The Boutique

by Pnuma (c) 1996

Celeste crossed the threshold, stepping out of the oppressive summer heat into the cool, perfumed air of the new boutique. She was greeted by two scantily clad mannequins on either side of the door. Her attention was drawn to their faces, and was taken aback at how lifelike they seemed Their eyes and lips glistened, their feminine faces almost glowing despi te the impossibly perfect chiseled contours. They gave her an uneasy sensation of being watched, and she quickly turned away.

There were only a few people milling about in the store. Celeste's school had let out early because of the heat, and not many places were crowded at this hour on a week day. She had heard about this place from her friends, who told her about all the wonderful things here, making her jealous. She passed through this first room with walls lined with expensive evening gowns and formals; a glance at one of the price tags told her she shouldn't get herself worked up over them. The next room suited her more. It was overflowing with lingerie. Bras, panties, negligees, babydolls, and teddies of all kinds were hanging from the walls, arranged on tables, and piled deep in baskets. Smiling, she ran her fingers over the silky feminine finery. She wished she could try each and every one of them on. "Oh, I've been looking for ones like this," she breathed, holding up a pair of fuschia flutter panties. Over its waistband another pair of the strangely lifelike mannequins caught her eye. One of them, standing in a provocati ve stance, was wearing old-fashioned bloomers. They were emerald green, sil ken and loose, fastening tightly at the waist and again at the knees. It wore a matching bustier. Layers of ruffles cascaded from the knees. The second mannequin wore a teddy of the same style as the other, with the ruffles attached to the hips. The second mannequin was down on one knee, with an arm hooked around the other's waist and a cheek pressing against its side Celeste smiled to herself at the homo-erotic positions of the mannequins, wondering who had positioned them so. She had just recently come to terms with her own homosexuality and enjoyed seeing subtle hints such as this. It made her feel less alone. She had never had a lover of either sex, and wearing sexy lingerie such as these made her feel, well, more appealing. To herself, anyway. She wondered what those bloomers would feel like, but didn't see any others except those on the display. She clutched the fuschia panties in her hands and went to explore the rest of the store.
"This place is huge," Celeste mused as she passed through several other rooms of clothes. One of the rooms seemed to be the founda tions department, featuring mainly hourglass Victorian corsets and pantygirdles of all kinds. In the back of the section was another peculiar, corset-cl ad mannequin with a waist that must have been 15 inches around, at the most. Celeste ended up in the shoe department, with thousands of styles of shoes: a plethora of pumps, flats, boots, spike heels, and others. At the rear of this department was a doorway labeled "Leather" in feminine script. Upon entering the dimly lit room, Celeste saw that the walls wer e lined with mannequins posing different articles of leather clothes. She meandered through the racks of clothes, tentatively touching the merchand ise. Leather always gave her a slightly, oh, animalistic sensation. She sta rted flipping through a rack, looking for something in her size, when she got the eerie feeling that she was being watched. She turned around to find a mannequin staring-- no, appearing to stare at her. This one was of a youthful brunette, sitting on a pedestal, with her elbows resting on her knees and her knees spread wide apart. Tight-laced, stiletto heeled boot s encased her legs almost to the hips. Gloves of matching leather covered her arms from fingertips to armpit. She wore a pair of small, black leat her panties and a studded bra. Her face and skin were so realistic, Celeste wondered for a moment if it was a real girl sitting there. "Hello? she said, and immediately blushed and self-consciously looked about to see if anyone had come into the room. No, she was still alone. She slowly reached out and caressed the mannequin's shoulder. It was cool, hard plastic. Celeste shook her head, admonishing herself for her anxiousness, and ret urned to the racks. Still, she felt even more uneasy; the feeling of being wat ched didn't go away. In fact, it got stronger. She hurriedly bustled out of the room, sparing one last glance at the strange mannequins.

In her haste, she blundered into a rack of crinkly petticoats, nearly knocking it over. She steadied herself and the rack, and took in her new surroundings. Wedding gowns? This room was a flood of white lace. Several, less frightening, mannequins were standing in the windows, holding dried bouquets in their hands. They were shrouded in yards of tight, lacy clothing, making Celeste almost wish she was straight, so she could wear one of the se at a real wedding. She started to poke curiously through the bridesmaid' s gowns on the wall, when she heard, "Can I help you?"

Celeste let out a squeak and spun around, startled after having spent so much time in silence. In the doorway stood, arms crossed, a mature wo man appearing to be in her late thirties, with full, raven hair pulled into a tight french braid. She wore a loose, pearl-colored silk blouse, a long, black skirt that in no way hid the curves of her legs, and a cameo around her throat. Celeste could see the dark outline of the nearly conical bra which forced her breasts into points that pressed enticingly against the blouse. "You seem a little young to be getting married," she said.

Celeste realized that she hadn't answered the woman's first question and felt a blush form on her cheeks. "Uh, no," she stammered, "I'm not. I mean, I'm not getting married...I'm just, uh, looking. She silently berated herself for sounding so stupid.

