The Mannequin Corset


I met my mistress at a fetish party. That was where we discovered that we both loved mannequins games. I loved to dress as a girl and pretend I was a mannequin. She was looking for a guy that she could dress as a girl and put on display in her home. Naturally we hit it off pretty good. I started seeing her soon after the party and not long after that I moved into her home. My name was Jeff and hers is Marline.

The first thing she did was to set about feminizing me. And I mean serious feminization. I had enjoyed crossdressing for years but she brought me to a new level. I trained as her maid and every day I was in full makeup and high heels. I was subjected to electrolysis to remove my body hair even the hair on my head! By the end of several months with her I had no hair at all left on my body. And I mean no hair at all. I had even been stripped of my eyebrows and eyelashes. Marline wanted me hairless because I looked more like a mannequin without any hair. And when I was in my corset and maids uniform I looked exactly like a girl too. During all of this there were of course our mannequin games.

They started off pretty innocently. She would dress me up in different outfits and make me stand as still as possible in the corner of a room. Sometimes I would have to stand there for several hours. And she took no consideration for my comfort when she had me pose for her. I was always tightly corseted and in very high-heeled shoes. She would put different wigs on me to suit her mood. If I moved without permission I was often punished by being tied down and given the spanking of my life! Believe me she made sure that my punishment was severe enough that I would rather stand motionless for any length of time.

As our relationship went on Marline made me stand motionless for longer and longer periods of time. Sometimes on a Saturday she would dress me up in some fancy gown first thing in the morning. Then make me stand in the corner until it started to get dark. I would get so tired standing there. My limbs aching to move. But I wouldn't though, the last thing I wanted to do was spoil her display. She wouldn't talk to me at all when I was posing for her. She would treat me like a real mannequin and just look at me. It gave me intense pleasure to be reduced to nothing more than something to show of a pretty dress. My dick would be rock hard the whole time I was standing there and I would ache to touch it. Sometimes when she wasn't in the room I would sneak a quick feel of my hard dick. I got caught a few times and I paid the price for it to. But it was so hard to stand there doing the thing that turned me on more than anything else in the world. Not moving made me want to touch my dick even more. The more I would think about what I was doing the more turned on I would get. It was a vicious circle.

I remember when she first bought the pedestal. She put it downstairs in the large room she had down there. The pedestal was so beautiful! It was a few feet in diameter and stood about six inches high. It had a mirrored top and a long pole coming up from it. There were also some holes on the base as well. Marline told me that these were for the special shoes she had bought to go with the base. She pulled them out of a bag to show them to me. There were two pairs. One was black and the other was white. They were the sexiest shoes I had ever seen. The heels were just over five inches high and they had several straps on them to close around the foot holding the shoe securely on. They were a pump style shoe and with all those straps on them they looked incredible. She turned them over and I saw why the shoes were special. They had metal tabs on them that would fit into the holes on the base. When the shoes were placed in the proper position they would lock into place!

Marline could not wait to try her new toys out. So we went to prepare me to be put on display. I was stripped of my maids' uniform and I took a shower. When I was done I went back downstairs so she could dress me. First she put a large but plug up my ass. It was the biggest one I had ever had put into me and it felt like it was splitting me in two. When that was done she started to dress me. First panties a bra and hose were put on me. Then a longline corset, it was a special one that she had bought in a fetish shop. It went from a high neck all the way to my thighs. Once laced into it it was impossible to bend over or remove without someone else's help. Then a heavy coat of makeup was put onto my face. When that was done she sprayed this special finish onto my face that sealed the makeup on and gave my face a glossy appearance. Now came the dress. Marline brought out a gorgeous ball gown for me to wear. It had long tight sleeves a high neck and a fitted bodice. The skirt was full and supported by layers of crinoline. She slipped it over my head and did up the back buttons. The dress was exquisite. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever worn!

I was lead over to the display stand and I could see that the shoes were already attached to the base. I slipped my feet into them and Marline closed the straps around my ankles. The straps were quite thick and I doubted that I would be able to pull my feet out until she released them. She then flipped the back of my dress up and started to undo the lacing at the bottom of my corset. I leaned back and felt pressure on my asshole. She was attaching the display pole to my buttplug! When she was done she retied the corset and dropped the back of my dress back down. She walked around me to fluff out the skirt then stood back to admire her work. She then put my hands into some silk gloves and buttoned them shut. The last thing she did was to sew my gloved hands to the front of my dress so that they were clasped together and firmly attached to me. Now I would not have to worry about holding my hands in place because they were sewn to my dress! I was thrilled with what she'd done to me. I was firmly attached to the display stand and completely at her mercy.

