The Dream Machine

by Mechana (

WARNING OF POSSIBLE OFFENSIVE MATERIAL.The following story is adult in nature and deals somewhat graphically with actions and ideas that may cause offense. If you are underage, or find such matters distasteful, PLEASE STOP HERE.

On the other hand, if you like what I like, please enjoy! Your comments are most welcome.

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The rain, the blurry lights, the corner came so unexpectedly, a flash, and Alison's life as she knew it was no longer. She didn't even hear the crunching metal as the Toyota hover-car folded around her. She knew nothing of the three teenagers who braved the fire and almost certain explosion to get her away from the wreckage before it went up, shooting flames thirty meters into the air. Nothing about the sirens, the paramedics, the blinding white corridors, the tubes, the pain she would have felt had she been awake. Nothing about the last three months at all.

Scott was right in the middle of a testing session when the telephone rang. A tiny cybernetic component, three thousand dollars of meticulously crafted work forgotten as he abandoned the experiment when the words "Alison Springer" and "emergency" came across the call screener. His heart stopped as he picked up the phone. "Oh God, Alison... please tell me she's alive." His whisper barely audible.

Alison Springer, age twenty-five, aspiring model, loving wife, near death. She lives. But her body serves now only to house her consciousness; she is paralyzed from the neck down, her face and body unrecognizable to those who knew her before. When she wakes up after three months she learns who the important people are in her life. Her friends and acquaintances from the fashion world do not come to see her; they do not want to face the tragedy that might have been them. Her parents are missing, tragically killed in another car crash just three years earlier. All she has left now is her husband Scott, so thankful that she lives that he is twice as committed to her now. Every day he spends four or five hours by her side, amidst the gently clicking and whirring machines that maintain the life in her ravaged body. She can only speak in a whisper, but her conversation carries the weight of her whole life now.

Scott can only imagine holding her now, imagine what she looked like. It is her old face that he sees when he talks to her, though Alison has refused to look at any of her old pictures. He has not, and he carries them around in his head. He will love her soul forever, but can only dream about holding her body again.

One night he has a vivid dream. He has had such dreams before, and has learned to trust their inspiration. That is what has made him successful enough to run the most innovative and thriving cybernetics lab in the country at the tender age of twenty-eight. But this dream is more intense, more important than all of his past dreams combined. Visions of unseen connections, new pathways, electrons like thought-liquid, theories strung together like networks. Somewhere, that missing link in the circuitry of the mind, whirling, boiling, spinning around the corner of his laboratory. Where a standard A4 size holo-photo of Alison in a silver dress sits.

"Allie, I've got an absolutely absurd, amazing, ridiculous and brilliant idea for you. You might think I'm completely crazy, but please tell me honestly what you think. What would you say if I told you I could make you a new body?"

"Scott, what are you talking about?" She knew better than to think he was making a cruel joke.

"On a practical level it won't be anything as miraculous as... I mean... well, yours, before the accident... like it'll require more maintenance, there'll be physical limits, there's a big power problem, but you'll be able to walk around, go outside, you won't be stuck in bed - and it'll be... beautiful."

"Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?" Her breath, if it were able to, would have stopped short. But the lung machine didn't care about surprises.

Scott reached out and touched her scarred cheek. "Alison, I think I can make a mechanical body for you, and if my dream last night was what I think it was, I believe I can... put your mind inside it." He hesitated to say "soul," because it was beginning to sound like an old Vincent Price movie.

"I know your dreams, honey. So I know you're serious. But do you realize what you're suggesting? It's like an old Vincent Price movie."

"I don't know what exactly will happen. But since I'll only be transferring a copy of your brain patterns, you won't actually be in any danger. If it fails, you should still be you."

"You're sure?"

He leaned close. "I can't be absolutely positive because I've never tried this before. But don't you think it's worth a shot?" Two days later she said yes. It was a reason to fight, to stay alive even though she could request that the life-support machines be shut off if she wanted.

