The Commute
By Panic

Mindy yawned as she watched the scenery rush by her window. Just another familiar ride on the commuter train. Her new job in the city excited and, at times, overwhelmed her. Often it took the entire train ride home before she would begin to unwind from the hassles of working for a major retailer as a buyer. Fatigue was the major problem for Mindy this evening and the setting sun didn’t help her tired mood. Winter was quickly approaching, making the days that much shorter, and lonelier. With the Christmas season around the corner, Mindy quickly found out how difficult preparing her stores for the holiday rush would be. She sighed as she sipped a final stale gulp of coffee from a Styrofoam cup.

The country wife routine didn’t work out as she had planned. Mindy grimaced as she tortured herself with memories of Dan. At least they didn’t put a child through such a painful divorce. Two years of marriage to each other was all they could stand. Now, Mindy had to take care of herself all over again.

She discreetly slipped off her high heels and began to rub the soles of her feet. It felt so good to release the tension from her ankles and toes. ‘Only men would design such torturous shoes for women to wear,’ she thought to herself. Still, she did like the way her 3-inch heels shaped her slim calf muscles. Mindy had been a dancer as a youth and still had a dancer’s firm physique. She missed those carefree days now. Board meetings and deadlines swirled within her exhausted mind.

Suddenly, Mindy felt someone bump her from behind. She spun around quickly to investigate the disturbance and saw a tall man wearing a sensible brown suit. "I’m so sorry," he quickly apologized, "I’ve been having trouble carting this heavy baggage around. Please allow me to make it up to you." He had warm brown eyes and a well-trimmed mustache. He carried two large leather bags, one in each hand.

Mindy hesitated for a moment, then replied, "Oh, that’s alright. I’m always bumping into things, myself." She noticed him checking her out from head to toe. He seemed pleased with what he saw. Mindy liked when men seemed to appreciate her beauty. Then she remembered she still had her shoes off. "These shoes have been killing me today." She reached for her shoes in an effort to put them back on.

"Don’t worry about putting them back on, if you don’t want to," said the tall stranger. He stowed his bags overhead, then sat down next to Mindy. "I’m always amazed women can stand in heels to begin with. All in the name of beauty, I suspect." When the gentleman smiled, the corners of his eyes revealed small wrinkles, adding more character to his already attractive features. Mindy wondered to herself whether this stranger sitting next to her was available or taken. "Where are my manners," said the striking gentleman while offering a hand, "my name is Richard. Richard Roundtree."

Mindy shook Richard’s outstretched hand willingly and replied, "Nice to meet you, Richard. My name is Mindy Harrison." His handshake was forceful but not painful. Mindy stole a glance towards Richard’s left hand and didn’t spot a wedding band. "Do you ride this train often?"

"Actually, I do, Mindy," said Richard, "I work in the city but live in Worchester, so I still have quite a ride left. Where are you headed?"

"That’s so funny," Mindy replied, "I live in Worcester too! What a coincidence!" Mindy’s heart started to flutter a bit. She was just so happy to be connecting with someone for a change. Especially such an attractive young man.

"That’s fantastic! Then we have plenty of time to chat, if you’d like."

After talking for many hours, Mindy found she had much in common with Richard after all. They both were born and raised in the New England area. They both were 26 years old and divorced with no children. Plus they both worked in the city, although neither of them wished to talk about work. Mindy tried not to reveal her excitement, but deep down she longed to go further with this handsome man. She didn’t want this opportunity to slip through her grasp.

As the train approached their destination, Mindy anxiously waited for Richard to ask her out for coffee or something. He remained somewhat coy, yet still quite interested. Mindy finally decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Richard, I don’t know if you have any plans this evening, but I’d love to invite you to my house for dinner tonight. Nothing extravagant, I assure you, just good company. What do you say?" Mindy’s face looked flush, she had never actually asked a man out before. ‘Welcome to the 90’s, girl,’ Mindy thought to herself.

Richard was amused at this latest proposal. He did have plans, but it wouldn’t hurt to postpone them a little bit. "I’d love to have dinner with you, Mindy." Mindy sighed quietly under her breath as her color returned to normal.

The conductor shouted, "Next stop…Worchester!" Richard grabbed his heavy baggage while Mindy slid her shoes back on. As they exited the train, Richard held Mindy’s arm, assisting her down the short steps to the platform.

"I’ll follow you to your house then?" asked Richard.

Mindy forgot that he’d probably have a car parked at the station as well. "Sure, that sounds perfect. I live on the East Side of town, on Jessup Street. Don’t worry, I won’t go too fast," she smiled.

"I’ll try to keep up," he grinned as he deactivated his car alarm with a beep. It was a black Porsche 911 in mint condition. Mindy laughed as she stepped up to her Lexus. ‘I’ll give him a run for his money,’ she thought to herself.

