Everything Old is New Again

by Pakled

All week it had been a circus; Jackie Parnassus, the last Baby Boomer, lay on her deathbed. Born over a century before, in 1963, she hadn't been the last one of the generation, just the last one living. With the Interworld, people could keep up with crazy statistics like this, but only a few people who were in their 80s were paying much attention. Interest share was only about 7%, but 7% of 8 billion people is still a lot.

The cool pastel colors of the room worked like an ancient mood ring, changing their hue as people's emotions were sensed and responded to. Her youngest son had just left, back to his own retirement center, as the machines that kept her alive made their silent sounds of power. A frail white head, surprisingly clear gray eyes; just an anonymous face now, but once, she'd been a beauty. She recalled those decades with fondness, and regrets they weren't better spent.

The door slid open, and Dr. Erosthia came to her side. She was in her 30s, mixed, a light brown skin over a firm body, her hair as smooth as silk. Rich, lush lips framed her face, and her dark brown eyes looked down on her ‘celebrity’ patient.

She saw Jackie's eyes open, and smiled down at her patient.  "I have some news, Jackie," she said.

"What is it? Not more dataforms, I hope."

"No, we've been given an allowance option, by your family."

"Allowance? For what?"

The doctor brushed her hair back into place, smoothing it against her dark skin.

"Your family wants to have you around a while longer. You have a biot waiting for you."

"I don't want any damned plastic Barbie body. Everyone would know that...."

The doctor laid a hand on her arm, interrupting her. "Now Jackie, we don't use plastic skin any more. It’s flesh and blood on the outside; all the plastic is on the inside. I don't know who Barbie is, but she didn't design the biot. It's the latest model, you'll be 100% human on the outside, and 60% human on the inside. It's even better in some ways. You can live for a couple of centuries more, with proper maintenance. Your mind would be clear, your body responsive, and your health certain. What's not to like?"

"Oh. Sex. I had a dream about sex the other night. I could probably have sex again. All these studly interns you have around here…"

The doctor turned away slightly, to hide the laughter that almost escaped. Try as she might, she never got used to the idea of old people still wanting sex. Composing herself quickly, she opened the diagnostic node and began making notes to transmit back to the biot lab.

"Erosthia, dear."

"Yes ma'am?"

"I'd like to have a young-looking body. Could you put down that tricorder and fetch me a glass of water?"


"Never mind, it's from an old, old TV show. Before your time. Before most everyone’s time."

"Oh, we studied TV in history. I'm sure the Interworld could call it up. Here's your water."


"Yes, Jackie."

"Sign me up. I'm too old and tired to put up with this body any more. Mostly I lay awake, thinking of dying. I think I'll skip that for awhile."

"Thank you. Your verbal print is set. We'll start the preliminaries, and get the brain scan planned. Your family will be pleased."

She turned to go, transmitted the readings, and went outside to the waiting room.

Elbowing her way through the data-vultures, press (why they still called themselves the press, when nothing was printed anymore...), and newsies, and headed towards the elevator. A particularly obnoxious reporter bumped her diagnostic node, and it fell to the floor. She made a quick grab for it, and as she picked it up off the floor, she saw a metallic ring on the man's finger, indicating that he'd downloaded her information off the small device, and was probably already transmitting it to his organization.

"Excuse me, that's confidential information. You can't have that!" She pressed the Security button on her node, and the doors swung shut, the transmission buffers locked, and the data was conveniently caught before it could reach the outside world. The security cops confiscated the ring, all the while moving the man firmly out the door to the street.

Shaking her head, Erosthia took a quick look at the device. No real scuffs or scratches, it was probably ok. A little open, but she shut it and opened it a couple of times to make sure. No harm done...

She got on the elevator, and took it down to Prosthetics. After all these decades, they hadn't changed the name of the place, although it was rare that someone even got a prosthetic nowadays. She walked through to the end, turned down the hall to the Contractors wing, where the new units were stored. Second Childhood, Second Chance; the unofficial hospital name for the place was 'second street'.

