The Bottle and the Wish

by Paul G. Jutras

     "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Salem asked, rowing as Carla sat with her fishing pole in the water. The little row boat moved through the murky swamp when they came across an eerie light around the bend. Carla singled for Salem to stop rowing as they coasted around the bend.

      "We have to show those boys that we're as good at camping, fishing and hunting as they are." Carla glared back. "You want to lose the $100 bet?"

    "No, of course not, but.." Salem began as they caught sight of a dim light in the distance. Getting closer they saw it came from an old fashion lantern hanging off a cabin room. The cabin itself looked like it had seen better days and gave the girls the creeps.

     "I don't believe it." Carla whispered as she saw a witch dressed in purple standing on the cabin porch. "Douse our light so she doesn't see us?"

     "Ha ha ha ha!" The witch cackled as she dropped something into her pot and caused a puff of smoke to raise out into the sky. As the light dangling from the porch light was blotted out, Salem and Carla lost track of the witch. When the smoke cleared, the witch was gone.

      "That was close." Carla sighed as he noticed the boat was headed toward the cabin. "Girl, I told you to stop rowing."

     "I did." Salem said, holding up her arms. "The current must have us."

     As the boat brushed up against the river bank, Carla climbed out with her gun ready. "You keep an eye on the boat, while I go for a look inside."

     "I don't think that's such a good idea." Salem protested, but it was too late. Carla had already slipped onto the porch and made her way underneath a window sill. Peeking in, she noticed the cabin seemed to of been made up of two rooms. The front room appeared completely empty.  Salem ran her hand through her dark hair and smoothed her yellow dress as she watched Carla slip inside.

         "Some vacation trip this turn out to be." Salem sighed as she cast her line into the water. "I might as well continue to try while waiting for Carla to come back. I don't know why Carla had to head into such a creepy fishing area, but it couldn't get any more creepy."

     Inside the cabin Carla made her way to the door in the back of the room. Looking inside, she found it just as empty as the front. "Where'd that witch go?" Carla thought to herself as she jumped when a floor board creaked underneath her foot.

     "Can't let that old witch hear me." Carla thought as she slipped out of her shoes and continued to look around in her nylon coated feet.  As she started to check out the drawers she found she no longer had control of her body's actions.  Carla desperately wanted to leave the cabin now, but found she could not make her body go in the direction of the door.

      Carla was soon exhausted for all her moving about. The erotic heat her body felt kept her breasts erect and her pussy wet as she heard a witch's cackling fill up the room. It was at this point that her body became as motionless as a statue.

      "Dearie, I've got some good news for you. You and I are about to become very close. Very close indeed." The witch appeared and circled Carla. She seemed to sense her desperation. "Oh, poor thing. I will make you feel better."

      The witch soon removed her clothes and walked backwards toward the bedroom. In a trance, Carla followed helpless, stripping off the rest of her clothes as she went along.  The young, attractive witch laid on her back with her legs spread.  Carla went to the witch's pussy and began to lick it with her tongue while she reached up and her breasts. The witch started to have one of several wonderful orgasms. Carla's heat was burning and wanted to orgasm too, but found her body wouldn't let her.

      "You are such a good girl." The witch chuckled as Carla found she had regain control of her body. Despite her knowledge of this, she continued to play with the witch in hope to make herself come. She tried to move her hands from the witch's breasts to her own pussy when she discovered their where firmly glued onto the witch's body. As she struggled to get off the witch she also discovered her legs where fused with her lover's.

     "Now you know why nobody knows about the swamp witch." The witch moaned in erotic pleasure as Carla's knees sunk into the witch's legs and remain firmly lodged in place. She felt herself getting light as her hands were becoming nylon, although still firmly attached and sliding down her mistress's form. Pleading for mercy was useless since her voice was already lost to her. Her face stretched in a distorted shape and became a cotton panty. It was suddenly all over. Carla was nothing more than a pair of magical run-proof pantyhose wrapped around her mistress' slim legs.

       As the young witch went to slowly get dressed in the mortal fashion, she planned to enjoy Carla's suffering.  The sensations of the witch's legs swishing against one another sent flows of pleasure through Carla's nylon body. She exploded in orgasms that devastated her mind but found she couldn't be driven mad as much as she wish she would. The witch slid a pair of brown slacks up her legs and completely blinded Carla slight completely. "Now you can hear the world around you but can't see where you are and what's happening."

    The witch then stepped into a pair of high heels that made her feel like she was going to be pinched in half. If the shoe size wasn't enough of the problem, the foot smell made her want to gag. After the witch finished dressing, she checked her face in the mirror and then dug her nails into her crotch. "Now let's see about your fishing friend, shall we?"

       Outside in the boat, Salem was still finishing away when she saw a bottle floating down stream with the current. Fishing it out of the water, Salem pulled the top off the bottle and watched as smoke rose into the sky. Salem couldn't believe her eyes when she the smoke manifest itself into a blonde woman dressed in a blue bikini top with matching Turkish trousers and Arabian slippers. Salem just rubbed her eyes and did a double take in disbelief. "Who... Who are you?"

