"DTA": Don't Trust Anyone

by Dr. Robo


"Damn!" shouted Dr. Steve Johnson, as he slammed his fist down onto his desk and lowered his head in defeat. "I may as well give up" he mumbled, as he turned and looked at his assistant, who quietly organized papers, trying to look busy. Dr. Johnson was one of the most respected scientists/engineers at Tekco, a computer and robotics company that regularly worked on military contracts. He was given the task of building the first military android, an artificial soldier which would replace humans in battle. He had seemingly failed on two fronts. First, he could not build a humanoid body from scratch which would have the technology to be quick and mobile in battle. He had trouble duplicating the functions of each specific human muscle into a mechanical form. Second, he could not figure out how to create an artifical intelligence that could combine the logic and data capacity of a computer with the instinct and adaptability of a human brain. In short, he was stuck.

Now, Dr. Johnson was an intelligent man. He had numerous degrees in computer science, engineering, and other technical fields. He was also a very lonely man, as he had decided long ago that his career was more important than any family aspirations. He had an excellent staff, especially his personal assistant, Laura, whom he had hired and trained himself. Laura was in her early thirties and quite well learned in various scientific studies. She shared many of the same interests as the doctor and was very excited when he asked her to assist him with his latest project. Laura rarely ever talked about her personal life, and Steve got the impression that there wasn't much of one to speak of. This puzzled him, because she was an incredibly attractive woman, with a voluptuous body, cute face, and well-sized bosom. He had selected her from the other scientists in part becase of this attractiveness, in the hope that he would be able to get to know her better. She was by no means cold to him, but never responded to his gestures on anything other than a professional level.

As Laura bent over to pick up a piece of paper, Steve could not help but let his eyes roam over her round, firm ass and long, sexy legs. He quickly averted his eyes when she stood up, and redirected his attention back to the task at hand. "I can't understand it," he lamented out loud. "I've tried everything. I've studied detailed models of the most powerful computers. I've read book after book on the human brain, and how it stores and relays information. I've built the tiniest computers imaginable, each with the ability to connect with others and form a powerful network. The problem is, they seem to need a base on which to expand their capacity. They can't function without that base." He looked to Laura for the answer. "I just wish there was a way for my computers to see up close how the human brain
functions. I can feed the computer all the drawings and scans imaginable, but it just isn't the same." He looked up at her, and again glanced over her beautiful body. "I just wish there was another way...." he thought out loud, his voice purposely trailing off.

Ater a few minutes of silent thinking, it came to him. "Laura, I think I've got it!" he exclaimed with somewhat faux excitement, jumping out of his chair. "What if we could feed scans of a human body and brain directly into the computer itself?" "But how?" she said, looking at him quizzically. "We could scan a human body and brain, similar to a CAT scan, and feed the data directly into the computer's processors." "In theory, doctor, that could work, but who would we get to be our 'subject', so to speak?" "Well," he stammered, his cheeks beginning to blush. "I was hoping you'd volunteer". She stared at him, in a semi-state of shock. He had never asked her help before, he just gave her dull tasks to carry out, tasks that he felt were beneath him. Now he was seeking her help on the most important work of his life. Not only that, but it was something that was not exactly your run-of-the-mill experiment. She searched her soul for an answer. On one hand, she was very interested in his work, and this could be the breakthrough of a lifetime. Plus, he was very influential and could greatly help her career. On the other hand, ths was uncharted territory, and being hooked up to a machine was a pretty creepy proposition. She didn't exactly relish the thought of being his human guinea pig. In the end, she decided that a little discomfort was worth it in the long run, and they'd soon be famous in the scientific community.

"I'll do it." she stated with a venir of confidence. "Excellent!" he exclaimed. He went to hug her, but stopped short and shook her hand instead. "Thank you" he said, more calmly. "You won't regret this." as a smirk crept over his face. After a moment of awkward silence, the two of them just standing there, he glanced at his watch. "Well, he sighed. You had better get some rest. We've got a lot of work ahead of us tomorrow." She agreed. "I guess you're right, doctor. What time tomorrow?" "8:00 am sharp, and wear something comfortable. It's going to be a long day". Laura nodded, picked up her bag, and walked out. Steve watched her all the way his eyes instinctively roaming up and down her body, until she closed the door behind her. He muttered to himself, chuckled, and busily went about preparing for the day ahead. It was going to be the best day of his entire life, a day he would never forget.

