Eating Out

by Honered1

The Decision:

It was a normal Friday night at the Williams household. Tommy and Suzie were home from school for the weekend and were already playing. Their mom, Beth, was in the kitchen trying to decide what to make for dinner.

"KIDS...I'm tired of trying to figure out what to cook for supper." Mrs. Williams complained to her children.

"Call Dad mom he usually has good ideas about that type of thing." Suzie suggested.

Thinking it wasn't a bad idea, Mrs. Williams picked up the phone and dialed her husband's work number.

"Hey Dave, it's Beth just wondering what you think we should do for dinner."

"I heard that the new Chinese place they just built down by the kids school is really good, they make special entrees upon request."

"That sounds good, I have to get changed, but I think it is easier to meet you there with the kids. Is that okay with you?"

"...Yeah I guess so, but please be on time, you are always late to every thing we do."

"I know, I will get there at 7, promise."

"You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, but I'll be there at 7, bye"

Hanging up the phone Beth quickly ran to her bedroom, took a shower, and threw on some nice clothes.


Looking at her watch, Beth pounded the car's horn.

"Let's go Tommy! Why are you always the last one out of the house, you know your father will be upset if has to wait for us?" Mrs. Williams scolded her son.

Just as the sliding door closed on their White Minivan, Beth put the car in gear and sped towards the restaurant. As they traveled, Beth became nervous, as she didn't hear the usual fighting and screaming from the two siblings. Yet, as she looked through her rear view mirror all she saw was Suzie playing with her Barbie doll and Tommy reading a book.

Once they arrived at the restaurant, Beth quickly got the kids out of the car, as she noticed her husbands blue Intrepid sitting on the other side of the parking lot. Hoping that he had not arrived much earlier, they rushed inside the place.

Beth had wanted to try this restaurant ever since she saw the "Coming Soon: Bei Jing Chinese Restaurant!" signs all around town. The city they lived in lacked a decent Chinese restaurant so it was a thrill to see one open.

As the three walked through the doors, a short Asian man immediately greeted them; on his face there was the biggest smile she had ever seen.

"Hello and welcome to Bei Jing Restaurant, how many in party?"

"Well I think my husband may have already been seated, I saw his car outside."

"Ah Yes! I remember your husband, I show you way to table, please follow me.

The Asian worker grabbed a stack of menus and quickly led the family towards the back of the room. Beth was awestricken by the beauty of the place. She felt as if she were actually in China. The walls were decoratively designed and authentic Chinese music played throughout the entire restaurant.

The short Asian man continued to walk past all the initial tables and led the Williams through a set of double red doors, into a back dining area. There, Beth saw her husband looking at his watch until he noticed them coming through the doors.

"Here you are Miss"

"Thank you"

"Your waiter should be with you shortly. Can I get you anything to start with? Perhaps some drinks? Our specialty here is the hot tea. It is brewed from genuine Chinese herbs."

"That sounds good right about now, it's been a long day. Kids do you want to try the tea as well?"

They nodded in reply.

"Four cups please."

"I already have some, I started without you." Mr. Williams butted in.

"Make it three then", Beth replied.

"Very good, three cups, right away."

The Chinese man quickly scurried back through the red doors.

Beth pondered herself over why no one else was eating here. Being Friday night and with the fact that it is a new restaurant, it should have been packed. Nonetheless, she was too tired to think about it and she sat hoping that the tea would come soon.

"Sorry Dave, I would have been here on time but it wasn't my fault this time our son held us up."

"I understand"

Beth was puzzled, normally Dave would have made a scene in public, yelling at her and telling her that next time she would be sorry for making him sit there. Again Beth was too tired to bother over it.

After about two or three minutes the red doors opened up and a different Chinese Man came through carrying three cups and a metal pitcher on his tray.

"Hot tea for you miss, and one for you young sir, and one for the little lady in the cute pink dress."

Suzie giggled as she took a sip from the cup.

"Wow, this is very good!" Beth commented, "Just drinking it soothes my sore body and I almost feel completely relaxed."

The three quickly finished every drop. Dave just sat and watched them not getting upset that they did not leave him any. Instead he just asked the waiter for some more.

Upon returning with the additional tea, the waiter asked if they were ready to order dinner. Being so occupied by the delicious tea, Beth had forgotten about the menu.

"Kids you start."

"I'm going to have the chicken and broccoli." Tommy said.

"Me too, me too!!" Suzie yelled.

"Dave what are you going to have?" Beth asked.

"I'm going to try the dumplings on fried rice with a side order of egg rolls."

"That sounds Good, I think I'll have the same but you can hold the egg rolls on mine" Beth informed the waiter.

"Very good, I'll put this right in." The Chinese man said as he again quickly ran through the red doors

Dinner came and everyone enjoyed their meals. Suzie even asked for more but Dave told her to save room for the fortune cookies.

After some time, the Chinese man returned with a platter of sliced oranges and fortunes cookies; also in the middle of the platter sat a little silver bell. The man thanked them for coming to Bei Jing Restaurant, and that they look forward to their next visit. He then informed them that they could pay, up at the cash register.


After the waiter had left the room, Mr. Williams told his family to eat the cookies so that they could head home.

"I think I'll save mine for later, I'm kind of full from the meal." Tommy told his father.

