I got home from work and grabbed the mail. I noticed a small package in with the letters. I read the label and it was addressed to me. It said "Richard Anderson" but the address wasnít mine. I decided that I'd take a shower then open my mail. I threw my mail on the couch and went to take a shower. I looked at my face in the mirror. I needed to shave. I wanted to start the evening with a nice smooth face.

I took a shower and then went to put on some sweat pants. I pulled on some panty hose A body briefer and the pink sweat suit followed. Then I put on some pink slippers and a wig. Now I was ready to relax. It felt so good after a busy day at work to come home a put on some women's clothes. I felt a thrill wash over me as I thought about the next two weeks. I was about to start my vacation! I was going to spend the whole two weeks dressing like a girl! It was going to be so much fun prancing around the house in heels and a skirt. Ever since I was a little kid I had liked women's clothing. I still remember sneaking into my mother's bedroom and stealing her pantyhose when I was ten years old. When I got older I bought my own stuff. Now I lived on my own and I had more fun than ever. The feeling of sliding a pair of silky panties up my legs sent a thrill through me. I was pretty good at imitating a girl too. I had even gone out in public a couple of times when it was dark. I loved the feeling of walking down the street in a tight skirt and high heels. Listening to them click on the pavement, my stockinged legs rubbing against each other. I could get hard just thinking about it.

I went and sat on the couch to read the mail. I picked up the strange package and opened it. It was videotape. I looked at the title "Forced to be a maid". Wow. This sounded like something I had to watch. It did strike me as a little odd to have received this by chance, but with a title like that I had to see it. I slipped the tape into the VCR and lay down on the couch to watch it. It started out with this really dominant chick forcing some guy to be her maid. She dressed him in a maid's uniform and made him clean the house. It was really exciting but the quality was not that good. The picture seemed to flicker a little but I didn't mind too much, the story was really turning me on.

Then it started to get really weird. The maid pissed the mistress off so she said she was going to turn him into a mannequin for the night! Wow what a turn on. I had always had a fantasy about being a mannequin. This was too good to be true. I sat and intently watched the occasionally flickering screen as the mistress stripped her slave. Then she took him to the shower and shaved all the hair from his entire body, even his head! When that was done she took him into her bedroom and made him put on some kind of skintight body suit. It was flesh colored and went from his feet to his head. The guy was completely encased in the suit and the coloring was exactly like a mannequin.

Boy would I like a suit like that. This was getting really hot and I started to play with myself as I watched the mistress mannequinize her poor slave. He was tightly corseted and dressed in a short leather skirt and red blouse. Then she bent him over and shoved a large butt plug up his ass. Then came stockings, a wig and jewelry. I was disappointed that she didn't put him in some heels. Thatís another one of my fetishes. I love high-heeled shoes.

She then handcuffed his hands behind his back and led him into another room. My dick got even harder as the screen zoomed in on what was in this room. There was a glass display case Right in the middle of the room! It was about three feet in diameter and went all the way to the ceiling. In the middle of the display case was a round base with a pair of shoes attached to it. The shoes were black leather ankle boots with very high heels.

She led her quivering slave into the glass case and made him step into the shoes. She then zipped them up and produced two small padlocks and locked them onto his feet. He was now securely attached to the display stand, but it didn't stop there. Next the mistress produced a long metal pole witch she attached to his butt plug. She then had him stand upright and bolted the pole to the base. The poor slave was now forced to stand straight up in those horrid shoes. He tried to plead for mercy through the latex mask but it only had openings for his nostrils and eyes. She laughed at his muffled pleadings, unlocked his handcuffs and then stepped out of the display case. She closed and locked the door and gazed in at her helpless victim.

I was playing with my dick furiously at this point. This movie was unbelievable. I had fantasized about being a mannequin before but to actually see it done to some guy on TV was incredible.

She instructed him to stand in a specific pose and told him if he moved at all he would be punished by being left in the display case until the next day. She told him that she was having a party that night and that he would make a wonderful decoration for the evening.

I sat there on the couch looking at the mannequinized slave as he stood perfectly still in his display case. He looked just like a female mannequin. The corset and heels gave his body the perfect shape and the body suit completely changed his appearance.

I lay there fantasizing that it was me in the display case with a cruel mistress punishing me. I watched the screen as I masturbated and eventually reached a tremendous orgasm.

