Evil Magic World 3 - Don't Bother a Noble

by Pulsar

(Parts 2 and 4 were also posted to FictionMania archive)

John was a young noble. At the age of 17, he was very pretentious. Due to his status as noble, he did what he wanted to, and with who he wanted to. On the street, he could pick any woman to please him, and he did. He had made arrests of four who had not accepted to be fucked.

His parents were rich and had a rather high position in town, for his father, Georges, was the 8th judge at the Court. His mother, Wanda, loved to pick up women with her husband, and make them do plenty of devious things. The girls were forced to obey if they did not want a fate far worse than to be at the orders of a noble for a day or two.

The family lived in the rich zone of the town. Family was a large term, because all the nobles had long ago forgotten that love was a glorious sentiment. There was no attachment between them, but a sort of convenience. John considered his parents as he considered those of another noble family. From their side, Georges and Wanda liked him as they liked their neighbor's son. The family was together when the concern was the satisfaction of their desires. They delighted to see the sentences of the Court applied. They delighted from the distress of the persons convicted of offences against the law.

They never missed one execution of sentence in the Hall of Change, which was near their house. They had permanent places, and always went there with several slaves to be pleased with. In the same time, the slaves shook with fear and did their best to please their keepers, not to end as victims of the Hall of Change.

It was Saturday evening. Georges, Wanda and John were walking back from the Hall of Changes with their three slaves taken in leashes behind them. The show had been great, as usual. The prisoners were held naked in personal hermetic transparent cages. The sounds outside were to be heard, but their futile pleas of mercy were confined inside. One by one, they were extracted from their cells and put on display. They did not know what was to happen to them, for they had not been told the sentence when they were judged.

Around the display scene was placed the audience. Nobles had the major part, with enough room to play with their slaves. The rest was reserved for common citizens. Some came with their children to show what could happen to them if they broke a law. Boys and girls would have to stare in horror as people changed before their eyes, with pleas of mercy. The other sounds were most commonly the moans of pleasure from the nobles.

Tonight, the show had started with a woman who had ran a red light before the eyes of the police. It was an offence that earned a change of status, but when she had noticed that the police were after her, she had fled away. This was a greater offence, and it also earned a change of status. The woman's cell was rolled magically to the display scene, then the cell disappeared and the woman was ready for her punishment. The speaker enounced the name of the woman and what she had done. Then he read the sentence. "After deliberations, as she tried to run out, the accused is condemned to become a nylon pantyhose, which will never run out."

The woman screamed. The she ran to find an exit at the scene, but there were glass protections like in a hockey stadium. Banging on the glass, her arms become nylon, flopping at her sides like two empty gloves. Pleading, she ran around before her legs changed too. Then she screamed profanities while her torso vanished into nylon. A last cry and she was deflated into a nylon sex doll on the floor. There was a ripple as the human shape sank into itself to form the cotton panel of the pantyhose, and it was over! A man opened a door and went on the scene, collected the pantyhose and went away. The pantyhose would be sold in a lingerie shop.

The next four women had been deprived of their citizen status. They had to be turned into slaves. This was not very spectacular. For each woman, bondage equipment appeared and fastened on the slave. They had then been taken out; their next address would be in a training centre.

The sixth prisoner had been a man who had punched the face of a policeman. He had to become a female slave. The man had seemed repentant, and had submitted quite calmly his transformation. He had kept breathing deeply till only the breasts and the sex remained untouched, which were the lasts organs to be changed. But the breasts had began to swell, had become womanly sensitive, and the still anatomical man had cracked. He had collapsed on his knees, crying hysterically and begging for mercy. His breasts had soon reached the slave standard, which were DD-cups, and his penis had begun to retract. The pleadings had increased, but the pussy had been perfectly formed in short time. Then the crying girl had submitted to another trauma. An invisible force had put her on her feet, and the bondage equipment had materialized on her: A coating in black latex, a punishment corset, a single glove, straps which bound her legs, a inflatable gag, and of course two vibrating dildoes held firmly in her by a crotch strap. At last, the slave had been taken to the training centre.