"Ah, I see," replied the woman simply. She smiled, dropped her arms to her sides, and walked towards Celeste. "I'm Diana. I own the store. If there is anything I can help you find...?"

Celeste just stammered. She was suddenly entranced by how Diana's br a-narrowed breasts made an angular tent of her blouse after she uncrossed her arms, and how it all shimmered lightly as she walked. "Oh! You're the ow ner? I-I'm Celeste," she said. Oh, God, why did I tell her my name? Why would she care? She felt more blood rush to her face. To her face, and other places.

Diana continued to advance, trapping Celeste in a corner. "I se e you've found something, already," she said, gesturing to Celeste's hand. Celeste looked down to see the fuschia panties that she had crumpl ed into a small ball in her palm. Diana took another few steps. "I'm sure you look positively darling in them," she purred.

Celeste's gaze flickered to the floor on either side of Diana, unable to look in her eyes and too embarrassed to look at her body. Oh gosh, oh heck, she thought, is she coming on to me? Does she she interested in me? She couldn't...could she? Celeste felt blood poun ding in her ears. Was this the moment she'd been fearing and desiring for one third of her entire, short life? "Why, thanky--"

Before she got her sentence out, Diana was caressing Celeste's cheek, tucking loose blonde ringlets behind her ear. "I would like to see you in them. Very much," she smiled warmly. Celeste shook her head gently, not in denial, but rather in disbelief. Diana shook her head, mi rroring Celeste. "No? You don't want me to see you in them?"

"Yes!" blurted Celeste. "I mean, yes...I mean. .uh. Now?"

Diana laughed. It was a gently, lilting laugh which made Celeste's knees wobble. "No, dear, not now," she smiled. "But, I would like to see you. Later. Say, midnight tonight, perhaps?" She stepped closer still, so that Celeste was overcome by the fragrance of he r perfume and bodily odors. Celeste swooned and pressed herself against th e wall for support. Her face felt like it was on fire. She could hardly bring herself to look in the woman's eyes, but she didn't want to offend her. "Yes," she managed. "Please, I'd like to. I-I'd re ally like to..." She trailed off. Could this really be happening? She had fantasized about this for so long, and now it was happening! She was ecstatic. She was overwhelmed. She was going to faint.

Diana helped the girl stay on her feet. "You're new at this, I can tell. But that's okay. I'll take care of you, very good care of you. Forever. Come back tonight, but don't tell anyone, and I mean anyone, that you're coming here. I could get in serious trouble because of your age, dear. And we don't want that." She smoothed Celeste's hair back once more, then motioned to her to the crumpled panties in her white-knuckled fist. "Keep those as a gift. I expect to seem them on you later to night, dear. Go on, now," she said as she ushered the girl out of the room

Celeste wandered in a daze through the unexplored departments and out to her new car. She had never been this excited in her life! She clutched the wheel for a minute, calming herself enough to remember how to drive. After spreading the panties reverently on the passenger's seat, she started home.

- - -

Twelve hours later Celeste was pulling up in the same parking lot, wi th butterflies on a rampage in her stomach. She had laid in bed most of the day, too excited to sleep, dreaming of what would finally happen that nig ht. She couldn't concentrate on her homework, her gaze constantly going to the panties she had laid on to of her dresser. They made her shiver with anticipation. She gave up on the homework, deciding that punishment, detention, anything was worth that night. Her parents questioned her sudden loss of appetite, but didn't get anything out of her. She spent the remaining hours after supper shaving, cleaning, perfuming, fixing her hair, and making herself up. She put on a loose, white, summer skirt and a pink cotton blouse. And, of course, the panties. She snuck out of the house at a quarter til twelve, still disbelieving that this could possibly be happening.

The Boutique was unlit, save for the displays which contained mannequins. She knocked on the door and waited for a minute. There was no answer. She walked around the building and looked for another-- Ah! There it was. A back entrance. She rapped loudly on the small door, and was answered with the sound of locks being unsnapped. The door swung open, revealing Diana, wearing the same clothes she had been wearing earlier, not to Celeste's displeasure. "My, my, don't we look utterly adorable?" Diana said, taking Celeste by her shoulder and turning her around. Your body is perfect, my dear."

Celeste blushed and thanked her profusely. Diana would have none of it and led the girl by the hand through a series of hallways cluttered wi th boxes and scraps of clothing. "Where are we going?" she asked

"To my workshop," answered Diana. A moment passed. " If you're curious as to how I knew you had, ah, preferences such as you do, lets just say I have a sixth sense about these things."