She stopped in front of Reincarnants, where Jackie’s family had a unit order waiting. The door recognized her and let her in. She walked past the showroom models, and went to the order desk, where old man Antwan and old lady Crystal sat next to their datapods.  The pair had been working there since the early 21st century, although their job titles had changed more than once. They were getting on in years, but they were sweethearts, the both of them.

"I have a verbal contract for Jackie Parnassus, Parnassus family, here's the codes for you," she rattled off. Pointing the node at their pods, it transferred the information to the fabrication machinery, which started checking inventory for a suitable type.

Crystal monitored the input. "Ok, well, looks like Jackie wants to get into the swing of things. Still wants some of the 'old magic, eh?" she giggled.

"Oh, yeah, she was having dreams about sex. Still misses it after all this time…"

Antwan made a final gesture over the contract, then looked up. "We'll have this ready by next week. Don't usually get many requests for this model, but if you have all that accumulated credit, I guess you can afford whatever you want."

"Well, it's what the family ordered."

"Pretty broad-minded of them" Cheryl muttered, but Erosthia ignored it.

"I guess. Well, my shift's over in 10 minutes, so I'm headed upstairs. See you guys later."

She exchanged something called a 'high five' with Antwan, to humor him. Erosthia though it was hilarious, but you had to be nice to older people, there were so many of them. She turned and headed out the door.

"What was that all about?" said Crystal.

"Check the model number they ordered."

"36d, which is..."

"Sexbiot, demure," Antwan’s eyebrow went up as he looked back at Crystal.

"You're kidding. You think that's what they ordered, really?"

"That's what the doc and the data said. If they've got the credit, we got the biot."

"I hope I'm still up for it when I get to be that age!" She brushed back a lock of gray hair, and adjusted her glasses.


Antwan sent the command, and in a lab far away, the components began to be assembled, the skin force-grown, and the brains prepared for download.

Jackie stubbornly held on for the remaining week. Although things were just falling apart, the number of tubes and pumps increased; there was a fire in her eyes that wouldn't go out. Erosthia, and Shaniqua, the night nurse, kept careful tabs on their patient as the biot was prepared for inhabitation. The woman's family answered strange questions, but worriedly held onto hope that things would be ready in time.

Finally, the day came, when the Reincarnants wheeled the completed biot into her room. Erosthia woke Jackie, who weakly turned onto her side to see her new self.

"Jackie 1, meet Jackie 2"

Laying on a gurney, seemingly asleep, was her new body, dressed in a nondescript set of hospital scrubs. Long, dark hair flowed down her golden skin, past long lashes and full, red lips. The body was curvaceous, but not overly so, and seemed to be around 180cm, maybe 60 kilos all told, tall and thin, and above all, firm. The chest rose and fell slowly as the machines kept the new body living until the transfer. 

A small set of tubes ran into the base of the neck, sending blood into the brain, and taking fluids out for recycling. Ignoring that, it looked like they'd brought another person into the room, only sleeping.

"Oh, Erosthia, I'm beautiful!" she whispered, as she saw her new home in front of her.

Erosthia smiled, as she heard the old woman already accepting the transference psychologically. That was an important step, so she should...

"Erosthia, hon.?"

"Yes Jackie"

"Don't you think it makes me look a bit, well, Latin?"

"Now hush! As my grandmother used to say. Jackie, I'm surprised. You know we're past most of that. We can change the color if you really want to, but don't you want to fit in?"

"I'm sorry Erosthia. Sometimes I think you forget how old I am."

"Don't perspire it, Jackie. Once you're in a new you, I'm sure you'll see things differently. At least you'll be young  again."

"That's 'don't sweat it', Erosthia. You say 'whatever'" Jackie replied, with a faint smile. "I'm going to sleep now. Just let me know when we get started."

"That's just it, Jackie, we're ready now."

"Oh. Well, wake me when it's over."

"We will. Pleasant dreams."