The last prisoner had been left for the end of the session. The man had been a member of the Sigma Force, and had not given the names of his companions. He had to be turned into a woman, and then fitted on a special device for as long as he did not betray his friends. The door of the scene had opened, and a hollow mannequin had been pulled in the centre of the display. The man had then been freed of his cage. He had addressed the nobles, saying that he would never give up his companions. Then the transformation had begun, and soon a whimpering woman had been formed. Next she had been put inside the mannequin shell, where she could not make movement. Several men had entered the scene, carrying some equipment that they had put on the mannequin. The mouth had been filled with an inflatable gag. Two low vibrating dildoes, to keep her aroused without ability to orgasm. Clitoral and nipple cups to be connected to a sucking pump. Then she had been told her fate: Speak or be stimulated. She would be questioned only once a week. The machinery had been switched on, and soon the audience heard the muffled cries of an over stimulated woman begging for release, in all the meanings of the term.

John remembered the show with delight. He had come twice in his personal slave, and had a special thought for the member of the Sigma Force. No one could resist more than three days the level of stimulation given in the mannequin shell. So she would have to wait for four days with her will broken. When, at last, she would have the occasion to talk, she would not hesitate and give her accomplices. She would then be freed of he mannequin shell and imprisoned in a cell, with a spell compelling her to be horny, so that she would please any one, guardian or inmate. This would last for two weeks, so her body would make her to become more feminine in thought. After that, she would be brought back at the Hall of Change, and be turned into a living undergarment. John knew that the show she would give would be very interesting, for the transformation would be voluntarily slowed down, and the girl would have the time to beg a lot.

That is why John was excited again. The simple fact of thinking about the feelings flowing in a woman who was changing into a piece of lingerie made him hard as rock. So he gave the leash of his slave to his father, and headed for the centre of the town. He would find a pretty girl and bring her back home, where he could play with her.

He walked the streets, searching for a girl who would merit his attention. There were plenty of them, but tonight he wanted a little more. He wanted a special girl. Then he saw her. She was a middle height blonde girl who seemed in last teens. Her face was very sensual, with pouting lips, a little pretty nose, and big green eyes. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her body was perfect, with two C-cup breasts and hips to die for. She had long, slender legs, covered with nylon. She wore a cream-coloured, sleeveless knit top that showed her smooth arms. The hem of her skirt was a good four inches above her shapely knees. She wore low black pumps, which annoyed John a little, for he had always preferred high heels, but it would not matter in her case. The girl was special to him, because she was watching a nobleman openly making love to a girl. As the other persons went away with a look of disgust on their faces, she was staring at the couple, enjoying visibly the humiliation of the penetrated girl.

John felt like an eagle diving on a rabbit when he approached his foe.

"Hello, sweetheart! Like the show?"

"This girl should take sex courses! She is penetrated since nearly ten minutes, and has not already made the man come."

"Well, let's go home with me. You will show me how well you learned your lessons."

The woman slapped his face. "Who do you think you are? I'm the owner of my body, and I do whatever I want with it! I'm not one of these whores which you can play the game "Pick up, fuck up and let go"!"

John went mad at the girl. She had slapped a noble! Normally, he would have called the police to have her arrested, but his hormones were shot. So he slapped the girl, pushed her on the nearest wall. With a hand, he covered her mouth, preventing it to be bitten. His other hand was already under her skirt, aiming at her pussy. Pulling down her pantyhose was a formality, and he soon could rape her in front of the stunned people who passed by. At first, she went wild, trying to kick him, but after a few strokes of his shaft, she submitted to him with passion. Unlike the other girl, she seemed to have well learned her sex courses. In five minutes, her expert pussy had made him shoot his load, while she orgasmed, in pleasure and humiliation.

"That will teach you to be a good girl, slut! You did a good job, so I won't have you converted into a slave. But you should care about your reactions, for the other nobles are not as kind as me!"

The girl had recovered quickly, and was pulling her soiled pantyhose up. "I swear that I will make you very sorry for that rape! Your nobility won't save you from my vengeance!"

"If I was at your place, I would have shut my trap and got home, pussy! Now move your ass out there, and think about I might have made you pregnant!"

John went away with a laugh. He had not taken her home, but the public humiliation she had was worth it. He got home light hearted, and went to bed. As all mornings, he would be woke up by his slave, giving him a great blowjob.

Two weeks passed. John continued to live as usual. As he had anticipated, the girl of the Sigma Force had talked, and had been turned into a piece of cloth. She had orgasmed ten times during her transformation into a latex panty, with anal and vaginal dildoes built in. The authorities were now chasing her accomplices, who had left the town. John knew that they would be arrested soon, and the anticipation of show at the Hall of Changes gave him more energy in his courses.