Laura arrived promptly at 8:00. She wore a short, white tennis-type outfit, the most comfortable outfit she could find. Her blouse buttoned down in the front, and was tucked into a cute little skirt. The fabric strained and stretched around the tight satin bra which in turn housed her bountiful bust. Steve was already there, in his excitement he had hardly been able to sleep and had gotten to the lab early to prepare. He noticed her outfit right away, especially the way the the cool air in the lab stiffened her nipples, and how they stuck right through her white bra and blouse. He showed her the equipment they were to use for the experiment, equipment he
had built himself. In one corner of the room he had placed a large metal examination table, which had many wires and cables running off of its underside to the adjacent wall. The table looked very uncomfortable, with the flourescent ceiling lights reflecting off the cold, shiny steel. "This is where you will lay while the scan is commencing," he explained. "I want you to be as relaxed as possible." At the head of the table rested a helmet-like device, which also had wires running from it. "What is that?" She wondered aloud. "Oh, that is the actual scanning device itself. It will be able to create a three dimensional picture of your brain in the computer's data banks." "I see" she answered, with a look of confusion on her face. She didn't completely understand how it would work, but figured he knew what he was doing. "And what about that camera? What is that for?" she questioned him. "That is so I can tape the process for future study." She asked a few more questions as she glanced around the rest of the work station, and got a seemingly satisfactory response each time.

"Are you ready then?" he asked, wringing his hands together excitedly. "Ready as I'll ever be, I guess" she answered nervously. He helped her onto the table, and she stretched out onto the cold steel slab. He began to strap her to the table with leather straps, one on each wrist and ankle, and one at her stomach. She asked him what he was doing, and he told her "I have to be sure that you don't move, or the scan will be thrown off." She nodded to him, not 100% sure that it was necessary, but she told herself it was good to take precautions. After making sure she was firmly secured, he fastened the helmet onto her head snugly by a chin strap, and attached three electronic pads to her head, one on each temple, and one on her forehead. Each pad was attached to a wire, and each wire in turn was hooked to the
helmet. He checked all of the connections, making sure everything was just right. He then proceeded to the computer terminal, and entered some last minute instructions.

He turned around and looked at her. She lay perfectly still on the table, awaiting the start of the experient, not knowing what was about to happen to her. Her life was about to change forever, yet she was completely unaware of the future that lay ahead of her. She was such a brave woman, she told herself, and hoped that her loyalty and dedication would be rewarded. He told her to stand by, and with the push of a button, began the process. The lights dimmed slightly as the computer's main processor came on-line. Laura heard a hum slowly start to eminate from the helmet. It soon enveloped her entire head, growing steadily louder, making it harder for her to hear and concentrate. Doctor Steve stood over her, and looked into her eyes. "How are you feeling?" he asked, as he looked over the apparatus attached to her head.

"I...feel...dizzy" she moaned. "It's like there's someone else in my head, interfering with my thoughts. I should be ok, though." She breathed deeply, trying to gather her thoughts. "You'll be fine" he chuckled "Just close your eyes and relax. Let the machine take over...", he said, and turned back to the computer. Slowly, the scan was working. A 3-D image of her brain was forming on the computer screen, and becoming more detailed by the minute. The overhead camera was hard at work as well. Steve had lied when he said that it was for future study. It was actually scanning her body, checking out every minute curve on her sexy physique. It methodically moved up her body, viewing every inch of her, over her smooth legs, creamy thighs, and inviting pelvis, until it came to her chest area. It trained on her globes, straining to gather as many details as possible despite the impedance of her clothing. Laura barely noticed this, as the helmet's energy became more and
more disruptive to her thought processes. Using the camera's information, the computer began creating a second 3-D image, this time of her body. Every detail was recreated on the largest of the many computer monitors in the lab. Steve looked at the monitor, and smiled at what he saw. His master plan was finally about to be realized.

Soon the procedure was finished. The computer's monitor dispayed a split screen, one side with a detailed picture of her brain, the other of her body. "Scanning Complete" flashed across the screen, and for some reason Laura thought she could hear it in her ears. At least that's what she thought, but it was so hard to think. It was hard to think about anything. The computer had not only figured out how her brain worked, but how to impede and alter its processes as well. She turned her head ever so slightly, and looked up at the doctor. "Are...we...done...yet?" she asked, anxious to get out of her chilling restraints.