Scott did not want to raise any false hopes, though, and made sure that the limitations of this new body were known and discussed thoroughly. He could make Alison look almost exactly like she did before, but in spite of years of research, cyber-motion-control was still in its infancy. To move more than five motors in coordinated motion required special motors that took a great deal of power. Simulating a human body to reasonable degree would require hundreds. Batteries to provide that much power would weigh over fifty kilos if they were to last more than ten minutes, and they would be too bulky anyway (there was a reason why electric cars still hadn't taken off, so to speak, in the age of hover-vehicles). The latest-technology N-tech generator could do the trick but it would require a small engine to run it. Plugging her into the household mains wasn't an option because AC motors had long ago been proven unsuitable for cyber-motion. Besides, the idea was to unplug Alison from the life-support machines - plugging her back into the wall wouldn't be much of an improvement.

His solution surprised both of them, with its simplicity and absurdity. But it was the only one that was feasible. An N-tech generator could be made small enough, driven by good old-fashioned methods. Stored mechanical energy, easily replaced in seconds. A spring. It runs down, you wind it back up. It was simple, reliable, and it could be made compact. And using the right materials, it could give over thirty minutes of "live" time, twenty more than the best battery scenario he could calculate.

Alison seemed more amused than shocked. "I'm going to be a wind-up doll? You've got to be kidding. What happens when there's nobody around to wind me up?"

"You'll have a battery source for your main processor and memory. It doesn't take much to run a computer, it's the motion control that's the main problem. This battery can be charged regularly with less than one percent of your generator output. Everything's stored in J-ROMs these days anyway, so we won't lose you even if all your sources are cut. Power-dependent memory cells went out with the days of Intel and Microsoft."

"But if nobody winds me up, I still can't move. I've been paralyzed long enough, haven't I?"

"But your deactivation would only be temporary, until you're wound up again. It has to be better than this. Besides, we could install a winding station here so that you could do it yourself, as long as you had enough power left to reach it. Otherwise, you would just have to wait for someone. I'll make sure you've got a sleep mode for your mind, so you don't get bored standing around."

Alison rolled her eyes. "This is getting weirder and weirder..." But a small idea suddenly came into her head and she smiled slightly.

There were other things as well. No swimming, of course. Too much direct sun would affect the polymers in her artificial skin. Her facial expressions would be limited to about a hundred combinations, rather than the infinite variety possible with a human face. She would have the complete range of motion that her human body did, except that more complex and intensive activities would drain her power more quickly, as would an emphasis on smooth motion. Moving at a low-order refinement level would result in jerky, mechanical motion, but would conserve power. Motions that required coordination and smoothness, such as running or dancing, were possible but would drain her power in under ten minutes.

Alison accepted all this. As a dependent life went, relying on someone to wind you up once in a while wasn't nearly as bad as being chained to the machines around your bed.

And she would be beautiful again. She waited until she was alone with Scott one day before she asked. "I don't in any way mean to belittle what you are doing for me. But... I need to know if my new body will, you know... will I still be a woman?"

"Allie, you were at the center of that dream I had, looking absolutely gorgeous. I wanted you so bad, you don't think I would build you a beautiful body and forget that?"

"How... how will I feel things?"

"Oh, you'll feel plenty. Pressure-sensitive skin, erogenous zones, the works. I know where you like to be touched, and I'll program your body to respond like you never dreamed."

She smiled at him, scarred and dimpled, and he somehow knew what she was thinking.

"No, your senses won't shut off when your main generator stops."

Eighteen months of feverish work. Scott leaves the running of his company to his right-hand man. He is still the idea man, though, and as he develops Alison's new body he slips some of the technical secrets, distilled and disguised, into the think tank meetings, where they will be developed in different directions to keep his company on the cutting edge. He tells no-one of his project, for it is too personal and passionate an undertaking for public consumption.

Alison waits patiently, holding on to hope, to mere existence. As the days grow blurry at the edges, she comes to trust, to accept, what has happened, and what may happen. The waiting becomes easier, and the months float by in a dream. Scott seemingly always by her bedside, excitedly telling her about some technical breakthrough, how Alison could revolutionize artificial intelligence theory, no need to create intelligence if we can transplant our own. He is keeping her project a secret but if it works he will make another, more simple, mundane example - just the computer, not the body - and show it off as his breakthrough.

Finally the day comes to show Alison her new body. Scott enters the room excitedly, pulling a cart with what looks like a statue under a dropcloth. Turning the room lights up, he wheels the cart up to the bed and with one dramatic sweep removes the cloth.

"Alison, my love, meet... Alison, my love."

