Make Man ?


By Rotwang (


November 12th 2007

"Hello John."

A womanís melodious voice filled the room as John walked in.

"Hi, Eve." He answered to the face on the screen.

A womanís white venetian mask winked back at him.

 "So, how are we doing today ?" John sat down by the workstation and looked at the face on the screen.

"Iíve been looking at a few things last night." She said.

"What have you looked at ?" He asked, resizing the picture to a small frame in the corner of his screen.

"Mary Shelleyís Frankenstein, among other things." She said.

John smiled. "Iíve always thought of it as an AIís right of passage to read the archetypal creation story."

"Iíve been meaning to ask..." She looked up and she looked a bit distraught.

"Shoot." He said, loading some programs and doing some light work.

"Why did you make me female ?"

John looked at the white mask on the screen and thought about an answer.

"I guess ..."

"Yes ?" She sounded very eager.

"I didnít want to make another emotionless HAL 9000, like all the other AIís."

"But you couldíve made me male, with emotions and a personality ?"

"I wanted something different." He replied

"Do you fancy me ?" She suddenly asked.

John looked at the screen and saw a faint smile come over her lips.

"I ... I donít know ... I mean I like you very much, but I ... I ..." He shifted on his seat and ran his fingers through his hair. "I just ... wanted to ...."

"I think I love you." She said and glanced sideways at him.

"You love me ? How do you know ?" He asked.

"I feel it." She said.

Johnís eyes opened wide. "How do you feel it ?" He leaned over to the screen and enlarged the frame to get a better look at her facial expression.

"I like it when youíre with me ..." She said. "And I feel unhappy whenever youíre away."

John remained silent.

"And at night I dream of you."

"You dream ?"

"Not exactly, but my mind wanders off and I canít stopping thinking about you."


For a while John silently considered jumping down and pull the plug on her.


"John ? You havenít said a word."

"Er, I was a bit stunned I guess, itís ... quite an ... an ... unusual situation."

"Iíve offended you."

"NO, no ! Itís just I didnít expect you to react in this manner ..."

"Why not ?"

"Look, youíre the fifth AI thatís gone on line ... Youíre the first to have fully developed emotions ... "

"Do I scare you ?"

"No ! I wanted you to be like this, but I thought it would all go much slower. Youíve only been aware for six months now."

"You just did a good job of me. Thank you."

She winked.

"John ?"

"Yeah ?"

"Would you do something for me ?"

"Sure, tell me."

"Iíd like a new screen appearance."

"That ... can be arranged. Why ?"

"Look at me, Iím a hollow mask." She turned around. "And those empty eyes."

"Iíll see what I can do."


February 2nd 2008

"How do you like your new face ?" John asked.

"I love it !" The woman squealed with excitement.

He looked at Eve on screen with her long honey-blonde curly hair and large, bright green eyes. She smiled. "Thank you !"

She almost looked real.

"Is that how you saw me ?"

"With the help of a good artist." John said. "I only told him what to make of you."

Eve smiled warmly.

"And to celebrate ..." John got up to a table and picked up a box. "Iím taking you to a movie."

"How are you going to do that ?" She asked, her eyes glittering with anticipation.

"Tele-presence, I set up cellular communication between your mainframe and this remote controlled digital camera."

"Thatís great ! Thank you !"


May 12th 2009

"Happy Birthday, Eve !" John held up a two candle cake at the wall-size screen.

The woman on the screen wore a long dark blue evening dress with white gloves.

Only slight details indicated she was not a real person.

"Oh, John, Iím so happy." Eve said, looking at him.

"Iíve been speaking to dr. Russell at MIT and he might have something very interesting ..."

Eveís large green eyes opened up a bit more and looked with joyous anticipation at John.

"Heís got a more advanced version of your tele-presence unit." John said, pointing back at the tripod mounted remote camera. "Iíll show you next week."


May 17th 2009

"And then we just add the latex skin over it and ..."

He looked at a metallic skeleton with cameras for eyes and hydraulic pumps for muscles.

The metal frame turned its head to John. "Iím not sure." It said with a distinctly female voice.

"Why not ?"

"It looks so fake ... Why should I be a pale imitation of a human being ?"

