Collision of Powers

by Northern Chill

                     Author's note : This is a what-if story involving the meeting of SpandexTights, the goofy crime-fighting aerobic duo
                     who were published by several companies, and Femforce, the sexiest group of heroines that have been published
                     since the early 80's by AC comics. The characters used in these tales remain the property of the companies which
                     currently own them and this satire means no disrespect to either team. This is strictly a parody of these great heroines
and does involve scenes of violence , nudity and mild profanity.

                     For more information on the super-heroines, including some illustrations, you can start by visiting these sites:

Femforce-Femfans Clubhouse
Official Online HQ of Femforce


                     Advisory: If you are under the age of 18, leave this story now and go somewhere safe like the DC and Marvel sites.
                                        Otherwise, enjoy!

 Chapter 1 : A meeting by chance

   Stupid Guy laid back in his plastic inflated chair musing over yet another loss to the crime fighting duo of Lycra Woman and Spandex Tights. Sighing, he picked up another cream pie and hurled it at a color photo of the duo he had tacked on the wall.


   The pie smacked the photo squarely and the remains slowly slid to the floor atop the residue of quite a few other pies. With a small smile, Stupid Guy looked over his next plan that involved robbing the local bank with trained samurai penguins. Wondering to himself where the nearest zoo was that had samurai penguins he could steal, he picked up another pie and hurled it at the photo of his hated enemies.

   Before the pastry missile reached the wall, a  huge circle of multicoloured light opened up in the room and a woman clad in bright red half-emerged from it. She seemed to be locked in a fight with another woman, clad in skintight purple, who was trying to wrestle her to the ground. The pie smacked the purple-clad woman square in face, causing her to lose her grip on the first woman and stagger backward. The red-suited woman fell into Stupid Guy's room and the circle of light closed up behind her.

   Slowly, she pulled herself to her feet and looked around  "Where am I — and who are you, little man?" she demanded.

   Stupid Guy looked at her and cocked his head to the side, boasting "I'm the ultimate bad guy, bringing scorn to heroines and a savior to rubber chickens everywhere.. I am STUPID GUY!! he shouted.

   She looked at him with a bemused look on his face "Well, Stupid Man" she started to say.

   "NO!" he broke in. "That's Stupid Guy ! Stuuuppidd GUYY!!" he shouted again, turning a little red and blotchy in the face.

   Sighing, she went on "Sorry, Stupid GUY, you have saved me, Alizarin Crimson, from defeat at the hands of the wretched Femforce today and for that I owe you my thanks," she said and started to leave.

   Stupid Guy scratched the side of his head with a rubber chicken head. "Femforce? Is that some kind of movie characters or something?" he inquired.

   Alizarin stopped and looked back at him with disdain in her wide-set eyes. "You've never heard of the most famous group of super-heroines in the world, who have constantly foiled my great plans again and again, who are a constant thorn in my Lycra-coated side?" she asked, preening to show off her sleek physique and shapely assets.

   Stupid Guy looked at her, then walked over to the whipped-cream covered photo and pointed a finger at it. "These two smarties are the only heroines I've heard of; believe me, they bug me enough!" he yelled before leaning down to lick some of the cream off the photo.

   "Indeed, what powers do these two have... flight, super-strength, splitting the ground asunder with feats of magic..?" Alizarin inquired.

   Stupid Guy's eyes opened wide. "Well, they fight like they're doing aerobics." He stammered.

   Alizarin raised a sinuous eyebrow "And what else ?" she prodded.

   Stupid Guy plopped back into his chair "They always seem to win — no matter what I do to them," he sighed.

   Alizarin shook her head slowly and walked over to a computer marked 'out of order' sitting on a nearby desk. She turned on the monitor after plugging it back in and saw immediately the computer was working fine and was online at the present.

   "Hey, great!" Stupid Guy exclaimed. "You got my computer working again. Maybe you can fix my phone while you're here? I try to call out with it but all I get is static." He babbled.

   Ignoring him, Alizarin quickly surfed through various news sites and came to a startling conclusion. She had apparently crossed over to an alternate universe, parallel to her own, where the cursed Femforce did not exist. If the only serious heroic force on this Earth were a couple of ridiculous aerobicized bimbos, it would be a cinch for her to conquer and rule this planet. She gave herself about a week.

   Turning around, she saw the little man fooling around with his weapon, which he claimed could "stupidize" his opponents in ridiculous poses. The gun was a crude thing, cobbled together out of what seemed to be loose bits of trash, silver tape, and old coathangers.

   An evil smile crossed Alizarin's face as she thought of a splendidly wicked idea. "Come here, Stupid Guy," she beckoned. When Stupid Guy came over, she reached out and gestured with both satin-gloved hands over his gun, which glowed brightly with sparkles before returning to normal.

   "Whatcha do to my little gun?" Stupid Guy wailed. "You better not have broke it..."

   "I have given your ridiculous little weapon the ability to intertwine with your thoughts on a subconscious level when you are locked in combat with your opponents," she explained. Seeing the empty look on his face, Alizarin sighed. "You'll be able to not only paralyze your opponents now but change their form into whatever you think they should look like," she said slowly. "Got it?"

   Stupid Guy stood there for a few seconds blankly digesting this information till slowly a broad smile crossed his face. He nodded at last. "Cool! I can't wait to turn those aerobic do-gooders into circus clowns. Bye!" he shouted and started to run for the door.

   "WAIT!" Alizarin shouted back. "I've given you this power to fight the heroines on my Earth. They have defeated me time and time again and only a powerful criminal genius like yourself could possibly defeat the Femforce." She said with a small smile of irony.

   "Yeah! It's about time other planets saw just what a scourge of the law I am.." Stupid Guy exulted before slipping and falling on some squishy remains of a pie.

    Alizarin sighed and helped him to his feet with one hand while magically opening an interdimensional portal with the other. Stupid Guy stepped back at seeing the swirling vortex of colors. Alizarin pushed him forward. "Head through this opening, don't look back, and start your criminal mayhem immediately!" She commanded, very convincingly.

    Stupid Guy timidly stepped halfway through the portal, stopped, and looked back. "Do they have any samurai trained penguins on your world?" he asked.

    Alizarin's mouth fell open for a second before she regained her composure. "Oh, ah, yes, as a matter of fact, they have.. quite a few at Femforce's HQ. Perhaps you should start there," she lied. "Besides, I told you not to look back; so get cracking!"

   "Great! Femforcers, look out and beware the power of Stupid Guyyyyy..." he said before tripping on his cape and falling through the open portal to the other side. A scrap of disconnected cloth remained sticking through, then was quickly tugged in.

    Alizarin sighed theatrically and closed the portal with a quick wave of her hand. What a moron, she thought to herself. Oh well, he'll keep those busybodies occupied back home while I start my conquest of this world, she said to herself.