Richard popped open his trunk and secured his bags inside. He loved the chase.

Mindy peeled out of the parking lot and headed northeast. Richard managed to keep up, since he was also familiar with the territory. The highway twisted around lush forests and farms. At one point along a straight patch, Mindy pushed her car up to 120 mph. It was out of character for Mindy to drive so recklessly, even after such a grim workday. But it felt so empowering to be lunging this quickly across the asphalt. Richard kept a 6 to 8 car distance, but wished he could burn past her, just to show off. He held back since she was supposed to be leading him. Besides, it looked like Mindy wanted to be more reckless than him this evening, and who was he to argue with that?

As they approached her exit, Mindy slowed her speed. She knew police were always ticketing drivers through this stretch of highway. Richard assumed she had a good reason for slowing, and he was right. A cop was waiting on the other side of an overpass, just waiting to swoop in and make an example out of any speeders. ‘That Mindy is pretty slick,’ thought Richard, ‘I may have to be careful with her.’ They exited the freeway and headed down a small country road.

About 4 miles down the road, Mindy slowed, then turned into a long driveway. Her house was a brick two story colonial. She clicked her garage door open and pulled into the garage. Richard pulled up near the garage and saw Mindy signaling for him to pull his Porsche inside the garage as well, so he did. With a 3-car garage, Mindy had plenty of room for both vehicles inside. ‘Must have nosy neighbors,’ Richard thought to himself.

"I was worried my careless driving would earn you a ticket, Richard," said Mindy sheepishly. "It just felt so good to go that fast!" She opened a door from the garage that led straight into the kitchen. Once inside, she grabbed some food out of the refrigerator and preheated the oven. "I hope you like Italian food?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," replied Richard, "Italian food’s my favorite!" His eyes wandered around the room as he tried to take everything in. He has just met this lovely girl on the train, and now he was standing in her living room watching her cook in the kitchen. Her sense of style and taste seemed to rival his own sensibilities. She tuned in a jazz station on a small Bose radio while she worked on the meal. ‘What a classy lady,’ he thought to himself.

Mindy finished dicing vegetables for a salad, then washed everything in the sink. "Do you mind if I change clothes?" she asked with a wink.

"Go right ahead," said Richard, "I’m very comfortable here. You have a stunning home, Mindy."

"Thank you," Mindy beamed with pride. "I love this house so much. It seems a shame I’m the only one enjoying it sometimes. I’ll be just a moment."

"Okay," said Richard as he leaned back in his chair. The scent of pasta was beginning to fill the room, which relaxed Richard a great deal. Memories of his Grandma’s delicious cooking eased his mind. Such carefree days back then.

Richard could hear Mindy running a shower upstairs, so he ran out to his car to check on his bags. He grabbed one of the bags, the larger one, and returned to the living room. By the time he checked on the lasagna in the oven, Mindy returned wearing a black nightgown with lace trim and black pumps. Her brown hair hung down past her shoulders, adding warmth to her delicate face. She was a stunning vision to behold.

"How’s our dinner look?" she asked as she ran a finger down Richard’s back. His excitement grew as he peered into her baby blue eyes. Her long eyelashes fluttered nervously as she continued to rub Richard’s shoulders.

"It looks delicious," replied Richard as he turned to face Mindy. "Very delicious." He wrapped his arms around Mindy’s lissome waist and kissed her succulent lips passionately. He guided her to the wall near the living room while kissing her. Mindy’s heart throbbed as she felt herself being lifted off her feet, her pumps falling to the floor with a clunk. Richard nibbled her left ear delicately as he placed Mindy’s sexy body down on the couch in the living room. Her chest began to rise and fall with greater intensity as her breath quickened. Richard began to rub Mindy’s clitoris with his hand using circular strokes. Mindy screamed her approval.

Richard reached into his bag, which happened to be lying right next to the couch on the floor. He pulled out a plastic jar of clear viscous liquid. Mindy was surprised, to say the least, but she found no reason to complain about it. Richard opened the jar and took out a handful, which he worked into Mindy’s eager pussy. She moaned loudly as he rubbed his skilled hands over her cunt and thighs. ‘He must be a masseuse or a physical therapist or something,’ thought Mindy, ‘he’s so skilled with those hands!’

Richard proceeded down Mindy’s strong legs and buttocks, applying his magical ointment with his big hands. As the skin absorbed the fluid, it tingled deliciously. He began to press it into the soles of her tired feet and toes. Mindy loved the warm feeling growing between her legs. Once Richard completed his work on her dainty feet, he set the jar down on the ground and dove in for another kiss. Mindy felt every nerve in her lower body buzzing intensely. Their tongues tangled and played with each other in a mad dance of ecstasy. After about twenty minutes of passionate kissing, they were interrupted by the bell on the oven.

