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Mad Jack Wilson was running for his life! He was an average size man and was 38 years old. Everything had been planned so well and it had gone so wrong. It was just suppose to be a simple bank robbery, he would go scoop up the cash and get away clean as a whistle. How could he have possibly known there was a plain-clothes cop waiting in the line at the bank? Now he could hear sirens everywhere, he had shot the fucking cop, killing him, and hadn't even got any money to show for his stupidity! Caught, it would be his third violent offense and they would put him away for the rest of his life. He had to get away but the cops were everywhere! God damn it! Jack saw a police helicopter and knew he had to find cover. There was a mall. He ran towards it as fast as he could.

By the time he made it into to the mall's cover the helicopter was overhead and he knew that the cops would be there soon. He ran looking for somewhere, any place to hide. He saw some police coming in another mall entrance and he quickly entered a hallway that went behind the stores. Mad Jack could hear the shoppers shouting "He went in there, he went in there!" and he knew he was in shit up to his neck! He ran around a corner and realized it was a dead end! He tried a door and it was locked! Mad Jack spun around, his heart pounding with terror, expecting to see the police, but instead stood an older, elegant man in a black suit with a black shirt and tie. Mad Jack was stunned but before he could speak the man said, "My, my have got your self into a predicament!" He smiled with kindly interest.

Mad Jack said, "How the do you know my name and who are you?"

The man's smile grew wider and he said "I know all about you and as for my name I go by many names - many names, but shouldn't your main concern be the angry police gathering outside with orders 'to shoot the cop killer on sight!'

"Are you the Devil?" said Mad Jack, hoping it didn't sound too insane.

The man smiled again and said, "That's one of my names! But that's enough about me, lets talk about you Jack. I came to see if I could help you out of this situation. I could hide you, you know, where the police couldn't find you."

Mad Jack thought for a moment and replied "But you'd want my soul wouldn't you?"
he squeaked with fear.

"Did I ask for your Soul Jack? I really almost have your Soul now because you killed that Cop. If you want my help it will be, shall we say, on the house since you're my kind of person" said the devil smiling.

"So I don't have to give you my Soul, its free?" asked a suddenly hopeful Jack.

"That's right Jack, but you better hurry and decide because the police are coming" replied the devil.

"OK! Do it! Hide me!" shouted Jack in a mad panic as he heard the thunder of Cops footsteps in the hallway.

The Cops came around the corner guns drawn to see an empty hallway. They were sure they heard him! More cops came flooding in through the door and were also shocked to only see other officers. "Did he go in the store?" one officer shouted. "There's no way he came through here!" said another officer. The cops shook their heads, utterly baffled. Mad Jack had seemly disappeared into thin air!


After Jack had asked for the help there was a flash and then a period of darkness but then he realized he was somewhere else and standing. He was startled as he saw a cop run by but he didn't pay him any attention! Jack smiled to himself that it had worked. Stupid cops! He went to walk away only to find he couldn't move. He tried again and found that he could not even blink. He could see, hear, smell, and feel but couldn't move. "I can't be paralyzed," thought Jack "because I'm standing on my feet." He decided to see if he feel anything holding him in place. There didn't seem to be anything but he felt some rather odd sensations. His feet felt like they were slanted down. Jack was getting scared now! "What the hell did that bastard do to me?" thought Mad Jack. He couldn't even speak so there was no way to get help. It was up to him to discover what had happened.

Jack stood there motionless, while he couldn't turn his head to look around, he realized that he was still in the mall. He seemed to be starring out into the hallway. Then he realized that there was a mirrored wall across the walkway from where he was standing. As the people walked back and forth he looked in the mirror trying to see where he was. He was puzzled because he couldn't see anything except for 3 mannequins in the display window of a woman's clothing store. Then it started to dawn on him. Out of his extreme peripheral vision he could see someone standing on either side of him. "I'M A FUCKING MANNEQUIN!" he wanted to scream in horror but couldn't. He just stood there motionless, wanting to cry, but he couldn't even do that. He just stood there starring at what he knew was himself, a female mannequin. He was dressed in a knee length pleated skirt and a white silk blouse. He had black hair that was in a fashionable hairdo. His left arm was bent with his hand on his hip and his right arm hung straight down. Mad Jack was terrified but he couldn't do anything but stare at himself. He still saw police running back and forth but that was of no concern to him now. This was a fate worse than life in prison. He was in the ideal image of a woman and dressed in feminine clothing and on display for the entire world to see. He was humiliated beyond words but it was about to get worse.

Jack felt someone touching his leg and in the reflection he saw a little girl standing next to him lifting up his skirt. He wanted to say, "Get away from me you little brat!" but of course couldn't. Then he saw her go under his skirt and he could hear her giggling. Jack was mortified. He then felt her tiny hands on his legs and it felt like he was wearing pantyhose. Then he was shocked when he felt a tiny hand on his smooth featureless crotch. A little girl was feeling him up and he was powerless to stop her. Finally he heard a woman say "Lisa, get out from there this instant" and the little girl quickly got out from under his skirt. Now Jack stood there motionless for hours on end as the stores closed and the lights were turned off. Jack still stood there unable to move and finally fell asleep which was difficult with his eyes open and standing up.

