Curiosity Keeled the Cat

by Matt Tell


The sleek, long-legged, micro bikini-clad brunette coed continued opening the custom made wooden cabinets in the living quarters of CaptainMcBride's yacht. She really wasn't looking for anything in particular. Just looking. One after another.

"So they call you 'Maggie the Cat,' do they? Is that from the play or movie?" Maggie turned her long model's face toward the white beardedmillionaire, and her jade green eyes gave him a quizzical look. "You know - 'Cat On a Hot Tin Roof'? The Tennessee Williams play? Maggie the Cat was the title character, a very sexy and passionate woman. Liz Taylor played her in the movie."

Maggie still showed no signs of recognition. "It's hard to imagine Liz Taylor as being very sexy," the young woman stated flatly, twisting the cap off a Vodka bottle, and taking a long sniff. "You've got some nice stuff down here, Mr. McBride."

"Call me 'Captain' - and I believe you've looked at every single bit of it."

The tall beauty giggled, and even blushed. "Yeah. My folks say that I've always been curious."

"Your nickname and your habit make for a very dangerous combination." Again, the coed looked puzzled by the older gentleman's comment.

"You know what they say about curiosity and cats," he elaborated. Finally, Maggie nodded her understanding, and giggled once more. Captain

McBroom walked over to a large wooden cabinet on the far side of the room. "But there's still something you haven't seen. My pride and joy."

With a flourish, he opened the large cabinet doors, and stepped back.

Inside the cabinet on long and wide wooden shelves, were large glass bottles. And inside each bottle was a finely crafted miniature of a sailingvessel. There were Yankee Clippers and Spanish exploration vessels. Civil War fighting ships and naval battleships. There were even pleasurevessels like fishing boats and cabin cruisers. In the middle of the cabinet was an exact replica of the yacht in which they stood.

Maggie joined the Captain in front of the cabinet, and was very impressed by the craftsmanship. "God, these must have been expensive."

The Captain harumphed. "Expensive! Only in time and patience, my dear. I made each and every one of these." He said proudly.

Maggie's feline eyes traveled up and down the cabinet, finally resting on the yacht. "I don't know much about ships, but I know that 'that yacht' is 'this yacht." McBroom beamed. But Maggie's attention shifted to the large empty space beside the bottled yacht. "What's going to go there?"She asked.

The Captain carefully closed the cabinet, then gently led his young visitor to a large table near the cabinet. The table was covered by a whitecloth, that was raised in rounded fashion near the middle. McBroom carefully removed the covering to reveal his latest project. "This is something entirely new for me," he announced. "And it's taking me the longest time to complete."

The 'something' about which he spoke was yet another sailing vessel. This time, the Captain had constructed a large white cruise ship, completewith sailing masts, numerous decks, and unlike his other projects, this one had passengers.

Maggie just said "Wow!" as she ran her finger along the large, smooth glass bottle containing the project. She stopped at one point, knelt down,and put her face up to the glass. "That is so cool! You even put little deck chairs, and a shuffleboard court on one of the levels."

McBroom proudly directed her attention to the bow of the ship, which was the end nearest the bottle's neck. "This was the hardest part, I think."He pointed out the perfect rectangular pool that took up a large space on the main deck of the ship. Maggie again expressed her admiration, butthen was puzzled once more.

"But you said it's taking a long time to complete. It looks finished to me - ready for the cabinet."

"Not quite - the pool area still needs some finishing touches."

Maggie once again put her face to the glass, rubbed her eyes once or twice, and stared again. "I still say it looks done - but I can't really tellabout this end of the pool. It's too close the curve in the bottle. I think if I look in from the bottle neck . . ." She put her hand on the large cork inthe top of the bottom and started to pull, but then looked back at her distinguished host. " . . . . if that's okay with you?" she asked, in the toneshe used to guarantee a yes.

Captain McBroom laughed. "Well, I'll be damned. You've opened every nook and cranny in the hold of this ship, but you ask permission for theone thing that I don't mind you opening." He laughed heartily again, while Maggie's hand waited anxiously on the cork. "Of course, my dear.Open away!"

The bikini beauty tugged at the cork with one hand, but was only able to jiggle it slightly from side to side. "I think this is a two hand job," shesaid, and the Captain nodded. The brunette stepped in front of the bottle, grabbed the large cork with both hands, and started pulling hard. Firstnothing. Then a little movement. Then the cork slowly moved toward her. Then it finally popped free.

And immediately, there was the loud sound of a mighty intake of air. Maggie started to step back, but amazingly found herself being pulled toward the open bottle top. "Wh… wh…what's hap…pen…ing?" she cried, as she put her hands on the end of the table holding the bottle, andtried to push herself away. But she could not escape the pull of the open bottle. She turned slightly to ask the Captain for help, but when she didthe air intake found its way between her skin and the shoulder strap of her bikini top. Its force caused the nylon material to stretch, loosening theback knot in the fabric. Maggie squealed as the top came loose, and was sucked into the glass jar. She started to cover exposed breasts withone of her arms, but when she even relaxed her push on the tabletop, she found herself being drawn toward the bottle. Losing a bikini top wasembarassing enough. Getting one's hair, or hand, or - God forbid - maybe even a breast sucked into the bottle top by this weird vacuum effectwould be devastating.

