Disturbing Visions - 2

by V. Du'Arden

From an idea by Magnus69 and sort of a se-pre-quel to Disturbing Visions by Heather St. Claire  -Ed.

         While waiting for Mary I watched the other people seated in the busy outdoor restaurant patio, as I usually did when I was out in public. I wondered how she will react to what I feel I have to tell her, as I go over what I was going to say for the dozenth time. I really didn't expect her to really believe me, but I didn't want to think I'm a total nut, something I'm sure she would if I just come right out and told her what I have to tell her.

         Checking my watch I see Mary's late, nothing unusual about that, but I'm still worried I may have waited too long to talk to her. Sighing, I try to relax as I look around for her again, didn't see her. . . or any of the others, if it's to late, then it's too late, and nothing I can do about it now. . . assuming I can do anything anyway.

         A hand on my shoulder brought a gasp to my lips as icy chill shot through me, an instant before I heard a familiar voice, "Hey Sammy. . . Sorry didn't mean to startle you. . . but what is it you had to tell me that couldn't have waited till this weekend?"

         As she took the seat across from me, I gave her a wry smile as my heart resumed its normal beat then said, "Oh, that ok. . . everyone's heart needs to skip a few beats every so often. But, I do wish we could have meet in a less, public place. . ."

         "Like my apartment?" Mary asked with a chuckle in her voice.

         "Or, mine. . ." I said with a smile, then continued, "but the park or someplace like that would have been okay too."

         Mary chuckled and said, "Oh yes, I'm sure the park would have been a fine place to meet, but I was hungry, and since this is your favorite restaurant, I thought this would be a good place to meet." As she browsed through the menu Mary asked, "So, what's this you have to tell me?"

         Now, with her here, I suddenly felt everything I had so carefully rehearsed would just make me sound like I'm raving nut. Mary had to prompt me twice before I finally said, "Ahhh. . . well Mary, what I have to say will sound crazy, and I really don't expect you to believe me without any proof. . ."

         "Which," Mary interrupted with a wry smile and a raised eyebrow, "I deduce you don't have?"

         I couldn't help laughing and nodding before replying, "Yeah, you 'deduce' right Ms. Spock. When did yea bob your ears?"

         She flipped her hair, saying, "Ohh, I got that little detail done when I was assigned to observe you poor primitive earthlings. . . So, what is this fantastic thing you have to tell me?"

         I sighed and said, "Okay, I guess the best place to start it at the beginning. . ."

         "That's usually a good place to start." Mary quipped, as expected.

         I ignored her and continued, "This is going to take awhile. . ."

         "Good stories usually do."

         I gave her a look of annoyed exasperation and said, "Will you please stop that? You have no idea how hard this is, or how important it might be!"

         "Okay love," she said with a smart ass smirk, "I'll be good, so go on with your story. . . please."

         I nodded and started my story, "I think the first time I noticed them was years ago, just after my fourteenth birthday. They were wearing orange coveralls then. That was what caught my attention, those dull orange coveralls, they were so out of place. I noticed the logo across the back of the coveralls, a black and white Möbius on a gray background, but I didn't recognize it then. At first I assumed the four men were delivery men because their orange coveralls and the odd logo were so different from what the museum employees like the janitors wore.

         "Three of the men were carrying cardboard shipping boxes, the big heavy duty kind. The fourth man, the one in front, had a black plastic bag and three bright orange rods or cylinders tucked in his belt. I probably wouldn't have given them a second look, or remembered them, as they walked through the sparsely occupied museum if I hadn't suddenly noticed they had no faces. As they walked by me, each one looked right at me, I guess because I was the only one obviously staring at them, but they just continued walking without pause."

         Mary, obviously not sure how to react, asked, "No faces? None at all?" You sure they weren't wearing something like a stocking mask?"

         I shrugged and continued, "Yeah, they might have been wearing masks, but I really don't think so. I got a real good look at those four identical nearly featureless faces. They had only the barest suggestion of normal features. . . like, like the blank faces some mannequins have.

         "I had such an odd feeling as those blank face turned my way and 'looked' at me, it wasn't really a 'chill' or a feeling of danger, or anything like that. I just felt like I should look away from them, but that was something I couldn't seem to do no matter how I felt. It was such an odd feeling, like, like my mind had, well. . . 'skipped a beat' instead of my heart, if that makes any sense.

         "After I got over the shock of seeing them, and looked around I realized none of my classmates, my teachers, the other patrons, or the two uniformed security guards noticed anything at all odd about the faceless men in orange coveralls. I remember thinking, they couldn't be delivery men as I thought when I first saw them, even if the guards knew who the strange men were and why they might be hiding their faces, because I'm sure at least a few of my classmates would've noticed and stared at the faceless men like I did, but none did."

         "No one even looked at them? No one saw them?" Mary asked.

         "Uhhh, well, no." I relied, "Some of the people moved out of their way, like they normally would, so I assume they 'saw' them. I just don't think they saw the same thing I did."

         I paused then continued my story, "I watched them stop by two attractive woman dressed in nice business suits. The leader of the group touched the women on the shoulder, and when they turned around and looked at the faceless man they didn't seem frightened or even surprised. Although I could see the women said something to the faceless man I was too far away to hear anything. The faceless turned his head toward me, like he was looking at me, then he turned and walked toward one of the side exhibition rooms. The two women followed him and the other three faceless men followed them. They all entered the other room, except for one of the box-carriers who stood to one side of the archway just outside the room."

         Mary asked, "You think he was guarding the door?"

         I shrugged and replied, "I don't know, not for sure. He didn't turn his face in my direction, but I got the idea he was probably watching me."

         "Anyway," I said and returned to my story, "It sure looked like the women followed him willingly, but something sure seemed odd. From where I was I could see most of the two box-carriers, who seemed to not be doing anything except standing just a little way inside the room, but I couldn't see the other faceless man or the two women. A few minutes later the 'leader' came out of the room, and the box-carries moved from where they had been standing. I also noticed the 'leader' faceless man was carrying the plastic bag, and it wasn't empty now.

         "As the 'leader' set off across the huge main exhibition hall with the third box-carrier in-tow, my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to see what the two men in orange coveralls was up to, and what happened to the two women. When I cautiously looked through the big open archway into the next room I saw the two faceless men were just a few feet from the entrance. They were taking apart two naked life-like mannequins and packing them away in the shipping boxes. One of the 'men' had his back to me, but the other was facing me and I know he had to see me, but he gave no indication he was aware I existed as he worked.