On Thursday, he was alone on his way home after school when the girl he had raped appeared at the corner of the road. She was wearing a latex cat suit, and high heel leather boots that went up to her knees. She smiled like a cat in front of a cup of milk.

"Hello, sucker! Do you recognize me?"

"You're the slut I taught a lesson few days ago, don't you?"

"Yeah! Remember what I told you?"

"If I had to remember all the things the sluts tell me, I would have a permanent headache!"

"Well, I told you I would make you very sorry to have raped me, and now it's time for payback! What I did not tell you is my name. I am Cheryl Stevens, and my father is the right arm of the mayor of this town. I am a noble, I have my own magic items and now you are mine for ever!"

John stared stunned at the spitting girl. He had no time to do or say anything. His world went black, and he found himself inside something he could not tell. There was no light, no sound, and no movement.After what seemed to be hours, a spinning sensation took him.

When he regained his composure, he was standing naked in cage. He was in a dungeon filled with all the items a Mistress could dream for: Whips, chains, dildoes, wood crosses, gynecologic table... They were all there, plus several objects he could not tell the use of. The dungeon was covered with heavy padded rubber, and the smell was intoxicating. He would have appreciated it he had been in control. But in this case, he was feeling like a prisoner awaiting his unknown fate in the Hall of Changes. It was a paradox, but being at the other side of the whip made him slightly excited, for his member was semi-erected.

Cheryl entered the dungeon two boring hours later. He stared at her in silence, waiting for her to speak.

"Well, sucker! You don't seem so proud of yourself, now that you are in the slave's role. I will make you learn an unforgettable lesson. You will fall asleep in your cage, and, when you wake up, you will find that you are a girl of 17. It will be your transformed body, but you will have no control on it, for it will be controlled by a spell I call 'the synthetic soul'. You will be a passenger in your body, and the spell will make you act as a girl citizen: You will be new in town, and live alone in a small house. You will have an official identity, and live like a good girl would, except that you will be a rather easy girl. Selected as a housekeeper, you will learn beauty, sex and cooking courses. You will slowly adapt in your new body, and become more and more feminine in soul. You will start to think like a girl, and soon you will want to act like a girl.

"Slowly, the spell will allow it, and you will regain control of your body, but you will mentally be a girl. It is a long-term spell, but the effect is better than the usual feminization process you know. It will be as is you were born female. You will remember being male, but you will never want to change back.

There are a few terms that you will never be able to cross: You will never be able to get in touch with your parents. The spell will prevent that. If you want to talk about them, the spell will take control and you will talk of the virtual parents of the synthetic soul. You will act like a good girl. That is to say that you won't be able to break any law. I don't want you to be enslaved. I think that in six months, you will regain all the control of your body, and be fully female. So, good night, baby!"

Before he could react, he felt incredibly tired. He could not help and soon he was asleep.

The sounds of the traffic made him open his eyes. Immediately, he remembered Cheryl and her curse. Then he felt that something was wrong with his body, but when he wanted to discover why, he found that he had no control on his actions. He could not even gasp in terror. A simple blink was out of his reach. He felt his body wake up, and found out that it was a very sexy female body. Her breasts were D-cups at least, and the sensations of womanhood were over helming. He tried to struggle for control, but he could not do anything.

Her body was named Chloe Summers, as she soon found out. During the first weeks, it was awful. She was lost in the girl's life, with no influence on it. Sex was hard to cope with. While men did not attract Chloe, her body had the natural reactions of a girl, and she was soon going out with a man. Inside, Chloe cried with despair when she made love for the first time, and was devastated by the orgasms she had all night long. His woman's life was different from a man's, and she was confused.

She dreaded the sex course she had to follow, because she was always pushed to orgasm before her friends. But as Cheryl said, Chloe started to anticipate the actions of her body. She came to love the sensations of her sex, and soon welcomed making love with men. After four weeks, she discovered that she had gained the control of her pussy while lovemaking. It was heaven! Her feelings went then to her beauty, for she had to be pretty to seduce men. Then, step by step, and without even noticing it, Chloe' mind turned slowly to female. Step by step, she gained more and more control on her actions, and got even more feminine than the spell compelled her to.