   Pointing at a nearby piece of puffy vinyl furniture, she chanted "Throne" and watched as Stupid Guy's chair changed into an ornate gold painted dais. She sat down on the satin pillow that had appeared where a faded rag had been a few seconds ago. "Now, where shall I start ?" she wondered aloud before laughing a long, maniacal, laugh. This world wouldn't know what hit it.

Chapter 2 : Star bright, Star light..

   Stardust could see by the images on her monitor that it was a cold and blustery day outside. She was on duty alone inside the Femforce HQ that day, as the rest of the heroines were off shopping for Christmas presents. A custom that she, not being from Earth, didn't quite understand or appreciate. Despite Nightveil's explanation of the ritual and its significance, she just couldn't comprehend the idea of a bearded fat man in a red suit leaving gifts under a tree freshly cut and decorated with shiny tinsel and ornaments. Some things were just too alien.

    Dusty was snapped out of her thoughts by the latest news report of trouble at the local zoo, where a strangely garbed man along with several thugs had stolen all the penguins from the aquatic area. Puzzled by the bizarre theft, Stardust decided to investigate the matter personally; if for no other reason than to relieve her boredom.

    Flying across the sky, she quickly arrived at the crime scene and interrogated several of the zoo workers."The main guy was the strangest fellow we've ever seen," one said. "He flew into a hissing rage when Sally, my assistant, said that our penguins weren't trained for samurai combat. Then he pointed an odd gun at her and poof, she disappeared like that," the man said, snapping his fingers. "After that, this kook and his cronies gathered up the penguins and took off in a brown van. You arrived right after."

   Just then, an officer standing near where the penguins were usually kept shouted out, "Lieutenant! Over here !" Stardust and the police raced over to see what was the matter. They were amazed by the sight that awaited them. A woman stood silently in the middle of the area, dressed all in black and white. When Stardust flew over to land next to her, the superheroine saw why the still woman was silent. Her mouth had completely disappeared and her nose had elongated outward until it formed a beak. Her arms had been transformed into short flippers which hung loosely by her sides. All her body hair had disappeared and her skin was now a shiny black color except for an oval white patch that ran from the top of her breasts down to her smooth sex. Her legs were now melded together into a solid mass ending in flippered feet just like those of a penguin.

   Stardust shook her head "Officer, contact Femforce HQ. Leave a message for Nightveil detailing what has happened here; also tell her I'm after the fiends who did this." She flew off in a rage, leaving the bewildered officers to look after the poor transformed Sally.

   The svelte superheroine flew over the immediate area looking for the van in question for several minutes before spotting it parked next to several warehouses. Setting down, she saw several empty bags of bird seed lying outside one buildings. She knew Nightveil would suggest a stealthy approach, taking the criminals by surprise. This heroine had other ideas.

    BAAAMMMM! The front door of the warehouse exploded inward as Stardust barged in. She instantly scanned the scene, noticing several men securing the missing penguins into a freshly made pen, while a strangely garbed man was decorating what looked like an Xmas tree in the corner. "Give up, you crooks! You haven't got a chance against the might of Stardust!" she shouted.

   The thugs ran for cover at this opportunity while the crook by the tree merely turned and looked at her "Star-dust, is it? Tell me, cutie, have you ever decorated a tree before?" he asked her. She shook her head quickly and tensed up to hit him with a powerful bolt of energy.

   Before Dusty could unleash her cosmic energy, Stupid Guy whipped out his Dumb gun and trained it on her. Instantly, a glistening silver beam shot out, hitting her in the midsection and paralyzing her totally. Stardust found herself unable to move or talk of her own volition while Stupid Guy walked up to face her. "No, I meant have YOU ever been a decoration on a tree?" he cackled while firing his weapon at her again.

   Stardust felt her arms and legs spreading apart at 90-degree angles forming an X-shape. She felt her skin growing tighter and harder by the moment, yet instead of being painful it proved to be quite stimulating. She noticed her costume had disappeared altogether and that all her hair from her neck down was vanishing too. Her skin was growing thicker and also starting to glow brightly. She wanted to cry out but found her mouth was now smoothed over. Her skin continued to grow brighter by the second and she felt her body becoming smaller and lighter as well. Her mind was drifting away in a sea of pleasant thoughts... so light, so nice. So...

    Stupid Guy then picked up the diminutive transformed Stardust and carried her over to the huge Xmas tree that sat in the corner. Climbing up a tall ladder, he set Stardust on the very top of the tree, impaling the branch into the socket where her pussy used to be. He climbed back down and stood back, basking in his newest decoration's warm light. "See, fellas, a sexy superchick with the name of Stardust belongs at the top of my tree, doesn't she now?" Stupid Guy chuckled.

   One of the goons looked up, holding a hand over his eyes "Yeah, boss; too bad she just glows yellow. It's kinda hard on the eyes," the thug grunted.

   Stupid Guy snapped his fingers. "Good point, Gus! I'll fix that up right now," he said, training his gun on the helpless Stardust one more time. Stardust 's bare nipples started to glow redder by the second till they matched the brightness of the rest of her body. "Now that we've adjusted our 'tree star's color, remind me to install a dimmer switch on it later," Stupid Guy commented.

   Finding a nearby couch, he switched the subject. "Now, we gotta find ourselves a place where we can score some samurai swords for my penguins." He mused while he and his gang sat back to bask in the glow of a very unusual Xmas tree decoration.

Chapter 3 : Aerobicizing with the Devil

   Debbie Hall and her partner Suzie were just finished taping their latest episode of 'Wake Up America', the TV fitness show they hosted, when the news reports started to filter in about menacing hideous creatures roaming through the downtown, creating havoc and mayhem everywhere.

   "Gee, Debbie, you think this is the work of one of many villains we've fought in the past like Adhesive Lady or Mindworm?" Suzie asked her supple co-host (and crime fighting partner). Being a TV host, she tended to converse in banter, almost as if she were still in front of the camera.

   Debbie shook her head sideways. "I don't think so, Susie. I heard that famed movie director Roger Cormanson might be shooting his next award winning movie, "Battle of the Space Demons from Planet Mars", here in our fair city so it's probably just a few extras staggering around in costume who've had too much alcohol to drink. Nevertheless, we should go there as soon as possible — as Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl — to quell any unrest and calm the nervous population." She concluded.

    "Span-der-if-ic!" Suzie exclaimed pertly.  "Let's go!"

    Shortly thereafter, the costumed duo arrived in the downtown area, garbed in the familiar attire which marked them as the great crimefighters the city had come to rely on. However, the bizarre sight that greeted them there was startling even to their rich experience. Several demonic-like creatures were roaming the deserted streets and sidewalks, roaring loudly and tossing aside anything that stood in their way. Wrecked cars were strewn behind them like toys dumped from a giant box, along with mailboxes, phone booths, and the occasional vendor's cart.

   "Are you sure this is all just part of a Hollywood film they're producing, Lycra ?" Spandex Girl asked. 