"No." he said. "We are far from finished." "What do you mean?" she yelled weakly, trying to hear her own voice over the ever-increasing hum of the helmet. The doctor's face darkened, and the mood of the day suddenly changed. She saw the look on his face, and became very nervous. "I might as well tell you, since there is nothing you can do about it now. I have chosen you, Laura, to be the first human to be injected with my tiny supercomputers. Your brain will be the basis that they need to thrive and grow. Using the information I just gleaned from the scans, they will transform your brain into a living computer. I will then be able to reprogram and command your mind and body to serve my every whim. In essence, you will become an obedient human robot, MY robot woman!!!"

"What?!?!" she screamed, "You lied to me?!?" She felt an intense combination of confusion, anger, and fear growing inside her. "Yes, I'm afraid so," he explained. The military project was just a disguise so I could get funding from Tekco, and so I could get you to willingly assist me in the experiments. And," he laughed "It has all fallen into place perfectly."

"You can't be serious! Let me go right now!" Laura struggled against the restraints, but the helmet's effects had made her dizzy and weak. It had drained much of her ability to concentrate or think clearly. "You must understand, it is all in the name of science." He said, matter-of-factly. "I need to be able to prove, to myself and others, that my inventions work, that I am to be taken seriously in the world of robotics. When the 'nanites', as I call them, complete their tasks, I will be able to program your mind as well as control your body as I see fit. You will be the world's first perfect human robot. A servant who will tend to my every beck and
call. Did you think I was going to do all this work and not reap some of the rewards myself? I am, after all, a man, with a man's needs and desires."

"Oh, my God, you're disgusting!" she cried. She found her stomach turning at the thought of being his mindless slave and bowing to his wishes. She recalled the many times she had caught him ogling her, looking over her beautiful body, only to dismiss it as harmless flirtation. Now it all made  sense to her, but it was too late. "I'm sorry you feel that way" he replied. "But soon, your opinion will change. Or, more specifically, your opinions will disappear!"

"Now for a few final preparations" he sneered. He unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her sexy white satin bra and creamy smooth skin. He undid the front clasp, and pulled the holster off with some minor difficulty. Laura strained to watch what was going on, but the heavy helmet held her head pretty much in place. The doctor gazed at her beautiful, ripe breasts, and ran his hand across her erect nipples. "All this will soon be mine," he said to himself with a grin. She struggled mightly to avoid his touch, and her skin crawled at the mere presence of his hand. Alas, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

He walked around the table to behind her head, and lifted it with one hand. With the other, he injected a liquid-filled syringe into the base of her neck, into her spine itself. She felt a sharp pain, and let out a scream, but the pain soon subsided and was replaced by an eerie numbness. "What was that?!?!" she demanded, realizing she was in no position to expect an answer. "That was the first batch of nanites. They were injected directly into your spinal cord, and are quickly infiltrating your brain cells as we speak. In a short while they will be charged with electricity and will begin bonding to your cells. The same will happen in other parts of your body."
With that, he carefully injected a second and third syringe, one into each breast through the nipple. She felt the same sensations as before, and began sobbing as the nanites worked their way into her system. Steve's final act was to attach a metallic suction cup to each nipple. Each cup was attached to a thick cable, which led to the wall of equipment with all the others.

The doctor turned back to his work station, and began final preparations for the 'conversion'. The more Laura struggled against the restraining straps, the tighter they became. Her heart raced as her life flashed before her eyes. She imagined herself as a gleaming chrome woman robot, kneeling subserviently before her triumphant master with a blank stare on her silver face. The idea sickened her, and she readied herself to do battle with the machine, not knowing that it would be an exercise in futility. After entering a few commands into the computer, he turned back and faced her. "It is all set. From this moment on, the computer will be in control. Good bye, Laura."

