Crystal Clear

By Rotwang (

Tom smiled as she shuffled over to him. She wore a shiny black Lycra bodysuit, with a shiny silvery-white aerobic outfit over it, matching white satin opera-gloves and white leather thigh-boots. Her white hair was long and straight, while her face was shiny black with mirror-silver eyes. With skillful, clockwork moves, the robot did her routine and at the end bowed deeply and waited for the crowd to fill her basket.

The crowd dispersed but Tom waited. He'd seen her before, performing on the plaza and he was ready to make her an offer she wouldn't refuse.

She jerked back up and moonwalked towards a stone bench and slowly, jerkily sat on it. Hands on her laps, she just stared, waiting for the next performance.

Tom sat right besides her. She didn't budge. He looked at her and his gaze fell for a moment over her well formed chest, with the nipples poking through the fabric. "Hi, there, my name's Tom Leland, and I was meaning to ask you something." She didn't react. "Would you care to help me realize a project ?" he asked. "Somebody like you would be ideal for it." "I mean, as a performer." He quickly added, but she did not react. "Here's an incentive." He dropped a little bundle of bills in her basket and got up. He took a few steps and looked back. She still hadn't moved and Tom rubbed his hands and thought for a moment. Walking back up to her, he looked at her blank face and crouched. He looked her straight in her silver eyes. "I'm very good at staring contests ... I know you have the advantage, but it adds to the challenge ..." He kept on looking at her. A second passed, then two which became three, going past four, five and six until at lucky seven he heard a soft giggle. He saw a little tremor going through her body, but kept his face absolutely straight. "Cut it out !" He heard her say.

"Will you listen to me ?" He asked, finally smiling. "Follow me to that old van over there." She whispered and then cocked her head back into postition. Jerkily, she got up, picked up the basket and walked up to the van and opened it. He followed her inside and watched how she took off her wig, and pulled the mask from her face, held by a thick elastic band. "I'm Judith." She said, pulling the cowl from her head, revealing her short blonde hair. She had gorgeous blue eyes, a shame she hid them under a mask. "Okay, you've got my attention." She said, stretching herself on a small chair and unzipping her boots. "I do all sorts of projects for people and I've got something new I want to try out, but nobody I know is available ..." He said, picking up her mask and taking a quick look. She had glued the lenses from an old pair of mirrored sunglasses to the eye-holes. "You do this for fun ?" "Sort of ? Helps me round off my pay-check. It's not enough to make a living, but I manage. By the way, thanks for the money." She held up the hundred dollars. He smiled back. "Don't thank me, I'll pay you even more if you accept." "And what do I have to accept ?" She asked, running her gloved fingers through her hair and rubbing her feet together at the same time. "I make things for performers, costumes, props, equipment, all sorts really, from magicians to stuntpeople." She had begun to slip out of the white suit and he noticed her black suit had a few patched up holes in it. And he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. "I should get another one." She tugged at it and smiled in an embarrassed way "It's not the quality of the costume, but the quality of the performance that matters..." Tom said. "Thanks." She turned around and got into a big sweater. "So what do you want from me ?" Judith asked. "I've made a new invention." "Great ! What is it ?" She was a curious girl. "Perhaps it's better I show you." He said. "Are you trying to lure me to your place ?" She asked, giving him a stern, but playful stare. "How else can I show you, but I'm convinced you'll like it." He smiled to her.

She parked her van in front of an old warehouse by the waterfront. "You live here ?" She looked in admiration. "My older brother bought this place long before people started investing in places like this. He fixed it up and when he got tired of it, passed it on to me. It's a great work-shop." She had pulled a pair of old, worn jeans over her bodysuit and followed Tom inside.

She instantly noticed by the mess Tom was single. A big long haired dog ran up to Tom and Judith. "It's okay, Boris ! She's a friend !" "He's beautiful." Judith wanted to pet him. "What breed is he ?" "Caucasian shepherd." Saw one on TV and instantly fell in love with it. "You're a nice pooch, huh ? Yeah, nice Boris !" She had him rolling on his back in seconds. "He's usually a bit weary of strangers." Tom said and pulled at a large curtain, dividing the place open.