The girl is beautiful. She stands perfectly motionless, arms at her side, staring straight ahead. Like a mannequin, but unmistakably Alison. She is wearing Alison's favorite dress, the silver one from the holo-photo in Scott's lab. She is frozen, distant, expressionless, yet she looks very real. Her face, her figure, her hair, she is an exact copy of how Alison looked before the accident. Only somehow better, more perfect. No blemishes, not an undesirable mark in sight. Maybe her nose is a tiny bit straighter, her breasts a little bit firmer, her behind a little tighter. Closer inspection reveals that she is a replica, however - her skin has a faintly iridescent sheen to it, as if it has been fashioned on a microscopic silk loom or with a jewel-tipped end mill. Her eyes are glassy, sapphire sparkles in them, they catch the light like precious gems. Her make-up has not been applied on the surface - it is the skin itself that changes color.

"What's wrong, honey?"

Alison is crying. It has been nearly two years since she has seen a picture of what she used to look like, and now standing in front of her is how she used to be, not just a beautiful picture but in the actual flesh, artificial though it may be. The tears roll silently down her face as Scott comforts her. "It's okay, honey, it's okay. You *are* beautiful, because this *is* you. You will always look like this to me."

"You... you did such a wonderful job... she's so perfect..." "That, my love, is how I see you. Perfect. It was a labor of love, creating your new body. It's... she's... *you're* a work of art. In your own right."

Alison wishes she could inhabit her new body this minute just so she could turn, embrace Scott, and never let go.

The programming took another month to finish. For Scott it was strange to watch his Alison-robot go through her paces, hollowly, as he tested her out. It was Alison's body, but empty. She turned him on immensely, especially when she ran out of power and froze like a statue. He had a good idea of what Alison had been thinking and was glad that she was as intrigued as he was to try it. But he wanted to wait until she was really there. He couldn't imagine making love to Alison's body when her mind and soul were locked in a room somewhere else. He managed to avoid the issue (with difficulty) until it came time to test her sexual responses. Feeling like he was taking her without her knowledge, he went as far as kissing and fondling her but had to program a masturbation routine to test her penetration response. They ended up masturbating together, since she turned him on so much doing it that he came in spite of himself.

He told Alison the next day and she laughed. "I knew you'd feel strange about it. I suppose I should too, but this whole experience is strange. How can I be jealous of her? It's my body, isn't it?" She grew more serious. "I guess I'm upset, but it's not jealousy. Maybe I'm disappointed that you don't need my mind inside her to turn you on."

"But don't you ever get excited by a man's body alone? What about your favorite holo-film stars? You know it's possible." He leaned forward over the bed. "I can't wait until you're inside her. To be honest, I felt guilty holding her, knowing that you were really in here, in this room. Given a choice, I will take you, body *and* soul, any day."

She smiled. "That's it, you know. I'm upset because I have to wait here while you're already enjoying yourself. I can't *wait*, it's been so long..."

It wasn't much longer. Finally, the programming was finished and the wind-up girl was ready. Alison nervous with anticipation, Scott excited but calmly organising the computers and transference apparatus. The statuesque robot was standing beside the bed, still expressionless and unmoving. A cable ran from one of the computers to a plug in the back of her neck. Another cable ran from the computer to an array of neural sensors attached to Alison's head. Scott punched several buttons on the computer console and the robot's eyes flickered briefly, still unmoving. The sapphire blue glowed ever so slightly.

"Okay, her main processor's on, and the program's ready to go. Are you ready?"

"As much as I'll ever be."

Scott pressed another button. "You'll be asleep in about five minutes. You have the easy part. We've got to wait five hours before we find out if it worked."

"It will. Somehow I can feel it."

The minutes passed slowly, and neither said anything. The last thing that Alison remembered was Scott leaning over to kiss her forehead.

Alison woke to see Scott dozing in his chair. She looked at her new body. She was still standing there, but the cable had been removed from her neck. The connection to her human side was gone as well.

She tried to feel if anything was different. At first, nothing. Then, slowly, the sense that she was missing something - not lacking anything, but missing out, like being unaware.

After about ten minutes, Scott stirred and opened his eyes. "You're awake!"

She whispered, barely audible. "I'm still here. Did it work?" Scott held a hand up to Alison, then put his finger to his lips. He reached out to the back of the robot's neck and slid back a hidden panel, revealing the connection jack and a row of buttons. He pressed one and Alison suddenly felt a whirling sensation, like light gradually spinning out of darkness.