Every time before that we had done this I could always get off or move away if I really wanted to. But this time I didn't have that choice. I was stuck here on the pedestal until she released me. We were really bringing this mannequin game to a new level and I loved it! I wanted to be on display and she knew it. We were always looking for ways to increase the amount of time I could stand in place without moving. It looked like she had found a way to get by the fatigue barrier now. It didn't matter how tired I got because the display pole and corset held me up. With the shoes strapped to my feet and locked to the display stand I couldn't even move my feet. It would be easy to stay almost motionless all day like this. And that’s what I had to do. By the time I was ready it was only ten o'clock in the morning. She left me in their all day. She even went out for a few hours to do some shopping with some girlfriends later on in the evening. I was left on display while she was gone. I stood there as the house got dark and wondered when she would come home. I was very uncomfortable but I was also more turned on than I had ever been before. I was almost a real mannequin. I had stood here all day without moving and I loved it.

When she got home at ten o'clock that night she had had a few drinks at a bar. She looked at me and started to masturbate right in front of me. I stood motionless and silent as she did this. I knew that would please her. She reached an incredible climax as she knelt on the floor gazing at my motionless form. When she was done she stood up and told me she was too tired to release me now and that she would let me out in the morning! She turned out the lights and went to bed. I actually fell asleep standing there. The high neck of the corset kept my head up and I couldn’t fall over because of the pole up my ass.

When the morning came she let me out. I collapsed on the floor when she let me off the stand. She rolled me onto my back and sat on my face demanding that I pleasure her with my tongue. I had no choice but to obey since I was still in my display dress and corset. I brought her to several orgasms with my tongue before she grew tired and let me out of my clothes. The first thing I did was rush to the bathroom to pee. I hadn't gone for 24 hours and I needed to go badly. She stood at the bathroom door as I sat down to pee and watched me with a thoughtful look on her face. I had seen that look before and I knew she was planning something.

As the months went on she continued to corset me and lock me to the display stand. She started giving me enemas before and putting a diaper on me so she could leave me there for longer periods of time. After a while we got to the point where I could stay on display for a couple of days before she would have to release me so I could eat and use the toilet. It became easier and easier to stand there. I loved the feeling of being on display and I often told her this. I was so pretty when I was up there and without any cares. All I had to do was stand still and look beautiful.

It was around this time that she had the display case made. She had it built in the downstairs room where I was spending more and more time. It was a big glass case that was built into the wall. About half of it stuck out from the wall the rest was recessed into the wall. It had thick glass surrounding the open part and a door in the back wall to get in and out of the case by. She started putting me on display in here and this was even more exciting. I was now separated from her or anybody that she chose to have over. I felt just like a real mannequin in here. While I was in the case I would pretend I was in some fancy dress shop showing off pretty gowns. This fantasy really turned me on. To actually be on display and have the public walk by admiring my beauty with no idea I was actually a real person. And a man at that! Although you would never be able to tell any more. Marline had done an excellent job of feminizing me and I had long ago ceased to be recognizable as a male.

Well she made good use of the display case. I found myself spending less and less time as her maid and more and more time on display. She bought a latex mask one-day, one of those female facemasks. I wore that the next time I was on display and it really made me look like a mannequin. I could see myself when I was on display because I had a reflection in the glass. When she put the case lights on it was almost as good as a mirror. I really do make a great mannequin. She made me eat her pussy to every time she released me. She loved to lay me on the floor when I was still encased in my corset and ride my face for hours. She wouldn't even take the mask off because it had a hole in the mouth that I could stick my tongue through.

The next step up in display time came when Marilyn made some modifications to the case. When she put me on display she used a buttplug that delivered enemas and vibrated! There was also a sleeve over my penis so I could pee. The first time she used this setup she put me in a bridal gown. I think this was a turning point for her. It's when she made the decision to really change me. I didn't know it then and I don't know what I would have done if I had known. I was firmly under her power I don't think I would have had the balls to run out on her. I was slowly becoming the mannequin of our dreams. She just had bigger dreams than I did.

I was put into a traditional full-skirted wedding gown with my white high-heeled display shoes on. This time she sewed my elbows to the side of the dress. Then she sewed my hands together in front of me and clasped around a bouquet. My arms were firmly pinned to my sides. The only part of me that I could move a reasonable amount was my head. I could thrash around a little of course but it wasn't easy to do. I had only been in the case for few hours when she turned the buttplug on. The vibration was intense. It was right up against my prostate and the vibrations seemed to go through my entire groin. I tried desperately not to move as she lay on the couch and masturbated. She just watched me while she played with her self. I felt an orgasm building within me and my knees started to shake. If I hadn't had the pole holding me up I would have fallen over. Well when the orgasm hit me I started to jerk a little. I couldn't help it the pleasure and stimulation was just too much. She stopped maturating as soon as I started to move around. She stood up and stormed over to the glass and glared at me. My brain was swimming but I could tell she was pissed. Suddenly the vibrations stopped and she turned away. She turned the lights out in the room and left me there.

