The combinations are limitless


By Rotwang (

After a suggestion by Robotdoll


Gary opened his eyes and checked the clock. It was about ten and he cast a glance at the low table opposite the bed, under the mansard window.

He felt his heart beat faster as he got up to it and opened the luxurious dark wooden box. It was richly padded with velvet and inside was a folded over, face down doll of a woman. He brushed her long dark hair and gently raised her to a sitting position. Her expression seemed to be one of pleasant surprise and he adjusted her hair over her shoulders, letting her be pretty for a moment of admiration. With care, he picked her up, lifted her out of the box and put her down on in his bed.

He laid her out and for a moment it seemed she was resting, so realistic was she. He couldíve sworn he saw her chest rise and just felt very excited. The wig popped off the bald head and he put onto a small innocuous tube with a round end that served as a wig-stand.

With care, he rolled her over and ran his finger over her spine. The edge of his fingernail found the almost invisible seam and he carefully slipped it open releasing the sticky edges to reveal a kind of plastic zipper-like closure. He undid it over the entire length of her back and splayed it open, pulling the shoulders and head over what was inside. He carefully took out the plastic mannequin and sat it on a chair.

Gary cast a glance at the featureless dummy and undid the strange little rubber outfit it was wearing. He slipped it over his own legs and pulled the straps up to his chest, while holding his manhood with one hand. Slipping it inside a cavity with a little tube, he pulled it shut and pulled his sex between his legs, securing the straps as tight as they would go, while pulling the whole thing tight up between his legs with the shoulder straps. A small plastic tube poked out of it, but he left it to dangle.

The pull on his manhood proved to be very arousing, but Gary just ignored it and returned to the doll.

He got in bed and pulled her over him, slipping a leg into her back. With almost religious care, he gathered the leg and slipped his own into it. Gary was a slim young man with little or no bulky musculature. He pulled the leg over his and checked for creases, while wiggling his toes. He did the same with the other leg and pulled it up as it gripped his leg tightly.

Getting up again, he pulled the whole suit up to his crotch and reached for the little tube gently easing it into a feature inside the crotch, after which he pulled the suit over his behind, while he eased a flanged tube into his behind. There was a soft pop as it entered him deeply, arousing him further.

The whole suit was a tight fit, just one size smaller than himself. The suit itself was made from a silicone-like material that had been originally developed for burn victims It was quite resilient, more so that silicone or rubber, but Gary was a bit scared of damaging it, though it had a special weave inside that prevented it tearing.

The suit was properly padded in all the right places providing almost the same density and consistency of human flesh, combined with sleek, feminine proportions.

As he pulled his own manhood even tighter, he slowly gathered one arm and slipped is own inside the glove. He adjusted the hand over his and pulled the arm tight, getting rid of any creases. Suddenly remembering something, he held up his new feminine left hand, went back to the box, and pulled out a small hook attached to a small chain. He slipped it onto the zipper and let it dangle as he got his hand into the other glove.

Adjusting the hand to a proper fit between each finger, he slipped into the shoulders, reached for the small chain, and attached it to a hook on his bed.

Inside the suit were a series of hooks that pulled his waist tight. He held them in his fingers and pulled them against each other, all this while he stepped back, letting the zipper close over his body and pulling it tight. The weight of the breasts seemed to merge with his body and they wiggled like the real thing.

The dollís head hung limply over his collarbone and he reached for the edges and eased his head inside before pulling the zipper completely shut over the back of his head. He began to pull faces inside the mask allowing the breathing tubes to enter his nostrils. He opened his mouth and eased his teeth and tongue inside the artificial ones.

By now Garyís movements changed becoming feminine, loosing his identity Ö


Jennifer the doll looked at herself in the mirror. Naked and hairless, except for the little patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. With a thoroughly feminine stride, she went to her wig, eased it over her head, and pressed it down, much like a suction cup over her smooth skull.

With a flick of the head, she tossed her long black hair back and roughly combed it with her fingers tipped with oval fingernails painted bright red. Keeping her legs demurely together, she sat down and reached for a comb.

Every single hair was put in place of her long straight-haired coiffure.

She had a soft face with green glass eyes staring unblinking at her own reflection in the mirror.

With a little brush, she applied some lipstick and did some make-up to emphasize her gorgeous features.

A little powder to highlight her delicate cheekbones and she was ready.

She took a golden bullet-shaped object out of a drawer and flicked a switch. It began to buzz and she held it with both hands against her forehead. She let it glide over her nose and lips, over her chest and between her lovely pair of C-cup breasts down over her firm belly and the little button over her abdomen into her delicate pussy.

The dildo entered her and her head rolled back, long black hair cascading over her back.

She shifted the dildo inside her, but her frozen face almost did not do justice to her pleasure.

Letting go of the dildo, she closed her legs around it and curled up around it for a moment.

After a few minutes, she shifted on the chair, opened her legs wide and leaned back on the chair, letting her fingers play with the outlines of her sex, pushing on the little sacks full of lubricating liquid.

With a quick grab, she pulled it out leaving long strands of liquid drip out and got to her feet, kneeling on the chair.

Prepped up against the back, she held the dildo to her behind and pushed it inside, all the while playing one hand over her sex.

Her mouth opened with an ecstatic but silent gasp.

Twisting round, she reached for the drawer and took out the second dildo and while leaning forward, still prepped up on one arm, eased it into her moist areas.

With the two dildoís drilling into her, she got up on wobbly knees and tried to walk straight as she went towards the box.

