Evil Magic World - 1
by Pulsar

Celebrate the beginnings of a new Universe

Magic had appeared ten years ago, when scientists were dealing with nuclear fusion.

During an experiment, they had created a door between dimensions, and discovered another world, ruled by magic. Negotiators were sent to obtain the secrets of the magic, but the goals of the politic leaders were clear to the magicians: they wanted magic only to rule the earth.

So the magicians went on a secret place, and decided what to decide about the earth. Negotiators were told that bring magic to earth in only one kind of man would misbalance the powers between good and evil. So they would give magic powers to only a few kinds of men and women, and then seal the doors of the dimensions.

Five men and five women with pure souls were elected and given the gift of magic, and to balance this source of good power, five men and five women with dark souls were chosen too. Then the magicians closed the door of their dimension, never to be opened again.

Rapidly, the Ďgoodís decided to group themselves in a working team, whereas the Ďevilís went on their own ways, spreading their spells for their own satisfaction.

Because of the fact that the elected could have an influence on a limited field only, they placed themselves at the head of corporations. The goods gathered the scientists, and created magic items to increase their researches. They also made other associations, destined to make the world a place of peace and happiness.

But it is known that the best might be also the most credulous.

Although the goods worked to fulfil their utopias, the evils started plotting against them. They had realised that the goods would forcibly end on their ways, so they decided that, even if they would stand alone in their researches, they would gather themselves to eliminate the goods.

Six months later, on a full moon night, when the goods were sleeping, the evils started their offensive. Without warning, the sleepers were neutralized, prevented from casting any spell, but had not their manna destroyed. Each one was next taken in a villain's lair, to be disposed of as a trophy and a source of power. The evil magicians took the good women, whereas the good men became trophies for the evils sorceresses. They found themselves shrunken and frozen inside small diamonds, and turned as earrings for the evils.

This was the start of a new order.

The magicians enlisted many people driven by the hunger of power and devoured by dark ideas. They were placed at the head of the governments. Altogether, they dictated the new rules to follow. The world became separated into several classes.

The first one was the class of the Nobles. A noble was a leader, male or female, who could live in total freedom, without working. He had access to different kinds of magic items created by the magicians to fulfil his desires.

The second class was the class of the common citizen. They worked as usual, but had to obey strict laws. If a citizen broke a law, the police would arrest him. The police was a special corpse devoted to the nobles. Judgment would follow. The citizen would be then deprived of his citizen status, and turned into the third category: The slave.

A Slave was merely considered as a human. Slaves were only female, for any noble or citizen could use them as sexual objects. For a small offence, such as robbery, or forbidden practises, a male citizen would be turned into a female slave, trained in a special centre to acquire all the skills required to please any man or woman, and then sold on the slave market.

For greater offences, or for recidivists, fate would be worse. They were deprived of their slave status, and condemned to become, at first female, then, after adaptation to their new body, to be turned into a living objects. A reaper, if he were caught, would be turned in a buxom woman, and then transformed a few weeks later into an object, chosen by the victim or the court. In general, the subjects were essentially turned into living lingerie. Other transformations were extremely rare.

At first, the dictatorship of the magicians and their minions was not accepted. People got into revolt. It did not last long. In each town, the leaders of the manifestations were immediately arrested. The males were then fully feminised, and statuefied in erotic poses in front of the stunned peoples. Female leaders did not escape their own fate. With desperate cries, they melted in upon themselves and collapsed into their clothes. The spells had turned them into new pieces of erotic lingerie. Later, the clothes were gathered and sold in different stores. The customers who bought them were not aware that their wore a very special sort of lingerie. But each transformed woman was very conscious of her fate and mentally screamed in despair, trying to find a way to communicate or to move.

The major revolts had been tamed in less than three weeks. Sporadic riots lasted for two months, and the new order became fully operational three months later. All that lasted of the manifestations was a thousand erotic female statues, displayed as public monuments, and an unknown number of bras, pantyhose, slips, thongs, stockings, corsets -- who were desperately trying to move and communicate.