Erosthia had already programmed the sedative into Jackie's life support before she arrived. She'd timed it for about 2 minutes of consciousness, then watched as her charge drifted off. With a small 'chuff' of air, the lifelines detached from the wall, and the gurney turned to go out the door. Erosthia followed it as it went to its programmed location, in the Mental Topology ward. Here Jackie would spend the next 3 days as her brain was charted, then scanned axon by axon, and rebuilt into the new brain. She checked the lifeline coupling, then turned out the lights. Behind her, the new body and its gurney obediently followed along.

The night supervisor, Rajiv, and Xavier, the night nurse, looked up from conferring as she came out of the room. Rajiv was an older man, slightly balding, with thin wire spectacles on his face, despite computer-aided keratotomy rendering them obsolete. He claimed it gave him ‘time to think sometimes’. A third-generation Gujarati, he was American as apple pie.

Xavier, the other person in the room, was tall, Mediterranean, and well-muscled. Dark black eyes focused on those around him, and his hair was in the latest style, which looked lopsided to Erosthia, but made more than a few feminine hearts flutter. His friendly way with the ladies made him a natural for therapy of the newly-bodied, as the politically-correct referred to them.

"So that's the last Boomer", Xavier said, looking past her to the closed door.

"Yeah, the newsies are giving us a headache up there. Three days ago, one of them tried to tap my diag for her personal info!"

"Probably too lazy to look it up" said Rajiv.

"Well, she's in good mental health. What do you think replication fading factor will be?"

"Well, according to initial scans, she might have about 10% loss. She's over a hundred, you know."

"I wish there was a way to know which 10%. Remember the banker, Ahdenashen? We had to toilet-train a grown man. Some jobs I'm glad you guys get paid for."

Rajiv looked back to closed door. "Well, 90% alive beats 100% dead any day. What did they set up for legal?"

"Well, the amicus corpus brief is filed, so she can retain her property. The family's so upset by the publicity, they're want  to declare Jackie as dead, then try to smuggle her out once she's ready. Thank heavens we straightened them out on that."

"Good luck with that; Security's been working overtime fending off datanimals and cyber-bacteria trying to find out where she goes. We've lost 3 virtual patients already just keeping them guessing," Xavier cut in.

"Well, she's pretty sweet for an old lady. Let's hope she learns what she's been missing."

"Will do. Well, I'll check up on her mid-shift, and see how the people in there are doing" Xavier finished.

"That's great. Let me know if she finishes early."


Late that night, Xavier turned on the lights, and did a visual of his patient. Most nurses could get away with just setting alerts on the readouts, but sometimes things went wrong. He checked the internal displays, and saw that 23% of the transfer was already done. Must be the new brains; having control over DNA had made for a lot of 'improvements' in evolution. Not only would she wake up smarter, but more aware, more sensitive to the world around her.

He looked down at the sleeping face of the new biot. 'Nice chica', he thought. Very Bonita, very pretty. He lifted the sheet over the body, checking out the curves underneath. Not bad at all. She was going to be fun when she woke up. He saw the tag on the shirt over her top, and looked at the ID tag. 'She's a 36d, that's, wait a minute...'

A 36D! A sexbiot series. Who would have thought? Not a 36A, the sex worker series. There was already an Interworld kinkclass for that, but 36D was, uhm... he should know that. Sexbiot, demure, that's right! Hmm... Maybe she'd be interested in some 'special' rehab once she woke up. It was tempting. It wouldn’t be the first time, but it was one of the perks that kept him working.

He lowered the sheet and switched off the light. This could be fun.

A thick fog gradually began to clear in Jackie's mind. Distant voices gradually came to focus, and she felt the ventilation blow the small hairs on her arm. As she started to open her eyes, should could hear it all; the machinery, the breathing of the people around her. There were two people, a woman, and a man. The woman was two feet from her, the man right over her. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Where am I?" she whispered.

