The Cheerleader

by Silent Lurker


      "Many describe it as a kind of world-wide hallucination. Venture capitalists and others threw billions of dollars into companies that had little more going for them than the dot-com in their names..."

      I tapped my pencil eraser impatiently against the desk as I glanced at the wall clock for the fourth time in ten minutes. In the front of the classroom, Mr. Ryans continued to drawl on about the Internet Boom of the 1990s in the relentless, raspy voice that drove me to want to scream that he should just suck down a damn cough drop and be done with it already. I didn't dwell on that thought now, though. Instead, focusing my attention on the main reason I wished this class had been over thirty minutes ago. In exactly ten seconds, the bell would ring, signaling the end of third period and the beginning of the morning break. I felt an anxious tingle as the second hand on the clock finished its final lap.

      "...and the strategies-"

      RINNNNNG! In one fluid motion, I swept up my books and marched toward the open door, trying unsuccessfully to hide my enthusiasm as I brushed past the frowning history teacher. I reached the hallway as streams of high school kids emerged from every direction. Without wasting any time, I dodged several obstacles --umm, people-- and made my way three doors down to the entrance of Miss Ling's English Lit class. Upon arriving, I turned to lean casually against a row of lockers. A steady stream of students began to spill out from the doorway.

      Then, after a few seconds, she appeared, smiling and laughing as a friend walking beside her whispered something into her ear.

      I felt my pulse quicken as I straightened up and took a step to meet her. "Hi Kelly,"

      The girl slowed down and returned my greeting with a blush and a shy smile, "Hi Brian."

      I leaned forward and gave Kelly a quick peck on the lips. Her blush deepened as she glanced around self-consciously at the kids nearby who took notice -- including her friend, who now grinned devilishly. "Ahh, I'll catch up with ya at the rally, Kel," she said as she started off.

      "Okay, bye, Erin," Kelly called as she stared down at the books she carried in front of her.

      I tried not to embarrass myself as my eyes quickly slid down my new girlfriend's body. She looked amazing. Thick, golden locks of blond hair fell lazily over her shoulders and framed a flawless light complexion and sky blue eyes. My stolen glance continued down to brush over Kelly's tight blue-and-gold cheerleading top, which did little to hide her pert chest and tight stomach. Below that, the striped cheerleading skirt ended well above Kelly's knees, revealing her smooth toned legs. For the first time in my life, I thanked God for cheesy pep rallies.

      I sensed Kelly's eyes upon me and quickly moved my gaze up to meet hers. She wore a sly smirk to let me know she knew exactly what I was doing. Now it was my turn to blush, "Ahh, you look great," I managed.

      "Thanks," she said.

      "So are we still on for the movies tonight?"

      Kelly absently brushed away a lock of hair that had fallen over her cheek and glanced over my shoulder. Even in the short time we had been dating, I recognized this habit as a sign that she was about to say something I wouldn't like. "Umm, yeah, about that... Brian, you know, I have to get up early tomorrow to get ready for the game..."

      A pit formed in my stomach. "Yeah, well, we can go to an early show. Shouldn't be back any later than 10."

      "But still... Maybe it would be better if we did it another night."

      "Okay, how about Saturday night then?"

      Kelly continued to avoid my eyes. "My dad's coming home from a business trip tomorrow. We're eating dinner out..."

      I felt my jaw tighten. I knew when I was being duped. "What the hell, Kelly? We've been going out for a month now, but the biggest date we've ever been on has been watching TV at your house with your parents looming around!"

      Kelly frowned. "Well, what do you want me to do, Brian? I told you my parents won't let me have a guy over when they're not home."

      I held up my hands in surrender. "Just forget it. I'll see you at the game tomorrow."

      "Brian, wait..." Kelly started, but it was too late. I turned around and headed down the hall to my next class.

