ASFR Companion Androids II

by gorgo

Based on an original story by C.G.R.

WRITER'S NOTES: Okay, I assume C.G.R.'s story was just a one-shot. But I liked it so much that I decided to give it a sequel. I can't help myself at times; there are loads of stories at the ASFR story page that I'd love to add more to. This story is not meant in any way to infringe on the original, but it will demonstrate my personal viewpoints on possible human-android relationships...and be warned, I've got loads more ideas rolling around inside my head, so this is just the first of many to come over the next while.

Gerald sighs as he shuts off the motor, stretching himself before stepping out, pausing to gaze on his small house. Taking his well-worn briefcase from the shotgun seat, he walks to the side door, slipping inside. "I'm home."

"Wel.come-back," a voice responds. "Din.ner-will-be-rea.dy-soon."

"Thanks, Renee!" he saunters into the kitchen, then jolts on seeing one of his two houseguests. "Whoa!!"

Renee grins, now scantily dressed in a dark red lace teddy and slip with G-strings and fishnet stockings, her long black hair tied in its usual ponytail. Add that to stiletto heels and you had a sultry sex goddess demanding worship. Gerald feels the hot rush his groin as she turns her attention away from the stove, swaying towards him. "Like?" she hums, her eyebrows wriggling.

"I love it," he whistles, drawing her into his embrace, then gently devours her inviting lips.

Renee purrs, the throaty sound broken by the regimented click which harshly reminded Gerald of what she really was. At first, it didn't seem to bother him too much, but over the last two months, the simple fact that Renee and her friend/lover Terri were very advanced androids had started to produce rumblings of discord deep in his heart.

Truthfully, he knew how lucky he was. A classic nerd who oft felt he could never score with a woman, he found himself bored out of his mind during a well-earned holiday. He stumble onto, by sheer luck it seemed, information on the ASFRTech company, a robotics firm then introducing a new model of companion android, the 500 series. Requiring organic beta testers to ensure their new product was safe, they allowed Gerald to bring home Terri and Renee, two delightful women who literally were built to please.

His arms gently trace up her back to start untying the teddy, freeing Renee's bountiful bosom for more closer inspection. "Oh, Mas.ter, I'," she gently coos.

Gerald sighs; the romance of her words seemed hollow given her robotic speech pattern...not to mention another thing. "Renee, I told you not to call me 'master,'" he stares into her glittering wide blue eyes.

Renee blinks, her processors clicking over, then she looks down ashamedly. "I'm-sor.ry, Ger.ald."

"Hey, it's okay," he cups her chin, then kisses her before he notices something out of the corner of his eye. "Um...dinner..."

Renee jolts, then races over to pull the boiling pot off the flame. "Shit!!!" she hisses, shutting off the gas.

"It's okay," he chuckles, then looks around. "Where's Terri?"

"She'," Renee points.

"Okay," he nods, head off, dropping his suitcase in the living room before heading to the bedroom.

Looking in, he notices Terri relaxed on the bed, glancing through a fashion magazine. Totally nude; she must've lost her daily tryst with Renee. It was one of the many traits...the many HUMAN traits...he liked about these two. When they were built, Terri and Renee were programmed to be functionally bisexual; when Gerald first saw them, they were displayed in a lesbian love scene. It seemed at times to Gerald that Terri and Renee could very much live by themselves; like all loving couples, they supported and cared for each other, fell into arguments and watched out for each other with their supervisor and everyone else. That was good; with his work schedule, they needed the additional emotional support.

Emotions. At first, he felt they were just exotic programs the ASFRTech people put into their units. But over the last two months, Terri and Renee demonstrated a warmth, a depth, which, if you didn't know better, would convince you they were real flesh-and-blood people. Gerald was amazed that their creators could put out such a lifelike product...not to mention amazed at himself that he was falling in love with both of them. Real love, not the hormone-driven lust he first had for them.

