The Date

By Rotwang

"Say, those two pictures over there on the wall, I mean, it's you ?" Nicholas pointed with his hand to the wall with two similar paintings. Both women looked the same and had the same pose except that the one on the right was made of chrome and metal.

"Uh-huh, Sorayama." She said.

"Sorry who ?" A surprised Nicholas said.

"Sorayama, the famous Japanese artist, he's well-known for his pin-up girls and robots."

"Never heard of him." Nicholas drowned his lack of knowledge with some scotch. "Was it expensive to do, I mean, did you have to go to Japan to pose or something ?"

"Not really, I sent him some photos and sent me these two drawings back. You noticed he added a beauty spot here ?" She poked her finger on her lip, left of her nose. "See ?" Nicholas looked around to check it.

"Perhaps he likes them ?" Nicholas said rubbing his mustache and adjusting his glasses.

"That's one of his trademarks."

"Which one do you prefer ?" She asked holding up her drink, hiding her teasing smile behind it.

"Well, I like the one on the left because it looks so much like you and I mean, I like the right one for its 'exotic' design." He mimed quotes.

"I did ask you which one you prefer, not what qualities they had."

"I definitely like the one on the left best. The realistic one. I mean, robots are for guys like Buck Rogers or Luke Skywalker."

"Here's my phone number." Tamara took the slip of paper and kissed Nicholas good-bye, closed the door, breathed a sigh of relief and threw the slip into the basket that said trash. She crashed into the couch and removed the silver neckchain with the small silver key and tossed it on the table.

She folded her fingers behind her head and leaned back. "Am I the only one ?" She said to herself and grabbed the bottle on the glass-topped table before her and placed it back into the drinks cabinet. She put all the lights out and went to bed. When she went up, she glanced at the four staggered Sorayama paintings adorning the wall. Each with a female robot on it. She took a quick shower and went to her room. In the light coming into the dark room from the corridor, she could see the life-size poster of a robot woman on a throne, with circles of light surrounding her. Tamara switched the lights on and dropped into her bed. Opposite the bed on a table stood a small statue of the same robot-woman together with Robbie and Gort.

She picked up a book and began to read in it. She went over three chapters and then heard a distant sound. She closed the book and strained to listen. She heard another thump, and it was definitely coming from downstairs. She tip-toed out of bed and opened the door and listened again. She heard some strange noises and saw a faint flash. She closed the door again and rushed for her phone but it was dead. She bit her lip as she scanned the room for a weapon. She ruled out the plastic phaser and the resin-cast pulse rifle. But then again it looked a bit like a real gun. She finally dismissed the idea. What if the intruder had a real gun ? She asked herself.

Tamara was shocked by a squeaking sound from the stairs. It was the fourth step down, the squeaky one...

In desperation, she grabbed the lamp and held it up and waited for a few moments which at that moment seem to suffer from Einstein's Theory of Relativity and stretch for an eternity.

After what had seemed an eternity of fearful anticipation, she tired of waiting. She climbed over the bed towards the door and listened. She heard nothing and looked through the keyhole. Nobody to be seen. She gathered all her courage and opened the door and looked outside, but there was no-one. She crept up to the stairs and felt a slight draft. She crouched and tried to look downstairs, but saw nothing. Still clutching the lamp, she went down and saw that the front door was open. She scanned the room and saw that the TV and the VCR were missing.

"Damn ! Burglars !" She said and rushed to the phone, which no longer was there. And then out of the corner of the eye, she saw that one of her portraits was missing. She watched the fleshy version of herself still hanging lopsided. "At least they took the most attractive one." She said to herself, sighing deeply. And then she noticed they had taken the chain she had left on the table.

"Shit !" She threw her head back in frustration. She sighed and went to her neighbors to phone the police.

"Well, I must warn you that there are few chances of catching the criminals." The police officer said. "We'll keep an eye out for the stuff you described, and when we bust burglars we'll see if it's in their possession. I'm afraid it's the only thing we can do, miss."