      I didn't get home from the pep rally until after six. Still frustrated, I hadn't looked for Kelly in the gym after the cheerleaders finished their routine. But now, as I drove down the street toward my house, a feeling of guilt started over me. It wasn't her fault she had to be on the football field so early tomorrow. And it isn't her idea that her parents won't let her be alone with a guy for more than two seconds. I thought about how she looked on the floor of the gym -- her body flexing in ways I could barely imagine and the tight uniform against her figure... And that settled it. Instead of turning into the driveway, I did a U-turn and headed back across town. I'd apologize. And maybe we could watch some TV.

      Ten minutes later, my aging Ford turned into the long driveway that led to Kelly's house. The house stood a quarter mile from the street in the best part of town. I wasn't sure what her parents did, but they had to be pretty well off. As I approached, I could see Kelly's mom's car in the driveway. Her father was away on business this week, which was usually the case, according to Kelly.

      I parked and walked up to the imposing front door, took a breath, and rang the doorbell. A half a minute passed, bringing no response. I frowned and took a step back to look at the windows in front of the house. Lights shown through most of them on the first floor and a couple of them were open to let in the mild September breeze. I stepped forward and was about to ring the bell again when I heard footsteps and saw a shadow through the curtains.

      After another few seconds, a latch clicked and the door swung open, revealing Kelly's mom smiling out at me. "Hello Brian."

      "Hello Mrs. Green," I said as I stared at her. Kelly's mom was every bit as sexy as her daughter. When I first met her a few weeks ago, I was convinced that she and Kelly were actually sisters. She didn't look a day over 25, and it was clear Kelly inherited all her good looks from her mom. I couldn't imagine how she could be old enough to have a teenage daughter. I felt my member harden slightly as I glanced at the tight jeans she wore.

      "-know you were coming by tonight."

      I quickly regained my focus as I realized she was talking to me. "What?"

      "I said I didn't know you were coming by tonight," she repeated.

      "Oh, well, neither did I. I mean, it wasn't really planned... Is Kelly here?"

      Mrs. Green's smile faded slightly. "Sorry, Brian. She can't see anyone tonight. She's got a football game tomorrow and-"

      "Could I just see her for a few minutes? We had an argument earlier and I just wanted to talk to her."

      "No, Brian. Sorry. You can see her tomorrow at the game. She's not available now."

      She started to close the door as I protested, "But-"

      "No, not tonight. Goodnight."

      And with that, she closed the door on my face.

      I stood staring at the door, slightly stunned. What was that all about? Was Kelly really that pissed at me? Why couldn't I see her for just a few minutes? Frowning, I started back toward the car.

      A minute later, I was pulling out onto the street, feeling confused and hurt. Kelly was obviously at home. If I could just talk to her...

      Starting down the road, a thought occurred to me. Kelly's room was on the second floor in the rear of the house. I had never actually seen it, but Kelly told me once that a tree provided access to her window, and she had used it once to sneak out to a party. I wasn't sure I believed the part about the sneaking, but I wondered about the tree...

      Thirty minutes later, I found myself lurking in the shadows around the side of Kelly's house. I'd parked the car down the road a bit, so it'd taken me a while to walk back. Now, as I crouched below the first floor windows on my way toward the backyard with its welcome darkness, I wondered if I'd gone crazy. What was this going to accomplish?

      As I inched forward, I considered turning around and forgetting the whole thing. But then, I caught a glimpse of a tree in close proximity to the back of the house. Looking up, I spotted a solid branch crossing just below one of the second floor windows. The window was lit up, although a curtain on the lower half blocked my view. Still, this had to be it!

      I felt adrenaline as I scampered through the dark backyard toward the tree. There was nothing but forest behind the Green's house, so no neighbors would see me.

      I reached the trunk of the tree and paused just a moment to make sure no one was watching me through the other windows. Except for the one above, though, all windows on this side of the house were dark. Taking a deep breath, I began hoisting himself up and was surprised at how little effort it took, considering the powdered donuts I'd had for lunch. I moved quickly, afraid the sound of crackling branches would give me away.

      After what felt like an eternity, I reached the thick branch that crossed about three feet in front of the second floor window. Crouched on the branch, I strained my neck to peer over the curtain into the room. ...And what I saw nearly caused me to fall like a dead weight back to the ground.

