Boy Meets... Girl?

by tectile

This is my first attempt at a story.  It's not very original and could use some serious editing  but I want to contribute something to the asfr community. I can't come up with a good name for it so suggestions and constructive comments would be appreciated.
Well here goes!

It had been a rough week, a very rough week and Bill was really burned out.  He just wanted to go home and crack open a couple of beers, maybe put on a good movie and get some well deserved sleep. Just as he was getting ready to head for the door he noticed one more message on his computer.  "What now damm it?" he said to himself.

The message was from his brother Tom and simply said "Hey Bro., give me a call".

Bill reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed Toms number. A sexy female voice answered after a couple of rings.  "Hello".  "Hi Kathy, how's it going" Bill said.

"Oh great, Bill, how are you?"

"Just OK I guess," he replied. 

"Just OK?" she said with sympathy in her voice, "sorry to hear that..  Do you want to talk to Tom?" 

"Yes; thanks babe," he said. 

"Hang on a sec, I'll get him".

The line went quiet and Bill thought about Kathy for a moment.  She was a tall beautiful blonde of maybe 25  with flawless skin and a body designed to drive a man insane with lust.  How the heck had Tom been able to land such a knockout Bill wondered for the thousandth time?  He had been kind of jealous of Tom until he had spent some time with them both and realized how good she was for him.  Tom had been through an ugly divorce about a year ago and had been going down hill fast until he met Kathy about six months ago.

"Hey Bill," Tom said "What you doing this evening?" 

"Nothing really," his brother moped. "I was just guna go home and take it easy all weekend". 

"No you're not, Why don't you come over for dinner this evening?   I got something special I want to show you."

"Oh man can't it wait?  I'm really frazzled and..." 

Tom cut him off in mid sentence.  "Nope, I insist.  See you at six."  Click; and the phone went dead in his hand.

What the hell could Tom want to show him so badly Bill thought.  True, Tom was always coming up with interesting ideas and gadgets he would encounter in his work as a technology analyst  for a venture capital company so maybe it would be worth the trip over for dinner.  Plus Kathy was a good cook and Bill sure didn't feel like eating another greaseburger at some fast food joint.

"Hi Bill, come on in" Kathy said as she opened the door.  Bill ran his eyes over the stunning girl that stood before him in the doorway. She had shoulder length honey blonde hair, large expressive blue eyes and  wore Tight jeans, and  simple  white T shirt that showed off her trim figure and ample breasts.

"Wow! You look great Kathy"  Bill said. 

"Why thank you" she said in a sultry voice and leaned toward him, giving him a little kiss on the cheek.  She grabbed his hand and pulled him through the door.  "Don't just stand out there and gape at me" she said with a smile, "Come on in and make yourself  comfortable".  "Would you like something to drink? Dinner will be  a few minutes." 

"Sure thanks" Bill said flopping down on a nearby couch.  "A beer would be great."  

"OK back in a second" Kathy said turning and  heading for the kitchen.  Bill looked  appreciatively at  her shapely rear as she moved away from him.  He knew he shouldn't be having  the kind of thoughts he had been having about his brother's girlfriend but she sure made it hard for a guy to keep his mind on the high road.

"Hey Bill," Tom said entering the room and handing Bill an Ice cold brew. 

"How's it going Tom?" 

"I sure can't complain" his brother replied smiling "Life is good bro.". 

"glad to hear it, So what'sthis thing you want to show me?" Bill asked.

"Not yet man  let's have some dinner first" Tom said.  "Come on Tom, what's up?"  Tom remained silent with a little smirk on his face.  Bill looked around the room trying to see anything that mite give him a clue as to what Tom had in mind. His gaze landed on the dinning room table where he noticed that there were four place settings instead of three.

"Tom, You didn't do something stupid like set me up with a blind dateor something did you?"

"Trust me. Just trust me" Tom said still looking smug.

"Oh god" Bill said  spending the evening with some girl I don't know is about the last thing I want to do right now.

