Evil Magic World 2 - The Fugitives

by Pulsar

(Parts 2 and 3 were also posted to FictionMania archive)

His name was Erik. It was his birthday and he was proud of himself!

He was strong, clever and had been selected to be an engineer, which was what he wanted to do.

His parents were cool with him, and at 18, he had just two more years of studies so he could be on his own! A good work, a good wife, a few slaves if he could afford some, the road of his life was all traced before him. He was going out with Lydia, as they had grown up together. She had a cascade of red curls framing a gorgeous face with large green eyes under fine brows. High cheekbones bracketed a delicate nose. Her mouth looked just slightly too large, with full pouting lips, a slender neck. Her shoulders were narrower than her D-cup breasts that made her clothes seem to be at the bursting point. Her waist was tiny, with full hips and long shapely legs.

For his birthday, he had planned the evening. With Lydia, he would go to the restaurant, then to the movies, then in a place with good music. After that, they would go to his apartment and they would make passionate love.

But things didn't go as planned...

They went to the restaurant, and started their dinner, having eyes only for each other.

But at the coffee, a maid came, holding a rose and a note, destined to Lydia. The son of a noble that was having dinner in the back of the restaurant was asked her for a "ride".

Both lovers knew that a noble could have sex with every girl he wanted. It was part of his privileges. If the girl did not accept, it was considered as an offence, so she could be arrested and turned as a slave. If the man opposed the noble, it was also an offence, and the man would be arrested and turned into a female slave. The two lovers knew that, but it was Erik's birthday. Erik was light-headed by the wine, and he did not want Lydia to submit to this ridiculous law.

So the couple did not finish the coffee. They ran out of the restaurant, hoping that the noble could not recognize them, and that he would soon forget Lydia for another girl.

The rest of the evening went as planned. They watched a good movie, embraced in each other’s arms, then went to the discotheque and danced till the end of the night. Next the couple headed to Erik's apartment and they made love until late in the morning.

Life did go on and, after two weeks, the incident in the restaurant was forgotten.

Erik turned the key of the apartment. It was Wednesday evening and he was tired of a boring eight hours long informatics course. He picked up the phone and called Lydia in her studio.

"Hi! This is Erik, honey! How are you going?"

"Hi sugar! The courses were crazy, today and I'm drained! Would you like to come home for a good dinner?"

"Of course! I'll knock your door at eight!"

Erik was happy. Lydia had invited him for dinner, which also meant a night full of lovemaking!

He arrived at Lydia's door exactly at eight, and knocked the door as usual.

"It's open!" came the faint answer of Lydia. She must have been in the bathroom and had probably forgotten the hour, as usual too. Erik came into the living room. The table was set, and the meal was cooking in the kitchen. He checked out the door of Lydia's bathroom. It was opened so he came in. There was no one there. Smiling, he went to the girl's bedroom and opened the door, then stopped dead.

There were two women in there, but both were dressed in black latex, in the uniforms of a mistress and her slave. The mistress was a tall woman wearing high heel boots on a latex cat suit, which hid nothing of her voluptuous anatomy. She wore a hood that left her face opened. On her waist was a belt upon which several items were suspended: A dildo whip, a stunner gun... She looked totally in control of her slave and seemed delighted at that.

The slave was Lydia, but only by her shape could he tell it. She was dressed in a latex cat suit too, but the comparison with the other woman stopped there.

Lydia wore ballet boots with incredibly high heels. Leather straps bound her legs around the ankles, above and below the knees and around the thighs. Her waist was heavily constricted by a rubber corset, which ended just below the breasts. The bottom of the corset had a large belt running between her legs, holding two inflatable dildoes in place, for the pumps of the dildoes were hanging from the strap.

Around her neck was a rubber collar, holding Lydia's head unmovable in an erect posture. The collar was connected to the corset by a set of straps running beyond and behind her body.

Only the delectable shape of the body told Erik that it was Lydia, because her head was unrecognizable.

Lydia had been fitted with an inflatable gag, which had been pumped to capacity, preventing her from making any sound. Then a hood had been drawn over her. It had only two holes for the nostrils, so Lydia was blind. What Erik did not know was that the mistress had fitted Lydia with rubber earplugs, too, so she could not hear anything at all. She was not even aware of his presence, left in a dark and soundless sea of fear.

Lydia's arms had been bound together behind her back, and then slipped into a single rubber glove held by straps across her shoulders and above her breasts. The end of the glove was fitted with a ring, connected to her crotch strap.

"Welcome in our little playground, young man!" said the Mistress. "As you can see, your little girlfriend is now my slave, and soon you will be too!"

Erik did not answer. Rage exploded in his mind, and he erupted into the room to kill the mistress.

He could not approach her. Suddenly, he felt a force attracting him, and discovered that the source of that attraction was the mirror that covered the wall near him. He resisted with all his energy, but he was losing ground and came nearer and nearer to the mirror.

When he touched the surface of the looking glass, the attraction ceased. He went to strike again, but he was stuck on the mirror!

"What is this thing evil cowgirl? I'll rip your ass out of you when I get out of this!" he shouted.

"But you are not going out of this, sucker! I'd rather say that you're going IN this!" replied the Mistress.

As she said those words, he felt as if he the surface of the glass was melting behind him, and he started to be sucked into the depths of the mirror. He tried to resist, but the result of his struggle only made him sink further, then, with a cry of despair, he was totally absorbed. It was like he was being pressed between two surfaces. He could move only laterally from side to side in the mirror. He was helpless and could only wait, staring at the Mistress and Lydia.

"Now that I have your attention, let me introduce myself. I am Mistress Lynn, and I'm a close friend of Frank Devlin, the nobleman you left in a restaurant two weeks ago. He told me about a lovely couple and how you ran so swiftly after he asked for Lydia. He did not call the cops, because he knew that I loved to turn lawbreakers into slaves. So I went in hunt for you, and now I've got you both in my web!" She grinned at Lydia's bound form. "She was very easy to capture. I just had to open her door and wait for her return. I did not let her speak when she first saw me. I stunned her. Then I explained what I was going to do to her, and I really loved the frightened look in her eyes, but I had to take you as well so I went to work on her while waiting. As you can see, she is strictly bound, plugged and gagged. She can't see or hear anything, and she doesn't even know that you are there. I must confess that it was I who answered your call. I like to imitate the voices of my victims. Well, enough talking! I will now take you in my dungeon, and have a lot of fun with you both!"