"Hi, Ger.ald," Terri's voice cuts through his train of thought. ""

"It was okay," he sits beside the tall blonde, gently stroking her curly locks as their eyes locked. "Did Renee really give it to you or did you let her win since you won the last three times?"

"It-seemed-fair," she winks, gently kissing him, then her hand slides towards his bulging crotch. "You-feel-up-to-some-fun?"

"Not now," he muses. "Renee and I almost went at it and nearly let dinner get burned! Later?"

Terri blinks. "Is-some.thing-wrong?"

Gerald sighs. "We'll talk about it later..."

"Ger.ald, are-you-an.gry-at-us?"

He winces, staring at Renee's worried stare, then Terri's. Sighing, he reaches over to give their hands a warm squeeze. "No, Renee, I'm not angry at you," he smiles.

"," Terri objects.

"Yes," he nods, steeling himself, hoping he wouldn't confuse them. " you ever think yourselves as human?"

Renee and Terri blink, then exchange looks. "What-do-you-mean-by-''" the former stares at him.

"I mean...look, you were built as companion androids, but since we've been together, there's...something more that I've seen in both of you," he stammers. Damn, it was so hard to explain this; even with the advance of AI, people still didn't have a rock-solid definition of "human."

"In-what-way?" Terri blinks.

Gerald bites his lips, then smiles as it comes to him. "Terri, do you love Renee?" he stares at her.

"Yes!" Terri nods.

"Ter.ri!!" Renee gasps, her cheeks flaming.

"It's-true," the blonde gazes wistfully at the brunette. "Re.mem.ber, e.ven-if-we-are-of-dif.fer.ent-mo.dels, You'' How-could-I-not-say-I-love-you, Re.nee?" she winks. "We', re.mem.ber?"

"Oh, Ter.ri..." Renee's eyes water, leaning over to kiss Terri. "You-say-the-sweet.est-things-at-times..."

"Okay," Gerald interrupts. "Terri, would you give your life for Renee?"

"What-does-that-mean?" Terri wonders.

"Okay...if a truck was speeding down the street in front of the house and Renee was crossing it to visit the neighbours, not noticing it before she could possibly be crushed, would you push her to safety...even if it meant risking your own life?"

Terri blinks, then nods. "Yes."

"Ter.ri..." Renee gasps.

"Renee, would you do the same for Terri?"

The brunette jolts, then nods, smiling. "Of-course-I-would. How-could-I-not-do-o.ther.wise?"

"Why-did-you-bring-this-up?" Terri stares at Gerald.

"I want to try something," he smiles, standing, then heads over to his briefcase. "Let's get into the bedroom."

The two androids follow him to the bedroom. In one corner was Gerald's computer, augmented with the necessary equipment so that he could download new programs into Terri and Renee. Drawing a CD from his briefcase, he notions Terri to sit by the CPU, then slips the special programming cable into her ear. Turning his machine on, he switches to FTP, loads the CD, then downloads the new files into her CPU.

Terri jolts as her mind races through the data, then sub-files it into the applicable processors. Her mouth opens and closes a couple of times, then she breathes out as the last kilobyte goes in. "Whoa, what was that...?!"

"Ter.ri!!" Renee gasps.

"Damn, it does work!" Gerald laughs.

"What...hey, what's with my voice...oh, my...!" Terri frets, then stares at him. "What did you do to me?!"

"Believe it or not, my company got a contract from ASFRTech to work out a new speech processing protocol for 500-series AIs," Gerald laughs. "Everyone at work knows about you two, so they allowed me to keep a copy." He then kisses her. "A little present from me to both of you."

"Oh, Gerald, it's a wonderful present," Terri sighs, tears glistening her cheeks, then after a thank-you kiss, stands. "Here, you better go through this, Renee. After all, we have to properly reward Gerald for this present, eh?!"

Renee laughs. Gerald shudders, wondering if he'll get any decent sleep tonight...

"Let's see...mushrooms, mushrooms..."

