Czech the Inventory

by BigBird

Manip by MadBird_CZ: M327

Rachael flipped through the travel section of the newpaper.  "Oh, I really want to go to Prague, but its so expensive!" she lamented.

"I really want to go home, but I need to finish setting up this display and it takes two people to do it," her co-worker Janice said as she mocked Rachael's voice.

"Huh?  Oh right," Rachael said as she put her newspaper down and joined Janice in the display window.  It was past closing time and the two visual merchandisers had only to change the outfits worn by the display mannequins before they could lock up and go home.

"If the airfare is too much for you personally, you could always try to fly there on the company's dollar," Janice suggested as she unclasped the green bra from one of the mannequins. 

"Ha, and just how am I supposed to pull that off?  I'm no executive!  I'm just a poor wage-slave without any real reason for the company to fly me around," Rachael retorted.

"Simple.  If "Rachael the poor wage-slave" isn't required in Prague, then go as someone...or something that IS required," Janice said as she fumbled with the new purple teddy for the mannequin.

"You mean l should steal an expense report and fill it out in the bosses' name and bill it to the franchise?"  Rachael as increduously.

"No no no, nothing like that.  That's both lying and stealing, and you know I would never condone that..." Janice broke out into "innocent" whistling.

"Then just what the hell did you mean?"  Rachael prompted, still interested.

"Like you, I'm a poor wage-slave too.  That's exactly why I took out a second job at that chemical plant.  You know, the one that's trying to figure out how to turn organic matter into plastic and back again.  If successful, it'll allow produce to be transported all around the globe without getting damaged," Janice explained.  "Well, that company WAS successful, Rachael.  But since they were just paying me as a wage-slave and not profit sharing, just like this place, I decided to physically take my fair share of the profits," Janice said with a grin.

"You stole money from them?" Rachael asked, somewhat alarmed.

"Better!  I took a sample of the formula!" Janice grinned from ear to ear.  "Then, using my keen fashion sense, I created a nifty litte bra to carry it in."

"So that's how you smuggle it around?" Rachael asked, still confused by all of this.

"No, the bra is the delivery system.  Whoever wears the bra treated with this chemical will be temporarily turned into plastic," Janice said with a flourish.

"Are you mad?  Why on Earth would you create such a thing!" Rachael gasped.

"I'm not mad, and it has practical applications.  Applications such as getting you to Prague for free.  Since whoever wears this bra will be transformed into plastic, they'll obviously be mistaken for a mannequin.  This means you could wear the bra and I could have you shipped to one of our stores in Prague," Janice explained.

"I want to go to Prague, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life as a mannequin, Janice," Rachael protested.

"You won't spend the rest of your life as a mannequin, Rachael.  Its a temporary transformation.  The company never wanted to destroy food by permanently turning it to plastic.  Its always been meant to revert the transformed material back to its original state," Janice claimed.

There was a long pause as Rachael considered everything that was been said to her.  Getting to Prague for free certainly sounded nice.  The mannequin transformation itself didn't actually seem so bad either.  In fact it might be fun, so long as it's not permanent.

"How do I know it's safe?  How do I know it's temporary?" Rachael asked the two big questions. 

"It's safe.  The company actually did its own animal and human testing with the formula, mostly to prove that consuming food that had been touched by the chemical posed no long term dangers.  They have extensive records, which I saw for myself, that document and prove how safe the formula is.  Every single human test subject changed back, without fail," Janice reassured Rachael.  "Also, I plan to use this on myself when I travel to Thailand.  Its 100% safe."

Rachael looked at Janice for a long time as she considered this option.  "So I'll put on this bra....then I'll change into a mannequin.  You'll then have me shipped to Prague at the company's expense.  Then I'll revert while in Prague? I do my sight-seeing, and we do the same thing again to get me back here?"  Rachael asked.

"That's right," Janice grinned.  She silently thought to herself "Please go through with this, Rachael.  I'd really like to see a test subject in person before I attempt this myself."

"How do I know when I'll revert.  What if its too early and I'm still getting shipped in the cargo hold of some plane?"  Rachael asked.