"Damn," said Mindy, short of breath, "I forgot about the food." The last thing on her mind at this point was food, but she didn’t want to burn the house down.

"Don’t worry, my dear, I’ll get it." The instant Richard entered the kitchen, Mindy tore off her gown, leaving her gloriously naked. After Richard removed the slightly overdone lasagna from the oven, he spent a couple minutes washing his hands. "Should we just let this sit here to cool?" asked Richard.

"Sure, I’m not that kind of hungry anymore," smiled Mindy. Richard quickly returned to his waiting lover and lifted her legs onto his broad shoulders. His 8-inch cock was throbbing with excitement as he slid it into Mindy’s spread lips, leaning into it forcefully. Mindy wasn’t prepared for such a strong entrance, but her wet pussy welcomed the throbbing thrust. She howled with delight as their passions climaxed. The pounding reached a crescendo, and they both exploded within each other. Mindy could taste Richard’s sweat as it dripped from his brow.

They leaned on each other, their bodies nearly spent, for a few delicate minutes. Then Richard pulled his messy penis out of Mindy’s aching pussy. Oddly, Mindy’s legs remained high in the air, fully tensed, toes pointed, just as they were during the throes of orgasm. Richard didn’t seem to notice her apparent muscle spasm; he was busy cleaning himself of their release. Mindy, however, was getting very worried. As the throbbing in her womb began to cease, she suddenly came to the realization that she could not move her legs at all! It wasn’t painful like a leg cramp, just numb to all movement. She reached out a tentative hand and felt it make contact with her leg. It felt cold and hard, almost foreign compared to the soft flesh that she expected to feel. It seemed to crackle with energy as the hardening process continued. She cried out, "What’s happening to me, Richard! I’m scared!"

Richard, shocked by the sudden outburst, turned to face her agonized scream. "What’s wrong, Mindy?"

"What’s wrong?! Look at my legs! I can’t move them at all!" Mindy’s face turned ghostly white as she saw Richard’s not-so-shocked expression. "Oh my god! You did this, didn’t you? With that clear jelly stuff in that jar?" She let out a painful gasp of pure fear as she realized how doomed she now was. Richard stepped up to Mindy and gently kissed her plasticizing foot. He could hear her flesh tightening. He still had time to pose her.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is, in fact, Richard Worthington. I work for the Fontana Mannequin Company." Mindy gasped with horror as the light went off in her head.

"Fontana? We used to buy mannequins from your company…"

"That’s right, Mindy," replied Richard smugly. "Bennigan’s Department Stores used to buy our mannequins exclusively. Until recently, that is." Richard picked up Mindy by the legs and placed her hardening bottom on a nearby barstool. Mindy struck Richard many times with her fists, but she couldn’t stop him. She couldn’t even shift her weight to strike with any kind of power. He quickly began shaping and bending her legs into a seductive sitting pose. They were already flexed seductively, so he mainly changed the tilt of her waist to support her sitting form and bent her legs downward at the knees. Her flesh was definitely tight, but not too hard to pose, yet. "You were the one who dismissed our company from Bennigan’s 6 months ago. You cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"But all I did was choose a less expensive vendor," she stammered, "I was just trying to increase our profit margin. I didn’t think it mattered much where we got our mannequins."

"Well, now you know where we got your mannequins. What do you think?" She let out a disapproving groan as she realized how much she’d underestimated Fontana Mannequins. She did break an exclusive contract with them in order to save money and score a few points with management. How could she have been so naïve? But who could’ve guessed they had this kind of technological power. She never dreamed all those mannequins from Fontana were formally living, breathing girls. Mindy’s legs began to reflect the lights in the room as they developed a sheen. "Looks like your legs are about finished, my dear Mindy, should we finish you off?"

"How could you do this to me?" asked a distraught Mindy.

"I’m afraid I didn’t have a choice. In fact, you should feel confident that you didn’t have a choice in this matter either. If it helps, I really didn’t want to do this to you after I had gotten to know you." Richard kneeled down beside Mindy, just out of her limited view. She couldn’t twist her waist anymore, nor move anything below her waist. "I like you very much, Mindy. You are an incredibly beautiful and classy lady; that’s probably why you were chosen for this. But if I returned to my employer without completing my task, I would’ve been their next target." He reached out for her hand and said humbly, "I’m sorry, but it is your fate to be turned into a mannequin."

