Exercise Can Change You


Northern Chill

             “Geez, this kinda thing sucks. I enjoy working as a lifeguard but the work to stay in shape...sheesh... ” Rachel thought to herself as she pulled the left strap of her one piece red swimsuit over her shapely figure. After adjusting the suit so she didn’t have an obvious case of camel toe, the blonde haired woman headed to the bathroom to make a few make-up applications before heading out to join her fellow lifeguards.

             “Looking good, Rach. Your second year on the team, and you seem better adjusted than guards that have done it twice as long,” Denise said with a note of appreciation in her voice before flicking on her hair dryer and letting it dry out her blonde locks. Denise was the senior guard for the squad and got along with all the women she worked with. A few whispered that there had been a few who Denise had developed more than a “friend” relationship with some of the other guards but nothing had ever been seen in public to confirm the gossip.

             Rachel smiled as she started applying a small amount of lip gloss and other cosmetics. “Otay, otay, you don’t have to pump up my ego. I think I’m doing well so far even though I’m not crazy about this new coach Czersinski. He seems to be always looking for probs where there are none,” the blonde said somberly.

             “Oh, don’t be like that. The coach just wants all of us to be at our peaks, physically and mentally. That’s why he wants us to go as a group on a five mile run wearing our guard suits,” Denise said as she adjusted the suit she was wearing to avoid any sign of her nipples hardening.

             Rachel nodded slightly and the two finished preparing themselves in the bedroom before slipping on sneakers, grabbing their respective bags and heading out to go to meet with the coach.

              A short time later.....

                “OK, ladies, let’s settle down here. A couple of things I want to bring up before we head out on our run. First off, I want to announce that I’ve lined up a new sponsor for our services. ST Limited is a company that operates around the world and has agreed to supply us with a generous amount of their bottled mineral water that they package in amounts perfect for our consumption. The only thing they have requested is that each of you log onto a secured website and answer a short questionnaire about the water. I’ll hand out the site address on a paper to each of you at the end of the run,” coach Czersinski said as he gestured towards a number of cardboard boxes on a pallet next to him and the paper in his hand.

             “Now, unless there are any questions, I’d ask each one of you to line up to take a bottle of water with you during our run today. Due to the high heat and humidity we’re dealing with today, the warm-up routine we usually undertake will be limited to the exercises we’ve done already. Keep cool, but run hard. Show everyone that being a lifeguard means you are at peak physical condition!” the coach called out as he motioned towards the area he wanted the women in.

                “Any of you notice how relentlessly upbeat Coach seems to be? The fact that he works with female lifeguards exclusively is a bit, well, creepy,” Kelsea murmured as she stood in line behind Rachel and Denise. The dark haired fidgeted slightly as she waited for the line to start moving forward.

                “Don’t look for the worst in everyone, Kel. Coach wants us to be able to do our work without any problems. I heard he works with female guards exclusively due to the fact he has three daughters who are all on college swimming scholarships. Besides, he’s better than having some old battle axe who wants to beat us down and make amends for her own lost youth,” Lara leaned in and murmured before resuming her place in the other line. The buxom blonde was relatively new to the lifeguard routine but made up for it with enthusiasm and dedication to the job.

                “Keep it down. Coach hears us, and we’ll wind up running extra miles,” Denise said quietly before the line-ups moved to within earshot of the coach and his assistant Nina and everybody went silent at once.

                Once everyone had received their alloted water, the lifeguards started out of the field they had assembled in and onto a secondary road that wound through much of the rural area that bordered the city they worked for. As the morning sun drew higher in the sky and the afternoon heat began, the runners started to take sips from their water bottles to maintain hydration. As Czersinski shouted encouragement from a bicycle, the women reached the end of the first of three laps and headed back for the return trip.

                “Huh...huh...this...isn’t so bad...not crazy about the running but better than trying to get a new pair of shoes at a store sale. Water isn’t bad... ” Rachel thought to herself as she stopped and took a deep drink of water before reattaching the bottle to her waist band. As she ran, Rachel noticed the others were also stopping to drink but none seemed to be too flustered by the heat. In fact, there seemed to be a renewed energy in Rachel as well as the other lifeguards. Rather than dragging themselves through the last half mile or so, the guards ran with vigor and rosey cheeks as they neared the end of the run.

               “Excellent run, ladies! Excellent! You’ve certainly outperformed any of our previous runs. After you cool down, all of you will get more bottles of water to take back to your respective rooms. Remember, all of this is so you’ll be at your peak, mentally and physically, when assigned the fall jobs that are assigned to each of you. Strive to be the best, and you will BE the BEST!!” Czesinski exhorted as he gestured to the assembled women and a number of cases next to him.