Celeste blushed. That was exactly what she had been wondering. Was Diana some kind of mind reader? She allowed herself to be led, which was for the better, since she didn't think she could stand on her own. Diana took her into a room with long tables on either side, clothes hanging from racks and covering every inch of the floor, wigs for the mannequins scattered about, and some of the mannequins themselves laying on the tables. A nak ed one was sitting on the edge of a table, and Celeste marveled at the anato mical detail of its nude form. "I dress them in here," explained Diana. "I take great pleasure in dressing them." She ran her hand up the young girl's back, making it arch. "Yes, they are realistic, an d very expensive. Too realistic sometimes; they frighten some customers aw ay. Like they did to you in the leather department. And yes, I was watching you then."

Celeste's blush deepened and she suddenly felt very self conscious. "I'm..I'm sorry I'm not saying much. I just...can't think of anyth say..." she stammered, luxuriating in the feel of the woman's hand sliding up and down her back.

"That's quite all right, dear," said Diana, "I underst and. I prefer it this way. I like silence, so you don't have to say a word. She soothed the girl with her carefully modulated voice, then leaned and kissed her cheek gently. I hope you're ready for this, it might not be quite what you expected. I have to go get something I left in the other room. I'll be right back." She released the girl and sauntered ou t of the room.

Celeste panted softly and rolled her head back. "Ooooh, this is a dream." She dabbed the sweat from her face and neck while watching Diana leave. Curious about the mannequin, she stepped up to it, feeling bolder, and let her hand rest on one of its ample breasts. It was cool and hard, but strangely soft. And the detail! The nipple was ringed wit h perfectly crafted areola. Her fingertips ran across the nipple and almost jerked her hand back. It felt warm and real! She pinched the rubbery nipple hard, and smiled at her own foolishness. She wished she could see if it's vagina was just as realistic, but unfortunately its leg s were clamped too tightly together. When she looked back at the nipple she had squeezed, she let out a little gasp. The nipple hadn't been that size a few seconds ago. It had gotten erect! What was going on here? Then she heard Diana clearing her throat. She twirled around, emb arrassed, to find Diana dangling a pair of thick, leather restraints from one finger as she smiled to herself.

Celeste stared at the restraints as Diana approached her. "Um.. I don't know about that. I don't think I'm into that," she said, slig htly afraid. "Aw, come on," said Diana with a grin. "Play wit h me. Turn around." Celeste trembled. Well, sex was sex, and this woman was so beautiful. It might be kinda fun. She turned around. Dian a took her hands and crossed her wrists behind her back, locking the restra ints on. Her hands slid down over Celeste's buttocks. "You're mine now. Forever."

Celeste could do nothing but swallow loudly and watch Diana as she punched a code into a small keypad in the wall. At the far side of the room, a section of the floor slid away, revealing a staircase descending into darkness. Celeste sensed that something was not right here at all, but before she could lodge a protest, Diana was pulling her towards the trapdoor.

When she reached the bottom, she was assaulted by a wave of strange odors that made her instantly uneasy. She heard the door sliding shut ab ove her and then the room lit up. It wasn't a small room, but it was stuffy and windowless, giving her a claustrophobic feeling. On the tables were devices she couldn't identify, but she could identify the multitude of whips decorating the walls. At the back of the room were two semi-circular met al plates hanging from chains. She didn't know what they were, but they fri ghtened her anyway. Below them was what appeared to be a stone funnel sunk into the floor with a steel-grated drain at the bottom. On the other wall was a clear with strange attachments, full of a bluish, viscous liquid. Belo w it was a wooden plank with leather straps. Several video cameras were ai med at it. Diana pushed her from behind, Celeste balked.

"Oh, come now, don't be like that. If you're a bad girl I'll have to whip you."

"What is all this? What are you going to do? Oh God, please do n't hurt me!" Celeste's eyes were wide with fear. She dug her heels in Without warning she heard a loud crack and felt jolt outward from the back of her thighs. She was too startled to scream; her breath was knocked out of her. She stumbled a few steps but was caught by Diana's surprisingly strong arms. Celeste saw a hideous bullwhip in Diana's hands.

"See? Now if you don't move where I tell you, I'll whip you 'til your blood runs down your legs. I'd enjoy that immensely," her ton e was almost conversational, and very calm.

Terrified, Celeste allowed herself to be pushed to the hanging plates , tears running down her cheeks. She whimpered softly, begging Diana not to hurt her. Diana made no response other than to turn Celeste around, standing her above the drain. She then pressed one of the metal plates against the front of Celeste's neck, and then slid the opposite plateaga inst the back of her neck, locking them together like horizontal metal stocks. The chains pulled the stocks higher, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes lest she choke. There were two smaller holes on either side of the neck hole, for her hands. Celeste's breath was coming in short little gasps. Diana stood in front of the girl and started smoothing her hair back aga in. "Don't worry, little doll, I'm not going to hurt you. I'd never do that. Your body is just too perfect to damage. My doll, my little doll. ."

"Please," Celeste sobbed, "let me go. I won't tell an yone, just don't hurt me. Let me go, please, just let me go."

