Chill of Passion

by Ariel Paulette LaRue

Calvin was not much for shopping. He didn't see any real purpose in buying a whole bunch of extra clothes when all you needed was just stuff to get you though the week, as well as some clothes for special occasions. For that, all you needed was seven pairs of jeans, several t-shirts, and maybe a suit and a dress shirt.

But, for some reason, girls had to have a whole bunch of clothes for all different occasions, and Angela, his girlfriend, was no exception. So, he endured the monthly trip to the mall to get stuff to augment her wardrobe. He was 16, and therefore had the car, while she wouldn't be turning 16 for 3 months. Therefore, he was her only transportation.

As they arrived at the mall, again, Angela let out a series of, "Oh, isn't this wonderful?" and "Oh, wouldn't this look great on me?" and, "Oh, this is so precious! I simply must have it!" to which Calvin would give inane responses.

But there was one that was going to be different. Angela noticed something, again, that struck her fancy, and said, "Oh, look at this dress, Calvin! Isn't it beautiful." And, as always, Calvin looked. It was a red chiffon creation, stopping about two inches above the mannequin's knees, allowing its 35B breasts to peek through the loose top, and with a sash draped over its right shoulder across its chest and through a buckle on the left hip of the skirt. The mannequin's was complimented even further by a black pair of pantyhose and red pumps.

But it wasn't the outfit that the mannequin was wearing that Calvin noticed. It was the mannequin itself. It was short, but not too short. It was nice and slender with full, shoulder length hair and a soft, inviting face. Calvin thought it looked so lifelike.

Except for the eyes. Instead of just being carved out of the plastic, like some mannequins were, or having realistic eyes put in, as was done with others, this one had white orbs put in for eyes, but instead of an iris and pupil, it had what looked like clear red discs of plastic attached on.

"Yes, she is beautiful."

Angela said, "Gee, Calvin, I've never seen you so mesmerized by a dress before!" She didn't even realize that he was talking about the mannequin instead. "Well, come on, let's go look at some other stuff."

"You go on ahead. I'll catch up."

"Good grief, Calvin, it's only a dress!"

Calvin didn't answer. Angela said, half in disgust, half in concern, "All right, but don't wait too long."

As Angela walked off, Calvin stood transfixed on this mannequin. Leaning off to her left, she had her right hand on her hip and her left arm just hung. Calvin longed for her to be real so that he could be with her. At this moment, he didn't care about Angela, his family, his future plans, or his life.

He was so transfixed that he didn't notice the saleslady come up to him and say, "Do you like her?"

"Yes," he said, almost completely entranced by this beautiful creation.

"Would you like to be with her?"


"Go ahead. Take her hand from her waist, and she will follow you."

Calvin was so mesmerized by the figure and wanted her with him that he didn't figure that it wasn't logical for this to happen. He just touched her hand to take it. As he touched it, he didn't notice that everything stopped around him except himself, the saleslady-and the mannequin. He didn't notice that the mannequin's eyes started to glow, or that his eyes became exact replica's of his newfound partner. He had just done what he was told, and what was promised to happen had happened.

"Hello, my name is DeAnne," the newly revived mannequin said.

"I'm Calvin," Calvin responded.

"Please, follow me."

Calvin took DeAnne's hand and followed the voice that directed him. DeAnne's hand felt unusual. It felt like some sort of wooden plastic material, but at the same time, it was warm and inviting. He liked the feeling that DeAnne had come to life for him and hoped he would stay with him.

The saleslady took the new couple to a back room. She said, "Now, Calvin, you will go through the process that you must go through to be with DeAnne forever. Both of you, take off your clothes."

Both of them, consumed with passion for each other, did as they were told. Calvin didn't care that he was undressing in front of two strangers, let alone two strange women, one of which had just come to life. All he cared about was his passion for DeAnne. And he wanted to exercise that passion.

Both of them were completely nude now, and the saleslady was ready for her next command. She said, "Good, now make love to each other."

