Perils In Pantyhose, Part Six - What Are Cheerleaders Made Of?

by Magnus

(Addtional edits by Paul Jutras)

I had just come home from a tanning session. I was feeling relaxed so I decided to go online. After logging in I heard the familiar phrase, “You got mail”, as usual I got excited.

It was a message from Ronda Baxter, she is the director of the "Portland Trailblazers" cheerleader\ dance team squad, the "Blazerettes".

Tabitha Hi!

It's that time again, just wanted to let you know that tryout for the
squad this year will be at the rose garden on thursday the 24th through
sat the 26th, you should be receiving regitration forms in the mail soon.

Hope to see you come out again this year.


Excellent, I was beginning to wonder about that, I have been looking forward to being on the squad again this year. Had such a good time last year, it took a lot of stress out of my job. I do love My job as a personal trainer, but sometimes it can get stale, that's why I got into cheerleading.

I've been cheerleading since highschool, cheering for football and basketball. I liked basketball the best cause it was indoors, football can get cold and wet alot, and I never really cared for oregon weather.

I've been cheering for the blazerette's for three seasons now, each year it gets tougher to get on the squad, but I love a challenge and this year I think that there will be one.

Ronda's very nice, she helped out a lot last year, and it really made a difference. Ronda used to be on the squad My rookie year, and when Beverly the former director stepped down, Ronda took her place as team director.  She has shoulder length blonde hair and green eye's, whenever we were together people would think we were sisters, and that gave us a close relationship.

Her first two years as director were the most fun I've ever had as a cheerleader/ dancer, and I was hoping that this year would be even better.

I heard the phone ring, and checked the caller id and saw that it was Betty, My best friend also from the squad.

Betty Hi!, How are you?

"Great, did you get the message from Ronda"?

Yes, I can't wait till thursday.

"I know, I thought the lockout would never end".

I know, so did I, hey you want to get together for lunch this week?

"Sorry Tab I can't, I'm a bit overloaded at the office this week and if I want to tryout, I need to get through most of it".

Oh that's alright then, How's this weekend sound, after tryouts?

"Sure sounds great, are Brigette and Terri trying out this year"?

I think so.

"Great then, I'll see you at the tryouts, we can put our heads together then and see what we'll do".

Sounds great!

"I gotta go, see you thursday for registration, ok?


"Bye now".

See you there.

The week went by pretty quick, I told My clients that I would be trying out for the dance team this year, and they all wished Me luck.

I even called Brigette and Terri to see if they were trying out this year, and they said they were.

Brigette and Terri are twins and part of our group called the "Blonde Squad" which consists of myself, Betty and Ash.

Thursday came, I showed up at the rose garden at 10:30 am, I saw Brigette and Terri as well as Betty and Ash.

Betty came up to me and gave me a hug, "Hi Tabby, ready for the big show"?

You bet, I can't wait, have you seen Ronda yet?

"She's not here yet, I talked with Wendy her assistant, she said she was in meeting and would be down later".

Then Ash came up and we hugged, " Ash Hi!, good to see you, heard they you were in paris for the summer, how was it?

"It was incredible, I had a wonderful time, I was modeling for Vertucci, did two shows for him".

"Wow, that's great",said Betty,"Did you meet anyone"?

"Well, yes"! "I mat a man named Pierre, but it fizzled out, caught him in bed with another woman".

"Oh I'm sorry", said Betty.

Well, you know the french", I said

Bridgette and Terri walked up just then.

"Hey Tabby, Betty said we should get together Saturday"

Yeah, I thought we could celebrate getting back on the squad.

"What an excellent idea",said Ash,"count me in".

Sure, you know we couldn't celebrate without you.

So has anyone seen the competition?

"Yeah, I have",said Ash, "There's some pretty talented dancers in there, looks like we're gonna have a run for our money this year".

"Yeah, but it's like that every year", said Terri, "Besides were veterans, we don't have to tryout till saturday".

Hey girls, I'll see you at the introduction, I'm gonna go in and register.

"Ok, I'll save you a seat", said Betty.

