Coitus Generator
by ?

    "We're in the crapper, end of lesson !" Although Dan was lost in a mental whirlpool of his ensuing bankruptcy, his curt explanation of the ratings cull was essentially spot on: KLOZ was dead last in the quarterly listing. Truth be told, Dan was kind of surprised that they had remained afloat for as long as they had, considering that the staple of the network had been old B-movies, counter-culture productions and worst of all populated by nothing but human beings. How unforgivably gauche !
        "No surprise there, we both knew the station had an extremely finite future," said Simon in a manner of coolness directly proportional to Dan's coming unglued. Simon lit a cigarette and continued," we did this to show that free enterprise still exists and to prove that viewers still preferred humans to those damn mechanical toys, remember? We were partiallyright."
        "Yeah, for a couple months there we were able to pay for the broadcast fee and the coffee with the sponsor receipts; you and I actually caught a break there for a little while. Why the hell can't you be even alittle upset about this?", Dan said, exasperated.
        "I shall need some caffeine in order to work myself into anemotional frenzy, have Barbie bring us in a pot would you?", asked Simonnonchalantly.
        This struck Dan as strange, for even though both of them were against the current trend of technology in human form, Simon was adamant about segregation while Dan was much less strident. This was displayed by the fact that he had leased a secretarial android (much to Simon's chagrin) since it was like hiring a secretary and buying a computer system in one
purchase, only much cheaper. Her name wasn't really Barbie, it was in fact a serial number that neither had cared to remember, but because of her sharing a certain physical likeness with the doll, Dan had programmed herto respond to "Barbie". This actually sickened Simon, and until this momenthe had never referred to her as anything but "It" or "Hey".
        "Did you say you wanted Barbie?"
        "I don't know what the hell you're up to, but she's under lease you know, I can't have you destroying her in retaliation."
        "Not to worry just send her in, and don't forget the coffee."
        Dan pressed a button marked "coffee" on a small control pad on his desk, seconds later Barbie entered the office carrying a pot of coffee.
        "", she said in a stiff monotone; exactly the way all androids spoke, it was a mandatory manufacturing preset.
        "Thank you dear, just set that down and come over here; I have some new programming I need to download into you." said Simon as he took a small console out of his pocket.
        "Of.course.sir.", replied Barbie.
        "I'm serious Si, if you break her..."
        "Relax, I feel sure you're going to enjoy this."
        By this time Barbie had taken position standing in front of where Simon was seated on the couch and facing the other way. She was of average height with basically ideal proportions (in the eyes of men), light reddish hair pulled into a bun, and a plain but pretty face with half-moon spectacles perched on her nose (to make her appear more business oriented). She was dressed in a tight fitting business suit ensemble which Simon had just finished hiking up the skirt of, showing her bare skin from navel to the tops of her black stockings. Since she didn't wear underwear it would become clear to any onlooker how she was given her nickname: her genital region was identical to a Barbie doll's - smooth. Anatomically correct androids could be had, but they were more expensive; and Barbie was definitely no frills.
        Barbie stood with her feet together, hands on her thighs at attention awaiting her new programming, the blank look on her face remained intact as Simon inserted the serial cable into the port on the miniature control panel located in the small of her back. After he pressed a button on his control box ,however, that all changed; she suddenly stood a little more erect (causing her back to arch slightly) and the blank face took on a sort of wide-eyed "circuits-are-being-overloaded" look. After a few seconds Simon removed the cable and Barbie returned to her original stance, he then pushed the "enable" button on her controls.
        "" she said immediately.
        "Man, I hope what you did is reversible, 'cause if they find any foreign programming when I return her they'll charge extra."
        "Of course it is,"Simon replied with a dismissive wave."Barbie dear, I would like you to service Dan in any way you physically can."
        With that Barbie started toward Dan in her typically mechanical walk (another factory preset) until she stood before him, skirt still hiked so the flashing lights on her control panel could be seen by Simon. She  immediately engaged him in a lip-lock/tongue probing session, while doing  so she discretely unzipped his trousers and inserting her hand, commenced
with a penile massage. Needless to say, Dan was enjoying this immensely.
      When Dan's cock felt stiff enough to her sensors, Barbie abruptly ended the passion soaked kiss, and bent over at her waist to engage his manhood in another passionate oral embrace. Dan's head rocked back and he began to emit a low moan of pleasure - when suddenly, the source of his pleasure ended abruptly.
        Dan straightened up and was embarrassed to find Simon standing behind Barbie; he had just shut her off and was in the process of resetting her original programming. Dan clumsily covered himself and re-zipped his pants,"Thanks alot, you at least could have let her finish, it was your idea."