         "The half dozen or so patrons looking at the displays in the room didn't seemed to be taking any more notice of the faceless men in orange then the people in the other room did, or the five or six who entered or left the room while they were standing right by the archway. I also didn't see anyone like the two business suited women in the room, but there was a closed door on the other side of the room they could have left by. Checking out the side room didn't seem to take more then a few seconds, but when I turned and looked after the other two faceless men, I saw them all the way across the main display room close to a group of my classmates.

         "The leader simply walked up to one of the girls, touched her shoulder and she followed him after saying a few words, just like the two women did. The faceless man lead the girl, who recognized was Diana, into another of the smaller side exhibition rooms with the box carrying faceless man following along behind them. No one seemed notice Diana walking off with the two strange men, or even glance in their direction."

         I paused to see if Mary was going to comment, then continued, "I started to hurry across the big main hall, but the Assistant Dean saw me, and I wasn't able to avoid getting her standard lecture on the 'proper behavior of young women'. After that, I was careful to 'at least act like a young lady' as I made my way across that huge room. So it took me several long minutes to across the hall and look in the room Diana followed the two faceless men into. I almost run into one of the faceless men, the 'leader', who seemed like he might have just started to leave the room as I started to enter. My heart did 'skip a beat' as I found myself looking up into that blank almost featureless face. I know we stood like that, face to faceless only a second or two, but it seemed like hours before he suddenly moved aside, to let me enter the room. As I entered the room I'm sure I saw Diana standing naked in the room next to the other faceless man. Her face was turned away from me, but I was sure the slim pert breasted naked girl was Diana. At least I was sure it was Diana, until I saw the faceless man pull off one of the 'girl's' arms, and suddenly realize the 'girl' was just another naked life like mannequins."

         Mary asked, "Did you see the mannequin's face?"

         I shook my head and said, "No, no I didn't. I also didn't see Diana in the room, I didn't see her later that day, or the next day at school, in fact I never saw Diana again. She wasn't a cheerleader or anything like that, she wasn't a close friend, but I knew her, I had visited her at her home, and the most frightening thing about her disappearance is no one even remembered there was a girl named Diana Peterson, not even her parents. She should have been in the yearbooks for the last two years, but she wasn't. It was like she never existed, at least as far as everyone else was concerned."


         I nodded as I replied, "Yeah, really!" Then I continued, "I have seen those faceless men many times since then, people obviously sees and reacts to them, but they seem to be quickly forgotten. The color of their coveralls change, but the Möbius logo and those blank featureless faces are always the same. I don't mean I see them everywhere or all the time. I've seen them in museums, libraries, restaurants, parks and other public places. I usually catch sight of them one or two times a month, but I have seen them several times in a single week, and a few time I didn't them for three or four months.

         "Until a few months ago I never tried following them again. I've even gone out of my way to avoid them, but I've seen them touch many people, mostly attractive young women, who follow them and are never seen or remembered afterward. I didn't know what happened to the vanished people, since none of the people touched seemed or acted at all frightened, I guess I tried to pretend nothing was really happening. Then, three months ago, I finally saw what happens to the people who follow the faceless men and disappear."

         Mary gave me her doubtful look as she said, "You are not going to tell me those people were abducted by aliens, are you?"

         I shuddered and replied, "Mary, you have no idea how I wish it was that simple and straightforward. What seems to really be happening to people makes the 'abduction by aliens' stories sound like a reasonable and almost normal thing to happen."

         I wondered what Mary was thinking as I continued, "I was at DeLanny's, one of the nicer downtown sidewalk restaurants. It was the beginning of lunch hour and the sidewalk traffic was beginning to pickup. I had spent the morning shopping and was resting my feet and having a coffee out in the sidewalk patio. There was this rather plane young woman sitting at a nearby table wearing one of the shortest skirts I've seen in a long time. I couldn't help noticing she had really nice legs, which her dark glassy hose and short skirt displayed so well, as I'm sure she intended them to do.

         "Two of the faceless men wearing light blue coveralls stepped out of the passing crowd, walked up to her table and one touched her shoulder. This time, I was closer then I ever had been before when the faceless men approached someone, less then ten feet, maybe less then eight feet. The young woman, she couldn't have been much younger then me, looked up over her shoulder at the faceless man. I could see and hear everything. I didn't hear the faceless man say anything, or make any sound at all, but I clearly heard the young woman say, "Oh. What? Now? Here? But. . ." she seemed to sigh, then she nodded and said, "Oh, very well, if you insist."

         "Then she got up and began undressing, right there at her table in front of everyone, in front of me and the other patrons with the noon lunch crowd streaming by, and NO ONE paid any attention to what she was doing! I don't mean no one saw her, everyone saw her, two waitress' and five customers walked around her while she was undressing. It was plain they looked at her, but they didn't pay any more attention to her then they would anyone one else they'd have to step around.

         "After she finished taking everything off, the faceless man who touched her and she spoke to stepped up to her and pushed what looked a big blue dildo up her cunt. She was standing almost in arms reach, I heard her gasp at its touch, then her eyes closed as she groaned as the faceless man shoved it in, all the way up inside her. I think I heard a low humming sound as the young woman softly moaned and began to actually float about an inch above the sidewalk. She didn't sound or act like she was in pain, in fact she looked and sounded like she was building up to one hell of an orgasm.

         "She floated there, just barely off the ground, moaning softly as she fondled and knead her rather small soft breasts for maybe a half minute. Then she seemed to have an orgasm just as she fell silent and froze motionless as the humming sound became clearly audible. Within a few seconds I noticed her hair looked like it was melting or being absorbed into her skin. Even as her hair was disappearing I noticed the details of her features also seemed to me melting and disappearing. It was soon clear the young woman's features was melting like wax, in fact her skin color and texture looked a lot like wax. I watched her hands melt and merge with the breasts they had been holding as they both sunk into the waxy looking torso. By then the young woman's face was totally smooth and even more featureless as the faceless men's faces were. Her arms, neck and head melted and sunk into her upper torso which was in tern melting and sinking into her so far unchanged lower torso. The whole horrible process lasted only a few minutes, well under five minutes, and when it was over only the girl's lower torso and legs remained almost unchanged. The toes was fused together till only a suggestion of toes remained and the crotch area was smooth and sexless. . . as smooth and sexless as a mannequin's crotch.

         "Once the transformation seemed to be complete the legs smoothly flipped over in the air and gently settled down on the sidewalk with the smooth pale perfectly shaped legs sticking up in the air. Seeing them like this, I realized all that remained of the living breathing young woman I saw only minutes ago now looked like the hose and stocking forms I've seen in all the department stores. The other faceless man, the box-carrier, pick up the, the hose and stocking form and packed it away in the foam lined shipping box. Then the two faceless men, with the box, simply walked away into the passing press of the noonday crowd without anyone raising any kind of alarm."