I went into the regitration table and handed them My papers and signed in.

"Tabitha Donnelly?, oh here you are, thanks, here's your number, please remember to wear it for tryouts".


Lot's of new faces this year including the staff, I don't seem to recognize any of the new girls trying out.

I was heading into the arena when I saw Ronda, she was looking upset.

Ronda, hi!, what's wrong?

"Hi Tabitha, I've got bad news, it'll have to wait till later, so I can tell everyone at once".

We went inside and I found Betty and the gang where sitting. "Tabitha, what's up with Ronda, she looks bummed", Betty asked.

I don't know she wouldn't tell me, she just said she had some bad news and that it had to wait till she could tell it to everyone.

"I hope their not replacing her", said Ash.

"You know that might be it", said Betty.

I don't know but were about to find out. "Ladies if I may have your attention"? said Ronda. "I have some bad news". "Management has decided to replace me as director of the dance team".

the crowd was shocked, Ronda no longer the director? That can't be!

"What", said Betty, "what the hell do they think their doing"?

Ronda took a moment for the protests to die down, "It seem the VP want the handling of the squad to go in a different direction this year, according to his plans, plans that don't include me".

"A replacement has already been decided on, my head assistant Joyce Gallow, she will be handling the tryouts effective immediately".

I was in shock befuddled by Ronda's announcement, as were the rest of the group from last year.

"That bitch"! said Ash, "She never got along with Ronda, I always thought she would try and take over, I can't believe this"!

The crowd was murmuring again as a serious looking woman in her late thirties entered the arena.

"Ladies may I introduce to you, your new director, Joyce Gallow".

Joyce was a tall and very striking, she had an air about her that spoke authority, or bitch.

"Ladies, I know this comes as a shock, but I would like to have the chance to thank Ronda for all the work she has done in the past".

She emphasized the word "past".

"She has done an excellent job and I thank her, but today is the future and we must move onward and upward, continuing the excellence she started".

"Great", said Brigette, "There goes our easy shot at getting back on the squad".

"The schedule for tryouts will remain the same, what I'm looking for is women who work hard and desire to be the best".

"At what", said Terri? "Brown nosing"?


"Tryouts will begin at two thirty after psysicals, veterans will report on saturday".

"Like I said before, I'm sorry that this came at such short notice, I'd like to say please act if as nothing has changed".

"Thanks for coming, if you have any questions you I'll be in my office, thankyou".

And with that she left.

We then went over to Ronda to console her, as she was still shaken by management's decision.

"Ronda, what's going on"? asked Terri.

"Simple the man upstairs wanted a change, you know how those things work". "How many coaches has the team gone through in the last six years"? She shrugged sadly." I should have thought that sooner or later that they would get to me".

That's not right, I said, your the best director this squad has ever had.

"she's right", said Betty, "how are we supposed to go on now"?

"Same as you always have, except without me".

"You know", she continued, "I might just have to bring those dancing shoes out of retirement, and show Joyce a thing or two".

"Hey, that would be great", said Ash, "We'd love to have you in our group for tryouts".

Resounding yes's all around.

"We still have to make the team", said Betty, "and with that bitch Joyce as director that's gonna be a toughy".

Well we need to get a routine together, why don't we meet over at My place after physicals?

"Sure, then I could come up with a new routine for us", said Ronda.

Everybody in?

"You bet", said Bridgette, and everyone agreed with her.

Ok then we'll meet at My place later.

The line for physicals was long, but it moved steadily, they had seven nurses working the lines.

I took about a half hour to get to the front, "All this waiting is making me hungry", said Betty.

I know we can grab something on the way over to my place when we're done.

We finally reached the desk and handed the nurse our papers.

"Tabitha Donnelly and Betty Swain, thankyou, you'll be next".

It wasn't long after that we were headed for our examination rooms.

"See you in a few", said Betty.

I entered My examination room, and began to disrobe, putting on that smock you wear at the doctors office.

I left My bra and pantyhose on, i didn't think it was necessary to take them off.

