Eurayle: The Last Gorgon's Gift from the Gods 

The following story is a continuation of a story once posted to Robotdoll's ASFR page. It was authored by RM and continues to be my personal favorite. I hope that this sequel does it justice.


Euryale stepped away from Lisa's frozen field of vision and addressed the elderly couple. From her petrified vantage, Lisa could not see what transaction was taking place, but she could clearly hear what was being said. The elderly man, Eric, and his companion, April, were apparently frequent customers of Euryale's. Eric was the art collector of the two. Lisa could not determine April's role, if any, in Eric's collection scheme. Lisa's thoughts were suddenly interrupted when a explosive surge of desire raced up her spine. Eric had noticed the latest addition to Euryale's collection and felt compelled to examine this delicious piece of work.


"When did you complete this one? She is absolutely stunning and quite provocative! She would the perfect compliment for my collection!" Eric now stood in front of Lisa, staring into the polished, white surface that could have once reflected the hunger his touch aroused in her now solid form. As Eric's hands explored the smooth, cool surface of Lisa's transformed body, Euryale responded, "Lisa is a very special piece of work. I just completed her a few nights ago. I must admit, I found her quite arousing myself and found it a little unfair to … Well, as for her availability, I simply can't part with her until I have another to fill her place, and even them, a matching pair of bookends will be even harder to part with." "I see", Eric replied," April, could you inspect the works in the other room, Euryale and I have some details to work out."


As soon as April left the room, Euryale hissed, "You know that I don't like it when you bring customers into my shop. I can't discuss the details of my work while others are around!" "Cut the crap, Euryale!" Eric shot back, "We need these people if we're ever going to set our plan into motion. Have you prepared the solution?" Euryale reached into a hidden pocket and produced a one ounce vial. She quickly handed it to Eric. "Will this be enough to conclude YOUR work, Eric, dear?" A sinister look twinkled in his eyes, "By this time tomorrow night, you will be able to into full production." April emerged from the other room. "Has our business here concluded?" "Yes, April, let's enjoy the remainder of the day at home." With that, April and Eric left Euryale's gallery.


Picking up where she had previously left off, Euryale turned to the stone figure of Lisa and explored her smooth, marble form with her lips. A moment later, Eurayle stepped back. As soon as the tormenting feelings of ecstasy subsided, Euryale spoke. "I'd like to share something with you, Lisa, something that I have already shared with each of your frozen comrades. I am the last of my kind. Every other member of my sisterhood is dead. Killed by the manipulations of men. It has been hundreds of years since my last sister perished at the hands of a man. They were foolish. They did not understand the true role the Gods had fated to them when they were given the power to turn men into statues of stone. I came to this realization when Athena turned Medusa into one of us. Athena was insanely jealous of Medusa's beauty, so she vowed that men who gazed upon such beauty would be punished, slowly and painfully. No mere mortal woman should be able to make a man want for her over a goddess. All men who gazed on Medusa's beauty were turned to stone. In the end, a man dispatched her life by the swiftness of a blade through her neck. Each of my sisters suffered a similar fate over the centuries. I and I alone have been spared this fate because I have not fallen folly to their logic. You see, each of them went after men. I focus my attentions on women. You see, one way to punish man, is to take away his women, and so I do. Yes, I do on occasion enslave men's bodies by my powers, but only a small percentage of them compared to the women I've petrified. Tomorrow night, thanks to Eric's help, I will unleash a new terror onto man's world. The vanity of women shall be their undoing. I have found a way to cast my spell over wide expanses of land, to affect millions of women in a short span of time, and they won't even know it. Tonight, April will unwittingly test the final elixir Eric and I have been developing. If all goes well, you will see for yourself, firsthand, the fate that will befall your sisters across the world!" Eurayle let out an evil laugh that pierced the polished, marble female form of Lisa and left the room.


At a lavish estate on the far side of town, Eric emerged from his lab and was greeted by Lisa's friendly kisses. "Were you able to complete your work my dear? When will you let me in on your secret project?" "Right now, April." Came Eric's unexpected reply. After years of work, This new cream will revitalize and rejuvenate anyone who wished to wipe away years of aging. My cosmetics firm will become the largest and most profitable in the world. I will have no competition. If you'd like, you can try it out for yourself, right now!" April was speechless, it had been almost three decades since her modeling career had ended, the curse that time places on all models had ravaged her body. She lived a comfortable lifestyle and she still found herself doing interviews about what it was like in 'her day', but she desperately wanted to return to her glory days, to have her beauty restored and all of the fame and fortune that came with it the first time around. Eric recruited her a few months ago to help in a publicity campaign to help his ailing cosmetics firm. Her very presence on his commercials helped, and it was profitable again. Now she stood on the threshold of creating an empire for her lover.


