by Paul G. Jutras

Tommy loved comics ever since he was a kid. He could read his favorites over and over again. When he reached high school he wanted to write his own comics more than anything. He made a comic list and would realize that normal comedy and super hero comics had been done to death. So, he chose to try TG comics.

After getting one rejection letter after another saying he should get a female co-writer to handle the female aspects of things he began to wear his mother's clothes when alone in the house and when he went to bed. He didn't think his mother knew about it, but she did and was getting concerned with his well being.

One day Tom's mother was out clothes shopping at a new store that opened at the beach called Sensational Swimwear when the answer came to her. She was looking at the lifelike mannequin dressed in bathing suit when she noticed a section filled with gag items tucked into the corner. Among them was a box that was labeled: GIRL SUIT - ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

"How much?" Tom's mother asked as she pointed to the costume in the box.

"Cheaper than off the internet," the owner of the shop said. "It doesn't sell well here and if your friend doesn't like it, he can return it to get his money back."

"Sound find to me." She said as she paid for the suit; she arrived home just in time to see Tommy reading his latest rejection letter. Even the independent comic companies didn't seem interested in his work. He watched with a shrug as she opened the box and pulled out what was inside. His eyes smiled as he looked up at his mom who just nodded to let him know it was for him and that she loved him enough to help out.

He stepped into the legs of the body suit one at a time. As he did, he noticed his toes take on a lovely sea green color in his nails. As he got the suit on, he couldn't believe how lovely it made him look and his mother couldn't recognize him at all. He had become the daughter she had always wanted. He noticed a button on the side of the suit and pressed it. As he did, the button evaporated right off the suit and the tightness he felt in his waist and crotch had ended. He couldn't even feel himself having anything between the legs at all anymore.

"Mom, what's happened?" he called.

"Maybe you should take the suit off?" His mom suggested.

"It won't come off," Tommy said with his squeaky girl's voice in a panic.

"You know, I always wanted a daughter," his mom said sweetly. Tommy soon learned his new female body and male mind was the perfect combo for his comic stories. From learning to kneel in a dress at church to going to his best girl friend's slumber parties, having his own first one, the TG comic was soon a hit.

The money he made with his comics paid his way through college. After he graduated he went to work for a genetic lab that provided medicine for stores all over the world. The new Tammy found the way she ate changing while at the lab. She gave up on meat all together and was mostly eating salads and fruits.

"You wanted to see me?" Tammy asked.

"I hear your mother died last week," Her boss spoke with concern. "I'm sorry and hope you have someone to turn to."

"Actually I have nobody now," Tammy said. "Nobody close since I went away to college."

"I see..." He said with a nod as an employee came up from behind and jabbed her in the neck. She blacked out. When she came too, she found herself on all fours. She wasn't sure if her legs were shorter or arms longer, but they were the same length now. She felt like she was wearing a girdle, but the full length mirror of the wall before her showed it was a saddle. She was naked except for the saddle and her hands and feet were now hardened hooves.

"Don't try to speak, her boss said with a sudden grin. "You were an unknowing test subject for our special horse hormones that would increase human track star's times on the sports field. The side effect has made you into a pony girl like the others we tried it on."

Tammy could hear the sound of hoof clicks in the nearby stalls. Her boss continued, "You'll be the first to be changed since we can't have anyone finding out what we're doing."

With the injection of another needle, her body froze up. She stared glassy eyed in horror as her skin turned plastic as she was ready to be turned into either a merry go round horse at the state fair or even a life size rocking horse. "Sure my daughter will enjoy you at the fair if you end up there." Tammy heard his evil laugher as he left.


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