Next morning, Terri runs through her shopping list at the supermarket. To make them more realistic to scrutinizing buyers, the 500 series were constructed with a digestive tract that allowed food to be consumed via a matter-plasma converter located in her upper abdomen. Of course, they didn't need the extra power; their solar cells, supplied by collectors under their outer skin layers, were sufficient enough to give them constant power. Terri and Renee rarely if ever needed to go to their back-up batteries since Gerald allowed them as much chance as possible to get outside.

Their conversation the previous night runs through Terri's memory cells as she finds the mushrooms, then gathers other vegetables for tonight's salad. Gerald actually saw her and Renee as human, wanted to do everything to treat them as such. While there were certain realities neither could ignore, it would make life at the Thomas home all the more heartwarming. Terri privately hoped it would become so pleasant, it would give her and Renee the chance to spend the rest of their lives with him after the "trial" period was complete.

ASFRTech had allowed Gerald to take the two under his custody for six months. At the end of that, the company directors would then evaluate all the test data plus Gerald's private observations on them, then make a choice. The best one of all for Terri and Renee...and Gerald, admittedly...was for them to be given to Gerald free of charge, though most likely, they would be offered to him at reduced cost; they were "used" goods, after all. Four more months, the blonde muses to herself. A lot can happen before then.


Terri turns, blinking on seeing a stocky woman with wavy brown hair, freckles and glasses, standing beside her. "Oh, sorry!" Terri flushes, moving aside to give her the chance to get at the apples. "My mind was a million miles away."

The woman blinks, then stares at Terry's left ear. "You're an android!" she gapes surprisedly.

"Yes, I am," Terri brushes her locks aside to reveal the flesh-tone switch that served as a backup deactivation point. "I'm Terri Thomas. Do I know you?"

"You might know my companion, Antonio," she smiles, taking a plastic bag and filling it full of macintoshes.

"Tony? How is he?!"

"He's alright...though I confess he still speaks like an, you know what I mean!" the woman flushes.

"Ah, I guess my companion's program hasn't been issued out to all the beta testers yet," Terri snickers, then stares at the woman as they make their way down an aisle. "You're Bernice Alberton, right? You were there when Gerald came to see us."

"I am," Bernice smiles. "I didn't know your companion worked at a computer company."

"He was actually on vacation when he learned about ASFRTech," Terri confirms. "He's back to work now, which makes things pretty lonely at the for Renee, that is."

"Renee...oh, I remember Gerald!" Bernice nods. "I guess I'm lucky. I work at city hall in the planning department, which could mean long hours at times, but Tony comes by to look in on me when I have to work late. The others in the office think it's sweet."

"Hey, we're built to please, remember!" Terri winks. "Say, I got an idea! Why don't you and Tony come by the house and we'll get the new speech protocols put into him? I'm sure Gerald'll go for it. He should remember you; it hasn't been that long."

"I don't want to be an imposition...!"

"You won't be," Terri asserts, then sighs. "Bernice, can I ask you something? Something...personal?"

"Sure," Bernice nods.

"Do you love Tony? I mean, love him as if he were human?"

"He IS human!" Bernice loudly asserts, then sighs, her cheeks flaming. "Strange, huh?"

"No, it's not," Terri laughs. "Bernice..."


"Bernie," Terri amends. "Believe it or not, it's people like you who make our lives a lot easier," she winks.

The woman beams...

"There, how do you feel?"

Antonio blinks as his central processors come on line, then sighs. "I feel great, Gerald...whoa, this program really works!"

The three women sitting on the bed laugh as the husky-skinned android rises, then shakes the programmer's hand before they shift back into the living room and the scrumptious meal Terri whipped up. Conversation is brisk, Gerald and Bernice keeping quiet most of the time as the three androids chatter animatedly, exchanging their stories and personal anecdotes about their companions, causing the two organics to turn a dozen shades of crimson when more embarrassing points came up. By the time dessert is offered, the androids quiet down as Bernice and Gerald get the chance to become better acquainted.