With that, the Mistress took a camera from a purse on the bed. She raised it toward Lydia and pressed the trigger. There was a flash of light and when the dazzle faded Lydia was gone! Then a paper came out of the camera, with a extremely detailed picture of Lydia on it.

"I love to take pictures like this! But it is kind a pity, Lydia doesn't know she's been turned into a picture of herself. She is only aware that she can't move at all but she doesn't know why. Now it's your turn, but I have another trick for you to sample!"

She went then toward the mirror. Erik could only stare with fear at the Mistress. Pressing her breasts on the mirror, she said, "Come in, dear". Suddenly, Erik felt an intense attraction and saw the Mistress becoming taller as he shrunk. He was lifted into the air, and landed on the right breast of the mistress. He then sensed he was sinking into the rubber, and his world went dark. He felt then the contact of latex all around him, and an intense tension. He found out that he could not move, no mater how he tried. He heard Lynn explaining. "I have absorbed you in the latex covering my right breast, so you are now as helpless as your pictured girlfriend!"

As the mistress went to her dungeon, Erik could feel the variations of the tension in the latex holding him, due to the jiggling of the breast he was on. He could hear the traffic and the conversations around him as Lynn walked in the streets. Then there was the sound of a car as she drove home. A moment of immobility, and the he felt the woman move again as she got out of the car.

Mistress Lynn had parked her car in the garage of her mansion, which was isolated in the country, in the centre of a wood. She came into the house, welcomed by one of her obedient latex slave maids, and then took the elevator to go in the depths of her dungeon, situated twenty meters underground.

She stood at the centre of her playground, thought a little, the smiled and said: "Well, My dear Erik! I told you earlier that I caught you in my web, and that's what will happen to you. Come out, now!"

Immediately, Erik sensed the latex reject him. He floated toward a frame from which a myriad of straps were hanging. When he landed under the frame, he had been restored to his full size, albeit he was naked. He had barely the time to take a glimpse of the dungeon, which was completely covered in rubber.

Immediately, the straps, that had come alive, assaulted him. He ended thoroughly spread-eagled, suspended by the hands and the feet. Mistress Lynn was already behind him, and pushed an inflatable rubber gag in his mouth before fastening it behind his head. She began pumping the gag to its full capacity, reducing his protests to nearly inaudible gurgling noises. Then she paused to admire her handiwork.

"It seems that you are quite helpless, my dear. Think of yourself as a little fly in a spider's web, but I did not choose just yet how I would eat you! Let's check out your girlfriend, now."

She opened the purse containing Lydia's picture, took it out and said: "Come out, dearie!" Instantaneously, Lydia was restored before the Mistress. Sensing that she was no longer paralyzed, Lydia struggled slightly, but her bonds hold her fully in place, and the inflated dildoes made her remember that she should be unmoving.

Lynn went behind Lydia, unfastened the hood keeping her blind, and removed the earplugs. Lydia blinked a few moments before regaining her sight. Then she tried to scream behind her gag, for she had seen Erik strapped securely in front of her. A faint mewing was all to be heard.

"Don't panic, Lydia, there's nothing you can do to rescue your little boyfriend." Laughed Mistress Lynn at the struggling captive. "I think I'll have you suspended for a moment, while I put Erik in a shape more suitable for my slaves!" A strap appeared above the bound girl, connected itself at the back of the corset, and then shortened, lifting Lydia up in the air. Then another strap appeared anchored on the floor under the captive, and bound itself at her ankles. Lydia was now quite stretched-out in mid-air. Mistress Lynn added to her discomfort by saying: "As I don't want you to get bored, I supposed that you would welcome a little entertainment. But as you are to be punished, I won't let you get your satisfaction from it" As she spoke, Lydia felt the two dildoes come to life, vibrating softly. The vibrations were strong enough to bring Lydia in a state of intense arousal, but not enough to make her climax.

Erik was watching with fear as the Mistress suspended his lover. His fear went higher when Lynn turned back and came toward him.

"You know, it's been a long time since I made love with a man like you, sweet cake. But you will discover that my lovemaking is quite different from what you expect it to be when you take a lady. You soon will be aware of a lot of new sensations, I can assure you!"

With that, she took of her belt and started caressing her breasts. Moving her right hand to her crotch, she fondled her sex through the rubber. Then a slot appeared, giving access to her already awaiting pussy. All this show had worked it's magic on Erik, for his sex was hard as rock. Lynn then embraced him, impaling herself softly on his hard rod, and started to move softly, giving him an intense pleasure as his shaft was milked with an expert skill. While she rode him, Lynn caressed his stretched body with her hands, and he began to alter. His waist shrunk, while his hips expanded. His arms and legs were taken next, becoming delicately feminine. As the transforming man was getting shorter, the bonds adapted and became longer, to compensate. The Mistress altered Erik's head as well, giving him a lovely woman's face.

Erik did not notice what was going on. He was in heaven, eyes closed, lost in the heavenly sensations given him by the expert pussy of the Mistress and her Slave, but suddenly, as he was about to climax, he felt a sensation of swelling in his chest, and his nipples became incredibly sensitive. He opened his eyes and found out that he now possessed a very functional pair of breasts. That was when the erotic sensations in his sex went out of control. With a muffled feminine cry, he ejaculated in Lynn's vagina, while she clenched furiously around him as the orgasm took her too. Then there was an intense feedback as Erik exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm as his sex reshaped itself as a vagina. The sensations fading away, Erik understood that Lynn had turned him into a woman. He…She! was still spread-eagled, and struggled to free herself from her bondage, screaming behind her gag. But the bonds did not give, and the jiggling of her new-minted breasts and faint mewing from her mouth only rewarded her Mistress.

Mistress Lynn watched with delight as the new girl fought her bonds. "As you have turned into a very sexy girl, I will call you Erika from now! But it is only the beginning of your punishment, for I have soooo many other things to make of you!"

For Erika, those words were like a cold shower, and she stopped struggling and moaning. With her pretty blue eyes filled with fear, she stared at her captor who laughed in pure delight. "Yes, you are a slave, by now. I can do all that I want to you, and I will. There are unlimited possibilities with you and Lydia. Just imagine: As you are two lovers, I think you like to make passionate love, don't you? Then I can isolate you two in a room, and make you so excited that you will be in a perpetual face to crotch. Or I can turn you in a dildo that I would fit in her pussy, or perhaps turn her in a dildo I would fit in yours? Or would you become her pussy, and feel the intensity of her passion? I can make you become any part of her, even put your soul in her body. You would feel as if you were she, but you would be only a passenger, with no control on her actions. It would be funny, wouldn't it? Or I can make you become a latex cat suit she would wear, or any piece of lingerie I want. Wow! Just by thinking at what I can do to you makes me horny as hell. It's a pity that you no longer have a dick to satisfy me, sweet cake!"

