A Dish Best Served Cold

by Sparky

Here’s my first story. Warning, it’s a rather dark tale, so if you don’t like those, don’t read it. It also contains some sexual situations (No sex though) and foul language, so if you not over 18, please don’t read it and warp your fragile little minds. Being my first story, I wouldn’t mind a little constructive criticism so I can do better the next time.  [Giving us your email address would be a good start!  Ed.]

Also, thanks go out to JMD for helping me out.

      Chapter 1

      Beth was having the worst day of her life. She wasn't a very popular girl at her school. She was fairly smart, but she didn't fit in well with others. She wasn't un-pretty either; she had a nice figure and she could look great if she half tried, but she didn't really care. She had chestnut brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and thick glasses to match. She wore a white blouse and a plaid skirt that went down to her knees.

      It all started during lunch. She wasn't really hungry today (especially after looking at the cafeteria food), but she got something to eat anyway. She paid the lunch lady and went to find a seat, preferably by herself. She got to the middle of the cafeteria when her arch-nemesis, Kathy Peters, snuck up behind her. Kathy was the most popular girl in the school and the Captain of the cheerleader squad. She was also a total bitch. Kathy reached out and grabbed Beth's skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. If that wasn't bad enough, her skirt caught her panties and pulled them down as well.

       Beth was standing bottomless in the middle of 300 other students. She screamed, drawing unwanted attention to herself. Beth dropped her tray as the cheerleaders and the whole student body looked on, and she reached down to pick up her skirt. Impossible as it may seem, it got even worse. As she leaned down, she tripped on her panties and fell flat on her face. The cheerleaders were laughing and jeering at her, as she lay there for a few seconds, nude from the waist down, before picking herself up.

      She then pulled up her skirt and ran out of the cafeteria amid laughs and jeers, leaving her food and panties behind. She ran down the hall until she found a storage closet. She went in and closed the door, then sat down and cried in the dark for a half-hour.

      Beth heard the bell announcing the next class had started. She stood up and opened the door, looking out to see if anyone was in the hall. Once she saw that no one was in the area, she left the closet and went to her locker. She grabbed her book bag and left the high school, avoiding any hall monitors.

      She would have to find some way to get back at Kathy. That total bitch had been tormenting Beth since the fifth grade. It started out when Kathy hit puberty before the other girls did. Because she was bigger and better looking than everyone else, she started bullying around everyone. Beth was a natural target because she wasn't as good looking and didn't have many friends. She was sixteen now and she had enough of Kathy and her snobby friends on the cheerleading squad.

      That night as she was lying in her bed, she heard a loud crash outside her window. She sat up with a start after the noise woke her up. She went over to her window and looked out to see what happened. She was scared because she lived in the country and the closest house was a mile away and her parents were on vacation. She could see a silver object, about the size of a small car, near the trees behind her house. She went down stairs and went out the back door in the kitchen.

      Beth remembered that she was nude, she had slept that way because it was so hot tonight, but she decided that she didn't want to go upstairs again and get dressed. Besides, it didn't really matter since she was alone and the nearest person was miles away.

      She turned on her flashlight and walked back to the tree line a few hundred feet behind the house. As she approached the object, she noticed that it was cylindrical shaped, almost like a cigar, and it was pretty beat up too. She got closer and saw smoke coming off of it and it smelt like burnt rubber. She put her hand next to it and could feel heat radiating off of it.

      Suddenly, a piece of it fell off and a small figure fell halfway out of it. Beth yelped and ran for seemed like miles, but was only about a few hundred yards. She sat down in the middle of a field, exhausted from running.

      "Oh shit!" She thought, "A f---ing UFO has landed in my backyard!" She didn't know what to do, thinking that she might be dreaming. She knew that she couldn't stay out here all night in the middle of a field. The only place she could go was back to the UFO. She stood up and started walking.

      After a few minutes, she was standing next to the strange object again. The creature hadn't moved and was still hanging out of the craft. She looked inside the craft and didn't see anything that could be considered a control. She noticed a small sphere on the ground where it must have rolled out of its hand.

      She picked up the sphere and held it in her hand. It looked like a big ball bearing. "This is unreal." She thought. "What am I going to do with this stuff. I'll probably have a bunch of men in black suits running all over, making me forget what happened. I wish this thing would just go away."

      The ball in Beth's hand glowed and with a small pop, the craft and little creature disappeared. Beth stood there for a few seconds, wondering what happened. It took a few seconds to put two and two together. She had done that. She made a wish, the ball glowed, and the craft disappeared. She decided to try it out. She was thirsty, so she wished for a can of Coke. A can appeared on the ground before her. She couldn't believe it.

      Beth remembered what Kathy had done to her that day and now she finally had a means to get revenge.


All the usual disclaimers go here. And remember, if you don’t like it or are under 18, don’t read it.

