Your Deepest Fantasy

by Sabalom Glitz

"My life sucks" was all Carole could say as she sat at the dinerís booth across from her friend Sarah. Carole was feeling more than a little depressed about just about anything. Sarah was hoping to snap her out of it, but so far nothing had worked.

"Carole..." Sarah said rolling her eyes. Carole was a good friend, but boy, she could be trying at times. Itís not like I was built like a supermodel, like you. Flawless skin, Beautiful shoulder length red hair, and a body to make millions off of. No, I have to have this average, dumpy one with freckles and glasses! So stop Bitching already...

Carole recognized the look. It was "oh Carole, if I only had your problems look.".

"I canít help it. I canít get a decent job. I canít get a decent guy to go out with me. The ones that do want either a trophy or are as superficial as they think I am. I have no control over my life these days. Bills, Bad dates, etc. Itís just not fair."

Sarah sighed,"Carole, you are the most in-control person I know. So I donít know how you can say that."

"Well, I want things to be perfect. For that you have to control them. But I donít seem particularly good at it."

Sarah sighed. Then she remembered, "Oh." And pulled out this ad she had found. "I found this. I think we ought to go."

Carole look at the ad, "Fantasy Facepainting Workshop for Adults. Become your fantasy." She handed her back the ad,"Yeah, well my fantasy would be to have better luck. I doubt they can do that."

"But it might cheer you up." Sarah said simply. Biting her lower lip ever so slightly.

Carole recognized that look to. "I want to do this, but Iím the mousey one and I canít do it myself. Carole will you come...".

Carole let her sweat some first. Then she said,"Oh ok.".


Carole picked up Sarah in her car and they drove to the studio where the Workshop was going to be. The outside was simple enough store front with a sign, "Nan Research, Inc." Carole checked the ad for the address to make sure this was it. It was.

Carole looked over at Sarah, who was being tentative as usual. No wonder she never got any dates, but then again my dates suck. So whoís better off.

"Come on" Carole prodded her. Carole was wearing a basic green T-shirt, Blue jeans and Cowboy boots. Sarah was dressed in a simple flowered white & pink dress that hung down below her knees, with a pair of† simple bargain store tennis shoes.

They entered the lobby. A woman sat behind the desk. She had blond hair and was wearing a simple black dress. Or at least she appeared to, when they got closer they noticed something odd about the dress.

Sarah started to leave. Carole grabbed her by the arm. The Dress was an illusion. She was actually naked with a dress airbrush painted onto her body. Until you got close youíd never know.

Carole spoke,"We called about the Workshop."

"Yes," the woman said simply, "Dr. Grant is† expecting you." The woman pointed to a door to their left.

"Doctor?...Hmmm..." Carole said as she pulled Sarah along with her.

There was a short hallway that led to another room. A waiting room apparently as it had several chair lined up along the wall and tables spaced around with magazines on them.

Carole sat down. Sarah sat next to her.

They sat there in silence for at least 5 minutes before Sarah asked, "Do you think..."

"No" Carole said simply. "You wanted to come. Weíre here."

Then a Man in a lab coat came out. He was well built, thought Carole. But probably either stuck on himself or a geek weirdo.

"Hi, Iím Dr. Gerald Grant." He stuck his hand out to shake theirís in greeting.

"Why a Doctor?" Carole asked shaking his hand.

He looked at her strangely. Then his expression relaxed,"Oh, you mean for this. Well, I am a psychologist by trade. I am studying the effects that face & bodypainting have on people. The psychology of transformation."

Sarah perked up. "Oh. You mean you get people to do things they donít normally do?"

"In a sense. Have you ever seen a person painted. Then when they are unrecognizable to themselves they act differently?† Thatís what Iím here studying."

Gerald motioned for them to follow,"So if youíll follow me."

He led them through several corridors to a room marked, ĎShowersí. "The first step is to have clean skin. Free of makeup. I understood you were both interested in the bodypainting?"

Carole spoke, "itís more her idea, but I am here to check it out."

Gerald smiled,"Then, in here ladies. Youíll find everything you need in there. Then when you are ready please go through the other door and wait. Ok?"

"Ok" Sarah said simply.

They entered the room. It had two shower stalls, a row of lockers and a bench.

"I think is kind of weird" Carole said simply. "But then, you like weird." Carole muttered as she began to undress.

"I think it sounds like fun." Sarah said simply but enthusiastically.

They proceeded over to the showers and began to bathe.

"So what do you think they can make me do?" Sarah asked.

"I donít know. Maybe be a bit less timid." Carole said simply as she was washing herself with the soap provided.

"Iím not timid." Sarah said defensively.

"Yes, you are. Remember, Jeff, that cute guy you would never ask out."

"I...I...just froze up."

"Thatís my point."

"Yeah, but itís not like youíre a guy magnet." Sarah huffed as she began to shampoo her hair.