While saying that, she was fondling Erika's breasts with one hand while the other played with the girl's sex. Erika was struggling, trying to escape Lynn's hands, for the sensations they induced were too new to her. But it was no use. Spread-eagled as she was, she could only endure the ministrations of the exulting Mistress. The fondling continued during several minutes in silence, just troubled by the sighs of Lynn, and the moans of two excited girls, for Lydia was constantly aroused by her dildoes.

Then Lynn stopped fondling Erika's body. "I see that you are excited, my little slave. I should have right here something to make you come like a good girl!" She went to a chest behind Erika, opened the lid. Erika heard her fumble inside the chest, then a little cry of excitation told her that Lynn had found what she was looking for. "Oh, dearie, you will love this one! " said the Mistress.

Erika felt then a wide belt being fastened tight around her waist. There was another strap dangling behind the belt, between her buttocks. She sensed Lynn make a few adjustments to that strap. Then Lynn was in front of her. She took the dangling strap and lifted it up. Immediately, Erika felt something hit her vagina. It was a dildo! She was now going to be penetrated, and her struggles were to no avail. Slowly, she sensed the dildo find its way in, parting her vaginal lips, and sinking further in her moist pussy. This sensation made her twist in her bonds, giggling her boobs and moaning in her gag, only to hear the chuckles of the Mistress. "You can feel this dildo fill you up, don't you? Don't try to tell me that you don't want it, your pussy is dripping wet! It feels sooo good, to be penetrated by a long hard big shaft, you feel it invading your pussy completely, and the sensations are sooo overwhelming...

There it is, sugar, you have your baby right in place. Oh, by the way, you might notice the nub on your clit. It's a special gift, you know! Let me tell you: Receptors in your dildo measure the amount of pussy juice you make. When your juice flow comes under a predetermined value, your dildo starts vibrating during five minutes. Then it stops vibrating, and it's the turn of the nub on your clit, which is a clitoral stimulator, to vibrate during five minutes. It will send you over the edge, and you might have several orgasms in one round of stimulation. Statistically, you will have an orgiastic cycle of forty minutes: Ten minutes of stimulation, thirty minutes of rest, the time for your pussy to dry a little, then again ten minutes of stimulation... But reassure you, I won't let you bound like this, you will soon be more comfortable to climax!!"

As she spoke, she had fastened the crotch strap tightly to the waist belt. Erika squirmed and pumped madly, trying to dislodge the intruder in her sex, but the strap kept pressed the dildo deep inside her pussy. Suddenly, Erika felt the straps holding her loosen, as she was released from her spread-eagle position. She had no time to rest, for the Mistress, now far more stronger than her, bent her arms behind her and bound her wrists in the small of her back, no matter how hard she tried to fight. Lynn guided a resisting Erika toward a latex mattress in the corner of the dungeon. The slave was next pushed and fell on the mattress. Lynn helped her to lie flat on her back, and then held her slave in place a few seconds, and stood up.

Erika wanted to move to stand up, but she discovered that she was glued onto the latex, from the shoulders to her ass! Then she screamed in her gag when the latex started to climb over her body, effectively encapsulating her, lying on her back, with her legs tightly closed, holding them fast no matter how hard she kicked. The terror of the bound girl went up when her head was taken, covering her ears, then her gagged mouth, then her eyes and her nose, leaving only two holes for her to breathe. She was trapped in total darkness.

Erika heard the distant voice of Lynn: "Erika, I must tell you that you are incredibly sexy, now that you are completely encapsulated in rubber. But it is time for your show to start! Have fun, my slave! Enjoy your beginning in rubber sex!"

With that, Erika felt the dildo in her vagina come to life. The vibration was strong, and made her clench involuntary her pussy around the intruder, forcing muffled moans of unwanted pleasure. She felt her pussy lubricate heavily with passion, and understood that the climax was getting nearer. More, her nipples were now fully erect and demanding attention. At this moment, Erika knew that if she had not been gagged, she would have begged anyone to fondle her breasts. In defeat, as she was accepting her fate, the vibration in her pussy stopped. Her relief was short lived. A few seconds later, the clitoral stimulator started its work, making her cry in despair. There was no way out, and the orgasm smashed her thirty seconds later. But the stimulator on her clit was programmed for five minutes, so it kept buzzing, extending her climax and driving the poor girl crazy with erotic sensations.

Mistress Lynn watched Erika shudder in release. She knew by experience that after eight hours of this treatment, Erika would have a very good comprehension of her femininity, and her sexual needs would be increased. She would then be ready for the next step of her conversion.

Smiling, she turned to the bound form of Lydia.

The suspended girl was sweating profusely in her latex bondage. She was aroused like hell, but the low vibration of her inflatable dildoes did not allow any release. She needed to touch her aching breasts so much that she thought they were about to burst. At this moment, Lydia was barely a woman. She was a super charged pussy, an atomic bomb awaiting the ignition to explode.

Lynn knew what was happening in Lydia, and delighted of it. It was her power to allow a slave to come or not. It was the best way to teach her who was in control. She addressed Lydia: "I bet you would give anything for an orgasm! But I don't want you to loose your mind on your first punishment, so I will allow you to come. In five minutes, your dildoes will vibrate with enough force to make you climax!"

Lydia heard the Mistress. The arousal was even worse, for now she knew that release was at end.

The minutes went awfully slowly. Lydia was about to fall in an abyss of madness when the low vibration went much, much stronger, according the release she wanted so desperately. Her orgasm was devastating by its power. During several minutes, she climaxed again and again, tantalized in her bonds. Then, as all the storms make place to calm weather, her body went limp, more than satisfied and exhausted. Lydia knew she had just had the best and yet the most terrifying orgasm of her life. She would do anything not to be punished that way again.

Mistress Lynn smiled at Lydia. "I think that this punishment is enough to make you understand that from now I rule whatever you feel. You are a slave. Your body belongs to me, and I can do whatever I want with it. Now I will let you rest in your bondage. Tomorrow, I will make you much closer to Erika! Sleep thigh, sweetheart!" Lydia did not hear the laughing Mistress walk away. She had drifted in a merciful sleep.