Richard walked over to his bag and produced a hypodermic needle filled with a pink solution. "There are two ways we could finish this, Mindy. Willingly or unwillingly." He tapped the needle with his finger. "It’s your choice. If you wish to assist me, we will make you a most beautiful mannequin until the end of time together. But, if you struggle, I can’t guarantee a pose and demeanor worthy of your poise and dignity. So, what’s your choice going to be?"

Mindy thought about it fearfully for a brief moment then seemed to relax. She reached down and felt her fully transformed legs. They felt so smooth and hard, yet so flawless and unblemished. She gently tapped her fingers on the plastic shell that had once been her soft flesh and marveled at the sensation. Her sense of touch seemed more distant once transformed, yet she could still feel air blowing around her posed legs. She was starting to fall in love with the new sensations. Besides, it was sort of flattering, in an odd way, to be turned into a mannequin. After all, they make mannequins out of only the most attractive people, don’t they? "Kiss me," Mindy pleaded, "Kiss me now!"

Richard leaned in and gently grasped her head in his hands. "I’m so sorry it had to be you," he apologized before kissing her lips passionately. Mindy knew this would be the last time she’d be able to kiss a man, so she relished every second. Within moments, her whole face, including her lips, would be transformed into hard, unmovable plastic. It was extremely frightening and exciting at the same time.

Richard reached into his bag and produced another jar of liquid plasticizer; the same stuff he’d used to trick her into this situation moments ago. He handed it to her and said, "Rub as much of this into the rest of you body as you can. Leave no skin uncovered." He smiled, "And don’t look so worried, honey, you will look absolutely fantastic! I’ll take care of you from now on." Mindy dunked her hands into the slimy jar and pulled out two heaping handfuls. She started rubbing it onto her tummy and breasts. Richard grabbed a handful to apply to her back and shoulders. "Why didn’t your hands turn into plastic when my legs froze?" asked Mindy curiously.

"I injected myself with the antidote just before I bumped into you," said Richard as he massaged the lotion into the soft flesh of her back. "Once the transformation begins, however, there is no turning back. The antidote only works if you use it before coming into contact with my plasticizing agent." Mindy continued to work the lotion into her ample breasts, amazed that her last movements as a breathing human being would be to help her captor trap her beauty within plastic. Her pink nipples grew harder and harder, until it felt as if they would burst from the pleasurable sensations warming within her.

"Mmmmm, this feels sooo goood," moaned Mindy as her head rocked from side to side. Richard smiled as he worked on applying his cream into her long arms. Once he finished he walked to her front and assisted with applying the solution to her chin, mouth and cheeks. Mindy’s breath started to sound more and more shallow as they worked. Her chest was already beginning to harden, restricting her movement. Richard had designed the cream to include a paralyzing agent, thereby making posing that much easier. "I can’t move my hands anymore, Richard," said Mindy in a halting tone. She felt like a swimmer losing her battle with the sea.

"I suspected that would happen," said Richard, "but everything is going very well. You look gorgeous, Mindy. Just sit back and let me finish your face." Richard took the jar out of Mindy’s paralyzed hands and proceeded to apply the remainder of the potion to the rest of her face. Once he was satisfied she was covered from head to toe, Richard set the jar aside.

Richard turned abruptly when he heard a tiny, halting voice say, "Good…Bye, Rich…ard. Take….. good….. care….. of….….. me………….." Richard kissed her lips one last time, but couldn’t feel her lips kissing back.

"I’m going to start posing you now, Mindy." Mindy watched passively as Richard moved around her prone form, adjusting aspects as he moved. He placed her slim right hand on her tiny waist, and posed her left arm in mid air, about shoulder height, fingers pointed into a lovely sweep. Her legs were already perfectly posed in a gorgeous sitting pose, hips slightly tilted, so he posed her head with a slight tilt in the opposing direction, adding balance to her positioning. He placed one arm at her back, other at her collar and lifted her shoulders up and back, pushing her firm breasts outward. Then he worked on the delicate features of her face; lifting her chin up, adjusting her mouth into a pouty grin, and narrowing her eyes just a bit from her excited final movements.

Once he was satisfied with his work, he sat back and enjoyed the view. She once had been a living, breathing woman full of vitality. Now, she would be a static sculpture of grace and beauty modeling the finest new fashions for everyone to see. After about 30 minutes, he decided it was time for transport. He walked up to Mindy and tapped a knuckle across her rigid face to make certain she had set properly.

Richard went through the house wiping his fingerprints off of anything he’d touched during his brief visit. Once satisfied all physical evidence was altered properly, he scooped up all his supplies into his bag and carried it out to the car, securing it back in the trunk. Then he returned to the house and picked up Mindy’s light figure. Once she was secured in the passenger seat, he sped off into the darkness. ‘I wonder what tomorrow’s acquisition will be,’ he thought to himself.