"She is a friend of Kathy,s" Tom said "and she is very nice; I'm telling you man, trust me."

Just then the door bell rang.  Tom walked to the door and opened it.  "Hello Susan, come in I want you to meet my brother Bill". 

Bill stood and saw what had to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was somewhere in her mid to late twenties, about 5'8" with lustrous dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back, lightly tanned skin with brilliant green eyes set in a delicately featured face.  She wore a light blue silk blouse, tight black skirt that fell to mid thigh revealing long shapely dancer's legs and simple black heels.

Bill felt a little dizzy as she came toward him, extending a slender hand, saying "Hello Bill, I am very happy to meet you.  Kathy has told me all about you but didn't say how attractive you are".  

He gingerly took her hand and said "Uh hel... hello, I'm Bill" and immediately felt like an idiot. 

Her hand was warm and soft in his and she gave a little squeeze saying, "Yes I know" with the hint of  laughter in her voice.

 Kathy reentered the room saying "Hey Susie, want to give me a hand with dinner?" "Sure, You'll excuse me won't you?" she said, brushing past Bill and laying a hand on his arm for a moment.  Was it his imagination or had her touch lingered a little longer than necessary?

Bills knees felt a little weak as she followed Kathy to the kitchen. When the girls were out of the room Tom said "Boy, You are some smooth operator.  Stammering, blushing the whole thing.  You got to relax. man" 

"Yah, I know" Bill said dully. "It really doesn't matter though.  What chance does a guy like me have with a girl like that?  I mean she should be on the cover of a fashion magazine or a centerfold or something." 

"Oh I don't know" Tom said, "You might be suprised,   I got a feeling you two are gonna hit it off just fine." 

"Yah, right!" Bill said flopping down once more on the couch. 

"Come on you got to give yourself a chance, she said you were attractive didn't she?" 

"yah, she was probably just being polite". 

"I don't think so" Tom said.  The two men sat not speaking for a few minutes finishing their drinks.

"Come on guys!" Kathy called from the dining room "Dinner is on thetable" 

They both moved to the dining room and Bill pulled Susan's chair out  for her.   "Why thank you sir" she said primly. 

"Your quite welcome melady" Bill said affecting a  british accent. 

"Hmm, melady, I think I like that" she said smiling. 

Bill felt a little foolish but was beginning to think he would be willing to do a lot of foolish  things to make this girl smile at him like that.

Dinner was simple.   It consisted of a Caesar salad and  lasagna of  many layers and much cheese.  Conversation was practically non existent as Bill and Tom ate like hungry  wolves. 

"Kathy, That  was delicious" Bill said, scraping the last morsel off his plate.

"Well thanks, but it's actually Susan's recipe.  "She's a gourmet cook" Kathy  replied  

Bill looked at Susan.  "Really?" 

"Well,  I cook a little," she replied, shyly casting her eyes down at her plate.   Bill noticed that Susan didn't seem to have eaten any of the meal.  It looked like she had just moved the food around on her plate and her wine glass looked untouched  also.  Kathys plate was in a similar state.  It looked like she hadn't eaten a bite.  That's odd, maybe  they're on some sort of diet or something bill thought, puzzled.

"Kathy, Just leave these dishes, you can take care of them later". 

"Sure babe if that's what you want" she said brightly. 

Tom pushed his chair away from the table and headed for the dimly lit  living room with Kathy  close behind.  Bill and Susan rose and followed.  Kathy and Tom sat on a love seat leaving the couch for their guests.  Bill took his place at the end of the couch and Susan sat close beside him.  Unusually close, Bill thought, for someone she had known for less than an hour.

"I feel like some music" Tom said.  "Kathy, put in that new disc I got the other day".

"OK darling" she said and rose obediently,  took a disc from a small cabinet and placed it in the player.  She returned to Toms side.  "Can I get you another glass of wine?" she asked kissing him lightly on the lips. 

"No, I'm fine" Tom said bluntly.