Mad Jack was rudely awakened and was startled to see a woman standing in front of him unbuttoning his blouse. He realized it was early as the store was empty and everything was still closed. She then unbuttoned the cuffs of the blouse and reached inside his blouse and turned his arm. He was shocked when he felt it detach and she pulled it out of his blouse. She did the same with the other arm and Jack was freaking out, he could feel his arms lying on the floor. She undressed him and he could see himself standing there wearing nothing but pantyhose. The woman returned and dressed him in a pink blouse and a short black leather skirt. Then much to Jack's relief she reattached his arms. Jack was thinking, "Oh this is fucking great, now I'm dressed even more sexy" Before the stores opened he saw a man come by and take some pictures of him. He wanted to stop him but there wasn't anything he could do about it. Another day went by and he began to wonder how long it would be before he went crazy. During the night he awoke to a slightly familiar voice calling his name. He awoke and saw the devil again standing in front of him.

"My Jack, my Jack......aren't you the vision of femininity!" he laughed.

"You fucking bastard!" screamed Jack mentally.

"Now Jack.....calm down. No reason to shout I can hear you extremely well." replied the devil, just as I do everything, extremely well!

"You Tricked me you bastard!" shouted Mad Jack angrily in his mind.

A wicked smile spread across the devil's face as he said "Now, didn't I hide you from the police? They didn't find you did they? So it's really just a matter of how you interpret it."

"Well you've had your fun.......NOW CHANGE ME BACK!" ordered Jack.

"Sorry Jack, my can do! I just can't go around giving away free wishes every time I turn around you know. However you do have something that I want and I might be willing to make a trade?"

Jack stood there knowing what he wanted, chilled to the bone.......if he had any bones. "You want my Soul, don't you?" he asked with his mind.

"Yes, that's correct.......give the man a prize!" said the devil with a huge smile on his face. "If you agree to give me the rights to your Soul, I will hide you somewhere else."

"Damn you!" shouted Jack mentally.

The Devil just laughed.

"If I give you my soul I want you to turn me back to the way I was before," said Jack mentally.

"Mmmmmm......NO!" replied the devil "I don't like that idea but I tell you what, I will hide you somewhere else and promise to turn you back into your original form within a year and maybe sooner. Of course if you don't want to deal I can just leave you here, I'm sure that sweet little girl would like to play with you again, and again and again. And she won't be the only one. You will be amazed at your popularity."

Jack was silent for a long time and then thought, "How do I know you will keep your word and change me back?"

"You don't Jack but it's your only option. Now give me your Soul or remain as you are FOREVER!" said the devil.

"OK" said Mad Jack "Anything would be better than this!"

The Devil smiled and said "You might be surprised" and there was a flash and then darkness.

When Jack awoke again he knew his situation was just as bad if not worse than before.
He felt even stranger than before! He seemed to be suspended above the floor with his feet dangling. Jack still couldn't move but he still had his other senses. He couldn't see anything because there was some material pressed up against his face and it felt like something was pressed up against him from behind. He felt much shorter and thinner and smaller than before. Jack was starting to get terrified again, being a female mannequin was bad but even though he wasn't sure what had happened to him he was beginning to realize this might be an even worse fate.

Suddenly Jack felt a hand on his arm feeling him. He thought, "What the hell is going on?" Then a little later he felt it again, someone feeling his arm and his arm felt so short and strange. The he saw a hand push the material in front of him away. He saw that the material was a black dress on a hanger. He looked down and was horrified to discover that he too, was a black dress. Jack screamed, or he would have if he had a mouth. The woman grabbed him and went over to a mirror and held him against her as she looked at the reflection. Jack did not like it, he could feel her breasts pushing from behind causing his chest to be pushed out in the shape of her breasts. Worst of all he was forced to watch it all in the mirror. He was consciously aware but his body was now a short black dress with short sleeves. It had a white collar, white cuffs, and white buttons down the front. The woman turned this way and that looking at the reflection in the mirror. Jack wanted to scream "NO, I'M NOT A DRESS!" but of course he couldn't. Dresses can't scream. The woman then returned him to the rack. Jack was relieved that she had hung him back up. Jack knew that the devil had indeed given him a worse fate than before. The only thing that was keeping Jack sane was the promise to turn him back to his original form.