         "Ohhh, good Gaawwd!" a stunned Mary exclaimed, "Samantha girl, you got ta be joking!"

         "I wish I was." I said as I shuddered, "you have no idea how much I wish this was just a joke."

         "You sayin these faceless men you say you see are turning people into department store hose and stocking forms!?" Mary demanded with obvious disbelief.

         I shook my head and said, "No, that's not the only thing they're turning people into. Remember what I told you I saw the first time in the museum? I didn't actually see them turn Diana and the two women in the museum into a mannequins, but it's pretty obvious that's what happened to them."

         When it was obvious Mary wasn't going to say anything else I continued, "I watched the whole process in stunned disbelieving silence. Then I just sat looking off into the crowd where the two faceless men and their burden disappeared till a waiter asked me if I wished to order anything else. I'm not sure what I said to the waiter. I'm not sure where I went or what I did for the next five hours. I vaguely remember walking around, and riding in cabs and buses. I don't remember any details until I found myself standing outside my apartment staring at the key in my hand."

         Mary grunted, and commented, "Duh! Yeah! I know I'd sure be out of it if I saw something like that. I assume that's not the end of your story?"

         I sighed and replied, "No, it's not. I guess it wouldn't surprise you if I said I've had dreams, actually more like nightmares, of the faceless men?"

         "No, not really." Mary wryly replied.

         I nodded and said, "Well that night I really had some doozy dreams. I dreamed of people going into department stores and turned into mannequins and display forms of all kinds. I've had the most vivid dreams of people being turned into full mannequins, bra and panty forms, hose and stocking, and bra forms. I know the dreams should be terrifying, but I kept waking up from the dreams masturbating and so turned on I came almost immediately every time."

         "You did?"

         "Yeah. I don't know why, but I sure did. I still do, almost every night. Anyway. . . I woke up well past noon the next day. I called work and explained I over slept because I wasn't feeling well as an excuse for missing work, and asked to be excused for the rest of the day."

         "The next day I saw a pair of green coveralled faceless men in the Riverside Park and followed them till they stopped a jogger, a not too attractive black woman. They had her undress right there beside the jogging path with other joggers jogging by with barely a glance and a couple dozen kids playing near by in plain sight. I was the only person standing there obviously watching them, I couldn't help myself, I had to see what they were going to do. The faceless men just gave me one look then ignored as they continued their work.

         "After 'she' finished undressing I saw one reason 'she' wasn't so attractive when 'she' turned out to be a 'he'. . . well, actually one of those he-she people. It was too bad 'her' face looked like it belonged to a prizefighter, because 'she' had a very nice figure and a really perfect pair of breasts. The 'woman' had rather impressive erection, and as 'she' caressed it with one hand as 'she' fondled a breast with the other, one of the faceless men stepped up behind her and pushed a glowing florescent green cylinder, instead of a blue one, up 'her' ass. Like the young woman in DeLanny's, the jogger gasped in surprise(I think) at the touch of the cylinder, and gave a low moan of what sure sounded like pure pleasure as it was pushed up 'her' ass.

         "As before, I could barely hear a low humming and the jogger rose up to float about an inch above the ground. From the low moaning and groaning, and the way 'she' squirmed around fondling and caressing 'herself' whatever was happening was an obviously enjoyable experience. After about a minute of this the jogger seemed to have an orgasm, although 'she' didn't cum, as 'she' straightened up with an arched back that thrust 'her' breasts out and emphasized her ass and hips in a very sexy way. Then 'she' froze in this position with 'her' arms raised a little higher then her shoulders and 'her' legs apart in a rather sexually aggressive pose.

         Seconds after freezing motionless I saw her hair begin melting and sinking into 'her' scalp and skin. As the last of 'her' hair sunk out of sight 'her' features and whole face seemed to melt and collapse in on itself, as did her entire head till only a smooth sculptured stump remained. The arms quickly, smoothly followed, melting and collapsed inward as they were absorbed into the torso, like the head. The joggers impressive erection melted and disappeared into the torso to leave a smooth sexless mannequin's crotch moments after the arms became smooth stumps. The legs was last, from the toes up they seemed to melt like wax and draw up, collapse into themselves till they looked like they had been severed at mid-thigh.

         All during the transformation and as the 'finished' chocolate colored torso form settled to the ground I felt such, such an overwhelming sense of déjà vu I was stunned. I had dreamed of this very thing happening to this very same person, in exactly this way just the other night. I had to wonder what 'she' really felt like as 'she' turned into a shiny chocolate plastic torso mannequin. I watched as the newly created form was carefully packed in its shipping and storage box by the faceless box-carrier.

         Only after the box-carrier picked up the box and carried off alongside the jogging path alone did I tear my eyes away and look around for the other faceless man. I found him standing just a few feet way 'looking' at me with its head cocked a little to one side and its arms crossed across its chest as it was obviously studying me. My mind seemed to lock-up for a moment as I stared at the nearly featureless vestige from almost as close as the jogger did, just before 'she' began undress. In fact, I felt an urge, an urge I nearly gave in to, to take my clothes off so he could put them away with the 'lucky' jogger's clothes. Then, like someone flipped a switch, I realized what I was thinking, gasped and backed away from the faceless one before I turned and ran away as fast as I could."

         "You mean it tried to do to you what it did to the jogger?" Mary asked.

         "No, I don't think so." I shook my head and said, "It was alone, I've never seen them alone, and it didn't have one of those cylinders. And, there was no shipping and storage box around to put me in if it did turn me into another torso form."

         "Why do you think it would be a torso form, instead of a full mannequin?"

         "Ohh, that's because its coveralls was green."

         "Green? What does. . ."

         I interrupted and explained, "I'm pretty sure the coverall color indicates what they're going turn someone into; green for a torso form, blue for a hose and stocking form, a pinkish-red for a bra form, orange for life like mannequins, and gray for a non-life like mannequin. I've also seen faceless men wearing brown, and yellow coveralls, but I have no idea what they turn people into."

         "Ohh. . . Uhh, you've seen enough people transformed to work out a color code?" Mary asked uneasily.

         I nodded and explained, "Yeah, I've seen 38 people turned into one kind of visual display prop or another. Most of them were attractive young women, and over a third was turned in to life like mannequins, but six were men who were turned into either four torso forms and two semi-life like mannequin. There was also seven children four girls and three boys who were all turned into life like mannequins."

         Shocked, Mary asked, "You mean you just stood there while kids was turned into lifeless dummies?"

         "No! I mean, not the first time it happened in front of me." I said, then went on to explain, "It happened in the park, fairly close to were the jogger was taken. I spotted four faceless men wearing orange coveralls entering the park and followed them to where a bunch of children were playing. At first I thought they were going after one of the adults watching the kids playing, but when a ten or eleven year old girl wondered by and the 'leader' faceless man touched her I realized what he was going to do. I protested, and for the first time I tried to interfere with them.