      It was her bedroom alright. A long wooden dresser and mirror occupied the left-hand wall. On the right, a compact stereo unit sat precariously on top of a small bookcase. Posters of music groups and Haley Joel Osment (the latest teenage heartthrob) lined the walls. But it was what I saw on the far wall that made my breath catch in my throat. Next to the hallway door was Kelly's bed, and on top of it was Kelly. She sat up with her back to the wall, staring directly in my direction. Her head was tilted slightly to the right and her mouth stood slightly open. She wore nothing except her

cheerleading skirt and socks. Her sweater and bra were removed, revealing her bare breasts, which were even fuller than I had imaged in my wettest dreams.

      But this is not what held me transfixed. Above Kelly's breasts, I could see what my mind told me was a small, rectangular panel in her chest, about three or four square inches wide. Within it, I could make out what appeared to be a circuit board with several connectors mounted on it and wires criss-crossing over the top. Connected to the circuit board was a cable that left the open panel and ran across Kelly's chest to the back of a computer that sat on a desk next to the bed. Sitting at the desk, I could see Kelly's mom! Her back was to me, but I could tell she was typing something on the computer. Kelly sat motionless, propped up against the headboard.

      My eyes were wide as I stared at the scene in disbelief. A moment later, a green light flashed next to the connector in her chest panel. I watched as Mrs. Green stood up and leaned over to disconnect the cable from her daughter. I knew I risked getting caught if she turned around, but I couldn't stop staring. After removing the cable, Mrs. Green picked up a tool from the desk that resembled a remote control and waved it in front of Kelly's chest. I watched as a flesh-colored patch of skin slid down from the top of the open panel and moved into place to cover it. The patch rose up so that it was flush with the rest of Kelly's skin, and in no time, I couldn't even see a seam where the panel had been. Meanwhile, Mrs. Green placed the tool back on the desk.

      I gasped suddenly as Kelly's eyes blinked and her head straightened up. I gotta get outta here, I thought. Ducking below the curtain and heading toward the ground. my head was spinning, and yet, I was surprised to find myself extremely aroused. I was barely conscious of the fact that I reached the ground and started back toward the side of the house again. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.

      The next morning, I gazed down onto the football field from the stands, as the Woodland High cheerleaders started their half-time show. I'd arrived late, so I hadn't gotten to talk to Kelly yet -- not that I knew what I would say. What do you say when you've just found out your girlfriend is made of plastic and microchips?

      Now, she appeared on the field with the other girls, smiling and chanting as they executed their routine. She caught my eye and her smile broadened. I smiled back and waved. She winked before spinning around for the next part of the cheer. I couldn't believe how human she looked as I watched her move in the tight outfit. I had heard of companies experimenting with robots for household chores and stuff, but nothing like this.

      After the game, I walked down to the field to meet Kelly. She greeted me with a tentative smile. "Are you still mad?" she asked.

      "What?" I said, not understanding.

      "About yesterday. Our date?"

      "Oh... No." I replied. "In fact, I came over last night to apologize."

      Kelly looked at me quizzically, "You did?"

      She didn't see me. She doesn't know that I know. I answered quickly, "Yeah. But your mom said you were busy. I figured you were mad at me."

      "Oh," she paused. "Well, I'm glad you're not mad. Because actually," she smiled slyly, "I was gonna ask if you want to come over."


      "Yeah. My mom is running errands all afternoon. We'll have the place to ourselves."

      I was stunned. I hadn't realized Kelly had been programmed with a rebellious streak. "Okay. Cool." And with that, I helped her gather her things and we started off toward the parking lot.

      Thirty minutes later, the two of us walked through the front door of Kelly's empty house. Kelly dropped her backpack on the sofa in the living room. I did the same as I followed her inside.

      "Want something to drink?" Kelly asked.

      "Umm... sure. What do you have?"

      "Lemonade? Or soda?"

      "Lemonade would be great. Thanks."

