Brontosaurs, Aliens and Robots


By Rotwang (

Dedicated to Robo-Lover

"Wait till you see this plot !"



"And I also played a baby brontosaur in a low budget Jurassic Park ripoff." Phara said.

Michael smiled. "Did you get to keep that suit too ?" He asked.

"No, it fell apart before the movie even ended. It was made for somebody a lot smaller than me, I just wore it to pieces." Phara said and reached for the coffeepot.

"Tell me about that horror flick you did as a doll." Michael asked as she poured some more lukewarm coffee in her mug.

"Sharon told you ?" Phara asked with a fake upset frown. "Well, I played an inflatable doll that killed guys. I became more of a real woman every time I killed a guy."

"No, tell me about the costume ..." Michael was on the edge of his seat.

"They stuffed me in a variety of actual dolls. And they also had me in a rubber cast of my own body where I was supposed to morph into another girl that played the real "me". And in the end I got killed by a guy with a knife and I exploded !" She said raising an eyebrow. Phara checked her watch and looked at the empty cafeteria.

"I'd better go home, I'm dead tired and I feel like I was really turned into a robot."

"Can I get you home ?" Michael asked.

"I love to drive my bike in a downpour." Phara joked before sighing, tugging at the butterfly-winged key on a chain around her neck. "It's not going to end is it ?"

"Just a little torrential monsoon-like summer storm." Michael said, adjusting his ring with a wind-up key motif.

"I could put your bike in the back." He said, looking at the thoroughly wet Harley.

"Perhaps we could leave it if you promise to pick me up tomorrow."

"No problemo !"


Phara was an attractive, raven-haired woman with a sporty physique. And Michael could not keep from glancing at her every time he had to look to the right at a road crossing. She wore a very casual jeans and halter-top and a pierced navel between them, dressed for a sunny day that had changed into a very wet night as shooting had gotten out of hand.

It was Sharon who had hired her for the role. Michael already had a girl in mind, but Sharon had insisted on checking out Phara, making Michael wonder.

But then he saw her key and she noticed his ring. Techno-Sexuals ... Sharon knew what it meant and although not a T-S herself, she knew Michael and Phara might make a great match.


"What's that ?" Phara said and looked at the freeway bridge above them.

Michael crouched to see and saw blue lights flashing. "Looks like an accident."

"And traffic's blocked up for miles !" Phara said and sighed deeply. "I'll never get home." She leaned wearily against the door.

"You could always come to my place, It's not far from here."

"Yeah, I could check out your record collection." Phara quipped. "I bet you have a robot at home."

"No, not at all !" Michael said. "Even though I do stunts and special effects, I never bothered with it."

"I thought every Techno-Sexual had a couple of suits at home." She teased him.

"You read too many stories about impossible suits." Michael said. "Most of the people who write those stories don't even have a clue about the problems involved. I mean, sex in a robot suit is like sex in a subcompact, logistically impossible !"

Phara smiled. "Well I manage quite well with my battered old suits, even if it's the lonely kind."


Even if it was but a short dash from the driveway to the house, Phara and Michael were thoroughly drenched.

"Here's a towel." Michael handed her one and went to a bookshelf and picked out a book.

"Apatosaur !" He suddenly said, closing the book with a loud clap.

"What ?" Phara asked.

"Something bothered me when you told me about that brontosaur outfit. I remembered that they had changed its name to something else, but I couldn't remember what it was." Michael said?

"And I say it was a brontosaur !" Phara was drying her long silken hair. "When you've been one, you just know !" She said with a sprightly smile.

"You can choose, either the transformer couch or my bed."

"Your place looks pretty clean for a single guy."

"I don't think I'd find much use for a robot maid." Michael joked. "I just like to keep things tidy."

"That's a relief. I'm a mess when it comes to cleaning up. At times my place looks like a tornado paid me a visit ..." She said and cupped a yawn. "I'll just take the couch and lie down."