         "I have no idea what I was thinking, when I run up and pulled the faceless man away from the child as she was undressing. It was the first time I ever touched one of them. I didn't feel living flesh under the coveralls when I grabbed it. What I felt was more like the cold hard plastic shoulder of a mannequin. It turned and touched my shoulder, like they almost always do, and I heard a soft voice say, "you do not conform to specifications of this order.   do not interfere with completion of this order."

         "After it touched me, I couldn't do anything except stand there and watch as he pushed a glowing orange cylinder into the little girl's hairless sex. She reacted the same way the adults did. She gasped, with surprise and what seemed like delight, and groaned with obvious great pleasure as the faceless man pushed the inch thick, seven inch long cylinder all the way up into her young body. Then that faint humming started and she floated in the air in clearly blissful ecstasy until she had an obvious orgasm as she struck a pose and froze in position. I watched as her flesh took on a slightly plastic sheen and her eyes turned glassy. I watched as her hairless little girl slit seem to melt like wax and become smooth part of her sexless mannequin crotch. Then the lines appeared around her wrists, waist, upper thighs and shoulders, lines that became the joints of the mannequin she had become.

         "I watched this happen to two other girls and a boy, the youngest looked about nine, the oldest no more then twelve. After they finished packing away the last child mannequin they started walking away with their prizes like they did every other time. I had tried to follow them before, and I always lost them soon after they mixed with any decent sized crowd. This time I found myself walking right along with them, second in line, right behind the leader. I had felt emotionally numb after I found I couldn't move and had to watch as four young children was turned into mannequins, but now terror filled me as I thought they were going to do the same to me."

         "Well, that obviously didn't happen."

         "No, it didn't. A few minutes after they left the park they either let me go, or I managed to break whatever it was that held me, and I run away."

         "You said it said you 'did not conform to order profile'. . . I wonder what would have happened if they hadn't had an order for four child mannequins."

         "Yeah. . . I already thought of that." I agreed with a shudder.

         After a long silence Mary asked, "Have you tried telling anyone else?"

         "Oh, hell yes!" I exclaimed in obvious frustration, "But no one believes me! I guess I can't blame anyone for that. I know it's a wild fantastic story. I really don't expect anyone to believe it without some kind of proof, and there isn't any. I soon learned everyone the faceless men take simply disappears without leaving a trace that they ever existed as anything other then a mannequin, or a bra form, or whatever they're turned into."

         "Then there is no proof?"

         "Nothing, except my word of what I've seen, and I quickly learned that isn't worth anything. After nearly being committed the first time I tried reporting what I saw to the authorities, I've not made that mistake again. You're the first person I've said anything to since that happened."

         "Ohh, lucky me." Mary joked, then asked, "Have you noticed anything else that seems odd?"

         "Yes." I reluctantly admitted.

         When it was obvious I was hesitating Mary asked, "Well, what is it?"

         "Uhh. . . well, it's really weird just by itself, but not when compared to seeing people turned into mannequins. . ."

         "Ok!" she said and demanded, "So, tell me about it, okay?"

         "I've started noticing odd things happening around me where I work, things that. . . well, might be related to the appearances of the faceless men. The first time I noticed something odd was the first day I went into work after seeing that woman turned into a hose and stocking form. We had a new receptionist, a blond young woman, but when I asked about it several people said she was the same we had for the last month. I'm sure she was an older redhead with bigger breasts the last time I saw her. That was the first, and every time I've seen the faceless men transform someone, something at work is different the next time I go in, and I'm the only person who seems to notice."

         Mary was silent for a while as she looked out through restaurant's window at the passing pedestrians on the not so busy noonday sidewalk. Then she asked, "Sam, don't take this personal, but have considered you really are imagining thing?"

         I sighed and said, "Yes, of course I have, everyday. Sometimes I'm even able to convince myself it's all in my head, then I see them somewhere, the faceless men, and I know I'm not imagining them."

         Mary nodded, then asked, "Samantha, we've been known each other for over four years, and I'd like to think we were friends almost that long. So, if you've seen these 'faceless men' since you were fourteen, why are you telling me about them now?"

         "I've not said anything because you are my friend, and I didn't want you to think I was crazy."

         "Ok, so why you telling me now?"

         I smiled as I said, "I was expecting that question. . . if you didn't assume I was just plain crazy."

         Mary chuckled and said, "I've not decided about that yet. If we hadn't been friends almost four years, I'd be worrying if you might be violent, and waiting for a chance to call the men in the white jackets. As it is, I'll wait a while before I make any calls, but I'm still waiting for you to tell me why you're telling me this story now."

         "Okay, but I'd like to show you something first." I said as I scooted out of our booth.

         After we left the restaurant and walked a half block I asked, "Mary, how'd you like to see what the faceless men look like?"

         "Huh? You seeing them now?" Mary asked as she looked around.

         I chuckled and said, "No, I don't see any now, but I'll be sure to point them out if I do," I sighed and added, "for what ever good it'll do."

         "Ah, what do you mean by that?"

         I sighed again and said, "Mary, you wouldn't be the first person I've tried pointing out the faceless men to. You'll see them, you may even get to see them turn someone into a mannequin, but you'll forget what you saw as soon as they're out of sight. . . just like everyone else."

         "I will? you sure?"

         "About as sure as I can be." I said and explained, "I have managed to get six people before you to see the faceless men, none was around to see any of the transformations, and none remembered anything at all unusual an hour later."

         Pausing in front of a store window I pointed to one of the faceless male mannequins in the window, one that happened to be wearing a blue one piece jumpsuit, and said, "That is what they look like, all of them. They all could be the twin of that mannequin."

         Mary studied the mannequin a moment then asked, "You mean that's one of your faceless men?"

         "No. That's just a. . ."

         "Just a what, Sam?" Mary asked.

         "Just a mannequin. . . Now, why didn't I think of that."

         "Ahhh. . . Think of what, Sam?" Mary asked again.

         "The faceless men, they're mannequins!" I exclaimed, "It's so fucking obvious!"

         Surprised Mary asked, "You mean you're just thinking of that? It was so obvious I thought that's what you thought they were."

         "No, I didn't, not till just now. You're right about how obvious it is, Mary. The faceless men have to be mannequins, animated mannequins. . . but why didn't I think of that till now?"

         "Sam, from what you've told me, if these faceless men really exist then they must be able to screw with people's minds somehow, and if so you're probably not as immune to what they do as you thought you were."

         "Ohh, that's just great!" I muttered, "I wonder if there's anything else glaringly obvious I've completely over looked?"