"Thanks, and good luck." She said.

"Hi, perhaps you remember me ?" Tamara said to the oriental man sitting behind a signing table. "I sent you my photos and you made these..." She handed him a set of photographs.

"Oh, yes, I remember." He said in an accented English. "They were nice ?"

"Brilliant, but one was stolen a few weeks back."

"Only one ?"

"Yeah they took the Gynoid version."

"That's very bad."

"Well they might pop up somewhere, I'm sure, it's not like a VCR or something."

"Good luck finding them." Sorayama told her.

She thanked him and turned around to bump into a young man with a stack of books in his hands. The collision made him drop his books.

"Oh ! I'm sorry, I didn't see you."

"It's okay, I wasn't paying attention in my eagerness to have these signed."

"You've got the whole collection ?" She said, helping him pick up the books.

"Yeah, I've always wanted to complete the set, but never had the opportunity."

"Here." She handed him the books she had picked up.

"Thanks a lot." He said. He looked down at her not knowing what to say and shuffled nervously.

"I think I'd better have these signed or I'll lose my spot in the queue." He said looking behind him at the people already skipping ahead.

"Okay ! Bye."

Tamara stepped out of the car and wanted to unlock the door when she noticed the silver chain with the silver key around the doorknob. She hesitated before opening the door and saw the missing portrait back on the wall, where it used to be. With a letter tucked into the frame. She took it and read it.

"I am sorry to have entered your house this way, but when I saw the picture and the chain I knew who you were. I'm an artist who's been on hard times and I took to burglary to pay for mundane things like food and housing.

A few days ago, I got some money from an inheritance, solving my financial problems, and I felt I had to return the things I stole back to you.

Please forgive me for breaking into your place again, only this time I wanted to return stuff instead of taking it.

I would also like to talk to you. I'll be at the CyberChromeCafe the day after tomorrow from two to three. I hope you'll understand."

Tamara put the letter down and wanted to dial 911 and stopped, pushing the hook after the first beep. She read the letter several times over and put the receiver down.

"Oh, what the heck !"

The CyberChromeCafe did honor to its name, everything was adorned with chrome, even the computer monitors. And the girl who brought her a drink wore chrome jewelry. Tamara looked around and looked at the people and tried to find the man.

"Hi there !"

Tamara looked up at the young man and narrowed her eyebrows.

"Remember me ! You ran me over at the singning in the bookshop."

"Oh, yeah, you had completed your collection."

"And I had them signed. All of them."

"Great, I'm Tamara."

"I'm Matthew." He said pulling his long hair back. "Are you waiting for someone ?" He bobbed his head slightly nervously.

"Uh, yeah, I was expecting someone." She said twisting her drink round.

"I'm bothering you ?"

"No, It's just that the person I'm meeting is..." She tried to explain.

"Your boyfriend ?"

"No, I've never met him before. He says he's an artist."

"Well I'm an artist." Matthew said, pulling his hair back again. "Tell me if I'm bothering you."

"No, I think you'd better stay."

"Perhaps you want to be alone with him ?"

"Look, this guy broke into my house and stole some stuff from me, and then he returns it a few days later and leaves a note behind, saying he wants to meet me, so I'm here. And I'm a bit afraid, so if you're around, he might not try something.

"Like what ?"

"Attack or kidnap me."

"You think he asked you to this place to do something to you ?"

"There are a lot of weirdoes around."

"I'll stay if you want."


Matthew smiled nervously and brushed his hair back again tucking it behind his ears. "The elastic snapped." He said bobbing his head slightly.

"Oh, I think I have one." She dug into her purse and pulled out an elastic band.

"Thanks." He said, pulling it round his long hair.

"You're a Sorayama fan too ?" She asked him.

"I guess I am, I like his designs."

"You mean the robots ?"

"Yeah, I make metal sculptures."