"I can't do that anymore, lovely doll. Oh, I won't hurt you, bu t I will never let you go," Diana said. Celeste started to protest, but Diana silenced her. "Don't give me that old 'You Won't Get Away With This' speech. I've heard it from all my other dolls, and I have nev er been caught. Yes, I've done this before, many times. I've already contac ted some associates of mine who have taken your car. By tomorrow morning it will have been repainted and sold. If you had told anyone you were coming here, I would have known," she tapped her forehead. "I'm explaining this to you because I want you to know exactly what I'm going to do to yo u." She wiped the tearsfrom Celeste's cheeks.

Celeste felt anger flare. "You've done this before! You trapped me! You lured me here...I-I trusted you! Wh-what are you going to do to me? Where are the other girls? Why me? I wanted to be your friend. I. .wore those panties for you."

"Aww, that's so sweet. Poor dear. I do sympathize with you. I don't hate you, or any of my other girls. I love you all very much, which is why I'm devoted to preserving the beauty of your youth forever," she smiled innocently. "And where are the others, you ask? Why, yo u've already seen them. Hundreds of people see them every day and never even suspect," she said and started massaging the girl's breasts lovingly , playing with her nipples through the thin material of her blouse. Celeste closed her eyes, trying to keep from concentrating on the sensations that Diana's fingers were forcing her to feel. Diana smirked, "Your brea sts are lovely, doll, but I would prefer them much, much firmer."

Diana's words about the other girls sunk in, and Celeste shuddered. Were those mannequins...? No, that was impossible! Wasn't it? Were th ose really the girls? What had she done to them? Were they dead? Is she going to kill me and stuff me? She remembered the drain right below catch her blood like in some butcher shop? She started to hyperventilate Diana laughed and pressed her hand to the girl's crotch. Celeste gasped and tried to squirm away. No one but her doctor had ever touched her there. She was horrified that her body was enjoying being touched by this madwo man. This... very beautiful madwoman... "No!" she shouted and clamped her thighs together. "Don't touch me again! Let me go! Let me--

She was silenced as Diana took two large pills out a drawer and force d them between her lips. Her strong, cool hand clamped over Celeste's nose and mouth, holding her head back painfully in the stocks. Her other hand massaged Celeste's throat, coaxing her to swallow like some animal. Cele ste whimpered and squirm, trying to pull back, but the stocks held her firmly in place. She tried to suck air in through Diana's fingers, but it was sealed off completely. The pills tasted sweet, like candy, so she hoped they weren't dangerous. She swallowed them with some difficulty. Relaxing, she expected Diana to take her hands away, but they clamped her face even harder. When Celeste realized Diana wasn't letting go, she let out a muf fled scream and tried to jerk her head back and forth. Her lungs ached for air. Diana's innocently smiling face was the last thing she saw when her vision swam and she blacked out.

When Celeste came to, she saw Celeste stirring an amber liquid in a beaker. "Ah, there you are," Diana said, without having looked up. "Never been smothered before? Well, you'll get used to it. I love the panic it causes in my girls. I prefer the quiet, and you were making far too much noise." She funneled the contents of the beaker into a large syringe. Celeste's eyes widened. She felt emotionally numb , drained of her earlier fury from the brief suffocation. She was, however , still quite able to feel fear. Diana walked back to the girl and removed the restraints from the girl's hands. Celeste rubbed her bruised wrists and Diana started unbuttoning her blouse. When Celeste raised her hands to fend off Diana, she got them painfully smacked. Her blouse slid off her shoulders was pulled from her arms. Her bra followed. She felt humi liation to be stripped naked in front of this madwoman. At the same time, she felt a strange desire for her strength. An embarrased blush colored her deepred. She sobbed quietly in helplessness, avoiding looking at Diana. How could she still find the woman so attractive? In answer, Diana ran her fingernails in sensual circles around Celeste's breasts, spiraling upwards to her nipples, which went erect. Celeste's hands clenched into defiant fists, which were forced into the stocks and locked securely into place.
Diana retrieved the syringe and held it up for Celeste to see. Celeste pulled against the stocks. "Is that...drugs?" she whispered. "Please, please don't drug me, no, no, no..."

Diana smirked. "You're so delightfully pitiful. No, this isn't a drug. It's a localized solvent. It will keep choice parts of you soft and pliable. Fleshy." She took Celeste's right breast and pushed the needle deep into the tip of her nipple. Celeste screamed as she felt the cold, metal burrowing her thick, sensitive flesh. The sharp flare of pain was followed by a freezing sensation creeping into her nipple and th rough her breast. It felt as though her nipple was going to burst open. Overcome with fear and pain, she lost control and started to scream hysterically. She kicked out blindly at Diana. Alarmed, Diana held Celeste's head firmly and gazed into her eyes. Celeste felt calm wash over her. It's not fair , she thought, I want to go crazy, I can't take this, I don't want to be here! I don't want to know what she's going to do to me. Please let me faint, die... something! Don't make me stay sane. Oh, her face is still so beautiful, how can I be attracted to her?