"It's sad, really," Bernice muses as everyone pitches in to clean up. "With budget cuts, they're already cutting back on a lot of staff positions. I'm safe, but two of the younger clerks were let go due to lack of experience. Early retirement's going to handle most of it, but the pain this causes..."

"Sooner or later, it might hit the computer industry," Gerald muses as dishes are loaded in the washer. "I mean, AIs and high-speed microprocessors are still working their way into the mainstream, so there's room for a lot of companies to exist. But as soon as things rationalize themselves, the smaller companies or those with a limited market'll go under for sure."

"Will you be affected?" Antonio wonders.

"Nah, I should be fine," Gerald laughs, then waves at the three androids. "After all, that's mostly my work that's allowing you to sound more human."

"For that, may all the 500s thank you," Antonio smiles, then forlornly sighs, glancing out the kitchen window.

"Hey, Tony, you okay?" Renee blinks concernedly, walking over to him. "You look a little down. What's wrong?"

"Dear..." Bernice tenses.

"I'm sorry, honey," he reaches over to draw her into a one-armed embrace, kissing her on the forehead. "I didn't want to put this on you with what you're seeing at work..."

"Hey, your problems are my problems, remember!!" Bernice thumps him in the chest. "Don't you dare do that to me, Tony! I won't take it!! We're supposed to be married, remember?!"

"What's this?!" Terri's eyes widen.

"A half-month ago, Bernie convinced me to go through a commitment ceremony," Antonio smiles, kissing his wife. "It was done at the New Harmony Temple downtown."

"Oh, that's the one where Alice and Marian work," Renee nods understandingly, then at Gerald's confused look, adds, "The priest there lost several temple pages when they moved to another city to attend university, so he asked the company to allow him to test two females who're more inclined for social service work than personal companionship."

"They do commitment ceremonies between androids and their testers on the side," Bernice smiles, gazing warmly at her husband.

"So what's bugging you, anyway, Tony?" Gerald stares at the husky-skinned android. "You looked like someone just died."

"Someone might die, Gerald," Antonio sighs. "Jo-Ann."

Renee and Terri jolt. "Jo-Ann...?" Gerald blinks, then hums. "Oh, I remember her! She's the one who had problems standing up!"

"They haven't corrected it?!" Renee blinks.

"No, try as they might, they can't seem to find out what's wrong with her," Antonio sighs. "I went in for some program upgrades last week and I saw her there, still stumbling around. Jon and the others techs're about to give up all hope of making her fully operational."

Gerald notices the downcast looks on Renee and Terri. "What'll happen to her?" Bernice wonders.

"They'll kill her..." Renee sniffs.

"Oh, Jo-Ann..." Terri shakes her head, wiping her cheeks.

Gerald and Bernice exchange looks, their hands reaching out to provide comfort for their companions. Few realized it, but the 500 series androids, though of different models and programmed to portray a wide range of people, were in fact a large family. Yes, living in separate houses, but they knew each other in a way few organics could ever understand. "Hey, it's okay!" Gerald gently coos, stroking his companions' hair. "We'll think of something."

"But what on Earth could we do for her?" Bernice wonders...

The next day...

"Thank-you-for-cal.ling-A.S.F.R.Tech. How-may-I-help-you?"

"Yes, can you put me through to Jon, please? This is Gerald Thomas, beta tester for Terri and Renee."

"Just-one-mo.ment, I'll-trans.fer-you-o.ver."

A second later, the chief technician's line is picked up. "Yes, Gerald! Nice to hear from you...and thanks for your work with the speech protocols! Any problems with Terri and Renee?!"

"No, Jon, but I just heard that you're still having problems getting Jo-Ann on her feet," Gerald smiles.

A forlorn sigh. "'Problems' isn't the way I'd describe this, Gerald," Jon replies. "'Catastrophe' is more like it."

"How bad is she?"