She pushed the dildoís as deep as they would go into her and just stepped into the padded box.

Running her hands over her slender sides, even feeling her plastic ribs, she slowly lowered herself, bending over.

She felt her knees with her forehead and flicked a lever with her right hand.

The box fell shut over her.

Secure inside the box, Jennifer let the dildoís pleasure her, slowly becoming inert, resisting all temptation to touch herself.

The faceless dummy on the chair had been assisting to the scene until the box closed shut.

And then it moved Ö

Undoing a zipper, a slim young woman emerged out of her featureless plastic skin.

She took in a deep breath as if she came out of a deep trance. She slowly came back to life and slipped out of the dummy. She was a slim young woman, slight of build, but graced with a pretty face reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

Gracefully, she bowed to pick up the discarded dummy costume and looked at the box.

Totally naked, she walked up to it and put her head on it.

"Iíll be right back." She whispered and took out a robe and went downstairs.


Leanna returned with a small half-eaten piece of toast. She finished it and carefully opened the box.

The dildoís still hummed and she raised the stiff doll to a sitting position.

Leanna fixed Jenniferís hair and posed her hands onto the sides of the box to prep her up.

Apparently skilled in leverage and taking her time, Leanna got Jennifer out of the box and had posed her on hands and knees

She pulled out the moist dildo, opened her own legs, and let it enter her.

Now graced with a silly walk, she went to a drawer and took out some lingerie.

"Iím sorry, but you donít need this anymore." Leanna said and pulled the other dildo out of her behind.

Jennifer was totally motionless, still on hands and knees, her inviting round behind sticking out.

She slipped the black panty up Jenniferís sleek legs and adjusted it over her lovely hips.

A garter belt and stockings adorned her legs.

Leanna then changed Jenniferís pose again to a kneeling pose with her hands on her laps, and then entered her lovely breasts into a lovely little black bra. Jenniferís breasts were perfectly formed and firm so she didnít really need a bra, but it just brought them out to their best advantage.

Leanna took a break to pleasure herself with the dildo and let Jennifer be pretty for a while, in a lingerie pose straight out of Victoriaís secret.

After that short interlude, Leanna, again with the help of some clever leverage, raised Jennifer to her feet and posed her in a straight "attention" pose with her arms besides her body.

Leanna gathered Jenniferís long black hair and tied it up into a tight little bun.

Then she pushed her arms up to a 45į angle and went to the wardrobe to get something like a broad girdle.

She strapped it round Jenniferís tapered waist and pulled it tight.

Another door of the wardrobe opened and Leanna looked at the shiny metal inside.

Leanna tipped Jennifer and eased her foot into a golden toeless one. She then took out what looked like a pair of golden kneepads and attached them to Jenniferís knees.

Going back and forth between the wardrobe and Jennifer, Leanna pushed Jenniferís legs apart and slipped an articulated golden crotch over the dollís. It clasped shut around her lovely hips.

Greaves and leg panels later, Jennifer was ready for the breast- and backplates.

It wasnít until the golden visored mask slipped over Jenniferís pretty staring face that the transformation into a sleek Sorayama gynoid was complete.

Leanna had to have another go a the dildo before she could take out the key Ö

The large key fitted into Jenniferís back. And with the dildo still between her legs, Leanna turned it over and over until it clicked.

Jennifer rattled and the key slowly began to turn.

She moved her hands with slow jerky motions, followed by her legs, strutting around and finally her head, which cocked from left to right and vice-versa.

Leanna felt a rush and came, letting liquid ooze out of her body while she watched the robot going trough an entire performance.

But slowly, the key wound down and the robotís jerky motions became slower and there was a longer interval between them until the key stopped.

By now Leanna was gasping and enjoyed the bliss of her orgasms, leaving the robot motionless.

Having recovered, Leanna took out the key and put it back in the closet, taking out a small golden box instead, with a single red button.

She plugged it where the key would fit and pushed the button.

The robot reacted differently. Her movements were still robotic, but smoother and sharper, like a more advanced model.

It seemed also more handy and picked up the dildo.

Leanna sat down on the bed, leaned back and opened her legs.

The robot-Jennifer began to ease the dildo into Leanna and began to fondle her body, making Leanna giggle with pleasure.

The robotís hands would buzz faintly as she ran her hands over Leannaís body, exciting it to the point of goosebumps. Leanna had to plead mercy a few times until she would come, enjoy the bliss and then start the cycle all over again.

But even though she was in bliss, Leanna veered up and pushed the button on Jenniferís back.

The golden robot became inert once again in the middle of her action.

Leanna took out the button, put it back besides the key, and took out what looked like a little keypad.

She plugged it into Jenniferís back and punched in a combination.

Jenniferís movements were more natural and graceful now, but retained a certain robotic precision.

"Letís go downstairs." Leanna said.

Jennifer bleeped, tooted and whistled a response.

Leanna smiled and followed the buzzing Jennifer downstairs to the living room.

Leanna opened a tall glass case and made an inviting motion for Jennifer to get inside.

The robot acknowledged with a few beeps, stepped into the display case, and went into a straight pose.

Leanna did not close the case yet, instead reaching for Jenniferís face and removed the faceplate to reveal a clear plastic layer underneath that revealed the doll inside the robot.

She laid a few more parts bare and then closed the glass case.

Perfectly immobile, Leanna smiled at the dressed-up doll. Deep inside, in an even deeper trance Gary felt the most fulfilled man in the world Ö Just by being his own doll. His slow thoughts shifted expectantly towards tomorrow, as the roles would be reversed Ö