Diana embraced Celeste warmly and pressed against her. She kissed her forehead, cheeks, eyelids, murmuring and soothing her. When the girl closed her eyes, she pushed the needle into her other nipple. She cried out, st iffened, then swooned.

"Shhh. Almost finished with this, my doll," Diana said an d eased down her body. Celeste felt the woman's cool fingers slide up her thighs and hook her panties. She was too scared of getting whipped to resist. Her nipples had stopped hurting. They just felt numb. When her skirt dropped to her feet and was taken away she started to cry again from the humiliation of being completely naked before Diana. She felt her hips th rust forward against her will when Diana's fingers invaded her pink vaginal crevasses. Diana didn't linger, though. She quickly stuck the needle just below the girl's clitoris and injected the rest of the fluid. Celeste jerked back, but Diana had already finished. Diana got up and walked behind Celeste. She held her breath, waiting for the icy coldness that was spreading through her crotch and womb to pass.

Before it did, Celeste started to get nauseated. She heard water run ning behind her. She thought the cramps were from the stuff Diana injected in her, or maybe just the horror of what was going on. The feeling grew stronger, and her stomach hurt. Her mouth started watering and it reminded her of the times when she got sick as a child. She was sure she was going to-
"You should be feeling awfully sick right now, dear," Diana said with clinical disinterest. "It's from those pills I gave you earlier. You see, I have to purge your body of everything in your stomac hand colon before I finish the process. Your bladder as well. It is mess y, but necessary." Celeste wasn't paying attention. Diana unlocked Ce leste's hands from the stocks and refastened them behind her
back, then released her neck. Celeste offered no resistance, tumbling immediately to her knees and bending over the drain in the floor.

A minute later Celeste had projected her day's eating into the floor and was panting from the strain. Strings of drool dangled from her mouth Diana took a handful of Celeste's hair and wiped the girl's cheeks and mouth clean, then pushed her forward until her cheek was resting on the floor. Celeste felt terribly vulnerable in this position. Diana pressed an enema nozzle into Celeste's anus, and Celeste tried to scoot away to avoid it. "No, no, not that...Oh, God..." she whimpered as sh e felt the hot water rush into her. It came so hard and fast that her bowe ls felt instantly bloated, and it kept coming. She'd never had an enema before; it was so humiliating, feeling her insides invaded and stretched, deeper than any dildo could ever go. She was so entranced by the enema, that she hardly realized it when her bladder started evacuating its contents in a forceful stream. "Yes, the pills did that, too. Everything mu st come out, except what's in your small intestine. That will be fully absorbed soon after we're all done. You'll never have to bother with eating again , my lovely." Diana's voice came from behind her. Celeste swore she could feel her stomach stretching and going taut from the pressure inside her. Finally, it stopped, and the nozzle was rudely jerked from her rect um. An exhausting egress followed, washing into the drain. The cramps were painful and seemed to last forever. She shut her eyes, feeling so degraded from squatting, handcuffed, while her bowels emptied themselves against her will.

When that was over, Diana wiped off Celeste's thighs with a piece of cloth. Celeste realized it was her skirt. She started to beg again, but she lacked the strength to speak. Her body was wracked with shudders. Diana cradled the girl in her arms, slowly maneuvering her towards the bo ard encircled with video cameras. Celeste found her voice, and her fear. &q uot;What are you going to do?" she croaked. "Stop...don't kill me. Don 't kill me!" She thrashed, panic-stricken, in the woman's strong grip. She felt Diana's hand cup her pubic mound and the woman's presence invade her mind again. It felt as if all her anger and strength was being channeled into her clitoris. She suddenly became aware of Diana's breath against her neck, her blouse-covered breasts pressing against her side, and her fingers caressing her vaginal canal. She struggled and bucked, but every move seemed to further increase the heat in her sex. She thought she was going to orgasm, but when she was on the verge... it held, and kept build ing. She was panting hard, breathing small denials of both her body's and Diana's betrayal. How could this be happening? How could Diana's slightest touch excite her more than anything she'd ever known? But it was happening, an d she couldn't stop it! As she was involved in this internal struggle, worn leather straps were fastened tight around her ankles and wrists, forcing her to stay on her hands and knees. "Stop...please...I can't take anymore," Celeste sobbed weakly.

Diana, who had been quietly laughing throughout the struggle, withdre w her hand. "They always react the same, my pet. They never realize I'm doing them a favor. You're never going to grow old, doll. You're mine now. You were born to be mine." She got up and walked to the rack of clothes, sorting through him. Celeste hung her head between her arms, not resigned to be killed or whatever this horrible woman wanted to do to her, but too weary to protest. "Tired, dear?" Diana asked, ag ain not looking up from her work. "It's awful how the body does that to itself. You won't ever have to worry about that again, my beautiful, pre cious doll." She turned around with a small corset in her hands. She knelt beside the girl and began to strap it tightly around her waist. "You see that?" She gestured to the cylinder of liquid. Celeste raised her head and looked to where she pointed.