The tape ended abruptly and I felt like I was coming out of a daze. What an intense tape. I got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. While I was I there I felt an uncontrollable urge to shave off all of my body hair. Thatís not a good idea I said to myself. But still I reached for the razor almost as if I could not control my hands. Besides I thought I didn't have to be back in work for two weeks and I kept my hair in a crew cut anyway so I could wear wigs. What's the big deal? I lathered my self up and my dick got rock hard as I shaved myself. I seemed to get more turned on with each pass of the razor. Finally I reached my head. I hesitated, but only for a moment. As the hair left my head I felt an orgasm building within me. I passed the razor over my eyebrows and when the last bit of hair left me I collapsed in the shower in the throws of an intense orgasm. I couldn't believe how powerful it was. The water splashed on me and still I bucked in the bottom of the tub. I swear it lasted for ten minutes. Finally I shut the water off and crawled out of the tub and lay on the floor exhausted. When I stood up and looked at my self in the mirror I was astonished at what I saw. I was completely hairless. Then suddenly my heart sank. I almost felt pain as I looked at my face. I still had eyelashes! They had to go. I pulled out a pair of tweezers and before I had time to think about it I pulled everyone of them out. Still I was not satisfied. What if I had missed some hairs on my back or somewhere else that I had a hard time reaching? I went into my cupboard and pulled out a bottle of depilatory cream. I stepped back into the shower and covered my entire body including my face. I stood there for a good half-hour then turned the water back on. It was cold at first but I didn't care. There seemed to be only on thought in my head "REMOVE ALL OF YOUR BODY HAIR! ALL OF IT! ALL OF IT!" That thought kept echoing in my head. I had to listen to it. How else could I make a convincing girl? Girls didn't have body hair. "NEITHER DO MANNEQUINS!" came from somewhere in my head. What the hell was that? It was true though, mannequins were hairless. Maybe I would pretend I was a mannequin later on. When I was done I stood in front of my bathroom mirror. I was completely hairless. What had come over me? There was no turning back now. My body was completely smooth. I ran my hands over my head and face and felt my dick stir again. I had never been this turned on in my entire life. Ever since I watched that tape I had been turned on. I should have thought more about it but I didn't. All I seemed to care about was removing all of my body hair. Now that it was done I felt sort of lost, without a direction. So I put on some hose and a nighty and went back to watch the tape again. I fell asleep watching the guy get his feet locked to the display stand and I dreamed that I was a mannequin in a department store window.



I woke up on the couch feeling very drained. I looked at the TV. The tape was still playing. I went over to look at the VCR. I had set it to replay the tape when it was done. It must have played over and over again while I slept. I didn't remember setting it to do that. I looked at the clock. It was two o'clock in the afternoon! I had slept for over fifteen hours! I don't think I had ever done that. I went into the bathroom to relieve my self and was momentarily shocked by my appearance. Then I remembered last night. I felt my dick get hard again as I remembered my dreams. I had been in a suit just like in the tape and a mysterious woman had put me on display in a store window. I could not move or speak. I had stood perfectly still while she dressed me and then left the display case and shut the door. In my dream I just stood there and lost track of time. Days turned into weeks and then I heard the door open again. The woman came in and changed my outfit and then left. I seem to remember my outfit being changed many times, as I stood there immobile and beautiful. I was starting to get turned on again as I thought about my dream. But I had had many orgasms yesterday and I needed some rest.

I went into the kitchen to make my self something to eat but as soon as I opened the refrigerator the smell of the food turned my stomach. I wasn't even thirsty which was pretty weird because I hadn't eaten or drunk anything since yesterday. Oh well maybe I was getting a cold or something. I certainly hoped not though. I last thing I wanted was to start my vacation with a cold.

Suddenly I heard a sound at the door. I went over and opened it but no one was there. I looked down and there was a big box on my doorstep. I looked around again but there wasn't anybody around, not even a van or car on the street. I pulled the package into my front room closed the door and kneeled down to read the label. It had my name on it but the address was wrong again. As a matter of fact it was the same address as the videotape from yesterday. I opened the package. I had to see what was inside. At first I felt letdown by the contents. I saw to bottles of a strange yellow liquid. I picked them up to look at them. They were about one-liter bottles and the liquid looked kind of thick. I put them down and moved some of the packing around inside the box. I pulled out another videotape but this one didn't say anything on it. I tossed it on the couch. If it was anything like the last one then I was sure I would enjoy it. I looked around some more and then my heart leaped into my throat. I pulled out a shiny flesh colored body suit just like in the movie! Wow! What a score. This was too good to be true. I stood up and held it against me. I felt a thrill wash over me as I thought of putting it on. I looked back into the box and removed another small bottle and a pamphlet. It was an instruction sheet for the suit. It said that I should apply the cream in the small bottle before putting the suit on. It was a lubricant that would enable it to fit correctly. It also said that the suit would customize itself to the wearer's body. That body heat would cause it to tighten and fit perfectly. It would also contract at the waist and push out at the hips. The paper said it would give almost anyone a perfectly feminine body. I found this a little hard to believe but that would not stop me from trying it on. The paper made no mention of the other tape or bottles. I looked at the suit. It had breasts and padding at the hips. It seemed far too small. It was half my size. It had a small opening at the back of the neck and the pamphlet said that that is where a person would get into the suit. I had my doubts but I was going to try.