For Erika, sleep was not at hand. She struggled for release as hard as she could in her cocoon of latex, but it was fruitless. She was soaked with sweat and pussy juice, and now feared and welcomed the vibrations of the dildo and of the clitoral stimulator, which were bringing fabulous orgasms. Every time the clitoral stimulator stopped, she hoped that her pussy would stay enough lubricated not to initiate another cycle again. But at the same time, she hoped the dildo to come alive as soon as possible to give her those wonderful sensations back. If she had been given the choice, she was even not sure to want to be a man again. She had long ago lost track of time, and was floating in a smooth heaven/hell of feminine sensations. Erika was in the recovery phase of her stimulation cycle when she had the great shock to hear the voice of her Mistress again.

"Morning, dolly. It's time to get up! I know you would prefer to stay in position to be orgasmed again and again, but we have other plans for you today! Lydia is already awake and struggling deliciously in her suspension bondage." At this time, Erika felt the rubber encapsulating her retract into the mattress she was lying of. She could see again, and was soon helped up by the Mistress. Albeit she had spent all the night awake and climaxing, she was not tired, but very relaxed. She moved tentatively her arms, to discover that they were still bound behind her. She did not try to run away from the Mistress, for she knew that she would get a punishment that would not be enjoyable. So Erika understood that she was well on her way to be tamed, and stand dejectedly at attention.

Lynn saw the emotions flowing in Erika. She had seen them on many slaves before. "I know what you feel, dearie. You would like to run away from me, but you fear a punishment. On the other side, I know I attract you, for I am the one who made you feel so much. But you are my little pet, and from now, you will get satisfaction only when I will decide to, and I will decide to when it will be the most embarrassing to you! You will learn to please me the way I want. You will learn to please any man or woman, and your own satisfaction will not be in your control. When you will understand that, you will truly be a slave, but before, your world will be as sea of submission, humiliation, arousal and frustration."

The ring of several bells then interrupted Lynn. "Oh Gods! A communication from my Major Mistress! I must answer immediately! Don't go away, I'll be right back!"

With that, she ran out of the dungeon. Erika thought it was the moment for trying an escape! She started to come to Lydia, in order to free her, but her body started to tingle. She took a step, but found that her movements were slowing down. An incredible sensation of tightness took her, followed by an intense arousal. She arched herself under the sensation; breasts trusted forward and back out. Orgasm smashed her, as the tightness increased around all her body. She found out that she was completely paralyzed, a simple blink being out of her reach! With no mirror to see her reflection, Erika could not realize that she had become a stunning marble statue of herself! She could only wait the return of her Mistress, started to be lost in unfulfilled arousal.

Lydia was squirming in her bonds, searching for a weakness in her bondage, but there was not even the slightest. She had heard Lynn and feared her future as a slave. It was hard to believe that Erik, now Erika, her so handsome man, had accepted his new femininity so rapidly. Lydia knew by her punishment what the Mistress meant when she promised Erika that she could not get satisfaction of her own, and was terrified. When Lynn had ran out of the dungeon, Lydia had had a hope that Erika would free them both, so they could overpower the Mistress, but her hope turned to deep despair when she saw Erika turn into an excited marble statue.

Then both girls heard Mistress Lynn come back. She had an indefinable look on her face.

"I hate to do this, but I will have probably to stop working on you, dearies. The good news is that Major Mistress Sylvia has called me. She is one of the sorceresses elected in the beginning. She will be here in a few hours. I have earned her favours, and she wants to give me a new magic item, which will be very useful to me. The bad news is that she is in search for untamed slaves, and was very interested by a couple of lovers. So I will have to abandon you both to her. I think I will have a thought for you two when she starts working on you, for she is far more evil than me. As she seeks a couple of lovers, I will put you in a cage and give you a continuous love spell."

There was a flash of light, and both slaves found them free of all bonds, naked in the centre of a cage. But they had no time to say anything. Arousal shot to an unbearable level, and they found themselves attracted uncontrollably by the other's body. They went immediately in a face to crotch position, and started to slurp and lick their pussies. Only moans of desperate passion were heard, for each girl knew that the arousal burning in her was the effect of an evil spell. Both girls were taken by convulsive orgasms, but the arousal returned inexorably, preventing them to even lift one's heads from the other's dripping pussy.

They were still under the influence of the spell when Lynn reappeared with another woman.

Major Mistress Sylvia was a tall woman, with perfect curves, for she had long ago altered her body to fit the best standards in beauty. She wore a blue latex cat suit, which stopped at her neck. Her auburn hair was cascading on her shoulders, and a green aura radiated from her whole body.

"So this is the couple of lovers you told me about, Lynn. They seem pretty busy at the moment!"

"I put them under a continuous love spell, Mistress. They started the show about three hours ago."

"Mmm, they sure get their kicks. How strong was their love before you took them?"

"Their love was very strong. In fact, it is because of it that they fell into my dungeon. You see, Erika was a handsome man. He had taken Lydia to the restaurant, and a noble friend of mine asked to take Lydia for a ride. The couple ran away, and my friend told me about them."

"Well, it fits me. You know, Lynn, I am in search for that kind of person, because I have found a way to convert the emotions of a person into manna. The more the emotions are, the more my power is kept at its top. But I won't tell you more, my dear."

"Mistress, I must thank you for the item. My radius of action has been doubled, and I will be capable of converting a lot more slaves!"

"You're welcome, Lynn. Now I will ensnare your two birds and leave."

The love spell ceased abruptly. Erika and Lydia had just the time to separate themselves. Then Lydia felt her body become lighter and smaller. With a cry of fear, she was drawn to the chest of her new Mistress, then, with a liquid hiss, she found herself absorbed by the left breast, while Erika watched, frozen in terror. Then Sylvia cast a spell on the remaining girl. Erika begged with all her energy, but she soon felt her body become lighter. She gripped a bar of the cage with all her strength, but she was already shrinking. Soon, she could not grip it with the hands, so she wrapped her arms on the bar. The attraction took her and she left the floor, crying hysterically, making Sylvia smile.

"You know, Lynn, it's when the slaves are aware of their transformation and try to resist it that I get the greatest pleasure! Don't you, dear?"

"Yes, that's why I love to alter them in every way I can, Mistress"

"You have always been a good disciple to me. Now, Erika, it's time to come in your new home for a while. You are about to become the latex around my breasts, so you will cup your friend nicely!"

Erika still gripped the bar with survival fever, but the attraction was getting stronger, and she was slowly loosing the battle. More, she felt a heat between her legs, as she was aroused again. Then she could take it no longer. Screaming uncontrollably, she released her grip and floated towards the Mistress. She hit the breasts gently, the feet on the right breast and the head on the left one. Then her whole world went blue, as she was absorbed. The feeling was much stronger than when Lynn had made Erik part of the latex covering her breast. At this time, Erika was a male, and had the impression of having still a human shape, tensed upon a tender support. In that case, Erika could no longer feel her body as a human. There was no feeling of any member, but she felt her cup the massive breasts of the woman. There was no movement, but an intense feeling of arousal. She could hear, but her vision was reduced to a blue wall, and she could not make the slightest sound. She was lost in utter distress, which was adding to her arousal.