Bill thought to himself,  What the hell's going on between those two?  Tom was ordering the beautiful blonde around like she was some sort of servant or slave and she didn't appear to mind at all. Bills thoughts wandered back to his ex-wife and what would have happened if he had ever spoken to her like that.  There would have been screaming and throwing of objects and weeks of misery for him but thank heavens that had all ended three years ago.  He pulled his thoughts back to the here and now and Susan who had inched her way even closer to him.

 Mellow Jazz filled the room and Bill felt Susan's warm breath in his ear as she whispered "If you were to ask me to dance I wouldn't say no".

"Oh I'm afraid I'm not much of a dancer" he replied," besides we barely know each other.  Don't you think we should get to know...."

His words were cut off when Susan placed a hand on his shoulder, pulled herself against him and pressed her soft lips to his giving  him a  warm and very sexy kiss. "get to know what?" she asked.  "I like you and I can tell you like me.  Come on, dance with me.  Let's have some fun, OK, Please".

The next thing Bill knew he was holding Susan in his arms, running his hands slowly up and down her smooth back,  enjoying the feel of the silk and the warm girl flesh that lay beneath. Their bodies were pressed together moving slowly to the music.  He smelled the sweet scent of her hair and felt her sensuous body writhe against his as he slid a hand down to caress her perfect rear.

She nuzzled his neck with her warm lips and said "You like?" 

"Oh yes" Bill whispered. 

He lost track of time and didn't even realize the music had stopped until she kissed him again and said "That was lovely. Now I want to do what they're doing".  Bill followed her gaze to the love seat where Tom and Kathy were kissing passionately.  He noticed that Tom had slid a hand up under her T shirt and was caressing one of her full breasts.  Kathy was moaning softly.  That wasn't like Tom at all Bill thought.  What was going on tonight?  Some things you just didn't do with other people around, not even your brother. Something was very strange.

Susan pulled Bill back to the couch and once more he was distracted from his thoughts by the sexy brunette wrapping her arms around him and deeply kissing him.  Her lips tasted like honey and her tongue tentatively worked  its way between his.  She explored the inside of Bill's mouth.  He couldn't help but respond in kind.  They sat kissing  for a few minutes.  Susan finally took Bill's hand and slid it up under her short skirt pressing it  against her silky thigh.  He began to caress her thighs and worked his way up to her crotch.  He could feel her sex, warm and moist through her lace panties.  He began to gently rub her Susan closed her eyes, made a sound in the back of her throat and rested  her head on bills shoulder as she enjoyed his attentions. 

"Oh that feels sooo.. good" she said softly.  "Please don't stop". 

Bill continued to caress her for a few moments when suddenly she raised her head and looked deep into bills eyes. "Do you want me?" she said seriously.. 

"Oh god yes Bill answered. 

"That's wonderful darling" she said untangling herself from his embrace. "Im going to make you very happy, I promise".  "your going to want this" she said reaching behind her for the small purse she had been carrying when she arrived.  She took an object from the purse and held it out to Bill who took it absentmindedly. 

"What's this? Bill asked.  

"It's my control unit silly" she said.  Will you take me home now?"

Bills mind spun in confusion.  What did she mean control unit?   "You want me to take you home?" he asked  bewildered.  Just a few seconds ago she was practically throwing herself at him and now she wanted  him to leave?  What was going on?  Could she be that much of a tease? 

"Yes, or would you rather stay here darling?" she said looking at him expectantly. "I'll do whatever you want".

Tom, who had apparently been watching the goings on on the sofa, took this opportunity to turn the lights up and walked over to Bill.  I think It's time I explained a few things.  "I think Susan wants you to take her back to your place for some intimate recreation.  She is Imprinted on you now that you said you want her". 

"Imprinted?' Bill asked. 

"Yes she is yours and she is programed to serve you and do anything you ask of her". 

"Programed?" Bill looked at his brother, still totally confused.