   Lycra Woman (aka Debbie Hall) nodded. "It must be. Look, there's a woman just walking up now dressed in a campy getup that you'd only see in that kind of movie. I'll go ask her what's going on while you try and get those actors settled down." She said.

   Before Spandex Girl could object, her partner was already heading down the street towards the crimson clad figure. "She gets to talk to an actress while I have to calm down a bunch of drunken actors in ugly costumes. Life sucks!" she pouted momentarily. "Well, time for me to calm down those bad boys, Spandex style!" she proclaimed, leaping off the Aerobomobile towards the advancing "demons".

    Alizarin Crimson mused to herself that if there was such little resistance in this city to her and her advancing horde, conquering the rest of the world would take her no time at all. Just then, she saw a woman come running up to her, dressed in skin-tight spandex. "Finally," Alizarin muttered to herself, "I get to find out just how strong the super-powered idiots are on this world."

   Lycra Woman stopped a few feet in front of Alizarin and, assuming a heroic pose, pointed at Alizarin and including the demons behind her. "Listen, miss, you better gather up your fellow actors from the movie and get back to your set right now. You're causing panic and property damage with this parade through the downtown and I, Lycra Woman and my partner Spandex Girl, cannot allow this. It must stop right now.

   Alizarin raised her right eyebrow. "Oh, really?" she sneered, then gestured at the heroine with her right hand. ZAAAP!! A bolt of mystical energy shot out of her fingertips and struck Lycra Woman in the midsection, sending her hurtling back in the air 'till she crashed into a car parked on the side of the road. Lycra Woman grabbed her forehead and started to think that maybe this wasn't part of a movie after all.

   Meanwhile, Spandex Girl tapped one of the demonic creatures on its scaly shoulder. "Ummm, excuse me, but could you and your fellow fiends calm down a little and maybe head back to your hotel to relax - please?" she asked in as sweet a voice as she could muster. The lead demon turned around and let loose a mighty roar, covering the young super-heroine in oily spittle.

   She took a step back, wiping her face. "Ewwwww! This guy just won't listen to anyone in his current state. I'd better get Lycra Woman here so she can give me a hand putting these drunks in their place," she sputtered. But before she had time to recover, she felt several pairs of hands pick her up and hurl her into a nearby pile of garbage cans and litter. Momentarily dazed, she watched as the creatures continued to advance down the street, oblivious to the results of the carnage they were creating.

    Unfortunately, Lycra Woman was in no position to help her aerobic teammate as she had leaped at Alizarin, intending to deliver a powerful punch at the mysterious woman in red, but found herself being halted in midair by a flick of a hand by the powerful sorceress. She hung in space while the crimson-clad villain taunted her. "I'd love to hear your empty boasts all day long, my dear, but I have a city - and eventually a world - to conquer. So I'll just have to take care of you right now. Let's see.." She said arrogantly. Looking along the street, Alizarin noticed several display mannequins standing woodenly in the window of a nearby shop."I just thought of something; it's delicious! I was going try out this spell the next time I encountered the wretched Femforcers, but you'll do for a test." She pronounced. "Oh, you'll do nicely!"

    Alizarin loudly uttered several indecipherable phrases while gesturing with her hands towards the hapless heroine hanging suspended in midair. Almost immediately, Debbie found her body starting to stiffen as she found herself feeling lighter. She was quickly having difficulty feeling her arms and limbs anymore; her breathing and heartbeat slowed also as the incantation took effect. With effort, she lowered her head as much as she could to see her skin-tight uniform slowly disappearing. At the same time, a warm feeling crept through her entire body that felt better than any workout she had ever done. Her head raised again on its own while she noticed her skin was continuing to tighten and harden and that her eyes had locked in place. I'm becoming like a mannequin for some store window! she realized, though there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Her breasts had firmed up into round plastic domes as her erect nipples rode high on them. Pivot points were appearing on her shoulders and around her waist. Her lithe body continued to stiffen and harden, yet she felt so good that she didn't even notice when her breathing and heart stopped. The warm feeling became more and more intense until, like a star winking out, everything faded to black.

    Spandex Girl wandered down the street, trying to remove the greasy drool from her face and uniform. "I really really hate taking on drunks. Why can't we fight normal everyday villains instead of jerks like these?" Looking around, she could not see her partner anywhere. "Hey! Lycra Woman — Where'd ya go? C'mon, don't tell me you took off fighting these jerks and left me here? Lycra Woman!" Suzie walked up the street, not bothering to look at the shop windows going by. If she had, she might have recognized one of the mannequins in the store diorama. Dressed in a gauzy black string bikini, the shapely blonde mannequin was posed quite seductively with her left arm tucked behind her head and her right hand resting on her slim waist. She would have been quite a sight if glimped on the beach or in the gym, but in there, she was only another display dummy. The only indication of who she had once been was the filligreed insignia LW that was worked into the stitching on the bikini top.

    Debbie's only conscious thought as she stood there, posed stiff as a statue with a rod inserted in her butt to keep her upright, was "I am a display mannequin.This is my only job." That phrase repeated over and over in what little was left of her mind as her blank glassy eyes stared out into the deserted street. Outside the plate glass prison her partner sauntered by, calling her name, oblivious to Lycra Woman's predicament.

Or to her own impending peril.

Chapter 4 : Tara - Big and Small


    Tara wandered into the deserted Femforce HQ holding several packages she had purchased earlier that day for presents.

    "Stardust! Get out here and give me a hand with these packages! I have to go and feed my animals.." She called out. When met by silence, she walked into the computer monitoring room, which was also empty. Setting her packages down on a nearby table, she walked over to the monitors and found a note left by Stardust stating how she had gone to investigate the theft of penguins from the local zoo and that she would be back as soon as possible.

    Tara crumpled the note in anger. She had spent much of her life living with animals, both wild and domesticated, and had developed a deep caring for them all. A senseless crime like this by a perpetrator who no doubt didn't have a clue how to care for his captive animals shook her emotions to the very core of her being. She quickly scribbled down a note that she'd be aiding Stardust in her quest for the thieves and that she'd be taking a homing beacon in case of problems that might arise.

    Running outside in her usual green and white leotard costume, she vaulted into a nearby car and tossing her raven colored locks back, she gunned the motor and sped out of the parking lot with a roar. Her first stop was the local zoo where she learned of Stardust's recent visit and the bizarre transformation of  Sally into a human penguin. Her rage growing exponentially by the moment she stormed out, wondering where such a fiend would hide out. She decided to check the local pet stores, reasoning the thieves would no doubt be looking to purchase food for the animals. She lucked out when at the second store she visited, the clerk gave her a description of several men who inquired about buying penguin food and the vehicle they were driving.

   Later that night, Tara located the van the crooks were using parked outside a large warehouse that showed signs of recent damage. Prying open a lock on a side door, she snuck inside the building which was lit mainly by an extremely bright Xmas tree whose star seemed oddly familiar. Hearing the distinct cries of trapped animals, she moved stealthily towards the sound where she saw a strangely garbed man trying to make one of the penguins hold some sort of sword with its flipper. This was too much for the empathic heroine.

