Hello Dolly

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)

Greg opened the door of his usual cubicle and saw his new toy laying on the bed. Her shiny plastic skin was an unnatural shade of pink and her body had not a single straight line, only curves and circles. Her body had been simplified in the extreme, with quite literally an hourglass figure, a round head, handless, round arms and equally feetless legs, like elongated balloons. Everything reduced to its simplest components. Her ample and soft breasts were simple half spheres, topped with M&M-sized nipples. Some black rubber simulated stockings, gloves and panties, while her painted face and page-boy plastic wig oozed a strange and sexy cuteness, much like a Japanese cartoon girl.

He gently squeezed her breast and noticed it wasn’t full of air, but filled with liquid, probably silicon, by the feel of it. With her eagerly inviting arms raised in the air beckoning him, Greg could only applaud the originality of her design.

He slowly began to remove her panties and revealed the simple round hole in her body. Then, he climbed over her, and grabbed her large breasts, squeezing them and pressed himself against them. He went over her face and kissed her o-shaped lips and felt some movement. He let go of the breast and pushed the lips which gently opened. He stuffed his finger inside and just as he did, he felt the inside of the mouth move around his finger. Aroused, he continued to rub himself against her, while playing with her interactive mouth, kissing and squeezing her.

Slowly his dick rose up and he glided it in her slit, which felt strangely frictionless. He felt some slight bumps and like her mouth, he felt her insides react to his penetration, pumping rhythmically, caressing him. He stuffed his tongue inside her mouth and felt how she worked it like it were only meant to receive one thing.

He continued to pump her, clutching her breasts and erupted inside her. Slipping his arms under her back, he grasped her in the final moments and cuddled up to her. Enjoying the aftermath, Greg felt something in her back. He followed it with the tip of his fingers and noticed it was a zipper.

Removing his slowly softening dick, he grabbed her and turned her over, wondering about the zipper. From the back of the head to her lower back was a big silver zipper. which he undid. Inside he saw an expanse of flesh-toned material he didn’t recognize and rubbed it. It felt warm and soft to the touch. He undid the head and noticed it was a blank lovedoll. A naked and hairless doll that looked like it had been molded on a real woman with a slightly surprised look in her eyes. She had the weight of a real woman and Greg had some trouble getting her out of her envelope. He also noticed she could be put into all kinds of poses and began to experiment with her, moving her arms and legs. Her pussy was anatomically correct from the looks of it and he put his finger inside. It reacted and began to move. Greg smiled and began folding her legs and lifted her off the bed, posing her on her knees. He moved the hands and fingers so she grasped her soft breasts and opened her lips so she could receive his dick. Putting his hands on her shoulders, he began to pump into her willing mouth moving, gently biting and licking his member into hardness. He took more time to let her play with his dick until he exploded again.

Stepping back, Greg rubbed his sweaty body and felt a slight ache in his back. He yawned and looked at the plastic woman kneeling before him mouth open in seemingly delightful surprise.

"Best fifty bucks I ever spent." He said getting out after a quick shower and left his doll, but just as he stepped outside, he paused and went back to her, gently picking her up and putting her down on the bed. He kissed her on the forehead and left.

Minutes later a man and a woman dressed in white coats entered the room. The woman picked the discarded love doll skin and stuffed it in a large back, switching it with another one containing a fresh one. The man used a brush-spray combination to rinse the mouth and pussy of the inside doll and rubbed it dry with a towel. The man took a spray-can from his pocket and sprayed it over the doll’s face making it boil and fizz. And then, with great care, he made a small incision and cut it open so that it slowly came loose. Underneath, staring and blinking once in a while with mechanical precision, was a young woman’s face. The woman took out something like a canister with a pistol grip and trigger and put it to her head. She pulled the trigger and there was a faint whizzing sound. The doll-woman blinked a few times and her eyes began to move. "Welcome back Erica." The woman said, unfolding the new doll cover. Erica slowly woke up, yawning and stretching her body, tightly encased in soft silicon rubber. She took a deep breath and smiled at the assistants. "By the way." The man said. "Sharon wanted to see you." "Whatfooooor ?" Erica said in the middle of another yawn. The woman handed her a bathrobe. "I don’t know, they just told me you had to talk to her when they brought you out of stasis." "Okay." She said and slowly got up. The man and woman supporting her in case she was still a bit weak. "I’ll be okay." She said and walked towards the door, just as a man with a trolley brought another doll in. "Hiya Lucy." Erica said to the doll and went to her room.

Inside the shower, a chemical mixed with the water dissolved the rest of her artificial skin. Without it, her perky breasts began to sag a little. She entered her vagina with a finger to rub off the last bits of cover and just daydreamed for a minute while the spray of water caressed her.

Sharon walked in her room. Erica was drying herself off. "Look at this." She held out a piece of paper. "Eighteen-thousand ?" She looked up from the page. "We’re actually making a profit !" She said with a wide smile. Erica just smiled along, still unable to believe. "Finally, after all this hard work !" Sharon said, looking like a heavy burden had come from her shoulders. "Feels really good to see hard work pay off." "I hear Greg was very happy about his new toy." Sharon winked. "Thanks, I really enjoyed it myself." "Any new ideas ?" "A few, but I’m still working on them." Erica said licking her lips. Sharon raised a conspiratorial eyebrow and smiled.