"Well I wanted to be a regular artist, but my dad wanted me to have a decent job. I went to school and I started to work, but after three days I had made my first sculpture and got promptly fired. After that I did a lot of miscellaneous jobs." He said chuckling and smiling. "I'm basically one of those wide-eyed good-for-nothing street artist."

"Fascinating." Tamara said. She looked at her watch.

"When is he due ?"

"About an hour ago. He told me he would be here between two and thr ... ee." Tamara paused ever so slightly and then looked up at Matthew and looked down again, wiggling nervously on her chair.

"You come here often ?" She asked him.

"No, not really, only if I have to use the Internet." He said, rubbing his hands together.

"You're him right ?" Tamara looked him straight in the eyes.

Matthew nodded. "Uh-huh."

"You've been following me ?" She asked him gravely.

"No, not at all, I bumped into you accidentally, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." He said, holding out his hands in a warding fashion. "I don't carry a knife or anything."

"Why did you want to see me ?"

"Do you surf the Net ?" He said holding on to his ponytail.

"Sometimes ? Why ?" Tamara kept her guard up.

"Have you ever been on Robotdoll's site ?"

Tamara reached unconsciously for the chain. "Why do you ask ?"

"I've seen the drawings, the video tapes you keep and the chain on your neck. You're a Techno-sexual, like me."

"Perhaps I am, why ?"

"Well I've had this idea for some time..."


"I'll have to think it over." She said.

"Here's my number." Matthew gave her the napkin he had been wildly sketching on.

"Thanks for returning my stuff."

He gave her an embarrassed smile and waved at her.

Tamara faintly waved Matthew good-bye and thought about their discussion.

While thinking, she rubbed the small silver wind-up key and watched her distorted reflection in the chrome wall-piece opposite her.

She suddenly smiled and cocked her head scratching the side of it.

"Why not ?" She got up and scanned the mall for Matthew and saw his slightly bobbing ponytail just as he was about to take an escalator to another level.

"Matthew !" She shouted at him.

He looked back and noticed her, just as he stepped on the elevator.

"I'll do it !" She shouted.

Matthew responded by giving her a thumbs up sign.

A few days later Tamara was in Matthew's studio.

"You like it ?" He said showing it with hands outstretched.

"It's pretty much okay." She said.

"You're sure you know how to do this ?" Tamara asked while keeping the towel firmly wrapped around her body.

"I've worked in Hollywood as an assistant for a special effects team." Matthew said, while continuing to stir the strange mixture in a large drum with a kitchen mixer.

"What do I do next ?" She said, while eyeing up the strange frame Matthew had set up in the middle of the room."

"You drop the towel, while I finish this ooze here."

"I'm dropping the towel one split-second before you apply the stuff to me." She crossed her arms defiantly.

"Hey, no problem. Just put your head against the frame so you don't move too much while I make the bodycast."

Matthew reached into the vat and took out the thick grayish paste and applied it to her body. Tamara felt the cold paste on her body and shivered.

"I could heat it up slightly ?"

"No, it feels fine, she said, shivering as he slipped over her breasts.

"Ish dish weally nesheshawwy ?" Tamara tried to say, despite the mold sticking in her mouth.

"You want it to be perfect ?" Matthew asked.

She nodded.

"Well..." He said smiling fiendishly at her.

"Here's the book you've asked for." Tamara held it up as she came in.

"Great, just what I was looking for." He reached for it eagerly

"Why do you need a book on medieval armours ?"

"Not just some medieval armour, Henry VIII's suit."

"What's so special about it ?"

"It's the most perfect suit of armour made, every inch of his body was covered with metal and you couldn't get a pin in. They used the design for the Gemini space suits."

"How does this sound to you ?"

Tamara held onto the microphone and listened to the voice Matthew had just recorded.

"It sounds okay, Most of it must come from me. Too much electronics would be overkill."


"Well this is it !" Matthew slammed his hands together and looked down at all the bits and pieces he and Tamara had made. It wasn't even light yet and she yawned.