   "Bastard !" Tara shouted as she lunged at the man, knocking him off balance.

   "OOFF!!" the man puffed as he hit the ground hard. He jumped back to his feet, seeing her for the first time. "Who the heck are you, lady? Don't you realize you're facing the criminal mastermind known as.. Stupid Guy?" he shouted, pulling out his weapon.

   He was amazed by the sight of the woman before him suddenly starting to grow taller and taller by the minute till she reached roughly 30 feet in height, barely clearing the ceiling beams overhead. She reached down with her left hand and picked up Stupid Guy with it.  "Now then, Stupid Boy, why don't you try your little gun on me like you want to?"  Tara sneered. 

   "It's STUPID GUY, you fluff head, and you bet I will!" he shouted, triggering the weapon up at her.

   Tara instantly felt her body tense up and go stiff from the blast. Her focus lost, she shrank down to her normal height quickly while Stupid Guy slipped out of her suddenly paralyzed hands. 

   Stupid Guy stood up "Well now, I took you down a notch, didn't I? Since you like being a big doll so much, how about something a little smaller..?" He chuckled, concentrating and firing the weapon once more.

   Tara stuttered out a few words before her ability to speak vanished along with her lungs and vocal cords. She felt herself getting shorter and shorter by the second. At the same time, she felt her skin tightening, then hardening . Her skin was becoming very shiny and smooth with pores vanishing by the second. She felt her arms dimly hanging by her sides as joint marks appeared at the shoulders and elbows. Her mind was growing very hazy and it was getting very hard to for her to focus any more. She continued to shrink down, smaller and smaller, and Tara found herself unable to move her eyes or feel any of her limbs. Strangely enough, rather than extreme alarm over her state, she felt a strange sense of warmth and pleasure as the plastic effect engulfed her breasts and torso turning them completely smooth and rigid. She felt her pussy smoothing over and disappearing, yet this resulted in intense waves of pleasure that rippled through her sensitive body like the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.  The last thing she felt before her mind faded into blackness was something strange growing out of her back.

   Stupid Guy leaned down and picked up the Tara doll that now stood a mere 9 inches high.  He pulled the string on its back with eager anticipation:

       "Hi! I'm Tara, a member of Femforce, dedicated to making your world a better place." The doll said in a monotone sing-song voice.


"Bad guys had better watch out, because Femforce is on the job protecting this world from crime." The doll said, not very threateningly.


"Don't buy furs made from real animals. Only buy fake furs. That's what I do,"  the doll chirped, followed by a girlish giggle.

  Stupid Guy laughed uproariously. "This is great! I should make a whole line of dolls patterned after you,  my sexy cutie. Perhaps after I'm done training my samurai warrior penguins," he said, setting the doll down next to the bed his men had acquired for him and turning her so she faced into the room.

"Now then, what was I doing? Yeah; back to my holiday decorating with the guys. Gus, have you finished installing that dimmer switch in the Xmas star yet?" Stupid Guy yelled, stalking off, leaving an immobile plastic Tara sitting on the table waiting for someone to play with her or at least pull her string. There were a lot of things she wanted to say, but could not.


Chapter 5 : Ms. Victory - Long time for a short fight

    Joan Wayne, aka Ms. Victory, arrived early in the morning for the daily team meeting at Femforce HQ. Although she had been fighting crime since the 1940's, she still had the supple look of a woman in her mid 20's, thanks to a special formula which gave her youth, super powers and a knockout beauty. Dressed in a red, white and blue bodysuit that showed just enough cleavage to tease the men, she was alluring and powerful all in one curvaceous package.

    Ms. Victory strolled through the deserted hallways, puzzled by the lack of activity.  She knew Nightveil, the group's resident sorceress, was off on a mystical retreat for a few more days and She-Cat was busy tracking down several cat burglars in the area.  However, there was no sign of the others like Stardust and Tara in any of the usual areas of the building. She strolled up the long hallway, her high-heeled boots tapping on the smooth tiles, tossing back her long blonde hair as she walked.

   When she arrived at the computer monitor room, she found no one there either but did discover the notes left by Stardust and Tara about their investigations.  Glancing at the many-handed clock on the wall, Ms.Victory realized more than 12 hours had passed since the two had left without returning.  Joan grabbed a tracking device, set it to locate the homing beacon Tara had taken with her, and ran out of the building determined to see if anything had happened to her friends and teammates.

   On her way towards the homing beacon, Joan received a mystical projection from Nightveil, asking if everything was all right.  Ms. Victory told the ghostly likeness the situation and assured her fellow heroine that she would look after the matter and for Nightveil to continue with her retreat.  After Nightveil's image faded from view, Ms. Victory wondered to herself if she was right in telling Nightveil not to come join her in the pursuit.  Shaking her head, she muttered to herself "No! I can handle whoever is responsible for this chaos, regardless of how powerful or evil they are," she said finally, and also incorrectly.

   Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Stupid Guy was playing with his newest toy while his goons were rearranging the boxes to make room for their growing pile of stolen goods. 

   "Don't forget to get your pets spayed or neutered!" chirped the plasticized Tara doll this time when he pulled the ring in her back.

  Stupid Guy laughed uproariously as he changed the doll's outfit out of the form-fitting green and white leotard to a doll-sized silver bikini. "Gee, maybe I'll call you the 'Tara of the Jungle' doll now. " He chuckled. Tara was in no position to resist him, or even move a finger for that matter.

   Just then, one of his goons approached him, a little embarrassed to come upon a criminal mastermind as he taunted a plastic doll. "Ummm, boss? I wuz just thinkin' that if we've had to deal with two of those chicks from Femforce, maybe we oughta be prepared in case any more of show up."

   Stupid Guy stood up abruptly. "You're right, why didn't I think of that! My Dumb Gun shouldn't be the only thing we use against those heroines. Why don't we rig up some buckets of tar and feathers to dump on the next one? Chicken feathers will slow em down! Yeah!" he shouted.

   The goon looked at his boss rambling on and shook his head. Sometimes it wasn't so easy to tell how people had gotten their supervillain personas. "Why don't we try this little plan instead, boss? Ok?" he prodded as he started to tell Stupid Guy his idea for a trap. The criminal listened intently, then broke into a broad grin.

   Ms. Victory pulled up in front of a warehouse where she saw one of the vehicles that she recognized as belonging to Femforce, as well as a van that had seen better days.  Judging by the exterior of the warehouse, she figured at least one of her comrades had been here before.  Hearing no noise, she stealthily crept to a side door where she easily broke the lock off using her super strength.  She creaked open the door as silently as possible and quietly tiptoed into the dimly lit building .  The only light seemed to be coming from a distant corner where a large evergreen tree stood next to boxes and a large bed.