When she had gained enough control on herself, Chloe tried to tell someone about her noble parents, but the spell made her talk about another family of common citizens. She then tried to get in touch with them, but the spell prevented that. Generally, she ended crying softly on her bed, despairing of meeting her family again, which was the only way to tell them about her curse. Not that she wanted to be restored as a man. She now wanted to be a woman, but wanted to regain her nobility. Her denied attempts to talk about her family took two months, and then she gave up. She was now a girl citizen of nearly 18, a girl who loved to seduce both men and women, for she was bi-sexual. She loved to dress with sexy clothes and wear make-up. One evening, she went out to dance, with a few girlfriends she had made. At the disco, she met a man called Andrew, and fell in love with him. She felt accomplished, and was more than grateful to Cheryl to have turned her into a girl.

One morning of the sixth month after her transformation, Chloe was cleaning her house, for it was Saturday and there were no courses. Andrew was out. He had been called to work for the weekend. Suddenly, as she was vacuuming the bedroom, the spell holding her took control again. She could no longer control her actions. She undressed and put sexy clothes on. Then she took a paper, a pen and started to write a letter to Andrew, in which she wrote that she no longer loved him, and that she was leaving the town today. Chloe went wild, and desperately struggled for control. She did not want to leave Andrew, but her body simply left the home, no matter how she pleaded. She went directly to Cheryl's house, rang the bell and waited. Cheryl appeared and welcomed her with a sight of relief.

"It's you at last! I was starting to think that I had made an error to transforming you this way. Come to the dungeon, I kept it ready for you!"

Chloe knew she was stuck in a nightmare. Now she understood the evilness of what Cheryl had done to her. She had done her to be a woman mentally, enjoy a new life and now she was going to steal that life from her! While her thoughts were in turmoil, her body followed Cheryl like a dog. She was driven to the dungeon, which looked this time much more impressive. This time, the vision of the dungeon was really frightening. She was asked to undress completely, then to stand against the latex wall, from which were bolted several metal manacles and belts. Her body complied without hesitation. Cheryl closed the manacles, and she was pinned on the wall. Her arms were spread at forty-five degrees, locked at the elbows and the wrists. A large belt crushed her waist, and another ran just below her breasts, making her torso absolutely unmovable. Her legs were spread at the maximum, making her do the splits, then fastened at the upper thighs, above and below the knees and finally at the ankles. All Chloe could move was her head, which was taken care of when a belt was fastened around her mouth, pulling an inflatable rubber gag tightly in place. She could now move as much as a statue. Inside her head, Chloe was mad with apprehension.

"Now that you are pinned on the wall, I can release your mind. Be happy, you are no longer be under the influence of the synthetic soul spell!"

Chloe found immediately that she had regained her control, but all she could do was flex her hands, shake her feet and mew in her gag.

"Now, my dear, I will start to exercise my vengeance on you. I told you that you would be very sorry to have raped me. Now, it's time for payback! But I am not going to rape you with a huge dildo, although you could do nothing to prevent that."

Cheryl went out of sight, and came back with a trolley. On it were several small metal rings, and several needles, which made Chloe moan desperately.

"Well, my beauty! Just look what I have for you! You see those small rings, don't you? They will be fit on your lovely nipples and clitty. Don't worry, girl, it will not be painful. But to fit the rings on your body, I will need those needles, and that will be VERY painful! I waited for you for so long, now I will really have fun!"

Chloe gave all her energy to escape her bonds. She twisted and struggled with all her strength, but she remained in the same position. Cheryl took a needle and started to fondle Chloe's nipples. She resisted with despair, but was betrayed by her body. Her nipples swelled with pleasure, and she moaned, closing her eyes. Fire exploded in her right nipple. The first needle had been inserted, and Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs. The first shot of pain faded, replaced by a sensation of burning fire in her breast. Chloe was in tears.

Cheryl went on the left breast, making Chloe moan in pain and pleasure. Then the same fate happened on her tender nipple. This time, Chloe passed out.

When she regained consciousness, Cheryl was staring at her, smiling. Chloe's breasts were still pinned by the needles, and the pain was barely bearable.

"Enjoying yourself, girlie?" Cheryl was laughing at the distress of the poor girl. "Well, I still have one last needle, and I've got a job to do!"

Chloe felt then Cheryl's finger play with her clit. She went wet, but her tormentor continued massaging her pussy till it was dripping with juice. Chloe was at the verge of orgasm, and the pain in her breasts added to her pleasure.