Awareness. Gradual awareness, like she was discovering a hidden place. There were new thoughts there, glowing, fleeting, new forms, unfamiliar experiences. A sensation, like she could feel her body if she wanted to. But no movement.

"I... I can... what..." The voice was hers, but it was coming from a different place. She concentrated and with difficulty managed to focus her mind on it. She was in bed still, trying to speak. "I'm... I'm in there, I can sense it. But I'm still here. What happened?"

"Sounds like it might have worked!" Scott inserted a small key into the robot's back and began to wind it. There was a ratcheting sound, like the winding of a clock, and after a dozen or so turns he stopped. There was click as he pressed another button, and suddenly she was alive.

She could move! For the first time in nearly two years, she could feel her body, her arms, her legs. Energy flowing through her limbs, through her whole being. The new thoughts darted through her consciousness. Peculiar, almost regimented in their form. She tried moving, and her body jerked, twitched, the energy unfamiliar, control difficult. But she was standing. Standing! She saw with a start her own weakened, crippled form lying in bed next to her. Confused.

With effort she could separate the two. One side was familiar, the other new and wonderfully strange. The old one spoke. "She's... I'm... inside her."

"Inside me... it worked." The new voice was almost the same as the old, only with a slightly metallic, flutelike edge to it. "My -"

"- voice," said the old Alison. "It's beautiful like that..." She concentrated. And embraced her new consciousness. The mechanical Alison turned, stiffly, and took a hesitant step. Her leg went exactly where she wanted it to. She slowly, ever more confidently, walked around to the other side of the bed. There was a grace in her movement in spite of her hesitancy. Like Scott had programmed her to move a certain way (which he had). She could sense the programs running in her, taking her bewildered thoughts and giving them structure and shape, so she could see them clearly. But maybe she was imagining it - there were her thoughts, so obviously formed that way. No program determined her mind. Her mind was the program. But alive inside her computer brain. Her body felt increasingly connected. She knelt beside the bed and met her own eyes. They were content, happy. They wanted to say something. She concentrated, familiar forms.

Her voice was a whisper again. "I already know, because I'm you." She turned her head from the robot to Scott. "I don't need to be here anymore. I'm there already. You've done it. I love you." She closed her eyes. The robot stood up.

"Alison... I... I'm so happy... it's you! It really worked!" Scott was standing next to his living doll now, taking her hand, touching her cheek. She let go of the old consciousness, bit by bit, accepting her new existence. It felt so exhilarating to be alive, to be able to feel and move her body again. She looked up at Scott and kissed him.

The sensation would have knocked her off her feet had her body not been programmed for it. Her whole body felt electrified, her mind overjoyed with ecstasy, exploding delight, wanting more, more. She felt a strong desire to stand still and let him hold her, touch her, have her completely, all the while dazzling her with a never-ending kiss. She could not pull away; her will had left her. It was Scott who broke off.

Alison blinked in disbelief at the experience. Her eyelids made a faint fluttering noise as they flicked, like the beating of a mechanical butterfly's wings. "That was so... amazing..."

"That was a one-second kiss. Did you like it?" Scott smiled.

"One... second..." She couldn't believe it was so short.

Scott raised his hand to her lips. "There will be plenty of time, don't worry. First..." He nodded towards the peaceful figure lying in bed. She was asleep, her part of Alison's consciousness completely forgotten in the excitement and revelation of the kiss. Alison could feel her slipping further into the fog beyond the gradually sharpening line that defined her cybernetic existence. The experiment had worked; there was no longer any reason to carry on life in her crippled, fragile body, chained to the bed and the hospital machines.

She looked into Scott's eyes. "Darling, I can't believe this is really me in here!" She hugged him close, and it made her whole body tingle. "It worked. My love, you are a genius. I have a new body! And it is an amazing experience. This new body is everything I hoped it would be."

"There's no going back then?"

Alison smiled, her lovely sweet face so perfect, her eyelashes

fluttering mechanically. "No going back. This is so wonderful." Scott took Alison's hand (and another faint, electric tingle shot through her pleasure circuits). "Before we make sure of that there's one very important test. Wait another five minutes or so."

"Why?" Alison turned to the bed.

"It's not her... er... you... it's you. You have to run out of power. I didn't give you a full winding, so it should be pretty soon."

"You said nothing would happen."

"Right. But you need to know how it feels, since it's going to happen to you a lot."