         Looking in the next shops window, a high end lingerie shop, Mary said, "Ah, Sam, you remember that torso form you said that jogger got turned into, the 'chocolate' colored one." She pointed at a naked chocolate torso form in the window display as she asked, "Did it look anything like that one?"

         I stared a moment at the torso form the shop clerk was preparing to dress in a sexy red satin and lace teddy, then gasped as I recognized it and exclaimed, "Ohh My Gawd! That's the same one! That's the same form that jogger was turned into. It has the exact same pose, the breasts are the same size and shape, so is its ass and hips. Everything is the same."

         Mary pulled me in the shop and had me look at it again, and then look at all the mannequins in the shop. There was a dozen torso forms, and almost twice that many bra forms, but only four full mannequins. We noticed each one was different, unique, as if each one was hand made. Except of the chocolate colored form in the window I couldn't say for sure if I recognized any of the other forms, although one of the other torso forms did look a little familiar.

         Mary dragged me through a half dozen department stores to have me look at the mannequins they had after I admitted I never thought to do it before. I was stunned to find six mannequins I recognized. There was four child mannequins in the children's Back to School section of one big department store that had been the first four children I saw transformed. In another store I saw two mannequins I remembered had been two living breathing young women who simply disappeared one day. I had not seen them transformed, but I was sure they were, or had been the two missing girls who no one else remembered except me. One of them, I had know fairly well in a casual way, so I know it was or had been her.

         Seeing JoAnn standing there, as an eternally motionless and staring glassy-eyed mannequin, wearing a pretty sun-dress and a big floppy sun-hat, reminded me I hadn't yet explained to Mary why I was telling her about the faceless men now. I was staring at JoAnn, the mannequin, trying to think of what I was going to tell Mary for so long she had shake me to get my attention.

         Mary nodded toward JoAnn and asked, "I assume you recognize that one?"

         I sighed and nodded as I replied, "Yes. That was JoAnn Parker. She wasn't really a friend, but she was neighbor I knew fairly well. One morning I saw a guy coming out of her apartment I didn't recognize, but he seemed to know me. When I asked him if he knew JoAnn long and he didn't know who I was talking about, I suspected what might have happened. . . it wasn't the first time someone I knew disappeared. It wasn't hard to find out the apartment I remembered JoAnn living in just the day before had been occupied for the last year by a young man named Tommas Mitchal. Who I also discovered I 'knew' well enough to have shared a bed with several times during that time."

         "You mean you were fucking Tom, and you didn't remember him at all?"

         "Nope, that was the first time I can remember meeting him, but it sure wasn't his first time meeting me. In fact, that night, I discovered he knew some rather intimate details of my anatomy he could only have learned one way."

         "You're kidding! I know you've been going with Tom for over a year and a half."

         "Nope, I'm not kidding. As far as I remember, I meet him the first time only six months ago. Before that JoAnn was living next to my apartment."

         "Ohh. . . that must have been awkward. Didn't Tom noticed anything?"

         I shrugged and said, "He might have, but he didn't say anything." I stared at the mannequin a few moments more before saying, "Mary, the reason I really wasn't surprised something like this happened to JoAnn is because I dreamed of the faceless men turning her into a mannequin or torso form or something several times before she actually disappeared. That wasn't the first time, or the last time, I've dreamt of the faceless men taking someone before they actually vanished."

         With a tone of concern in her voice, Mary asked, "You're not going to tell me what I think you are, are you?"

         I nodded and said, "Yeah, I think so. Over the last week I've dreams of the faceless men usually turning you into a torso form or mannequin, but you've also been turned into a bra form and a hose and stocking form."

         "Ohh, really? Uhhh, well. . . you could be mistaken, or. . . ahhh. . . crazy." Mary said with a wry smile.

         I sighed and said, "Yeah, I could be crazy. . . but as far as my dreams is concerned, the people I knew, nearly all very casually, they all disappeared between one and two weeks after I started dreaming of them being taken by the faceless men."

         Mary just stared at me for several long moments before she said, with surprisingly calm, "You mean that some time this week one of your faceless men is going to tap me on the shoulder, in some public place, and I'm going to willingly strip naked and let them turn me into a mannequin or something?"

         Finding it hard to meet her eyes, I nodded and said, "Uhh, yeah, that's seems to be the way it works."

         "So, why are you telling me this, if there's nothing I can do to keep it from happening?"

         "Because, you're my friend, and I don't know if there is any way for you to avoid the faceless men. I have to at least try to keep that from happening to you! I don't have any real friends beside you, and I can't just keep quite and hope it won't happen this time!" I said with a quivering voice as my eyes teared up.

         Mary hugged me and said, "Okay, I understand, don't go getting all teary eyed on me, Sam. How will you see these faceless men to warn me if your eyes are all blurry with tears?"

         I smiled wryly and dried my tears before asking, "So, you don't think I'm crazy and imagining everything?"

         Mary hugged me as we turned away from the display mannequin, then she laughed a little and said, "Sam, don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope you are crazy, or at least have an extremely overactive imagination, otherwise. . ." and pointedly looked back at the mannequin that used to be a young woman name JoAnn.

         Mary and I managed to get the rest of that week off, and we intended spend most of that time together, much to the puzzled suspicions of our boyfriends. Nothing happened the next two days, at least as far as the faceless men were concerned. I didn't see any faceless men, except maybe to catch a glimpse of what could have been orange or green coveralls through a crowd, until the third day.

         Mary and I was having lunch in one of the smaller crowded restaurants when I spotted a faceless man in brown coveralls with three others wearing dull light-red coveralls. My gasp of dread alerted Mary causing her to look up at me then out the window at what I was staring at.

         At Mary's gasp and exclamation, "Ohh Good Gaawd! They're real!" I managed to tear my eyes away from the faceless men to see her face was much paler then normal. She looked at me, glanced down at my breasts then at her own, and asked in a weak voice, "Uhh, red coveralls, does, doesn't that means they're goin to. . . to turn me into a bra form?"

         I glanced back out the window before replying. I was a relieved to see the faceless men did not seem to be heading toward our restaurant, and said, "Yes, red coveralls mean someone is going to be a bra form, but I don't think they're not heading here."

         Mary looked out the window and stared at the faceless men till it was obvious they were going somewhere else. Then much to my surprise she got up and headed toward the door, pulling me along behind her, as she said, "I'm sorry Sam, I really thought you were having hallucinations or something, but I saw them, I really saw them! Your faceless men really exists. I got to see if the rest of what you said is also true. I have to see if they really turn someone into a bra form." Mary paused at the register just long enough to toss the clerk a twenty and said, "Keep the change." before hurrying out of the restaurant and in the direction the faceless men were going.