"Gurney, seated, 80 degrees water, lights up 30%" The voice that spoke was Erosthia. Who was the man?

She looked over at the man. Hispanic, muscular, kind of cute. 'I'd do him,' she'd thought, and was momentarily shocked at the thought. A slight tingle sparked between her legs. Ohh, she'd missed that. Against her will, her eyes lowered, then she tried not to smile.

"Jackie, how are you feeling?" Erosthia asked her.

"I feel great. I'm still a little dizzy…"

"That's normal. You've just had the equivalent of the old Internet planted in your head."

"Oh yes, that must be it. Everything's so alive, and vibrant. I can see without my glasses, I can smell again, I feel everything." She noticed out of the corner of her eye that the man was a bit responsive to that; his breathing caught for a second. Was she that sensitive?

"This is Xavier. He's your therapist, and a very good nurse. He'll look after you for a while."

"Pleased to meet you, Xavier. Is that a family name?"

"Oh, it's for the founder of the Jesuits. I was raised in an orphanage."

"I'm sorry…"

"Don't be. I came out all right."

"That's great. Now I've got to let you know, the transfer completed on your new self, we got about 96% of your old mind transferred, which is fantastic for someone in your position. You may find gaps in your memory, that's also normal. It's a chance you take with the procedure." Erosthia paused for breath. Jackie heard a little anxiety in her voice. 'She might not even know,' Jackie thought.

The doctor continued. "Now you've got some advantages, so you're actually better than just a replacement for someone in their mid-20s. Your senses are enhanced, so you may feel a bit autie for awhile, so if you get overwhelmed, just let me know and we'll give you something for that."


"It's from autism. Back in the 20th century, they had trouble with sensations. There's been a cure for quite some time."

"Like Aspergers?"

"Uhm, I think so, I haven't heard that term since I took my History of Methodology in Psych. Don't worry about it."

"Ok, now where's the old me?"

“We never keep the old persona around, Jackie. It’s very hard on people waking up. You ‘passed away’ yesterday at 2:14pm. We find it’s a lot easier to start fresh.”

The newly-revived woman swung her legs over the side of the gurney. She swayed for a second, and Xavier grabbed her arm. Despite herself, her first thought was 'that felt good. He's strong' Xavier was watching her with concern, but she smiled at him, and she felt her chest swelling slightly. Looking down, she saw her nipples start to strain against the fabric. She covered herself quickly, and looked at Erosthia.

"What's happening?"

"You're just responding to external stimuli. Don't worry; it's nothing we haven't seen before. You'll learn to control yourself in time."

"I just, well, Xavier, can we have a moment?" He nodded silently, then left the room.

"Erosthia! I don't know what came over me!"

Erosthia lowered her head, trying not to laugh. "You're a young woman again, Jackie, with all that implies. Xavier's cute, and he's not attached. It's going to take some effort not to let men turn your head. Like everything else, it's going to take time."

"But, it's just, honey, I haven't been laid in 23 years!"

"Well, it sounds like you've got some catching up to do…"


The doctor grinned back at her. "He won't take advantage of you; he's not allowed to. He can look, but not touch."

"What if I want to touch him?"

"Well, that's more complicated. Remember, you're young now, and all your friends are, well, not. You're going to have to make some friends. I'd advise against seducing your therapist.  There's been modifications to your body, and you have to get used to them, slowly."

Jackie thought about that. She could hear the concern, and saw a slight flush on the other woman's cheeks. What sort of modifications? She wasn’t some sort of freak, was she?

"What sort of modifications?" she echoed.

"Well, you ordered a 36D, or your family did."

"What’s' that, besides a bra size?"

"What? Oh yes, I'd forgotten that's how they did them back then. Well, a 36D is a biot, sexually enhanced…"


"Jackie... calm down! Everything works the way it's supposed to."

"What do you mean? Am I some kind of computerized bimbo? Do I have two of something I should have one of? Who ordered this?"