Cheryl kept fondling the pussy. At the moment when Chloe's orgasm smashed through her, Cheryl pushed the last needle in her victim's clitoris.

Immediately, Chloe's orgasm changed to an excruciating pain. She screamed like mad in her gag during nearly fifteen seconds, and passed out again.

When she woke, she kept her eyes closed. She was still in the same position. The pain had completely gone, as if nothing had happened. But there were strange feelings in her breasts and pussy. Opening her eyes she saw that a ring passed trough each nipple, keeping it erect. She could not see her pussy, but thought that a similar ring ran trough her clit as well.

Cheryl came in her field of view.

"Good morning, Chloe! Love your nipples and clitty rings? You did quite a show, you know! It's a pity to tell you, but I can't play with you this morning, for I am late for school. I'll see you at twelve, but as I had you pierced, I don't want you bored! It's a good one, no? Well, to keep you entertained, I have little weights to fix on your rings. Have fun, sweetie!"

Cheryl took then a chain with tiny links, and connected Chloe's nipple with two small padlocks. Then she fixed several weights in the middle of the chain. Chloe was desperate. Her nipples seemed pulled out of her! But it went worse when her captor weighted her clit ring. All she could to was tremble with distress and pleasure. The tension on her most tender parts was very strong, and the pain barely bearable, but there was also an erotic pleasure which couldn't be denied.

"You are certainly thinking that your tits and clitty are about to tear off, dearie. I must comfort you on this point. They won't tear off. I made them very resistant. In fact, I can suspend you by only one of your ring. I'm sure you would be great, lifted by your nipples! Think about that while I'm gone!"

Cheryl ran out, leaving Chloe dejected. She tried again to wriggle, but her minute movements did nothing but give momentum on the weight. Pain and pleasure were mixing...

Cheryl went back after lunch. Chloe was in a pitiful state. She had had many orgasms mixed with pain, and was exhausted. She even didn't moan when Cheryl came in.

"Wow! I should have put a container under your pussy. The floor is soaked with your juices!" Effectively, Chloe's pussy had been dripping all morning, and a small pool of pussy juice shined on the latex floor. Cheryl went on her knees, put a finger in the liquid and tasted it.

"Excellent! Your juice is so good, I should make you drip all day and collect it. You'll become my favorite drink!"

She went on her knees, and licked the floor until it was clean. For Chloe, this was terribly humiliating. Cheryl stood up again. Her chin was wet of Chloe's fluid.

"Thanks a lot for the drink! Now I will change your position for the afternoon."

The weights were removed. The nipple chain stayed on. The straps holding Chloe were unfastened. Her gag went out. She thought to fight, but was too exhausted.

Cheryl took another gag and put it in her victim's mouth. Chloe had a feeble reaction, but the slightest movement reverberated on her nipples and clitoris, so she let her gag, unresisting. Lifting her in her arms, Cheryl took Chloe in a small room, still completely padded with rubber.

"You are welcomed into the waiting room, Chloe. I prepared this room especially for you. From now you will wait for my return there."

She started by binding Chloe's arms behind her. The next operation was to fit her prisoner with a corset that she tightened severely, making her moan in her gag. Latex stockings were rolled on her legs. Then the fun part began. Cheryl fixed a dangling strap behind Chloe's gag, took a remote control and punched a button. The strap wound up, lifting Chloe by the back of her head, forcing her to stand. Cheryl took a latex single glove, placed it on her helpless captive, forcing her elbows to touch. It made Chloe thrust her breasts a little further, moaning with disease. Chloe's legs were then spread and fastened at the ankles.

She could go nowhere, but the worse was to come.

Cheryl linked the nipple chain to a latex strap connected on the top of the wall beyond Chloe. The length of the strap was adjusted to put a slight tension on the nipples. Cheryl went behind her.

Chloe felt a strap being connected to her clit ring and passed trough the ring at the base of the single glove. Then there was a great tension as the strap was connected to the opposite wall. Chloe arched her back to ease the tension of her clit, but was rewarded by the tension increasing in her nipples. She was trapped! Every move pulled at her most private parts. She moaned desperately.

Cheryl went out a minute and came back with a little container. She put it on the floor under Chloe's pussy.