"No son, they won't let you take them home you have to eat them here." Dave replied.

"I've never heard of that rule, but in that case I won't eat mine."

"You must, it is tradition to eat the cookie after your meal."

"I don't want to Dad and you can't make me."

"Oh, you want to bet, I think now is a good time to inform you all that this will be the last time you will ever be late or rude or anything to me again." Mr. Williams bursted.

"What's gotten into you dear? " Beth tried to calm him down.

"Shut up Beth! Do you know how many times I've had to sit here and wait for you after you've promised me you'd be here on time? I'm sick of it and finally I can do something about it..."

At this point the children began to sink in their chairs crying from the way their father was yelling.

"You see Beth, I knew you would be late again, just like you always are, but this time I have prepared a little surprise for you since. You see my colleague at work had the same problem but he told me about this place and it was only a matter of time before we came here. When I told you about how they make special requests it was more then just dinner, you see they can help people solve their problems. The tea you drank was made from very special Chinese herbs, in fact they are a mind controlling drug that can be utilized by anyone ."

Beth getting quite scared grabbed the hands of her two children and bravely made a leap from her chair towards the double red doors.

Not saying a word Dave stood up and reached for the platter still on the table. He grabbed the bell that sat upon it, and still with silence he rang it. Within that instant all three people in front of him dropped to the floor like dolls.

Dave walked over to the pile of people and crouched down beside them. All were asleep in a state of hypnosis, yet he knew they could hear every word he said.

"You know I didn't want it to come to this but you left me no choice. A man can only take so much ignorance before he snaps."

Placing the bell on the ground in front of them he dared them ring it but he knew no matter how much they tried there was nothing that could help them.

"Now I'm getting tired and want to go home soon so I think I will start with Suzie, you never really bothered me but I can't let you get away or else you might tell on me and that wouldn't be good.STAND UP!! And sit back at your seat."

Instantaneously, Suzie stood up opened her eyes and walked towards the table. She sat down and then fell back into her hypnotic state.

"Well thinking this over again I might as well let you all see each other's horrible fate so Beth and Tommy sit back at the table."

Once they were all seated again and back into the trance state, Dave informed them that he was going to wake them up from the trance but they would be unable to move or speak unless requested by him otherwise.


At that all three arose from their sleep state and sat straight up in their chair.

"Suzie as I said before, I think I'll start with you. Go ahead, eat your fortune cookie, they too like the tea are my special requests."

Suzie reached down in front of her and without hesitant, opened the cookie.

"Suzie please read to everyone what your fortune says..."

Looking down Suzie read:

"You enjoy being a cute little will dislike growing up ...Why not stay "little" forever."

With that, Suzie's body stood up and started to shake. Her waist began circling and sweat poured down her cheeks and face. Her dress began to grow on her as her body started shrinking towards the ground. Twirling around in place Suzie mentally screamed as her skin turned to plastic. She could no longer support herself and fell to the ground. Laying on the ground a set of little clothes appeared.

Dave took the clothes on the ground and dressed the little plastic girl's body that had once been his daughter. Suzie was now a living doll. She could hear, see, and feel but her new form would not allow her to talk or move.

"Now you can be a cute "little" girl forever" Dave chuckled. "Now whose turn is it? Let's try Tommy."

Dave looked at Tommy and told him to open his fortune cookie and read what it says.

"A book in your hand never makes you'd be better off as a big blonde who's dumb."

Dave watched as Tommy's body began shaking, just like Suzie's did. He twirled, trying to stop, but it was no use. Sweat and smoke poured from his body. Tommy felt his chest get heavier and as he looked down he saw two large breasts now attached to his chest. Next there was a sharp pain from his groin. He placed his hand on his pants and felt that his penis was no longer there. Tommy's body began to slim down and lose the muscle on the arms and legs. The only hair left on his body was the slowly growing blonde hair down his shoulders. Feeling dizzy, Tommy tried to yell at Dave but he quickly grew quiet as he heard his new feminine voice.

"You will now be called Tammy and you will not remember anything longer then 24 hours you bimbo." Dave laughed at his former son. "You will make a great slave for me."

Dave played with his two new toys for a few minutes and finally grew bored and wanted to finish off his wife.

"Beth, I command you to open and read your fortune cookie."

"Your looks are more appreciated than your personality."

After reading that saying, Beth mentally pondered what it meant her fate would be. Then suddenly she too felt a horrible pain throughout her body. She began to smoke and swirl just like the others. Spinning around, Beth felt her skin begin to grow hard and plastic. She noticed that she could no longer move her body parts. Once her entire body was covered in plastic, Dave ran through the red doors. When he came back he was wheeling a small platform with a large metal pole sticking up the middle.

"This will be your new stage my lovely mannequin. This may hurt a little the first time but after we adjust you several occasions you will grow to find it erotic."

After saying that, Dave grabbed his nude wife's plastic body and lifted her up onto the metal pole. A small hole where her pussy once was, now provided perfect placement for the pole, to rest her on.

"When I get home I can dress you up and put your favorite pantyhose and panties on. You'll love being my mannequin."

Just as Dave rounded up his new toys, he started to head towards the front of the restaurant. About half way to the front door he stopped and started to run back.

"I almost forgot, I didn't leave a tip...."


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