"Jackie, please, don't grab yourself there. It's disturbing. I thought Bimbo was a bread company. You're in complete control of your body. Your family ordered a 36d, I had the number on the diag node. I'm not sure why they ordered this model, but you're young, you're healthy."

"Healthy – I'm horny! Can’t you just give me about 10 minutes with Xavier? I promise not to bruise him..."

"Very funny. What he does on his off hours is his business, but as long as you're his patient, you'll have to be patient."

Jackie stood up, and took a few, halting steps. She walked up to her former doctor, angry and excited at the same time.

"When my family finds out what you've done...."

"Jackie, calm down. There's nothing we can do."

"You can put me back."

"No we can't that would be murder. Jackie, remember, your old body is DEAD. If we hadn't got the scan into the buffer in time, you wouldn't even be this aware."

Jackie put a hand to her head. She moved her hand over her face, almost shivering at the sensation.  She looked up at Erosthia.

"Aren't you worried about being sued?"

Her doctor sighed. "In about .5% of cases, we've had administrative errors. It's possible that....wait. The newsie."

"What newsie?"

"When I got your approval, I went out the door, and that newsie bumped me, and made me drop the diag."


"It's an old trick. When the diag opens, it can receive queries from the outside. He had a capture ring, and he was going to sell your medical info to the Interworld."

"That's horrible!"

"That's typical. He handed it back to me, and he was trying to pry it open. If he changed the number by accident…"

"He did. Jonathan and Jeremy were going to get me a Matronly biot, a, I'm not sure what number it is."

"33D would make sense. You'd be a biot, mature. About 30 or so, usually they wind up in academia."

"And instead I'm Miss hot pants. A nymphomaniac."

"Where do you come up with all these obsolete medical terms? We haven't termed anyone a nympho in years."

Jackie turned towards the wall. "I'm sorry, Erosthia. I just need to be alone for a while."

"Ok. I'll talk to your family if you'd like…"

"No, I'll talk to them. They don't need to know."

Shrugging, the doctor left, and Jackie lay down on the gurney, staring up at the ceiling. Absent-mindedly, her hand moved down her body, over her face, down her neck, sending quivers of anticipation through her. She felt her nipples rise again, and she brushed over them, lightly running a finger inside her top, gasping in pleasure. She could feel the wetness between her thighs already starting to form, and she undid her bottom clothing, and let a lazy digit slide down to her clitoris. As it reached her labia, she felt the slickness speed her finger down to a hard bit of flesh.

The sensation was overpowering. She almost came from the single touch.

"Damn girl, I gotta be careful with this, or it's going to get me in trouble," she whispered hoarsely to herself.

With trembling eagerness, she slowly began to circle her moist center, feeling waves of sensation fill her body, like a tremendous itch that needs to be scratched. Involuntarily, her hips began to sway back and forth, and she felt that familiar emptiness that told her how much she could use a hard cock about now.

She felt the fiery center start to pulse in her, and against her will, she was coming, hard, her shapely ass slammed up and down on the white sheets as she gave herself completely into the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! It's so good, so good, oh fuck!" she gasped as she writhed like a landed fish, the feelings washing over her. Normally the orgasms she'd experienced in her old body were over after a few seconds, but this one seemed to go on forever.

"Oh shit, this is driving me crazy, I can't stop coming!" she moaned, as her climax finally did start to subside. The intense sensations finally began to die down, until she lay panting on the gurney, hoping no one had heard her. The world slowly stopped spinning, and she felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. Did the medical monitors still register? It would be pretty obvious what had just happened. What if Xavier had come in?

On cue, the door opened, and Xavier walked in. "Are you ok? I heard some noise."

Her hand practically broke the sound barrier coming out of her pants. "No, nothing at all. I'm fine."

He grinned. "It’s all right. If you knew how many people can't wait to try out their new body. It's nothing to be ashamed of…"

She felt herself turn beet red. Busted! And only half an hour after she came to! Her breath was still fast and shallow, and she felt herself still aroused at the Latin lover in front of her. She looked at him with a calculated look. Quickly rising from the bed, she dropped lightly down to stand on her two feet. She saw the hungry look in his eyes, and knew what she wanted.