As soon as I was done the Nurse knocked on the door and I let her in.

The Nurse ran me through several tests, blood pressure, mobility, flexibility etc

One thing I thought was strange was when she brought out the needle and proceeded to fill it.

What's the shot for?

"I saw in your record that you haven't had an adult rubella booster, so I'm giving you one now".

Oh, yes, it's been a while since I've had one of those.

"When you reach adulthood you need at least one to stabilize your Immune system".

Ok I see.

She then gave me the injection.

"Ok all done, you can get dressed now, and good luck".

Thanks I'll need it.

With the physical done it was now time to get physical, i met up with Betty as she was coming out of hers.

Hey! you ready?

"Yeah, so how did yours go"?

Fine, why do you ask?

"I don't know, mine went smooth, just didn't go for the shot".

You got a booster too eh?

"Yeah, you did too"?

Yeah, it seems my doctor missed it on My last physical, but that's ok, I'm glad to get that over with.

Let's go, I can't wait to get started, I wanna cream the competition this year.

"I'm with you"!

Betty and I had just made it back to my place when Brigette and Terri were arriving with Ash.

"So how did it go", asked Ash.

Fine except for the needle.

"You had the booster shot too"? said Terri. "That's funny", said Brigette, "seems we all needed one".

"What's so funny about that"? said Betty, "I don't want to get sick and die".

Has anyone seen Ronda, I asked.

"I talked to her after she signed up, she said she would be over right after her physical", said Ash.

Well I guess we should go on in and get changed.

We went inside and got ready to practice, changing into our dancewear.

One of the things I loved about cheerleading and dancing was that you got to wear all types of outfits, many of them included pantyhose.

I'm a leotard lover myself, and have quite a few very sexy and racy ones.

The one I selected for practice was a particularly racy cause there wasn't much to it, it was purple and had a neck collar that crossed around over My chest and covered My breasts, around My back down the crack of My ass and up the front were it clipped off above My hips.

I completed the outfit with pantyhose and a belt.

I chose a shiny suntan pair with cotton panel, and was just fixing My belt when the door bell rang.

Ronda, great your here!

"Hi girls"!

"You should have seen the look on Joyce's face when I told her I would be trying out for the squad".

"I'll bet she wasn't happy", said Betty.

"No, but that doesn't mean I can't try, I still have a few friends on the staff".

"It's going to be hard", said Terri,"getting back on the squad won't be easy".

"That's why were here", said Ronda,"I've got a few tricks up My sleeve that I think just might do the job".

"Tab, I'm gonna have to borrow some dance wear, I didn't have time to stop at my place and pick any up".

Sure, do you like red?

"It's My favorite color".

I didn't mind loaning Ronda an outfit to practice in, I loaned her a red thong back leotard, and a new pair of shiny suntan pantyhose.

She used My bathroom to change, and in minutes we were ready to practice.

"Thanks", said Ronda," Love this outfit, and these pantyhose feel so smooth".

"You should have seen Joyce explode when I told her I was coming over here to practice with you guy's, she was livid"!

"Boy she sure screwed you though", said Betty, " I'd love to see the look on her face when Tina and Beverly out vote her and get us back on the squad".

"So would I", said Bridgette.

"on the way over I was thinking about some changes to our favorite number we had last year, I think you guy's might like them".

I'm ready, let's do it.

We lined up with Ronda in front facing the wall mirror i had in My studio, having the mirror was great, when I first moved in I asked the landlord to leave it.

The place used to be a dance studio before I lived here, and since I dance, I loved the idea of keeping it.

I got some music going and Ronda showed us the new steps she came up with, it wasn't long before we mastered them.

Seeing Ronda in one of My leotards made me feel hot, which was funny cause I've seen her similar outfits before.

We practiced for three hours, i couldn't wait for it to end, cause for some reason dancing was making me feel very aroused.

We decided to take a break when the door bell rang again.

"I wonder who that could be", said Betty, " are you expecting anyone Tab"?

No you're all here.

I opened the door to find Joyce standing there.

Joyce what brings you here?