"Oh, Iím a guy magnet already. The wrong guy magnet." Carole began to shampoo.

"Well, thatís because you want perfection. You want total control over the situation"

"Damn straight."

"But what about 50-50. Give and take."

"I give, they take. You on the other hand, No give, no take."

"Well, I have the same problem as you. I want Mr. Right. I donít want Mr. Right Now, or Mr. Right-this-Month." Or Miss Right...

"So weíre both screwed."

"Thatís about it." Sarah smirked.

Then they both laughed.

After the shower they looked around for the towels. No towels. "No towels?"

Sarah saw the sign,"Dryer". "What about that?"

They walked over to the door and opened it up. Inside were to two chairs sitting in a blue painted room. The chairs themselves were like dental chairs with trays next to them. "I guess we lay down."

They layed down in the chairs.

A woman, a naked woman, wearing a bodypainted nurseís uniform came into the room.

"The Doctor will be with you shortly." Then she checked some instruments. Then she left.

As they both dried they began to feel stranglely.

"Are you feeling a little stiff?" Sarah asked. A note of panic in her voice.

"Yeah, now that you mention...."Carole tried to sit up. She was paralyzed. "I canít move."

"Me either."

Just then the nurse and Dr. Grant entered,"Do not be alarmed my dears. The paralysis is only temporary, as these sessions can take hours it facilitates the makeup process. The soap and shampoo have an agent in them that causes the paralysis, but only for a limited time." He looked at the two girls,"So shall we begin."

"Looks like we donít have a choice." Carole said simply.

"Of course you do. If you wish to end the session now, say so." The doctor said, then he waited 30 seconds before continuing. "Now we have a psychology test for you."

The nurse was joined by another one. Both had helmets in the hands. They placed the helmets over the heads of Carole and Sarah. "These helmets monitor brain activity, it will help us in determining the results."

When the helmets were on they took up both girls complete field of vision. Gerald knodded to an unseen associate and lights inside of the helmets began to pulse rhymatically and special earpieces fed a rhymatic sound into their ears.

Within minutes both girls were ready.

The nurses removed the helmets.

Gerald walked over to Carole, she had been the tougher of the two,"Carole, can you hear me?"

"Yes." She said dreamily.

"What are your orders?"

"To obey you."


"To tell you my more intimate fantasy."

"Completely uninhibited"


"And who am I?"

"My Master."

"Then you will address me as so."

"Yes, Master."

"Very good. Now just lie there for the next hour. When the paralysis wears off please sit up for me."

"I obey, Master."

Then Gerald prepped Sarah in the same manner.

An Hour later both girls sat up.

"Are you ready to tell me?" He asked.

"We are." they said in unison.

"Ok, Carole. If you could be bodypainted as anything, what would it be?"

"A Robot, Master." She said with little hesitation.

"Oh, really. Why?"

"Then I would not be in control. I would be free."

"You like being in control."

"No, Master. But I canít stop myself from trying to control everything."

"Youíre insecure."


"With a body like that?"

"Thatís what everyone says. But they donít understand the curse of it."

"And thatís why youíd like to be a robot."

"Yes, Master."

"Then a robot it is."

He turned to Sarah,"And you, Sarah?"

"A lesbian dominatrix, Master"

"Oh really," he started to chuckle but forced it back,"Why?"

"Because I have always wanted to be control, not be controlled."

"And how are you controlled?"

"By having to pretend I like guys, when I would much rather fuck a girl. But society, my friends, everyone would persecute me for it."

"So you hide."

"Yes, Master."

"So would you like to fuck Carole?" he asked.

Sarah beamed with joy,"That has been my fondest wish. But I canít tell her that. It would ruin our friendship."


"She hates lesbians. Says there deviant."

"But you hang out with her?"

"Sheís my best friend, master."

"Why, if she persecutes who you want to be, why is she your friend. A friend wouldnít care, would they?"

"Iím scared, Master. I canít tell for fear of losing her friendship."

"Well, weíll see about that for you, Sarah." He said and turned to Carole," Did you know your best friend is a closet lesbian?"

Carole answered simply, "I suspected."

"But you hate lesbians?"

"Yes, Master. But Sarah is my best friend."

He got up,"Ok, that will be all, when you waken you will not remember anything from the time we put the helmets on you until you waken. No matter how hard you try this will be erased from your memory. But before that happens I have a few programming notes to make..."

The next thing Carole knew was she was standing in a large room. She was facing a mirror. The mirror showed a female that look vaguely like her who was bodypainted† into form of a silver, but extremely sexy, robot. "Wow!" was her only reaction.

She looked around. She giggled when she saw Sarah,"Well, I suppose that is less reserved."

Sarah was looking at herself. She was painted to look like she was wearing a tight leather bustier, Elbow length gloves, garter belt, black crotchless panty hose (that exposed her vigina and pubic hair nakedly, and she was wearing high heels and carrying a bull whip. A spiked collar was painted onto her neck.