A new education system was put in place. Boys and girls had common school till the age of 14. Then they had to pass an exam to determine their abilities. Next they were forced to learn a job according their capacities, and corresponding to the kind of worker needed by the government. This was the beginning of a new emulation.

Children knew they had to have the best results in their exams if they wanted to be selected for a good job in the future. But if there were no necessity of that kind of worker, the children would be re-oriented. It consisted in some physical alterations to match a category wanted, for the magic could not alter directly the personality of a person.

As a result, a clever boy could success in the exams to be an engineer, but if no engineer was needed, he could be turned in a woman to be a housekeeper and bear children.. The parents did not have any word to say. If they did, it would be considered as an offence against government, and judged immediately.

But the selection did not stop here. Every year, the selected boys and girls had to graduate another exam to access to the superior class. If they failed, they were automatically changed into women to work at house and become mothers.

It became an average to have 60 per cent of the primary selected students graduate their studies and become workers. They had to work consciously. If they didn't, they could receive blame. For a man, blame consisted in a transformation into a woman for one month. A blamed woman would be turned as a slave during the same period. It was clearly established that, if a temporary female became pregnant, the change was permanent. If a worker received three blames in a year, the change of status was radical. Male or female workers were irrevocably turned into slave women.

But as magic could not change the minds of the people, some of them started the resistance. This was the creation of the Sigma Force, an organisation which goal was the eradication of the magicians and their minions. The Sigma Force was partitioned in small groups, completely independent each other. This was a necessity, because the police could dismantle a single group without being able to have any information on another one.

Ten years later -- Alan

Alan Parker was by trade an artisan, and made pieces of furniture from wood: Chairs, desks and so on. He had also a hobby, for Alan was a thief. He considered himself a pretty good one, because he had succeeded in stealing for four years without been caught. He loved to steal and share his treasures with his wife. He had skilled himself in electronics in order to be able to bypass the alarm systems, and it had worked perfectly till tonight.

Tonight, it was Friday, and his goal was the home of a rich noble: Max Jensen. Alan had studied the habits of Max, his wife Jessica and their daughter Cindy. They lived in a large mansion in the highest part of the town, and used slaves to run their house while they had a life of perverted pleasure, which was the occupation of the nobles Alan knew that the family was on a trip for the week, and the slaves had been dismissed -- that is to say that they had been stored in places were they would be totally helpless.

At ten o'clock, Alan stopped before the rear entrance of the villa. Being strong, it was not a problem for him to climb over the gate, which was not protected. He ran through the grass in the direction of the house, passing near a fountain surmounted by a statue of a nude woman. A panel at the bottom of the fountain told the history of the statue: It had originally been a 20 year-old man who had tried to seduce Cindy, in the goal to become a noble. Cindy had not been lured, and had made him pay for his foulness. Now he was a feminine statue, in the pose of a woman caressing herself, with a look of excitement on her face. The statue was fully conscious, and the feeling of excitement was very present in her, and that was part of her fate: Being eternally aroused, without the possibility of gaining satisfaction.

Alan was at the service door of the house. With an alarm checker, a gadget he had made, he discovered the type of the alarm, and shut it down. Now the house was his, and he could steal what he wanted!

He went through the rooms, searching for jewellery, objects of art, and money. He found some, and then went upstairs, where were the bedrooms and playrooms. The first door he opened was the bathroom, so he did not check it out any further. The next room was obviously Cindy's bedroom, for it was filled with posters of rock groups, and the furniture placed there were feminine. There was a large bed, with a woman lying motionless on it.

Only by the shape of the form could he tell it was female, because she was completely sealed inside a layer of rubber, which covered the entire bed. As there wasn't any hole in the rubber, and as the figure was perfectly moulded, Alan supposed that a spell prevented the slave from dying by lack of oxygen. The slave could not even know that someone was there, for she was in complete sensory deprivation, inside her rubber cocoon. She couldn't move either, the layer covering her being fused into another layer of rubber beneath her.