Lydia was in the same state of mind, but she felt compressed in something. Her world was black, and the sounds were made distant due to the latex covering her.

When Mistress Sylvia moved, both girls sensed their bodies jiggle slightly. This was the only motion they could sense. The travel of Sylvia to her lair last an eternity for the transformed slaves. Then sensed that they were rejected. They were being restored at last! But with their restoration came a feeling of great pressure.

Both girls discovered that they were coated with latex from head to toes. Their skin seemed to have been turned to black rubber. Both were utterly bald. There was a gag in their mouth. Their arms had been pinioned behind them as they wore a single glove that made their elbows touch. Each girl wore an incredibly tight corset that gave her wasp like waist. Their legs were bound above and below the knees and at the ankles. They were lying on the floor of a small room with no opening and no furniture. The walls, floor and roof were made of latex. Light radiated from the latex, and both girls had the feeling to be entombed somewhere, which made them tremble with fear.

The voice of the Mistress came from nowhere: "Welcome, my toys! You are in the chamber of impregnation. Let me explain what's in store for you: The chamber will slowly seal itself on you. You can struggle as you want, you will end separated, completely entombed in the rubber. You are kept gagged for you could hurt yourselves with your teeth. You are all tied up, but it's because I enjoy my slaves to be helpless. Once you are sealed in the rubber, your bonds will dissolve, but you will not be able of any movement. You won't suffocate because you are already under a stasis spell, that is to say that you don't need to breathe anymore, as you don't need to eat, drink and so on. Then the fun will begin. You will feel all your openings filled with tubes of rubber. It will have a special effect. From your mouth and nostrils and pussies, you will be filled with special latex. It will slowly dissolve your organs, and take their place. The tubing in your ass will pump out your residues. So you will shit yourselves away.

Do I need to say that during this time, you will endure extreme sexual stimulation? No, I think you had already guessed this part. I have to tell you that you might get several orgasms during your conversion in full latex dollies. At the end of your conversion, you will be two lovely latex dolls. You will have all your feelings, and your sexual sensations will be much higher. You will not be able to move or communicate, but that's part of the deal. Then you will be sent in a sexual school, to be used as sex objects by the young nobles’ boys and girls. They have to learn their skill, you know! As you are two lovers, you will be used in front of each other, so the feelings will be much stronger. But the nobles love variety, so I think to keep you this way for a year or two."

Erika and Lydia went completely mad. They were squirming, pulling at their bonds, kicking the air with their bound legs, and screaming muffled pleas of mercy behind their gags, to no avail. They could not hurt themselves. Suddenly, the walls of the chamber came alive. The latex on the floor became very supple, so each terrified girl was soon cupped in latex. It was like to be on a half-inflated pneumatic mattress. The walls were slowly getting closer, filling the soon to be dolls with claustrophobic sensations. It took one day for the walls to sandwich the girls. Darkness fell on them; movements were more and more limited. At last, the walls closed completely.

Erika and Lydia felt their bonds and gags dissolve, but they could move wormlike a few millimeters before being pushed back in position by the resilience of the latex. They could not hear each others whimpering anymore. Then Erika felt something pushing at her pussy. Try as she could, she could not dislodge it, and the tube, shaped as a dildo, slowly invaded her, as another touched her ass. This time she contracted her sphincters, but the pressure kept building, and she was inexorably losing the battle. The tubes went the in her nostrils, stopping at the back of her throat. When the mouth tube came, she clenched her teeth as strong as she could. The tube in her pussy started then to expand, filling her to capacity, then retracted, and started another cycle again. Arousal was driving her mad, and she could not retain a moan of pleasure. The mouth tube inserted itself before she could clench her teeth, and started to expand. When it stopped, Erika had her mouth distorted as if she was giving a blowjob. The mouth tube had gone deep into her throat, and made connection with the tube in her nostrils.

Lydia suffered the same process. She had resisted a little more than Erika, but ended finally in the same state, her whole openings violated.

Erika sensed then something passing in the tube of her pussy. The latex!!! It flowed slowly inside her, inflating the tube and sloping in her vagina, then climbing in her uterus, filling her womb.

After, the latex started to flow by her nostrils and mouth, slowly going down and filling her stomach. At this time, Erika was beyond terror. All she hoped was that the transformation process would be fast and not painful.

The process was not painful. In fact, it was incredibly erotic, and the girls had to endure many orgasms, each a little stronger than the precedent. But it was not fast at all.

Four hours after the first latex filling, Erika sensed that her bowel felt full. She tried to retain herself, but the pressure soon was going too much, and the sexual excitation was increasing. When the orgasm hit, she could not maintain her control and released her bowel, knowing that she was giving her body away. It was liquid, like an enema. The orgasm fading away, Erika sensed that she could no longer move her arms. They had turned to latex. She cried in distress, struggling against the walls of her prison. Then the latex began filling her again and after four hours, she evacuated another load. This time, her lower legs were converted. The processes repeated many times. Each time, Erika was turned even more into a latex mannequin of herself. She did not feel her head transform, but noticed it for she could not make any sound. The changing of her breasts was an explosion of unwanted pleasure. It was the antepenultimate change, and her bowels emptied themselves without control. At this time, all that Erika could do was clench her pussy. When her sex dissolved and changed to rubber, Erika had a mind-bending orgasm. She saw stars during what seemed an eternity, then, the sensation fading away, Erika found that she could no longer make a movement. She sensed a rippling motion around her and soon was expulsed from the chamber. The Mistress was there.

She took Erika and made her stand at the wall. "You are a lovely doll, Erika. I bet you can hardly wait to be used! If you don't want to, just make a sign, and I make you a real girl in a minute!"

Erika was trying desperately to make that sign, in fact to make ANY manifestation of life, but she was trapped. Her body was a mass of rubber, with no way to animate it of her own.

"As you don't seem to move or talk, I suppose that I will just have to deliver you to the school! But you will have to wait; your doll-friend Lydia is getting out. She did take longer to convert because she controlled her orgasm a little better than you, sweet cake!"