"Ah, good question.  As long as you're wearing the bra, you won't change back.  Its based on a spiral shape, so that way the formula gets applied evenly and over a long duration.  Its very fashionable.  In fact its so fashionable that our Prague store is going to be selling normal, non-chemically treated versions of this bra as a test market.  If successful, then the rest of the franchise is going to pick up this style and sell it.  You'll fit right in," Janice turned and dashed towards the back of the store.  "I have it with me, if you want to see it."

Rachael followed Janice to the back of the store, and was presented with a very sexy, very skimpy black bra.  "You can put this bra on and wear it like a normal bra.  If you pull the little dangly thing at the nipple, only then is the formula released.  Once the formula is released you'll start to feel the changes almost immediately," Janice nearly chirped in her excitement.  "You'll remain a mannequin and don't have to worry about reverting until the bra is removed.  Once it's removed for a length of time equal to the length that you wore it for, then you'll revert."

"Wait, I thought I'd turn back as soon as it was off!" Rachael complained.

"I never said that.  Besides, you wouldn't want that.  When you get taken out of your shipping box and have this bra removed by some Czech visual merchandizer, you wouldn't want to revert immediately before their eyes, now would you?" Janice asked.  "This way works much better.  If it takes 3 business days to courier you to Prague, then you'll only have to spend another 3 days in their storage room changing back," Janice reasoned.

"But that means I'll be a mannequin for 6 days!" Rachael protested.

"Well, there has to be some price to pay to get you there.  After all, it's this or its the $3,500 in airfare," Janice stated.  "I think the choice is obvious."

Rachael looked at the bra.  "6 days as a mannequin," she thought.  "But I get to see the sights of Prague."

"I'm going to be using this to get myself to Thailand," Janice reminded her.  "Its totally safe."

Rachael lifted her gaze from the bra to Janice's eyes.  "OK, let's do it."

"Ha ha, awesome!" Janice exploded with delight.  "You, change your clothes.  I'll get the paper work filled out."

Rachael removed her shirt and bra.  Janice returned with an invoice completely filled out "OK Rachael, I've written down that we're sending one mannequin to Prague to 'help them sell in their test market'.  That should go over pretty well since they ARE in a test market.  I'm also adding this note here that states "Please dress this mannequin in the new bra" which should be clear enough instructions for them to change your outfit when you get there.  Sound good?"  Janice asked.

"Yeah, that does just about cover it.  One more addition though, make sure you phone the store in a couple of days to make sure I arrived fine, and to make sure that they do remove my top," Rachael said, now much more calm about this plan succeeding.

"Sure thing," Janice agreed.

Rachael donned the spiral shaped bra.  "How do I look?" she asked.

"Like a tourist," answered Janice.  "Enjoy Prague," she said with a smile.

Rachael pulled the formula release cord and felt the coil of the bra go cold.  "Oh my!  Janice, this feels uncomfortable.  I don't know if..." Rachael started to complain.

"Keep you pose, silly!  You have to remain in a mannequin-like posture if this is going to work!" Janice interrupted her.  Rachael complied just in time to alter her expression back before the transformation began.

Rachael felt the chilling waves spread out from her bosom.  As the waves passed through her skin, they left it cold and numb.   The numbness was only the beginning.  The loss of feeling was soon followed by a loss of control in the affected areas.  She couldn't move her arms and legs anymore, and her breathing seemed to be stopping now that her chest wouldn't budge.  Rachael started to panic, but the waves of cold energy passed up to her head and swept across her face.  Her expression couldn't change as she lost the ability to move completely.  Scared by this helplessness and inability to breathe, Rachael wanted to prematurely end this transformation but she didn't have the muscle control to remove the bra. 

Stiff and immobile, Rachael felt her skin slowly change into plastic.  The only part of her still able to move were her eyes which frantically darted from side to side as her skin took on a glossy sheen and she felt her insides hollow out.  Her joints seemed to pull themselves apart and formed separation joints.  The process was painless but unnerving. She tried to relay her panic and desire to revert immediately to Janice by her eye movements, but Janice was too enraptured by watching the transformation.  Finally the two made eye contact, but by then the transformation was entering its final stage and converting Rachael's eyes.  Her eyes stopped moving as they made the shift from organic material to glass.  They were still functional for sight, but now she had no way to ask for release.

Janice had no intention of removing the bra just yet.  The last thing Rachael said was that she wanted to go to Prague, and that's exactly what she was about to get.  This experiment had to proceed if Janice was to use this or a similar bra on herself later.