        "Sorry mate, didn't want you messing her; it'd be hell to clean up," Simon responded just as Barbie straightened up. Simon pulled her skirt back down and she said to Dan,""
        "That'll be fine, go back to your normal duties," interjected Simon.
        "Yes.master", with that she did an about face and left the office.
        "Why is she still calling you master?", asked Dan suspiciously.
        "Did she? I hadn't noticed; at any rate we'd better get going, we're going to be late."
        "Late? I didn't know we had any appointments today, who's it with?"
        "Destiny my friend; kismet!"
        The destiny Simon was referring to was in the form of Agosto Venerdi, broadcast media magnate and all-around underhanded businessman. Simon explained that Agosto was interested in paying quite handsomely for the technology used in his Coitus Generator. Not only could it reprogram any android; but the effect could be passed from one robot to another
        Dan wasn't too keen on the whole thing,"I don't like it, isn't he too powerful as it is? I hate to imagine what he'll use this technology for."
        "He won't use it long, I can tell you that," Simon said mysteriously.
        "I've included an inextricable sub-routine that causes the android's CPU to burn out if the program remains active for more than one hour; can't do much damage in that little time, and he won't try it either when he discovers it'll cost him the android to boot."
        "So this is just a scam?"
        "Of course, why else would we need holographic disguises? Once we have this money we can get the station back on it's feet and then some."
        "Okay, but one last thing", said Dan," why do you make them have sex when you demonstrate this thing?"
        "Sex is the most difficult thing to make an android do properly, and therefore the most expedient means of demonstration."
        The door to Agosto's mansion was answered by his maid, much to Simon's relief. She was attired in the traditional French maid uniform only somewhat on the exhibitionist side; being rather short and showing the entire topside of her breasts down to the areola. She had a very pretty face framed by short dark-red hair that wasn't really styled but had a natural waviness to it. Her skin was a pale almost white while the circles on her cheeks and her lips were bright red, besides that she had an average
amount of eye makeup on and the rest of her uniform which consisted of fishnet stocking and black boots.
       Dan wasn't completely sure if she was human or not, probably because of her striking resemblance to the girl who played Leeta on one of those old sci-fi shows that branched off of that even older one. As soon as she spoke he had his answer.
        "Hel-lo. The. mas-ter. is. ex-pec-ting. you. Pl-ease. fol-low. me.",she said. Dan had never heard an android speak so haltingly, and not only was her speech extremely robotic, so were her movements; each eye-blink took about a second to complete. But it was when she turned to lead them to Agosto that he almost lost it: protruding from the middle of her back was a silver wind-up key. For some reason that he couldn't explain, Dan found the combination of her appearance, movement and key an immense turn on. He couldn't believe he found something so juvenile to be so erotic.
        "How fortuitous," said Simon as he walked quickly to get astride of the maid. "Halt," he said, and she did;"What's your designation?"
        "Chase", she intoned, and as she did Simon was lifting the front of her frilly uniform and sliding his hand down her panties. She had been equipped with the standard hairless synthetic vagina; the last piece of Simon's plan was almost in place. He proceeded to connect the black box to her access port as Dan walked around to her front to examine her. She had a
wonderfully blank look on her face as he cupped one of her slightly larger-than-average breasts and marveled at how real it felt. Suddenly, he felt her spasm and become even more erect in her stance, and she got that wide eyed "circuits-are-being-overloaded" look that Barbie had had. After a moment she relaxed and Simon disconnected the box and stepped around to her front.
        "How much longer until you need another winding?", he asked.
        "Fif-teen. min-utes. mas-ter." came her monotone response.
        Simon walked back to her key and gave it a quarter turn, and as he did so she stiffened up just like during her reprogramming.
        "I don't think I can take much more of this.", Dan said with a low moan.
        "Now how long?", Simon asked again.
        "Thir-ty. min-utes. mas-ter."
        "That should do it; lead on my dear.", he said with a flourish.
        Agosto Venerdi was a frumpy middle aged man who stood about five foot six and was in the process of becoming bald. He stood up from the couch as he shook hands with Simon and Dan whose disguises made them look like Pakistani business men.
        "I understand you have prepared a demonstration of your invention?", he asked.
        "Yes,", said Simon," turn on channel 347."
        Dan smiled to himself as Agosto turned on 347, there's nothing like sabotaging your competitor to advance yourself. On the screen there was an exercise show taking place in which a beautiful raven haired girl with green eyes and a muscle-bound oaf lead the proceedings and three girls in the background mimicked their moves. The oaf was dressed in standard spandex wear while the raveness wore spandex shorts that zipped down the front and a linen top with a collar that went to just below her ample bosom and also zipped up.