"It's time to go to school again, sweet heart! I have a sex course, and thinking of you will be the most stimulating! Drip well, beauty. I want this box to be full when I come back! I'll be thirsty!"

Cheryl disappeared, closing the door, leaving Chloe in total darkness.

Chloe's lost the track of time. The room came filled with sounds of wriggle and desperate moans. She was pulled front by the nipples, and pulled back by the clit... Her pussy ached with desire, dripping constantly. Her orgasms, obtained with pleasure and pain, made her humiliated beyond words. She would have given anything to be allowed to sleep, but was not permitted to relax from her erotic pose.

Suddenly, after an eternity, the door opened. Cheryl was back.

"I see that you are still keeping the pose, sweet cake. You are a good girl!

Let's check out your box... Well, you did a good job!" She raised the box. It was nearly full of Chloe's fluid. Cheryl put the box to her lips and drank avidly. "God! I was really thirsty tonight! But I see that you are drained, so I will let you have some rest." Chloe suddenly felt her arousal increase beyond limits. She ached with pleasure, tensioning her clit. Then she sensed her muscles freeze in this position. She had been paralyzed!

Then came a growing impression of tightness. The orgasm hit her, and when it faded, Cheryl told her: "To let you have some rest, I have turned you in a plastic mannequin, so you don't have to care about keeping your balance. But your breasts and pussy have not been affected, so you will continue to drip while you sleep, and I will have something to drink tomorrow. Have a good night, sweetie!"

Chloe was so exhausted that she slept almost immediately. Her dreams were the most erotic as her pussy dripped in a container larger than the first.

Chloe was kept in this state till the weekend. Wriggling at day, frozen at night. Cheryl came only to collect her precious fluid and replace the box. Chloe had never been so completely dehumanized and humiliated. But above all that was the pleasure and the orgasms. They were making her feel so alive, and as they faded, she felt so reduced to an object...

On Saturday morning, Cheryl came. She drank Chloe's juice, and filled a small bottle with the rest of the container.

"Dearie, I've got a wonderful news for you. We are going shopping together!"

She disconnected the nipple rings and clit ring. Then she restored her, and unbound her ankles. Then she put a leash on Chloe's clit and they were out. For Chloe, this was pure heaven. Albeit speech was impossible due to the gag, she could walk, even if her only clothes were the latex stockings and the single glove binding her arms. She followed Cheryl obediently, compelled by the clit leash. She did not care about the looks on the passing people. It should have been humiliating to be displayed like that, but she had bared far more. Cheryl went to a lot of shops, bought clothes to be delivered at her house. She met several friends, who commented about her slave. Cheryl was congratulated for the idea of the clit leash. But as the days came on, Chloe found herself jealous of Cheryl. She was trying on so many clothes on! Chloe longed to imitate her Mistress. It was then with relief that she was led home, in the middle of the afternoon. Cheryl drove her to the bedroom. Some clothes had already been delivered, and had been stored in the dressers by the house slaves. Cheryl took off Chloe's gag.

"Had a good day, honey? I'm tired of all this shopping!"

Chloe had learned that if Cheryl talked sociably, she had a very bad plot in her head. So she stayed mute, waiting in fear.

"You are quite talkative, now that your gag is off! I found you noisier in the waiting room, with all the Mmmmmph you were doing."

The mockery in her voice was too much for Chloe, and she collapsed on her knees, crying like a small child.

"Oh! Poor thing! You seem so desperate! Come on the bed. I will make you feel better."

Still crying, Chloe went on the bed, and Cheryl put her on her back. Then, having spread the unresisting legs, she went to eat Chloe's pussy. The cries soon were replaced by moans of pleasure, as Chloe responded. The orgasm took her five minutes later and faded, leaving her drained. Cheryl went at her side, and kissed her passionately. They made love all the night. Cheryl used different dildoes to fill Chloe's demanding holes. Still having her arms bound, Chloe had only her head to please Cheryl's pussy, but she did it with all her energy. When the girls went to sleep, both were exhausted, and fully satisfied.

Chloe woke under Cheryl's wet kisses. She responded immediately, her pussy already wet with passion. When they broke the kiss, Cheryl asked: "Morning, Chloe. Had a good night?"

"Mistress Cheryl, I can no longer retain myself. You can't imagine how sorry I am to have raped you. I'm in love with you. I know that you have tamed me. I know that you have deprived me of my self-respect, but I love you. I want to be forever at your side."

