Christine, Part 1

by Donuts13

(email address omitted at request of author)

Christine sat quietly at her desk. Alone. The short red-headed girl who almost no body seemed to know sat quietly, listening to Bob Dylan records while working at her computer. Christine was one of those people who didn't like much company. She took the room nobody wanted in the dorm - a single - and spent most of her time clicking away at the keyboard.

As a 22 year-old PhD student, she was one of the brightest students in the computer science department. Probably the smartest in the whole school. As graduation approached she had many job offers to consider, but one seemed really interesting. It was for a small, but highly-respected high tech organization that operated in almost total secrecy. They had lots of government projects, but no one knew what they did. In all their years in business, not a single person quit, got fired or talked about their projects. This fascinated Christine and she wanted to know more. She set up an interview.

When she arrived at the nondescipt location in suburban Westchester she was quite unimpressed. "This is it?", she thought. A small office building in a residential neighborhood didn't seem like the world's greatest computer lab. She walked in anyway and was greeted by a friendly receptionist.

"Hi. I'm Tracy. You must be Christine."

"Yes, I am. I'm here for an interview."

"Yes, I know. Lisa will be just a moment."

Tracy, a short, young woman with black hair suddenly closed her eyes and took a short, sharp breath. After a second she opened her eyes and smiled."Please wait here," she continued after the brief distraction.

As Christine sat in the waiting room she looked about at all the activity going on. People were busy running to and fro. "All young and happy," she thought.

Then another young woman appeared in the door. "Hi, I'm Lisa. Come with me." Christine could tell that Lisa was a woman of business. Very in-charge, although her soft, light-brown curls kept her from looking stern. Lisa led Christine into her office.

"Can I get you something to drink?" asked Lisa.

"Sure. I'll have a Coke," replied Chris

Lisa looked up from her reading. "So, you have a very impressive resume. Your science skills can be used at a place like this."

"Tell me, what exactly do you do here," Christine asked.

Lisa's head jolted slightly; a frown creased her features. "We are involved in sensitive scientific work that cannot be discussed."

"Oh, I understand. I just what to know what I will be doing."

"You will be writing software, just as you like. You will be given freedom, lots of money, a staff, the best equipment, you name it. Just look around. I don't know what your life is like at school, or in life, but I can promise you that if you join us, you will never regret it, and never leave us. Are you interested?"

"Yes, I am."

With that, Lisa shuttered and softly gasped. She closed her eyes as chills ran through her body. "I'm glad you're coming aboard. Here is your Coke."

Lisa passed the drink to Christine and left her office for a moment. When she returned Christine was passed out on the floor.

Christine awoke and found she was no longer in Lisa's office, but lying on an examination table in a laboratory.

"Welcome to the company," Lisa said.

"What's going on? Where am I?"

"We are about to activate your chip. Let me explain. As you know, we work on some very sensitive projects here. People simply can't be trusted to walk around knowing what they know, so we developed a process for managing them. You have a series of microchips implanted into your brain as well as some devices in your nipples and your belly button. Once we activate the system, you will no longer be yourself. You will be. . . better.

You will be able to work more and sleep less. When you do a good job and accomplish tasks, you will be rewarded with a small orgasm. At night, you will have your systems charged and your software updated. Your supervisor will have complete control over you and you will have complete control over those who work for you. You will always obey your commands and will happily serve - enjoying sexual gratification all the time. However, if you attempt to disobey, you will be punished with severe pain."

Lisa walked over to a tall, thin woman with stringy brown hair." Michelle will be your immediate supervisor. Michelle, activate Christine."

Michelle pulled out a small hand-held computer that looked like a Palm Pilot and pressed a few buttons. Christine's face whent blank for a second, followed by her closing her eyes. Her back arched and she moaned with the first of the pleasure rewards.

"I am Christine model 2.5 - online. My controller is Michelle" Christine said.

"Christine, enter diagnostic mode", Michelle said as she approached the table.

Christine unbuttoned her jeans and lifted up her black t-shirt. Her body was thin and white with small round breasts. Michelle hooked up a probe to the computer and began tracing along Christine's exposed body taking readings of the circuits buried inside. When everything checked out, Lisa and the other staffers left and Michelle sat down on a stool next to Christine.

"Enter command mode," Michelle said and Christine's eyes blinked and her body shuddered. A yellow LED flashed briefly in her belly button. "How
do you feel?"

"I feel good", Chris said calmly.

"Who controls you?"

"You do."

Michelle pushed a button on her computer and Christine gasped as the small orgasm ran through her body.

"Welcome aboard," Michelle said.

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