Chapter 8: A quiet night in the country.

From the Diary of Martin Appleby

December 10, 2007

Well Diary, we just got back from Europe and that was one trip I will never forget. The battle with the spirit that took over Madame TooSordid had taken a lot out of me. Quester and April are in town and I decided to stay up at the manor house in Maine to organize accomidations for the new girls, and get some rest. It seems strange to be all alone here in this big place. I know that in reality I'm not because the girls here are all alive. All carefully kept in stasis by my little wristwatch device that they all wear. But I wish April could be here anyway. I had dinner around 7:00 and started to unpack the crates that I sent from Paris. Eva, Angelique, and Tracy the three new girls I had found in France. And in a fourth crate I had repacked Alice for the trip home. All four girls had made the trip across the atlantic with no problem. After I had torn open the packing crates I looked at the four beauties before me and started to wonder why the that the Camps seemed to favor beautiful women as thier captives. Alice had told me once that they used the girls as high priced prostitutes. This was why I had made it one of my missions in life to rescue as many of them as possible. I lifted the inert form of Eva out first. Eva was about 6 feet tall, with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. Her skin was very pale and she was terribly under wieght. But even though she was very thin she still was incredibly sexxy. I had dressed her in a form fitting blue rubber dress. The tight dress sqouze her body and made it appear more rounded. I particularly liked how it pushed out her little tits and made them stand out. Her hips were smooth and rounded and her ass stuck out as twin globes under the shiny rubber. Her legs were her most prominate feature. Long and well shaped they were accentuated by the black high heeled pumps she wore on her feet. I removed Angelique next and found her to be another goddess. She was a firey red head with cat-like green eyes. She was more tan than the other girls I had rescued in the past. I had found out that she was more willing to accomidate her masters and had recieved more special treatment until recently. She had been sold to an arab who abused her. I got wind of this and rescued her from the shiek and hid her with the last shipment. I dressed her in a matching dress of form fitting red rubber. The contrast of the shiny rubber and her flaming locks made a nice harmony. At 5 foot 11 inches with an ample 38dd bust, a sexxy 25 inch waist and 37 inch hips made her the prize of the trip. And finally there was Tracy. She was new to the camp when I got her and did not have a chance to find out too much about her. She had made the deal through Alice. It seems that they had known each other at the New York camp and she had been bounced around to several of them until winding up in the Parisian facility. An incredible brunette with dark brown eyes Tracy had a body that men would die for. At 5 foot 6 inches she was shorter than the other girls but was well rounded.  She sported measurements of 36-23-36, with a small rounded belly that was cute but not fat. She had long graceful hands that were perfectly manicured. And her legs were very long for such a short girl. She had perfectly rounded thigh muscles and on her feet she wore black patent leather shoes that made them appear even more athletic. Her ass was perfectly round and encasing all that beautiful pultritude was a smooth black leather mini dress with a belt made of gold coins around her narrow waist. I went to Alice and stood her up. I reached down and removed her wrist watch. With a blink she slowly started to move and in seconds the once plastic woman was flesh and blood once again. Alice threw her hands around my neck and gave me a big kiss. At first she looked around and made sure that April was not around to see, then with a knowing wink she took me there on the spot. I always enjoy it the most when the girls come out of stasis. It seems that when they are under they get very horny. Then when they are released they're like nymphomaniacs. As usual Alice was no exeception. She had been put back in the crate wearing the multicolored sundress that I gave her in Paris. She then kissed Quester and April and I goodbye, stepped into the crate and I activated the remote on her watch. That was three days ago. Now here in the dark of the quiet museum, Alice was about to entertain me. She slowly peeled off the soft sundress, and as it fell away her magnificent breasts fell out and jiggeled in the cool air. Then as the delicate garment hit the floor she stepped out of it and hugged her hot body against mine. Dressed only in little floral panties made of satin, I kissed her very passionately. As we kissed I ran my hands down her body and caressed her breasts. Then with my free hand I stuck it into her panties and gently rubbed her pussy. As I pushed my fingers in and out of her little clit I could feel the moisture building there. Soon she started making little whimpering sounds as I came closer to bringing her to orgasm. I pumped my hand harder and she helped me by pressing her own hands into mine. After several seconds she shuddered and came. Then still hot, she got down on her knees and started to unbutton my trousers. Once my pants had been removed I stepped out of my shorts and my penis sprung to attention. Alice licked her lips at the sight of my aroused member and then proceeded to give me a blow job I was not soon to forget. After several minutes I shot a little precum on Alice's breasts. She stuck a finger into the little pile of goo and greedily licked off. I tore off my shirt and then while rubbing my member to get it as hard as possible I took her. Alice lay on the floor and I removed her now sopping wet panties. I held them up to my nose and smelled her woman scent. This made me even more hot and then I began a series of slow insertions into her pussy. Alice and I were now working in perfect symetry. A fine tuned fucking machine. And after about 15 minutes of heated sex we came together in one explosive orgasm. Alice was shuddering and screaming and I yelled and pulled out my member and pumped my load of cum all over Alices breasts. We lay together in each others arms and after several minutes Alice got up and went into the living area of the manor and showered. Twenty minutes later she came downstairs wearing one of Aprils bathrobes. She smelled like new lilacs sitting there and I thanked her for the marvelous sex. She lightly touched my lips and said "We must not do it again." I knew what she meant, she loved Quester very much, and I had been faithful to April.  I knew she had always wanted to have sex with me. But I respected her wishes and promised that I would never tell and this was our first and last. She kissed me then softly, and went down to the hall to pose the new girls. I came down about an hour later and found Alice finishing up. She had made the new girls up as beauty contestants in swimsuit competion. I told her it was a marvelous idea, and noticed she had donned a suit as well. She then explained that she had always wanted to be a beauty queen. I indulged her and after replacing her watch I waited until she assumed a comfortable pose and then hit the stop button on my remote. As she hardened I walked over to her and when I knew she was completely in stasis I kissed her once more. Then after going through some old boxes I found a rhinestone tiara and placed it on Alices head. In her arms I placed a septar. She would always be my favorite, my own true beauty queen.

To be continued...

M.P. 9/26/98

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