"I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would stop by and see how you were doing, and to with you luck".

"We don't need any wishing from you", said Ash.

"OH really, then I guess you won't mind if I do this".

She opened a bag she was carrying, I thought she was going to pull a gun so I braced myself ready to slap it out of her hand.

What she pulled out of her purse wasn't a gun but some kind of tv remote.

What a relief I thought, Joyce had always been a snotty bitch, but I never thought she'd carry a gun.

"I was going to wait till after tryouts, I wanted to give you the opportunity to lose, but I can't wait".

"What", said Ronda, "What are you talking about"?

"OH this", she waived the remote in the air, "this is my fathers latest invention, one he's struggled a long time to create".

"It's a remote for Nanites".

"What the"? said Betty.

"Oh I'm sorry, you bimbos know nothing about science, I'll explain it better so you can understand it".

"This remote controls tiny, very tiny little bugs, bugs that can do any number of things from performing life saving surgery to morphing chemical makeups and DNA".

This is getting weird.

I grabbed her by the arm to through her out.

"Oh I don't think so".

She then pressed a button on her remote and I froze, all My muscles wouldn't move.

What the... what did you do?

"Hey I can't move", said Betty.

"I can't either", said Ash.

"You ALL can't move", said Joyce, she then pressed more buttons and turned and closed the door!

"Now you can't talk either, now I can finish the explanation".

"All of you have been injected with nanites, and I can control them, I can do anything I want with you, watch"!

She aimed the remote at Ash and Ash began to fondle her sex through her pantyhose.

"See, isn't it amazing"?

"I'm going to have so much fun with you girls".

Watching Ash fondle herself was driving me wild.

"I can do anything to you, i can even control your orgasms".

She pressed a few more buttons and I could feel a surge of sexual energy flood into my brain, that only grew in intensity causing my eye's to roll back into my head making everything black.

When I came to, I found Myself and the others lined up in front of my wall mirror, Joyce was just finishing up moving Terri when she saw her eye's open.

"Ah your awake", she said, "I was hoping I didn't fry your brains with all that orgasmic energy, I want you awake to experience what I have in store for you".

The grogginess from the orgasm made it hard to understand what she was saying.

As My head cleared I could hear her better.

"I have a friend who owns a boutique in Seattle, she's been complaining to me that if she had some Mannequins the business of her store would pick up".

"She also told me about how expensive good Mannequins are, and I told her I might be able to help".



NO!! She can't do this!!

Were not Mannequins, we're real people.

Joyce was dipping into the end of the pool where the diving board was, but the reality was very real, she has frozen us and gave us incredible orgasms, now she wants to change us into Mannequins so her friend can sell more clothes?

I can't believe this.

"She needs five of them, three full Mannequins, a pantyhose form and a three quarter torso".

Oh my god she's serious!

"There are six of you though, that's ok cause I have special plans for Ronda".

I didn't want to spend the rest of my life as a Mannequin, fear began to take hold of me, I didn't want to be a mannequin or a pantyhose form or a three quarter torso.

The thought of becoming a Mannequin terrified me, I just wished I was somewhere else.

"Let's see now, who's first"?


She set down her bag and took out what seemed to be a large plastic dildo and moved over infront of her.

"I have just the thing for you" she said, and she stripped off Bridgette's leotard and pulled down her pantyhose.

"You're going to love this", she said as she infront of the petrified Bridgette's face.

She then bent down and inserted it deep into her wet dripping sex till you couldn't see it any more.

"There now, how do you like that"?

"Feels good doesn't it"?, she said as she pulled back up Bridgette's pantyhose and began to slowly stroke the cotton panel.

"I'm sorry to say Bridgette, that you and Terri are twins and I can't change you both into full size Mannequins".

"I've always liked Terri better anyway".

"You do have great legs though, I think you'd make a wonderful pantyhose form".

NO! I screamed mentally, Don't do this! But there was nothing I could do but stand there and watch as Joyce pressed a few buttons on her remote and Brigette got down and did a head stand.