      Kelly nodded and disappeared through a doorway toward the kitchen. I took a second to look around the living room. I'd been in here before, but now I searched for some hint of Kelly's secret, although I didn't know what. But to my disappointment, I found nothing out of the ordinary. It was just a regular living room, albeit big and expensively furnished.

      Kelly returned carrying a glass of lemonade and handed it to me. I took a long sip and then set it down on a table. "You're not thirsty?" I asked, wondering if she ever drank anything.

      "No," she said, "Just hungry." And with that, she threw her arms around me, kissing me passionately on the lips. I felt myself harden as I returned the kiss and started stroking her back, making my way down to her ass. Her moist tongue penetrated my lips, and I was amazed at how real she was to the touch. At the same time, I felt myself get harder as I remembered that my girlfriend is not a girl at all, but an incredibly sophisticated robot. A machine. I didn't know why she had been constructed or by whom, but at this moment, I didn't care.

      Our lips parted, and Kelly wore a sultry smile as she whispered into my ear, "Do you want to go upstairs?"

      "Sure," I grinned.

      I followed Kelly up the stairs and down the hall to her room.

      She entered, and put up her hands, "Well, here it is," she said as she spun around and sat on the bed, smiling up at me. I looked around, nodding appreciably, as if I had never seen it before. The computer now displayed an innocent looking login prompt. There was no sign of the cable I'd seen last night. And of course, there wasn't a half-naked android on the bed this time, but I hoped to change that soon.

      Apparently, Kelly had similar plans. Eying me with a sly grin, she kicked off her shoes and laid back on top of the bed. I put down my drink and began walking over to the bed. As I reached the side, she held her feet out to block me, her face grinning playfully. I gasped in mocked astonishment, then pulled off her socks and began tickling her soles.

      "Hey!" Kelly giggled as she squirmed away further onto the bed. I took the hint, kicked off my shoes, and climbed onto the bed, moving my hands up her legs to tickle her thighs. I was about to reach her skirt when she pulled me by the shirt toward her into another deep kiss.

      The two of us rolled around on the bed, kissing and feeling each other. My hands stroked her body, and I tentatively began feeling her breasts over the sweater. Kelly laid back and closed her eyes, Her hand moved down to stroke my cock over my jeans, and she moaned softly.

      "Mmmm. This feels good..." she breathed.

      I kissed her neck and the top of her chest that was revealed by the sweater. Knowing her secret, I was amazed at the warmth and texture of her skin and could smell a faint hint of perfume on her neck. I wondered how fully functional she really was. And then my mind formed more questions.  What was Kelly's power source? What would it be like if we were fooling around and her charge ran low or she experienced some kind of malfunction? Could she be reprogrammed? With each passing thought, my excitement grew as I contemplated the answers.

      I was beginning to untuck her sweater when suddenly-


      Kelly and I nearly fell off the bed in shock as the angry voice of Kelly's mom ripped through the room.

      "M-mrs. Green!" I stuttered.

      "Mom! What are you doing here?" Kelly gasped.

      "I live here. And so do you. But YOU don't," she shot back, pointing a finger at me. "You're in big trouble, buddy, and you have about 30 seconds to get out of here."

      I sat up and began fumbling with my shoes as Kelly's mom continued, "I wonder what your parents would have to say about this. I think we need to have a conversation." And with that, she stormed out of the room.

      "Mom, wait..." Kelly started, as she got up and followed her out.

      Now alone and scared out of my wits, I continued to put on my shoes. My parents will kill me if they find out about this, I thought to myself. Then a thought occurred to me that made me stop for a second: She looks so much like her mom. Is it possible...

      With the thought half-formed in my mind, I got up and peered out the door cautiously. I could hear Kelly and her mom arguing in a room down the hall. Without wasting any time, I ran to the other side of the bed and looked around on the surface of the computer desk. Not finding what I was searching for, I opened the top drawer. Immediately, I saw the remote control device from last night and snatched it up to have a look. On top, I found a single unlabeled button, and on the bottom, what looked like an infrared transmitter. I quickly shoved the device in my pocket and started toward the door. On instinct, I grabbed my glass of lemonade from the dresser.