"Can't you just turn me off now?"

"Yes, but it'll happen the other way much more often. Do you notice anything yet?"

Alison did a systems check (somehow she just knew how) and noticed that her body felt a little stiff, slow, like she was moving through a liquid. The feeling was getting stronger, and she was slowing down increasingly quickly. "I'm... getting slower..."

"It should only be a couple more minutes now."

"It's a... strange sensation... My body just... I can't... oh, this... is kind of... fun.." More than fun. It was actually erotic.

"How does it feel?"

She smiled. "I c.could... get... used .... to... oh!" The sensations were delightfully unpredictable.

Scott just stood back, waiting.

" moving... through... v.very... ve... rr.. y...... st.. i.. ff..... <click> .... c.can't... <click> .... can't... <click>......"

She was still.

Her body was rigid, frozen in mid-gesture, her face showing a slight expression of surprise, her lips just parted, her eyes fixed, the sapphire blue still glowing faintly. Scott picked her up like a mannequin and carried her across the room, and as soon as his hands touched her she knew she wanted him to hold her, caress her, make her feel like a... well, like a deactivated mechanical woman.

"I know you can hear me, and feel this. I can tell you haven't gone to sleep because the light in your eyes hasn't gone out. You'll notice you can access your sleep circuit anytime you want, but once you're asleep, you're out for good until someone winds you back up. If you want to try it out, go ahead now. I'll wind you back up in three minutes."

He stepped back and gazed at his love, her body frozen like a statue, minutes after being literally brought to life. The Alison lying in the bed still slept peacefully, either oblivious to her new experience or unwilling to make the effort to come back around.

Three minutes later, Scott gave the mechanical girl a full winding and activated her. She came to life smoothly, blinking twice, then smiled.

"Unbelievable. It was amazing. I spent two years unable to move, but this time I could feel everything! It's not like being paralyzed at all - I know you can just wind me up again. I tried the sleep circuit too, but I had a faint sensation of time passing. I think it's because I'm still aware of my old self. I thought about waking up but you brought me to life before I decided." She took Scott's hands. "But it doesn't matter. Honey, I love this body. It's everything I hoped for and I'm ready to let go of the past. I want to live a new life with you."

She turned and danced around, then struck a sexy pose. "I can have a life again - look at me! I can even model again - you wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a picture."

Her dancing, and even her pose, were enticingly mechanical. He felt irresistibly drawn to her. His very own living doll. He took her hands in his and clasped them together. "Well, it's settled then. Alison Springer has accepted her new life."

Alison Springer officially passed away at 6:47 PM on June 18, 2011, when the life-support machines were turned off at her request. Her body was cremated and her ashes scattered in the flower garden where her parents' remains were scattered. A photographer driving by at the time thought the girl standing in the garden looked vaguely familiar.

Three months later

Scott pulled the Holden into the carport and shut off the

turbine. As he exited the hovercar he wondered if Alison had remembered what day it was. He hadn't mentioned it to her because he was going to surprise her - he had finished developing a new generator that would give her fifty percent more "live" time and planned to install it in her tonight.

Their anniversary, her first as a robot. The past three months had flown by, what with the new apartment, the new factory site, two new development deals in the works... he supposed he hadn't spent as much time with his beloved as he should have. Oh Alison - so willingly embracing her new existence, never able to leave the house alone, it must be harder than he realized. Still, she seemed happy. She had taken up painting, writing, artistic pursuits that she could work on without being affected by the limitations of her mechanical body. Well, her paintings were a bit regimented, but there was hope.

The apartment was quiet when he entered. "Alison?" No response. Perhaps she was deactivated. Sometimes she didn't quite make it to the winding station, sometimes she just decided to go to sleep.

The bedroom light was on, and as he opened the door he heard the soft music playing inside. She was standing in the corner, and his jaw dropped when he saw her.

She was deactivated. But not in her everyday manner. She was standing on a small pedestal, and the track lighting had been aimed to highlight her. And did she look like a highlight! She was like a hologram from the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. Lacy red bra and panties, sheer red metallic-tinged hose and garters, and a gossamer see-through frilly skirt. She was posed in a seductive come-hither stance, with her hips thrust back, one leg out (showing very nicely), one hand on her hips, the other beckoning, and a coy, playful expression on her beautiful face.

She was a frozen, beautiful statue.