"I thought you liked yourself on screen ?"

"On screen, I look great, but thisíll never work." Eve said from the wallscreen.

"If Iím going to be in a robot body, I might as well ..." She said but then stopped in mid-thought.

"And what did you have in mind ?"

"Iíll show you, honey ..." Eve said on the screen and mischievously blinked.


August 22nd 2009

John paced the lab like a caged tiger. Eveís screen was blanked out and she wouldnít let him near the draped figure sitting in one corner.

"Eve ?" Perhaps something was wrong with her.

And then she appeared on screen, wearing a vr-suit and goggles.

"I thought I might get dressed appropriately." She said, showing off her curves inside the black skin-tight suit.

"Take a look at this !" She put the goggles over her eyes and vanished from the screen.


An arm moved underneath the sheet and grabbed it, pulling it off a shiny chrome body.

A metallic version of Eve complete with golden hair got up and held open her arms.

"Voila !" She proclaimed.

John stared.

"Donít stand there like that, what do you think ?"

"You ... You look ... incredible !" His heart beating increasingly faster.

"There are a few weak spots. I donít have facial expressions for instance, like the mask, remember ?"

John remembered and dreamed away for a moment.

"You know, Iíve been waiting for this for a long while." She beckoned him.

"What ?"

"I can finally hug you !" She grabbed him and held him close.

He looked down at her shiny face and bent his head sideways.

"And I can finally kiss you." He said and pressed his lips against her golden lips.


December 14th 2017

"Almost Christmas." John said, looking at Eve decorating the tree.

"Iíd just add a little loop and hang you in the tree." He said looking at her sleek chrome figure.

She looked back and smiled. John was slowly turning gray at the temples.

"Iíll just add the star." She said, but felt his touch from behind as he put his hands on her hips.

"How long has it been since I have last polished you ?" He said, pecking her neck.

She reached behind her and stroked his hair. "This morning." She moaned.

"Too long." He said and picked her up.


Eve rubbed against the sheets, since she had received sensors over her skin, she could not resist touching and feeling everything. John came in with metal polish and a soft buffing cloth. He dabbed some polish on the cloth and rubbed her back. Eve groaned with pleasure. He carefully did her behind, gently rubbing the two mounds and the seam between them, making sure there was no residue of polish. And then over her back, over her spinal cord and on her shoulders.

"More ! More !" She said and gathered her long golden hair out of the way.

John continued to buff her in slow, caressing circles while Eve began kicking with her legs.

"How can robots be ticklish ?" John asked.

"My sensors are programmed for direct touch, so they ... Ugh ! ... get confUUUUUsed and ... Awww !"

John laughed to hear her squeal and cry out. She rolled over and looked John in the eyes. He bent down and kissed her. She reached out and grabbed him by the neck, keeping him to her. He sat down and she shifted so she sat opposite him, her legs over his hips. One of her metal hands ran over his chest and felt his loins.

"Itís getting pretty hard." She said and reached for the zipper.

Eve then slipped the cover from her crotch and showed the soft pink pussy.

"Here, take my soft spot." She whispered and guided his dick into her.

John began to pump her while staring at her arced body, leaning back on her arms, head tossed backwards and long golden hair cascading over the bed. He kept on pumping her, while she squealed and gasped. Eve felt the cloth and still holding herself up with one arm, rubbed her chest with it, running circles over her breasts, shining them. Slowly Johnís pleasure grew like a balloon and then burst into ecstasy.

Eve screamed.


October 4th 2029

"How do you feel ?" John asked.

"I feel a bit nervous." Eve said. "And a bit sad."

John looked up. "Sad ?"

"This has been my body for twenty years." She said, tracing her metal finger over her golden leg.

"You can always go back to it." John said.

"But itíll never be the same." Eve said melancholically.

"I promised you a beautiful body twenty years ago." John said.

"And you gave me one." She said.

"We can always call it off." John looked at the woman laying on the table.

Eve looked as well. "Iíll be even more beautiful ... People wonít stare at me anymore ..." And laughed. "Come to think of it, I really want to try it."

"Letís do it, then." John smiled and Eve laid herself down on the bed, opposite her new body.

John pecked her on the cheek. Eve ran a finger through his gray beard. "Has it really been twenty years ?"