"Fine with me." Michael said and began to fold it open.


"Good morning !" Michael stood besides Phara, who just frowned and rolled over.

"And I didnít even drug you !" He said.

"Just kill me and let it be over !" She moaned and cuddled up under the blanket.

"The rain has stopped and itís going to be a wonderful day." Michael said.

"Ooh Ö Iím a terminal late sleeper." She went, still fuzzy and keeping her eyes closed to shield them from the light.

"And I have the annoying habit of staying up deep into the night Ö" She said and got up. "And I usually skip breakfast ! Not until my stomach wakes up !"


Phara was still snoozing as Michael was helping her dress. The various plastic and metal parts slipped into place around her trained body. She smiled as Michael held up the piece that would fit round her lower body. "The special place ! And Iím not touching it until weíve had a few dates !" Michael said.

Phara chuckled. "Not too many I hope ? I want you to make that amazing suit in two days Ö"

"Iíll make one you can do the Limbo in !" Michael said. "From stainless steel !"

"Better make it titanium ! Phara said, with more electronics than a stealth fighter." She took the piece out of his hands.

"And then weíll do domination games Ö Take you for a walk and impress everybody with your stunning looks." Michael continued to joke.

"Yeah, and thousands of people will become Techno-sexuals overnight ! Youíll have to make hundreds of suits !"

"No, theyíll be made by these two people Ö Er Ö Richard and Judy ?"

"Richard and Marla, WITH the braided hair !" Phara said.

"How could we forget the braided hair !" He went and laughed.

 Phara had finished dressing up and tried to get to her feet.

"Three-quarters of this suit are plastic and latex and it feels like Iím wearing the whole Pentagon !" Phara joked. "How do I look ?"

Michael barked like a dog, making Phara laugh behind the robot mask.

She looked like a camouflaged female robot with a gun instead of her left arm. Her face was featureless, except for a black visor and a set of broad antennae by the side of her head. "Letís rock !" She said and stepped out of the trailer.


"This suit is ruined !" Michael said.

"Great ! thatís the third one !" Phara said and just dumped herself in the chair. "32 squibs ! My body feels like Iím doing Hong-Kong action movies !"

"Ever done any ?"

"Are you crazy ? They donít throw punches, itís all full contact ! A colleague worked there for a few years. She almost knocked out a few stuntmen when she came to work here again." Phara said. "And the actors do all their own stunts ! Jackie Chan has more metal replacements in him than all the ASFR put together !"

Michael laughed. "They must be real tough guys !"

"And girls ! We go wild when Sigourney Weaver picks up a gun in Alien, make her into a feminist hero ! Every other Hong-Kong action movie has a female lead doing stunts that would put our action stars to shame."

"But we have bigger special effects !" Michael said.

"Yeah, like the ones on this little masterpiece." Phara said.


"Oh ! I feel almost okay again." Phara said and emptied her glass of wine. "Thanks for dinner."

"At least itís better than cold coffee Ö" Michael remembered their first encounter.

She cut another piece of meat and looked at it. "Do you think we could make this work ? As a relationship, I mean."

Michael looked at her and took his time to answer.

"Youíre a lovely woman Ö We seem to share the same tastes. It might work."

"With robot suits or without ?"

Michael smiled and gave him an amused glance.

"No, Iím dying to know what youíre going to make me !"

"Iím going to make you pay the bill if you donít stop teasing me." Michael said.


Half a year had passed.

"Exterminoid" had been a decent video success.

Phara was doing stunts and "creature performing" while Michael continued with special effects. Slowly their romance had blossomed without a need for techno-sexual aids, even though they had agreed to have a bash at it if their finances allowed it.


One day, Michael came home with a file in his hand.

"Guess what ?" He went.

Phara looked at him and shook her head, giving up outright.

"Exterminoid II !" Theyíve asked us again.

Phara frowned. "How many squibs ?"