Her eyes widened as he spoke. She couldn't exactly make out what he was saying, but she assumed what was coming next. Suddenly, the room seemed to jump to life. Laura's eyes widened and she gasped as she felt an unexpected surge of electricity hit her body. "Ohhhhhhh" she sighed, as the power flowed into her and began to charge the nanites. Her entire body vibrated from the raw power coursing through her, and her pendulous melons jiggled as the voltage bombarding them slowly increased. The computer's 3-D monitors lit up as the nanites initiated their own brand of magic. They started linking together, forming a complex web of circuitry within her skull. Laura felt a sensation in her brain and breasts increase as the computer methodically went about the robotization procedure. The nanite-circuits
slowly bonded themselves to her brain tissue, interweaving with her cells until flesh and technology were a single unit. Laura could feel her head tingling, as her brain was being steadily transformed by the heartless computer. She felt her mind expanding, as more and more of the crainal implants became active and starved for programming. The combination of the helmet's interference and the nanite technology in her mind slowly made it harder and harder for her to control her thoughts, until she was reduced to blankly staring into space and mindlessly awaiting the next stage of the process.

Laura's body was being subtly changed also. The doctor had always been an admirer of the female bosom, especially Laura's, so he had programmed the nanites to increase her bust size to his specifications. She could feel the  same tingling sensation in her breasts as the nanites went about their intended tasks. Steve stood over her, and watched excitedly as her tits slowly expanded, from an already decent size to erotically (but not absurdly) large and round. Her alreadly perky nipples became more erect and swollen, and jutted out from her tits like two pink throbbing pacifires aching to be fondled, teased, and suckled. A small group of nanites
clustered under each nipple, and bonded to the skin. This caused them to become extra sensitive and easily stimulated. Laura breathed deeply as she felt her new, powerful, sensual breasts pressing down on her chest. The doctor watched her heaving bosom rise and fall, and nodded to himself in approval.

After a short while, the physical changes were complete. Laura, at this point barely even semi-conscious, was too far ino the process to fight the machine any longer. Her mind and body had been robotized, transformed into a living, breathing female robot, perfect for the tasks the doctor had in store for her. She had given up hope, and had resigned herself to the fate that lay ahead of her. It was now time for her to be infused with the new programming. Her mind was a clean slate, ready and willing to accept the data she was about to receive. As the powerful voltage continued to surge into her, another current entered her brain, a current of information. She instinctively opened herself up to the programming, as she had lost all control to the machine. Megabytes of data streamed into her computerized
mind, and she processed it with flawless efficiency. Ideas of logic, obediance, and pleasure dominated her thinking, and she could not tell her own thoughts from those of the programming. She no longer could think on her own, she could only obey and serve her master, the doctor. She would be his personal female robot servant, and would fulfill his every desire without question. Soon, her lips parted, and she began monotonously repeating the mantra that was resonating within her brain:






Over and over she repeated these commands, her voice sounding very distant and robotic, with no trace of emotion. The computer continued feeding instructions into her, programs that the doctor had written himself. She was being programmed how to act, move, think, obey, and please him in every way imaginable. She was like a brand new being, a blank canvas, and needed to be taught everything from scratch, all to fit Steve's desires, of course. The room continued to buzz and crackle from the raw electricity pulsing into her, her perfected body still vibrating as it received more of the life-giving power. For a few minutes more, she lay on the table, eagerly soaking up every bit of data that would prepare her for her new life as his obedient human fembot.

Soon enough, the process was complete. The electricity flow gradually slowed to a halt, and the data flow to her brain similarly ceased. The doctor carefully yet excitedly disengaged the helmet, and disconnected the electrodes from her head and swollen breasts. He then unfastened the restraining straps, and stepped back in anticipation. After months, nay YEARS of research and experimentation, his life's work was now complete. He had proven his theories correct, and now had a totally obedient, sexy female robot companion as a bonus. Laura Fembot, as she was now known, lay there on the table motionless, with a vacant expression staring up at the ceiling  overhead. She was still a woman, but had been tranformed into something more, the ideal female sex robot. Her large, sensual bosom rose and fell
with each breath, as she patiently and obediently awaited the first order from her new master and lover.

What happens next with Doctor Steve and his obedient sex robot Laura? What does the horny mad scientist have planned as he tests out his new creation for the first time? What do you think? Feel free to let your ASFRian imagination run wild and construct your own ending to this story. Email it to me at the address below, and I may even add my favorite submission to the original story and give the author credit. Or, just drop me a line and tell me what you thought, good or bad. How about that for a challenge?

-Dr. Robo

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