I brought the suit into my bedroom and took off my clothes. Next I spread the cream onto myself like the instructions said. The stuff made my skin tingle as I spread it on and it smelled funny. It sure was slippery to; I had a hard time holding the suit when I picked it up. I slipped my foot through the hole at the back of the neck and pushed my foot into the suit's foot. Next I put my other foot in and started to pull the suit up my legs. It fit skintight but the hole seemed to stretch without a problem. When I got to my crotch I noticed the suit had a pocket on the inside for my dick and balls. There was also a large dildo for my ass. I put some of the cream on the dildo and in the pocket and pulled it up over my hips. The dildo popped into my ass and the pocket in the front sucked my genitals into it. I was amazed that the suit was so stretchy. I continued to pull the suit up my waist. Now I slipped my right arm into the hole and down into the suit's arm. My fingers slid into the suits fingers beautifully. The fingers had long red nails on them. They made my fingers look very feminine. Next I slipped my other arm in and pulled the suit up to my shoulders. Now for the final step. I slipped my head into the hole. The suit snapped down over my head and over my shoulders with a pop. It fit perfectly. I reached around to the back of my neck and felt the hole I had climbed through. It had gone back to its original size of about two inches in diameter. I was amazed that it had not ripped or stretched. I looked down at my feet. The toenails were also a pretty red color. But unlike my fingers the toes were fused together. I went over to my mirror and looked at my self. I couldn't believe my appearance. The suit fit like a second skin there was not a wrinkle or fold anywhere. My skin now had the exact color of a mannequin. I felt my arm with my fingers. It felt very different. I don't know how to describe it but it felt almost like plastic or vinyl. The suit had conformed to my face exactly and while it was very tight around my waist it hardly was giving me the perfect feminine figure that the instructions had claimed it would. But I was far from disappointed. I looked exactly like a mannequin. As I looked at my self I felt an orgasm building within me. Then shock shot through me. The dildo in my ass started to vibrate and the pocked my genitals were in started to stroke and squeeze me. I fell onto the floor experiencing some of the most intense stimulation of my life. The suit seemed to play and tease me to the point of orgasm and somehow keep me there. I put my hands between my legs to stroke my self, but it had no effect. I lay there writhing on the verge of an orgasm but not achieving it. I started to sweat in the suit and it felt tingly and hot. Finally I exploded into an orgasm and my load shot onto the floor. Dimly I thought that there must be a hole down there but I didn't have much time to think about it. The suit continued to stimulate me and I orgasmed again and again. I had never had so many orgasms at once in my life. Eventually I fell asleep again on the floor.

When I woke up I saw I had been asleep for several hours. I was not surprised at this considering what I had been through. I stood up and looked at my self in the mirror. I could swear that my waist was smaller and my groin flatter. I reached my hand behind to feel the back of my neck. The hole I had climbed into the suit through felt smaller. This must be what the instructions had meant by heat activated and customizing to the wearer.

I went into my living room and decided to watch the tape that had come in the box with the suit. I put it into the VCR and sat on the couch. This one was the rest of the first tape. Good, I had been disappointed when the last one had ended so abruptly. Unfortunately the quality was the same and it seemed to keep flickering a little. I didn't care though as the TV showed the same guy still in his display case. He was still standing there in the same position. One hand on his hips the other arm out a little with the hand held in an elegant fan shape. One leg was a little forward of the other. He looked quite beautiful, as he stood there motionless. His mistress was standing there grinning at him. She was obviously pleased with her creation. The poor (lucky?) guy looked awesome and I found my self wishing I was him. That would be so exciting. To actually be dressed like that and locked in a display case. Standing motionless as some woman looked on at me. Reduced to nothing more than a display piece. Left there for the viewing pleasure of women.

I fell asleep again on the couch. I had more dreams of being a display mannequin. The same woman as in the first dream was dressing me in a beautiful tea length party dress. She was telling me that it was prom season so I was going to be showing off a prom dress. I could see my reflection in the glass window in front of me. The dress was a pretty lavender color and was covered in frills and lace. When she was done setting me up she left the display case and closed the door, leaving me there. I stood there in my prom dress watching the days pass. Day and night blended together and I lost track of time. I didn't want to ever move again. I was perfectly happy here in my window.

Suddenly I woke up. I looked around me. It was getting dark and the tape was still playing. I looked at the TV. Obviously the mistress's party had started, because a bunch of women were standing around the display case looking at the poor mannequinized slave.

I got up off the couch. My joints felt very stiff. I looked down at my arm. It looked thinner. I flexed my fingers and they almost creaked as I moved them. I stood up slowly and something fell off the couch. I looked down to see one of the bottles of yellow liquid that had come with the suit. Had I drunk that? I didn't remember doing that. But then I didn't remember setting the VCR to auto replay again either. I walked stiffly to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. A lot of pee came out, far more than I would have expected for not having drunk much for two days. I looked into my sink mirror. My face seemed thinner. I opened my mouth, it felt stiff and I couldn't open it too far. What was the matter with me? Maybe I was getting a cold after all. I went into my bedroom to look in my full-length mirror. I was shocked by what I saw. I had definitely gotten skinnier. My limbs looked very shapely and my waist was far smaller than I had ever seen it. My hips were full, my fingers were slim. This was weird. The suit was really customizing itself to my body. It had pulled me in and pushed me out just like the instructions had said it would. If I had not liked wearing the suit so much I would have taken it off. But that thought caused me an enormous amount of displeasure. Take the suit off? "NO NEVER! NEVER REMOVE THE SUIT!" A voice seemed to scream from inside me. The voice was right. I couldn't take the suit off. I wanted to look like a mannequin and I did. Why would I want to take it off? So what if it looked like it was reshaping me. I looked beautiful. I stood there gazing at my self in the mirror, pretending I was on display. I stood there for more than an hour without moving and it didn't take any effort at all.

The doorbell rang and woke me up. I turned my head as I was brought out off a trance. That was weird I had lost all track off time. I went to the front door and opened it. It didn't even occur to me that I was a naked mannequin. There was another package on the ground. This one was bigger than the last one. I dragged it into the house and closed the door.

I opened the box. On the top was a CD with the words "listen to me" written on it. I went and grabbed my portable CD player and strapped it to my waist. I put the headphones on and pressed the play button. All I heard was a swishing noise with whispering in the background. I left it on and continued to go through the box. I pulled out a black leather skirt, stockings, corset, red blouse and a wig. It was exactly the same outfit the guy in the movie had been wearing. I moved some more packing and revealed a display stand! It was a just like the one in the movie. It was about eight inches high and two feet in diameter. The best part was that there was a pair of black leather ankle boots attached to it like in the movie. The heels were at least five inches high. The front zipped up and there was a heavy ankle strap that went through a chain at the top of the zipper. There were also two small padlocks taped to the base. I was getting more and more excited as I dug into the box. I pulled out several pieces to a steel pole and snapped them together. One end fit into a hole in the base. Somehow I knew the other end would fit into the dildo in my ass.