"About a few hundred. They managed to increase the budget to five million !"

"Whew ! all that ?" She said.

"Apparently they liked it enough for a sequel. Theyíve asked me to design the new Exterminoid as well."

"One thing ! Make her as comfortable as possible." Phara pleaded.

"Why not make her our ASFR fantasy ?" He suddenly said.

"A sexy battle robot ? That might work Ö" Phara said with a gleam in her eyes. "Mmmm."


Michael began drawing and sculpting over Pharaís bodycast, while she looked over his shoulder, giving suggestions.

Soon they had two separate designs, a "Hero" suit, suitably detailed for close ups and all the non-action scenes, and a "Stunt" suit for the action scenes. Because of budget restrictions, they couldnít spare to make her an "ASFR" suit.

Exterminoid took shape and Phara could not hide her eager anticipation as test-fittings increased.

The Hero suit was made from molded latex rubber and vac-formed plastic, cleverly assembled into an imposing female robot with aggressive angular features. The new Stunt design, inspired on the first one, was similar, entirely made from latex-rubber. The new Exterminoid looked scarier and a bit sleeker despite the fact that Phara had insisted on comfort over appearance. Complicated electronic gizmoís were included in the Hero suit, providing ample special effect opportunities. Exterminoid II was also meant to be a cyborg rather than a robot and prosthetics were required to give Phara a cyborg look, with electronics protruding out of her face.


Finally, days before shooting was scheduled to start, Phara prepared to dress up.

Michael did the prosthetics first, transforming Phara into a pale bald-headed woman, whose eyes and nose had been replaced by a visor. Her appearance both was imposing and pitiable. Phara wore a tight spandex outfit that allowed her to slide into the suit more easily. Michael lingered over her sporty physique and helped her into the suit. It had been made from four pieces, the body, two arms and one leg that all fitted together to make putting it on easier.

Rather than constricting her in a corset, making movements more difficult, Michael had suggestively emphasized her waist and shoulders with some extra padding, while making the legs look longer. The clever visual alterations made her look entirely different. Panels were fitted over the suit, allowing them to be replaced by more or less damaged versions as shooting progressed. In addition, Exterminoid could change the camouflage patterns on her body, so several different panels were made in varying colours and patterns.

Finally came the helmet and Michael and Phara became quite excited.


Once the last few cables were in place, Phara assumed her new identity. A laser had been built into the side of her head, making it look like some targeting device. The action of the gun built into her left arm was made in such a way that it would recoil whenever fired, complete with smoke and a small bang. The actual laser beam would be added in postproduction. Her right arm held a retractable blade made from shiny Mylar plastic.

She raised the gun towards him and pulled the trigger. The gun sparked and he jerked with each imaginary impact.

Feigning his slow death, Michael did a completely over the top death scene, stumbling from left to right, only to collapse with his arms around the neck of the baby brontosaur Phara had played in a previous movie. Heíd planned on fixing it one day.

"Die human !" She said attempting to make her voice robotic without any electronic aids. An actress in postproduction would do her voice. She put her foot on his body and raised her arms in the air.

But Michael could only giggle, desperately trying to stay dead, but his nervous laughter would not subside.

"Stop it !" She said angrily, lowered the gun, and fired a dozen times until all the squibs were spent.

The gun clicked over and over as Michael just couldnít keep a straight face.

Phara popped the Mylar blade and stabbed him, making him laugh even harder.

"Ah ! I quit !" She said and Exterminoid feigned breaking down.

"Michael ! You broke it !" He said to himself, still chuckling like mad. "Itís electronic and I broke it !"

And even Phara had a rough time staying still as her shoulders bobbed up and down as she laughed.


"Youíre not up there ?" Jacob Rolston, nicknamed Jake, asked. He was a specialist on explosions.

Exterminoid was meant to leap from the cliff just before an army helicopter fired a missile at her.

"Iím scared of heights." Michael said.