      I followed the sound of their voices to the master bedroom.

      "I'm sorry," I heard Kelly say.

      "Kelly, go back to your room. I'll deal with you later."

      I walked through the door to see Mrs. Green punching buttons on a cordless phone receiver as Kelly watched from the doorway.

      "I thought I told you to leave," she grumbled at me as she continued to dial.

      I paused for a second, trying to decide if I should risk acting on my suspicion. Then, a fleeting thought crossed my mind: How does she even know my number? That clinched it. Without waiting any longer, I walked up to Kelly's mom, pulling the remote control out of my pocket as I approached. In a split second, I held the button and waved it across the woman's chest.

      She backed away from me in surprise. And I felt a swell of terror build as...nothing happened!

      "Brian, what are you doing?" I heard Kelly say behind me.

      Just then, the sound of a click and the soft spin of a motor broke the awkward moment. Yes! I could see an indent forming on the part of Mrs. Green's chest that was not covered by the revealing green tank top she wore.

      I had hoped this would turn her off. But instead, she looked down in astonishment as the indented patch of skin slid up to expose her internal circuitry. I could see a variety of different colored wires partially covering a circuit board and several flashing LEDs, similar to what I had seen in Kelly's open panel the night before.

      "No," she said, shaking her head. "How did you..." I watched, transfixed, as Mrs. Green looked up. Her eyes bore into me. "You little shit." She dropped the phone and took a menacing step toward me, her hands reaching out to grab the control I still held out in front of me.

      Impulsively. I raised the glass of lemonade in my other hand and flung the contents into the android woman's open panel. Kelly's mom jumped backward, but it was too late. She looked down to see the pink liquid stream into her body. Then, she looked up again, her eyes wild. "What have you DONE?!" she yelled as she started toward me again. "I am going tooooooooo-" The syllable stuck in her voice like a digital sound sample on rapid repeat. At that moment, I heard a high-pitched squeal followed by a pop and crackle, as Mrs. Green froze in her tracks and fell silent.

      Letting out a breath, my mind took in the image of the android that stood before me. She looked like a snapshot picture, stopped in time. Her expression was still angry and her arms were suspended in front of her, hands grasping thin air. LEDs on her exposed circuits flashed frantically.

      Suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me, "Unit malfunction detected. Initiate diagnostic and repair protocol." It was Kelly's voice, but it had taken on a decidedly unnatural flatness. I turned around to see my electronic girlfriend looking at her mother with an emotionless stare.

      Without another word, Kelly began to remove her cheerleading sweater. I watched as she finished and pulled the sweater off over her head. "Kelly?" I asked. She didn't reply. Now wearing nothing but a lace bra on her top half,

she started to walk purposefully over to her mom. I stepped out of the way to avoid getting run over. As she brushed past me, I could hear a miniature motor as her chest panel opened above the bra. She stopped directly beside her mom and reached into the disabled robot's chest cavity to pull out one end of a thick cable. With mechanical precision, she attached the free end to a connector on her own exposed circuit board. At that moment, I heard two identical beeps from each of the androids. Kelly suddenly stood at full attention, and her joints seemed to lock as she stared straight ahead.

      "Processing," she said in a flat monotone, and I could hear a sequence of beeps emanating from both of them.

      My cock was rock hard as I watched the scene unfold. I approached the two and put a tentative hand on Kelly's shoulder. She seemed entirely unaware of me, which only served to arouse me more. I looked into her crystal blue

eyes, and with one hand, bushed away a stray lock of blond hair that had fallen over her cheek. She did not react at all. Encouraged, I reached around behind her back and unfastened the lace bra. It fell to the ground, revealing Kelly's firm, bare tits.

      "Processing," she repeated, as she continued her blank stare.