Alan checked out the room, found a diamond necklace with assorted earrings which he took, and some less valuable bracelets and rings, which he rejected: There would likely be very valuable things to discover in the parents bedroom, which he precisely where headed for. It was the next door he opened. There was a big room, with a large canopy bed, several famous paintings on the walls, and a door leading probably to the dressers. Alan looked at the paintings. Manipulating each of them, he found that one was not suspended, but was part of the wall.

The secret mechanism was in the lower right corner, and a section of the wall opened, revealing the entrance of the safe! Alan looked again at his alarm checker, but it revealed nothing abnormal. He then entered the secret room. The walls were filled with displays, which were full of the best jewels he had ever seen. But it was the centre of the room that retained all his attention: On a pedestal was a big diamond, bathed in light and burning of a thousand fires. He looked at it carefully and, reaching his decision, he took it.

Immediately, the door of the safe closed! He was trapped! Quickly, he calmed down, and replaced the diamond on its support. It was no use, for the door remained closed. He started to study the room, searching for a button or another mean to opens the safe. Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound, and his clothes turned to dust, leaving him naked! Then he sensed that his movements were getting stiffer by the second! He looked down, discovered that his skin was taking a pale shine! He was turning to plastic! Panic shot in him, and he struggled against the alteration, but it was fruitless. In less than a minute, a naked mannequin of a man was standing in a safe full of jewels!

All he could do was stare at his reflection in the displays full of marvellous things.

Then he felt something happening to him. His entire body started to tingle. He understood with despair what was going on as he saw his reflection reduce in size, and becoming more and more feminine in shape.

His penis was pulled inside him, and became a vagina. In the same time he felt his breasts expand. They developed to an average D-cup size, and were erect and very sensitive. He saw in helpless state his face alter. The cheekbones went higher, the lips became fuller, and the nose went smaller and prettier.

When the changes stopped, Alan was a petite but very sexy female mannequin, appearing about 20 years old, frozen in a room full of jewels. She had shoulder length blonde hair, soft facial features with bright red pouting lips, the perfect hourglass figure with a pair of tits that cried out to be touched. She had smooth, silky legs and the roundest ass. She tried to move, but was incapable even to blink.

Then an unfamiliar sensation came over her. There was a slight feeling of heat between her legs, and her breasts were not to be ignored. She understood that she was becoming aroused, and could do nothing to escape her fate. Fortunately, the arousal was bearable, just making her aware of her new gender.

She stayed there frozen stiff and slightly aroused till the Sunday afternoon. Then a sudden variation of light occurred as the door of the safe was opened and she saw Max and Jessica looking at her closely.

"Well, it seems that we have captured a pretty burglar, dear", said Max

"Our spell was supposed to transform them into buxom beauties, you know it as well as me" answered Jessica.

"Shall we call the police, or do we care of her ourselves?"

"I think we'll make our mind later. I want to have her out of the safe. Could you please bring me the paralysing gun?"

"Just wait a minute, my dear". The man faded away and then returned a little later, handing what appeared to be a stunner gun. Then Jessica drifted out of view and less than thirty seconds later, Alan felt her body alter again, this time turning back to humanity. Alan had not the time to say anything, for Max had fired and she was paralysed again. Max came in and took Alan in his arms and transported her on the bed.

"Well, dearie, our little burglar is out of the trap and awaits your attentions" said Max with a chuckle.

"I think we don't need to call the police for this one. But I don't want another slave girl, so I think we should give her to Cindy. Yes, she has a good imagination and it will be a good training for her to use the magic items we have shown."

"You were talking about me, mom?" asked a pretty young woman entering the bedroom.

"We caught a burglar in the safe and we decided that you could take care of her, sugar," said Jessica.