     "I am the genie of the bottle, mistress." The Genie replied. "The Swamp Witch has been searching for me for the longest time."

    "You're why the witch is here?" Salem asked as she saw the cabin door open and the witch step out on the front porch. "I wish I could be hidden from the witch's sight."

     "First wish granted." The genie said as Salem suddenly found herself shrinking in size. Her skin tone turned a light green. Her hands webbed together and became as flat as can be while her body became nothing but a plant's top. With flower pedals surrounding her face, she watched as he feet burst out of her shoes and her nylon toes stretched into the ground like roots.

   "Where is that friend of yours, dearie?" The witch cackled as she rubbed her nylon covered sex and knew Carla was as aroused as she was feeling. "Her boat is here so she couldn't of gotten far."

     "Please don't transform Salem!" Carla thought, knowing that the witch wasn't listening or couldn't hear her. As the witch returned inside of the house she kicked off her shoes that gave Carla some relief. That relief was brief as the witch slid off her pants too and started to play with her sex while rubbing her legs against one another. The stimulation was pure torture for Carla. The witch knew she could bide her time until Carla's friend came to her.

      "You can't leave me like this." Salem said to a shrunken genie as she fought to try to unroot herself from the ground. "I don't want to be some sort of swamp flower. I have a friend to save."

     "All you have to do is make a wish." The genie smiled.

    "I wish I could be as close to Carla as I can get." Salem said as her flower form took on an astral projection like appearance and moved through the air to the cabin. It entered the cabin and was absorbed by the witch's foot.  The witch, sensing something had happened, sat up and saw Salem's face reflecting back from her big toe nail.

     "You found the genie didn't you!" The witch screeched in anger. The wiggle of the witches big toe was like having Salem's breast fondled.  A shiver ran through Salem's soul as she orgasmed mentally. "I don't know how many wishes you have left, but you'll use one of them to wish the genie to be under my total control!"

     "She now has to appear for you to get your last wish." The witch suddenly grinned. "With the genie's power wished upon me, I'll be the most powerful witch in the world."

     Taking out some pink  polish, her brush magically passed through the nylon and colored each of her toes. Salem felt like she had a paint brush splashed across her face as her vision took on a pinkish tone. Getting out of bed the witch headed into the bathroom and pulled Carla down to her ankles that made Carla feel like she had her vagina in a vise. Walking to and from the bathroom was agony for Salem too, who felt like her pussy and breasts were being touched with ever footstep and movement.

        Then with a smile, the mistress returned to bed and used her magic to pull Salem up into her vagina.  Salem was shocked as her vision remained blurred but was no longer pink. Her angle of vision changed from looking up at a giant body to staring down past a pair of thighs, legs and feet.  Salem's body felt wet as it was being coated in pussy juice.

     "Now I can have fun with both of you at once." The witch giggled as she fingered her pussy, pushing her nylon pantyhose inside of her. All three women soon had the most pleasurable orgasm they had ever imagined. The girls' distress kept the witch both aroused and happy. "Oh, you are good. Maybe I should move one of you into a bra so I can feel such pleasure all over."

      "But first I really feel like having some more fun." The witch said as she used a dildo and butt plug to push the nylon inside of her before turning it on. That way her nylon captive could be just as turned on by the devices as her new vagina and herself. The dildo made Salem feel like she had a nylon coated gag ball in her mouth. After a short time the witch passed out, exhausted from the arousal the vibrators caused. Salem and Carla on the other had didn't get any such luck. The vibrators continued to drive them to a brink of madness that they couldn't cross. The magic kept them awake for their suffering.

     As the witch slept, the genie appeared between her legs as the size of the Barbie Doll. With the witch on her side, it was easy for the genie to remove the dildo and butt plug that sent the girls torture to mild arousal.  "You still have one wish left, mistress Salem."

     "I  just wish Carla and I to be back in human form in the city." Salem prayed as the genie smiled with a nod. The girls felt themselves being pulled out of their aroused prison and regaining human form began being transported away. With the third wish granted, the genie and her bottle vanished into another part of the world, where the witch would never find her.

      In Dansheer Pantyhose company the girls found themselves posed before a full length mirror. They knew they were human again. They also realized they couldn't budge an inch. They were dressed only pantyhose and their stiffened bodies gave off a plastic shine.

     Their empty sex felt partially aroused and they couldn't do anything to end that arousal. They were just glad that the arousal was at a bearable level. They just stood at attention as workers that passed by ignored their blank stares toward the doors. When the store closed; however, some night workers came and removed their upper torso from their lower legs. Having the hands cupped under their breasts sent sky rockets of pleasure surging through them. The feelings continued as they were taken apart and packaged in a way that their plastic parts rubbed against one another.