They retired to a private room. It was well lit and heavily mirrored. Eric produced a jar of cosmetic cream. "I'm going to step out of the room now. Wait a minute or two and them apply the cream to your hands and face. Watch the results on that far wall. Remember, My camera crew will be recording your reaction to the results you will see for our next ad campaign." Eric stepped out of the room. As soon as the door clicked shut, April walked over to the mirror and smiled at the camera she new was there. She counted down two minutes and then opened the jar Eric had given her. The cream looked ordinary enough, a brown, flesh color, like a light tan. It seemed to have an almost subliminal glow to it. She dipped the fingertips from her right hand into the jar and withdrew a small amount of the cream. She then placed the jar on a shelf and rubbed the cream into her hands. Her hands darkened slightly, as the cream was darker than her skin and they tingled ever so slightly. A moment later the tingle diminished. April stared at her hands and let out a gasp, followed by a smile wider than she had ever smiled before. She held them out in front of her, disbelief now taking the place of her smile, but nonetheless jubilant. A tearful, yet powerful yell permeated the estate, "They're young! It works!" When her heartbeat approached a normal level and coherent thought returned to her, she dipped into the jar again and rubbed the cream into her arms, and then her face. She didn't feel the barely perceptible tingling this time, she was too excited. She stared at herself in the mirror and watched. Seconds later, almost 40 years disappeared from her features. Moments later, her clothes fell to the floor and she rubbed the cream all over her body, using a long, sponge applicator conveniently left in the room to help her reach her back.


That night, Eric and a now youthful April made wild, passionate love. Strangely, Eric was able to keep up with April, despite his advanced years. Just before dawn, April finally fell asleep from emotional and physical exhaustion. She awoke a few hours later, feeling drowsy and a bit chilled. She stood in front of a large mirror and stared at herself. Her new lease on life was intact, she was still young, about 25 years old or so with a dark tan. There was something else in the reflection, a ghostly apparition. Slowly, it came into better focus. In the mirror, a snake appeared from under her hair and wound its way down her left arm. She did not feel anything on her body, but she felt a pleasant tingling sensation flowing down her right arm. She started to feel lightheaded. In the mirror, the snake passed from her right arm back up to her right shoulder and began to make its way down her right breast. The tingling sensation followed, and a new sensation joined the chorus running through her mind: she was horny. Her right hand made its way to her right breast, increasing the sensations running through her. She gently squeezed the nipple and almost exploded in ecstasy. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. The ghostly snake had wrapped itself around her back, around her left breast, up her left shoulder and was now coiling down her left arm. The snake's head, having reached her hand, now beckoned towards her moistening sex, further filling April's thoughts with desire. Without conscious thought, she rested her left hand on her left thigh. The snake wound its way down her left leg, back up the leg, and around her waist, gently touching the hottest spot on her body. The desire building in her was almost intolerable. Her left hand moved towards her sex as the snake descended down her left leg. April was on fire. She had never before felt desire like this and was anticipating the release of the orgasm to come. At that moment another apparition appeared in the mirror. Someone was standing behind her, a beautiful, olive skinned woman. She looked familiar to April, but she couldn't quite place her. The apparition smiled, exposing sharp edged teeth. Her eyes began to glow and April was drawn into them, unable to resist. A ghostly hand touched her shoulder and, unlike the experience with the snake, April felt the heat of her touch. Suddenly, the apparition vanished. April found herself staring back at herself in the mirror again, alone in the room, and yearning for release. A faint, green glow formed on her right shoulder and descended down her right arm, following the path that the snake had taken. As the glow faded from her arm and traveled the rest of her body, she noticed a change. He color lightened and became pale. If not for the warmth of the ghostly energy caressing her body, she would have screamed. Instead, she didn't give it another thought. Her hunger was now too intense for rational thought. Slowly, the effect spread through her body. As she watched her face and hair change, the long awaited release came over her, but nothing happened. Stranded on the very edge of the most powerful orgasm she could ever dream to feel, rational thought began to return to her. She tried to caress her sex to trigger the release, but she couldn't move her left hand. In fact, she couldn't move at all! She had become an immobile statue, forever molded into her masturbating stance, begging all who gazed upon her to feel her sexual hunger. A new thought strayed into her mind, as though someone had gently blew it into her ear. "Welcome to my collection, Lisa." Understanding flashed into her mind. She now knew the female apparition that visited her, Eric's business associate at that gallery. She also realized something else, she was a matching 'bookend' for a marble female statue she had seen there. "Didn't Eric mention something about bookends at the gallery?" she thought. Eric appeared in front of April's pale eyes. "He'll help me," April thought. As if sensing her thoughts, Eric responded, "How do you feel April? Eurayle told me that your senses would be intact, despite your transformation." He ran his hands over her body, igniting a new surge of hunger in her, "My mother does such excellent work, doesn't she?" Fear flooded into her mind. Inwardly, she screamed. Her mind blacked out from the terror.