      Here’s chapter 2. I’m hoping to have the next one done by the end of next week.

      Chapter 2

      The next day, Beth went out to get revenge on the first of the cheerleaders.

      When she woke up earlier that day, she thought it all a dream, until she opened her eyes and saw the little silver sphere on her dresser. She wanted to practice with it, so she found one of her dolls from her childhood. She put it up on her dresser and made a wish. With a flash, it changed from a plastic doll to one made out of porcelain.

      She went downstairs next to the kitchen, and instead of making breakfast, she wished for one. With another flash, Pancakes, syrup and orange juice appeared on the kitchen table. She sat down and ate her breakfast, noting that it was the best that she had ever tasted.

      She cleaned up and went upstairs to her shower. She turned on the water and stepped in. She started washing herself when she looked down at her body. She had a nice figure, but she was nowhere near to being a super model. Her breasts were, at best, a large B-cup. While a nice size for her age, she knew she wouldn’t get much bigger. Not unless she did something about it.

      Beth got out of the shower and dried off. Looking in the mirror, she picked up the sphere and wished for bigger breasts. She watched as her breasts started to grow. The started to get bigger and she could feel the weight pulling on her chest. They stopped at EE. She played around with them for a few minutes, but decided that they would get in the way more than they would be helpful. She wished them down to a smaller size and settled on a firm D-cup.

      Happy with the change, she went into her room and changed, and found out the most of her shirts were too tight across her chest now. She knew that she could instantly order up some clothes that fit, but she felt like doing some shopping today.

      Later that day, Beth knocked on the door of Sarah and Tara’s house. The two were non-identical twins, both on the squad. They had been hanging around Kathy ever since she had declared herself queen bitch of their class.

      Tara answered the door.

      “Well, hello Beth. Nice to see you wearing come clothes.”

      “Screw you.”

      “No thanks, I don’t do losers like you. So why are you here?”

      “I need to talk to you guys about yesterday.”

      “Well, why didn’t you say so, come on it.”

      Beth followed Tara into the house. They went into the living room where Sarah was watching TV.

      “Sarah, we have a guest.” Sarah looked over at Beth.

      “What are you doing here?” Sarah asked.

      “I came to give you two a chance to apologize.”

      “Ummm… what?” Tara seemed a little befuddled.

      “You heard me.”

      “Why should we? You’re on the bottom of the food chain at school and we’re on the top. That’s the way things work.” She sounded a little defensive.

      “Well, you can’t say that I never gave you a chance.” Beth laughed for a moment. “In fact, when I’m done with you two, you’ll never say anything again.” With that, she pulled out the sphere out of her pocket and held it in her hand. She made a wish and the girls screamed in surprise. Both of them were now standing in front of Beth naked from the waist down, just like she had yesterday.

      “Well, how does it feel? Personally, I think you two look pretty cute.”

      After she got over the shock, Tara started to run to her bedroom, but before she could get very far Beth made another wish and a brick wall appeared before her. Tara bounced off the wall and landed on her ass with a bloody nose.

      “Oww! What the hell is this! What are you doing?”

      “As you can see, I’ve acquired a few new skills. How do you like them so far?”

      Beth got a picture off of a nearby bookshelf. She looked at the picture and said. “Your mom’s pretty good looking, I wonder how she would look in a nice new silk nightgown.” Beth made her wish.

      “Noooo!” Was all Tara screamed before she collapsed into a short, sexy, black silk nightgown. Beth walked over to the garment and picked it up, admiring it.

      “I think she looks beautiful, don’t you?” Sarah couldn’t even speak. Beth looked around for a nice box and found one. She carefully folded the Nightgown and put it into the box and closed it up. Something was missing she thought. Then it occurred to her.

      “Here, hold this.” Sarah could do little but put out her hands and hold the box. Beth made her wish and Sarah collapsed to the floor, holding the box to her chest. Her body started to flatten out and surround the box. Her color was changing also; her skin was becoming a nice hot red color. Within seconds, she transformed into wrapping paper that adorned the box.

      “It’s rather ironic Tara, that while your mother will be looking for you, you’ll be so close to her. And Sarah, well, poor Sarah, for you sake you better hope you mother is one of those people that always keeps the wrapping paper.” Beth placed the package on the bed, where she knew their mother would find it and she left.


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      Chapter 3

      Later that night, Beth was at Hayden’s pond. This was the spot where all of the kids from the high school would go to make out away from the prying eyes of their parents. Beth was guessing that at least a few of the cheerleaders would be here tonight. She guessed right.

      A rusted blue Chevy pickup pulled up and three figures got out. She could see that the two girls, Carol and Amy were cheerleaders and the guy, Jake, was on the football team. The trio jumped into the back of the pickup and started making out. After a few minutes, they left the back of the truck, sans-clothes.