   When she reached the centre of the floor, she heard a faint noise from above "Help me!  Help.. me..!" she heard from above, then a body came hurtling down from the rafters far overhead.

   Ms. Victory quickly ascertained that the person was Tara, albeit dressed a little differently.  "Hang on, Tara! I've got you!" she yelled out and braced to catch her falling friend in her muscular grasp.  With a thud, the figure landed in Joan's arms. "Tara, you really are putting on more than a little weight! Now.. what th-?" she gasped before seeing that there was something definitely wrong. Tara's face was glazed over, as if made of plastic, with lifeless unblinking eyes staring back at the Femforce leader.  Taped to Tara's stiff, shiny chest was a tape recorder repeating the same two words over and over again: "Help me!"  Just then, Ms. Victory heard a voice yell out "Yo, Miss Victory. Right here!"  Joan looked up with an expression of a surprise on her face over the condition of her team mate just as the beam from Stupid Guy's gun struck her full force, rendering her incapable of moving even the slightest.

  "Way to go, boss! You stopped her good!" the goons yelled as they crept out from their hiding places.

  Stupid Guy bowed deeply before moving over to take the life-sized doll Tara out of the immobile heroine's arms.  "Well, Jimmy, since it was your idea, why don't you think up what Ms.Victory should become now while I restore Tara back to being my little dollie?"  Stupid Guy suggested as he lugged the stiffened body of Tara back to the table she had been on before. Jimmy rubbed his chin as he walked up to the stiff curvy figure of Ms Victory.

  "Geez, what a body on this broad!" Jimmy muttered as he leaned over to fondle and squeezed her impressive D-cup breasts.  Despite her stillness and her mental screams, Joan could feel her nipples stiffen and poke through her uniform prominently from the caressing of her breasts.  "Ya remind me of this lifelike love doll they sold at Al's Adult Emporium.  She looked great, but not nearly as swell as you," Jimmy said as he ran his his hands down her firm torso, lingering for several minutes over her dampening pussy. 

  "DAMN YOU, STUPID GUY!!" MS. Victory mentally screamed as she felt herself heat up in spite of her disgust and loathing for this thug.

  Before Jimmy could proceed any further, Stupid Guy approached him, having finished transforming Tara back into his favorite kewpie doll. "Love doll , eh? Well, she certainly has the body for it.  Stand back and I'll do just that."  Stupid Guy said with a silly grin on his face.

  The supervillain pointed his weapon at Ms.Victory and fired again.  Instantly, Joan felt her body starting to change as her skin was starting to become glossy.  She felt her teeth and tongue starting to melt away, forming a smooth shiny substance.  She saw her fingers starting to mold together into one smooth form though still held directly out.  Her skin was becoming shinier by the second as all her pores and freckles were disappearing rapidly.  Strangely enough, these changes brought her nothing but waves of pleasure that rolled through her changing body.  She felt her mouth, already open wide with the surprise of her team mate's predicament, open even wider with her lips growing thicker.  Her eyes were becoming fixated and she could no longer move them at all.  She felt her other openings growing open and tightening up, ready to be used by?  She was becoming... Ms..Sex Doll?  It was getting so very hard to think.  She.. wanted to please.. no.. stop.. suck.. use her....  Her hair was looking more and more fake with every passing second.  Seams were now visible running up and down her sides under her uniform.  Her breasts slightly inflated, forming rigid plastic domes of pleasure with thick erect rubbery nipples poking even harder out of the uniform.

   Ms. Victory slowly toppled over.  Her features were now just painted eyes and fake eyelashes attached to a sexy plastic head.  Before she hit the floor, Jimmy caught her and leaned her against several boxes.  "Geez boss, she looks incredible! Can I take her home to try her out?" he inquired rubbing his hands over her body producing several loud squeaks as the Lycra bodysuit the doll was dressed in rubbed up against the shiny pink plastic Ms. Victory now was made of.

   Stupid Guy shook his head. "Nope. I want to have all my 'girls' here, where I can keep an eye on them. Besides, I just thought of something we can do with this doll besides the obvious. Now then, strip off that uniform and go set her in the bed for now. We've got these penguins to train for formation marching."   He said as he reholstered his gun, oblivious to the hairline crack that had appeared along the gun butt.

   Jimmy reluctantly did as he was told and after several seconds of quick petting,  he left the naked sex toy alone in the bed next to her tiny transformed team mate.

   Joan Wayne's only remaining thoughts were "My name is Ms. Sex Doll.  I hope someone uses me soon..." which repeated over and over again in her literally air-filled head.


Chapter 6 : Two for T ( t as in transformation)

    Lara Mason, also known as Yankee Girl, flew through the sky towards Femforce HQ with a determined look on her face. She was deeply disturbed by She-Cat's message to meet her at the headquarters as soon as possible to discuss the disappearance of several of her fellow heroines. She felt a little awkward about this whole hero business even after all the fights she had been in during past adventures. Dressed in a patriotic red and white Lycra outfit, bare at the shoulders with a matching cape of stars against a blue background with the top barely covering her impressive size 38 breasts, she was quite the sight whenever she got into a fight with any of the criminal element she was expected to battle constantly. However, part of her still longed to return to her former life of a wealthy socialite when the only thing that mattered was how many men would be fawning over her. Shaking her head, she put all those self doubts out of her mind as she touched down in the HQ parking lot and walked inside the building.

   Inside, a tall statuesque woman dressed in a red Lycra outfit with matching jacket and mask covering her angry eyes accosted Lara: "About time you got here!" She-Cat snarled impatiently at her fellow heroine.

   "Sorry. I had to stop and help a plane land that had lost it's landing gear." Yankee Girl said apologetically with just a hint of sarcasm.

   She-Cat's voice softened ever so slightly "Ok. Well, let's go over what we know so far. "  She continued. "Stardust went to investigate the theft of some penguins from a local zoo, but failed to return. Tara and Ms. Victory both followed up and also seem to have vanished. The only thing we have to go on is that Tara took a homing beacon with her so we might be able to track them down using that. If any harm's come to them.." She-Cat snarled slamming a clenched fist into her open left hand.

   Yankee Girl nodded. "We'll find them soon and I'm sure they'll be all right. I'll fly ahead to scout the situation out while you follow on your motorcycle," she said as she turned to leave.

   "Before you hit the skies, you might want to check your costume over!" She-Cat snickered, pointing at Yankee Girl's left boob, which had popped out from under the tight fitting Lycra suit.

   Pushing her errant breast back under the stretchy top part of her uniform, Yankee Girl flew off following the beacon's signal.  Quickly ascertaining that it led to the warehouse district, she touched down a short distance from where the beacon emanated from.  She approached on foot, quietly down the deserted wharf, seeing no one at all in the immediate area.  When she reached the area of the beacon, she saw one of the Femforce vehicles parked near a warehouse that showed signs of recent repair.  Silently, she sneaked around to the back while looking for an open entrance.

   Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, Stupid Guy was talking business with a prospective partner in a new venture.  "Don't ya think we can make a lot of money if we pattern a whole series of dolls after her, Mr. Nicholson?" he said with a greedy smile on his face.

   A short, balding, man in his mid 50's was busy closely examining the life-sized naked love doll lying on the bed that until a few hours ago was a living breathing super-heroine named Ms. Victory.  He ran his forefinger along the edges of the doll's O-shaped mouth and squeezed the amazingly realistic breasts that seemed to beg to be fondled and sucked.  The doll was amazingly lifelike.

   "Amazing! She's fucking incredible, and I'm sure an incredible fuck! Do you have any more like this one around here?" The man leered, running his sweaty hands down the doll's shiny torso.

   Stupid Guy shook his head. "Not, uh, right now. She's a prototype at the present but I might be able to add more in the future. If you want to take some more pictures and measurements of her body for the production line, go right ahead." He said with a small smile.

   Nicholson stood up abruptly, slightly red-faced. " No, that's all right.  I have everything I need.  We'll make a lot of money off this sweetheart.  Lemme know if ya get any more in, k?" he said, heading out towards the front door, holding a folder of notes and photos and trying to conceal his stiffy with the suit coat.

   The love doll just laid there on the bed, showing all her assets to anyone who would see them.  Her only thought that bounced through the emptiness of her hollow head was "I hope someone uses me soon..  I need my breasts fondled so I can be used like a good sex toy that I am."

   Just then, one of Stupid Guy's goons came running up to him and murmured something to him, barely audible.  "A chick calling herself Yankee Girl was just outside, asking a lot of questions. I told her we knew nuttin. What are we gonna do?"

   "Have these bimbos not learned the folly of challenging the genius of Stupid Guy? I'll deal with her as easily as I have already dealt with her fellow heroines," Stupid Guy proclaimed, stomping off to the opposite area of the warehouse.

   Meanwhile, Yankee Girl opened a  side door that appeared to recently have had the lock broken off. She walked in as quietly as she could.  There were several large boxes stacked all around the entrance, which she managed to squeeze by without making a sound. As she turned the corner, she was greeted by a blinding flash of light and everything went black as her body stiffened in place.

   About an hour later, a hunking motorcycle puttered into the area.  She-Cat pulled the bike up short of the warehouse and jumped off.  She looked around but saw no notice of Yankee Girl anywhere. "Probably had to stop and shove her tits back in a couple of more times on the way over." she muttered to herself.  She-Cat listened at the door for any noise from inside. Hearing none, she stalked inside, bracing herself for the slightest confrontation.  The warehouse appeared totally deserted, save for a figure that stood by itself in the center of the empty building.

   As She-Cat walked closer, she sighed out loud as she recognized who the figure was:  Yankee Girl. Her teammate was always barging into situations without thinking. "Where have you been?" she demanded, approaching the motionless heroine from behind.  There was no reply. "What's the matter? Has something happened to you?" she asked.  There was still no response.

   When She-Cat got close enough to Yankee Girl, she noticed immediately there was something definitely wrong.  Yankee Girl's left hand was held up against her forehead almost like she was saluting something.  Her uniform's top was pulled down revealing her large breasts .  However, they, like the rest of her rigid body, seemed to be no longer made of flesh and blood.but rather a rubbery type of substance.  Her nipples were stiff  and erect, jutting straight out almost  like  buttons.  In fact on her left breast were stenciled the words 'PLAY MESSAGE' and on the right one 'REWIND / STOP'. She-Cat, shocked by the state of her transformed team mate, gingerly pressed the left nipple. It felt hard, like plastic.

   Yankee Girl started to speak. "Welcome to the sanctuary of the great criminal genius.. Stupid Guy. Inside, you will find many displays of his past great crimes and exhibits of the heroes and heroines he has defeated in his glorious career. Please follow the red rope and remember not to smoke." Her voice intoned in a mechanical sounding cadence before going silent once again. During the speech she had not changed her frozen expression one bit. The sound had been coming from a speaker placed inside the hapless young woman, who had become an art deco tape player.

   She-Cat felt a growing rage at the sight of her friend and teammate in this form.  She vowed she'd find the fiend and make him change Yankee Girl back to normal if it was the last thing she did. She stalked into the warehouse, openly snarling, looking for someone to vent her rage on.

   "Looking for me, are you? She-Cat, is it, did I get that right?" Stupid Guy intoned from atop a pyramid of boxes that loomed over the heroine. "What do you think of my new greeter for when people come to visit me? It's a bit on the adult side but I kinda like it..." he chuckled evilly.

   "I hope your health insurance is paid up, buddy, because if you don't return her and anyone else you've transformed to their original forms, you'll need a few organ transplants to start with." She snarled, leaping up at her protagonist with feline agility and grace.  Before she could reach him, a beam originating from the villain's weapon literally froze her in mid-air.  Her left arm was stuck reaching out in the midst of a powerful blow while her face was fixed in an expression of pure savage fury. She looked like a freeze-frame from some martial-arts movie.

   Stupid Guy hopped down from the boxes and looked at his newest prize.  "Boys, do me a favor and arrange a bunch of these boxes under this catty heroine.  I've got a rich idea for how to display her," he ordered while he re-holstered his gun, oblivious to the crack that now ran 3/4 of the length down the barrel. Once his men had set up the boxes directly under the transfixed heroine, Stupid Guy adjusted the top box so that She-Cat's booted right foot lightly rested on it. He then clambered down the pile and fired his weapon at her one more time.

   Even though she was paralyzed, She-Cat could feel her body changing, becoming harder by the second. She felt the boxes changing under her as well, becoming more solid as the weapon affected them in the same way. She felt her skin becoming stiffer, denser, and oddly smooth.  She saw her hands pale, turned to what looked like stone, and knew the same change was rapidly passing through the rest of her body. "What th..?" was her last brief thought before her whole being solidified into a marble statue, along with the pile of boxes she was perched on.

   Stupid Guy stood back to admire his latest work.  She-Cat was now a magnificent statue, capturing all of her feminine fury as she appeared to be leaping from a rock towards her opponent with her breasts thrust outward in stony attack.  Her eyes, still showing an intense anger, were now solid white orbs. On the front of the monument was a gold plaque reading:  FELINE FURY - STUPIDGUY ARTIST 2002

   "Excellent! I'll have to find a new warehouse soon, to hold all my prizes." Stupid Guy chuckled.  "Boys, let's get ready for one more visit today from Femforce.  According to you guys, the last of them, the one they call Nightveil, should be coming around any time; I really want to make my pretty collection of petrified super-heroines complete." He exulted, before wandering off to care for his beloved penguins.