I think I was there for two days before she even came downstairs again. When she did step into my case I tried to apologize to her through my mask. But she just screamed at me that mannequins don't move or talk! Her anger surprised me so I stopped moving and talking at once. I watched her through the eyeholes of the mask as she walked around me. She left the case for a minute and came back and pushed a tube into my mouth. Then she picked up something that looked like a caulking gun and attached it to the tube going into my mouth. Marline then started squeezing it and I felt something going down my throat. She was feeding me! I could taste some of it in my mouth and it was sweet and thick. She pulled the tube from my mouth and glared at me. I don't know what was going through her mind but she just smiled and left the display case! How long was she going to leave me here? I was sorry that I'd moved and I wished she'd let me tell her so. I was sure that she must have been punishing me for moving while she was trying to masturbate. I saw her walk out in front of my window and right out of the room. She didn't even give me a glance.

The next day she came downstairs with one of her girlfriends. It was Katherine and she was a doctor. I knew her pretty good because I had served her many times when Marline was entertaining. She was as perverted as Marline and also had a love for feminizing men and mannequins. They both stood there in front of me talking and looking at me. It looked like Marline was asking her questions and Katherine was explaining things to her. They both kept pointing at me and looking at the case. Then they both went and sat down to drink some wine. I could see them laughing and casting sidelong glances at me.

After a little while they started to get a pretty good buzz on and they took their clothes off. They made love on the floor in front of me. I stood as still as possible while they writhed around on the floor. The last thing I wanted to do was piss Marline off in front of her friend. When they were done they both got dressed and came over to my glass window. They kissed passionately in front of me and then left the room. Marline shut the light off on her way out. I was left there in the darkness to wonder what was next.

The next day Marline let me out, in the usual manner off course though. I collapsed on the floor as she removed the pole and unlocked the shoes from the stand. She immediately hopped on my face and had me lick her to several orgasms. When she was done with me she started to cut the thread that was holding my hands in place. Then I was rolled over and my dress was undone. I weakly crawled out of my bridal gown so Marline could undo the corset. When I had been completely freed I was instructed to take a long bath. I gladly complied with this order and I went into the bathroom to soak in the tub.

For the next few weeks things went as normal. I spent time as her maid cleaning and on display as usual. I wasn't made to stand there for as long as the last time though. The longest time was two days and that was only once. Maybe she felt bad for making me stand in my case for so long. The only unusual thing that happened was when some woman came over and took very extensive measurements of my entire body. Marline didn't offer an explanation so I knew better than to ask. I just stood there passively as she measured the length of my arms, legs, how wide they were, my waist, neck, and even my head. I don't think she missed a single part of me. She then asked Marline what was the smallest waist that she could corset me down to at that time. She took a few more notes and left.

I continued to do my thing over the next few weeks. Then one Sunday she wanted to put me on display again. I went and bathed as usual and when I was done Marline gave me a one-piece body stocking to put on. It covered my entire body from my head to my feet. It had small holes for my nose and eyes but that was it. It even covered my fingers, had individual toes and a sleeve for my penis. When it was on me she sewed up the back. It fit me like a second skin. I was led into the display case and the first things I noticed were the shoes. There was a new pair of white leather ankle boots on the glass stand. I walked over to the shoes and slipped my feet into them. The nylons made a swishing sound as I slid my feet into them. The cool leather of the shoes sent a thrill through me. Marline bent down and laced the shoes up and tied a double knot at my ankle. I then bent over so she could put the buttplug into me. When that was done I was attached to the display pole. Next she came out with two metal poles with a wrist cuff on each end. She put them into holes in the floor I hadn't noticed and locked my wrist into them. My arms were down near my sides now but not to close. They were maybe about six inches away from my waist and a little in front of me.

I was a little more nervous than usual. Marline was doing things very differently this time. The only thing I could think of was that she had come up with something new. I got real nervous when Katherine walked into the display case. Marline had never had any one around before when she was getting me ready! Katherine came up to me and smiled. She started attaching little pads to me all over my body. They all had wires on them which dangled down to the floor. Next she showed me a clear plastic tube. She grabbed my penis and started to insert the tube into me. It was a catheter! I felt intense pain as it went further down my penis and I almost screamed. I didn't though because I knew I would pay for it if I did. The thing felt like it was an inch in diameter even though it was far smaller than that. She stopped and checked the depth of the insertion. She pulled it out a little then attached another tube to the end of the catheter. They then unlocked each hand separately to put another body stocking on me. This one was just like the first except the legs were joined together in a single sleeve. It also felt thicker than the first and much tighter. I was now standing there completely covered in stretchy nylon wondering what was next.