"Great! I just love to have slaves pleasing me!"

"That's the point. I don't want you to turn her as a slave. We have enough of them in the mansion."

"Oh! Well in that case, I will need more time to decide myself about her"

Alan was terrified. That noble family possessed some transformation items, and had the ideas to use them! More, they did not want to make her a slave, which was bad enough, that is to say that they were about to turn her into a living object!

"Take the magic ring, Cindy", said Max. He went into the safe and came back with a gold ring. He gave it to his daughter.

"Thanks, Dad!" she replied, and put the ring on her left index finger. "I will begin by putting her inside a globe, and give her an horny spell, so it will pass her time while I make my decision. On the other side, I love to see an aroused bimbo that can't stop herself!" Cindy turned her hands as if she was holding a small ball and then a globe of clear glass materialized out of thin air. Cindy concentrated, and then Alan felt her body shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller. She regained the control of her body, but before she could do anything, a great force was controlling her.

Alan was lifted into the air, and was attracted by the globe. With a cry of terror, she hit the hard surface of the glass globe, but it did not hurt. In fact, she passed through it and stopped inside of the ball of glass. She remained trapped there.

While her parents laughed and left the room, Cindy went to her own bedroom, and placed the globe on her desk.

"There you are, little thing! I hope you love masturbating, because you are about to become a real hot one!" Cindy chuckled, pointing her finger at the globe.

With that, Alan started to feel the arousal return, except that it was much, much stronger. Her pussy ached with desire, and her breasts were tingling madly. Without even thinking about, she started to fondle her breasts with one hand, whereas the other stroked her moist sex. It didn't took long before she had her first orgasm She exploded with a cry of pure pleasure, then collapsed, drained of all energy, but the compelling spell made the arousal return again.

Cindy did not hear her pleas for mercy, for no sound could escape the globe. Aroused by her actions, Cindy was fondling herself with delight, and both women exploded simultaneously this time. While Cindy regained composure and left the room, Alan was re-aroused once more. The bottom of the globe imprisoning her started to be sticky with her dripping fluids, and she couldn't stop masturbating madly.

Later, in the evening, Cindy came back to her room for the night, and made herself orgasm while looking at Alan. Then, after having said "Good night" she switched off the light and went to sleep, leaving a distressed and aroused Alan crying in her globe, pleading for a rest that would not come.

When Cindy awoke the next morning, Alan was still at work. She had spent the entire night fondling her, and was exhausted. She was coated with sweat and pussy juice. Cindy modified the properties of the globe, so Alan could be heard.

"Hello, dolly! Did you spend a good night?" asked Cindy to the poor woman.

"Please let me stop! I'll do anything you want but make this arousal end!!! It's killing me, I beg of you!"

"Well, if you insist, I'll do it for you." Immediately, Alan felt her arousal fade away. She lay there, drained of all energy.

"I will now restore you to your original size. But I warn you! If you try anything against me, you will return into your globe and I'll let you under the arousal spell for two weeks!"

Alan did not reply, but she felt herself lifted and thrown through the globe. She landed in the middle of Cindy's bed, and started growing.

When she was restored to her normal size, Cindy asked her "So, dolly, I think you have a name?"

"I-- My name's Alan" came the whispering answer.

"Alan? But it's a man's name isn't it?"

"I was a man when I came into the safe, but the spell turned me into this woman's shape"

"Wow, that's great! I hope you enjoyed your first orgasm as a female!"

"Cindy, please, I heard your parents. They don't want you to keep me as a slave, so they want you to transform me into a living object! Don't do that and I'll do everything you want. I will be your most obedient slave. I beg you..."

"We'll see about it later, dearie. At first, I want to dress myself and have breakfast. But don't think about running away while I'm not here. You will find that you can't go out of that bed, because I've place a invisible force field all around it!"