I brought everything into my bedroom and set the display stand up in front of my full-length bedroom mirror. I took the CD out of my portable player and put it into my bedroom stereo. I had to dress my self in the clothes that came in the box. I had to put them on. I had to. It was like the only thing I cared about. I started by lacing the corset onto my self. Fortunately it had front lacing so it was easier to do. I noticed as I pulled the laces tight that there were little metal latches along the front busk. As I tightened the laces the metal latch would slide into a slot on the other side of the busk. It would click as it went in. With each click my excitement grew. I felt the suit begin to stimulate me again. The voice in my head started again too. It said "LACE UP THE CORSET! LOCK IT ON! LOCK IT ON!" OH yes I had to lock it on. It was the only way my waist would be small enough to put the skirt on. When I finally heard the last latch click I looked at my self in the mirror. My waist was smaller than it had ever been before. Next came the red blouse. It had long sleeves and a high neck. It was a shiny satin and a deep red color. It also had a crotch to it like a body suit. I slid my legs into the holes and then pulled the rest of the blouse on. I did up the back buttons with some difficulty but I managed to get them all done up. Next I pulled the stockings up my legs. They slid very easily up the smooth surface of the suit. I attached them to the garters on the corset and I was ready for the skirt. I had to get the skirt on. I pulled the skirt up my legs. The sound of the smooth leather rubbing the hose sent tingles through me. I pulled up the back zipper and the skirt clicked shut. It had a lock too! It hugged my corseted body. It molded itself to my new shape perfectly. I pulled the wig on and looked at my self in my mirror. The painted face of the mannequin suit made my face look like plastic. The corset gave me the perfect figure and the short leather skirt looked awesome on me. Now I just had to put on some jewelry to finish the look. Once I was dressed I went back out to my living room and retrieved the other bottle of yellow liquid. I went back into the bedroom and laid down on my bed listening to the CD. I put the bottle to my lips. I had a hard time opening my mouth enough but I managed to get it in. The liquid flowed down my throat easily. It seemed to make me feel very warm inside. The warmth spread into my arms and legs. Soon my entire body felt very warm and tingly. I felt so happy. But I had to get on the display stand. That was my only thought right now. It echoed in my head. "GET ON THE STAND! GET ON THE STAND! LOCK THE SHOES TO YOUR FEET! BECOME A MANNEQUIN! GET ON THE STAND!" I listened to the voice. It made sense. I wanted to be a mannequin. I got off the bed and walked stiffly to the display stand. The suit was still pleasuring me and it was getting more intense. I needed to get on the stand. I stood up on it and slid my feet into the shoes. I zipped them up and put the ankle strap through the chain on the zipper. Then I locked the straps around my ankles. The heel were very high. Almost too high. I lifted my skirt and positioned the dildo over the pole on the stand. I lowered myself onto the pole. I heard the dildo click into place as it locked onto the pole. Now my legs were a little bent though. I straitened my legs and the pole rose up in the display sand. When my legs were perfectly straight I heard another click down in the stand at the base of the pole. Then I heard a whirring sound from inside the display stand. The dildo started pushing further into my ass as the pole rose up some more. The dildo was now an another inch or two higher and was holding me up very straight. That was okay though it made standing in the heels easy. I moved my body into a mannequin like position. I don't know how I chose the position. It was just the right position to stand in. I looked at my self in the mirror listing to the CD in the background. I was beautiful. I didn't ever want to move again. I was the perfect mannequin. If I had been in a store window no one would have known I was a real person. I fell into a trance as I stood there. I was only dimly aware of my surroundings. My mind drifted to daydreams where the same mysterious woman dressed me in my window.

Time passed. It got dark. I hardly noticed. I fell asleep there on my display stand, but I didn't fall over. I was a mannequin. I was happy. So happy to be beautiful and on display.



I woke up with a start. The first thing I noticed was that the CD had stopped. Then I remembered where I was. I looked at my self in the mirror. I saw a mannequin looking back at me. Then I remembered the mannequin was me. The last few days had been a daze. What had I done? I thought about my actions. They seemed crazy, almost driven. It's true that the idea of being a mannequin turned me on but this had gone way to far. All these thoughts flashed through my head. My brain felt clear for the first time in days. Suddenly I remembered what I had done to myself. I had drunk that strange liquid and locked my self to this stand! I had to get off of here. I had to take this suit off. I went to reach down to my feet and was quickly reminded off the pole up my ass. My arms felt so stiff. It was hard to move. I forced my self to bend down trying to reach the shoes. I couldn't do it. The pole up my ass and the corset would have prevented me from reaching my feet even if I wasn't so stiff. I relaxed and my body seemed to move by itself back into my display position. I began to panic. The shoes were locked onto my feet. I tried to move my feet, but they were firmly attached to the stand. I looked down at my feet and saw the heavy ankle strap and how it held the zipper up with the chain on it. I tried to pull my feet out of the shoes, but they would not budge. My feet were firmly locked to the stand by the shoes. There was no way I would be able to pull my feet out either. The shoes were far too tight for that. I forced my arm down to where the pole went up my ass. I tried to push my self up. It was impossible. I had pulled the pole up my self and heard it click into place when I had gotten onto the stand. It was holding me straight up. With the shoes locked on my feet and the pole so far up my ass I was securely fastened to the display stand. How had I gotten my self into this? I had locked those shoes to my feet and never even cared that there weren't any keys! I reached up behind my neck to try and rip the suit of. When my fingers reached the back of my neck true terror set in. The hole was gone! All I could feel was smooth plastic at the back of my neck! I tried to loosen some buttons on the blouse by I couldn't get my fingers to close enough to undo any of the buttons. I tried to scream but I could hardly open my mouth. I was so stiff. Any movement took all of my strength and when I relaxed my body went back into the position I had been standing in. I tried to thrash around and tip my self over, no good. I couldn't move fast enough to throw my self off balance. I stopped struggling and looked at myself in the mirror. I had little choice in the matter since I was facing the mirror and I was unable to move.