               “Oh, and in anticipation of the upcoming season, all of you have been issued new suits courtesy of our water sponsor. Try them on when you get back to your rooms, and let me know if there are any defects. I’ll see all of you in the morning for another run tomorrow,” the coach exclaimed before applauding loudly in appreciation of the women’s joint efforts.

               With that, the women gathered up their respective bottles before taking shuttle vehicles back to their respective hotel rooms. For Rachel and Denise, they both dropped the bottles of water they had received just inside their shared room before flopping into nearby chairs for a brief time of recovery.

                “Oooooh, can’t say I’ve ever been this tired after a workout session like I am now.  The coach really ran us into the, hmm, the ground,” Rachel moaned as she wiped the sweat off her forehead with her forearm.

           “Yeah, that’s true. Huh, I thought he’d stop about halfway through due to the heat but he kept pushing. Oooooh, I feel so tired all over,” Denise said haltingly as she leaned forward with her arms drooping forwards in an attempt to stretch herself a little.

            “I’m gonna grab some water and a shower. You want anything?” Rachel asked as she stood and started towards the kitchen area.

           “Grab me a bottle as well. I’ll throw some in the fridge for tonight in case the humidity comes back again,” Denise replied as she stretched her arms again. For some reason, she was feeling a little horny but couldn’t figure out why.

                A short time later, Rachel finished her shower and after drying off, she wrapped a towel around her midsection and headed towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, Denise, wearing a red satin bra and panties, was leaning against a counter and drinking from a bottle of water.

                  “Feeling all right now?” Rachel asked Denise as she reached inside the fridge to get a bottle of water for herself.

                 “Yeah. Hope the coach does more of the training in the pool during this heat wave. I know he’s trying to compress things before we get our summer assignments but all this running leaves me no time to have fun, if ya know what I mean,”  Denise replied as she guzzled down the bottle.

                 After a few minutes of chatting about what the coach had in mind for the next few days, the two headed for their respective bedrooms. Due to the stifling humidity prevalent in the area and lack of air conditioning in the apartment, both women chose to sleep in the nude and hope for cool breezes to make things more bearable.

                 Several hours later, Denise was asleep after some tossing and turning when an odd sensation woke her up. With her eyes half open, Denise looked downwards and saw that Rachel had positioned herself between her legs and was using her tongue in a very stimulating manner.

                “Ummm, Rachel, uhhhhh, what, what are you, OHHHH, you doing in here? Ohhhh, ummm, uhhhhh, yess,” Denise murmured as she tried to figure out why Rachel was stimulating her sex with her tongue even as she reveled in the sensations.

                 “I, ummm, I’m, ummm, sorry, Denise. I got up to get a drink of water and on the way back to bed, I saw you lying on your bed. You looked so fucking hot and I was feeling so, mmm, horny. I, ummm, I can go back to bed now, if you want,” Rachel replied as she looked at Denise with an erotic haze visible in her expression.

                 “Ummm, I, uhhhh, keep doing what you’re, ohhh, doing,” Denise stammered before her body quivered and her eyes fluttered as Rachel resumed pushing her tongue deep into Denise.

                 The rest of the night proved to be one of unbridled lust and desire as each woman climaxed repeatedly. For Rachel and Denise, it seemed like their mutual desires seemed unquenchable and the orgy only ended when the two fell into a deep sleep from sheer exhaustion.

                  The next morning, Rachel and Denise slowly started to get ready for the day though both were moving somewhat sluggishly. After washing up, both went to the kitchen but neither had any appetite for food. Oddly, though, they both grabbed for new bottles of water in the fridge and guzzled down their respective containers in seconds.

                  “Ummm, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling all sorts of things right now,” Rachel muttered as she stretched her arms a bit to try and relieve the tightness in them.

                  Denise nodded slightly as she finished off her bottle and placed the empty in the nearby recycling bin. “Yeah, same here. I think I’ll go and get dressed for today and, ummm, stuff. Rachel, did you put some sort of new sunscreen on your back yesterday?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

                  “Huh? No, I didn’t. In fact, I was going to ask you about a patch of skin around your waist I saw last night. Looked like maybe an allergy of some kind,” Rachel responded and pointed to Denise’s mid section for emphasis.

                   “Oh? Wow, you’re right. That looks, oooh, and feels OK though,” Denise said with her eyes fluttering as she poked the area in question with a finger. “Ummm, I think we better get changed and ready for today’s workout,”

                   “Yeah, I hear ya,” Rachel replied as she went off to her room to put her suit on. She mentally wondered as to why Denise didn’t bring up their interaction during the night before but chalked that up to focusing on the upcoming day exclusively.