Alan looked on with interest while Cindy put her clothes on and went out of her room. She tried to go out of the bed, but was repulsed by an irresistible force. She could not escape that goddamned bed, and was totally dependant of Cindy's will. She had not to wait to long. Ten minutes later, Cindy was already coming back, having had a good breakfast served by obedient slaves.

"My dear Alana -- I will call you Alana for you are no longer a man -- I have made my mind about what to do with you! Just relax and enjoy!"

Alana had no time to answer anything. She was already shrinking again, and soon a tiny girl of 30 cm height stood on the bed. Sensing that something horrible was going to happen, she begged Cindy with fever, but it was no use. She couldnít run away because the force field prevented her to. Suddenly her body started to tingle and, to her horror, a force acted on her, making her limbs go in a pre-determined position. Fighting as she could, Alana found she slowly moved in the classic military standing at attention pose. Then there was a feeling of tightness, as if her skin was tensioning. In fact, she was turning slowly to rubber!

When the transformation stopped, Alana was a terrified rubber Barbie-doll standing at attention! She wanted to move desperately, but had no way to control her rubber body.

A giant Cindy looked at her, a big smile on her face.

"Want to move, sugar? Well, Iím sorry, but you canít, because youíre rubber now. A beautiful Barbie-doll like you must be immobile if I want to play with it!"

Laughing, she undressed, and then took Alana in her hand while climbing on the bed.

"You know, Alana. Iím 17, and my interests in dolls like you are quite different than those of a little childís!"

Without further words, Cindy took Alana by the legs, and started rubbing her bare pussy with the mannequinized girl! Alana was horrified, for she had understood the message. Her captor was using her like a dildo! But there was another point of concern: this entire rubbing was terribly exciting for her sensitive body, and Alana soon was helplessly aroused, and incapable to relieve herself! Cindy was moaning, now, and used the poor Barbie-doll to also fondle her breasts before returning back to her pussy.

Cindy was enough excited, now. Her vagina was wet and ready, so she could pass to the next phase of her masturbation. Alanaís worst thought became reality. She was guided head first to the now engorged lips for her mistressí pussy. She saw Cindyís hand part them, revealing the interior of her dripping vagina. With a mental cry of terror, she was slowly pushed inside the awaiting sex. She could smell the aroma of Cindyís pleasure as she sank further in the inner sanctum. Then Cindy applied a slow pumping motion to the poor excited doll, clenching lovingly the walls of her pussy around her terrified dildo! For Alana, it was far more arousing, because she was squeezed all around her body! As Cindyís orgasm went closer, the moved her captive faster, and squeezed her harder. The doll was now mentally begging for sexual release. She felt her empty sex craving with desire, while her breasts were aroused like hell.

Cindy climaxed at last, literally crushing Alana inside her sex. After a moment of immobility, as she was recovering, she withdrew the doll. Alana was coated with pussy-juice, and desperately aroused. To her utter despair, she was simply put on the nightstand and left like this while Cindy went to sleep. Alana was mad with desire, but could not relieve the tensions burning in her rubber pussy. She could not satisfy her needs to fondle her nipples. She could not move at all, and that was adding to the sea of frustration she was engulfed into. Fortunately for her, as time went along, most of the arousal faded away. She finished the night slightly aroused.

This was the beginning of a new life for Alana. She was just a Barbie-doll, left on display in Cindyís room. All satisfaction was denied to her despite her arousal, like the statue in the garden. Alana dreaded the times when she was used as a sex-toy, because she was made to crave for an orgasm that never came.

Time passed over and over. Alana was part of Cindyís sexual life, witnessing every detail of her ownerís perversions. She could only stare impotently as Cindy made love with another man or woman. She was often used as a "warm-up", and rejected on the nightstand when her task had been accomplished.