What was I going to do? I was stuck here. I couldn't survive here. It would be weeks before anybody even thought of looking for me. I would be dead by then. I wanted to cry but even that wasn't possible. I suddenly felt the vibrator start. NO! I didn't want this now. But I couldn't stop it. The vibrations seemed to go through my entire body and despite my terror I felt an orgasm building. It exploded through my body. You wouldn't have been able to tell by looking at me though. I hardly moved a muscle. I seemed to be getting stiffer. My arms were even harder to move now. It took all my strength even to move them a few inches. Then when I relaxed they snapped back into position.

I stood there all day. Getting stiffer and stiffer. It was starting to get dark now. I could see the light fading in my room. I had calmed down. Some cruel trick had been played on me and it seemed that there was no way out. I guessed that I would just stand here until I starved or something. After all I was on vacation. I had planned to spend the whole two weeks dressed as a girl. I had told friends and coworkers that I was going away. I had even told my neighbors that a girlfriend would be watching my house. That way they would not be suspicious if they saw me in drag. I was well and truly screwed. There was no way I was going to get out of this.

I was brought of my thoughts as I heard a noise. The front door was opening! No one had a key to my house. Who was coming into my house? Was it a burglar? If it was there sure wasn't anything I could do about it. Then I heard voices. They were women's voices! They were coming down the hall to my bedroom. Was I rescued? What was going on? I saw to hot chicks walk into my room. One was a tall brunette and she was dressed completely in black leather. The other was a blond and she was wearing a hot red mini dress. If I was not in the situation I was in I would have wanted to screw them both right here. Who were they? The brunette walked right over to me and looked into my eyes. I tried real hard and managed to make a weak noise. I also managed to move my arm a little. She saw my arm move and laughed! "He's ready". She said to the blonde. What did she mean I was ready? Ready for what? It was obvious that these were not burglars. Then I realized that if they knew what and who I was that they must have something to do with what had happened to me. I tried to cry for help. It was no use. I could hardly make a noise. The blonde walked over to me and said. "Look at him he's trying to get away. It's far to late for that Richard. Your fate has been sealed. As a matter of fact it was sealed from the moment you put the suit on!"

Then they both left my bedroom and it sounded like they left my house. What the hell did they mean my fate was sealed? What was my fate? It at least was obvious that I was not going to stand in my bedroom untill I starved. But I was not sure if I was going to like what they had in store for me.

They both came back into my room carrying a box. It was a big box. Big enough for a person to be put into, or a mannequin! They both started to undress me. They unlocked my skirt and let it drop down. Next the unbuttoned my blouse and undid the crotch buttons and slid it over my head. The brunette then proceeded to unlock my corset. When she was done she took it off of me and my waist did not even expand. It just stayed in the compressed state that the corset had forced it into. Then the blonde knelt down and unlocked my shoes. They both lifted me off my pole and laid me on the bed. The stockings were then stripped off of me. They both looked down on me with grins on their faces. "Looks like we have another mannequin." The blonde said to the brunette. Another mannequin! I tried to struggle. I put all of my strength into moving. I had to get away from these sick bitches and now! Of course I could hardly move and they both laughed at my futile efforts to get away. I was quickly picked up and put into the box. They both stuffed packing into the box and shut the cover. I was trapped in the box now, in complete darkness. I felt the box get picked up and moved around. It felt like I was being carried by both of them. I felt my self get dropped onto something and then pushed along some surface. Next I heard two doors shut and an engine start. By now I was terrified. What the hell was happening? I was now regretting ever having opened that first tape and watching it. Something told me if I had not done that, that things would never have gotten this far.

We drove for a long time. I don't know how long. I fell in and out of sleep. In my dreams I was a mannequin again only this time I didn't want to be. The two women who put me in the box were in my dreams this time. They both laughed hysterically as they mounted me in a stores front window and dressed me in a blouse and skirt. When they left the display case I was left there in silence. People walked by me and they all laughed. They all knew I was a man or used to be. The world thought it was amusing that I was trapped as a mannequin in a display window. The seasons passed by. Winter, summer, I don't know how long I was in there. All I know is that I was scared and I wanted to be a real person again. But it never happened. The only thing that did happen was that someone would come in and change my outfit every so often. I just stood there, immobile and on display. A mannequin forever.