"Well, what a declaration! I have a confidence for you. I love you too, and I swear that you will forever be at my side. Now just wait there while I go downstairs take my breakfast. You don't need to eat because of the stasis spell you're under, but I certainly have to!"

Chloe did not answer. She was crying softly, in happiness.

When Cheryl came back, half an hour later, she unbound Chloe's arms. Together, they made love again and again. This time, Chloe could use dildoes on Cheryl.

They stopped for lunch, and restarted till dinner. Chloe was lost in heaven. Her lover then bound and gagged her. They went out in a restaurant, because a friend of Cheryl had invited her. Chloe waited with the other slaves, chained to the wall in the hall of the restaurant. After two hours, Cheryl reappeared with a man. They picked their respective slaves up, and the four went to Cheryl's home.

The man kissed Cheryl good-bye. Chloe was again alone with her lover. As the day had drained them, they made love only two hours, and slept enlaced each other.

Sunday morning. Chloe awoke the first. Smiling, she went on Cheryl's pussy, and started to lick it gently. Cheryl soon awoke, and was soon taken to orgasm by her insatiable slave. Then they kissed deeply, and Cheryl went to breakfast.

Chloe waited for her return, playing with her nipples and clit rings. She wanted to be hot for her Mistress. As Cheryl came back, she was ready for another round of lovemaking, but her mistress stopped her. "I want to play a game with you, my little slave."

She lied on her back on the bed, and spread her legs. "Dearie, please come and ride on me. Enlace me with your arms, put your mouth on my left breast, but don't make any movement. I also want you to close your eyes, for I have something special for you."

Chloe happily obliged. She had already done it in their passionate games, so she knew what Cheryl awaited. She rode her mistress, tights entrapping her hips. Her hands were on Cheryl's shoulder blade in a lover's embrace, and her mouth was opened around a succulent left breast. There she waited obediently, but Cheryl did nothing. Due to her ministrations when her mistress was at breakfast, the slave was very aroused, and this game added to her excitation. After a minute, or two, she felt something funny happening on her. It was as if her hands had become softer, softer... It felt as if she had the whole breast in her mouth, and the feeling was very pleasant. Still waiting in delight for what was to come, she felt the sensation of softness expand on all her body, making the arousal heighten. She heard at last Cheryl laugh with delight, as if she had played a very good joke. Then the mistress calmed down and spoke: "That's ok, sweet cake. You can open your eyes and do whatever you want."

Chloe opened her eyes, and the shock made her jump and gasp. But she remained firmly glued to the breast, and just a muffled "Mmmmmph" was heard instead of a scream of surprise. Her mouth had really expanded, engulfing the whole breast. But cupping the breast was more the term, for she did not see any flesh or lips, but shiny black rubber. Her arms were stuck behind Cheryl's bust. She next discovered that her legs adhered tightly along her lover's side.

Fear flashed in her mind as Cheryl spoke again"Now, sugar, I have my entire revenge! From an arrogant noble man, I have turned you into a loving common woman. Then I have made you my submissive love slave.

Now your degradation will be complete as you are turning into a living object.

As you can surely guess, you are turning in a wonderful made to measure latex bra. I told that I loved your body, and that's true. I will love you as my fetish undergarments. Say good bye to your humanity, poor rapist!"

Chloe's fear exploded in rage. Cheryl had lured her another time, and this time it was for good!

With all her strength, she pushed herself away. She lifted her head a little off the breast, stretching her now latex mouth, but came back in position with a rustling noise. She now could feel her legs sliding slowly under Cheryl. They were going to form the back strap. Her arms were stretching too, and she soon saw her hands appear along Cheryl's shoulder. But they were smaller, and her fingers had fused into a sort of mitten, albeit she could feel them separately.Rage melted down in pure terror. The transforming girl struggled desperately for her life as a human being, a life that was slowly being stolen from her. Her only reward for those struggles was a low moan of ecstasy from Cheryl. She pleaded with her crying eyes the exulting woman, made desperate "Mmmmmph" in hope to make her come back on her decision, but to no avail. As the transformation went on, she felt her lower body alter and come to cover the right breast. The breast she had in her mouth seemed to grow, as her head shrunk. Her arms and hand connected to the cups, and melted into a single piece of rubber, forming the shoulder straps before Chloe's terrified eyes.