It wasn't long before I found out. Marline walked in front of me holding what looked like a corset. Only it was unlike any corset I had ever seen. It went from the ankles all the way to the top of the head. It had full-length arms that ended at the wrists! I could see all the heavy boning on the inside but none of it on the outside. That’s when I noticed the color. It was a flesh tone pink. Marline turned it around so I could see the front. It was perfectly smooth and had breasts! I looked more closely and saw they were like a mannequins breasts because there weren't any nipples. I also saw that it didn't have a face, just a hole in the front of the head for the face of the wearer to poke through. They both came over to me and slipped the corset on me. There weren't any laces on it yet so that was easy to do. Then they both started putting the lacing in. Not tight yet but just a little snug. I felt the corset close around me and I started to get a little scared for the first time since I had known Marline. This was far different than any thing we had done before. My entire body except my hands and face were going to be immobilized. I would never be able to get out of this until she wanted to let me out. And the part that made me the most nervous was that she had been going for longer and longer display times. This setup felt like I could be left in it for quit a while.

When most of the lacing was snug Katherine slipped flesh tone gloves on my hand. Only they weren't normal gloves. They were very stiff and tight on my hands. The cuffs slipped under the wrists of the corset and Katherine laced up my wrists. Then they started tightening the lacing. The corset constricted around me, pulling everything in. My arms were compressed and immobile. My waist shrank to a smaller size than ever before. My legs were pulled tightly together. The corset squeezed my head, neck, and chest. They both strained as they pulled all of the lacing tight. My entire body was compressed and rigid. Katherine stopped before she finished tightening my ankle. I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle then she finished lacing up my ankles. When they were done I was immobilized. My entire body stiff and I had the best figure ever. Marline had left the lights in the room out side off and put the display case lights on. The glass in front of me was as good as a mirror. I could see my immobile form and the corset looked awesome. It was a uniform mannequin like pink. The only thing that spoiled the image was my face, or lack of face. But I was sure that Marline had plans for that.

Well I was right about my face. Marline came in with a new mask for me. This one looked to be a much better quality than the first one. The face looked almost real but also had that artificial look to it. As she slipped it over my head the first thing I noticed was the lack of eyeholes. It had lenses in place of the eyes that from the outside looked just like an eye. But on the inside was clear so I could see out. I now had much better vision than the first mask where I could only see out of little holes. I could move my eye around and see very well even though I could not move my head. The next thing I noticed was that the mouth was sealed. I couldn't open my mouth at all or breathe through it. What would happen if my nose got clogged? How was she gong to feed me? I was sure I would be left here long enough that I would need feeding. I couldn't imagine that she wanted to take the mask off. She hated to do any thing that spoiled the mannequin image.

Marline pulled the mask tight and I noticed that it was very stiff like my gloves were. My face was held completely rigid just like the rest of me! Katherine then came over and sprayed something over the seams at my wrist and neck and they became smooth without any visible lines. Then she held two funny looking tubes up to my face and began inserting them into my nostrils. I felt them going deeper into me and I wanted to move my head. It hurt a little as she threaded what looked like far to much tubing into me. When they were all of the way in she released a handle on the ends and the tubes expanded in my head. I could breath through them! This was obviously to solve the problem of a stuffy nose.

When I looked at my reflection I was perfect. There was nothing to spoil the mannequin image and there was no way to tell that I was inside of this thing. I tried to move and found that I could move a very little bit but that was all. Any major movement was impossible. Katherine saw me trying and laughed at me. Her laugh was very chilling I didn't like its tone at all.

Now it was time to dress me. Marline came in holding a very full petticoat. It had layers of crinoline holding it out. She slipped it over my head and arms down to the floor. Now I knew why my arms were in the position they were. They were close to me so that clothing could be slipped over them. But they were held out a little so that they still looked elegant. She lifted the petticoat up and tied it around my waist. It was huge; it was the fullest petticoat I'd ever seen. Then Katherine came in with the dress. It was a gorgeous southern belle style gown. They both slipped it over my head and arms. Marline then pulled it up and Katherine threaded my arms into the gowns sleeves. The sleeves were somewhat short and puffed at the shoulders. Marline then began lacing up the back of the dress and it closed around me, encasing me in its feminine beauty.

The gown was absolutely gorgeous. It had a tight waist and bodice. The skirt was very full with the support of the huge petticoat. The neck was all white lace as was the trim on the sleeves and around the hem of the skirt. The rest of the dress was a lovely pink satin. They then began to accessorize me with long white gloves a matching sun hat and jewelry. I could not believe my reflection in the glass. I looked like I belonged in the movie "Gone With the Wind". I was a beautiful southern belle! And I was going to remain one for some time I was sure.

They both left the display and came back with a small table and laptop computer. Katherine plugged the computer into the wall in a new data port I had also failed to notice. She then booted the system while Marline went under my dress and started pulling on the wires that went into my corset. I heard clicking sounds like connections were being made then she came out. They both then walked around me making adjustments to my dress and hat etc. When they were done they both went over to the laptop and looked at the screen.

