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A short story for Halloween RoboTraci@juno.com

Yes, it WAS a dark and stormy night. What else should you expect for Halloween, eh? A night when the ghosts and goblins and ghoulish creatures walk the face of the earth once more. A night when mortals glance over their shoulders to see who or what may be following them. A night when the shadows seem to take on a life of their own.

"Why the hell am I out on a night like this?", thought Traci. Good question. Beautiful young ladies should be at home or else with an escort on nights like this. But there she was calmly walking down Maple Street as the wind and rain lashed around her. The kiddies had all abandoned the streets by now and were gleefully devouring their bags of treats. What was Traci doing out?

Traci Appariel was a somewhat beautiful woman of about 23, shoulder length auburn hair and hazel eyes. She wasn't wearing any costume, just a powder blue dress and trench coat that still revealed a lithe and supple figue beneath them. Her heels clicked against the pavement as she strolled aimlessly along the rainy street. Traci had no idea why she was out nor did she know where she was going. She was just....walking. Her eyes had a vacant look about them as if she was searching for some clue as to her purpose in being out.

As she turned off of Maple and onto Third Street her gaze was drawn to the only house on the block that was lit. There was something both familiar and comforting about that house. Perhaps she could go there and find shelter from the rain and some clue as to where she was going. Traci rang the bell and an odd little man answered the door. He was wearing a long white lab coat and seemed to be pre-occupied.

"Traci, it's about time you returned. Where the hell have you been? I've been worried sick about you."

"I don't know, sir. Do I know you? Do you know me? My mind seems so fuzzy."

The man ushered Traci in and helped her off with her coat and scarf. "Mind fuzzy? Kinda lost? Guess you've been out in the rain too long, young lady." He seated Traci before a roaring fire and told her to sit and relax while he got her some hot tea. Traci melted into the overstuffed chair and reveled in the warmth radiating from the fire. She felt a stranger and at home at the same time. Her friend returned with an herbal tea that smelled of mint. She sipped it carefully and felt the warm liquid settle within her.

"You know me, sir?"

"Of course I know you, Traci. You're my niece. Don't you remember? I'm your uncle Jason."

"You seem familiar and so does this house but it also seems strange."

"Drink the rest of your tea and your mind will clear."

Traci sipped the tea and as she did so she became more and more relaxed. The tea and the fire's warmth soon put Traci to sleep. Jason rose and looked at his sleeping niece. "Yes I'm afraid you were out in the rain a little too long, my dear." Jason removed Traci's powder blue dress, hose heels and undergarments. He scooped the naked girl up and carried her into a room at the far end of the house. He carefully placed her form on a metal slab that already contained an impression of the woman's back side. Her body sank right into it so that half of her was within the slab and the other half above it. Jason walked over to a side closet and returned with clamps that secured her wrists and ankles to the slab. He bent reached up and pulled down two cips that he fastened to Traci's nipples. Reaching up again he grabbed a long, silver phallus that he lubed and inserted into his niece.

"Time to rid your mind of that fuzzy feeling."

Throwing a nearby switch Jason watched as the slab began to glow with a bluish light. A low, almost imperceptible hum filled the room. Traci's body stiffened as if electric current were passing through it and causing all her muscles to tense. The woman's eyes popped open and a look of horror came over her. She tried to speak but was unable. What was going on?

"Ah, I see you've awakened, my dear. Allow me to show you the transformation."

Jason tripped a few switches and the table slab began to tilt to a more upright position. A full-length mirror came into view and Traci saw her naked body losing its flesh and becoming firmer and silver. Jason cut the power so that he could safely touch his captive. Traci struggled but her strength was too shallow to break her bonds. She watched as her "uncle" touched her throat and peeled away a section of skin, revealing a maze of wires and diodes. Traci shut her eyes as if that would restore her to flesh once more. Jason replaced the throat section and resumed the treatment. Within minutes the flesh of a woman had become the sensuous, silver body of a female robot.

Traci's mind raced trying to figure it all out but the fuzziness remained. Jason knew this and as the process ran its course he walked to the control panel and poised his index finger over a large silver button. "This will remove the fuzziness and make it all clear, my precious Traci."

As the button was activated a final surge of electricity entered Traci's mind. The fuzziness lifted and all was made clear. She was not a young woman but a robot. She had never been a woman until earlier this evening. Jason had made her 3 years previous and as a Halloween treat developed a process that would turn her metal body to flesh and allow her to spend the night as a human. Her bonds were removed and Jason helped her off the slab.

"Thank-you- master. How-may-this-one-serve-you?"

Jason smiled.