Effectively, the rubber feet of Lydia were emerging from the wall, followed by her legs, her body. Mistress Sylvia put the two dolls face to face. "I think you have plenty of things to tell, my two lovers, so I let you alone while I go and prepare your transport!" She went away, bursting in incontrollable laughers, leaving the two dolls alone. This was a cruel moment for Erika and Lydia. Both girls wanted to speak, to comfort themselves, to do anything that two lovers would, but they could not even blink, frozen as rubber dolls. Their pussies and breasts were starting to get aroused again, and they could not do anything about that.

A rumbling sound announced the return of the sorceress. She was carrying a large wooden box on a trolley. "I should have turned you in inflatable sex dolls! It would have been easier to deflate you for delivery, but you go to a school and the students could rip you right away. So I prefer you this way!"

She put the two dolls side by side, and closed the box.

The terrified yet aroused dolls awaited delivery, which was several hours later.

The box opened, and a middle-aged man carried out each doll. They were in a small room with to beds face to face. Erika was put in one, Lydia in the other. The man went away with the box, saying that he did not understood why latex dolls were sent like this. "It's like they shipped real women! But if they want to pay the price, that's their problem!"

The fate of Erika and Lydia was sealed. They were now just two living rubber sex dolls, incapable of any sign of the girl trapped within, in a place where no one suspected the awful truth.

Later, the door opened. Two boys and a professor came in, and the course began. The professor started by explaining the boys the female's anatomy, and the erogenous zones. He demonstrated it on Lydia, who was divided between disgust and desire. The casual probing of her intimate places was terribly stimulating, and added on her already aroused body. For the poor dolls, the first hour of the course was destined to give the students the bases of stimulating a woman. They could not escape the caresses, fondling of their breasts, massaging of their buttocks, pussies, all the things the professor dictated and demonstrated. He was skilled, and the two dolls, under the ministrations of the boys, were delirious with arousal. They would have given anything to tell the men to fuck them at last. But the latex dolls could not show what fire raged inside, and remained perfectly passive.

Then the professor declared that it was time to go to the second lesson of the course. "As you have already noticed, you are practicing on rubber dolls. This is normal because the dolls don't complain if you did your job well or not. A real woman could, and that would be embarrassing for you. But it doesn't matter in your case. These dolls are the exact replicas of real women, and they are equipped with systems that will perfectly imitate the movements of their sexual organs, and are programmed to react to your attentions like a real woman. For you beginners, they are programmed to react with excessive passion, so you won't be disappointed. As your skills increase, they will be programmed to be less responsive. They are also equipped to give you an expert blow-job if you need to be put in the mood."

For the two young boys, be put in the mood was not a problem, for they were already hard from the preceding lesson. But the words of the professor had devastated the two dolls another time. They were programmed to be responsive! Their rubber sex parts would imitate perfectly the movements of real women! The girls inside wanted so desperately to scream that they were not some inert object to be wound up to animate, but instead living girls.

The boys positioned themselves between the open legs of the dolls, and started to penetrate their pussies. At this very moment, each doll sensed its pussy start to welcome the intruder, contracting delightfully slowly, giving the boy heavenly sensations. "Wow! This doll is really milking me out!" said the boy manipulating Erika. But for Erika, the sensations were different. The boy was doing an acceptable job, that was obvious, and she was already about to orgasm. But her pussy worked with a mind of its own, and all the rest of her body was unmovable. She could not flex her vaginal walls the way she wanted to, trust her hips up and down as she needed to, and that was an utterly dehumanizing sensation. A few moments later, she orgasmed mentally, while her body was still milking the boy. She then was caught by the orgasm of her rubber body, while the boy shot his load inside her pussy. Then the boy withdrew himself, leaving the doll on the bed, dripping with his seed.

The course was over, and the boys left the room. The professor opened a cupboard, took what appeared to be a kind of dildo. He went to Lydia and inserted it in her pussy. Immediately, the program made her milk the shaft. Then the professor switched the dildo on. Deep inside her vagina, the dildo spread some liquid with force, cleaning the whole vagina of the doll. The liquid was pushed near the entrance of her sex, where the base of the dildo sucked it. This operation was extremely humiliating for the doll, which still clenched her pussy on the shaft. Erika was treated with the same automatic routine. This was even more devastating than the fact of being "automated". After the cleaning, the dolls were put on the wall to dry. Two other dolls were positioned on the beds for the next course. Erika and Lydia were then left staring at each other, their pussies drying, as the next course began.

That day, when the school was over, the two dolls were still on the wall. Suddenly, the door opened and Mistress Sylvia appeared. "I was at the school, so I decided to see you. Congratulations, dollies. You give me more manna that I thought you would! I hope you to stay in that state of mind; it is very rewarding for me! I know that inside, you are begging for release, but you are too useful as automated rubber sex dolls. Have a good life, my dear dollies!" She left the room, laughing, leaving the two dolls with no hope.

As told by the Mistress, life went on. Erika and Lydia were used all time. Day after day, their will to release faded away; as they had given all hope long ago. Step by step, they were made to accept their fate, and their minds adapted to the programming of their rubber bodies. But with these adaptations, they were producing less manna for Sylvia. About one year and a half after their dollification, Erika and Lydia were replaced by two brand new dolls, and found them again delivered in Mistress Sylvia's dungeon.

Sylvia opened the box containing the two dolls, and put them on the wall. "Hello, dollies! You remember Mistress Sylvia, don't you? As you were adapting to live as rubber dolls, your production of manna went down. Now you are no longer interesting to me so I will get rid of you. But in order to be sure that you will go out with a bang, I will restore you as girls for three days. Of course, you will be isolated in a room so you won't be able to run away. Well, here you go. Move your asses, girls!"

For the dolls, there was a moment of blackness, a sensation of floating. Then, suddenly they found themselves in a large bedroom covered with a heavy padding of rubber. The bed itself was a block of rubber. But Erika and Lydia did not care. They were girls again! They could move! They could speak!

At first, they cried with happiness. Then they embraced each other and kissed like they hadn't done before. They made love for hours, using all the tricks they had been subjected to as dolls, having the sweetest orgasms. Then they spoke, for the pleasure of hearing their voices again, for the pleasure to communicate again, before making love again and again. Sylvia observed the two lovers from time to time, evaluating the return of the willpower in her captives. She wanted them to be as alive as possible before to give them their final punishment. She had done that before. It had been so fun that she just couldn't wait for those two.