Alana noticed that Cindyís behaviour was changing a little. Obviously, a particular man was in her thought, for she spent more and more time with him. They were making passionate love, and their relationships were becoming more than a simple "fuck and go" story. One day, when the couple was in bed, Alana heard Jeff asking Cindy what she wanted for her 21st birthday. The doll was shocked to learn that nearly four years had passed since her transformation. She was even more stunned when Cindy answered her lover: "You. I want you for my birthday!" She wanted to marry him, and Jeff happily accepted. Their lovemaking restarted with much enthusiasm, and Alana felt even more dejected. She longed to be human again, to be able to share those emotions again.

But this was the last twist in Alanaís life.

A few weeks later, it was the day of the wedding. Jeff was busy outside, and Cindy was looking at a catalogue in order to find some erotic lingerie to wear during her first night as Jeffís wife. Alana was standing as usual on the nightstand when she noticed Cindy staring at her, as if hit by a wonderful idea. The rubber doll had not been addressed to for ages, so it was a great shock when Cindy spoke to her

"My sweet Barbie-doll! I almost forgot that you are living in there! As you know already, this a big day for me. My life will change forever, for I am going to live with Jeff in his new house. You are very beautiful like this, but you are less useful to me, so I will make you a favour. You will be freed of your doll state, for I want to play with you one last time."

Alana could not believe her ears. At last freedom was at hand! Inwardly, she cried with happiness. Then her body tingled, and she was slowly transformed back. When it stopped, Alana was standing naked before Cindy. Tentatively, she moved her arms around her body, like if she was discovering it. She whispered "GodÖ" and collapsed on the bed, unconscious.

When she regained her senses, Cindy was still smiling at her.

"Hello, sugar! Iím sure that you are glad to move again, donít you?"

"Ooooh! I can touch my body at last!" Alana was fondling herself with delight, uncaring of the question. Then she felt Cindyís hands on her, as the Mistress went on the bed, and they started to kiss and lick themselves. When it came, the intensity of Alanaís orgasm made her pass out. As she came back to her, she was still in her loverís tender embrace.

"Alana, I would like to ask you a question: Do you like my body?"

"Oh! Yes, you have the loveliest body Iíve ever seen!"

"I asked you that question because you are lovely too, and I would like to make love with you again!"

Alana did not hesitate a second. Having been frustrated for so much time, the precedent orgasm was not enough, and she wanted more. A lot more!

"I want to make love with you! I think that Iím able to orgasm till the end of time!"

Alana French-kissed Cindy, and then went in a 69 position, with Cindy under her. Alana and started to eat her mistressí pussy with her mouth while her hands played with her nipples and fondled her breasts. She was rewarded by low moans of pleasure. As she got further, she started to feel aroused, but did not stop her ministrations.

Her tongue was licking deep inside Cindy's vagina and her fingers were massaging her erect nipples. She could sense that Cindy was on the verge of orgasm, now, so she accelerated, pressing her face in Cindy's crotch, licking and slurping as fast as she could. Then it hit her that her fingers were not playing with Cindy's nipples anymore, but that her hands were cupping the entire breast, and she could not go back on the nipples.

Next she sensed Cindy change position. Still moaning, the girl turned herself on her belly making Alana turn flat on her back. Still slurping Cindy's pussy, Alana felt then as if she was bent in two, like if she wanted to touch her fingers with her toes. But in her position, she felt her body coming in contact with Cindy's buttocks and her legs were touching Cindy's back. Her arousal was becoming barely bearable, but she kept licking the wet pussy. Cindy's orgasm smashed at last! Alana kept slurping madly, tantalizing the erect clit She heard the moans of pleasure of Cindy, and was decided not to stop until told to...

