The Devil in the Details

By Posyomismo.
Written in April 2018

Jack was smoking in the alley next to his favorite bar when the hottest woman he had ever seen in person approached him and asked him for a cigarette. He quickly pulled one from his pack, handed one to her and deftly lit it with his lighter. She took two deep puffs and after some small talk about the weather, bluntly asked him, as a thank you, if he wanted to have a good time, as she pointed to a nearby abandoned building. Jack, almost without believing his luck, and stuttering from sheer nervousness, nodded quickly. She smiled, wickedly playful, took his tie and pulled him as if he were her dog, to the building.

They found a good location inside the abandoned building in a dirty bathroom, with the neon lights of the bar shining through a window partially covered with wooden planks. Then she knelt front him, and without saying a word the woman opened the zipper of his pants and started giving him the most wonderful blowjob that Jack ever experienced. It was so intense that he felt as if his soul would be sucked out through his dick. Not 30 seconds later the job was done, and Jack gave out a long moan of pleasure, and he saw her swallow with pure lust in eyes.

“That was my thank you for the cigarette,” she said, standing up, “but now it’s my turn. Tell me, big man, what is your wildest sexual fantasy?“ She put a finger under Jack’s chin, his cock still out of his pants. “Don’t think about it, big man, simply say it, the first thought that comes to your head.“

“I... I want to fuck two women at the same time,“ Jack said.

With a naughty smile, her appearance quickly changed before Jack’s eyes. Her skin turned red, her feet in black high heels turned into hooves, two horns sprouted from her head, a red tail grew and begun to move around her hips, huge fangs poked through from under her lips, now graced with a malign smile, and her eyes started to shine with an orange light as if all of the flames of hell were inside them. She was like a she-devil. Jack tried to scream a “What the fuck!” in shock and surprise, but she was faster and snapped her fingers saying, “Done!”

Then Jack fell to the floor, but only his empty clothes, were left. The red woman, without losing her evil smile, begun to search through the pile of clothes that Jack was dressed in only seconds ago.

“Human men are so predictable... Most of them always say the same thing...” she said as she took a double dildo from the clothes on the floor. “I believe that you didn’t think this would be the outcome when you told me that you wanted fuck two women at the same time... I can say you that tonight you will get to do just that... Of course, only after I consume your soul, making you a part of my private collection of living sex toys, but I am sure that you will enjoy it much more than being human...” and with a diabolic laugh she shoved the double dildo formerly known as Jack in to her handbag, restored the illusion of her human form, and left the dirty room, returning to the bar while humming “Sympathy for the Devil.” She needed keep a promise that night, and for that she would need a girl. She already had a target in mind that she had seen before in the bar, the she devil seemed to remember that woman had a name that begun with a L... yeah, was it Leticia. She laughed, maybe she could add a sexdoll along with the double dildo to her collection. It was shaping up to be a really good night...

The Devil in the Details