I was woken up by the box being moved. I felt it get picked up and carried. I heard voices, all of them feminine. I felt the box get put down and the cover was taken off. The packing was removed from around me and the bright light hit my eyes. I couldn't blink or squint. When my eyes adjusted I saw the same two women looking down at me. This time they were dressed in what looked like nurse's uniforms. They lifted me out of the box and carried me over to another display stand. This one was different though. It had widely spaced wheels with a single pole coming straight up from the middle. There was also a long metal arm with a handle on it coming off of the back of the base. It was obviously not the kind that would be in a store window. It was made entirely of shiny metal and looked almost medical. They stuck me onto the center pole. My feet were well above the floor. I was just held up by the dildo that was in my ass. It should have hurt but it didn't. I had no idea what was going on. This whole thing was way too bizarre for me to comprehend. How could I be stuck here on a pole like this? This wasn't possible. But it had to be, after all here I was. I found my self wishing this was a dream. Hoping that at any moment I would wake up in my bed. But I knew that wasn't going to happen. This was real, far, far too real.

I was pushed along a narrow hallway by one of the girls from my house. I could hear her heels clicking on the floor. I would give anything to be able to walk in heels again. We entered a large room. Everything was white. She wheeled me over to a mirror and left me there facing it, deliberately I'm sure. I could see my self now. Held about a foot off the floor by the pole up my ass. I looked just like a naked mannequin. I tried to move again. I couldn't. I had lost all ability to move. I just looked at my self for I don't know how long until another woman came and got me. She wheeled me over to another area in the large white room and left me there.

Then I heard heels coming up behind me. A woman walked in front of me. I was shocked when I saw her. It was the mysterious woman from my dreams. How could she be here? She looked at me and laughed. It was then that I found out what had happened to me. And what was going to happen to me. This is what she said:

Well my new little mannequin how are you? Scared I'm sure. Let me tell you what has happened. I want you to know exactly what kind of situation you are in. We turn people into mannequins! Yes. Thatís a fantasy of yours isn't it? How do I know you ask? Well it seems you like to cruise the Internet and you hit on our mannequin site. You downloaded a lot of pictures and stories didn't you? Ha Ha. Well we monitor all hits to our web site and when we downloaded all of your cookies we found out some other things about you. You like to wear women's clothes to don't you? You also are particularly fond of sexy shoe sites and female domination. I bet you are living a fantasy right now. Are you scared? You should be.

When we did some research on you we found out that you lived alone and did not have any relatives close by. You were a perfect candidate for our little process. We sent you that videotape, the one with the flickering screen. Remember that? It was packed full of subliminal commands. After you had watched it you were as good as ours. I bet you rushed off to remove all of your body hair right after watching it. Next came the box with the suit and second tape. The lubricant you used was actually a bonding agent. After the suit had been on for half an hour you would have never gotten it off. When you watched the second tape you drank that first bottle of yellow fluid. That was a plastisizing agent. It flowed through your veins and began the mannequinzation process. You felt very stiff when you woke up didn't you? That's because the plastisizing agent was working it's way through your system. By now it has entered every cell of your body.

The next package was the final blow. The CD contained commands that made you forget all reason. You were overcome with a desire to become a mannequin. You didn't even stop to think as you locked the shoes to your feet and the corset to your waist that there weren't any keys. Then you fell asleep while standing there looking at yourself. When you woke up you were terrified weren't you? Thatís because while you were sleeping all of the commands that we put in your head erased themselves. You tried to get loose but it was impossible. You were very stiff and securely fastened to the display stand. As the day wore on your body got stiffer and stiffer. Thatís because the chemicals that you had drunk were working their way into your body. They began to slow down all bodily functions. It became harder to breath and impossible for you to move in any way And now here you are. Scared and wondering what's next. Well let me tell you what's in store for you.

You are being turned into a mannequin! Permanently too I might add. We are going to fill your insides with another plastisizing agent, cover you with a hard plastic coating, and bake it into your body. The baking process will also cause all of the chemicals in your body to permeate and bond with every cell. When we are done you will be rock hard and a beautiful mannequin. You will then be sold and put on display in some store! What do you think of that? Oh don't worry the process won't kill you. Your mind will remain intact. You will be conscious and aware of your surroundings forever! Enjoy the rest of the process, I'll see you again when you are finished.

Well now I was terrified! I was going to become a mannequin and there was nothing I could do about it

I was moved to another part of the room. Once again I was facing a mirror. I think they liked to know that their victims could see what was happening to themselves. A woman I had not seen yet wheeled a machine over to me. It had a large tank of white fluid with tubes coming out of it. She inserted a metal tube into my mouth and than threaded a clear plastic tube down my throat. It seemed to go a long way down. Then she pulled the metal tube out and attached one of the tubes from the tank onto the tube hanging out of my mouth. Next another clear tube was attached to the pole that was holding me up. Then She did the same thing to my nose. When she was done I had three tube sticking out of me, two in my nose and one in my mouth, and another from the pole in my ass. Now she turned the machine on and turned a handle on the top. I saw the milky white liquid flowing through the tube connected to my mouth. The fluid went right down my throat and into my stomach. I started to feel very full but she kept pumping more into me. Then I saw a brown liquid coming out of the tube that was connected to my ass. They were flushing me out! The fluid kept pumping in. Slowly the fluid coming out of my ass started to get whiter. Eventually it was the same color as the fluid being pumped into me. She then disconnected the tube from my ass. But she kept pumping more fluid into me. She began slowly pulling the tube out of me until I felt it in my mouth. I could taste the fluid as it filled my mouth and started to drip down my chin. She turned the valve and pulled the tub from my mouth. Then she tuned another valve and I saw the same fluid going through the tubes in my nose. I felt my lungs fill with the fluid. I was going to drown! No such luck. She followed the same procedure of pulling the tube out while still pumping fluid into me. Finally the fluid started to come out of my nose. She came over to me and inserted two flesh colored plugs into my nostrils and wiped off the excess fluid from my face.

