Dust on the Mind - 3

by Paul Jutras

Sequel to Dust on the Mind series, but part 2 is not posted to this archive  --Ed.

"Where is it." Jack Brown said as he went through the trunk in his dressing room. He went over to his female back up singers. "Have you seen my flute ladies?"

With a shake of the head no, he continued to search to the sound of the audience getting restless beyond the state. He stepped out on stage and signed. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm afraid that my manager has shipped my instrument to the wrong stop along my tour."

"Good sir?" A man said as he made his way through the crowd to the stage. He held up a small harp to Jack who saw how the embedded jewels shinned and sparkled. "I would be honored if you were able to play my instrument. They say you can play anything."

"I'm not much of a string fan, but I thank you." Jack said as he strummed the strings and a music dust like energy floated out of the harp. As if in a hypnotic trance, he continued to play. The energy passed through the air and made a series of shrubs to dance and forks and plates to shape themselves as dancing bodies. The audience was in awe at the energy as it encircled Jack Brown.

Too much in a trance to notice anything, his nipples stretched his shirt into a pair of perfect DD breasts, his waist narrowed and his hips widen. The suit he had on transformed into a lovely green low cut gown with matching three inch heels. As his red hair grew in length, it danced on top of its head and tied itself into a bun.

Jackie's back up singers found their legs were on automatic pilot. They couldn't stop prancing around stage with their arms making the motions they always did when they song. When they tried to scream at what was happening, only musical song came out. Words like YOU DON'T KNOW ME... I'M NOT ONE OF YOUR LITTLE TOYS rang in their ears. To the audience it was just some sort of trick or illusion for the act; but as the heat built between Jackie legs, it was all too real to her.

As the song came too an end, the magic seemed to drain out of everyone but Jackie, who remain as feminine as she did when she was singing. "Are you all right?" The back up singers ran to their lover. As one hand touched Jackie's breast and the other Jackie's hip, surges of pleasure shot through her knew body.

"The mountains." Jackie said in her trance like state of pleasure. "Our next gig must be in the moutains." Jackie said as she lifted the hem of her dress and bowed. The audience left, but the girls kept trying to get Jackie to snap out of it.

"Listen, you have to snap out of it!" Darby shouted as Jackie ran her polish nails under her dress and over her pantyhose crotch. Darby felt her own heat building up as Rachel had her breast tweaked. They both began to moan as the three began to strip one another of their clothes.

As Jackie laid on her back with a need for release, Darby began to lick the scum that was forming on her clit while Rachel sat on Jackie's face and had her own scum sucked out of her until they all collapsed from exhaustion. Jackie ran her polish toes over the harp strings and the dust fluttered out once again and turned her back up singers into three inch Fairy with beautiful butterfly like wings. The compact size sent an orgasm loop  through their tiny frames like they never felt before. Like before, the magic effect the world outside too. A series of six foot twisters spun their way through town like a cattle stampede.

Like before; when the music stopped the women became full size and the twisters vanished as quickly as they appeared. The people where were running for their storm cellars in panic didn't know what to make of the weather. Couldn't  be aware that the mysterious harp with an even more mysterious past was the cause of it all. Everyone was allowed a good night sleep.

Before dawn the next day, Jackie got up and went to the harp. Moving the strings woke the girls in orgasm bliss. Each pluck string was better than having their nipples folded at the same time as using a vibrating dildo and butt plug. The back up singers barely made it dress when an orgasm released their juices into their panties and force them to start all over again.

"I love music, don't you." Was all Jackie would say as the three of them felt very full between the legs when the harp was played.

"We must go to the mountains." Jackie stood at attention like some mannequin waiting to be posed. The back up singers and the group manager were beside themselves at what to do. They released that the only possible way of snapping Jackie out of the trance may lay in the mountains.

"At least there's some mountains not far from here." The manager said as he checked his map. "Just past the nearby woods. "Let's get going. We can be there in no time and then hopefully make our next booked engagement."

"Unless we figure out what happened to Jack, we may all be lost to this wild magic forever." Rachel declared as she held onto the harp so the Jackie could pluck the strings and send them over the edge. "We'll start by checking the falls at the base of the mountain."

"Jackie... Come to us!"  A voice rang into Jackie's head as she walked off on her own while the others discussed what they needed to do. When they turned around and saw Jackie wasn't there, they headed off in the last direction she was seen.

"Jack!" Darby shouted. "Where are you going?"

"Beyond the falls?" Jackie answered as they followed along a ledge that just kept getting narrower.

"What does the mean?" The manger demanded as they came across a cave behind the falling water and entered a huge cavern. The roar of the water got softer the further into the cave they went. They didn't know what they were looking for, but knew it was there.

"Look!"  Darby shouted. "If you can that is."

"It's some kind of jewel floating on top of that geyser of water." Rachel declared. "Only there seem to be pieces missing. "Pieces that are on the harp."

"Just as I used mind control to bring your friend here, I also used it on the woman making the harp." A voice spoke as the glow of the jewel pulsed.

"I must heal it." Jackie said as the back up singers turned in gasp as their former boyfriend took hold of the harm and moved the strings. The heat in the pussies became so great that they collapsed to their knees and watched their own scum water the rocky floor.  Once again out of control, the three girls moaned in pleasure and touched one another in hope for relief.

The main jewel floated over and entered Jackie's jewel; which filled her up more than any dildo could. The fragments entered the back up singers as they tried to squeeze them out to no avail. They then watched as they pleasured one another that their bodies were fusing together. When they were finished the manager stared at a woman with three heads, six arms (three on each side) and six breasts. Each set below the last.

"For bring us back together, we'll give you eternal pleasure." The jewel spoke to their minds as they wanted to scream in terror at their own appearance. Any time they opened their mouth other to eat, only music came out.  The manger soon became which off of his like mystical siren and her song.


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