"Maybe there's something you can do for me after all..." and walked towards him, her eyes keeping his expanding trousers in sight.

He held her back, or tried to. Despite all the muscles, and training, she seemed to be stronger than she looked. She pinned him to the wall, her lips coming to him for a hot, liquid kiss. Her tongue seemed to be longer and more dexterous   than she remembered, as the two came together. Her nipples were hard again, and she felt a swelling sensation in her chest,. then felt his body slowly move away.

"No, don't stop Xavier, what is it? Why are you pushing me away?"

He laughed softly. "I'm not pushing you away, chica. You're pushing me away. Look at your tits."

Looking hurriedly down at her chest, and saw them swelling, getting larger, pushing against her top. Twin points pushed against the fabric, revealing her arousal.

"I have balloon tits? How big do they get?"

"The standard 36D model goes to about double in size. Of course, there are a lot of people out there that will sell you modifications to go bigger.

"Fuck me! You're kidding!"

"It's a sick, sad world as my mother used to say. Besides, I like 'em big…"

She pulled his hands to the expanding globes. "Then you'll be my first, this time!" She reveled in the strong hands clasping over her full globes, enjoying the sensation that spread through her body.

"First things first, Ms. Parnassus. If I get caught, I lose my job, so what happens here, stays in here. Second, you can't get pregnant, so you don't have to worry about that. And third, I am gonna fuck your brains out."

"You mean you're going to try."

She loved the way his hands felt on her tits. They'd finally stopped, barely contained. He grabbed the bottom of her top, and she pulled away, ripping the shirt off and throwing the clothing away to the bed behind her. She admired the fullness of the boobs as she shook them back and forth. They properly belonged on some stripper, but they were hers, all hers. With a low growl, she found him on her body again.

His fingers found her erect nipples, and he tweaked them, prompting a moan from her as lightnings of arousal shot straight to her hungry pussy.

"Xavier, how can my tits do that?"

"Biogel, from a reservoir in your abdominal cavity. Do you really want to talk about that now?"

She shook her head. "Let me do something special for you". She sank down on her knees and started to undo his belt. His hands came to rest on the back of her head, as she roughly pulled his pants down, and stared at the longest, hardest cock she'd seen in years. It was delicious, the feelings it gave her to see one up close again.

Even though her feminist friends had originally considered it a submissive act, she'd actually liked to get a man hard this way. They saw the whole thing in power relationships, but at a time like this, that was just too much thinking. She opened her mouth, and took her new tongue and licked halfway down the hard shaft. 'Even that felt good', she thought, as she opened her mouth and started to slide his head down to where she usually stopped, and was surprised to find it kept going. What was even more surprising was how good it felt. She slid her tongue all around the thick meat in her mouth, going farther and farther back. She should be gagging, or at least unable to breathe, but she felt the hardness hit the back of her throat. She could still breath normally, and still feel the fullness going deep inside her.

'Amazing,' she wondered. 'I can do deep throat'. But the biggest surprise was when the tip hit the back of her throat. A feeling, intensely pleasurable, shot through her body, almost as if she was being fucked. Stopping for a second, she pulled him out, to a slight whimper from the nurse above her.

"I've never been able to do that. And it's never felt half that good. Don't tell me, let me guess."

"Chica, do you want the tour, or do you wanna fuck?" he whined.

"Well, that doesn't seem to have to changed. Lick a cock, and they're little boys again. Tell me, and I'll get back to it."

"It's the tricliteral nervous system. You have 3 clits…"


"One in the usual place, one in your throat, and one in your..."

"I get the picture."

"Please, please don’t stop," he moaned "You do it so well!"

"Yup, I'm programmed that way, I guess." But a part of her wanted to feel what that hard flesh would feel like sliding in and out.