      Beth watched from the safety of the bushes as the three went skinny-dipping in the pond. She watched as they started making out again. Carol was servicing Jake while Amy worked on Carol.

      “Hmm…” she thought, “It looks like some of the cheerleaders went both ways. I guess you learn something new every day.” She had seen enough of this. Then she had a really cool idea. She made another wish and watched as the pond started freezing over.

      The trio in the pond heard a crackling sound and turned towards source of the sound at the shore. They were in waist deep water when the ice reached them. Carol saw Beth on the shore and quickly covered up her breasts. The other two weren’t as lucky, Jake was covering himself up and Amy had her hands by her side when the ice reached them and their hands were trapped in the pond with the rest of their bodies

      “What the hell happened to us!”? Amy wanted to know.

      “Maybe she knows something.” Carol pointed to Beth.

      “What have you done to us?!” Jake asked.

      “Sorry about this Jake, I know you’re not such a bad guy, but you hang out with the likes of them. Besides, I can’t let you tell everyone what happened here. I think I’ll start with Carol first.”

      Beth made another wish and watched as Carol changed. At first it looked like she was melting and she soon formed a blob, which moved out of the hole that her former body had left in the ice and crawled over the ice surface to finally rest at Beth’s feet. The blob changed and soon resolved itself into a sexy two-piece bathing suit. Beth picked it up and examined it.

      “Cool. I needed a new suit, especially since I got bigger.” She grabbed her newly enlarged boobs to emphasize the point.

      Beth put her new bathing suit in her bag and pulled out a new object. She turned back to the other two and saw that they were shivering in the iced-over pond. “Okay, now for you two. Jake, since you’re not such a bad guy, your fate will be better than most. You’ll live out eternity in constant pleasure.”
      Beth opened her Sex-Ed book to a blank page. She made her wish and watched as the remaining two changed into a cloud of smoke and moved over to the book. The two clouds mixed and surrounded the book. Soon, all that was left was a line drawing of two people on the formerly blank page, recognizably Jake and Amy, making love. She closed the book and put it in her bag.

      Being such a hot night, she decided to do a little swimming herself to cool off. She unfroze the pond and striped naked. She jumped into the pond and almost jumped right out again, the water was still cold from being frozen. She resisted the urge to get out again and submerged her body into the cold waters, getting relief from this hot summer heat.

      She soon got used to the cold and after a half-hour of swimming around she had enough, she got out, dried herself off and got dressed. The sun was setting and it was time to get home anyway. She combed her hair and put it into a ponytail. “Yuck,” She said to herself “I’ll have to take a shower as soon as I get home too get rid of the pond scum.”

      She used the Sphere to open up a deep hole below the truck and watched as it fell to the bottom. She threw some clothes and other items that didn’t make it into the hole and closed it up, leaving no trace that it was ever here. It was dark by the time she walked the two miles to her house. She went inside and got a bite to eat and when she was done, she took a cool shower and thought about what she was going to do tomorrow. She needed to find the remaining three girls and figure out what to do with them. Oh well, she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.

      She got out of the shower, dried off then went to her bedroom and placed the sphere in a jewelry box where it would be safe. She fell asleep with the cool night breeze on her bare skin and had sweet dreams of revenge.


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      Chapter 4

      Beth got up the next day, ready to take on the rest of the cheerleaders. She made breakfast using the sphere, then wished the trash away and went back upstairs to get dressed.  Her new wardrobe fitted very well after she had used her powers on it.

      She remembered that the cheerleaders had practice on Sundays because the gym was usually so busy the rest of the week.

      She packed up her stuff and headed out to school. She had to take her bike because she didn’t have her license yet. Her parents promised to pay for driving school when they got back from vacation.

      Beth arrived at the school and she parked her bike near the gym. She went though the Gym doors and up to the Girls locker room. She heard some voices and hid behind a row of lockers. Two of the voices moved into the Shower and the rest left the locker room.

      Beth went over to the shower and peeked around the corner. She saw two of the cheerleaders that she was looking for, Stacey and Courtney. She listened in on their conversation.

      “…And you should have seen her standing there nude, then she fell over.” Stacey said.

      “What a loser, I’m suppressed she didn’t kill herself after that.”

      Beth felt the anger rise through her like never before. “That’s cold, you Bitch!” She shouted at Courtney.

      Stacey turned around and covered herself as best she could. Courtney didn’t move at all, she had been turned into an ice statue.

      Beth was surprised because she didn’t even have to wish it this time.

      Stacey started to yell at Beth. “What the f--- are you doing in here you dyke!?! If you’re looking to eat some pussy, try the girl’s Volleyball team. Now get the fu-“

      Stacey just noticed her friend wasn’t herself anymore. “Oh my God! Courtney?” She went over and touched her transparent friend, who was quickly melting under the hot shower. Stacey screamed.

