The Clinic 2

by Paul G. Jutras

    Nikki wanted to be a model since she was six and started going around in her sisters dresses She had such fun going shopping in dresses and putting on make up. As Nikki got older she felt the need to look into making her career come true.

      "Nikki, will you go to the dance with me?" Jeff Cats asked. Nikki knew that the local dance show was going to film the school dance and put it on TV. She knew it was her chance to get discovered.

    "See you then." Jeff replied as he rubbed the back of his neck. "For our date ... I mean the dance. Pick you up at 8."

    A he walked her to class.  Jeff's friends just looked at one another and slapped themselves a high five for talking Jeff into asking her out. They cheered quietly to themselves. "Way to go, bro. I knew he had it in him."


      When she got home that night, Nikki picked out her favorite dress and went through her fashion magazine to pick out just the right hair style. Since her mother knew the owner of the salon, she easily got an appointment to have a manicure, pedicure and facial as well as her being done.

      Jeff and Nikki had a wonderful time dancing together, but Jeff wished more that he could be less embarrassed by the TV cameras. Especially with Nikki trying to get into the spotlight.

     After the school dance, the host of the dance show came over to Nikki. He handed her a card  with a letter and offered her a modeling job.

             DEAR Nikki,

                     Think you'll made a wonderful new model for Body Gallery. Please

                     Come to the main office of Moonbeam Inc. and we'll see if you have what it takes.


                                                                    Darien Hopper


     Nikki was down at the office bright and early in a tight sweater, mini skirt, nude pantyhose and three inch heels that matched her skirt. As she sat before Darien at the desk, she was offered some coffee and took some.

     "I know it's not the best coffee." Darien joked and Nikki chuckled. "When you make it yourself you get what you deserve. How about standing up and striking a pose."

     As Nikki stood up, she felt quite stiff. As she arched her back to display her chest better. With one hand on a her left hip and the other behind her head she stood, pointing her left foot out. To  her surprise she didn't feel the slightest bit of discomfort in holding the pose.

     "I see the potion worked well." Darien said as he stood up and walked out from behind his desk. Nikki tried to speak, but only mumbling came from behind petrified lips. "You will make a lovely mannequin."

     "What?" She thought.

       She watched helplessly as Darien undressed her in front of him. He then carried her nude body down the hall to the elevator and rode it to the shipping yard in back. There her sex was fitted with a dildo that gave her a pleasurable fullness and hid her sex and a paint spray made her nails and whole body look old color and perfect.

        Packed in a crate she was shipped to one of the stores in another town so her face wouldn't  be recognize by friends or family.  She traveled in darkness and only saw light when the crate was opened in a similar were house.  She was glad that even though she had lines for being taken apart, that for the next month she wasn't. Though she did enjoy the special attention she got in lingerie, swimwear, formal wear and even career wear.

    If fact Nikki spent many years on different displays through the store. Whenever Darien  or Jeff came to inspect the store she was in, they never seem to get any older. Part of the magic that changed her she figured.

    Then one day, Darien came up to Nikki with a strange look in his face. "As you know, no mannequin can last forever or people begin to wonder why they never got any damage or sent to a shredder. Don't you worry your plastic head over it. We don't recycle former people like real mannequins."

    Nikki suddenly felt even lighter as her head, shoulders and arms collapsed into her torso. Soon she was nothing but a pantyhose form. Things didn't stop there. Her body got even more lighter and transparent. Soon she was nothing but a pair of pantyhose laying on the floor.

     Picking Nikki up, he placed her in a tiny pantyhose container and put it over on the sells rack. The feeling of her nylon body rubbing over itself aroused her intensely. Not half as much as after she was sold to a young teenage girl and slipped on her feet, legs and hips. She mentally orgasm again and again as she had no control of herself when moving and had to felt completely full while worn and completely empty when not.

      She soon came to turn that this was her life now and enjoyed the orgasms when they came.  Wished for them when they didn't.




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