Joyce then removed Bridgette's shoes and socks leaving her naked legs pointed to the ceiling.

"Now let's see if this thing really works".

I could see the fear and the tears build up in Bridgette's eye's as Joyce pressed more buttons on the remote and Bridgette's head and upper body appeared to melt into the floor.

The action stopped when the waist band of her pantyhose reached the floor.

I was in shock, one of My best friends had been turned into a pantyhose form.

All that was left of her was her pantyhosed legs pointed in the air.

Joyce pressed a few more buttons and Bridgette's legs took on a seductive pose with her right leg bent.

"Just what I thought", said Joyce, "I knew you'd make a lovely leg model".

"I think My friend Marcy will be impressed". Not if she found out Joyce were a murderer she wouldn't.

Looking at Bridgette's legs I could see that had now paled under her pantyhose to a more shiny plastic look.

I also noticed when joyce rubbed Bridgette's sex that it was gone, as well as her pubic hair.

She truly was a pantyhose form.

"There now, You'll feel nothing but pleasure from now on", said Joyce as she was rubbing Bridgette's plastic pantyhosed crotch.

What?! She isn't dead?!

How could you be so cold, you bitch!, unless?

"One down, five to go", " I can tell this is going to be fun"!

"Don't worry girls, Bridgette's not dead, she's just been transformed, she'll live forever as a pantyhose form as you soon will once you've been changed as well".

The though of what Joyce just said lessened My fear a little, still I didn't want to be a Mannequin, but I could see that now My fate was sealed.

"Let's see, who want s to be a three quarter torso"?

"What, no one"?

"Well I guess I'm just going to have to choose one of you then"?

Joyce was just fucking with us now, I could see that she a enjoying this a little too much.


"Ash, you've always been a bitch to me, I think you'll do fine as a 3/4 torso".

No! please don't, not Ash!

Bitch couldn't hear me anyway, besides I don't think it would matter anyway.

Joyce went over to Ash and took off her body suit and rolled down her pantyhose and took off her shoes.

"Yes, you defiantly have the body for it", Joyce said as she took a dildo out of her bag and began circling Ashes pussy with it.

"Wouldn't want you to be without one of these"!

"Your going to need it where your going".

She then slipped it up into Ashes pussy, again burying it till you couldn't see it.

"Any last words"?

"I didn't think so".

I could see the look on Ash's face , it went from hate to arousal as Joyce pressed the button on her remote.

"See ya bitch"!, Joyce said as Ashes face became featureless and her blonde hair sucked into her head and melted into her neck.

Her arms spread out wide as they too retracted into her shoulders.

Ash slowly began to get shorter as her lower legs melted into her thighs down to just above her knee's.

Her sex smoothed over and the nipples on her breasts disappeared. Her skin lightened and became shiny and smooth, soon all that was left was a 3/4 torso, with no head arms or lower legs.

You Bitch! I though as hate over came me, this woman was transforming me and my friends into Mannequins, all I could do was wish she would drop dead before she got to the rest of us.

Joyce bent down and stroked Ashes smooth sex,"There now, feel better"?
"I knew you would"!

"Well now that leaves just you four, I think you know what's going to happen to you, except for you Ronda".

Her voice was cold when she spoke Ronda's name, I wonder what she has in store for her?

"I think I'll finnish you next Ronda, what I have in mind for you I think will benefit your friends as well".

"I thought of making you a sex doll, but then I figured you'd enjoy getting pleasure from men".

"I think you would serve women better, especially me as well as your friends, as a vibrator"!

OH MY GOD! I can't believe this! She's insane! turning Ronda into a dildo!

"Ronda, I bet you wonder why I'm doing this, don't you"?

"When I was eighteen I developed leukemia, I badly needed a bone marrow transplant ".

"Naturally one of My family members should have been a match and been able to donate the bone marrow I needed, but none of then could".

"I nearly died , but luckly a match was found in time and the leukemia went into remission, but the fact that none of My family could donate marrow to Me raised questions".

"Questions which were not answered until some years ago when I found out that I was switched at birth".

"My family took it well, but I did not".