"Near as we could figure out, her whole motion control net is built with a lot of materials that aren't up to snuff. Unfortunately, since that's connected directly into her central processor system, changing the MCN would require our ripping out whole hunks of her mind, which could set us back months as we try to mentally restore her back to normal..."

"And since you want the testing done in four months time, you might lose sales if you can't prove her abilities," Gerald concludes. While ASFRTech at times struck him as a group of superb artists giving many people their dream, the bottom line with them was still money. "Jon, I was wondering; would you allow her to go out as is?"

Silence. "Are you serious?!" Jon exclaims.

"Very serious," Gerald sighs. "Jon, look. Bernice Alberton's companion Antonio found out about Jo-Ann, then he passed it on to Terri and Renee last night at dinner. You should see them right now; they're acting as if one of the family just was just diagnosed with AIDS and was just told she had a month left to live."

"Really..." Jon muses, then hums. "Well, isn't that nice. I didn't realize Terri and Renee were coming along so well."

"Excuse me?"

"You might find this odd, Gerald, but we hoped that the 500 series would develop real emotions and human-like traits during the trial period," Jon explains. "We didn't tell you this at the start since part of the experiment was to see if the beta tester would be able to adopt as the android evolved, change his perceptions of her from a sex toy to a real loving companion."

"Why'd you do that?"

"Because it's human nature to bestow quantities we possess onto inanimate things we fall in love with," Jon chuckles. "Why do you think sailors fall in love with ships they've served on for years at a time? It's a bond they form with their equipment, a sense of both the good and bad things that equipment can do. A ship's personality, in other words. Our androids have the capacity to do a lot, much more than even we first suspected, and we want to ensure that's totally explored and understood before putting them on the mass market."

"I see," Gerald hums. "So, would you allow Jo-Ann out?"

A pause. "Come down tomorrow afternoon at two."

"I can't believe they're letting this happen!!" Renee beams as Gerald drives the car into the parking lot.

"Believe it," he nods as the three leap out of the vehicle, walking inside.

An android receptionist, a Helen model, smiles. "Wel.come-to-A.S.F.R.Tech. Wel.come-back, Ter.ri, Re.nee. Can-I-help-you?"

"Yeah, we're here for Jo-Ann!" Terri announces.

"I'll-in.form-Jon-right-a.way," the receptionist takes phone in hand, then makes a call.

"Get the gear," Terri looks at Renee.

"Aye-aye!" the latter salutes, then heads outside.

A side door opens, revealing Jon. "Gerald, Terri!" he shakes his hand, then accepts her embrace. "How are you? Where's Renee?"

"She's getting some things we got for Jo-Ann," Gerald sighs. "Jon, are you sure you'll let this happen?"

"We're more than sure," Jon guides them into the warehouse, past the stilled displays. "Jo-Ann's mental programming is even more advanced then Terri's and Renee's were when you first came for them, so we're really loath to see all that work go to I'm sure Terri would be loath to see Jo-Ann die."

"Damn right I wouldn't!" Terri sighs.

Jon blinks, surprised by the profanity. "Wow, you've really come along in the last two months, haven't you?"

"That she has," Gerald smiles, embracing and kissing Terri. "And I wouldn't want it any other way, even if this wasn't what you originally planned."

"Well, when we started this project, it quickly became clear to us that we were stepping into something that might evolve way past what we'd normally expect of an android," Jon sighs, nodding to the blonde bombshell between them. "Terri has five sisters now being tested...and ALL of them are like lionesses when it comes to protecting their companions. While all our individual types are pretty well-rounded, we think Terri's model will be as popular for her emotional strength as her considerable physical charms."

Terri flushes, then all three hear wheels. Turning, they see Renee scoot up the hallway on a wheelchair, a pair of crutches in her lap. "Here's Jo-Ann's transportation when she's out of the house!" the brunette laughs as she hops off the chair, handing the crutches to Terri as they come to the door leading to the adult area. "So where is she?"

"Right here," Jon waves them inside.