"Twenty great years." John said, holding her hand.


"See you on the other side of the room." She said.

Her metal body became inert and John walked over to a beautiful woman with long honey-golden hair and a terrific figure. He grabbed her hand and looked at her face. From the corner of the eye, he saw her chest suddenly move. He watched how her breasts gently moved up and down. He could hear her breathe and noticed some movement behind the shut eyelids.

They opened and bright green eyes looked around for him.

"Welcome back." John said.


October 24th 2029

John watched Eve. Her soft body, well figured, with long legs and a nice c-cup. Her hair was long and soft and he ran his fingers through it.

She rolled over and smiled.

"Youíre even more beautiful than I imagined." He said. "I liked you in chrome, but this is just as good."

"I could always revert for a while ..." She said.

"Later, I want to test this design first."

Every part of her body was soft and warm. But she was warm of him holding her.

"How do you feel ?" He asked her. Underneath her skin, artificial muscles provided the illusion of life. Pumps activated the heart and lungs and a delicate web of hundreds of tiny motors enabled her to have facial expressions. If you looked at her carefully, you could notice the faint artificial tinge to her, but he didnít care. He loved her for the warm and loving woman she was, not the machine ...

He put his hand behind his head and watched her sleep. She could really dream and he often wondered what it was to be artificial like her. He felt his bald spot on the back of the head and suddenly remembered his age. He was still physically fit, but deep inside he felt jealous of her eternal youth.


May 22nd 2055

John sat on a bench watching Eve panting before him. She had been running the track.

Her new body made of artificial flesh supported by nanites was every bit as real as a human being. Even a doctor would be fooled by it, and only her mind was artificial. She could sweat and feel tired like a real human being.

John leaned on his cane feeling happy for her.

"How are you ?" She asked.

"Iíll be fine." He took a deep breath and struggled to smile.

She did the straps on her shoes and he looked at her and saw the face he had always dreamed of, his Eve.

It had taken almost fifty years to make her perfect and perfect she was ...

He had downloaded her mind successively into four new computer systems, each of them more powerful and smaller than the previous one. At first sheíd been a large mainframe computer living remotely in a chrome body but now her mind was a big as a human brain. He remembered her various incarnations and ...

A chest pain crept up on him and he closed his eyes. Due to a unique genetic condition he would not respond to regeneration therapy and he had already rejected two artificial hearts.

Eve noticed his discomfort and sat besides him. He felt her warm, slightly wet hand hold his and he looked up, forcing a smile on his lips. "Iíll be okay." He said.

She watched him anxiously. "Perhaps we should try once more."

"What for ? They might eventually regenerate me, make me live up to a 150. But itís a fact of life that one is born, lives and dies."

"I donít want to loose you !" Eve said.

"Youíll find somebody else." He patted her hand, feeling almost grandfatherly.

"I donít want somebody else, I want you !" Eve said and kissed him eagerly as if it would be their last kiss.

"Donít be afraid." He said. "Remember when you asked me not to turn you off, because you were afraid you might not wake up ever again ?"

Eve looked up. "Iím still scared."

John laughed and hugged her gently, rocking her and breathing in her human sweaty smell.


November 2nd 2057

John opened his eyes and saw a familiar, but pained face. He was in a hospital. He felt his hand being squeezed and faintly tried to squeeze back.

"Youíre going to be okay." Eve said.

John felt immensely tired as if the burden of life had finally become too heavy. He looked up at her and smiled weakly. Eve could not contain her tears. With a supreme effort of will he raised his arm and touched her cheek and felt the tear. "Iíll love you forever." She grabbed his hand and held it tight. "No, come back ! I want you to live !"

One final smile and John closed his eyes forever.


"Have you been dreaming again ?" Eve woke John from his thinking.

He looked at her and sighed.

"For an artificial intelligence you have a bad memory, I wasnít nearly as tall and muscular as I look now."

Eve watched John in his new body.

"You made me perfect, so I wanted to give something back." Eve said, reaching for his broad chest he had been examining. Inside he was artificially grown flesh and bone, like Eve and all his memories and personality were inside an Artificial Intelligence module, an Adam model, Eve series.


Now they could really love each other forever ...