They both stood there as Katherine explained to Marline what everything on the screen meant. I found myself wishing that I couldn't hear them. Katherine was talking about all of the sensors she had attached to me before the corset was put on me. Marline would be able to monitor my pulse, temperature, breathing and some other things. And since the stand was now on a scale she would also be able to monitor and track my weight. What the hell did she need all of that information for? Katherine also explained the automated waste removal and feeding system. That’s when I found out that the sharp pain in my ankle had been when Katherine had inserted an intravenous needle into me! They tested the waste removal and I felt an enema fill me and get sucked out. Katherine told Marline that I was completely self-supported and quite safe in the corset. I would not need to be fed or anything for as long as Marline felt like leaving me on display! Now I was scared. Marline loved the idea that she would not have to come into the display to maintain me. The whole system was hooked up to a computer in the room behind the display case. The computer would feed me and remove all body waste according to the program. It would also record all of the readings from the sensors so the changes could be tracked and viewed at Marlines convenience. The only thing that needed to be done was the maintenance of the feeding and waste tanks. And since that was all in the back room there was no reason to enter the display. I was now a perfect display that would not be spoiled by any one having to go into the case to take care of me! They then took everything out of the case and left me there.

As I heard the door close and lock shut I wondered just what I had gotten myself into. Pretending to be a mannequin had always turned me on for some reason. I had felt so lucky when I met Marline because she loved having someone to be a mannequin for her. We seemed like the perfect couple. I loved being her pretty display piece. It turned me on so much to stand motionless for hours at a time. And as we found new ways to increase the amount of time I could stay on display for her the more it turned me on. But this time she had taken this further than I had ever imagined on my own. I was completely immobilized and hooked up to a life support system. I would be fed and have all of my wastes removed automatically by a computer. This computer was also tracking all of my bodily functions including my weight! I was terrified as I thought of the potential of my situation. Marline could leave me here for weeks if she wanted to and I could do nothing about it. I was completely at her mercy. Part of me was turned on more than ever before and the other part was scared to death. It was an amazingly stimulating situation. I found myself wishing I could play with my dick, I was so horny I needed to just jerk off.

I saw the lights come on in the room in front of me and the two girls walk out and look at me. They spent a few minutes admiring me and then went over to the sofa. They stripped off and began making love to each other in front of me. Marline picked something up and pointed it at me. Suddenly I felt a vibration deep inside me. She had turned the buttplug on. I felt the stimulation build as the vibrator buzzed inside of me. An orgasm started to build in my immobile form. I wanted to move desperately, this was just too much. I couldn't believe the amount of stimulation I was receiving. My inability to move just made it more intense. As the orgasm exploded in me I managed to move my arms a little. But it was not enough. It just made it worse. I saw the both of them looking at me as I tried to move and they both started to laugh. Then they both stood up and got dressed. They turned out the room lights and went upstairs leaving me to stare at my reflection.

The next day came and Marline came downstairs. She looked at me as she entered the room but that was all the attention I got. She just sat on the couch to watch TV and hang out. I stood their of course just being on display. I had settled down a bit and decided to enjoy myself. I was in a situation that I loved so I figured I might as well have fun. I just hoped that she would put the vibrator on again pretty soon because I was horny again.

I was there for several days before Marline turned the vibrator on again. This time she left it on for several hours and I lost count of my orgasms. She sat there on the couch for a while while I suffered in my ecstasy. Eventually I passed out from exhaustion. When I came-to the room was empty. The buttplug had been turned off and I was in peace. It was real hard dealing with the stimulation of the buttplug when it was on. I got so excited from my situation. My heart would start beating faster but I couldn't take deep breaths. My head would start to swim and if the vibrator was left on for long enough I would eventually pass out.

Marline left me in there for a long time before she came into the case again. The automated system took care of me and I received an enema every two days. I could pee whenever I wanted because the catheter had not been inserted to far into me. So I could regulate that on my own. I think I was in there for a month when she came back in. I was relieved as she started to undress me. I had enjoyed this very much. I had certainly lived a fantasy but I was ready to get out and move again. She pulled the dress off of me and put it on a hanger. She then took all of the clothes out of the case and came back in a few minutes. She walked around me a few times then stopped at my back. I felt her hands start to pull on the laces and I felt very relieved. I wanted to get out of here. This had been fun but I needed to move again.

It felt wrong as Marline tugged on the laces. It didn't feel like they were loosening. I felt my legs get pulled more tightly together and suddenly I was sure she wasn't letting me out of here. I tried to whimper a protest but she ignored me. I felt the whole corset tighten even more as she continued to pull on the lacing. My chest was squeezed again and a few more inches were taken from my waist. I had not realized the corset had become so loose. My arms were recompressed again. When she was done with me I felt more tightly squeezed than ever before.

Marline then came over to me and kissed me hard. I barely felt it as her soft lips pressed against my stiff plastic lips. She climbed up onto me and started to rub her pussy against me. I could just feel some stimulation as she started to slam her pussy against my crotch. She started moaning as she masturbated on me. Marline kept kissing me hard and then she started to talk to me. What she started telling me scared mw to death. She told me how turned on she'd been having me on display like this. The longer she left me in here the hotter she got. When she had Katherine eating her pussy she would think of me in here. Trapped and immobile, on display for as long as she wanted to keep me here. She would cum again and again as she thought of putting different outfits on me. She loved having her own mannequin and she didn't want to give it up.