The light was on in her sapphire eyes.

"Oh Alison, oh my... you are delicious! Oh wow, what a surprise..." Scott was astounded.

There was a small tag tied around her wrist, with a note written on it.

"Happy Anniversary honey! Make love to me - and don't wind me up. Your loving doll, Alison."

She didn't have to tell him that. Ever since she had become a robot, Alison had spent as much time frozen as animate when they were having sex. Scott had always found her absolutely gorgeous. But when she was deactivated as a frozen statue she was simply irresistible. So delicate, her body soft, silky, tender, but totally rigid, immobile. She was totally helpless and totally sexy.

But she had always let him deactivate her when they were making love - she had never posed as a frozen, life-size doll to seduce him before.

He couldn't imagine why not.

Climbing up onto the pedestal with her, he gently pulled her stiffened form towards himself and planted a long, slow, honeyed kiss on her tender lips. The light in her eyes sparkled but her face remained as frozen as ever. "My lovely, beautiful doll... Alison, you should be a living mannequin. Mmmmm..." as he buried his face in her long, flowing tresses. She smelled so sweet, she was so perfect, so still, so exquisitely frozen and yet so tender and soft...

Alison's whole body tingled as Scott approached her. She had been waiting for this moment all day. She had learned to activate a small arousal program that looped endlessly while she stood posed, deactivated, unable to act on her desires. All day she had waited, helpless, as her body became quietly charged with sexual energy. Still betraying no outward signs of her internal lust, her circuits jumped and danced as Scott touched her, drew her close...

Her pleasure center exploded with delight as he kissed her, the energy rushing forth and filling her whole physical being. If only she could move! Trapped, frozen, and she was hungry already for more, she needed more, she wanted to feel his hands on her silken form, caressing, exploring, she wanted to be picked up, fondled, she was the world's most beautiful doll, frozen, frozen, oh please don't let this kiss ever stop, I can't move, can't move, oh yes oh please...

Like a flood on top of a flood, the pleasure redoubled, his hands were all over her now, filling her circuits with joy, even more, she wanted him to hold her, yes, he was picking her up, she could barely sense her surroundings, she was on the bed, still unable to move, but being touched, her lingerie being tugged away, more touching, caressing, feeling, she was spinning wildly inside her private world, only he was there with her, it was the two of them, she was his beautiful doll and he was pleasuring her immensely...

With a surge she felt him enter her, sparkling, spinning, she couldn't believe how amazing this body made her feel. She felt her automatic penetration responses kick in as she creamed, uncontrollably, still unable to move, still a frozen doll, she wanted nothing more than to be a doll, the ultimate doll, she was living her ultimate fantasy, the pleasure, oh the pleasure, oh yes oh yes oh stop no don't stop oh I can't move can't move oh yes oh yes stop please body can't take can't move can't move frozen too much oh oh oh my this body this doll yes yes bang bang bang Bang BANG !!!!!! like fireworks oh my oh spinning down what a ride oh yes oh yes oh is it over that was absolutely wonderful can't move just a doll thank you....

She was ready again. And again. And again.

Scott was lying beside her, still holding her frozen form. He was fast asleep. She checked her internal clock. Nearly three hours, right through dinner time. He'd be hungry when he woke up. But she was still deactivated and unable to do anything. Except imagine herself glowing after such a wonderful session of lovemaking. He adored her, he was so tender, she loved being his living doll and letting him lavish affection on her body. Sometimes when they made love while she was activated, she would return all that she had received and overwhelm him with her affections. It was usually more than he could handle.


The screwdriver clicked as it reached the preset torque limit. Scott stood back and admired his wife for the thousandth time. She was standing straight up, with her arms down by her sides, staring straight ahead. Deactivated so that Scott could install her new generator.

The panel open in her back revealed quite an intricate array of wires and circuits winding around the gears and motors that brought Alison to life. Under the thick, lifelike layer of artificial skin and flesh, she was hollow but jam-packed with mechanical and electronic hardware. His beloved wife, in all her robotic glory. Scott plugged a cable into a socket in her back and pressed a few buttons on a nearby computer. A few seconds and the upgraded software to regulate the new generator's power was loaded.

It was done. She was ready to be wound up and brought sweetly to life.