"Maybe  it would just be easier to show you" Tom said.  "Come here Kathy".  She stood and walked toward the sofa and Tom took something from his pocket and pushed a button.  The beautiful blonde came to an immediate halt.  She stood frozen in the middle of the room arms at her sides, head bowed slightly  and absolutely no expression on her face. 

"What the hell did you do to her? Bill asked. 

"I turned her off" Tom said simply.  

"turned her off?" 

"Yes.  In case you haven't figured it out by now, Kathy and Susan aren't human.  They're actually very sophisticated androids,  synthetic beings designed and programed to be perfect companions".

"This is some kind of elaborate joke right?  Androids only exist in science fiction movies.  No one can actually build them" Bill asserted. 

"Its no joke. I know a company that does.  I had them build Susan for you. Bill looked at Susan who showed no sign of suprise at Kathy's immobile condition or the bizarre conversation.  "Come and take a look at this".  Tom walked behind Kathy's motionless body  motioning Bill to follow. He reached to the back of her head, parting her hair to reveal a small flesh colored panel set in the back of her skull. Tom pulled on a  tab on the panel and it came away with a small click to reveal a mass of tiny electronic devices, blinking lights and some small ports.  "this is her maintenance interface" Tom said.  "It's used to monitor all of her internal systems and input new programing if necessary but I got to tell you I haven't had a bit or trouble with her.  She has been  absolutely perfect the entire six months I've had her."  

Bill watched  stunned as Tom replaced the small panel and  pressed another  button on the  device he held in his hand.  Kathy raised her head and said  in a  synthetic sounding voice, "Kathy 707 starting.  System check complete". Kathy's normal cheerful expression returned and she said  "Did I miss anything while I was deactivated?".

Tom didn't answer.  He pressed another button on the device. Kathy's face went blank again and she spoke again, "Entering passive mode, awaiting instructions". 

Tom said "Give Susan a kiss."  Kathy  turned and took a few steps toward the couch.  She stooped in front of Susan and bending slightly pressed her lips against Susan's. 

"Thank you Kathy, that was very nice" she said.  The blonde didn't respond.  She turned and walked to Toms side awaiting further instructions her facestill void of any expression.

Bill couldn't believe this was actually happening.  This had to be a dream.  He looked down at the device he still held in his hand.  A small black box with four buttons labeled Activate, Deactivate, active and passive.  Susan's control unit.

Tom said "Go ahead, give it a try". 

Bill looked at Susan who gave him a small smile.  He tentatively pressed the button labeled deactivate.  Susan immediately slumped to one side going limp like a rag doll.  Bill moved to Susan and gently stroked her cheek.  He reached around to the back of her head and found the faint outline of the same panel he had seen in the back of Kathy's head.  

"This is absolutely incredible, They are so real.  I had no idea they were androids," Bill said. He turned to Tom, "Can they... Can they, you know... have sex"? 

"Of course, you idiot.  These girls are top of the line and are completely realistic in every way". 

"And you had one built for me?" 

"I sure did, Isn't she great"? 

"That's an understatement" Bill said.  "She's unbelievable.  Who makes them"? 

"Well I can't tell you too much, Lets just say I gave some very good advice to a very rich man with connections to a very secret government research laboratory and he showed his appreciation by having these two built for me". 

"Man, that's hard to believe," Bill said. 

"Believe it, Why don't you reactivate that pretty thing and get out of here so I can spend some quality time with Kathy"?  Tom pressed a button on his controller and Kathy returned to normal.  Smiling and putting her arm around Tom's waist. 

Bill pressed Activate on his unit and Susan straightened saying "Susan 716 starting.  System check complete" in the same synthesized inflectionless voice Kathy had used earlier.  Her eyes focused on Bill and she stood walking toward her master saying, "Can we go home now?  I really, really want to be alone with you". 

Bill took her in his arms and kissed her briefly, looked around the room at his brother and their two beautiful companions for a moment and said "Tom, I don't know how to thank you". 

Tom waved his hand toward the door,  "Go on you two get out.  I think you're going to have a very interesting weekend".



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