Now she was breathing heavily and writhing against my trapped body. She moaned and continued to talk. She told me how she had talked to Katherine. And she had assured Marline that I was perfectly healthy in here and could remain so for a long time. So she had made a decision then. She was going to keep me on display for a while longer. She would change my outfits so that she wouldn't get bored of me. I was going to be a real mannequin she told me, for a long time. With that she reached her climax and my blood went cold.

What did she mean by a long time? How long could she possibly leave me in here? I tried to moan a protest but I hardly made a noise. The corset was so tight I couldn't take a deep enough breath to make much of a sound. She heard me though. Marline looked at me and smiled. She told me that I had always wanted this and now I was going to get it. I was terrified. Sure I had fantasized about this. I had even told her of these fantasies. But they were fantasies, nice safe dreams. I never thought she had taken me seriously. If I had known that I would have stopped telling her about them.

It was to late for that now. I was firmly trapped and immobile in this mannequin corset. My head spun as I thought of the implications of her words. I was completely in her power. And she thought I wanted this! I was going to be a mannequin for Marline, a pretty display piece used to show of dresses.

Marline stood back up on the floor. She walked around me humming to herself and then left the display case. She came back a few minutes later holding a long slim dress. She hung it on the wall in front of me so I could see it. It was a floor length sequined gown. It had long sleeves and a jewel neckline. The dress was a dramatic royal blue. The sequins caught the display lights and the gown glittered on the hanger. It was a beautiful dress. Marline picked it up and slid it over my head. I was momentarily blinded as the tight dress slid past my eyes. In a moment I could see again as the dress was pulled down past my arms. Then Marline slid the sleeves over my hands and up my arms.

I tried desperately to move, to tell her somehow that I didn't want this. I managed to move my arm a little and let out a weak moan. She noticed my arms move and she walked around me. She pulled the dress up and told me not to worry. In a little while I wouldn't be able to fight the stiffness of the mannequin corset and I wouldn't be able to move at all. Only then would I truly be a mannequin!

I couldn't believe what she said to me. How long would I have to be in here so I couldn't move at all? It wasn't too hard to move a little bit, but any major movement was impossible. It could take months for me to get that weak!

Marline hummed to herself as she walked back behind me. She zipped up my dress and I was astounded at my appearance. How much had she taken the corset in? I couldn't believe how slender I was. I was a vision of feminine beauty in this tight dress. Marline came around in front of me and kissed me again. She moaned as her soft lips pressed against mine. I think she had another small orgasm right there. Then she abruptly stopped and left the display. I heard the door shut and lock behind me.

I was now alone in silence. Unable leave the display case. I was a beautiful mannequin. And I shuddered as I thought of just how long I might be one.

Marline left the room and turned out the lights. In a little while, despite my terror I fell asleep.

That whole month was exactly like the last one. She just went about her daily business while I was in my case. Katherine came over a few times and they would sit and talk in front of me. It would usually progress to the two of them having sex on the couch in front of me.

At the end of the month Marline came into the display case again. She removed my dress and tightened my corset. Once again I felt the relentless pressure over my entire body. I tried to move and found it to be far more difficult than last time. Marline noticed and told me I was almost there. Almost where I thought. I wasn't going anywhere.

Marlin came in this time with a bridal gown. First she slipped a large petticoat over my head and down to my waist. She tied it off and the dress was next. It only took her a few minutes to get it up over my arms. Then she started buttoning up the back. Slowly the dress got tighter around my waist. It was a gorgeous dress. First it had long tight applique sleeves. At the shoulder was a large puff of lace ruffles. The bodice was tight and fitted at the waist. It came up to a V-neck lined with more applique and beadwork. It had a shear illusion neck that ended in a lacy choke collar. The skirt was full and made of straight satin that was puffed out by the petticoat. Over the entire skirt were several layers of sheer chiffon that ended in ruffles at the floor length hem. A long train extended behind me. I was the perfect bride. Few women could look as good as I did.

Marline kissed me again and left the display case. Once again I was left in silence. All I could do was stand here and think about what was happening to me.

A few more months passed. Each time my outfit was changed she tightened the corset. Last time she told me that it had been tightened all the way and that I was finally ready. Ready for what I thought. I had been dressed as many things over the past few months. I had been a bridesmaid, a bride, and even a girl in a prom dress. What else could she do to me? I found out the next month.

This time Marline and Katherine came into the display case. The sight of her scared me a little. The last time she had been in this case it was to put me into this corset that they had encased me in. Why was she here now?