Even with her hands pushing away with all her might, Maggie still found herself getting precariously closer to the open end of the bottle. Shestarted to call to Captain McBroom for help, when she noticed something peculiar inside the bottle. The coed expected to see her red bikini topdraped over the cruise ship like some kind of erotic flag. But the bikini that had been sucked from her body did not appear to be in the bottle atall. Maggie did notice that there was a tiny red bikini top laying beside the pool area near one of the carefully crafted deck chairs, and at the feetof one of the realistically carved passengers, that she hadn't seen in her previous survey. But surely that wasn't her bikini top. It would have hadto have been shrunk when it entered the bottle. And that . . . wasn't . . . possible. Was it?

"Captain . . . I . . . can't . . . hold . . . on . . . do something . . ." Maggie pleaded.

"Oh, yes . . . of course, my dear. Sorry for waiting so long." The older gentleman stepped toward the topless beauty fighting the bottle's intake.

Maggie expected the Captain to try and replace the cork. Or, perhaps, grab her midsection and pull her from harm's way. Out of the corner ofher eye she saw the old man grab a long, heavy cane. Apparently he had decided to smash this hellish jar, even if it meant destroying the beautifulboat within.

Any effort to rescue her was what Maggie expected. What she didn't expect was Captain McBroom placing the cane under Maggie's handsgrasping the table's edge - and then giving a firm upward strike.

The effect was almost instantaneous. As soon as Maggie's hands left the table, Maggie's head was immediately sucked into the open bottle top.The coed's bounteous breasts quickly followed, and in seconds the young woman was halfway in the bottle. There was a brief delay, as the evilmagic that had shrunken Maggie's bikini top worked the same transformation on the girl's upper half, and McBroom enjoyed the few seconds ofhelpless leg kicks that filled the interim. But those final kicks were brief, and soon lovely thighs, knees, ankles, and feet disappeared into thebottle.

Captain McBroom quickly pulled up a stool, made a small incantation over the bottle's neck to end the vacuum effect, and then reached in withhis long, thin modeling tools. A tiny, topless Maggie lay inside the glass near the ship's hull. The shrinking magic had left her dazed and temporarily immobile, so the Captain knew he had to work fast. He first picked up the tiny bikini top, and considered trying to place it back on his captive. But that process would be too time consuming. Yet, his cruise ship would not tolerate that kind of indecent exposure.

Then he thought of a solution. First he applied some strong adhesive to one of his long modeling sticks, and applied it to the length of the one ofthe empty deck chairs next to the ship's pool. Then using long, thin tweezers, he gently picked up the dazed Maggie and placed the lovely coedonto the glued deck chair, giving her head and waist and legs a couple soft pats to make sure she was properly attached. There was still a bit ofglue left on the modeling stick, and the Captain gently applied it to Maggie's miniaturized breasts. And finally, the shipbuilder delicately affixed the bikini top to the lounging coed's glue-glistened bosom, making it appear that the tanning beauty had simply untied her bikini top to avoid tan lineson her lovely shoulders. Even the usually self-effacing seaman had to admit that this would be a small, but important detail that would draw ravesfrom observant admirers.

As the old man withdrew his crafting tools, he noticed that Maggie's tiny body was beginning to stir. The effect of the shrinking transformationwas beginning to wear off. McBroom knew that the glue would definitely keep the young lady in her deck chair for a very long time, but he didn'twant the shock of her capture and alteration to show on her lovely face. After all, she was vacationing on a luxury cruiser, lounging beside abeautiful pool beneath a tropical sun. A smile would be perfect, but the Captain would settle for a look of contented slumber.

Taking the large cork in his hand, McBroom took one more look at his beautiful new acquisition in the flesh, and then slowly, but firmly, pushedthe cork back into the bottle, sealing it from the outside world. As he did, he kept his eyes focused on the lovely Maggie, lying on the deck chair,and watched the final change come over her. From the stiffening of her feet and legs, to a small but distinguishable shudder up her stomach and inher once breathing chest. And finally into her beautiful face. The shapely coed was now and forever a perfect, plastic doll. The newest piece inMcBroom's greatest artistic achievement.

"You were right, Maggie the Cat," the Captain said, looking over the cruise ship from stem to stern. "It does look complete. But there are still afew more pieces," the bearded old man looked in one of the ship's windows onto a dance floor that had a large empty space in the middle. Hecarefully recovered the ship with the white sheet, then walked over to the cabin's bar. He picked up an engraved notice that announced the local ballroom dancing competition. McBroom had graciously offered to host a party on his yacht honoring the winning couple, as well as offering anadditional first prize. An all-expenses paid luxury cruise.

A cruise that, in this case, would last forever.

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