Double or Nothing

by ObjectifiedBeauty

Julie had just been hired as a clerk at the boutique where I happened to be spending the week as a consultant.  I immediately recognized her potential and asked her if she’d like to discuss some details of her position over lunch.  I wasn’t her supervisor, nor did I have any say in personnel decisions at this store, but she didn’t appear to realize that as she was perhaps a bit overwhelmed by the day so far.  She agreed, which actually surprised me a bit.  Once at lunch, I didn’t waste much time in making clear what I was doing at the shop.

“Uh....wha...?” she answered in disbelief as she removed her sunglasses.  “You can’t turn anybody into a mannequin!  That’s impossible!”

“You don’t believe me?”

“Not at all!  Why should I?”

“No, you’re right.  Well, not that I can’t do it.  But you have no reason to believe that.  Tell you what, ten dollars says you’ll spend tomorrow in the window instead of behind the counter.”

Sensing the upper hand in the argument, she beat back “I’ll take you up on that.  Double or nothing says you can’t do it.  Right now, on the count of three.  Deal?”

“OK, deal, on the count of three.  Ready?”

“Ready” she responded, almost defiantly, as she stared me down.


Immediately after finishing the countdown, before Julie even had time to react, I transformed her into the mannequin she had doubted she could become.  Now silent and motionless, she could only stare back at me with the blank yet confident stare of a store mannequin.

“Julie, I’m sure you’re a bit confused right now.  You’ve no doubt figured out that you can’t move, but I don’t know if you can tell yet that it’s because I have indeed turned you into a mannequin.  Here, let me show you,” I said as I activated the front-facing camera on my phone and held it in front of her face for a moment.

“Now, I realize the past couple of minutes hasn’t been nearly enough time for you overcome the shock, let alone explore the sensations of your new body, but ultimately I’m a businessman and time is money.  I’ve endowed you with the ability to will yourself back into your human existence, but only for the next hour or so.  After that, the change will be permanent.  The decision is yours – I’ll let you know when time’s almost up.”

“Oh, and triple or nothing says you don’t change back,” I taunted as I turned away

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Julie snapped back before I even had time to sit back down in my chair.

“Huh?” I mumbled in disbelief.  “Wow, talk about a backfire.  Looks like I owe you forty dollars then.  Damn, no one ever turned back as quickly as you did.  Tell you what, I’ll make it an even fifty for your trouble.”

“You think you lost the bet?” she asked as she stood up.

“Well, yeah, you turned back!”

“Actually, I didn’t want to.  I would rather be standing, if you don’t mind!”

The End