"I found out that we were born at the same hospital a few days apart, and that it was YOU who went home with My parents and I went home with yours".

"After I found out I was determined to find you".

"You see Ronda, You stole My life, a life I could have had, My family wasn't very well off, and My illness nearly devastated them financially".

"After I found out My "real" parents were millionaires, I vowed to destroy you at what ever means possible".

"My plan came to fruition when My father received a grant to research an invention involving nanites, an invention that would bring My family out of the poor house and help me exact My revenge on you"!

"I know it sounds petty, I wanted to tell you so many times, but we never got along and all I could think of was vengeance".  She was pacing back and forth in front of the motionless body of Ronda, getting herself worked up good. "Now there is no turning back, ready to meet your fate"?

WHOA! This was pretty heavy, I knew there was some bad blood between them, but never figured this, now that it was clear, I kinda felt sorry for Joyce.

Having to deal with such a blow as that and go on, but still it wasn't Ronda's fault they were switched.

"I think that this is the most fun I've ever had," Joyce raved. "I'm going to let you speak, cause I want to hear you scream as the nanites transform that sensuous body of yours into a plastic dildo"!

"Crying out for help won't change the fact that you'll be transformed, the fact being that Tabitha's apartment is in the industrial part of town and only the bums can here you if at all".

Joyce proceeded to press the buttons that would free Ronda enough to speak.

"Let me go Joyce, let me and the others go and I swear I'll try and make it up to you"!

"Oh but you will make it up to me Ronda, you will, every night and every day till I die or you wear out you will".

"Come on Joyce, you know damn well that i had nothing to do with the switch, nothing, please let me go"!

"Just what I thought, you'd try and change My mind, but it won't work Ronda, your times up". With that Joyce aimed the remote at Ronda and pressed a button.

"I thought I'd let you go out with a BANG", Joyce said as Ronda began moaning, obviously Joyce had made Ronda aroused.

"Yes Ronda, you too will fell pleasure forever, as well as give it"!


DDDooonnn''tttt dddddooooo t-------h--------i-------s t-------o m-----e"!

And Joyce pressed a few more buttons and Ronda slowly began shrinking inside her dancewear, getting smaller and smaller.

"P-------l-------e-------a--------s---------e; aaaaaahhhh--------i----------e------*

All I could see was her small forming a mound of pantyhose.

Joyce pressed a couple more buttons and waited a minute or two.

I kept watching in the mirror. The form of Ronda, it was multiplying! First into two then into four and stopped. Joyce bent down and picked one out. Ronda wasn't dildo like I thought, but a seven inch plastic version of herself, looking like she was riding on top of one.

"There you are"!

"Can't wait till I get home with you"! she said as she held the Ronda dildo up infront of her face and licked it.

"Don't worry girls, there's enough to go around".

With that she bent down and picked out three more.

"I thought you might get a thrill by having Ronda inside you forever"!

"Don't worry girls, she's not dead, the nanites cloned her into four, each is distinctively Ronda, and each believes that she is Ronda".

"Watch", she turned one on and it started squirming and wiggling,"I'm going to have many hours of enjoyment with her, as you will too".

"Now for the final three, since all of you are going to be regular Mannequins, I can transform you all at the same time".

She then turned to Terri and stripped her of her dancewear and pushed a Ronda dildo up inside her till it was unnoticeable.

"There, how does that feel"? Joyce said as she rubbed Terri's clit, which now had become visibly wet.

"OOOOOHHH, I see you like it"!

Then she moved to Betty, stripping her of her leotard and pulling down her pantyhose, inserting a Ronda dildo into her as well.

"OOOOO!" "Your a tight one alright, this will fill the space nicely", she said as she turned it on.

"There, that's better".

"Let me rub that in for you", and she began stroking Betty's clit till the juice from it ran down her legs.

"Gee, for some girls who hated me an hour ago, you seem pretty relaxed now".

"You should consider yourselves lucky, not every woman gets the job of being a Mannequin, I think it's going to be a nice career change for you".