Celeste saw a large, clear cylinder suspended about five feet from th e ground. Air bubbles rose lazily through the thick fluid inside. Danglin g from the underside of the cylinder were several lengths of rubber tubing. ."What's that?" She looked down to the ends of the tubes: one ended in a large nozzle, the other in what appeared to be a gas mask. She grunted aloud as the corset continued to get tighter and tighter. Her body jerked as Diana yanked the strings and squeezed the air out of her.

"You'll find out soon enough, doll," said Diana as she went about turning on the video cameras. "I used to have to write down each girl's reaction to all this before the invention of cameras. This is much easier. Since this process can only be done once, I like to record them so I can savor it again. Oh, don't start crying again. We're almost done! The corset is to make sure your waist stays nice and narrow. You won't be pliable enough in a few minutes to be able to wear one tighter. I know just where to put you in the store." She arranged the sobbing girls hair away from her face and took the mask in hand. In an afterthought, she added, "Any last words?"

..Since before the invention of cameras? She really is crazy! She is going to kill me now, I know it! Celeste thought. I don't want to die, please , God, don't make me die. Especially not like this. She let out a heavy, tearful sigh. She was so drained of emotion and strength. The near-orgasm still sustained itself in her body. She knew at this point begging would be useless, but the instict of self-preservation drove her to it anyway. "I swear I won't tell anyone," her voice hitched between sobs, "anyone at all. Don't kill me. I'll do anything, just don't... don 't do what you're going to do. Please--!"

"Quiet," Diana interrupted, "we've already been through this. It's time..." She pressed the mask to Celeste's face, who tried to rear back but the restraints held her in place. The tube continued through the inside of the mask and into the girl's mouth, with devices to keep he r tongue depressed and her jaw firmly clamped on the tube. It tickled the back of her throat, making her gag. Straps were secured behind her head, sealing the mask to her face. There were several small holes level with the bottom of her nose that allowed her to suck in what air she could. Making muffled whimpers, she watched Diana take the other tube and walk around behind her, and she realized where the other tube was going. She tried to keep the nozzle out, but with Diana's strength behind it, it slid easily past her sphincter with a brief flare of pain and embedded itself deeply inside. She thought she could feel it getting thicker inside her. The nozzle's inflatable rings on the inside and outside of her were being pumped full of air to hold it in. Celeste screamed hoarsely into the mask, from the degradation and terror. Diana walked back in front of her. Ready?" She asked, switching on the machine.

Celeste watched, cheeks moist with tears, as the fluid made its slow and deliberate way down the tube and approached the mask. Celeste couldn 't help but to wonder what it was, what it would taste like. Would it hurt? She watched it until the stream disappeared into the mask and washed across her tongue. She let out a small squeak of alarm. To her surprise it tasted sweet and sugary, almost pleasant; like warm maple syrup. Before she could think on it more, her cheeks were filled to bulging and she had to swallow, only to have her mouth fill up again in seconds. In defiance she refused to swallow, making it spill from her lips and start filling up the mask, quickly rising to the level of the breathing holes and blocked her air. She hadn't thought about that! She choked and began to swallow furiously to lower the level. She heard Diana laugh and tell her to drink or drown Since Celeste didn't know what it would do to her, she wasn't sure which was the preferable option.

She choked again at the sensation of the liquid spilling from the end of the other nozzle. It was coming in at a faster rate than from her mouth tube. She felt the pressure building in her intestines, causing painful cramps.

"Yes, it hurts a little, doll, but it will be over soon, and you 'll be much happier for it," Diana laid her hand on the girl's back, smiling. "Be still now. You want to know what it's doing in you? It's something special I learned to make a very long time ago. Think of it as sort of a protein that will be digested very quickly." At this Celeste felt as if something popped inside her. The pressure continued to build
and she felt as though she were going to explode. The fluid reached much farther than the enema had. Ooooh, God, what's happening to me? Diana continued, "It will then be spread through your entire body, through your skin and muscles. It's a very fascinating process."

Celeste had swallowed over well over a gallon of the stuff, and she was feeling light-headed. After ten minutes passed, the flow finally slowed and came to a stop. Sweat drenched her body and she was trembling. Now it had stopped and she felt her senses come back. Something was already happening inside her! She found it was increasingly difficult to breathe and her skin was tingling all over. Diana ran her fingers through Celeste's hair and unstrapped the mask. Celeste shook her head and worked her jaw when it came free. She tried to speak, but all that came out was a plaintive squeak. Eyes wide, she looked around for Diana. The woman was behind her, withdrawing the nozzle, which made an audible pop when it came out. She looked down and saw that the board around her hands was ringed with a fuzzy down. She realized with confusion that it was her arm hair. Her arms we re bare! The tingling in her skin persisted, especially in her scalp. Dian a tousled the girl's pubic hair, then moved around so that her breasts were staring Celeste in the face. She opened her hand before Celeste's eyes to show her the mass of curls which came from the girls crotch. She took a breath and blew them in her face. Celeste flinched. She felt her heart flutter and her breathing was becoming slower. Diana started to roughly brush Celeste's hair, painlessly taking hair off in clumps. Celeste, confronted by physical evidence of her changing, panicked again. She thrashed her head, moaned, pulled hard on her restraints. Her muscles were slow in re sponding, which only added to her terror. Diana quickly finished removing the girl 's hair and put it in a bag. She clutched Celeste's smooth head to her breast to calm her down.