      Meanwhile, my eyes feasted on her breasts, which seemed even larger in person than they had last night through the window. I let my fingers trace their curves, cautiously at first. As I did, I watched her absent expression and grew more excited. My gaze shifted to Mrs. Green. Her eyes were fixed directly on me, but the same vacant stare convinced me that no awareness registered in her electronic brain, either. Clearly, they were both out of commission for the time being, I moved beside Kelly and cupped her right breast in my hand. It felt very warm and so natural! I leaned down and began kissing and licking her tits, stopping to suck on the pert, round nipples. As I did, I gazed inside Kelly's chest cavity at the rows of chips and integrated circuitry. Lights flashed as her internal systems processed whatever data she was receiving. But still, she remained oblivious to what was happening around her.

      I walked around to her back and moved my hands down to her waist. Reaching around, I unzipped the top of her cheerleading skirt and pushed it down to her feet, along with lace panties she wore underneath. My eyes grew wide as I examined her tight, bare ass as she stood completely nude in front of me. I circled around and got down on my knees to examine her exposed sex. It looked so incredibly real, complete with blond pubic hair. I ran my fingers along the inside of her warm thighs and up into the hole. Hell, she was even wet! I pulled my fingers out and smelled a hint of something cherry.

      Smiling, I stood up and took off my shirt and walked around to her back again. I pressed myself against her, feeling the warmth of her backside against my chest and jeans. My hand moved the locks of blond hair off her shoulder and I began kissing her neck and cheek as her body remained frozen. Then, I began to feel her up from behind, stroking her breasts and thighs, and finally reached around to massage her pussy. Yes, she is definitely fully equipped, I thought to myself.

      Finally, I could wait no more. I quickly unzipped and pulled down my jeans and boxers as mother and daughter stood like statues before me. As I began to press my hard member into Kelly's ass, I suddenly heard a loud snap coming from Mrs. Green's exposed electronics. This was followed by a pop and sizzling noise -- but this time, it was coming from Kelly! Her body shuddered and her head jerked to the right. "Illegal instruction," she declared. Although this time, her speech seemed slightly higher pitched and more rapid. I hugged her from behind and held her to me, trusting deep inside. "Illegal instruction," she repeated, more urgently this time. Over her shoulder, I saw a brief flash of blue inside her chest circuitry.

      At that moment, Kelly's mom suddenly returned to life, so to speak. She straightened up and began to walk away toward the door. "Repair complete," she said. But as she did, her head twitched oddly to the left. The cable connecting the two robots snapped off as Mrs. Green marched away. "All systems operating normally," she said. She reached the doorway, but apparently miscomputed the opening as her body slammed into the wall beside it. She took a step back, and then forward again, slamming into the same spot. After the second time, she stepped back and turned on her heels toward the bed. The visual reminded me of mechanical toy soldiers I had played with once as a kid. She began marching forward again toward the bed. "All systems operating normally," she repeated. She reached the bed, but that fact didn't seem to register in the malfunctioning android's mind. She tripped on the frame and fell face first onto the mattress. I continued to thrust inside

Kelly as I watched her mom in an apparent meltdown. Mrs. Green's legs continued to move in a rhythmic walking motion as she lay face down on the sheets. I heard a thump as her heavy sandals hit the floor.

      Meanwhile, Kelly was experiencing program glitches of her own. "Illegal instruction," she reported again. The sequence of beeps emanating from her did not stop when the connection to her mother was broken. Instead, it became faster.

      "Brian -- what -- are you -- DOING -- to me?" she managed. Her voice was no longer flat, but it was increasingly high-pitched and rapid. As I held her and continued to thrust inside her, Kelly's arms began moving in an apparent attempt to push me away, but her hands succeeded only in brushing against my waist in stiff, uncoordinated movements as her circuits continued to sizzle. I continued to trust, aroused at the sight and sounds of my short-circuiting girlfriend.

      "No. Stop." she said. "I am experiencing a malfunction... malfunction... malfunction..." Each time she said the word, her head twitched to the left. I felt myself nearing climax as my cock rubbed along the inside of her smooth ass.

      "Brian -- you -- must stop!" Kelly said. I could now hear an endless series of popping and saw a light wisp of smoke rising from her exposed panel.

      I thrusted harder and faster.

      "System error. I am a teenage girl. I am not programmed for....programmed for.... programmed for... programmedfor.. programmedfor. . . . ."