      “What the hell have you done to her!?! What are you!” Stacey tried to run out of the Shower, but she slipped on the floor. In that instant, Beth had another thought and a bar of soap plopped down on the wet floor where Stacey had been standing.

      Beth bent over and picked up the bar of Soap. It even had Stacey’s name engraved on it. It would be rubbed off on other girl’s naked bodies soon enough, she was sure. She placed the soap on the soap rack and before she left, she made sure to turn up the hot water on Courtney’s shower.

      As Beth left the showers, and an unfortunate girl got in her way.
 “Out of my way -- air head.” Without a thought, the girl turned into a human shaped cloud of smoke. The towel that was wrapped around the girl dropped to the floor (there was nothing to hold it up anymore) and Beth walked right through her. The girl just dispersed into a light haze as Beth opened the outer door to the locker room.

      Standing in front of her was her arch-nemesis, Kathy.

      “Well, look what we’ve got here.”


Sorry it took so long, had some girl problems (the good kind ;-) ). Here's the final chapter and my favorite of the bunch. I wasn't too happy with the last two, but this should make up for it.

      Chapter 5

      “Well, if it isn’t Beth. What are you doing here? I bet you just came to look at us in the shower you dyke.”

      “Ha! You wish I were a lesbo like the rest of your squad. You don’t scare me anymore you bitch.”

      Kathy slapped her across her cheek and Beth just smiled.

      Kathy raised her other hand to slap Beth across the other cheek, but Beth grabbed her hand before she could do so.

      “Why you little-” Kathy started.

      “Shut up!” Beth commanded. Kathy didn’t say a word after that, not that she wasn’t trying to. Beth continued “I’m sick of your shit. I have been for the past 5 years. No more! I won’t let you tease or bully anyone ever again! What you did to me in the cafeteria was the last straw. I’m going to make you go away and make sure nobody ever finds you.”

      Fear grew in Kathy’s eyes as she realized that for the first time that she could remember, she had no power over her situation.

      “Since you act like a cunt, that’s what you’ll become.”

      Kathy felt her body start changing and she tried to scream, but nothing happened. Beth watched Kathy melt out of her clothes and into a puddle. She took off her shorts and panties and stepped in the goo. The liquid moved up her legs and surrounded her hips and pussy. She felt a tingling sensation as Kathy was absorbed into her pussy and became part of her. Soon that tingling sensation became a powerful orgasm and Beth had to lean against the wall to keep from falling over.

      “Oh wow!” Beth rubbed her pussy. “I can tell we’re going to have a great relationship from now on.”

      Beth got dressed and got on her bike again. This was the best day of her life. She finally could live without fear of Kathy and her group. She decided to celebrate by going to the local mall and doing some more shopping.

      On her way to the mall, Beth had two more powerful orgasms, thanks to Kathy, almost falling off her bike both times. How ironic it was that the person who tormented her for so long was now giving her such great pleasure now.

      She hit several stores, bought some new clothes and was ready to go home. She had noticed a strange man had been following her for several hours. He was rather strange looking, but she could take care of him if she was threatened.

      The man approached Beth and just stood next to her.  Waiting.

      “Yes, what do you want?” She asked.

      “You have something that belongs to us.” His accent was thick and unrecognizable.

      “Ah, I do? I don’t think so.”

      “One of us crashed here and you took the (unpronounceable). It is too powerful for your kind to handle and you have abused it. The power is to construct, not to destroy.” Beth was starting to get nervous. She wished him away, but it didn’t work. Then she remembered that she could use the sphere and she could wish him away with it. She grabbed the ball in her pocket and wished him to disappear

      Nothing happened.

      ‘You foolish little thing, you think that will work on us? I have been following you, watching you destroy those young girls. You are pure evil and must be stopped before you do anything else.” Beth felt the ball vanish from her pocket and saw it reappear in his hand. “Now, you will be punished for all of those lives that you have ruined.”

      Beth was really scared now, she knew that she was doomed. Beth started crying and fell to her knees. She knew what the sphere could do, she had been using on those other girls after all. She lost control of her bladder and started peeing on herself.

      The man smiled. “I have a fitting punishment for you.” He said and Beth screamed as she disappeared.

      Two weeks later…

      Julie got off the school bus, it was just another ordinary day for her. Her best friend Sam joined her.

      “Hey Julie, look. They already got the memorial for the missing cheerleaders up.” She said.

      They went over to the statue of a cheerleader in front of the school and read the names of the missing girls listed on the bottom of the memorial.

      “It’s weird that that nerdy girl, what’s her name- Beth, went missing with them. It’s not like they were friends.” Julie pointed out.

      “The statue does look familiar, I just can’t place it though. Oh, well. We better get moving or we’ll be late for class.” Sam told her.

      The two girls moved on, leaving the statue that represented everything Beth hated to become as an eternal memorial to the missing cheerleaders.

      The End

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