         I jerked on Mary's arm to get her attention as I said, "Mary, this is a dumb idea. If you attract their attention they may decide you fit their order 'profile' and since there are two box carriers they might decide I fit it too."

         Barely slowing Mary said, "I'm not planning to get that close to them. It should be easy to follow those red coveralls without getting too close."

         "Mary," I protested, "I've tried following these things before, a lot of times, and I've never been able to it for more then two or three blocks. When we lose sight of them we might see them next after they tap us on the shoulder, when we turn around and begin undressing."

         That got her attention. Mary slowed a bit, looked like she was about to head back the way we came, then she said, "Ohh, look. They're going into that Wendy's." She pulled me along even faster and we arrived just outside the fast food restaurant in time to see through the window as the faceless men touched a young man and woman on their shoulders. Mary gave me a puzzled look and asked, "If they're wearing red coveralls they are going to turn their victim into bra forms, aren't they?"

         I nodded as we cautiously entered the restaurant, and said, "Yeah, as far as I know."

         Making sure we were out of the way, but still had a good view of what was about to happen, Mary and I watched the young couple undress and drop their clothes to the waiting plastic bag. The girl looked to be about seventeen or eighteen and had a very nice pair of young firm 'C' cup size breasts. Her boyfriend looked a year or two older without any breasts at all, and as he pushed his shorts down off his waist the rather impressive erection that sprang forth made it very clear he was all male.

         The faceless man in brown coveralls step up behind the young man and pushed a glowing golden-brown cylinder up his ass, while a faceless man in red pushed a glowing ruby cylinder into the young woman's pussy. They both gasped and groaned with obvious pleasure, then the humming began and they gently began floating about an inch above the floor.

         While they were undressing and now as they floated in the air Mary kept glancing away at the people going about their business as if nothing unusual was happening right in the middle of a busy Wendy's restaurant. I understood just what she was feeling. I still found the fact that people didn't seem to notice the faceless men turning a person into a mannequin or something in the middle of a busy crowd as fantastic as the actual transformations.

         Almost right away I noticed something odd, something I hadn't seen before, as became clear the young man was beginning to change within seconds after he started to float in the air. All the other times the chosen one floated in the air for a good minute or more before they started changing. The change was also different in that he didn't assume a pose and freeze motionless while the transformation occurred. When the young man's nipples began to swell and darken atop growing mounds of soft flesh I realized he was growing breasts, but it was soon clear this transformation entailed more then just growing a pair of breasts. Within a minute or so the young man had turned into a rather attractive young woman, a young woman in all ways, including a very nice firm pair a 'D' cup breasts.

         A few seconds before the young man finished changing into a young woman 'his' girlfriend began the final phase of her transformation. As she seemed to have the usual orgasm she raised her arms up with her hands behind her head, arched her back a little to raise and thrust out her breasts and froze in this pose. Seconds after she assumed her pose her hair began melting into her scalp as her features began softening and smoothing over till her face was as featureless as the faceless men. While her head didn't melt and collapse into her torso as happens with many bra forms, her arms did melt away until only smooth stumps remained. Then her legs began melting and drawing up inside themselves, a process that continued until a little less then half the torso remained as the completed bra form gently settled to the floor.

         As the young man finished turning into a young woman she gently settled to the floor, obviously bemused and very turned on by what she just experience. While she examined her breasts and new sex with obvious amazed delight a faceless man in red stepped up and gently pushed another glowing ruby cylinder into her newly formed pussy. She was soon floating in the air again, and in a much shorter time experienced her first orgasm and froze in a pose similar to her companion who was still in the process of becoming a bra form. A minute or so later a second completed bra form settled to the floor to be boxed up and carried out of the busy restaurant where no one but Mary and I noticed two people transformed into two pieces of, of display props.

         Mary looked very pale after the faceless men left, and for the first time it seemed like someone, besides me, was going to remember what happened once the faceless men were out of sight. I watched Mary with interest, as we sat in one of the few empty booths, wondering if she was really going to remember what she just watched happen. As I told her, she wasn't the first person who I 'helped' see the faceless men, and I wondered if she was going to forget what happened like everyone else did. It would be so good to have someone to talk to about this, someone who wouldn't automatically assume I was crazy or imagining things.

         I waited and watched as Mary just sat staring out of the window for several minutes, as her color returned, as her breathing slowed, as she visibly calmed down. When Mary got up suddenly and headed toward the door, I assumed she had forgotten what happened, just like everyone else. Outside she hailed a passing cab and after we settled in told the driver to, "Just drive around till I tell you to stop."

         Since I assumed she forgot what she saw in the Wendy's I was surprised when she asked a couple minutes after the cab began 'driving around', "Does it always happen like that, with people all around?"

         "Yes," I replied, "as far as I know it does. There has always been other people nearby, not always as many, or as close as in that Wendy's, but it always happens out in plain view."

         "You said you've seen them in public places with people around." Mary said and asked, "Can you think of places you've never seen them?"

         "Mmmm. . . I've never seen them in a residence, where people actually live." I said.

         "Anywhere else?" Mary probed, "How about churches or cemeteries?"

         "Nnoo. . . oh, yeah," I replied, "I have seen them going into one of the big churches, the big Lutheran over on 23rd and Handel. But I've never seen then in any cemeteries, even the ones close to places like Riverside Park where I've seen them several times."

         Mary stared out the window awhile, then asked, "Have you seen them in any other city?"

         I sighed and said, "Yeah, I lived in Indianapolis before moving here. That's where I first saw them."

         Mary sighed and muttered, "Whatever is going on isn't just happening here."

         After awhile Mary had the cab drop us off close to home. As she paid the fare I noticed the driver gave us a curious look, and I wondered what he thought of what he must have overheard. Mary was quite and thoughtful as we walked along together, then she sighed and said, "Well, at least whatever they do it doesn't seem to be at all painful."

         I nodded and said, "Yeah, I've noticed how much the 'chosen ones' seemed to enjoy the experience, and I can't help wondering what it must feel like."

         Mary grunted and said, "Well, if your dream really does come true then I'm going to be finding out what it feels like some time soon. I wonder what it'll be."

         Smiling I said, morbidly joking, "Well, you do have a nice pair of breasts, you'd make a good bra form. But you also have very nice shapely legs, so I guess they could turn you into a hose and stocking form."

         Mary gave me a sour look as she said, "Sam, your idea of humor could use improving." Then a small smile forced it's way to her lips and she asked, "You really think I got nice legs?"

         With a chuckle I said, "Yeah, they're as good any I've seen, not that I make a habit of looking a other women's legs. I'm really more of a T 'n' A girl myself."