A week had passed, and the girls were calming down. Lydia at first had asked about searching a way to escape, and Erika had soon agreed. But there were none, because there were no openings in the room. The attraction between the two girls was strong, and when they did not talk about a strategy to follow, they made passionate love. After their last embrace, Lydia was walking across the room and Erika was lying on the bed. They were talking about how to knock Sylvia down when Lydia was caught by an irresistible attraction. Before Erika could react, Lydia sank in the wall and reappeared in the dungeon, before a naked Sylvia. Time for payback, she thought, but soon discovered that her feet were stuck in place. She stared at Sylvia with the sensation that something awful was going to happen to her.

"So, dearie. How was your time with Erika? I see that you are happy to be a girl again, don't you?"

"Please, Mistress, let me live as a girl! I will do everything you want! I beg you!" Lydia was begging with all her very soul.

Sylvia just smiled. "If you want me to be nice with you, I think that you should be nice with me. Would you like to eat my pussy as you did with Erika?"

With no word, Lydia fell on her knees. Her feet were released, and she walked on all fours to the Mistress. The she buried her face in Sylvia's crotch, which was wet with anticipation. Lydia licked and slurped with application, sensing the coming orgasm in her partner's pussy. Then Sylvia climaxed voluptuously, and Lydia withdrew herself from the dripping crotch.

Sylvia was regaining composure. "You are very skilled, Lydia! I 'd swear that you would like to have your face in a woman's crotch all day long, won't you?"

"I would be pleased to bury my face in any woman's pussy if you want, Mistress"

"I am glad to hear that. So I won't deceive you. I have here a noble girl who would like to know you. Come, dearie!" A woman appeared in the entrance of the dungeon. As with Sylvia, she was naked, and revealed her voluptuous body. She approached Lydia and stopped there, smiling.

Sylvia smiled too and said: "Lydia, as you agreed to have your face buried in a woman's crotch, I feel compelled to grant your wish! You are now becoming a shiny latex pantyhose that Charlene will be proud to wear!"

Lydia heard Sylvia seal her fate. Immediately she stood up to strike the sorceress, but the spell was on her. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she felt her body drawn to the awaiting girl. Forced to her knees, she felt her hands cup the noble's buttocks and be glued there. Lydia opened her mouth and bit the pussy, but at this moment her lips and teeth in contact with the sex became latex. Silence. With a supreme effort, she pulled her head out of the crotch, but was held back with a squelchy noise. Her nose was taken next, then her eyes and face. Night. She felt her kicking feet come in contact with Charlene's, and slowly melt around them. The rest of her body was transformed in a few dreadful minutes. As when she had been turned into a breast, she did not sense her body as human anymore.

Suddenly, she was able to see, or rather sense the world from a point between the sex and the anus of the girl. Inside her new shape, she would have screamed and kicked if she could have to, but now she was just a pair of latex pantyhose. She heard Charlene saying: "This pantyhose is really comfortable, Mistress Sylvia"

"Yes, and it has a unique propriety. You won't have to take it off when making love. When you want to introduce something in your pussy or ass, it will suck itself magically in your orifice, melting with your body, and acting like a condom. With it, you are safe from all unwanted pregnancy or sexual disease."

"Great! But will the pantyhose feel anything?"

"Of course, it will! It does already! Well, in fact, Lydia doesn't feel herself as a human anymore. Her sensations are modified. For example, she had her head in your pussy. Well, from now, the zones around your pussy and around your ass have somewhat become her sex, and the legs of your pantyhose have become her breasts. So, when you will move, the slightest movement of your ass and pussy will bring her a feeling greater than the one you would have with two vibrating dildoes plus clitoral stimulation. More, when you will move your legs, she will feel like you feel when you are fondling your breasts."

"Wow! But if I wear her all the time, she will become completely mad!"

"I assure that she will want to lose her mind, but the latex won't permit that. For ever she will be absolutely aware of her condition."

"What if I get bored of these hose?"

"The latex will sense it. When you don't wear it, you put it inside your drawer. A few days later, you will hear a voice in your head reminding you of your pantyhose. If you don't want to get rid of it, just put it on during an hour a day. If you are tired of it, you will have to select another piece of lingerie for her to become, and then put it in contact with the hose a whole night. Lydia will get transferred in the new undergarment. If you give it to a friend, you will be reminded to explain her what I just told you. Lydia will forever be an erotic lingerie item, and will be aware of her state at all time!"

"Oh, thanks a lot, Mistress Sylvia! I just can't wait to go jogging with my new pantyhose!"

Lydia screamed mentally in distress and pleasure as the girl went out.

Erika had been surprised, and could not react when Lydia had been sucked into the wall, an hour ago.

She had a bad premonition, but could only hope for a miracle. Suddenly, as Lydia, she felt an intense attraction and was sucked into the wall. She emerged from the other side in the dungeon, a short distance from the sorceress.

As Lydia, she hoped to fight, but found her feet glued to the latex floor. Her fear became rage and she shouted: "What did you do to Lydia, shithead?"

"Keep cool, sweetie. Lydia went away with a noble girl. She was very excited at her future."

"So you will finally let us go?" Erika could not believe it. The miracle had come! She sighted in relief.

"Yes, Soon you will be on your own, with another noble girl. She should already be here, but she must have been slowed down by the traffic."

"Oh, Mistress, thank you from all my heart! I want so much to live as a woman! "

Then a noise announced the arrival of a visitor. The girl who came in was also naked. Her body was beautiful, and she was smiling like a child before a Christmas present.

"Erika, let me introduce you to Sharon."

"Hello, Sharon"

"Hi, Erika. Mistress, I beg your pardon for being late. The sex course was very intense, and I did take a long time to recover."

"You're welcome, Sharon. Now, what do you think of Erika? Isn't she lovely?"

"Of course she is great! I accept your gift with delight"

"So, I think we can start! Erika, this is the last time I speak to you. You are about to go with Sharon, who did accept you as my gift. You will serve her right, won't you?"

"Yes, I will serve her whatever she wants me to do"

"In that case, as you agreed, Sharon has a special request for you. She loves the sensations of her breasts, and wants to feel them all the time. So come on and make a good work on her nipples!"

Erika approached Sharon, and started fondling her breasts with her fingers, then began kissing and licking them. Sharon moaned with pleasure. The scent of Sharon's arousal came to Erika's nostrils, and she became lost in it. She felt her body lighten, and had a sensation of floating, but the scent was too intoxicating, so she let her go, still massaging the breasts and sucking at the nipples. She heard Sharon moaning breathlessly: "Mistress! I will not be able to support that level of stimulation all day!"

"Don't worry, dearie. It is just for the transformation. Once that she is your bra, the stimulation will be according your desire!"