At that point I began to wonder what being a Mannequin would be like, since I was going to be one anyway.

Could I still see? Hear? Feel?

I figured I could still feel, or else why would Joyce bother putting dildo's in us?

I imagine it would be pretty much as we are now, except no one would ever tell we were ever real. Now I wished I had been in some other line of work besides being a cheerleader on a dance team.

Joyce was now standing in front of me, stripping off My leotard and pulling down My pantyhose.

"You know Tabitha, you were always My favorite, it's a shame that you fell in with this bunch, I could have used you on the squad this year, but because Ronda had taken such a liking to you , you'll end up a Mannequin like the rest".

She knelt down and pushed the last Ronda dildo up inside me slowly.

I could feel her inside her, her head as it pushed past my labia, her arms and body spreading My vaginal walls apart, it was making me wet.

I had always been into bondage, but bondage like this?

It was beginning to overwhelm Me.

I could see and feel the last part of Ronda go fully into My vaginal cavity, I was so wet I thought she might slide right back out, I could see that Joyce was intensely enjoying this as she turned Ronda on and began licking and sucking My clit.

"HHHHHHHHMMMMMMM, your the juiciest of all"!

"I always figured you to be a nympho".


UH! UH! UH! UH!, Joyce continued to stimulate My clit, and with Ronda inside Me I could hardly handle more.

NO! I can't take anymore! Please! UH! Stop! AWE! AWE!

I knew she couldn't hear me, but it was as if she did.

Joyce had got her fill of My cum, she stood up licking her lips and gave Me a passionate kiss, forcing her tongue into My mouth.

The taste of My own cum left My senses reeling.

"It's too bad", she said, "You would have made such an excellent lover".

She then looked down at My feet, "I almost forgot, you need shoes".

Joyce then went over to My closet, I could see her rifling though My shoes looking for high heels, finding what she wanted, she returned with
three pair of them.

"Hope Terri and Betty wear the same size as you".

"No matter, I'll just change their feet to make them fit".

She started with Terri, fitting a pair of tan six inch heels on her, then Betty with a navy blue pair, and finally Me with a black pair.

She used her remote and I felt My arms legs move on their own acquiring a more Mannequin like pose.

It felt strange not having the control of My body, as we settled into our new poses.

"There I think your ready".

"Soon you three will be lovely Mannequins".

My heart began to race at this, having recovered from the near orgasmic overload.

Joyce aimed the remote and pressed the final sequence.

The sensation was strange, suddenly I felt light headed then I Felt a snap, like a wire.

I had been transformed!

My breasts, had become more fuller and erect, the areolas had faded and My nipples had become less dominate, My belly button had nearly disappeared.

My skin was now smooth and shiny, flawless looking.

I felt my toes had fused together and became a solid foot.

Upon seeing that My sex was gone I orgasmed.

It was smoothed over and shinny, knowing that Ronda was sealed inside me forever, made me feel like I would explode.

I could see Joyce, but I couldn't hear her, as the sensation intensified, building inside me.

I tried to fight it, but it wouldn’t subside, the feeling of complete hardness!

Knock knock!

”How do you feel Tabs”?

The hollow sound her knuckes made on my forehead was surreal, I truly was a mannequin in every sence, I could even see the separation lines on my shouldes and waist and upper right leg.

I felt her fingers touch my smoothed over sex as if they were exploring my pussy, her fingers sliding around my mound, even with no pussy the sensations were intence..

”How does it feel”? “Feel to be violated like this, to have your existance taken from you, to be transformed”?

She knew damn well I couldn’t respond, but the feelings her fingers gave me were unmistakable, it felt good!

”I wonder how this feels”? she said as she began slipping my pantyhose back up my legs..


The feeling of the nylon sliding up my legs is indescribable, the sensation overwelming.

Joyce slid the pantyhose effortlessly up my legs standing behind me, patting my ass as she finnished..

I could see the satisfaction in her face as she fingered the gusset sliding it over my sexless mound..

She then moved on to Betty and Terri pulling thier hose back up and teasing them like she did me, sliding her fingers all over thier smooth sexes and hardend breasts..