"Calm down, doll. There's nothing you can do about it now. But don't worry, you'll get your hair back. I'll make a nice wig out of it for you. I always do that for my girls. Soon, the fluid will harden like an epoxy once it reaches everywhere inside you. You'll be beautiful, for ever," she said.

Celeste could feel her muscles getting stiffer, almost rigid. Epoxy? This can't be happening to me, this had to be a nightmare! Oh, please, let it be a dream!! Why can't I wake up?

Her cheek was pressed against the tent of silky cloth between Diana's breasts. That, and Diana's arms around the back of her head, nuzzling her deeper into her cleavage, helped soothe Celeste. Was she going to die? It didn't seem so frightening now. Maybe she was just too tired to be scared anymore. Still, she didn't feel like she was dying. Her thoughts were still clear. Although much more slowly, her heart was still beating Her lungs wouldn't respond to her urge to cry or speak, but they were still breathing at a steady pace. Her tear ducts still worked; they wetted Diana's blouse. Her skin still felt cooler. Her whole body felt cool. The more difficult it became for her to move, the stronger the sexual sensations became. She was scared that , like quicksand, the more she fought it the faster it would overtake her. She tried to stay as still as possible. That was easy to do.

After a few more minutes had passed, she had buried her face in Diana , who was holding Celeste's head tightly, rocking her gently and murmuring. Celeste found her tears had dried up. The only muscles she could move now were her vaginal muscles, which spasmed in their unwanted excitement. Her senses were being overpowered by the terror of her rigidness, the sexual sensations,
and the strong scent of Diana's body and musky perfume. Diana untangled herself and looked into Celeste's eyes. They looked back, wide and pleading.

"It's just about finished. Keep your eyes open, doll. Don't blink. That's right, keep looking at me. Shhh. I know how scared you are. Just a few more seconds."

Celeste couldn't close her eyes know no matter how hard she tried. She couldn't move anything! Her skin was stiff and taut. But she could still feel everything: the wood beneath her hands, the air around her ne wly bald body, the tender caress of Diana's hands, which now felt incredibly hot against Celeste's cool cheeks. Her mind finally refused to accept wh at was happening to its body and turned itself off. Celeste saw blackness closing around her vision, and then it closed in on her.

- - -

She was aware that she was conscious when she woke up, but it took a minute before her vision fully cleared. The fright she had felt had dissapated. She wondered if that ordeal had really happened to her. She could sense that she was standing. Standing in her sleep? Nothing would respond whe n she tried to move. It wasn't as though she was restrained, but more like her limbs weren't a part of her body any more. She wasn't dead, after all.

Instead of opening her eyelids, which were already opened, it seemed as though a dark cloud dissipated in front of her. She desperately wante d to rub her eyes. When she could see clearly, it took a few moments to co mprehend her new vision. Rather than focusing where her eyes were directed, which was forward, she could see everything in her line of sight, including peripheral, with the clarity of staring straight at it. Marvelling at this, she took in her surroundings. It certainly took care of the problem of not being able to move her eyes; she could already see everything.

She was standing in the upstairs dressing room. The trapdoor to that horrible, hidden room was open. And how did she get in a standing position from being on her hands and knees. Wasn't she completely stiff? And what was holding her up? And--

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Came Diana's voice as she came up the stairs. "Being able to maintain your balance, that is. I don't really understand how it works, myself. If not for that, I guess I'd have to drill holes in all my girls' feet for posts to hold them up!" She laughed. She walked over to Celeste, holding a mirror and a cup. " You were out for quite sometime. Which is just as well. It gave me a long time to work on you. And I know you're very thirsty." This was true, Celeste's mouth was parched. How did Diana know all this?

"I can hear your thoughts, dear, that's how," Diana said an d started to lift Celeste's chin up. "How else would I talk with my dolls? Here, I have some water for you, precious." She worked her nails between Celeste's full, plastic-hard lips and pried her jaws apart. "You see, you have no control over your body now, but I can still move your joints, slowly. They're not loose, though, you'll stay in any position I want to put you in," she chuckled to herself. "See? " She took Celeste's arm and slowly lifted it, then closed her hand over the girl's out-stretched fingers. When she let go, Celeste's hand was clenched in a fist and her arm stayed in place. Diana put Celeste's arm back agai nst her side, tilted her head back with a little effort, and tipped the cup to Celeste's lips. She felt the cool liquid trickling through her mouth and down her throat. Her throat wouldn't swallow, but the water was abso rbed as if it were poured onto dry cotton. "You might have noticed you can't control your breathing anymore. I can't risk any of my girls exhaling hard to get someone's attention. You don't need to eat ever again, either. The only food you need now is water. And my love."