Scott unhooked the cable and swung the panel closed. With a swish, it snapped shut and locked. The seams were barely visible. From a few metres away you could hardly see them. Reaching under her lustrous auburn hair, he slid the shutter open on the back of her neck and turned her around. She was completely deactivated for servicing, but he kissed her anyway, simultaneously pressing the button that powered up her main processor. He knew she would feel the kiss as her mind "woke up", and would enjoy it immensely.

He pulled away and saw the faint light in her sapphire eyes. "Ready, honey?" he asked, reaching for her wind-up key. She actually had two keys, a small one which fit in her purse for trips outside, and a large one which served no extra purpose other than looking incredibly sexy when it was plugged in. Scott grabbed the large one and slotted it into her back with a well-engineered "schnick".

"Here we go!" He turned the key several times and pressed the button to activate her body. She came to life smoothly, just as she had hundreds of times before in the past three months.

She blinked, took a few steps, and did a little dance. "Feels pretty much the same." What a beautiful voice, thought Scott.

"Well, it should. The only difference is that you should get about half again as much capacity, so you can run longer before you freeze up. I didn't wind you fully just now, though, because I wanted to test it out slowly. Can you do a check?"

She went blank for a second, then turned and smiled her sweet, alluring smile at him. "Well, it certainly feels all right. I can't tell the difference. What about when I use more power?"

"Try it."

Alison laughed sheepishly and started running in place. She set her motion control on maximum resolution, so there was hardly any hint of mechanical jerkiness in her actions. After about five minutes she slowed and stopped, frozen in mid stride.

"Not too bad," said Scott. "That's probably a couple of minutes longer than your old generator would have run, with the same winding I gave you."

Several windings and deactivations later, they were satisfied with the performance of her new power source. When Scott finally gave her a full winding, Alison turned as soon as she was activated and kissed him long and hard.

When she let him surface for air, she said, "All this winding down is really turning me on, you know.... please make love to me." She gave him a deliciously lusty look.

".... Er.. well, gee, you know how much work and - urp!"

"Silly man!" she laughed, grabbing him as he feigned bewilderment. Then she ran, him chasing her, to the bedroom.

Scott barely managed to get the key out of her back before they collapsed onto the bed. She was dynamite, hungrily tugging his clothes off and nearly jumping out of her own. He thought about deactivating her for sex, but as she smothered him with kisses, he thought maybe he should enjoy the attention. Then as she grew fiercer, he thought about deactivating her in self defense!

She rolled onto her back, pulling him down on top of her. "Take me... oh yes... oh honey, this body... oh... " He was moving his hands as fast as he could, and she was turning him on incredibly. She was so smooth, creamy, silken, her body soft, delightfully clean and fresh despite all her "exertion"...

For several minutes neither one spoke, each too busy kissing and nuzzling and caressing and fondling, growing more hungry with passion, until he had to enter her or risk losing himself.

"Oh! Yes! Oh!" she cried out as he drove himself deep inside her. Back and forth, he could feel her body shudder with the waves of ecstasy coursing through her circuits. As they both drew near climax, she let out a long, slow moan and her body jerked hesitantly. Then, as he released, she cried out, arching ecstatically, tossing her head back. "Ooaaaahhhhh - "


"Ooaaaahhhhh - "


"Ooaaaahhhhh - "


Her body shuddered with each loop, repeating the last few milliseconds of its last motion routine and re-living the orgasm. Over. And over. And over.

Scott couldn't stop until he was finished. He lay over his mechanical wife, her body frozen in ecstasy, her sexual actions unceasing, making it impossible for him to withdraw until he was fully exhausted. When he finally expired, he found it necessary to slide backwards out from under her legs, which were wrapped around him in the height of sexual pleasure.

"Ooaaaahhhhh - "

Click. Shudder.

"Ooaaaahhhhh - "

Click. Shudder.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Alison was trapped in ecstasy. Frozen, her back arched, head thrown back, mouth open, eyes half closed, hands and arms outstretched, legs in the air, wrapped around a now-missing partner. What had happened? Something in the new generator software, no doubt. The power continued but somehow it had interfered with her main processing loop. It hadn't happened during earlier testing, so it must have been the extra demands of their passionate lovemaking.

He reached behind her neck and pressed her off button. Nothing happened.

He tried the emergency reboot combination. Still nothing.

She continued to climax in her private, frozen world, over and over.

Damn she was sexy like this.