      I felt myself explode inside Kelly. As the waves of climax rippled through me, I could feel the artificial girl's body shuddering erratically in my grip. Over her shoulder, I saw sparks fly from her open chest in brilliant flashes of blue and white. Blond hair danced on her shoulders as the motors in her neck spasmed.

      As the aftershocks of my release dulled, I felt the servos in Kelly's knees give way. Her head lolled to the side as she slumped to the carpet, rolling onto her back. Staring blankly up at the ceiling with her limbs twitching slightly, she continued to speak, but her voice dropped to an unnatural, slow baritone, "System shuuuut doooowwnnnn..." And then, she lay in a heap on the ground, motionless. I looked down at her, feeling more relaxed but wanting more.

      In a moment, my mind began to focus on another sound in the room. I looked toward the bed and saw the backside of Kelly's mom. The soles of her bare feet continued to bob up and down. Obviously, she was still malfunctioning. I noticed with fascination how the tight blue jeans she wore hugged her legs and butt. Stepping over Kelly's inert form, I approached the bed and knelt down beside the robot.

      I placed a hand on her ass and could swear I felt a mild vibration as the motors in her legs pumped. I then moved my hand up to her opposite shoulder and took hold, attempting to roll her over. It took more effort than I expected, but soon, I managed to pull her up enough so that momentum would do the rest. As she flipped over and I looked down. Her face was expressionless as her sky blue eyes stared up at the ceiling, legs still pumping. She looked like an adult-sized doll, stuck in an apparent program loop.

      I bent down to examine the synthetic woman's open panel. I didn't know a lot about computers, but since I saw Kelly deactivated last night, I guessed there had to be a way to do that. As I examined the circuit boards and connectors inside her chest, my eye caught a small red button on one of them labeled 'Panic Reset'. "Well, this ought to do something," I said aloud, as I reached inside and pressed it.

      Immediately, Mrs. Green's feet stopped moving and I heard two short beeps. I jerked my hand out as I noticed the panel suddenly start to close. The semi-constant pop and crackling sounds became muffled. I watched as her eyes closed for a second and then reopened. Then, they focused in on me and she smiled.

      "Hey, you," she said, "I wasn't expecting you home this early."

      "Huh?" I said.

      The android didn't reply, but instead slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. She turned around to face me, still wearing a smile. "But I'm glad you're b-b-back," she said as her head twitched to the left momentarily. Then her smile turned to a pout as she studied me. "Hey, no fair! You're already undressed." And, with that, she lifted the tank top she was wearing over her head, revealing a cream satin bra beneath.

      I watched in silent confusion until suddenly, it came to me. She thinks I'm her husband! A grin played around my lips.

      She looked at me looking at her, and seemed slightly amused, "So are you just going to sit there?" she asked. I ignored the question and studied her instead. She looked like a woman barely old enough to be out of college. Of course, I reminded myself, it's because she not real. Her body was as smooth and full-figured as Kelly's. And she shared her light complexion and blond hair, although hers was pulled back in a casual ponytail. I could tell she was a different model than Kelly, but definitely based on the same design. "Mr. Green has it pretty good," I muttered to myself.

      "What's that, hon?" she said, as she started to work on her bra.

      "Nothing," I replied, "Let me help you with that... Tara." I hoped that was the right name. I thought I'd heard Mr. Green call her that once.

      I moved to the edge of the bed and stood up in front of her. I kissed her full on the lips as my hands reached around her back to unfasten the bra. She kissed back and put her arms around my neck. The bra fell to the floor and I could feel her warm breasts pressed up against my chest. I pulled back and began kissing her neck, making my way down her bare chest.

      Tara closed her eyes and moaned softly. "Ohhh, Paul. I want you," she breathed. Her fingers moved down to stroke my hard cock. Then she took a step back and unzipped her own jeans. She pulled the jeans and satin panties down, stepping out of them.