         Mary laughed at this, then noticed we were out front of the Food Mart a block from our apartment and said, "Ohh, this reminds me, I have to pickup some meat for dinner tonight."

         We got separated a few moments in the store as we looked for different things among the supermarket shelves. I turned down one aisle to get some coffee as Mary continued to the Meat section. We was separated for only a few minutes, it didn't seem long at all, but it was long enough for Mary to be tapped on the shoulder by the faceless men and turned into a mannequin. At least I assumed she was a mannequin, because the faceless man I saw putting something in a shipping and storage box before sealing it shut was wearing dull orange coveralls. I just stood and stared in shocked dismay, as the two orange clad faceless men walked past me, the box-carrier carrying what I had no doubt was, or had been, Mary in that heavy-duty cardboard box as a disassembled mannequin.

         After the faceless men left, I numbly looked around for Mary even though I really didn't expect to her again, except maybe as a mannequin in some department or clothing store. Just to make sure, just so I'll have no doubt or hope of Mary's fate, I knocked on the door of the apartment that had been hers just this morning. I wasn't surprised when a stranger opened the door, as I looked in at what I could see of a very differently furnished apartment I asked if a Mary Presscott lived there. I just sighed and thanked the older woman after she confirmed no Mary Presscott lived there for at least the last three years.

         That night I had new dreams of the faceless men turning a young woman into a bra form or a torso form. The next night she was turned into a full life like mannequin, then into a non-life-like mannequin, and another bra form. Each night for the next week I dreamed of her several times a night, dreamed of her being turned into something by the faceless men. The transformations occurred in different setting, restaurants, theaters, department stores, even just out on the busy sidewalk. Most of the places were familiar to me, which really wasn't surprising since the young woman I dreamed of being transformed was me.

         I guess I could have tried running away or hiding, but after Mary's transformation I just didn't feel like running or hiding, and I doubted it would have done any good anyway. I saw the faceless several times after they took Mary, I didn't bother to hide from them, but I didn't give in to my curiosity and try following them either. One day five faceless men walked into the office, it was the first time I saw then at work, and I assumed they had come for me, but I resisted the urge to leave as fast as I could. Four of them were wearing blue coveralls, the fifth wore brown, and I wondered what it would be like to be turned into a torso form as they approached. When they walked right by me without giving me a glance I followed them to see who they had come for if it wasn't me.

         I was just a little surprised to see them enter the big glassed in conference room that over looked the building's busy entrance foyer. The conference room was in use by Mr. DuKain, the CEO and several VPs were having some kind of 'semi-public' meeting. The thing that really surprised me, what was actually shocking was seeing the gray haired yet still very handsome and impeccably dressed Mr. Dukain look up at the faceless men with such obvious recognition plainly visible in his expression. He wasn't the only one at that table who saw and recognized the faceless men, all but one of the VPs stared at the faceless men as they walked into the conference room. Everyone else reacted as most people do with barely a glance at the faceless men.

         The ones who could see them seemed mesmerized as the brown clad faceless man touched two of the male VPs, and one of the two female VPs. Everyone who could take notice of what was happening just sat and stared as the three expensively dressed VPs were first turned into attractive young women then into female torso forms, before they packed into boxes and carried out of the conference room. As I watch the four blue clad faceless men walking away down one corridor with their three new acquisitions five more faceless men brushed past me from the other direction to enter the conference room.

         As the five red clad faceless men entered the conference I realized the brown clad one hadn't left with the first group, then I noticed it carried four more of those golden-brown cylinders. Mr. Dukain watched as the faceless men touched two of his male VPs and the last female VP. Only then did he seem to start to react to what he obviously just watched happen, but as he got and turned to flee the brown clad faceless man casually reached out and lay his hand on Mr. Dukain's shoulder. Mr. Dukain stopped stared back into the faceless man's blank face, then nodded and began undressing like his VPs were already doing. Mr. Dukain was very well 'preserved' for an older man, with his gray hair and leathery face the only indication he was sixty-two years old.

         The glowing golden-brown cylinders soon turned all of them, including the fifty-six year old woman VP into very attractive young women with four very nice firm breasts of various sizes. Then the glowing ruby cylinders were pushed into their pussys and soon turned them into four new plastic breast forms. Only the one VP remained, the only one who seemed as unaware of what just happened as the dozen visiting businessmen were, after the faceless men left.

         I returned to my office with a lot to think about. I had never seen so many faceless men in one place at one time, and had never seen anyone react to the faceless men before being touched, not like that, not like they knew what was about to happen. Mr. Dukain and VPs still didn't seem frightened, or at least not as much as I'd expect, they seemed more surprised, like they were having trouble believing the faceless men came for them. It was clear Mr. Dukain and VPs who wasn't transformed into torso forms by the first faceless men were obviously relieved, and just as obviously dismayed when the second group of faceless men filed into the conference room.

         They saw what just happened to the others, yet they still didn't really seem afraid. Only Mr. Dukain tried to avoid the faceless man's touch, and he seemed even less fearful then the others were. As I reviewed what happened in the conference room I realized the two women VPs were not nearly as dismayed as the men were. In fact, it seemed the older one wasn't really that upset at all, even after seeing the first three VPs turned into headless, armless, legless plastic torso forms. Maybe the men knew they were going to be turned into attractive young women, that wouldn't upset the women VPs, especially the older overweight one. But that doesn't make any sense, not if the women really understood they were going to be turned in plastic display forms.

         After work I was sitting in my favorite sidewalk restaurant, one of the places I had avoided during the last week, sipping coffee and watching the people getting off work streaming by as I kept thinking about what happened in the conference room. If I hadn't been so distracted by what happened at work I probably wouldn't have stopped for my usual after work coffee at that particular busy restaurant. It probably wouldn't have made a difference, but I'd have probably chosen a place where it wouldn't be so easy for someone to approach me without being noticed, or I might have just gone on home. As it was, I was lost in thought when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a warm tingle filled my body. As I turned and looked up, I already knew what I'd see, the blank face of a faceless man. For the second time I heard the soft voice, but this time it said, "you conform to specifications of order for one of three type three bra forms.   prepare yourself for fulfilment."

         It seemed I just stared into the blank featureless face for hours before I shuddered and heard myself saying, "Ohh, I do? now?"

         The soft voice replied,"yes.   it is your time.   prepare yourself for fulfilment."

         I felt my nipples swelling and growing stiff as I felt an urge to undress, to 'prepare' myself for what I knew would happen next. As I stood and stepped over to a slightly less busy spot I thought, "Well, it's finally happened. It's 'my time', and now I'm going to learn first hand what all those other women experienced." Like the others I felt myself becoming aroused, very, very aroused as I quickly, eagerly took off my clothes, jewelry and everything else and dropped them in the plastic bag the faceless man held. The fact I was stripping totally naked right out in public in a busy sidewalk restaurant only added to my arousal.

