that the milky liquid was probably the figures blood. The chrome girl opened her eyes and turned her head to survey the vast room. The figure reached out and grabbed Victoria by the throat. Victoria struggled but it was no use the chrome woman had the strengh of ten women. The chrome girl lifted Victoria off the floor about a foot and stared into her eyes. This time though instead of the red deathray a soft blue beam was emmited from her eyes. Victoria suddenly froze her body still contorted from her struggle with the chrome girl. The chrome girl carried Victorias frozen form over to a nearby pedestal that had been prepared for one of the other chrome women. The chrome fremale placed Victoria on the pedestal and started to remove her clothing. When she was totally nude the chrome female removed one of her tubes and pushed it into Victoria's mouth. From another tube a hyperdermic emerged which the chrome woman pushed into her firm breast. Soon the milky substance began to work its way through the tubing and into Victoria's mouth.

The chrome girl gently massaged Victoria's throat and made her swallow the thick milky fluid. As the fluid entered her body Victoria began to change. At first the changes were subtle but as more fluid entered her she began to become more plastic like. The other tube that had been pressed into her breast now began to extract a red fluid from Victoria. Soon her body had lost its tan and it began to shimmer with a glassy finish. Victoria's eyes glazed over and soon they became two marbles of shining blue. The chrome woman passed a hand over Victoria's face and reshaped it into a look of wanton sex. Her smile was enhanced and then the chrome woman moved Victoria's body and reposed it as well. Victoria was placed into a pose like a vegas show girl. One leg was placed in front of the other and her hips were pressed tightly together. The chrome girl moved Victoria's arms into a outstreched pose as if she were begging for a man to enter her arms. Then when she was satisfied with her work the chrome girl stepped back and looked upon the flawless mannequin she had just made. The tubes were taken out of the newly made mannequin figure, and the chrome girl reattached them to her body. After several minutes the chrome womans tubing which had only contained the white fluid now flowed with human blood.

Victoria could sense that she was being changed but was unable to do anything about it. Then when the fluid entered her mouth she feared that she would drown. Then there was the sharp pain as the hypo was pushed into her breast. She swallowed and swallowed and she could feel her body tightening from the the vicous fluid. Then soon she began to feel very light headed as the blood was taken from her and replaced with more of the white fluid. Soon her mind stopped entirely and she had no feeling at all. Victoria had become nothing more than a hyper realistic plastic sex doll.

Then the chrome girl gathered together Victoria's clothes and dressed herself in them. The chrome girl took one last look at the newly made Victoria mannequin and then walked out into the cool night.

Chapter 4... The next day

Mark was the first to enter the warehouse that morning and he almost threw up when he saw the mannequin girl. He walked up to her lifeless form and tried to figure out what could have possibly happened. He recognized her as the night watch-person. What was her name again? Yes her name had been Victoria. At first he was repeled by what he saw but as he stared at her flawless body he suddenly realized that he was getting incredibly horny at the same time. He touched her smooth stomach and ran his hands over the now hardened breasts. The night girl had been turned entirely into plastic. She made quite an atrractive mannequin Mark thought as his hands strayed over her smooth cold body. His hands went further and he found himself sticking his fingers into the stiff little crack between her legs. It was tight and dry but he knew that it had definately once been hot and alive. He was amazed that her pussy hairs and the hair on her head had changed into a plastic thread. It still looked human but it was definitely plastic. He lifted her body down from the pedestal and checked her again. He looked deeply into the blue marble beads that had once been her eyes. All he saw was his own reflection in them. From all indications he knew she was dead. She probably felt nothing when it had happened and hoped she didn't suffer. He would find who did this and they would pay.

He searched the rest of the storeroom and found that one of the chrome women was missing. Strange he thought to himself, why only the one chrome woman. What confused him further was why would anyone and how could anyone do what they did to Victoria. It was then he saw the tracks in the dust. They were the footprints of a woman. She had worn no shoes when she left the warehouse. Marks mind was racing now as he suddenly got the strange premonition that maybe it was the chrome girl that had done this to Victoria. His mind searched for more ideas but he decided that he would need help.

Mark called Dr. Knetmer and told him that something was seriously wrong at the warehouse. The Doctor arrived about ten minutes later. He entered and asked Mark what was wrong when the mannequin figure of Victoria caught his eye. He quickly ran to the telephone and dialed the number to Carols room at the Algonquin. She answered and Knetmer was immediately put at ease. He had feared that Carol might have been a victim as well. He told her that there was a problem at the warehouse and she should come at once.

Carol entered and was at once shocked by the sight of the Victoria mannequin. She told Mark and Knetmer that she had come in that night but only that the figure of the chrome girl was standing by the door. She had never seen the night girl until now. Of course she didn't mention her erotic intrerlude with the chrome woman. She had to have some privacy. The three knew now that obviously the chrome girl had come to life and was loose somewhere in the city. The only question was how could she hide?

Chapter 5... A visit to the Soryama museum

Deep in the heart of lower mannhatten rests Greenwich village. For years it had always been a haven for starving artists. Today though it is a little more upscale. But on east 10th street stands Marcus Lederers trbute to the master of Japanese robot figures, Soryama. Even though Soryama had never set foot inside Marcus's shop, in it he would have felt very much at home. The walls were lined with all manner of robot related costumes. They ranged from simple masks to elaborate silver body suits. Marcus entered his shop and was fasinated by what he saw. Standing in the center of the shop was a silver girl. Her skin reflected the sunlight and it temporarily blinded Marcus. He walked up closer to the figure and was amazed at the details. She was a perfect recreation of a human female only she had several plastic tubes running across her body. He was about to call the police to report the strange intruder when it turned to him and spoke.

"Hold human." The chrome girl continued. " I have been reactivated to find answers."

Marcus was not sure how to handle this strange predicament he was in, so he just listened.

The metal girl told Marcus about the last things she recalled. She remembered her life at Alexandria. And how the strange boxes fell from the sky. Then it was dark and the little voices started to change her way of thinking. It had seemed like only a short time ago but in her own mind she knew it was much longer. Then the voices had told her and the others to gather gold and jewels and wait in the chamber. That was all she remembered until the last night when she had joined with the human female. Marcus asked her what she meant by joined and when she explained it put horror in his mind.

The chrome girl explained that in order to regain their humanity they had to take the essence from a living human to regain what they had lost. Soon her sisters would join her and the humans would learn their place in the cosmic circle.

To be continued...

M.P.7/31/99 inately once been hot and alive. He was amazed that her pussy hairs and the hair on her he€?