"So am I !" Jake was in his early sixties, with a rumbly voice and a decent manly bulk. He was adjusting the detonator, while Michael looked at the top of the cliff, where he could see Phara being prepped up.

"Damn hot day !" Jake said, beads of sweat escaping from his brow. "Poor girl."

Michael smiled. "Sheís seen worse." He said.

"Something I ate this morning has been giving me heartburn all day !" Jake said and groaned.

Michael heard his tone of voice becoming more pained and he looked back.

"Jake ?" Michael turned around.

"My heart !" Jake went and reached for his chest.

Michael was a split second too late to catch the detonatorÖ


"PHARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !" The huge gasoline explosion spilling from the cliff-top drowned his scream out.


The universe stopped as the flames burned out a second later, only to reveal a living torch that moved over the cliff.

Forgetting about Jake, Michael watched the tiny flaming figure run towards the edge of the cliff and leap seventy feet into the water below.

"Somebody help Jake !" He screamed and ran forward towards the edge of the water.

Even if she had survived the flames ! Even if she had survived the fall, what would happen to her ?

And then suddenly he saw a head toss itself out of the water and he heard a loud gasp.

"PHARA !" He went and jumped in the water. Others did the same and reached for the woman, who was already trying to paddle in their direction.

As they pulled her on land, Michael feared the worst. There were only three people on the cliff at the moment, including Phara, but she was the only survivor.

"Donít touch her !" They screamed as Michael tried to open the blackened latex form.

"She canít breathe !" He shouted back and wanted to help her out, but somebody grabbed him. "Youíll only make it worse !" They shouted and tried to restrain him.


The nurse had asked Michael to sit down several times, but he could but pace the length of the corridor over and over, waiting for news.

The door opened and a woman in a surgeonís gown removed her mask. "Mr. Conally ?"

Michael could not even speak, so tight was his throat.

"I think we witnessed a miracle today ! Sheíll be fine."

"WHAT ?!"

"For some reason she wasnít harmed by the fire, only the suit. Weíll have to keep her in observation, but sheíll be alright." The doctor said.

Michael felt almost orgasmic relief. He gasped and cupped his mouth a few times before he remembered somebody else. "And Jake ?"

"He had a serious heart-attack, but heís stable." She said.


Phara held Michaelís hand.

"I was so scared !" He said. "Itís a miracle Ö"

Phara remained silent.

"Even Jake looks on his way to recovery. Thank god that Jake and Annie were behind that wall when it all exploded ! Even if the explosion was designed to steer clear from where they were."

"It was a freak accident, the safety didnít work ! Nobody could have predicted this !" She finally said.

"I still donít understand how you got out." He said shaking his head.

She squeezed his hand and smiled. "Donít torture yourself, it wasnít your fault."

"If I couldíve grabbed the detonator !"

"And if it had slipped out of your hands ?" Phara asked. "You wouldíve been to blame."


Time heals all wounds and it did so for Michael and Phara. Phara even felt strong enough to start working again, despite Michaelís initial reservations.

Their relationship was blossoming and they felt ready for marriage some time soon. On their way home from their first anniversary dinner, Michael decided to take a romantic late evening stroll through the park.

"The moon is out and itís a lovely night !" Michael said.

"Remember the rain that day ?" Phara asked.

"It was a monsoon ! Iíve never seen so much rain !" He said.


"Help !" A man screamed. "Somebody call 911 !"

Michael looked at Phara.

"Letís go see." She said, but Michael was reticent.

"That man needs help." She said.

Michael nodded and followed her.

"Sheís trapped ! The bridge came down !" He was in panic.

Up the road was a small underpass and the concrete bridge over it had collapsed.

Michael whipped out his cell phone and called 911. Heíd never be caught unaware again.

Phara ran towards the slabs of concrete. She heard a soft moan. "Sheís pinned under that large piece." She said.

"Weíll never move it." Michael went.

