Of little girls and dolls

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)

Ellie watched her daughter playing with her dolls. Even though at that moment, the ten-year old, seemed like any other child, she wasn’t. Amber wasn’t autistic, but she just wouldn’t react to other people, except for her collection of Candy dolls.

And on top of that, Ellie’s marriage with Andrew was also going the wrong way.

She had reached the point where she could only cry herself to sleep at night and wondered when Andrew would come up with the dreaded "D" word …

They had been very happy together once, but Andrew was slowly drifting away from her. Was this due to Amber or even her ? As she watched her daughter play with her dolls and conversing with them, she wished the girl would say "mom" to her, even if only once.

Ellie heard the door open and Andrew walked in. "Hiya, honey !" He was unusually happy. "I got tickets to the toyfair from a friend for Amber’s birthday. Perhaps you could take Amber with you ? It might do her good to get out." "What about you ?" Ellie asked. "I’ll be in Hong Kong all of next week. But if I make this deal, there’s a massive promotion in sight."

The big hall was filled, surprisingly more with adults than kids and Amber just held to her mother’s hand. She would stop at a few stalls and look at the toys, but she would not react to people’s questions and remarks. Ellie felt the heat and the noise come down on her, when suddenly Amber gave her a big tug.

The girl slipped out of her hand and charged forward. "Amber !" Ellie cried out and saw her daughter throw herself at the big life-size Candy doll.

Candy dolls were pretty and a riot with girls, making them forget all other makes. Even Ellie had liked them at first, but now she almost hated them, because Amber would hug the plastic doll and not her. "Come, don’t damage the set, Amber." Ellie reached for her, but the girl just clung to her in admiration. "Another addict." Said a raven-haired woman. She smiled at Ellie and watched how the young girl began to play with the dolls in the play-corner. "She’s lovely." The woman said. Ellie weakly smiled back and sighed. "That’s the only thing in the world she seems to relate to, the dolls…" The woman noticed Ellie’s nervousness. "She’s not well, is she ?" Ellie just wearily shook her head. "She seems to be trapped in a world of her own." "I’m so sorry, she’s such a wonderful-looking child." "She looks so happy like that, but she won’t respond if you talk to her." "I lost my daughter in a car-crash. She should be her age now." The woman said. "I sometimes wonder what would happen if somebody hadn’t invented those dolls, would she be totally numb ?" "Actually, I’m to blame." The woman said. "I’m the inventor. I used to make dolls for my little girl …" Ellie watched the life-size Candy doll. She looked slightly more real and mature than her competitors.

By now Amber had gone through the dolls and just seemed hypnotized by the big Candy standing on the other side. "She’s not going to let go of it now !" Ellie said and just felt on the verge of tears. The woman noticed and invited her to sit down, while she would keep an eye on Amber.

Ellie sat down and watched the woman try to get in between Amber and her doll. She was going for a disappointment. Ellie thought and saw the woman shake her head after a few attempts. "It’s as if I didn’t exist !" The woman said. "I’d probably have to dress up as her to get to her." The woman said and pointed at the Candy doll, with amber clutching her, chattering away in imaginary conversation. "I think I’d better be on my way …" Ellie said. "Look, here is my phone number, if you need a shoulder to cry on. My name’s Catherine." "I’m Ellie."


Back at home, Ellie left Amber to play with her new dolls and clothes for them, while Ellie went upstairs to do the bookkeeping on the computer. An e-mail was waiting for Andrew. She downloaded it, wanted to put it in his folder, and accidentally clicked on it twice. "Winzip ?" She looked at the new program that had been started. She knew a little about computers, but she had never used this program before. Fearing she would do something wrong she decided to push the "I agree" button and saw a long list of files. "Doll01, Doll02, Doll03 …" Has he been downloading stuff from a porn site ? She knew the .JPG tag meant pictures. She clicked one of them at random. A Candy doll ? Ellie clicked another … and another … And Ellie saw the raven-haired woman playing with the doll in a very suggestive manner. They were the same life-size dolls as in the fair ! "Candy !" Said a little voice behind Ellie. Ellie quickly pushed the monitor’s off switch. Amber nudged forward and put her hand on the monitor. "Candy ?" Ellie reached for her daughter and hugged her tight, but the child seemed only concerned with the image she had seen on the screen. "If only I could talk to you and make you understand how much I love you !" Ellie said, the images dancing in her mind …

Once she had taken a few dolls to Amber, would she finally peel herself from the screen.

Ellie took her to her room and pushed the monitor’s button again.


"Catherine ? Ellie here, remember me ? I’m Amber’s mother." "Oh, Ellie ! I wasn’t expecting a call from you so soon …" "Look, I’ve discovered something … Do you have a e-mail address ?"

Three hours later, Catherine was at Ellie’s home.

"I’m sorry you discovered the pictures I sent to your husband. It’s just a mailing list. He sent me his address, I don’t charge a thing for the pictures, if you’re worried about that !" "No, but I wanted to know about the big Candy dolls … They’re not just dolls are they ?" Catherine smiled in a surprised and embarrassed way. "You noticed ?" "I had a long good look at the pictures." "And you had an idea …" Catherine said. Ellie nodded and looked intensely at Catherine, eyes filled with both desperation and hope.


Ellie and Andrew weren’t even sure if Amber was aware of her birthday, but when she woke up, she saw a large box in front of her bed. With care she reached under the wrapping paper and opened it. Inside the giant reproduction of the typical pink box was a life-size Candy doll. Amber cried out in excitement and opened it, tossing the lid in a corner of her attic room.