"Oh my, Rachael," Janice marvelled.  "You look terrific!  You look just like one of our store mannequins.  No one will ever suspect that you're a stowaway passenger!  You also look smashing in that top.  It really suits you," Janice complemented her co-worker.

"Thanks," thought Rachael, calming down somewhat now that she realized that she doesn't need to breathe.  "It's still disconcerting to be unable to move.  If you take off the bra so I can turn back, and I do turn back, then I'll feel a lot better about this.  The transformation itself wasn't so bad, but I really don't like the thought of this being an extended transformation.  At least not this first time.  Please, take off the my bra Janice!" Rachael willed at her friend.

Janice wasn't a mind reader, and just kept admiring the mannequin.  "You REALLY look good, Rachael.  That top fits you perfectly.  Its just too bad it doesn't match your pants," Janice commented.

"You're right on both counts.  Best take it off of me for a bit then, right?" Rachael thought hopefully.


"Good thing I can fix that," said Janice while glancing at a discarded pile of clothes containing Rachael's removed shirt.

"Well, if you're not going to remove the bra, at least you're dressing me up in some decent clothes.  This formula is cold enough as it is, nevermind standing here practically topless," Rachael thought.

Rachael was surprised by what happened next.  Instead of grabbing her old shirt from the top of the pile, she grabbed out a matching black thong.

"This'll complete your new look," Janice told the mannequin as she undid its belt.

"What!?!  What are you doing!?!?" Rachael thought frantically.  "You can't dress me in that!  Its indecent!"

As Janice picked up the mannequin and slide off its pants, Rachael realized just how thorough her transformation really was.  She was impossibly light, and was at the complete mercy of the visual merchandiser's fashion whims with regards to her clothing.  As Rachael felt her own panties being removed, she saw her reflection in the mirror.  Her crotch was smooth and sexless.  Then Janice dragged the new panties up and over Rachael's hips.

"There, that's perfect.  Now you're ready to go to Prague in style!" Janice announced.

"No I'm not!" Rachael wanted to argue.  "I'm going as freight!  That's hardly 'in style'.  And this...this....OUTFIT isn't neccessary!  Dress me up with my normal clothes on over top, at minimum!" Rachael wanted to scream.  Janice couldn't hear her, and was happily picking her up and moving her to a crate.

Placing the mannequin in the crate, Janice made a return trip to get the paper work and Rachael's clothes.  She stapled the invoice to the top of the box and placed the clothes inside it with the mannequin.  "There you go, Rach.  The invoice tells them to switch your bra with your real one.  Once they do that you'll be back to normal in an equal number of days to how long you end up wearing that thing.  I'll phone them to make sure you arrive safe and sound," Janice said.

"No! Janice! DON'T SHIP ME LIKE THIS!" Rachael pleaded.  "I don't want to go there practically NAKED!"

Janice closed Rachael's box and sealed it shut.  Then she picked up the phone and called a courier company.



Transportation was only supposed to last 3 business days.  That's what Janice had said.

This had to be longer than that.  Rachael wanted to scream to be let out of her box, or to see some light.  Without the sun or a watch, there was no way for her to keep track of time.  Despite her inability to see, she could always tell when she was in motion and actually travelling.  "Too bad I'm not in a box marked 'FRAGILE'," she thought to herself as she was jostled around by someone.



Rachael was awoken by the sound of a knife cutting through tape.  "At last!  I'm finally getting out of here!" she thought in excitement.

The lid of her box opened up and revealled a young knife-wielding girl staring at Rachael.  "Anna, the new mannequin has finally arrived.  Now we can tell that silly American girl the next time she frantically calls here," the girl said to someone out of Rachael's sight.

"An American girl frantically calling here?" thought Rachael.  "That must be Janice trying to make sure I got here OK.  Well, I guess that means she didn't know that the trip would take more than 3 days.  That means she's not mean or deliberately sending me by the slowest means possible.  She's just stupid.  Probably shipped me by standard US Postage."

Anna strode into Rachael's vision and looked her and the invoice over.  "This is one beautiful mannequin, for sure" Anna commented.  "The paperwork says she has been sent to us to help us sell the new bra.  It also says 'Please dress this mannequin in the new bra'," Anna read aloud.