But she could now tell that there was something wrong with her body. She felt as if she had been wrapped all around Cindy's body, except around the arms and legs! But the arousal was so strong that her only thought was that if she had made Cindy come, Cindy would probably allow her to come too. So she still worked her mouth on Cindy's pussy. Then it appeared that she could not anymore extend her tongue inside the vagina. In fact, she could not move her face out of Cindy's crotch at all! Then she felt herself becoming lighter and lighter. Fear gripped her and she tried to ask what was happening to her, but she could not even utter a word! The contours of Cindy's body were becoming more and more defined under hers. Suddenly, Alana tried to gasp! Her body was becoming incredibly sensitive. It seemed like she had two pussies filled to capacity, and her breasts were dilated and erect! As she tried again to pull out of Cindyís crotch, she discovered then that she could not move at all. Lost in terror, she did not sense Cindy calm down from her violent orgasm. Suddenly, her sight changed, and what she could see was puzzling her. She was seeing between two round mounds of what appeared satin, exactly where the sensations of her breasts were!

Then Cindy spoke. "Wow! You were wonderful! It's the best orgasm Iíve had since I turned my first slave into a pantyhose while she was eating my pussy!"

She stepped out of the bed, and Alana found herself following the every movement of Cindy. The sensation of movement made her arousal increase dramatically, and she orgasmed almost at once. As the girl stood in front of the mirror covering the wall, admiring herself, Alana could discover that the girl instead of being naked, was dressed with a satin teddy that fit like a second skin. Then the realisation downed on her as Cindy explained: "You did turn out quite well, Alana. You know, I was previously looking for an erotic undergarment when I made up my mind on a lovely satin teddy. As I wanted you to be useful for me, I just turned you into one! But I found that it was not erotic enough for Jeff, so I decided that it should be enhanced. I have put an erotic spell on it. In that way, when heíll see it, Jeff will immediately want to make love with me!"

The truth exploded in Alana's mind. "My god! I'm stuck as a satin teddy! She did turn me into a living object!"

Alana went into frenzy, trying desperately to move, to cry, to do ANYTHING, but it was no use. Worst, the slightest movement of Cindy was sending a thrill of arousal in her, and she was about to climax again.

"I know that you are begging me to restore you in a human's shape. I won't, because in a way you are the erotic spell. Jeff will sense your passion and that will turn him on for me. When I will move, you will become deliriously aroused, and your mind will explode in wonderful orgasms. When you will not be put on, you will feel just mildly excited, but you won't be able to get any satisfaction. One day I will probably tire myself of the teddy you are trapped in, but don't worry, I'll turn you into another piece of lingerie. I think you would look perfect as a bra! But I can assure you that you will be part of my undergarments for ever!"

Cindy then started to put on her wedding dress. She exploded in mind-bending orgasms as the dress slipped around her, caressing her forms. It was a high-cut satin dress, so the white material occulted Alanaís field of vision. Trapped between the body of her tormentor and the dress, she was stimulated on both sides, and mentally begged for mercy between the delirious orgasms that rocked her.

The wedding ceremony was a blur for Alana. Constantly pushed over the edge, she did not really cared about what was happening around her. When the couple had said the famous "yes" to the priest, it was time for the kiss. Alana felt a sudden pressure on her as Jeff enlaced and kissed his wife. For the poor teddy, the feeling was so strong that it took several minutes for her to only remember who or what she was! Then the sensation returned, and she was delirious again, lost in her heaven/hell of stimulation and orgasms.

Then came the moment for the couple to go to bed. Alana felt the dress being unzipped, and exploded again as Cindy stepped out of it. As she exhibited her teddy, Alana saw Jeff look at her wife with hunger. As they enlaced themselves, kissing passionately on the bed, Alanaís mind shattered in orgasmic pieces. When she came back to her senses, she was lying on the floor. The couple was making love loudly. For Alana, it was a great relief. The orgasms were not rocking her every minute. She was only mildly aroused, but it was nothing compared to the sensations she had when Cindy was wearing her. Here, on the floor, she could think without mentally scream of pleasure, or beg for release. It was almost like she was a rubber Barbie-doll. Almost, because when she was a doll, she had the hope yet to be human again.

Now, her fate was sealed. She was a piece of lingerie.

To Be Continued....

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