It was a big deluxe Candy with a frilly light blue gauze dress and very long golden hair. She had white socks and flat shoes with a little bow on them. "Candy, you came !" Amber said and tried to move the doll out of its box, but it was too heavy. But then the doll suddenly veered up and swayed slightly as it sat upright. Amber’s eyes grew wide and she watched the doll turn her face towards her. "Hello, I’m Candy. Are you my new friend ?" "Yes ! I’m Amber !!!"

"She talked to me !" Said Candy to Catherine, who put down the book she had been reading. Catherine opened the hidden strip in the foam rubber on her back and zipped the mask open. Ellie’s face was soaked and she was crying, but they were tears of joy. "It took me forever to put her to bed, she was so excited." "It is half past ten !" Catherine said. You played with her the whole day. "That long ?" Ellie said in surprise. Catherine chuckled. "Well, I suppose I’ll have to leave." She said and picked up her car keys. "Let me help you back in your suit." "You’d better hurry, he’ll be home by eleven. And he’s very punctual." Ellie said, just before Catherine closed a similar, but very different mask on her. "I remember my husband was excited to see the dolls I made, and one day I wanted to surprise him in a very special way …" The pretty doll turned round, while Catherine fluffed up her hair and continued her story. "Well, it wasn’t long before I discovered a whole club of adult Candy fans who were just dreaming of the same thing … I hired a few girls to play her in a few series of photoshoots and the rest is history ! But you’re the first to find out the truth." "I really look like a doll." Candy said. "Well, I’d better remove this." Catherine bowed under Candy’s skirt and popped the Velcro around her waist, freeing her open crotch. "Remember to put on the right mask and the cover when you play with Amber. Although I suppose she’ll have to learn about anatomical correctness one day."

Catherine just rounded the corner in her car as Andrew arrived. He had a big bottle of champagne and was feeling quite happy. His new promotion felt good and … "I’ve buried myself in my work. What happened to the carefree young man who swore he would never join the corporate rat race ?" Andrew had started to work harder to forget the troubles at home. His relation with Ellie had turned sour and he didn’t know how long he could keep up a charade. He used to think Amber needed him, but she didn’t notice his presence or absence… Perhaps she was better of in an institution, where she could be properly taken care of … Ellie had grown so cold lately, trying so desperately to get to Amber she was forgetting him. Well, he still had his fantasy …

"Ellie ?" Nobody home. Andrew walked up the steps to the bedroom. Perhaps Ellie was in Amber’s room still trying to batter down that mental brick wall of hers… "What’s this ?" He noticed a big box in their bedroom in front of the bed Andrew walked up to it and saw the large pink box he knew so well … His heart began to beat faster as he saw the smiling face behind the transparent plastic. Unable to resist the urge, he lifted the lid and examined the doll. It was exactly the one he had been dreaming of. He remembered the pictures he had tracked down over the Internet. They didn’t know his address, did they ? He had taken care of that, working through an anonymous letterbox. He brushed her hair to make sure she was real and went over her body. He lifted her azure dress and … Oh God ! She had a slit. The ultimate Candy dolly for him alone … And like his daughter’s dolls, she smelled of candy too. By now Andrew was tugging at his crotch and had loosened his shirt and tie. With a graceful swing, Candy suddenly sat upright. "Hello, I am Candy." The doll said. Having overcome the first second of surprise, Andrew just gasped. "Are you my new friend ?" She asked with the sweetest of voices. Andrew just managed to nod and just felt his hormones rage.

Before he could question himself, he picked her up and put her down on the bed. He tore himself out of his clothes and climbed on the bed. Sitting on his knees, he adjusted her long golden hair so it wouldn’t come in the way. She had the loveliest of doll’s eyes, large and deep blue as a tropical lagoon. He just had to kiss her little red lips and began to rub her ample bosom. The doll reacted with jerky automaton moves. He began to kiss her surface, while she rubbed his penis into a rock-hard pole. Ecstatic, Andrew entered her soft, sweet-smelling dolly-hole. She was plastic all the way, but Andrew could feel her insides react and move. Candy began to buck under his pumping and squealed. Her mouth popped open as they both came.

Andrew floated for a while, gently rocking in and out of her, easing out the last few contractions of his penis. Candy slowly came to life again and tried to get up. Andrew rolled over and let her get up in that deeply sexy automaton gait and watched her kneel, revealing her rear-end. Between the two full moons of her lovely behind, he saw another hole. Still very much aroused, Andrew got up and carefully mounted her. Candy braced herself with her forearms and rocked her head from side to side, making her long golden hair flow like liquid gold over her back. Andrew had to resort to more forceful ramming this time, but soon the first tingles came to his penis.

Inside the doll, Ellie felt the ribs built into her dolly-holes slip gently in and out of her, teasing her more than any super-deluxe ribbed condom ever could. Her pleasure grew again as Andrew rocked her and put her ass on fire.

Whoomp ! It should have sounded and Andrew just landed on his behind, Candy following him on his lap. She turned around and kissed him. Andrew just pecked her back and let her glide towards his still stiff penis, lips parting and engulfing the wet organ. On the floor, Andrew let his penis be bitten, chewed and rubbed into a third kaboom.

Finally, she just sat down opposite him. "Ellie ?" He asked. The doll nodded. "How in heaven’s name ?" "Hold it." She said and opened her mask. He saw her soft, soothing smile and just felt a lump in his throat. "I met somebody at the toy fair and she lent me the costume. And I played all day with Amber !" "She spoke to you ?" Andrew was stunned. "Andrew, I can get to her ! I talk and she answers, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps we can cure her this way !" "Honey, you cured two people today …" Andrew said. "You just gave me the greatest day in my life !" Ellie blushed and began to cry. And even Andrew couldn’t contain his tears …

Amber slowly came out of her dreamworld, with careful help of Candy, Ellie got her daughter and husband back. While at the same time, Catherine was allowed to make great photos of Ellie in her costume to post on the Internet.

But where did I put that address …