Tamara started off by removing her blouse and bra. Matthew picked up what looked like a silver suit and hung it over a chair. Tamara picked up a can and squeezed out a yellowish liquid and rubbed it on her body, she had removed every hair from it to prevent it hurting later on. She felt the cool liquid over her body and enjoyed her own caress. Then she would slowly slip into the suit which looked like it was made of metal. It took some time to adjust the suit over her body and she felt Matthew's gentle caress over her back and other parts she couldn't reach to smooth out. Once the liquid had dried it seemed as if the suit was part of her body. In fact it had been molded on her. One part was uncovered, her vagina, and she took great care to place the edges delicately over her newly shorn pussy. She glanced at the mirrors which had been properly covered up. By now her entire body, except for her head and vagina was silver.

She sat down and leaned back in the old barber's chair, while Matthew applied the cap to her head, which she had cut short just for the occasion. When the cap had been properly glued down, Matthew stood back and looked at the bald woman with a silver body. He brought his knees slightly closer together and pulled his hands behind his back.

"Okay, open wide." He said and activated the airbrush, painting the inside of her mouth black and the tongue silver with a special paint. "This will stay on for about a day and is non-toxic." He said to reassure her. "I developed the formula, based on food colorings I discovered. Lift your tongue."

Then Matthew had to place the dentures, a sleek featureless set of chrome teeth. "Smile !" He said, while she grinned at him.

"Perfect !"

Next, he took some surgical tape and put it over her nose, pulling it down, flattening her face. "Tell me if it hurts."

She gave him a thumbs up.

After taping down her nose, he took out a cap, covered with electronic circuits and place it over her head and glued it into position, over her ears. He then added a microphone on her throat and taped it down.

"And now for the first part of this amazing puzzle !" Matthew said, while pulling out what looked like a cross between a neck-brace and shower-tubing. It took some time to put it round her neck and closed every little ring. She rolled her head to see if it fitted and smiled. "It feels okay to me."

"Now get up." He said and went back to the collection of metal parts carefully laid out on the table.

He took out a waistpiece and held it before her. She tucked in her belly and felt how the thing was placed around her waist like an articulated corset. Once it clicked in place, she let go and felt the snugness of it on her stomach. Then came the crotch-piece. She parted her legs, showing the bare vagina. She took the crotch-piece from him and rubbed at the ointment and slowly held it to her opening. The metal piece slowly slid into place, while she opened her mouth and her eyes rolled. And all of a sudden it slipped into place, she couldn't prevent herself to gasp and closed her legs around this moment of pleasure. Matthew smiled as she rubbed her silver fingers over the surface of her crotch. She opened her legs again and showed her metal vagina to Matthew who sat down and crossed his legs and sighed deeply.

"We still got a long way to go." He gasped, swallowed and shook his head.

Next came the hips, fitting nicely over her metal crotch and behind, overlapping with the corset allowing for movement.

"Now lean over." Matthew said and picked up one of the two largest pieces and placed it over her back and slotted it in position with the corset and the neck-piece. Tamara then leaned back and Matthew placed the chest-piece over her, slotting it into the corset, neck-piece and back. It all clicked nicely into place. She ran a smooth, featureless hand over her breasts and enjoyed the sensation.

She leaned further down and steadied one leg against Matthew's shoulder as he placed the pieces over her leg and knee. It took quite a while to put the articulated foot with individual toes together, but when it was done, Tamara looked with fascination at her metal leg. She clenched the muscles around her steel vagina and felt a rush of pleasure run trough her spine and slam into her brain like a cruise missile. She teetered on her legs and groaned, baring her metal teeth. Then came the other leg and both arms. It was about noon when Matthew blew from tiredness and ran his fingers through his hair, the elastic having popped again.