She opened her mouth, noting that her jaw seemed to work a little differently. She teased him with long, slow licks over his cock, sliding it in and out, bottoming him out and triggering sparks of horny pleasure each time it happened.

Above her, she could hear his breath quicken, and felt his balls start to draw up. Damn, she was better than she thought. Strangely, her original clit seemed to be pulsing, along with another one farther back. That must explain the incredible orgasm she'd had before he walked in. Every time she came, it was 3 times more intense.

She began to pump the rigidness with her hand, while she felt him get closer and closer.

"Ay, chinga, that's so good. Don't stop, don't stop, I'm gonna, I’m gonna…" he rasped, as she felt him begin to spasm. She could feel the hot load of his cum rocket up through the shaft, and splash against her throat. That was a bit much, but she felt her mouth filling up with his warm jism. She felt her own orgasm hit her just as she started to swallow his spurting ejaculate.

"Oh, that's so good! Suck it, suck it!" He commanded, as she felt the liquid fill her throat, screaming with her mouth full of him, and the wonderful warm prick that finally slid out of her mouth, and dropped wetly to his thighs. She grabbed his legs, her hips bucking back and forth as her own orgasm subsided. The room seemed to spin as she felt her climax come at her from three directions, bouncing  up and down as her nipples dragged over his hairy legs, adding to the pleasure. Finally the two stopped coming, as she pulled his cock out of her mouth, she looked at it with surprise.

"Holy SHIT! I just came from a blow job!" she gasped, her chest heaving with the overwhelming sensation.

"So did I" he snickered. "You got some mouth on you."

"Thanks, I think. Ok, I think my eyes have uncrossed now. I want to know everything."

"Like what?"

"No gag reflex, I have a clit in my throat, and my ass, what perv thought THAT up?" she demanded.

"Well, let's get cleaned up, and I'll explain."

They quickly got dressed, though she'd need new sheets and new clothes in the morning. He sat down on the bed next to her, and she rested herself on his thigh, facing upwards.

" Now 'fess up, Xavier. Who orders a man's wet dream like this?"

"Well, at the hospital, a lot of times it's lonely women. Maybe they weren't so hot looking in their prime, or maybe they were. Sometimes it's lonely men, transsexuals, you know, stuff like that…"

"You're right, things have changed. But I'm not going to get horny from shitting and eating, am I?"

He laughed. "No, no chica. The clit in your ass faces out, so only things going in can trigger it. And you have a lot more control there, so it doesn't hurt."

"I remember the only time I tried that was on my wedding night. And now I can even get off on that. I'm going to be a popular girl when I get out. Now how do my tits expand again?"

"If I tell you, it takes all the magic out.” She poked him in the ribs.

“ All right, all right. When they did your body, they 'improved' it. Redesigned intestines, they’re only about 2 meters long, but it does the same as one that's a lot longer."

"Go on…"

"Well, now you have a lot of extra room in there, now. There's a bio-pump tied into your clitwork."

"My what?"

"Sorry, that's just the nickname for it. Clitoral network.  Everything's tied together. You have a reservoir in your chest that fills you up with a biogel, the same consistency of breast flesh. You go to about a 36DD when you've used it all."

"Hmm, you're right, it does take out the magic. I didn't know you knew old-style bra sizes. So I have control over that?"

"Well, yeah, eventually.  Like I said, I like ‘em big, and there’s a lot of older women who come through here. You have an artificial skeleton, muscles, but a real stomach, and all that entails. Your senses are twice as acute as a  normal person's, so you'd make a good poker player, or a good judge; people can't lie to you. You even have a backup brain, to store extra memories in."

"No kidding. So what made you not put up a fight when you came in?

Well, you're also twice as strong as you would be. Be careful with hugs and handshakes. It's just, well, I heard you ask about me in the hallway, earlier. So I thought you were pretty hot, and you thought I was, too. "

"Flattery will get you anywhere. Mmm... you rested enough for another turn?"

"Thought you'd never ask…"

The End

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