Unlike Gerald's last time here, the adult warehouse was all but empty; he guessed it had attracted the most attention with the beta testers. "Whatever happened to the dominatrix you had fun with?" he stares bemusedly at Jon.

"Actually, Rhoda was picked by a latex-fetishist, but as they got together, they mellowed out considerably and she began evolving into a really tender companion," Jon smiles. "They actually went through a commitment ceremony; I'm sure Bernice and Antonio told you about that. Strange, huh?"

"Rhoda wasn't the type to make into a dominatrix," Terri chuckles, then thumbs Renee. "She's more that type!"

"I resent that!!" Renee snaps, then glares at her lover. "You will pay for that when we're in bed tonight, Terri!"

"I can't wait!" Terri meows, then winks at Gerald. "See what I mean?"

Renee flushes as Gerald and Jon laugh, then the four stop by the mattress where Gerald actually first beheld his future companions. "And here she is," Jon sighs, pulling out the remote.

"Hi, Jo-Ann," Renee smiles.

Gerald whistles. Jo-Ann is 5' 8", between Renee and Terri height wise. Quite slender though having the right curves in the right places, her demeanour is a kawaii mix of serious bookworm and passionate lover. Her auburn hair is straight, combed back and held in place with a blue hairband down to mid-back. Strangely, she has glasses, oval frames over warm hazel eyes so expressive, you could drown in her stare. Deactivated, she is dressed in a knit skirt and vest with button shirt, one hand frozen stroking her cheek as she sits up, balancing on the other arm.

"She is a beauty," he smiles. "A work of art."

"She's more beautiful inside," Terri asserts, then holds her hand out. "Can we be alone, Jon?"

"Sure," the chief technician hands her the remote, then discreetly withdraws.

Silence falls. "How bad's the damage?" Gerald wonders.

"When we were here, it was from waist down," Renee sits beside the frozen android, gazing sadly into Jo-Ann's sorrowful eyes. "She could still feel things in her legs, not to mention enjoy having sex, but standing up or waking around, forget it!"

"Well, shall we?" Terri wonders.

Gerald and Renee nod. Terri stabs controls, eliciting a surprised yawn from Jo-Ann as she shakes her head, then looks up. "Terri! Renee! What are you doing here?!" she smiles.

"Hey, Jo, you'd think we'd leave you in this place?" Terri kneels beside Jo-Ann's feet. "How are you?"

"I was afraid that I'd never wake up least, not for a very long time and with a lot of the real me gone," Jo-Ann sighs, then gazes at the lone organic. "Hello, there. Are you Terri's and Renee's beta tester?"

"Yes, I am," Gerald sighs, taking her hand and courtly kissing it. Yeah, he loved gorgeous blondes and sultry brunettes, but who WOULDN'T fall in love with this woman?!

"This is Gerald Thomas," Terri does the introductions. "Renee and I adopted his family name as ours. He's a computer programmer, so if the company decides he has to pay to keep us, he can pay for all three of us real easily."

"That's wonderful," Jo-Ann sighs. "I guess I'm Jo-Ann Thomas now, right? How did you convince Jon and the others to let me go?"

"I don't like the women I love being sad," Gerald smiles, gazing at Renee and Terri. "After all, you're as much a part of them as you're a part of the lives of everyone who works here."

"That's sweet of you, Gerald," Jo-Ann beams, then sighs. "So, what do we do now?"

Renee and Terri exchange knowing grins. "Do you desire pleasure, Jo-Ann?" the former gazes wantingly into her eyes.

"Yes, I want pleasure," the redhead swoons, sensing their desire to see her content. "I want you two to make love to me with our handsome supervisor watching us, then I want him to make love to me with you two watching us."

"Your wish is our command," Renee purrs.