      I let my eyes run over her naked body as she stood up again. Tara smiled and put her hands out, gently pushing me back toward the bed. I took the hint and laid down on my back. Tara knelt on the bed and began to crawl toward me, when suddenly I heard a snap and the android woman froze on all fours.

      "Aw, shit," I muttered to myself as I sat up. Tara continued to wear her programmed smile as she stared off into space. "There has to be a reset switch somewhere external." Although, in truth, I felt excited by the system failures she was suffering.  I ran my hands all over her body, along the inside of her thighs and sex, but felt nothing that one wouldn't feel on a twentysomething human woman.

      I leaned off the bed and grabbed the remote control on the carpet next to the deactivated Kelly. Returning with it, I crawled around to Tara's legs and spread them apart. Turning onto my back, I slid between her legs, past her stomach, so that her firm breasts hung down in my face. I felt like a mechanic inspecting the undercarriage of a car, and chuckled at the thought as I explored the artificial woman's tits with my mouth. I was about to wave the remote control in front of her chest again, when she suddenly started moving on her own.

      She sat back on my legs and looked down at me. I was surprised (and thankful) to find that she didn't weigh as much as she seemed to when I turned her over. "Hey, what are you doing?"

      "You froze up. I was...uhh...trying to reset you."

      "There's nothing wrong with me. I am functioning perfectly." Then, her smile returned. "Kiss me, Paul." And she leaned down into me for a deep kiss, her warm breasts pressing against me. I explored her mouth with my tongue, feeling the inside of her cheek. It felt so natural! As she balanced on one hand, the other moved down to rub my cock. I left her mouth and began kissing her neck. Her eyes closed and she moaned as I massaged the inside of her pussy with one free hand, returning the favor.

      Seconds later, she straightened her legs and I felt her steer my penis into her hole. It was warm and wet and snug inside, and felt so good. I trust up into her and she let out a short gasp as her back arched. I felt myself go deeper inside her. Tara's leg motors began to pump as I thrust inside her.  "Oh Paul," she moaned. "I am so hot."

      I continued to thrust inside her, faster. My fingers hugged her ass as I pulled her in deep. Then, a pop as her head jerked to the right. Her eyes opened and she stared at the wall above me. "Oh Paul. I am so hot," she repeated with the same intonation. Inside her, I could hear what sounded like the head of a hard disk drive, seeking across the surface of a disk, followed by the sound of a spring bending. Her legs continued to flex mechanically, but her face suggested another serious glitch in her computerized brain.

      "No, Brian. Sorry. You can see her tomorrow at the game. She's not available now.... available now.... available now..." I stared at Tara's tits as they bobbed up and down in front of me. She continued to stare blankly at the wall as her synthetic voice formed the words she had said to me at the door last night. Suddenly, in a warn gush, I came inside her as her legs continued to pump faster. I felt the waves of climax wash over me as I watched the malfunctioning android's systems crash.

      "Okay, that's enough," I breathed.

      "...available now... available now..."

      I let out an involuntary moan as the stimulation got to be too much. Impulsively, I pushed hard on Tara's shoulders, sending her reeling over the side of the bed. A loud bang rocked the bedroom as her head struck an oak end table next to the headboard. This was followed by a continuous crackling sound.

      "Oops." I rolled over on my side to see what had happened. Kelly's mom lay slumped against the end table. Her head had partially snapped off at the neck, and now hung awkwardly to the side, suspended by coils of exposed wires. The crackling was coming from arcs of blue electricity that sparked and played inside her neck cavity. Her hands and feet pressed against the empty air in front of her as if she were still riding me. I could hear bits of vowels and consonants coming from her open mouth, random sound samples with no meaning.

      As the crackling began to subside, her movements became slower, until eventually, her arms went limp to her sides. Her legs gave up, too, as her feet sagged to the group and then slipped on the carpet until her legs extended lazily in front of her. Seeing her reminded me of a child's broken toy... a child with very adult tastes and experiences.

      I rolled over again on my back, trying to catch my breath. In a few minutes, I would have to worry about what I was going to do with two broken androids. But for right now, tired and thirsty, I wondered if there was any lemonade left in the fridge.


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