I felt completely filled up inside. They must have pumped gallons of that stuff into me. How could I still be alive? I wasn't breathing any more and I doubted that my heart was beating either. I just stayed there on my pole showing no outside sign that I was alive inside.

Next I was wheeled into another room. This one was much smaller and had drains on the floor. What were they for? I soon found out. I was sprayed down with soapy water. I was washed and rinsed then pushed through a door into a drying room. After a short time I was pushed through another door to see a woman in a full body suit and facemask. She picked up some kind of spray gun. Like the kind cars are painted with. She proceeded to cover me with some clear coating. It went into my eyes and my vision got cloudy. She left for a while then came back to give me a second coat. When I had dried off I was pushed through yet another door into a dark room. The door was shut and I was left alone in pitch-blackness. I must be on some kind of sick assembly line.

I started to see red lines in front of me. They slowly got brighter and I started to feel hot. I was in an oven! The red glow got brighter and the oven got hotter and hotter. I felt like I was cooking but it didn't hurt. It must be three hundred degrees in here! I was in there for a long time then the glow started to subside. I heard a fan come on and air start to move around me. Then a door opened in front of me and I was pulled out. My vision was clear now at least, big deal. I was wheeled into another room and the lights were turned off. I was left in there for a while, probably a couple of days. I fell in and out of sleep. I was haunted by dreams of women laughing at me while I was on a display stand.

I was woken up by the lights coming on. Another woman dressed as a nurse came in. She wheeled me out and I was back in the large room I had first been brought into. Several women came over to me. One of them attached some pads with wires on them to my head. She started looking at a screen on some machine that the wires went into. One of the women asked the one looking at the machine if everything was fine. "Yes everything has gone well". She replied. "Now stroke his arms then his breasts". She told one of the women. The one that had been told to stroke me put her hands on my arm and started to rub me. Pleasure shot through me. I felt my whole body tingle as she caressed my arm. When her hand reached my breasts an orgasm flowed through my body. It was unlike any orgasm I had felt before. It was the best and the worst at the same time. It was pure torture to be receiving this level of stimulation and be unable to move or respond in any way. She continued to rub my breasts and more orgasms washed over me. My mind went numb. I wanted to scream at her to stop! I couldn't take this. I wanted to move! To fall down on the floor and writhe in pleasure but I couldn't. I just stayed there on my pole being stimulated beyond reason and unable to respond in any way. Suddenly she pulled her hand away and walked over to the woman looking at the screen. "Excellent response. He's ready for the final step". She said.

Final step? What could there possibly be left to do to me? I soon found out as I was pushed into another room. I was lifted off my pole and laid down on a steel table. A beautiful girl with red hair attached a few wires to my head. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me. "The wires will stop you from feeling this love". She said. Feel what? I thought. She confirmed her statement when she stroked my arm and I felt nothing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a large circular saw wheeled over to where I lay. It was started up and the cute red head lowered it to my neck! I heard it cut through my neck and saw the saw go down. I screamed from inside my mind. STOP! PLEASE STOP! She couldn't hear me of course. I felt my head lifted up and set on a table where I could see my body. Several women descended upon it and proceeded to take me apart. My feet, hands, legs and arms were cut off. Then my torso was cut in two at the waist. I saw them attaching steel plates at all of the cut sides. One with a peg on my foot, then one with a socket at my ankle. They did this to my entire body then put it back together. Then my head was turned upside down and I heard more drilling and milling. Soon I was turned over and carried to my body. My head was put back on and the wires were removed. Another test was carried out to check my responses on a computer screen. This one was not as intense. I think it was just a check. Then the woman from my dreams came back into my line of vision.

She talked with the other women in the room. They were discussing how I had turned out etc. They all seemed quite pleased with the results. She came over to me again and spoke to me again.

You have turned out very nicely Richard. In fact you are one of the best mannequins to come out of this shop. Most men end up as a plus size mannequin but you are a perfect size ten. You were a little small for a man weren't you? I don't think we will have any trouble selling you. You will make a beautiful display. I can't wait to see you all dressed and in a display case! You had best get used to your situation because it will never change. You are going to be a young and beautiful mannequin for a very long time. Far longer than you would have lived a normal life. You should be thankful. Many women would love to look as good as you do for as long as you are going too! Bye now. Have a nice long life.

She left then. Just walked away from me. I was taken apart again and put into a box. The lid was closed and I was alone in darkness. I fell asleep. I didn't dream this time. I don't know why. I think my mind was to tired to dream it just wanted to rest.

Light again. The box top was lifted and I felt my self pulled out and laid on the floor. I could see all of my pieces lying around me. Then I saw a beautiful woman standing there. She lifted my lower torso and attached it to a display pole. She began assembling me right there before my eyes. She picked up my legs and slid on a pair of white high-heeled pumps. Then she attached the legs to my body. Finally she picked up my head and put it on my body. Feeling rushed through me, as I became aware of my body again. The only part of me that I couldn't feel was my arms. They were still on the floor over by the window. The window! I tried to look around but of course my head wouldn't move. I did notice however that my peripheral vision seemed to be a lot better. I could see almost completely to each side of me. I looked around without moving and saw that I was in some kind of display window. I was the only mannequin in here though. I must have been sold while I was sleeping and now I was being set up in some storefront window! I wish I could cry. How had I gotten myself into this situation? I knew how. I was a sick little pervert who used to fantasize about being a mannequin. Well now I was one and would be one for a long time. I was reminded of that saying, "be careful what you wish for you just might get it." There was nothing I could do about it now. I just stood there immobile and wondering what kind of store had bought me.