They both began undressing me. They pulled of my dress and left the room. I wondered what I was going to wear now. I was surprised to see them renter the case without any clothes for me. Katherine commented on how skinny I was now. I should be finished soon she told Marline.

I saw Katherine bend down in front of me and I heard clicking noises. They sounded familiar but I couldn't place them my mind was not working as well as it used to. Marline went behind me while Katherine stood up. Then I was tipped back! Movement! I was moving! They laid me down on the floor. My heart started beating faster for the first time in weeks or maybe months. I didn't know. But they were moving me. I was picked up and carried out of the display case. I passed out from excitement. I don't think my heart was used to beating like that any more.

When I came too I didn't know where I was. I was laying face down on something flat and shiny. It was a silvery color. I was having a hard time focusing on it. I heard voices. It took me a while to recognize them as Marline and Katherine's. I felt them pulling on my corset strings. They were loosening them! I was finally being let out! I was being released from this corset! Oh joy! I tried to move in my excitement but I couldn't. Even though my corset was loose I couldn't move at all.

They kept pulling the strings out and I felt the air hit my skin. It felt cool and refreshing. I had almost forgotten what that was like. The both of them opened the corset up and carefully removed me from it. I was laid back down on the table. This time I was on my back. I tried to look around me but my neck was to stiff. I tried moving my arms to, but I had been in the corset so long that my whole body had stiffened up. I was finally free from the corset and I still couldn't move. I wondered how long it would take for me to regain my strength.

I looked around with my eyes and noticed my environment for the first time. I was in a room that was all white. It reminded me of a hospital. I managed to move my head a little so I could see what I was lying on. It was a stainless steel table. It had a raised center that I was lying on with deep grooves all the way down the top on the sides. It looked like some kind of examination table. Then both Katherine and Marline came back into my site. They were both dressed like doctors. Where the hell am I, I thought. This place looked a lot like a hospital room. There was all sorts of medical looking equipment in the room to.

Katherine picked up my arm a little. She didn't lift it much. It was so stiff and even the small amount that she moved it hurt a lot. It was going to take me a long time to recover from this.

A hose was pulled over me from somewhere. Nest I was being prayed with something. It was wet and soapy. They both cut away the body stockings then started scrubbing my body. I was being given a bath right here on the table. They turned me over and started to scrub my backside too. I saw all the soapy water running down the grooves on the table. I was then turned back over and dried off.

Katherine then attached a few I.V. tubes to me and they both left the room. I could just barely hear them talking in the next room. I couldn't hear everything but I caught a few words like ready, display, permanent, window and a few things like that. I didn't like what I heard it was making me nervous again. What were they talking about? I started to have my doubts about what I thought they were doing to me. It didn't sound like they were talking about releasing me. But what else could they do to me now. I prayed that they weren't going to put me back into the mannequin corset.

After a little while Katherine came back into the room. She picked up my arm again and felt the flesh. She called to Marline to come in. We are ready for the next stage she said. Katherine then asked Marline if she was sure about this because once this was started it would be permanent. Marline said yes that she was sure. So Katherine changed the bottles on my I.V. tubes to some funny colored liquids and they started to enter my blood stream. What were they doing to me that was permanent? I tried to ask but I couldn't make my mouth work. I felt stiffer than before. They both left the room again and I was left there for a few hours while the I.V bottles emptied into me.

When they came back in they were both dressed in full medical gear, including rubber gloves and masks. They both started to rub some thick clear stuff on to my entire body. It was rubbed into my skin. It had a strong chemical smell to it. Next they walked in with another body suit. That’s when I new I wasn't being let out. And the few words I had overheard made me think I would never be getting out of this.

Katherine started to pull the suit up my legs while Marline held my legs up. The suit looked like the last one except it was all white. It also felt thicker almost spongy. It was very tight and as they pulled it up over my chest I had a hard time breathing. Not that I was breathing all that much anyway. My breaths had become very shallow and I had to use a lot of effort to breathe. I had to concentrate just to take each one. The suit was slipped up over my head. They turned me over and started to seal the back up. When I was turned back over I noticed that the suit only had eyeholes, I couldn't breath! I started to panic. They were going to suffocate me! I tried to struggle but it was in vain. I just lay there waiting for darkness to close around me.

Darkness never came. Katherine came in holding what looked like a mannequin. She leaned it against a wall and opened it up. It split into a front and back half. I could see that the inside was hollow. Somehow I knew why, I was going in there and I could do nothing about it. Katherine walked over to me holding a scalpel. Marline followed behind her wheeling a stainless steel cart with something on it. It was too much for me, I passed out.

When I woke up I could tell that I was in the back half of the mannequin. I was still lying on the table. I moved my eyes around and saw no one. The I.V. tubes were gone as well. My ass felt funny though. It felt like something was deep inside me, far deeper than the dildo had been. Katherine and Marline both came into the room. Marline bent over to look into my eyes. She smiled to me and told me that she loved me. She then kissed me on the lips and said goodbye Jeff, hello my lovely mannequin.