        As he sat back down Agosto looked at Chase who stood at the end of the couch staring into oblivion and said," Fetch us some drinks my toy."
        "At. once .mas-ter."
        On screen the exercisers had just finished a set and were explaining the next procedure to the audience, when in sudden unison they all snapped to attention and a moment later their heads drooped so that their chins were resting on their chests.
        "I always wondered if they weren't machines.", muttered Agosto.
        "Now you know,", replied Simon."That was an EM pulse, though; only one of the actors was reprogrammed along with the film crew and after that they were fitted with EM shields. The rest will need reactivated, but this way you can see the "contagious effect" of my program."
        Then the reprogrammed robot stepped from the back row and walked towards the oaf, she was a petite Asian girl and was very pretty. She stopped behind him and proceeded to pull his shorts down to his ankles, revealing him to be anatomically correct if flaccid. As she worked on his access panel his head snapped back up but the rest of him was immobile.
When she was done she stepped around to his front and unsnapped the crotch of her leotard, revealing her own hairless yet anatomical correctness. After seeing his limp cock she looked up and stared into nothingness for a few moments, reviewing her programming for how to handle this contingency. She grabbed the base of his hairless cock and gave it a twist; then keeping
her left hand gripping his cock,she reached around with her right to make adjustments at his access panel. After a few seconds, his cock sprang to attention and she positioned her mouth around it and swallowed the whole thing, after doing that she stroked it a few times to make sure it was hard enough. She then positioned herself in front of him, bent over and issued a command to "Interface", causing him to lumber forward and insert his large member into her vagina. After he had commenced with a few thrusts, the Asian android got the familiar "circuits-are-being-overloaded" look and froze up in that position (it had been an hour). The oaf withdrew himself from her and walked over to the raveness, and promptly unzipped and removed her shorts; he then proceeded to reactivate her in much the same way the Asianbot had done him.
        "Is that the only way they can transfer the program; through sex?", asked Agosto after finishing his drink.
       "No, they can do it port-to-port but I thought I'd have them demonstrate in a unique fashion.", replied Simon as he looked at his watch.
        By now the oaf was ready to download the program into the raveness, and had her positioned with one foot on the ground and the other over his shoulder. As he commenced thrusting his unit into the dark haired hard body, Dan found himself again immensely aroused by the wide eyed blank look she assumed as she was fucked.
        "I'm sold,", exclaimed Agosto as he revealed an attache case."Here's the amount we agreed upon."
        "And here is the Coitus Generator,", replied Simon as they made the trade.
        "Mas-ter. I.*", intoned Chase as she slowly bent at the waste until her fingertips brushed the carpet.
        "Well, must be going; goodbye!", said Simon quickly.
        "If you can wait a moment, I will wind Chase back up and she can show you out,", replied Agosto as he gripped her key and began to turn it.
        "No, really must fly; thanks anyway." and they were gone.
        "How odd,", thought Agosto as he finished winding his girl-toy. As soon as he released the key, Chase began to straighten up and when she finished she said,"Thank. you. for. win-ding. me. mas-ter. Now. I. will. fuck you."
        "WHAT??", Agosto couldn't believe what he had heard. Chase was a fantasy he had had the wherewithal to make real, but he had never used her as a sex toy. In reality though, she was about to make him the sex toy.
        She pushed him down on the couch and proceeded to remove her panties and pull down on the front of her dress so that her breasts emerged. She then bent at the waist and after retrieving his already hard cock from his trousers, commenced with the finest BJ he had ever experienced. After he was sufficiently hard and lubed up, Chase straightened up, turned around and seated herself on his rod; proceeding to ride it up and down. He stared at her beautiful form as she did her work, and realized how truly strange it was; especially with a wind-up key spinning only inches from his face. It was turning fast too, because of the tremendous amount of energy sex uses, and as a result she had soon wound down again.
        Agosto quickly re-wound her so that she could finish, and all the while he could feel his cock throbbing like crazy inside her synthetic orifice. When he finished she began her ride again, this time with a monotone mantra to go with it: "Oh. yes. give. it. to. me. mas-ter."
       Over and over she repeated it until the moment of climax arrived, and as he erupted inside her she emitted a continuous,"Ohhhhh". After about a minute of her sitting there frozen, straddling him and making that noise; she stopped abruptly.
 The entire mansion was consumed in a fireball.