by Paul G. Jutras

Tammy's mother was forced to fake her own death because of the top secret government research she was up to. As the sound of her black three inch heels clicked across the hard floor of the lab, Sarah sat down behind her computer desk and started typing in her report. She looked at a picture of her daughter Tammy and hoped she was making it well without her.

"You asked for a bottle of the new formula?" Dr. Kirby asked as he set it down by her computer.

"The color and reactions in the tube are so odd that it's hard to describe without seeing it," Sarah said as she thanked the doctor and continued her report. As she absentmindedly reached for her cola, however, she grabbed the formula by mistake and took a sip. By the time she realized her mistake it was too late.

"The keyboard seems larger then normal?" Sarah thought as she rubbed her eyes. "I must be working too many late nights. I have been getting so tired lately."

"Wait a second," She cried to herself, "My clothing is loose and my shoes seem kind of heavy. Oh no," her thoughts continued, "I must of grabbed the formula by mistake and now..."

"I guess Sarah took my advice and finally went to her quarters to get some sleep," Dr. Kirby said as he picked the formula up and took it back to the vault. He didn't even notice a Barbie doll-sized Sarah behind her desk, standing with her naked body inside the right leg of her thigh-hi taupe nylon hose.

"Help me!" Sarah squeaked as Dr. Kirby knocked her soda off the table with his elbow as he turned away. As her tiny body couldn't help but swallowing some of the soda the contents in it had an surprising reaction to the formula mix. Sarah's mind blurred as she felt her ears growing. They grew into large mouse ears at the same time as a mouse's tall grew out of her spine and made her look like a hairless humanoid mouse. "Don't leave me in the lab alone!"

"No way out," she sighed. Going back to her pile of clothes, she covered herself up and tried to get some sleep. "Guess I'll have to wait until they continue their research in the morning."

In the late hours of the evening, a noise got her attention. She peeked from behind the desk leg to see a ski mask wearing figure dressed all in black drop down from the air vent shaft. "No," Sarah thought as she watched him take the formula and leave. "How can Dr. Kirby develop an antidote for me without the formula itself to work from?"

The thief was no normal crook that hung out in a loft or fleabag apartment. He was a respected scientist for a rival country. With a fake passport, he and his wife got into the United States and posed with their 14 year old daughter and 3 year old son as a normal American family while waiting their chance to steal what they wanted.

"It should be safe locked away in my den," The man said with a sneer. "I'm too tired to remember my own safe combination."

"Sounds like George is home." His wife, Jessie, said to herself as she entered the den by the emergency back door from the hall and saw the formula. She was a lovely blonde woman in a white blouse, black blazer skirt and heels. "What's this? The brain boost formula he was after?"

"With it, I could become the #1 spy in the world," Jessie thought to herself as she took a sip. As nothing seemed to be happening, she decided to head to the kitchen to fix her husband a snack.

As she walked, she found herself tripping over her own feet. "My glasses don't seem to want to stay put and my shoes are all stretched out."

"Honey, what's wrong?" George asked as he walked in and saw his wife on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor in only her pantyhose as she had shrunk out of the rest of her clothes. She looked like their daughter did when she played dress up in her mother's clothes.

"Our contacts were wrong about what the formula was to do." George said as he watched his tiny naked wife climb out of her clothes. "I'm sure our daughter's doll clothes should fit you."

"Oh no," Jessie squeaked. "Katrina's slumber party. Hurry! I'm starting to have trouble moving my arms and legs."

"They're asleep by this hour." George said as he thought a moment and went racing back to the den to see the formula was gone. "Oh, no."

In her bed room, Katrina sat on top of her bed with her two friends Kim and Amy. "I couldn't get the soda from the kitchen because I heard mom and dad in there, but I found my dad's secret non-diet stash."

As they each took a sip they began to feel funny. Kim was first to notice that Katrina seemed smaller than she was before. Looking down on her only lasted a short time as both Kim and Amy began to shrink out of their clothes too. They were just glad to slip off the bed to the floor before they got too small.

"How are we going to get the door open?" Kim asked as even a human ladder made grabbing the handle hard to do. That was before the door opened from the other side and bowled them over.

"Sis," Katrina's baby brother asked as he wobbled into the room. "Dollies."

"Not dolls - people." Katrina cried as the little kid picked Amy up and put her head into his mouth, sucking on it like candy. This made Amy's pussy heat up start to drip cum on the floor.

"Oh no," George cried as he reached his daughter's room. "Steve, take that out of your mouth."

As he picked his daughter and her friends up, he found they had become the same as his wife. Unmoving plastic dolls staring blankly forward. He had no way of knowing they were still aware of the world around him as he used his own lab to dispose of the formula safely and making a small fortune selling the rights to duplicate the lifelike dolls that looked like his wife, daughter and friends. A good day for evil.

Back at the lab, mouse Sarah was unrecognizable in her plastic form and was given to a flea market where she was sold to a poor little girl, who she made happy. Dr. Kirby and the others had no choice but to put a warrant out for Sarah's arrest for stealing the formula, though she and the formula would never be seen of again.


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