Gerald backs away as Terri slips to Jo-Ann's right side. The blonde leans in to deftly kiss the redhead, then Jo-Ann shifts to kiss Renee. Terri's hand darts up to unbutton Jo-Ann's shirt, the latter's mouth being occupied by Renee's as the brunette android's hand begins to gently tug at the redhead's breast. Every button Terri undoes is followed by a tender kiss. As Gerald's sense of time slips away, Jo-Ann's shirt is undone, then as Terri comes up to take over kissing duties, Renee slips the garment from the redhead's shoulder, revealing a strapless lace bra.

Jo-Ann shifts to lay in Renee's lap as her hands begin undoing Terri's shirt, sitting up to allow the brunette the chance to squeeze her breasts as the redhead tried to free the blonde's ample chest from its coverings. Terri's black lace bra is quickly exposed, then Jo-Ann unsnaps the front-closing garment. "London, we have reached the summit!" the redhead meows as she draws Terri to her, her tongue lapping out at the blonde's hardening nipples.

Terri gasps as Renee works her hands under Jo-Ann's bra, gently kneading her breasts as she slips the garment free before unsnapping it, her mouth gently suckling on Jo-Ann's right ear. Out of the corner of her eye, Renee notices Gerald fidgeting, the bulge in his pants about to rip his jeans apart. "Oooh, hang on there, Master!" she grins. "We'll be over there soon!"

"Oh, Renee..." Jo-Ann coos.

"Yes, my lovely android mistress?"

"Give our handsome supervisor some relief, please. I don't like to see him so uncomfortable."

Renee hums, then stares at her. "No. You get first dibs, Jo. We're seeing to YOUR needs today! Hey, Gerald, c'mere!"

Gerald smiles, sliding over as Renee guides Jo-Ann's hands to his pants. Terri gets out of the way as the redhead deftly unzips his gorged member clear. "Whoa!!" Jo-Ann gasps, then stares at her sister androids. "You deal with this every night?"

"Almost!" Renee winks. "After all, there's more to our lives than just good sex!!"

"I can't wait to experience it!" Jo-Ann winks, then gently shoves Gerald onto the mattress. "Here, just relax."

Gerald gasps as the redhead plunges his quivering member into her mouth, her deft tongue tickling the throbbing muscle from tip to base, each stroke sending bursts of flame through his body. Used to moving around with just her upper body, Jo-Ann swings her hips and legs around so she could lay at quarter-angles to him. Renee and Terri sit to both sides, they leaning down to kiss and lick the redhead's bare back, their hands working on her breasts.

After a minute, the newest member of the Thomas family comes up for air. "Renee, Terri, can you take my skirt and panties off?" Jo-Ann looks back. "I want to feel Gerald's seed in me."

Hands deftly unsnap her skirt, then Terri and Renee slowly slide the garments off. "Oooh, what a perfect ass!" the latter growls, spreading kisses over Jo-Ann's posterior. "Your model'll be the best loved of us all when things go into full-gear!"

"Hey, don't knock yourselves down!" Jo-Ann titters, then stares at Gerald as she crawls with arms alone to position herself over him. "Dear, you'll have to put yourself in me, then come up top. I can't shift my legs around as much as I'd like."

"Okay," Gerald gently embraces her, turning to place the redhead on her back, then thanks to lots of practice with Terri and Renee, slides his throbbing member deep into her.

"OooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!" Jo-Ann cries out as her insides are gorged, then with what little control she had in the lower part of her body, begins to sway her hips, starting a rhythm to take them over the top.

Gerald was amazed, though it was hard for him to think now that things were rapidly reaching climax. Jo-Ann, even with her limited mobility, was clearly a lover with much experience; did Jon load her with advanced sexual routines before they came to see her? Before he could answer, a sudden rush in his groin drives all rational thought away as his member releases its load. Twin cries of rapture escape them as movement slows down, Gerald dropping to his side as he and Jo-Ann tightly embrace the other, allowing their passions to return to more tolerable levels.

"Was our mistress pleased?" Terri kisses Jo-Ann's cheek.

"Not really," the redhead winks. "But let's get me cleaned up and out of this place. We have a lot to look forward to tonight!"

The others shudder with anticipation...

The End...?!

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