    They had no idea how much time had passed, but the pleasure they felt was better than any sex two women or a girl and a guy could ever have. They were glad when the package was opened and light shined down on their glass eyes. They were lifted out of the box by a window dresser and had their parts spread out on the floor before her.

      A wave of pleasure surged through bodies as they lower torsos were turned upside down. A pair of pantyhose were slid up Salem plastic legs while Carla got a bikini bottom. When turned back over, the dresser straightened the hose on the legs and the smoothed cotton panel; Salem exploded mentally. Carla took less time to be dressed in a bikini with a hole in the bottom for the support rod. Having the rod inserted into her as caused Carla to orgasm without release constantly.

     Salem, on the other hand, soon found herself in the same dress she had on in the row boat. Only now she was a mannequin sitting at a desk in an office display.  Salem soon found that being in a bent sitting position only seemed to increase the heat between her legs.

     As Salem watched the display continue to build around the office set up, she found the store was holding some kind of science fair. Kids from all over checked out all the Virtual reality games and fun that Salem wished she could join in on.

     The week slowly went by while Salem and Carla continued their sexual frustration. As the fair reached the end of the first week, Carla was removed to the front window and carried through the display when a earthquake knocked the dresser off her feet. The dresser toppled to the floor and Carla fell into the display booth that was being wrecked by the quake.

     The dresser, caring more about her own safety than the mannequin's, took cover. As the smoke cleared from the rubble, a flesh and blood woman wearing a bikini bottom stepped out of the booth. In the confusion nobody notice the new Carla remove the theft tag and slip on a blouse and a pair of pants.  She then saw Salem sitting helplessly.  Going to the store manager, she used the credit card she had found on the floor to purchase Salem and take her to her  house.

     Getting together with Salem's parents, Carla told them that a machine at the fair changed Salem during the quake. She knew that nobody would believe the story of what they had been through with the witch and the genie.

     "So that's about the size of it." Salem's father said to the VR company. Though the company thought that a runaway child had caused a family mental breakdown, they decide to humor rather than go to court. Placing Salem's body into a booth like the one that exploded, the company president put on a VR helmet and entered the computer world. After a few hours talking with a computer simulation of the real Salem, he was convinced the mannequin was once alive.  He agreed to loan them the booth while they try to figure a way to fully restore her.

     That night while everyone was asleep, Carla put on the helmet and used her mind to appear before Salem naked. They took one another hand and rubbed each other breasts and pussy. At long last Salem felt the sexual release she had been craving for.

     "Ow!" Salem cried as she broke free of the sexual grip and rubbed her arm. She looked at it and notice that she was bruised. "How did that happened and why?"

     "I don't know." Carla said as her image vanished when she removed her VR helmet. Seeing the booth as gone, and the room trashed, she quickly put the helmet back on. "The booth is gone, which means your frozen body is also gone."

     "So the reason I felt pain a moment ago is because this science jerks are doing something with my real body? Oh man, we have to find out where is. They must of made sure my mind was in VR so I couldn't see where I went or know I had gone anywhere."

     "How will we find me then?" Salem asked as Carla prepared to take off the helmet.

     "Don't worry, I picked up their business card when at the mall fair." Carla smiled faded when Salem's body started twitching from some kind of electrical shock. "We'll find them and whatever examination they're putting your body through to try to reanimate it."

      "Just as long as I make it through this and they're not trying to learn how to freeze other people like I was frozen." Salem said between shocks.

    Driving to the address on the card, Carla headed up the fire escape with Salem's dad. Through the sky light they saw Salem's frozen body standing on  support rod with wires attached that lead up to a life support machine. "Still got a life reading." A man said to a woman as they continued to run their tests on Salem motionless body.

     "Let's take a lunch break." The man suggested as they head out the lab door. "I don't think our subject will be going anywhere."

      As soon as they were gone, Salem's dad opened the skylight and the two slid down the rope into the lab. The man lifted her daughter off the rod while Carla discounted the wires. As they opened the fire door an alarm went off and guards started down the hall. They quickly jumped into their get away van and took off just before the guards reached them.

     Nearly causing traffic accidents through red lights and wrong ways on one way streets, they reached Salem's home. Putting the VR helmet on her friend's frozen head, Carla activated the computer she built herself. "After this I hope you'll appreciate my trying to prove that women are as good as men."

     With a series of  computer keys hit inside the virtual world, the mannequin form was soon deleted and only Salem's soul and living body remained to re-enter the real world. After Salem sat up and looked herself over as she collapsed on the couch, exhausted from all the arousal she had been feeling for days.

     After a long nap, Carla and Salem hit a bus stop and headed on a guy hunt to pay the $100 bet they lost. The guys would never believe their story anyway. The one place they weren't going to hit anytime soon was the mall. Both of them had enough of the mall when posed there in their frozen mannequin state for what seemed nearly a lifetime. As for Salem, she vowed she's not going near another computer for an even longer time.

           THE END

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