She closed Celeste's mouth and held the mirror up for Celeste to see herself. She was beautiful! Her face was somehow different, though. Her face looked hard, of course, and angular... changed. Even her eyes were a different color than before. Perfectly shaped eyebrows and long eyelashes replaced those which had fallen out. Her eyelids, cheeks, and lips were expertly painted. She wore a wig which almost matched the natural color and style of her original hair, but it was much longer, all the way down to her waist. She didn't look like herself, she looked older and mask of subtle passion was locked on her features. She could feel the excitem ent bubbling up in her. What had Diana done to her mind that she was actuall y being excited by this? She looked so ... artificial.

"I had to sculpt your face a little. Not that your face wasn't pretty, but I couldn't risk anyone who knew you recognizing you while you're on display."

On display! Everyone is going to see me! What I've become; a mannequin! No one is going to know! And all those other girls out there. They went through the same thing I went through. The poor things, thought Celeste.

"Oh, they're happy, precious. And you will be, too. I did nothing to your mind. I wouldn't have picked you for this if I hadn't read in you, deep down, that you would enjoy this. You'll understand in time, my lovely doll. You'll understand," said Diana and cupped Celeste's firm breast. Her still-soft nipple became instantly erect, and sensations she'd never felt before coursed through her. Her inability to physically react only caused them to amplify. Diana ran her fingers down the girl's sides. She no longer wore the tight corset, yet she had retained the hourglass shape She felt moisture leaking from her nether lips. Suddenly the simple feel of the air on her skin caused excitement. Oh, how she wanted to control her body so she could feel herself, masturbate and relieve the tension. But there was nothing she could do! Diana stroked the girl's breast once more then left the room, leaving Celeste to alone with her passions.

A minute later Diana returned with one of the teddies Celeste remembered seeing on one of the girls in the homo-erotic display in the lingerie department. It was the teddy that the kneeling mannequin (no, she thought, the kneeling girl) had been wearing. Diana leaned Celeste against the table and slid the teddy up her shiny, smooth legs. Celeste felt electric tingles of excitement as it brushed against her legs and pressed against her crotch. Diana pulled the straps over her shoulders and teased the ruffles. Lifting Celeste at the waist, she commented, "It's nice that my dolls are as light as this. You must only weigh thirty pounds, dear." She carried Celeste down the hall and through the maze of corridors into the store proper.

The heat and feel of Diana's clothes and body rubbing against her enticed her sensitive skin all the more. She was elevated to an almost euphoric state as tiny orgasms surged through her. She looked at the other mannequins as she passed by, now aware that they truly were gazing back at her. How did they feel about her? Where they glad to have another sister? Where they jealous? Or sympathetic? And did they have the same strong sexual feelings that she was having? A look at their rapturous, unmoving eyes gave her the answer. Would it ever be alleviated?

They got to the lingerie room, and Diana arranged Celeste down on one knee beside the standing mannequin on the display. The shimmery teddy she was wearing caressed her nipples, vaginal lips, and her less erogenous (yet now super-sensitive) skin. How long was she going to have to wear this? She'd only been wearing it for a few minutes and it was already driving her crazy! Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Not from the sex standpoint, anyway.

Diana pressed Celeste's cheek against the other mannequin's smooth, silk-clad thigh. One of her hands was placed on the front of the girl's thigh, above the knee, and the other hand was hooked around the back of the upper thigh. Celeste's fingers touched the crux at the very top of the other girl's inner thigh, hidden by the ruffles of lace so that no one could see. Such intimate contact put Celeste's mind and body in a frenzy ! Her nipples, unaffected by the fluid, became erect, sparking more tiny orgasms. Diana unsnapped the crotch of the other mannequin's bloomers, removed a Kotex from between her legs and replaced it with a new one. Why does she still need that? Celeste wondered. She then saw with amazement that it was soaked to dripping not with menstrual discharge but with vaginal secretions. "Can't have my mannequins on display staining their clothes, now can I?" smiled Diana. "The other girls say hello, Celeste. They're glad to have you among them."

She patted Celeste's head. "See you tomorrow, doll." Then she looked up at the standing mannequin and stroked her cheek affectionately, her fingernails clicking against her hard skin. "And goodnight to you, too, Brenda," she whispered and slowly left the room, turning out the lights.

Celeste clung rigidly to Brenda's firm thigh, unable to move a muscle Her stiff fingertips could feel moisture and the heat radiating from the other mannequin's sex. She let herself drift in the incredible stimulati ons of her new body, and into her new life in The Boutique.