I should have been terrified but I wasn't. I didn't want this anymore, I wished they had let me go. But I had resigned my self to my fate, whatever it might be. I was far too weak to fight any more. I watched as they picked up the front half of the mannequin and placed on me. They pressed down on the legs and I heard small-clicking sounds, like it was locking closed. They continued to work their way up my body, locking the thing shut on me. Sealing me inside forever. I was never going to move again of that I was sure. When they finished closing the head over my face I fainted again.

When I woke up I was somewhere else. I tried to look around, to move my head. That’s when I found out I couldn't move at all. I was inside the mannequin shell now and completely immobilized. The only thing I could move was my eyes. I looked around to see where I was. It looked like I was in some kind of store. I could see other mannequins around me. They were all in dresses or skirts and blouses. It looked like I was in some kind of women's clothing store. Then I noticed the mannequin in front of me. It was naked and facing towards me. It was one of the most beautiful mannequins in the store, even though it was naked. It was on the other side of the store between some racks of clothes.

Then Katherine and Marline came into my view. They stood in front of me and I saw their backs facing the mannequin that was looking at me. I suddenly realized that the mannequin was me! I was facing a mirror!

They both began to dress me then. I was picked up and high-heels were put on my feet. Then a purple tea length party dress was slipped over my head. Next came a brunette wig and a small stylish hat. A belt was cinched around my waist and a small purse put in my hand. I could see myself in the mirror in front of me. My delicate feet slightly apart, one a little in front of the other. My back was straight. Both my hands were near my body like in the corset but they were held in a flattering position. My neck was held high and proud. My painted face looked youthful and almost alive. I was the perfect vision of a young lady going to a fancy dress party. I could see all the other mannequins around me. They were also dressed like me in their fancy clothes; it would be impossible to tell that I was sealed up inside this thing.

They both stood admiring their work. Katherine began to explain to Marline what had been done to me. The chemicals that had been fed to me in the I.V. had shut down most of my organs and drastically slowed down my metabolism. My need for oxygen was almost none as the only fully functioning organ left was my brain and a few glands in my body. The majority of my body had been preserved from the chemicals put into me. The device that they had inserted into me would circulate oxygen and nutrients through me for the rest of my life. The skin of the mannequin could absorb oxygen through some key spots and it was also photosensitive. This allowed it to recharge the batteries just from the lights in the store. I was a real mannequin now and nothing would ever have to be done to maintain me. I was completely self-sufficient. The only thing that would be done to me was that my outfits would be changed on regular bases. Since I had been installed in a real store that was owned by Katherine I could be left here permanently.

I then felt vibrations start inside me. The dildo was still there! It felt different though. It was like it was stimulating my entire body. I felt an orgasm building quickly in me. It washed over my mind blacking out everything else around me. It was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I could hear Katherine talking again, but it sounded like she was far away. She told Marline that the vibrator had been turned on and that it would be left on. She was never going to turn it off again! This constant stimulation would wash my mind free of cares and thought. Soon I would care of nothing and I would only be dimly aware of my surroundings. My brain reeled under the constant sexual pleasure. I saw them leave the display and more orgasms washed through me. They came in wave after wave and my mind went numb and darkness closed around me.

I woke up the next day. It took a few minutes for me to remember where I was. I looked around from inside my prison trying desperately to keep a coherent mind. It was impossible to think straight with the constant vibrations inside me. I noticed a woman looking at me, it was Marline. She was standing there smiling at me holding a picture in front of my eyes of her display case at home. Marline continued to show me pictures and I realized that the person in the display was not me. She had found someone else to mannequinize! I wondered if the poor soul had any idea what he was getting into.

She stepped back from me and laughed. Katherine joined her as she stood there. Then Katherine told me something that shocked me. She had done this before! I was not the first man they had turned into a mannequin! Several of the other displays in this store were living mannequins also. Katherine had been doing this for years but I was Marlines first. They kept talking but I was having trouble concentrating on their words. I couldn't help it the vibrator was bringing me to another orgasm. Ecstasy washed over my mind again. What they were talking about didn't matter. All that mattered was the pleasure of being here. The constant pleasure.

A few weeks passed. Marline came in again but this time it took me a while to remember her. I was even starting to forget who I was. I kept trying to fight the pleasure I felt. It was so hard to keep a coherent mind. Orgasm after orgasm went through me. Bringing me to ever-increasing levels of ecstasy. I couldn't fight it…I couldn't fight it.

More time passed… more time. Things came in and moved around in the store. One even came in and changed my….clothes. I could see them moving around. It must be hard to move all the time….always moving. Why move?? Just standing was good. Feeling the ecstasy…. of standing. Showing off pretty clothes. I loved showing off all my dresses …and looking pretty. That was all that mattered. Being pretty…. and the ecstasy…. the constant ecstasy.




Or just the beginning?