At this point, all that remained of her was a small head and small buttocks on the top of a latex bra. Then she felt her buttocks fade into the right cup. The left cup suddenly seemed to swell. Chloe understood that finally her head was taken. The latex slowly filled her field of view, and darkness fell on her as her eyes were swallowed. Her voice had faded away a few minutes ago. As she settled into her new frightening existence, the feeling of her human body disappeared, replaced by the sensations that would be hers as a living object.

Her cups were as if she had two pussies filled with huge dildoes, and the rubber molding the erect nipples was as stimulating as a fingered clit. Her straps felt like her breasts. Her vision came back from the cleavage of Cheryl's breasts. She could now see the most of her body: Two round rubber cups. But the worse was the stimulation induced by Cheryl's slightest movement. Even the up and down motion of Cheryl's breathing was as strong as if Chloe had made love.

The mistress got out of the bed, and Chloe took measure the full weight of the breasts, as they stretched the rubber. She could not help and orgasmed convulsively in her mind, for now she was incapable of any kind of physic manifestation. Then she took the full measure of her predicament. She was now a rubber bra. Her only duty was to support the breasts of her mistress.

Cheryl interrupted her thoughts.

"Now that you are part of my wardrobe, my dear Chloe, you can no longer move, nor speak. I let you see and hear because I want you to feel the world around you, so you will never forget that once you were a woman. I know you saw many transformations into living clothes at the Hall of Changes. So you have been told what kind of sensations they feel. You already feel them, so I don't need to brief you about them, albeit one or two things. You know that you will be stimulated and orgasmed as long as I wear you, and that your only moments of rest will be when I take you off. I put a special spell on you, which will make you have as little rest as possible. When I take you off, you will be transferred immediately in the undergarment I am about to wear. If I want to stay naked, you will be absorbed in me, that is to say that you will be a woman without control of your actions. When I'll make love with a man or a woman, if I'm wearing you, you will become my breasts or my pussy. If I don't, you will be me as I told you before. I can swear that your life from now will be made of as much stimulation as I can give you. Let's demonstrate."

Chloe sensed Cheryl taking her off and dropping her on the floor. As she hit it, there was no pain, but she felt an irresistible attraction as she was sucked out of the bra. She briefly saw that she was like a ghost of herself. She was an ethereal being, and she moved a little but was already sucked in Cheryl's body.

Then she was Cheryl, but with no control of her actions. But it felt so good to be human again! She pleaded in Cheryl's brain, hoping that their minds could communicate, but there was no answer. She was isolated. Then Cheryl spoke to herself: "Now, dearie, I will put on my favorite pantyhose."

Inside her mind, Chloe screamed, but it was pointless. She felt her body move to the dresser, take a pair of nylon pantyhose and drop them on the bed. At this moment, the attraction returned, and she was sucked into the nylon garment, with an inaudible cry of despair. After a few seconds, Cheryl took her and slowly inserted her legs, giving Chloe the unique sensation of having her breasts endlessly fondled. Then she pulled the panty section up, and Chloe felt like her openings had been filled to capacity.

"It is Sunday, and I have a lot of things to do, my sweet Chloe. Or should I say my sweet nylon pantyhose? So I must finish dressing myself up."

As Cheryl moved on, Chloe could not believe the level of sensations that flowed in her nylon body. She followed every movement of Cheryl's legs, and the rustling of the nylon against flesh was devastating. She exploded in a succession of orgasms. She mentally begged for release, trying desperately to find a way to MOVE, but without success. She felt Cheryl slide into a satin skirt. She could see from between Cheryl's legs, but the skirt reduced her field of vision. The feeling of the satin added to her distress and arousal. When Cheryl put on high-heeled shoes, it felt like if Chloe's nipples had been clamped.

Cheryl sat on a chair before her mirror, crossed her legs and started to apply make-up on her beautiful face, humming a tune. She acted as if Chloe had never existed. When she was done, she went downstairs, took her purse and left the house. She was going to meet her friend, the man she had dinned with. They would play with his slaves, make love, have lunch and go shopping. Tonight, they would go to the disco and dance till the morning. She had an excited thought for Chloe, lost in a Heaven/Hell of erotic sensations. She put her hands to her waist and held it tightly. Her fingers dug deeply into her waist as she began to caress her crotch, bringing helpless orgasms on the helpless nylon pantyhose.



The End

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