April awoke at 7am in a cold sweat, screaming at the top of her lungs. Eric rushed into the room and calmed her. She described the nightmare to him, all the while holding him tightly. He assured her that she was safe and secure. To clear the horror from her mind, he reminded her of the gift bestowed upon her yesterday, and of her plans to recapture her fame and all that came with it. He played her like a fiddle. Her self-centered, greedy persona asserted itself and she was in control again. After showering and a tasty breakfast, they went to a local video studio. April was to tape 4 infomercials with other retired models from her past. The tapings were nothing short of spectacular. A dozen of her friends found themselves restored to their youth. At the end of that long day, Eric explained that the new line of creams would go into full production that night and that they would hit the market in two or three weeks. At that time, he would introduce one of the infomercials every other month. To relax after such a hard day, Eric suggested that April spend the evening shopping. After all, the only current fashions she had were those supplied at the studio.


That evening, April and a few of her now youthful friends went out on a shopping mission to put the world on notice that 'they' were back. En route to the mall, April had a sudden thought, "You know, there's someone I think we should see before we set the mall ablaze tonight. She's a business partner of Eric's and has contributed to the creation of the cream that restored us. I'd like each of you to meet her and thank her." Each friend nodded in agreement. April instructed the limo driver to proceed to west side of town, where they located the gallery. For the next couple of hours they drank and reminisced of their former glory days and boasted of the new fame to come. When Euryale was satisfied that each of the girls was sufficiently drunk, she suggested that they tour her facility before leaving. As her friends descended the stairs to the main gallery, Euryale asked April to remain behind for a moment, as there was something she wanted to share for April, for helping test the new cosmetic cream. "But first," Euryale continued, "I'd like to see for myself how well it worked. Would you mind posing nude for me over there?" Eurayle indicated a raised pedestal in one end of the room. "I'd love to!" April responded. She quickly doffed her clothes and stepped onto the pedestal. Eurayle walked around the pedestal and closely studied April's dark, youthful body. "Yes, it worked very well. Would you mind if I posed you?" April thought the request to be an odd one, but agreed. Euryale spread April's legs farther apart and placed her right hand on her right breast. Instinctively, April placed her left hand on her left thigh. Euralye walked around the newly posed April again. "Yes," Eurayle hissed, "you will make an exquisite match for Lisa. A perfect pair of bookends for Eric's collection." A lump formed in April's throat, which she quickly swallowed. The nightmare began to come back to her, followed by the terror she felt just before waking up that morning. She screamed, but no sound came from her lips. She bolted from the pedestal, but her feet were firmly rooted in place. In fact, she was immobile, much like that statue she saw herself turned into earlier. Eurayle lifted April's petrified body from the pedestal and carried it down to the main gallery, where she was placed on an empty pedestal and positioned to look at the stone figure of someone April knew as Lisa.


"Well, Lisa, what do you think? Say hello to your twin… I'm sorry, you can't, can you?" Eurayle's laugh dripped with an evil that neither woman believed possible. "Now observe the fruition of my schemed, Lisa. April stands before you, a 65 year old in a 25 year old body, her youth restored by a cosmetic cream laced with the venom of the Asps from my head. Right now, April is still flesh and blood, she simply can not move. The cream she used is slowly transforming her body into a solid substance. Just what that substance will be depends on which cream she used. I believe that she tested a mannequinizing formula. She will be as solid and inert as stone, but is turning into a polymer plastic resin instead. Each of her friends tried a different cream. One will become stone, as you are, two will become crystalline like a diamond, and the other will be turned into solid gold. Already, they are stiffened and immobile, as they had a higher concentration of my venom placed in their creams. When the creams hit the market, each woman who uses it will be transformed into some substance within 72 hours. I'll leave you two alone now to become better acquainted. As an added bonus, they will always the sexual hunger you craze when touched by flesh."


As April found herself fixed on Lisa's marble form, Lisa watched the final effects of the transforming cream April tested. April's breasts seemed to become firm and develop a sheen. The remainder of her body slowly changed as well. April's eyes lost the glow that reflected flesh and blood life and became unreflective plastic. Finally, Lisa noticed a trickle down April's thighs and understood what had been done to her. April's senses would be intact, but her thoughts would be of sexual hunger and nothing else.