It didn't matter to Calvin that he was about to have sex with a complete stranger, let alone one that had just come to life. It didn't matter that between her legs was a smooth, sexless crotch. All that mattered to him was his desire for DeAnne. So, he embraced her, as she did him, and they released their passion for each other.

Surprisingly, however, the more he was engaged in this act, the more he seemed to merge with DeAnne. It seemed that sex was more and more a possibility, for some reason. Then he realized what was going on-he was becoming female. He felt his manhood withdrawing into himself, as well as his chest sprout two new feminine mounds. He became more slender and less muscular. His hair grew out, and his face became softer and smoother.

Once the transformation was finished, the saleslady said, "Good. Now, you are no longer Calvin. Your name is Carla. Carla, please come here and lie down on the table. DeAnne, you know the routine."

It didn't matter to Carla that she had just had her manhood taken away from her. It didn't matter that she had just had sex with a live mannequin woman. All that mattered now was the passion. The thrill that she felt at the experience.

DeAnne took some sort of goo and rubbed it all over Carla's body. Carla felt an intense rush flow all through her as the gooey liquid flowed through her and penetrated her skin. It didn't matter that she was being caressed by a total stranger, let alone the fact that she was a woman and that it was a woman that was caressing her. She just knew the ecstacy that she felt.

The saleslady said to Carla, "Good, now get up and look at yourself in the mirror.

Carla stood up and walked over to the full length mirror on the side wall of the room. When she got to the mirror, she saw that she had been transformed into a live mannequin, like DeAnne. Her skin was no longer human flesh, but the hard wooden plastic that characterized DeAnne's skin. Her body was hairless, except for her artificial brown strands that were atop her head and that made up her eyebrows and eyelashes. Although the rest of her body was unmistakably female, her crotch was smooth and sexless.

"Do you like what you see?"

Carla nodded. There was no astonishment, no joy, no anger, no hatred, just pure passion.

"Good. As you can see, like DeAnne, I have turned you into a mannequin. And, like DeAnne, you will only be able to move and active at occasions like this, when I stop time. Other than that, you will be smooth and rigid. Perfect for the modelling of our clothes. You like that, don't you? To be put on display, to have people watch you and admire your beauty?"

Carla nodded.

"Good. Now, we need to find you something to wear. Of course, as a mannequin, we won't need to worry about panties or a bra, so let's get down to business. I know, a miniskirt-halter top-jacket combination will look absolutely stunning on you!"

The saleslady gave Carla a pair of black pantyhose to put on, which she did ever so gingerly. Next was a red halter top with a tight white miniskirt that stopped three inches above her knees, and a white figure hugging jacket. Carla donned these garments over her plastic mannequin self. She also got white three inch pumps, which she slid over her feminine feet.

"Good. Now let's take you out, shall we?"

The saleslady, Carla, and DeAnne, who had put back on her red chiffon outfit, all walked out back to the display section. When Carla arrived at their new home, the saleslady said, "Here. This is where you will stand. Pose pretty, now!"

Carla tilted her head back and put her hand down on her right hip, as well as having her left hand on her stomach.

"Very nice, Carla!"

Suddenly, the customers all started moving again, and Carla and DeAnne stopped. It didn't matter to Carla that she was nothing more than an item of display and a sex toy to enslave other mannequins. All that mattered is that people would see her and think that she was pretty.


"Calvin! Calvin!"

Angela couldn't find Calvin anywhere. He wasn't still standing where he had been, transfixed on the mannequin.

Suddenly, she saw another mannequin, that was very beautiful. Angela wasn't a lesbian, but she was very attracted to this mannequin. It didn't matter that it was now next to the mannequin in the red chiffon dress that Calvin was obsessed with where it wasn't before. It didn't matter that it wasn't a real person.

Angela wanted that mannequin.

A saleslady came up to her and said, "Do you like her?"


Ariel Paulette LaRue

the magic angel