Crystallized Revenge

By Posyomismo.
Written in September 2017

Rebecca Stillson was a real bitch, especially at work. She was an ass kisser with her bosses, dishonest and under-handed with her co-workers, and a tyrant with her subordinates. Since she joined the company, she climbed the corporate ladder using lies, manipulations, and by taking credit for the work of her co-workers and subordinates. If she was also hard working or intelligent, it would be tolerable, but she only had talent for deception. To make matters worse, she was a sadist that really enjoyed hurting people. Unfortunately she had common sense enough to avoid fucking with the people that had ties to the senior leadership. She was the textbook example of a sociopath.

Using these tactics, she was promoted to the the position of Office Manager for the company’s largest office in the city. She promoted her two ‘minions’ as her seconds in command, and then hell began for all of the workers under them. A real kingdom of terror: dismissals, resignations, depressions, sick leave... the next six months were awful, but she made sure that the senior leadership knew nothing of this, because she bribed or blackmailed people in Human Resources, and the pressure kept increasing for the people that did great work for the company and resisted her machinations.

Things continued in this way until a worker attempted suicide and wound up being dismissed from the company afterwards. One of that person’s co-workers and a friend, tired of the abuses of Rebecca, spoke with another friend, a witch, and they plotted revenge.

The witch pretended to be a promising new client, with a big contract in her hand. The type of contract that could accelerate Rebecca to the level of regional leadership if she hid the business to her immediate superiors until she had the contract signed. Rebecca’s evil nature made her take the bait. The witch organized a business dinner at her home on a Friday, and Rebecca didn’t say anything to anyone. She didn’t want to share the credit for closing this deal with anyone.

On Monday, Rebecca didn’t show up to work, but no one thought anything of it. Rebecca frequently worked the hours she wanted to versus what she was supposed to. She was a no show on Tuesday as well, and nor did she show on Wednesday either. Finally, after two weeks, her minions, scared, couldn’t hide her absences an more, and the senior leadership sent someone to investigate. After that, they not only discovered all of the abuses, it was also discovered that Rebecca had been embezzling funds from the company. Rebecca’s underlings were fired, and the reign of terror was finally over. The company also made changes in policies to prevent something like what Rebecca had done from happening again.

What happened to Rebecca you ask? Well, since she treated people like objects to toy with and abuse, she is now just an object herself. More specifically, a decoration piece in the shelves of the witch, with her soul locked forever in her new crystal body, and has all of eternity to think about what she has done. Hopefully she regrets her selfish behaviour and cruelty, but we will never know.

Crystallized Revenge