Chapter 7 : Plastic problems

    Alizarin Crimson strolled up the steps that led to the city hall offices, amused by the lack of opposition she had encountered so far.  Her minions had scattered the local police like flies and her encounter with Lycra Woman had resulted in her testing out that wicked spell she had been saving for the Femforce.  The sight of the buxom heroine now posed in a display window like a fiberglass dummy was delicious fun.  Alizarin mused that she should try the same thing with Nightveil, changing her into a pantyhose form.  The thought of her hated rival existing as nothing more than a pair of plastic legs displaying a set of sheer pantyhose caused Alizarin to let out a mighty peal of laughter.  She strolled into the deserted mayor's office, where she flopped into the overstuffed chair and plopped her legs up on the desk. "This is a very nice beginning indeed!" she laughed evilly.

    Meanwhile, Spandex Girl's search was proving fruitless.  She had combed through the entire downtown area and found no trace of her aerobicizing team mate.  She decided to contact their mentor Helflin back at the Aerbobase.  Helflin was the resident scientific genius who was responsible for many of the gadgets and devices which had saved the aerobic duo time and again.  People often dismissed him as just another gopher but his razor sharp intellect was greater than most people on the planet.

    "Helflin, have you had any luck in finding out where Lycra Woman is?"  Spandex Girl spoke into her cell phone.  She nodded to the chattering on the other end.  Suddenly, a shocked look crossed her face. "Lycra Woman was changed into a.. mannequin! How do you know that?" she probed.  "Oh.. so you analyzed the feedback from the transponders sewn into our clothing and determined that her cellular structure had been altered into a dense plastic compound. And...?"  she continued, "Uh-huh.  You also saw her posed in the store window background as a TV news reporter talked about the carnage." She muttered.  "I'll head right over and pick it, er, her, up right away." She said speeding off to rescue her mannequin partner from her frozen predicament.

    Some time later, Spandex Girl was back at the Aerobobase with Helflin looking at the prone plastic figure of Lycra Woman.  She held a look of extreme bliss on her face that belied her plasticized condition. Her firm breasts stood out prominently as did her shapely smooth legs  and, as Suzie awkwardly noticed, Lycra Woman showed no trace at all of a pussy between her stiffened legs.
    "Helflin, are you sure you can reverse her mannequinized condition?" Suzie inquired.  The gopher nodded, attaching several wires to Lycra's immobile plasticized form.  Since Helflin had told her it would take some time for Debbie to be returned to human form, Suzie started to head out to see what she could do to quell the chaos that was erupting everywhere in town.

    Before Spandex Girl reached the outside, Helflin stopped her and handed her a ruby red ring.  Suzie looked at it "What's this for, Helflin?" she wondered.  She listened to the gopher's chattering explanation of how the ring should protect her from the same transformation that Debbie endured.  Suzie nodded "This ring is the result of your examination of LW's present condition, yes?" she pressed him.  She frowned as the gopher held up a box of Gopher Jacks indicating that the ring itself had come from there, augmented by Helflin's high tech.  Looking a little disgruntled, Suzie donned the ring and headed out the door.

    Meanwhile, back at city hall, Alizarin had found a couple of secretaries hiding in a hall closet.  She had one of her demon servants drag them kicking and screaming into the office where they stood shivering in fear. Alizarin looked over the two with an evil glint in her eyes.  The first, a shapely brunette in her mid-30's, was quite the sight in her loose fitting white blouse, blue skirt and black high heels; while the second, a voluptuous blonde just over 20 by her youthful face, had a knockout figure with a large chest sporting at least 38DD cup breasts stretched against a tight black and white sweater and a minuscule black leather skirt that shaped her toned ass. Stiletto heels highlighted her long legs.

   The sorceress smirked "Now that I've tried out my little transformation spell once, let's spruce up the office, shall we?" as bolts of energy shot out from her finger tips and wrapped around the two terrified victims. Their fate was quickly sealed.

   The brunette's form instantly stiffened as she assumed a rigid pose with her clothes seemingly melting away by the second.  Her forearms extended out in front of her with the palms of her hands turned upwards as if she were holding something.  She tried to cry out or say anything but the process was too swift.  Her skin was rapidly changing as well, becoming solid, glossy, and transparent in appearance. In seconds, her whole body had become glass in composition with the only indication that she was once human was that her breasts still had a fleshy pink color around the aureoles and her pupils retained the pale blue color from when she had been human and not as she was now, a lifelike glass statue.

    The busty blonde managed a brief scream before she was also transformed. Her clothes disappeared rapidly as her forearms stiffly moved upward and clasped behind her head accentuating her bountiful bosom even more. Her left leg slid forward as her mouth formed a seductive 'come kiss these' opening.  Her skin rapidly changed becoming shinier and sleeker by the second.  The pink glow of her cheeks gave way to a platinum sheen that engulfed her entire body. As the glow faded, she stood as a bright shining platinum statue that gave a hollow CLANGG!! when Alizarin rapped her knuckles on the smooth hard ass of her newest office decoration.

    Alizarin nodded approvingly "Yes, this office is looking much better now by the second, but I just realized this space only has room for one statue.  I guess I'll have to do a little house cleaning and eliminate some office personnel at the same time."  She laughed maniacally.  Picking up a fountain pen from the mayor's desk, with a simple gesture she transformed it into a golden baseball bat.  Approaching the glass statue, she sneered "Sorry dear, but you know what they say about a sorceress in a glass shop. Consider this your dismissal notice ." she said as she raised the bat high over her head to deliver a shattering blow in more ways than one.

    WHUMP!!  A nicely shaped Lycra-clad leg planted itself firmly into the villainess' midsection, knocking the sorceress backward and causing her to drop her golden baton with a loud CLANG!!!.  Alizarin looked up to see Spandex Girl standing before her with her hands on her hips in the heroic pose the villainess had come to despise from so many of her do-gooding kind.

    "Stand back, you evil witch. Your days of terrorizing this town and its habitants have come to an end .  Surrender to me, Spandex Girl!" the young heroine spoke with as much bravado as she could muster.

    Alizarin snickered "Spandex Girl, eh? Well, girlie, get ready to join your partner as a plastic display dummy in the local store window, you little troublemaker!" she shouted as tendrils of energy arced forth from her hands.

    Spandex Girl threw her hands up in self-defence as she awaited the terrible transformation that would envelop her within seconds and leave her literally a shell of her former self.  To her amazement, however, the energy seemed to be sucked like water going down a whirlpool into the ring she was wearing until there was nothing remaining of the magical attack.

    "It's.. it's all gone. Cool!" Spandex Girl exclaimed in amazement with a wide grin on her face. She then turned to the shocked sorceress "Now, missy, are you gonna come along quietly or am I going to have to get rough?" she commanded, advancing on the flabbergast Alizarin.

    Alizarin quickly regained her composure "Young fool! You think the failure of one little spell will send me quivering at your pathetic feet?  I have but to snap my fingers to summon my demon servants to rend you limb from limb.  If  YOU surrender to ME, I might consider sparing your miserable existence, for a life perhaps of serving me as a footstool or.." She ranted, before a strange look crossed her face and she fell forward onto the floor with her breasts slightly poking out of her skin tight redtop.