         I dropped the last item in the bag and stood kneading a breast and caressing my so very wet and warm pussy as I looked around. I saw I was only one of three women chosen to become new plastic bra forms by the red clad faceless men. As I watched the faceless man push then glowing ruby cylinder into the pussy of the girl to my right, I realized I wasn't afraid or even dreading what was about to be done to me. I only wondered what I'd look like as a bra form, one of the 'half-torso' forms, or maybe as one of the more compact minimal headless forms.

         After it finished pushing the glowing ruby cylinder in the first young woman's pussy and she began floating above the sidewalk the faceless man pull a second of the seven inch cylinders off its belt. I just stared expectantly as the dull red cylinder began glowing a lovely ruby red and the faceless man moved toward me. I held my breath and chewed my lip as the glowing ruby rod near my crotch in what seemed like a slow-motion clip from some erotic horror movie. Then the smooth rounded end touched me, touched the very top of my slit, right over my clit, and sent a burst of pure pleasure causing me to gasp and shudder like all the others who went before me. I couldn't help but groan with ecstasy as the rod slid between my thighs and along my slit before smoothly slipping inside my already quivering throbbing pussy. My eyeballs rolled up as my moaning groan continued as the ruby rod sank deeper and deeper in my pussy till it firmly rested against the very bottom.

         The ecstasy filling my body rose to and even higher level as the ruby rod filled my body with a indescribably ecstatic sensation as my weight faded away as I began floating in the air. I knew the next time I touch the ground I'll be a finished bra from, and I found I could barely wait for my fate to be completed. As I squeezed me breasts and fingered my ruby filled pussy, for the last time, I could feel a pressure building up in me, a pressure like an orgasm, a super-orgasm. I realized this was the, the trigger that will begin my final transformation. As the pressure built up till it felt like I was about to explode I realized I was always meant to be a plastic bra form, and I wanted to be, to fulfil my destiny to be a beautiful plastic bra form. I found I wanted nothing else then to become the bra form I was always meant to be.

         Then, suddenly my whole existence seemed to explode in pure overwhelming ecstasy. Without conscious thought I raised my arms and arched my back just enough to best show off my breasts proudly, breasts that would soon define my entire purpose in existence. Then it felt as though hands, wonderful powerful hands began remolding my body into what it always should have been. Pure ecstasy flowed through me as I felt the features of my face beginning to smooth and fade. The ecstasy only increased as I felt my face, my whole head being pushed, pulled, molded, collapsing inward to form the lovely smooth lines of my neck. Then my arms became the focus of the unbelievably wonderful sensations as they are re-molded, reformed into smooth lovely stumps much like my neck. The wonderful molding hands then moved to my legs as from the toes up I felt my toes, my feet, my legs being sucked inward, upward. I felt the hands compress my hips, my ass, my crotch and sex upward as it reshaped my body into the lovely bra form I have always been, all I have ever desired to be. I feel myself settling to the floor on my pedestal base, all that remains of what had been my legs and lower body, all a lovely bra form such as I would ever require to best display my breasts and any bra I may wear.

I am fulfilled.
My purpose is to wear lovely bras.
My joy is to display lovely bras.
My pleasure is the touch of a lovely bra.
I am a bra form.
I am content.
I am complete.
I am fulfilled.

         As the ecstasy of my transformation fades I realize I can not see, but I'm aware of people moving around me as I rest on the floor and think, "ohh, it, it's really happened I, I really am a bra form now." I feel cool firm hands picking me up from the floor pack me in my shipping/storage box with loving care as I find myself thinking, "What happens next? Why would a bra form care? Why, how do I know I'm a bra form? How does a bra form know anything?" Then my box is closed and 'darkness' descends on my consciousness.

         It seemed like the box was opened again almost before I became aware of the warm 'darkness' that fell over me as my box lip was closed. It was an odd darkness, especially since I couldn't really 'see' anything, at least not like I know I use to see things. The way I 'saw' young man who opened my box and lifted me out of my bed of foam peanuts was very clear, yet 'different' in a way I really couldn't describe. I assume I would see things differently, since as a bra form I have no eyes, or head for that matter.

         I felt a thrill of almost sexual pleasure at the touch of his warm living hands on my plastic body. I was surprised as well as feeling something like I use to feel having my sex caressed as the young man cupped my breasts and gave them gentle squeeze as he said, "I love the tits on these new forms, they feel as real as they look."

         Another voice, a woman's voice responded, "Frank, you're a pervert. You know that, don't you? But you are right about how real the silicon breasts on these new forms looks and feels. Now stop feeling up the plastic boobs on that form and get the other forms unpacked. There should two 32, 34, and 36 in B, C, and D cups. One 30, 38, and 40 in B, C and D cups, and 36, 38, 40 and 42 in DD cups. Let me know of any discrepancies right away, today, okay?"

         Still carrying me so he had his hands full of my soft plastic breasts, Frank sat me on a shelf and after a parting squeeze he returned to opening the other boxes containing the other bra forms. Frank's warm living touch felt so wonderful triggered what I assume was an orgasm, but an orgasm centered in my breasts and filled me with such powerful sensations my awareness of my surrounding dim and faded. I of course couldn't move, or show in any way what I was feeling, hell my 'body' now consisted of breasts, upper chest and shoulders, a bra form really needed nothing else. Awareness of my surroundings returned about the time Frank sat the next bra form on the shelf next to me, and I realized I could 'feel' her pleasure at the way he felt her breasts.

         As I sat on the shelf, waiting to be put to the use I was made for, I recalled seeing bra forms with soft life like breasts in several of the more up-scale lingerie shops and clothing stores, back before I became one of them. I was pleased to think I was owned by such a high class shop or store where I would be displaying fancy and designer bras. It seemed to me I didn't have much time to speculate about what kind of bra they would use me to display before I was picked up and carried out to the display room.

         I again experienced several of those 'breast centered' orgasms as I was being carried and then set up where I was too display my bra. When my orgasms finally subsided and my awareness turned outward I found I was wearing a lovely satin and lace strapless bra that held and molded my soft life like breasts in a most realistic way. As I proudly displayed my lovely satin and lace bra, fulfilling the purpose for which I was specifically made, I wondered if Mr. Dukain and the VP's was among the bra forms being set up to display lovely bras. Regardless of where they are, I know they love being bra forms as much as I do. I bet Mary loves being a mannequin just as much too.

The End ?
if so, then a seemingly happy one

Beware of the faceless ones, one day you many be tapped on the shoulder in a busy public place, and given fulfilment, which may not
be such a bad thing if you are seeking a purpose for your existance.

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