"Yes, you'd best get this off of me right away," Rachael thought while noting the wall calendar.  "Oh shit.  Its THURSDAY!  That means I've been wearing this for 6 days already!  Now its going to take me almost another week like this before I turn back!" Rachael thought, now concerned that this trip wasn't turning out like she was promised.

"But Anna, she's already wearing the new bra," said the girl with the knife.

"Yes she is, Rita.  I guess the American girl dressed her up for us before sending her.  Usually they send these things without clothes.  Yes, that's what must have happened," Anna suggested.

"NO!  That's not what happened!  There's a change of clothes lying at my feet.  You're supposed to dress me in that instead!  You're mis-reading the note!"  Rachael thought with full-blown panic.

"What should I do with her?" asked Rita.

"Put her up in the display case like that.  She's a wonderful mannequin.  She really fills out that outfit well," said Anna.

"NO!  Please take this bra off of me!  I'm a real girl, I'm just stuck like this!  Please, PLEASE take the bra off, that's all I ask!" Rachael mentally cried as Rita picked up her light body and carried to the front of the store.

"You're a very elegant mannequin," Rita complimented Rachael as she positioned her in the window.  Rachael vehemetly protested that she wasn't a mannequin, but Rita couldn't hear her.  The Czech girl continued, her accent thick "You'll prolly sell lots of lingerie, for sure."

Rachael's unheard screams grew more panicked as she realized just how prominently she was being displayed.  "Whoa!  Hang on!  You can't seriously put me up here like this!  I'm practically naked!  Oh God, Rita don't do this!  Please take off my bra!  Cover me up with something else!" Rachael screamed.

Rita had just finished positioning Rachael and stood back to admire her work.  "What do you think, Anna?" asked Rita.

"It looks good like that.  It fits in really well," Anna responded before the phone rang.

"JANICE!  Thank God!  Janice will tell them to switch my bra," Rachael's hopes rose.

"Hello?"  Rita answered the phone.  "Hi Janice.  You will be happy to know we received the mannequin today...... uh-huh...... yes...... bra?  Yes, she's wearing the new bra.......yes, the new one...... yes..................... OK...... thank you, good bye" Rita finished the conversation and hung up.

"OH NO!  They confused each other!  The Czech girl thought that "new bra" meant the new style - the one I'm wearing!  Janice was asking about the one that was shipped with me!  They told her the wrong answer!  Now they'll never figure out they messed up.  Oh shit.....these girls really are going to leave me like this!  I can't change back!  How long am I going to be trapped like this?" wondered Rachael.

Fortunately, Rita raised the question for her.  "Anna, should we rotate her through the different outfits like we do with the other mannequins?"

"YES!  Please do!  Hell, start right away!  SWITCH MY OUTFIT NOW!" Rachael internally wailed.

"Nah, leave that one just like she is until our stats are in.  They specificially sent her to us for this product, I think we're supposed to use her for it.  I'm just not sure what we do with her in 6 months went this product run is finished, but we'll figure that out when the time comes," Anna answered.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Rachael sobbed.  "If you leave me like this for 6 months, then it'll be a year before I can move again!  This is supposed to be my vacation!  I don't want to be a prisoner in your store for 12 months!  And I REALLY don't want to be a prisoner in my own body for that time!  LET ME OUT!  NOW!!!"  Rachael cried.



The scantially clad model stood in the window, staring into the street.  Neither Rita or Anna had any intention of changing anything more than her pose for 6 more months.  In her extremely revealling clothing Rachael noticed that she was drawing a lot of unsolicited attention from the street.  "Goddammit!  I wanted to see all of Prague!  Not have Prague see all of me!" she wailed.

The very self-conscious mannequin stood displayed in the store front, opposite the Astronomical clock tower in the heart of downtown Prague.  She would get to enjoy the full view of the clock face to note the recorded passage of the sun and moon.  Somewhat envious of the puppets, Rachael lamented that at least they got to move around occasionally while she remained stiffly trapped in her window.  Part of her was curious to see what the machine would do at midnight, and looked forward to the next few hours passing quickly.  However, she silently feared the attention she would draw herself when the busy day came and the town square would be flooded with people. 

She desparately wanted more clothing.

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