Once again Jack was removed from the rack and held up against someone's chest, only this time it was a young woman of about 19 with brown hair. He was horrified when she walked towards the cashier with him. She said to the cashier, "I'd like to try this on." Jack was mentally screaming "NO!, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME." The sales lady took the girl over to the changing rooms and she shut the door. The girl hung Jack on a post in the changing room as she begun to undress. He saw her remove her T-shirt and jeans. Jack hung there gazing upon the pretty young girl in her underwear. Then he was rudely brought back to reality as she started to unbutton his chest. It felt so bizarre like he was being opened up and he was! She removed him from the hanger and put him on. He felt her arms go inside his arms and he felt her back on the inside of his back. Then she began to button up the front. Jack did not like this feeling as he could feel his chest being pushed out in the shape of two breasts. Jack could feel his legs dangling in a circle around her legs. She came out of the dressing room and looked in a full-length mirror and Jack could see his black fabric hugging her upper body. The girl made small adjustments to the dress to make sure it fit just right. The sales lady came over and said "Oh! That looks wonderful on you Kelly!" The girl smiled and said "Well its not bad, but it not exactly what I am looking for." Jack was glad to hear that comment, as he certainly did not want to be bought!

Kelly returned to the dressing room and removed Jack from her body much to his relief. She placed him back on the hanger and stood there for moment looking at Jack hanging there. She then picked him up and carried him up to the cashier and said, " I've changed my mind. I'd like to buy this after all." Jack wanted to scream "NO!" but couldn't. The cashier said, "Oh, I thought it wasn't what you were looking for."

Kelly responded, "Well its the best I can find so it will have to do."

The cashier folded Jack up and placed him in a bag, which Jack found extremely uncomfortable. It was beyond description the feeling he had being folded up into such a small size. A little while later he figured Kelly had arrived home and then he felt him self, flying through the air and land on something soft. A few minutes later the bag was opened and he was laid out on her bed. Jack could see he was in a bedroom and he had been thrown on the bed. She brought up a pair of scissors to his face and he nearly passed out from fright, and she snipped off the price tag. Jack was relieved that's all she did. She then hung him up on a hanger and put him in her closet. Jack was thinking about things to keep from going insane from boredom. Later that night she opened the closet and removed him from the hanger. Jack was terrified that she was going to put him on, but instead she carried him down the hallway. She laid him out again on the kitchen table. He saw another bag sitting on the table and in said. "House of Fabric" on it.

While Jack was lying on his back looking around he felt a severe pain, and then another. Jack was in agony as it came again and again. He looked down and she had a razor blade and was cutting off all the buttons. Jack was in shock, she was mutilating him and there was nothing he could do about it. Jack was even more horrified when she turned him inside out. She then cut his collar off and it felt like she had cut his scalp off, she then continued much to Jack's horror. She cut both his sleeves off and then placed the buttons in a box and his collar and the sleeves in a drawer. Jack lay there helpless and in severe pain. She then left him lying there and took the bag away. He could hear something and tried to figure out what it was. He then recognized the sound and it stuck terror into the very depths of his Soul was a sewing machine. A little later she came back and took Jack into another room and put him in the sewing machine. He wanted to cry, and scream but he couldn't. All he could do was lay there and accept his fate.

Kelly sewed a new black collar on Jack where the white one had been. Then she sewed long sleeves on him, which were a black see-thru fabric with cuffs at the end. She then sewed new black buttons down the front. By the time she was done Jack was wishing he could die, this was torture but it still wouldn't end. After finishing, Kelly then tried him on again. Jack didn't even feel whole anymore with all these foreign pieces of fabric attached to him. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and said, "PERFECT!"

The months went by and Kelly wore jack many times. In fact she had told a friend that he was her favorite outfit. Being washed was a nightmare but he kept just thinking that someday he would be himself again. Then one day, when Kelly was at work, the closet door opened and Jack saw the Devil standing there. "Oh thank god you came back for me!" he screamed in his mind.

The devil frowned and said, "God had nothing to do with me coming back, we had a deal and I will thank you not to mention him again. He annoys me! Always thinking he is better than I am!"

Mad Jack mentally said, "Sorry, but are you going to change me back now?"

The devil said, "Is that what you still want?"

Jack paused and then thought "Of course its what I want! I don't want to be a dress for the rest of my life. I want to be alive again!"

The devil smiled rubbing his hands gleefully together and said "Excellent" and there was a white flash and then Jack was alive again..........but something was wrong he was in severe agonizing pain. He screamed and screamed again!

*Later that day*

Police were all around the house as Kelly was taken from the house in handcuffs crying. An officer said "I have never see anything so gruesome sir, but do you think she did it?"

A detective nodded and said, "Well she doesn't seem the type but we found his dismembered body in her closet and she had put his scalp and his arms in a drawer."

The officer said, "It's a good thing that neighbor heard him screaming or we may never have found him. Its too bad we were too late to save him. Then again he was a Cop killer so I guess he got what he deserved."

The detective said, "Well lets wrap this up! We have all the evidence we need to get that woman a life sentence in prison."

The Devil sat on his throne and laughed at the destruction he had caused. He had got Jacks Soul and he had destroyed Kelly's life. "Nobody is as brilliant as I am! Nobody!" he roared.

Now he would just go see Kelly, the poor dear and see if he could make a deal with her.


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