Terror struck Erika. She pulled away the bust of Sharon, but her hands were already changing into the satin cups of the bra. She had reduced in size and her feet could not even reach the navel of the girl. She screamed and kicked with her legs, but as soon as her feet came in contact with Sharon's belly, whereas she expected a shock, her legs went apart with a mind of their own and enlaced Sharon just below the breasts. Erika sensed then her legs change in the main strap of the bra. At this time, she was crying and screaming uncontrollably. She had been reduced to a torso of herself, hung between Sharon's breasts, her arms and legs changed into the forming bra. Then the vocal cords of Erika transformed into satin, and Erika could no longer vocalize her distress.

"She is quite a show! Don't you think so, Sharon?"

"Yeah! That's weird! I feel as if she still had her hands and legs, and she is trying to pull out of me! I feel my breasts massaged with satin, and that's incredibly erotic, Oh my! "

"That's part of the transformation, but once she is completely changed, that will cease. She will loose the sensations of her human body, as she settles in her existence as lingerie. But as I already said to your predecessor, Erika will be forever lost in a world of stimulation. What you think as your pussy and ass will be her cups, and what you feel as your breasts will become her straps. So, when you wear her, she will feel like she's been fit with dildoes, and the slightest movement of your breasts will be as if she had the greatest fuck ever! In fact, she will be always aroused and orgasming. The only moment of rest for her is when she will not be worn "

During this time, Erika was still changing into the bra. She wriggled madly to disconnect the satin trap that were her legs, and to escape the satin cups her arms had become, but it was no use. She was now absorbed till the breasts. At this time she felt the cups of her new body becoming incredibly sensitive. It was like she had two pussies filled with some delightful dildoes. In her silent whimpering, she was hit by an orgasm, which shook what remained of her, to the benefit of Sharon who moaned with pleasure. When the climax faded, she saw that the shoulder straps of the bra had formed. Erika's transformation had not been symmetrical, for her chin was now at the top of Sharon's right breast. The head slowly sunk. The transformation was complete!

Erika was now a lovely satin bra. She could see from the zone between the breasts, so her field of vision was limited by her cups, which were filled with two mound of flesh. She could hear too, and above all things, feel! She was feeling her whole satin body tingling in helpless arousal. There was not even the slightest part of her that was not subject of that excitement. Albeit the terror was overwhelming, the arousal was becoming more and more intense.

"Well, Mistress, the transformation seems complete! I can no longer feel her pulling at me, and my tits feel wonderful!"

"Yes, Sharon. She is now your bra. But I must give you some information. She is a satin bra, so that means that she will soil easily. You will have to wash her as a regular bra. But as you don't wear her, you will not be stimulated, that's obvious. "

"So what can I do, Mistress?"

"When you find that she has to go to the machine, you will just have to put one of your lingerie clothes near her. It won't be necessary for the clothes to touch, for the clean undergarment could be soiled too. After two hours, Erika will be drained into the clean cloth. You will certainly like to see the exchange. She will slowly be restored as a girl, but merely the quarter of her original size, and will be absorbed into the clean cloth the same way she became your bra, except that there won't be any sound. If you are wearing the cloth she has to become, you will feel the same erotic sensations of pulling that you said earlier."

"So, I will probably have to go to sleep with a bra on!"

"You won't, dearie. You don't need to be at rest when you make her change. You will just need to be in the same room, no matter the distance. And you don't have to make her change only into bras. She can be change in whatever undergarment you like, and it will be stimulating all the parts it is on."

"Weird! So what happens if I turn her into a pantyhose?"

"Ah! You're a vicious girl, don't you! As your pantyhose, she will give you the most satisfying range of sensations you can expect, and maybe more. You will feel your pussy deliciously massaged, your clit fondled and sucked, your asshole licked...Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to tell you, Erika. Your dear friend Lydia is now the latex pantyhose of a girl named Charlene."

Erika's despair grew deeper. Her lover had not escaped this awful fate!

"Charlene's pantyhose are the friend of Erika?"

"In fact, Lydia and Erika were indeed once lovers."

"Wow! But coming back to the sensations, I'll can't wear Erika all day as a pantyhose if I'm to be excited the way you told me about!"

"You won't be excited "this way" all day, dearie. It will be you who will tell your cloth what sensations you want to feel! You can regulate them only by a vocal command. For example, tell the bra to make you feel as if your nipples were strongly sucked."

"How do just have to ask?"

"Tell Erika something like "Suck my nipples strongly" and you will be rewarded."

"Well, let's try. Erika, I want you to strongly suck my nipples"

Erika felt nothing happen, but Sharon soon started to arch her breasts and moan. "Oh Gods! I feel like she's milking me!"

Her nipples, already erected, engorged a little more, perking more inside the cups which were molding them. This slight variation of tension made Erika to orgasm helplessly. Then Sharon cupped her breasts with her hand, playing with her nipples through the bra, forcing other climaxes in Erika, which was desperately mentally begging for the stimulation to stop. But the stimulation increased till Sharon orgasmed, and faded to the level of an ordinary fuck, when the girl told her bra to just stimulate her breasts gently.

"What a ride! My apologies, mistress, but I could not help myself on this orgasm!"

"You're welcome, sweet cake. Just think the amount of pleasure you will feel from her. Try to turn her inside a teddy. She would please all your sexual parts at the same time! But you will have to be explicit in you demands of stimulation!"

"With such a gift, I will never have the need of a man, I bet!"

"On the contrary, I encourage you to make love with a man with Erika molding your pussy. Turn her into latex pantyhose, and when you're about to be penetrated, she will flow into your pussy and act as a condom. In fact, at this time, Erika will be your hose AND your pussy. You can't imagine what sensations she will feel then! And for you, there will be the sensations of the man and those of the pantyhose!"

"Incredible! At the same time, I will make her caress my legs. I love to have them fondled!"

"She will act like the most intentioned lover, honey. Now you should go home, I bet you can't wait to play with your new underwear!"

Sharon thanked again the Mistress for her wonderful gift, and went out of the dungeon. With every motion, her breasts giggled, making Erika horny and climaxing. Sharon went to a dressing room, where she had got undressed before entering the dungeon. Erika saw the small pile of clothes. Sharon dressed herself up, putting on pantyhose and shoes. She placed her old bra in her purse, and put on a skirt and a silk blouse. Erika could no longer see. Her vision was reduced to a translucent coloured light, but the sensations of the silk against her satin body amplified her orgasms.

As Sharon went home, she could not resist fondling her breasts, pleasured by the sensations given by her bra, and made very horny at the thought of the helpless girl orgasming inside.

The End

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