"We must try !" Phara went. "We have to !"

They grabbed the massive slab and pulled hard.

"It must weight a ton !" The man went. "Itís useless."

"Just pull Ö" Phara said straining to the limit, putting her shoulders against it.

And then the rock moved.

Michael managed to slip in a rock with his foot, while the man reached for his wife.

Muscles close to bursting, Phara managed to budge it, allowing Michael to prep up the stone.

They gently pulled her out. And then the slab collapsed and shattered.

"Phara !" Michael went. "How did you Ö ?"

But before she could answer, the paramedics were already there.


After they had made their statements to the police, they were finally home.

"It mustíve been some shot of adrenaline Ö" Phara went. Her hands were shaking.

Michael shook his head in disbelief. "I still donít understand how you managed to move it !"

"You think I know how I did it ?" She went and still looked amazed.

"Perhaps youíre secretly a robot ?" Michael went.

Phara paled. "No Ö Iím 100 % organic Ö"

Michael noted her reaction.

"Oh !" He suddenly went.

"What ?"

"I remember Ö Last time, you forgot something here, itís in the workshop Ö"

"What did I forget ?" Phara asked.

"Youíll see Ö"

Phara opened the door and wowed.

She was made from black plastic and silvery metal. She was a blend of styles, inspired by the Metropolis robot and Sorayama gynoids.

"Like it ? Itís not "perfect", but itís the best I could do without busting my bank account."

Phara bit her lip. "I love it !" She said and turned around.

"I was afraid you wouldnít like it." He said.

"Are you kidding ? Itís great !" She squealed with pleasure and hugged Michael.

"The metal is a bit bumpy, I had to hammer and bend it into shape Ö" He went, dressing her up.

"At least itís comfortable Ö" She said.

"I Ö I didnít include any Ö things inside for you to Ö" He tried to explain.

"Thank God !" She went. "I couldnít stand being poked like that all the time."

"And there arenít any electronics in it."

"Good, I canít be electrocuted Ö" She went.

"And there are no Ö "access panels"." He finally said.

"Thatís fine with me Ö We can use the suit to build up the tension with a little seductive foreplay and have a "normal" sex-life. I still remember how you told me you liked robot strip teases Ö" She said with a broad smile on her face.

And they had a fantastic time with it.


Phara moved in with Michael some time later.

Michael got a job on a new movie, but Phara was still out of work for the time being. One day, he came home early.

"Honey ? Iím h- " He saw her standing with the fridge in her hands.

He stared at her for a long time and she just looked back.

"I dropped something behind and I couldnít get to it Ö" She said, still holding the huge fridge in her hands.

Michael was silent.

"I can explain Ö" She said and put the fridge down again.

"How did you do that ? You lifted the slab, survived the explosion Ö You ARE a robot !"

Her face filled with sadness. "No, I told you Iím 100 % organic."

"Nobody could lift that things as easily as you just did !" Michael went feeling a bit frustrated. "Youíre an android !" He suddenly went. "Androids can be organic !"

Phara chuckled. "No, Iím not an android. But Iím not entirely human either."

"I fled from my world a few years ago Ö " She began to tell. "Iím only half-human and earth was a logical choice." She said. "Iím not an alien, though. I come from an alternate dimension that co-exists with earth Ö" She said and her eyes changed into iridescent pools of lightÖ

She was part human, part animal, part reptile, part insect part Ö something.

She still looked humanoid, but a smooth purplish-black carapace covered her body. Her face was still beautiful, with a large, almost dinosaur-like crest around her head. And her body was as magnificent as always.

Michael just gasped Ö

She approached him and looked into his eyes. She was alluring in the extreme and Michael could only stare at her, completely fascinated. And "first contact" was unusual to say the least.


A few weeks later, Michael walked into the room. His brand new wife smiled at him and reverted to her human form.

"Too bad you donít change into a robot Ö" He sighed and both smiled at each other.