It was almost as if I was in a haze, a orgasm induced haze.

Joyce finnishing with the others left the apartment, saying she would be right back and not to go anywhere, movement was the last thing on my mind as Ronda pumped inside me.

I could only stand there and look at the mannequins me and my four friends had become.

Poor Brigette reduced to a simple pantyhose form, her legs raised and feet pointed to the ceiling, no one would ever know she was once a living being.

Ash, her headless limbless torso, back arched, breasts pushed forward hips to one side, never would anyone look on her face again..

Betty and Terri, like me transformed into lifelike plastic dolls, the kind people play with in stores to display clothes on, each of them as I was frozen shiny plastic mannequins with seductive erotic grins on our faces.


I heard the door open and Joyce re-entered the apartment, she had three poles with bases on them, they were for us.

”Got a present for you ladies”, she said, “I kinda felt you guy’s were a bit tipsy in those heels so I got these for you, I hope you like them, they were hard to come by”.

Huh? what did she mean?

”Three bums I saw in the alley on my way here, they were so shit faced that they hardly noticed as I injected them with the nanites”.

”They hardy put up a strugle as I transformed them into rodstands for you”.


She placed each of them behind us and mounted Betty and Terri, she picked me up, I could feel an insistant pressure in my crotch as the stand penetrated my pantyhose and entered a small hole I saw under Betty’s pubic bone where her pussy used to be.

”Wow, you look incredible, I’d like to stay here and look at you more, but I’m afraid my friend in seattle is expecting you. I have a truck outside we’ll be on our way shortly”.

Joyce began with Brigette picking her up effortlessly, she soon returned and took Ash picking her up from behind by her breasts and crotch.

She returned and wheeled me out to the truck she had waiting outside,it was dark, she placed me in the back strapping me in, once again telling me not to go anywhere.

The ride to seattle was a long one, every tremor given off by the road caused the pole to vibrate, I felt like I was sliding down further on it. After what felt like an eterity of constant vibration, the truck came to a stop, we must have arrived at the store. The door opened and and I saw some faces there were three of them, one of them was Joyce, and one of them had to be Marcy.

”Oh they're beautiful”, said one of them, I couldn’t quite see because of the light shining in the back of the truck..

“Fantastic”, I heard another voice say, “The agency could definately use this technology, you say the nanites could be put in clothing as well as injected hypodermically”?

“Yes, as well as ingested orally”.

“I can’t believe this is possible, imagine the possibuilities”.

I saw hands coming for me and I was unstrapped and lifted free of the truck... The women moved us into what appeared to be the back of a storeroom, immediately They took Brigette and put a pair of pantyhose on her and removed her to the store..

Ash was dressed in a bra and panty set and taken out into the store as well.  Betty, Terri and I were dressed in our first outfits.

I was in shock, the reality began to sit in, I was a mannequin, I was going to be a mannequin probably of the rest of my life, or whatever you’d call it now.
The others like me had thier arms removed and were being fitted with a buisiness suit, It was surreal, I couldn’t feel my arms anymore, like they were taken from me.

The feeling of someone else dressing me was erotically sensual, the fabric sliding along my firm plastic flesh.

Dressed we women wheeled us out to the front of the store, I saw Ash in lingere, but I couldn’t tell which pantyhose mannequin Brigette was, oh well, it’s probably better this way, at least we were all together..

The store was geared for the buisiness woman, I saw mtself in the mirror as I was being taken to the window up front, I was wearing a beige power mini..
The three of us were placed in the window, fininshed I could hear the girls talk behind us.

”Do you think you can get more of these”? asked Marcy...

”I think that will be possible very soon”, said the one I couldn’t figure out.

“What about these, are they still alive”?

“Yes, thier quite alive and they can hear everything we’re saying”.

“What about feeling”?

“Oh this button seems to take care of that”

Instantly the sensations I felt intensified putting me into mind numbing euphoria, when I regained consciousness, they were gone and I was stuck in this window starting my new life as a mannequin.


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