But was she all right? Nothing to do but wait until her power ran out and do a complete power-off restart. How long would that take? The new generator seemed to be performing pretty well. And now that she wasn't moving (besides the shudder), it might take a very long time.

Scott found himself extremely aroused, and miraculously ready again.

When he woke, she was still under him, and still climaxing. He was so spent that he slept right through about nine hours of Alison's sexual embrace. He was sore all over and still, unbelievably, getting aroused by her. He had to pull away and leave the room lest he mindlessly drive himself to injury.

After taking a long shower and generally getting himself together, he returned to the bedroom. She was finally slowing down. Maybe another ten minutes now. God, she was so sexy....

She felt him enter her, his hands caressing every part of her body. "Oh! Yes! Oh!" She wanted him, she was so turned on, her body felt like it was moving on its own, yes, more, yes, oh yes, she creamed and contracted as he pumped, she pulled him closer and closer, her legs wrapped so tightly around him, pure sexual pleasure, it was coming, yes, here, now, now, bang bang bang Bang BANG!




Alison could sense nothing, feel nothing, experience nothing except wave upon wave of orgasm. Each building on the last, which somehow never died away. Her whole body was charged with pleasure. She was stuck. She knew she was stuck, somehow. The waves were repeating so regularly. Yet there was something else on top - coming at different angles, then repeating themselves. Scott was still making love to her. She could feel her body shudder and it felt beautiful. Ecstasy on top of ecstasy to the power of infinity, she would certainly overload before long. Oh, it felt so wonderful!

There was an infinitesimal moment of relief. Then it started all over again. An overload function! She was safe. And still orgasmic, over and over, it was too much, she couldn't move, her circuits were overloading again....

And again...

And again...

Calm. Scott looked down at his wife, so lovely, disheveled and beautiful. Frozen in her climax, but quiet now. She had finally run out of power. He brushed his hand along her cheek. Her eyes were alight, which meant that her processor battery was still operating. What was her mind going through now? Was she still climaxing, inside her still, rigid form?

He pressed her reboot combination. With her generator quiet, there were no interference signals to get in the way this time, and she powered down and back up as normal. The light went out briefly, and then came back steadily.

Scott picked up his nude, frozen doll of a wife and placed her awkwardly on the floor, so he could properly insert her wind-up key and give it a few turns. Holding his breath, he activated her.

She came to life as normal, slowly getting to her feet. "What... what happened? I remember the most beautiful experience... I was having an orgasm and couldn't stop."

"You spent over ten hours in a continual climax. It really scared me, I was so worried. But my god, you were sexy. I couldn't deactivate you, so I kind of kept doing you. Are you all right?"

She did a systems check. "Everything seems fine."

"Can you figure out what happened?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Diagnostics report a process interrupt and runaway cycle occurring together, but they repaired themselves after the power shut off. There doesn't appear to be any permanent effect. My main processor overload gate was tripped 11,453 times, and returned normal levels each time."

"Can you tell if there's a way to prevent it?"

She picked up her lingerie and he helped her put it back on. "You might try looking at the revised power-shunting routine... or putting an extra check in my main loop for runaway processes... but to be honest, I really liked it. If it doesn't cause any harm, I'd like to leave it there."

Scott grinned. "You are insatiable, you know that? Just the way I like you. I still want to do a thorough trace on everything that was recorded, and find out if it's really safe. But I hope it is, because you know what - I liked it too!"

Alison stepped into his arms and gazed into his eyes as he held her. "I love you, honey. You gave me the most incredible experience of my life last night. I love this body, I love being your doll, I love being wound up and brought to life, I love being deactivated, and I love making love with you, whether I am frozen, active, or trapped inside infinite ecstasy. I can't believe I am so lucky!"

Scott was lost in her deep, jeweled eyes. "You are my mechanical goddess, Alison. I love you, and everything about you. You are, and have always been, the girl of my dreams."

He bent down to kiss her, and as their lips touched, he pressed the button to deactivate her. He felt her stiffen in his arms as he explored her sweet, tender lips. He picked his wife's deactivated mechanical body up and placed her on her pedestal. She was wearing only a lace bra and panties, and looked fantastic. Her eyes were closed, her hands held in front with palms open, her head tilted up, and one leg slightly kicked back. The classic romantic kiss, captured perfectly.

Scott turned the lighting on her and sat back, admiring. Alison, his living doll. She was the ultimate dream machine.


Alison will return...