    Behind her, framed in a mystical portal, stood a woman clad in tight purple Lycra with a matching hood and cloak.  In her left hand, she held a blackjack which she obviously had just used to good effect. Nightveil stepped through the crackling circle of energy and regarded the proud young heroine who stood before her. "Spandex Girl, is it? My name is Nightveil, a member of Femforce. We need to talk," she said walking over to the young heroine.

   Meanwhile, a semiconscious Alizarin created a portal for herself to escape into and dragged her lithe body through it muttering just before passing out of this world "Beaten by an aerobicizing... girl! I'll be hearing about this from my fellow villains for months.. "  She muttered before she went through and the portal closed up quickly behind her.

 Chapter 8 : Stupid Guy's collection grows — or does it ?

    A fairly tall, busty woman walked back and forth impatiently waiting for the start of the photo shoot she had been hired to model for.  "Next time Gerry snags me to do these types of photo gigs, he'd better come along." She grumbled, not quite loud enough for anyone to hear. She tossed back her flowing strawberry blonde hair and readjusted the indigo terrycloth robe that covered her exquisite naked body.

    Just then, a man walked up wearing a hooded jacket. "Miss, if you'll take off your robe, we'll start the shoot her right away,"  he said, setting up a camera tripod and adjusting the lights to shine down on her from several angles.

   The woman doffed her covering, noted with satisfaction the involuntary gasp from the photographer as he glimpsed her gorgeous figure, then quickly stepped into the sweet spot in the nimbus of light. She started to pose with her hands on her hips, feet spread apart.  "Is this how you'd like to me to stand to start with?" she inquired hesitantly.

   The man nodded "Almost exactly what I'm looking for. The only thing is that I need you to bend your elbows at your sides and hold your hands straight out, like this,"  he demonstrated briefly while setting his chintzy-looking camera on the tripod where it almost fell off.

   The woman complied, even though she was puzzled by a such a request. She was used to far stranger as well as more explicit and sexy poses than what was being asked for here. "Are you sure you want me posed just like this? Hey, there, what kind of weird camera is that you're using? I've never seen anything like it before in the other shoots I've don..." Seconds later, there was a brilliant flash followed by a beam of light hitting her, then from her viewpoint everything faded to black. She could not prevent her body from changing into a stiff, rubbery statue and toppling to the floor.

   The cameraman pulled off his hood to reveal an amusement park hat perched atop a badly shaven, stubbled head. It belonged to the villain known as Stupid Guy, using his enhanced Dumb Gun to transform yet another unsuspecting female. "Gus, put this blonde sex doll over in the Ms.Victory / Sex Doll display.  I'll be able to use her as a prototype for a new love doll line I can produce with the help of that business guy who was here before." The criminal imbecile crowed, while packing up the fake camera set.

   The model/doll was shocked.  She found herself unable to move or talk in the slightest way and her skin now seemed to be composed of some shiny rubbery substance. 
Her hands and feet seemed to be fused together into solid plastic, with seams running up her legs and arms.  Her mouth was stuck open in an O-shape ready to accept.. something.. Thinking was becoming very hard! On the plus side, she found her skin was super-sensitive to the slightest touch, so when the henchman picked her up and carried her to the display space, waves of nothing but electric ecstasy passed through her entire body.  Once placed on a chair, the henchman gave her sumptuous breasts a quick squeeze (resulting in a very intense bolt of pure pleasure for the doll) and headed back to his boss, leaving the doll alone with thoughts of future pleasures at being touched or used.

   "Now then, for our next crime, we're going to..." Stupid Guy started to say when he was interrupted by a pair of female voices behind him.

   "Your days of using women as mere objects have come to an end.  Prepare to surrender to the duo of Nightveil... " the woman in purple declared..

    "...and Spandex Girl!" the young heroine cried while leaping forward to attack Stupid Guy's goons.  After a short but intense exchange of fisticuffs and aerobically inspired fighting moves, Spandex Girl stood before a very alone Stupid Guy who was surrounded by a ring of unconscious thugs. "Now, are you going to surrender quietly or do I have to beat you to a pulp?" she exclaimed, puffing out her Lycra-sheathed chest.

    "Neither's going to happen today, you aerobic twit!" Stupid Guy screamed as he fired his gun once more at her. Unfortunately, all the recent usage of the weapon had taken its toll on the already flaky weapon; with a faint 'crick' it literally broke in two, falling to the ground.  Stupid Guy looked down at his now useless weapon and realized this was a very bad thing from his perspective.  Since his gun had been broken, that meant that all his previous transformations would revert back to their normal, and now somewhat annoyed, forms.

    Sure enough, within a matter of seconds, he found himself being confronted by the other members of Femforce who were human again and now VERY PISSED OFF!!  Stupid Guy ran backward till he found himself standing in the pen with his captive penguins. 

   "Now, you heroines will feel the wrath of fully trained samurai penguins ready to kill at my command."  He looked down at the birds "Attack, my loyal warriors!   Show them  what it means to take on your leader Stupid Guy and his followers." He demanded.

   The birds looked up and without warning attacked Stupid Guy together, pecking away furiously at anything and everything they could reach.

   "Ya think we should save him from the penguins?" Spandex Girl asked Nightveil lightly.

   Nightveil looked over at the mass of black and white arctic fowl surging over a prone Stupid  Guy. "Certainly.. In about 5 or 10 minutes! Hee! Hee!" she laughed, a cheer which was quickly joined in by the other heroines present, along with a very confused figure model.


    With Alizarin and Stupid Guy's defeats, life slowly returned to normal on both the worlds  affected.  All the people who had been transformed were returned to normal, with little or no lasting physical affects.  However, for the heroines involved, the transformations had made a permanent difference in their attitudes (some greater than others):

    Alizarin sat upon her throne in the dark dimension she called home, brooding over her latest loss. "Curse their insipid luck, those foul do-gooders!" she seethed. Just then, a small portal opened behind her, just wide enough for a hand holding an odd weapon to poke through and...

    Several days later, a mid-twenties man  was opening his mail for the day. "Oh boy, my comic art from that guy on Ebay is here. He draws the best super-heroines around!" he exulted. His glee quickly turned to a frown upon seeing the contents of the envelope. "Damn! He screwed up and sent me the wrong piece. She's not even that good looking to boot." He whined. Setting the artwork down on the counter, the man headed into the computer room to fire off an angry email to the seller. 

    Meanwhile, back on the desk, if one looked really hard, they might almost see the lips on the drawing of the red Lycra dressed woman moving: "NIGHTVEIL! I'LL GET YOU !!!!" shouted Alizarin, from what would be her paper prison for the next little while until Nightveil got around to deciding she wanted to change the flattened villainess back...

The End. . .

                    This concludes the 'Collision of Powers' tale. I hope you, the reader, liked it.
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