Tamara was admiring the complicated finger articulation in her metal hands, they felt a bit stiff and slightly constricted, but nowhere near the way she expected them to be. She watched along her arms up to her shoulder and then along the breasts and over to the rest of her body. The whole suit felt comfortably snug and since it had been made to her measurements, she wasn't really restricted. There was almost nothing to hamper her movements.

After a quick meal, they continued. Matthew glued the chrome chin to hers, while she slipped her lip under the rim of the metal lip. Once adjusted, she felt the cool metal heat up under her tongue and lips. Then came the lower part of the back of the skull, with two metal discs attached, covering the ears. Then, finally came the skull. He placed it into position, clicking it gently. Inside the mask, Tamara had closed her eyes and waited for Matthew to tell her. She felt him fumble at parts of her body and walk away. She heard the electric buzz of a drill and felt him touch her metal body. Then she realized he was buffing her up. "I'm almost complete !" he said and pressed some things on her back. She felt a strange tingle all over her body and noticed light coming through her closed eyelids.

"You can open your eyes now !" Matthew said and she opened her eyes.


All the muscles in her vagina clamped onto the tube inside her, this signal reached the brain who was being fed the most incredible visual input it had had in years.

Sleek chrome ! She was a robot !

She stared at a yellow visor and watched as two antennas popped out of her skull. And when she hesitantly touched her body, she could actually feel her fingertips touch her metal skin. She opened her metal lips and gasped in surprise. And when she moved, she heard a faint electric buzz, like motors inside her.

At that moment, she could not even remember how she used to look like. She twisted and turned herself around before the mirror and began taking robotic poses. Suddenly she felt hands on her shoulders.

"How did you do that ?" She asked with a sexy electronic voice.

"There is a faint electric web over the surface of your body. It has same frequency as the nervous endings. When somebody touches you, it causes interference which you can sense with the undersuit.

"That's what it's for !" She said, still stunned at her transformation. "How about these antennas ?"

"They slip into the side of the head, like a magician's sword." He kissed her in the neck and Tamara could swear she could feel the moisture of his lips.

Standing behind her, he grasped her breasts and kissed her in the neck again. She reached out over her shoulder and rubbed her hand over his head.

She coiled and clenched the vaginal muscles and felt a tsunami of pleasure signals slam into her brain.

"FUCK ME !" Howled an electronic voice, but then she knew it was her. Matthew had dropped his pants and came to her front. The pickups in the vaginal area must have been more powerful than the others, because she didn't feel an orgasm in the usual sense. It was like an H-bomb of sensuality that exploded inside her... a very big one !

Matthew embraced the robot-woman passionately and both slammed into the old barber's chair, kissing and hugging. Matthew stared up at the ceiling as his hands ran over her shiny breasts and he went back and forth and then suddenly stopped, shuddering and crying out !


But the robot was insatiable and kept on coming for more and more, and more...

It was dark again as Matthew got up from the floor. He felt mummified. His body ached in some pleasant way. He watched the robot, covered in his sweat rubbing her hands against the chair's arms.

"WOW !" He managed to gasp in a hoarse voice. "This cost me five, no ten years of my life, but it was worth it." Every muscle in his body ached, he had even discovered a couple of new ones.

She opened her legs and licked her lips with a silver tongue, as if inviting him again.

Matthew got up on his knees, stared and teetered for a moment, before collapsing before her. She ran her fingers over her vagina and felt the waves of pleasure come to her when...


She woke up in bed. There was a moment of disorientation and then she jumped half a meter out of bed. The feeling between her legs all too present. Besides her lay the book she had been reading.

"It was all a dream !" Reality fell on her like a ton of bricks.

She sat up in bed, not knowing whether to be happy or to cry and looked at her collection of robots and sci-fi stuff. She knew it could only be a dream and felt an intense sadness come over her. She closed the book and put it down on the night-table and put out the light.

The light switched back on a second later and Tamara fell out of her bed when she saw the chrome woman standing in the corner of her room, just far enough out of her field of vision to have remained unnoticed all this time. She crawled up to it and began to undo the crotch piece...