Judith followed him, with Boris behind her, wagging his tail. "Oh wow !" She said as Tom showed her something ... "Isn't that the costume that ... What's his name, the fashion designer ?" She asked. "It's a copy I made." He said, proudly standing besides a female-shaped suit of chrome armor with transparent panels all over it. "It's not exactly the same, but I'm quite proud of it." "I have a few customers who ask me for them." He said pointing at a bronze female robot. "The Metropolis robo-babe ! I've been sweating a lot over this one. The customer wanted a perfect replica. Down to the last detail. I had to redo her face six times !" "She's great, but I've always found her to be a bit cold and scary." "Don't tell my customer, he thinks she's perfect." "Now I understand why you wanted me, you thought that if I performed as a robot, I might like to dress up as one ?" She smiled knowingly. "I'm only showing you my stuff ..." "I only do it, because I'm good at it, not because I want to walk around in a metal suit all day !" She said. "This one's sculpting-clay actually. Used it to make these injection molds." Tom showed her separate parts. "It's all lightweight plastic, easy to put together and reasonably cheap." "So cheap even I could afford it ?" Judith asked her. "I thought you didn't like it ?" He said teasingly. "If I can enhance the performance, why not ? But I'd prefer the other one." She said and looked back at the Mugler replica. "Let me show you my latest thing !" Tom said and guided her to what looked like an ice-sculpture of a woman. Judging by the pose it was more of a mannequin that a statue, Judith felt. "You do this as well ?" She asked. "Take a look at this !" And he pulled a plug. The mannequin instantly became solid. "How did you do that ?" Judith asked. "I've been experimenting with liquid crystals for some time and when I found these sensors, I combined them to make this ... He plugged it back in and the mannequin became transparent again. "Impressive." "Want to try it out ?" He asked. "How ?" She asked, just before he could take what appeared to be a costume.

"You'll notice the original design had an interesting side-effect." He said and switched it on. Judith felt a tremor pass through her body which seemed to have a direct effect on her pleasure center. "Wow !" She gasped excitedly. "This is ... OOOH !" She almost instantly transported into a complete state of bliss. "I had to add a damper to it, or anyone wearing it would be in Nirvana." He said. "Nooot that I miiiind !" Judith tried to say without squealing in complete ecstasy. He pushed a button and Judith just gasped, she pressed her hands onto her sex and rubbed herself until she noticed he was looking. She raised a hand and looked at the crystalline transparency. She twisted and turned her hand to examine it. "I'm an ice sculpture." She said with the other hand still covertly rubbing her sex. Tom smiled. "It's not exactly perfect. You appear transparent, but you're not really that. It's all a clever illusion." "It's incredible ! If it weren't for the cables ..." She pulled her leg forward to drag the thick cable along. "It was necessary for the power and the remote control. I've downsized it considerably." He said, holding up what looked like a large solid plastic wig. "It attaches to hooks on the shoulders, so the weight won't break your neck. With battery power you can stay transparent for about half an hour." Tom attached the wig over her head and switched it on. Judith changed into living crystal again.

But then he switched off the damper. Judith felt a rush of adrenaline and within moments, she was enjoying the blissful waves surging through her body. She was throbbing all over and felt one orgasm after the other coming on. "Don't stop !" She suddenly croaked. "Batteries are drained." He said. "You had a full half hour."

Judith tried to get up but in her state it was impossible. All she wanted to do was lie down and bask in the warm afterglow of her 17 consecutive orgasms.

Tom carefully stripped her of the encumbering suit and laid a sheet over her, letting her sleep on his bed.

The next day, Judith glowed while Tom folded up the spare bed. At the breakfast table, she still felt tired, just nodding and uh-huh-ing, instead of talking. "Ever considered marketing the little gizmo ?" She said, playing with it. "I considered it more of a side-effect, besides the other girl who tried it, didn't like it at all, she got a lot of headaches from it." "Is that why you needed me, she walked out on you ?" Judith asked. "She really hated it." Tom shrugged. "Has it any other side effects ?" "No, but it's very effective for subliminal programming ..." "Subliminal what ?" Tom smiled and snapped his finger. Laetitia was suddenly transfixed.

Laetitia's nervous system had been switched to "party" Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see people gathered around her, talking and taking food from the buffet. That's when she realized she was an ice sculpture on top of a buffet at some fancy party. She noticed Tom smiling up at her. At first, she felt angry because he had made her do this against her will, but the way she felt at the moment, she was going to forgive him afterwards.

If she didn't melt before that ...