My question was answered soon enough. The woman who had assembled me came back into the display case carrying a full floor length petty coat. It was made of crinoline and satin. I must be in some kind of fancy dress shop. She lifted the petticoat up and dropped it over my head. I was momentarily blinded as the crinoline and satin slid passed my eyes. Then the stimulation started. As the petticoat slid over my armless shoulders and down to my waist it brushed over my plastic breasts. A tingling sensation erupted from my stimulated breasts and spread outward. As the window dresser adjusted the petticoat I felt the fabric brushing my legs and it sent chills down my spine. Oh no here it was again. That feeling of helpless and unlimited stimulation. Just the feeling of having the petticoat moved around was sending me toward an orgasm. She lifted the petticoat up and let it fall down and an orgasm washed over my mind. Once again I was being stimulated beyond reason and I couldn't respond in any way. Next she came in holding a large white dress. It was a bridal gown! A bridal shop had bought me! She walked over to me and lifted the dress up. I knew what to expect this time. As the dress descended around me more orgasms washed through me. I had no control over them. With each movement of the fabric against my plastisized skin I had another orgasm. Next the window dresser attached my arms and I could feel them to. She pulled the dress up and guided my handless arms into the sleeves. More orgasms, I wish I could stop this. This was pure sexual torture. I wanted to scream, yell, something, anything. But of course that was impossible. She drew the dress up over my shoulder and around my neck. She walked behind me and began to pull the back zipper up. As the dress closed around me incasing me in its silky embrace I orgasmed again. She did the buttons up around the neck and the dress was on. I began to settle down a bit but she had more to do. She attached my hands then put lacy gloves on them. As each glove was slid onto my hands I had another orgasm. Finally she added a wig and veil. Lastly she walked around me adjusting the hem and positioning the train. Tingles went up and down me as the petticoat brushed my legs again. Finally she stopped and stepped back to look at me. She came back in and moved my arms a little, adjusted my veil and made some other improvements in my appearance. She stepped back again to look at me and smiled. Then she spoke. "What a beautiful mannequin. You are the most realistic mannequin I have ever seen. You were certainly worth the money. I think that you will make a lovely addition to my storefront. This display window will be the talk of the street! Bye now. See you in a month when I change your gown." With that she walked out of the display case and closed the door.

I stood there in silence now. I looked out the window and paid attention to my view for the first time. I was in the street side display window of a bridal shop. It looked like the window was facing an outside shopping area. I could see several stores across a courtyard. People walked back and forth and walked into different shops. Most of the people were women. The only stores that I could see seemed to sell only women's clothing, except for a beauty parlor off to my left.

It started to get dark and the display case lights came on. I could see my reflection in the window now. I had on a gorgeous bridal gown. The skirt was full and floor length. It was all silk and taffeta. I could see the tip of one of my white pumps poking out beneath the hem. The bodice was tight and hugged the feminine curves of my body. The sleeves puffed out at she shoulders and came down to a long fitted sleeve at the wrists. I had lacy gloves on my hands. The gown had a high illusion neckline with a choker style collar. I had on a pretty blonde wig and a hat on my head. The hat had a long veil, which covered my shoulders and came down to my elbows. My arms were positioned to my sides and a little outward. Both wrists were bent out and the hands were in a delicate fan shape. I was a perfect bride. The window dresser had not been kidding when she said I was the best mannequin she had ever seen. I was a vision of feminine beauty. Trapped in the ultimate symbol of femininity, a bridal gown. I sobbed inside. I knew I was never going to get out of this now. I was trapped forever as a bridal display.



I'm standing here in a beautiful full-length wedding gown. It has a long tight skirt covered with tiers of lace at the bottom. A tight bodice with a halter style top. I have long white satin gloves on my hands and high-heeled shoes on my feet. A pretty wig is on my head and a veil is over my face. The steel pole is up my ass. It is a permanent part of me now. It's a pretty window. I make a pretty bride. I'm still in the display case in front of the store. I can see my reflection at night when the display lights are tuned on. During the day I watch all the pretty girls walk by. Across the street I can see another display window for a fancy dress shop. I wonder if their mannequin used to be a person too. I'm much calmer about what has happened to me now. I've excepted my fate. It's easier that way. Time seems to pass in a funny way. I hardly notice it. I know that some things happened before now but it's hard to tell how much before they were. I look out the window and it's summer and before I know it there is snow on the ground. I like the summers better; the girls look much better in their summer clothes.

My favorite time is when my dress is changed. They have a very pretty window dresser here. She is young and caring. She always talks to me when she changes me. I think she likes me. I wish I could tell her I like her. The best part of being changed is the orgasms. When I feel the silky fabric of a bridal gown caressing my skin orgasms wash over me. As a new pair of white gloves slide up my arms my entire body tingles with pleasure. I love the sound and feel as the back zipper is drawn up and the dress closes around me, hugging my body in it's silky embrace. These are the best things about being a mannequin. I'll always be beautiful and young. I'm dressed in the prettiest wedding gowns. Women stop to look at me and admire my dresses. What could be better? I'm glad I'm here now. I'll be young and beautiful forever.