"Wow!" was all she could say. "I love it."

She turned around to look at Carole, "Wow, thatís quite something." It made Sarah even hotter than she usually was for Carole.

Gerald entered the room,"I trust you are happy?"

"Yes" Sarah said simply.

"You are quite the artist." Carole said simply.

"Good. Because there is one more test."

"And that would be?" Carole asked.

Gerald pointed to the door.

They walked over and opened the door and step through. They were on the street!

They went to step back inside, but the door had no handle on this side.

Suddenly, overcome with modesty,"Oh great!" they tried to hide there private parts and Carole looked around for the front.

But then the world blanked out for both of them.

And they were at home in their apartment. They were still painted.

"What just happened?" Carole asked.

"I donít know." Sarah said simply. "Did we just walk home naked?"

"I donít know"

Sarah smiled,"Damn, I have always wanted to do that." She seemed genuinely please with herself. "I just wish I remembered it."

The phone rang. Carole went over and picked it up,"Yes?"

"Xylophone" was all the caller said, suddenly Carole stiffened and her voice took on a robotic quality," CAR-01 online. What are your orders?"

"You are to carry out Protocol 1."

"Affirmative." Then she handed the phone in Sarahís directions,"It is for you." She said mechanically.

Sarah didnít seem to notice the change, she took the phone,"Yes?"

"Lesbo" was all the called said.

"I obey."

Then she hung up the phone.

Five minutes went by, then both return to normal as if nothing had happened.

"So what do you want to do now?" Sarah asked.

Carole responded, though she did not know why,"I am CAR-01. I am yours to command."

"What the hell was that?" Carole followed up with, "Where did that come from?"

"From your programming, slave." Sarah said forcefully, cracking the whip. "Did I just say that?"

"Affirmative, Mistress." Carole said mechanically. What the heck? "What are your orders?"

"You will no longer hate lesbians. Because I am a lesbian. And you love me. I love you."

"Affirmative, Mistress. I obey." I love her. I have always loved her.

"Slave, kneel."

Carole kneeled. I canít control myself!

"Suck me." Oh, my god! Did I just say that! I have always wanted to, but I would never...I† would...The thought was interrupted by the pleasure she was getting from having Carole in her vigina.

Carole on theother hand was dumbfounded how she had lost control of herself. But she found it very pleasureable. And the more she couldnít control herself the hottier she was getting.

"Make love to me, slave." Sarah said forcefully.

And they did.


3 Days Later...


Carole, dressed very provactively in a tight, tight leather top and skin tight leather pants with high heels on. The outfit left nothing about her figure to the imagination. It was all there for them to see and not see at the same time. It was completely the wrong "slut-bait" bait outfit for her Carole thought, But thatís why I have it on. The only thing in the ensemble that was a bit odd was the leather dog collar around her neck.

Sarah was dressed similarly, but no collar.

They approached Dr. Grantís lab.

Carole opened the door for Sarah, who walked in imperiously.

They walked up to the bodypainted receptionist,"Mistress Sarah Hartman and Slave to see the Doctor."

"He is expecting you."

They walked into the waiting room.

They waited patiently until the Doctor entered.

"So how are you two doing?"

"Weíre great" Sarah said simply,"Arenít we Slave?"

"Yes, Mistress." Carole said demurely.

"We are getting married next month." Sarah added. "In Vegas."

"Well, congratulations." He pulled out his clipboard,"I just have a few follow up questions to ask before you go."

"Fire away, Doc" Sarah said enthuastically.

"1. Did I fulfill your deepest fantasy?"

"Yes" Sarah said simply,"I am a lesbian. I have the lover I have always wanted."

Carole said nothing.

"Carole?" He asked,"Did I fulfill your fantasy?"

She looked at Sarah for acknowledgment. Sarah nodded.

"Yes, Doctor. You did. I have no control over my life now. I am but a humble slave. I am free. I have no worries."

"And you are happy with that?"

Carole looked again. Sarah nodded.

"It makes me very hot."

"Thatís good. Now Number 2, Would you recommend this to others?"

Sarah answered, "Yes". Carole waited for permission, then said "yes."

"Sarah, does Carole have any control over herself?"

"Only when she desires it."

"And when does she desire it?"

"She doesnít"

"So she has no control"

"She does. But she choose not to."

"I see. And You?"

"I am her Lesbian Mistress. I run a business for Lesbians now. Iím an activist for the cause. I feel great."

"Very well, thank you very much. Iím glad my company could be of service."

They started to get up to leave. Gerald simply said," Xylophone. Lesbo." And they both froze.

"Are you still programmed?" He asked.

"We are online" they both said simply, but mechanically.

"Weíll be in touch. You may go now."

"Yes, Master." They said in unison.

When they got back outside they were back to themselves. "So what do you want to do know, slave?"

Carole said simply, "Love"

"Affirmative" Sarah smiled.



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