                    A few minutes later, though, both women found a little difficulty slipping their respective swimsuits on. Rachel and Denise experienced problems slipping their one piece suits over their posteriors and tugged futilely to pull them over their respective chests.

                    DING DONG!

                    DING DONG!

                    “Just a minute!” Denise called out as she tugged a robe over her suit that was still not completely on.

                   “Hello, Miss Miller. I swung by today to tell you that today’s practice has been cancelled. There seems to be some sort of food poisoning that has spread among the other guards. Hey, are you two all right? You seem, ummm, a little off,“ Czersinski said as he entered the apartment and noticed the odd demeanor of both women.

                   “I’m fine, I think. I just, umm, it’s been an odd morning. Hate to feel, uhhh, like this. Out of sorts and stuff,” Denise murmured as she took a step towards the bedroom only to falter slightly.

                  “Whoah, easy there. Let me help back to your bedroom, Denise. Where’s Rachel?” Czersinski responded as he stepped forward and put an arm around Denise’s waist for support. For some reason, Denise was both comforted and aroused by the gesture.

                  Getting to the bedroom, Czersinski helped Denise sit on the edge of the bed and sat down next to her. “There ya go, Now, what’s this about you having an odd morning?” the coach said as he placed a hand on Denise’s right shoulder in sympathetic gesture.

                  “Ummm, uhhh, this is gonna sound silly but I went to put my suit on and I’m having a little difficulty getting it over, ummm, spots. I, I’m feeling a little weak or something today,” Denise stammered as she tried to sort out the conflicted feelings flowing through her mind and body.

                 “That’s too bad. Listen, unless you think I’m too forward and as long as I’m here, why don’t you let me help you put it on?” Coach asked in a sincere manner.

                 For the briefest of moments, Denise thought of declining the offer and asking the coach to leave. However, a feeling of needing intimacy was growing inside her and Denise figured this might be the time to satisfy it.

                “OK. Let me just show you the part where I was, umm, having difficulty,” Denise said as she stood and slowly removed her robe. “I go to pull it, ummm, up and I’m having a little, uhh, difficulty,”

                 “I see. Might be a little swelling or sensitivity in certain areas. Let’s find out if you are just a bit tight in the muscles,” Czersinski replied as he stood up with the bag he brought with him in his right hand. Maneuvering behind Denise, the coach started to massage the dark woman’s lower back even as he was reaching into his bag for an item.

                  “Feeling better?” Czersinski inquired as the faint odor of ointment filled the air.

                  “Ummm, uhhh, yes, mmmm, feeling much, ummmm, better,” Denise said and let out a little gasp as the coach massaged her back in a manner that was very stimulating. At the same time, Denise could feel she was getting more aroused as well. That, and an odd primal need for something.

                  “You know, I always thought you were the most beautiful lifeguard in the group I’m training. I bet you have all the good looking guys looking to share a night with you,” Czersinski said softly as he moved his hand lower. At the same time, Denise could feel the coach gently tug her suit downwards with a hand.

                  “Ohhh, ummm, ummm, thank you. Ummm, Coach, can I ask you something? Something that you, ummm, you can, uhhh, do for me?” Denise gasped as she felt her cheeks starting to turn red and her body twitch a bit from her unspoken desire.

                  “Oh? What would that be, Miss Miller?” Czersinski said as both of his hands slid onto Denise’s waist.

                  “Uhhh, fuck me, please!! I want you to fuck me! Now!” Denise gasped and spun around to kiss the coach squarely on the lips with a passion that surprised both of them.

                  Within a minute or two, both Denise and the coach had stripped off their clothes, or suit in Denise’s case, and were writhing together on the bed in unbridled passion. As the caressing and fondling turned to intense lovemaking, Denise found that she let Czersinski take the lead in positions and such.

                  As time passed, Denise experienced orgasms that each seemed to be more intense than the previous one. Finally, the love making ended and Czersinski slipped out of bed and dressed quietly. As the coach slipped out of the room, he noticed Denise had fallen asleep with the sheets partly draped over her body.

                 Heading down the hallway, Czersinski paused in front of Rachel’s room, nudged the door open and peered inside. He saw that Rachel was also asleep and judging by the number of sex toys nearby coupled with a strong ointment smell in the air, Czersinski ascertained Rachel was busy self pleasuring herself during the past few hours.

                 “Looks like the items I brought with me will be welcome sights to these two ladies in the morning, ” Czersinski thought as he retrieved a bag he left just outside the apartment and left several items on the kitchen counter.

                 “I’ll be back to see you soon, ladies. I know you’ll be glad to see me,” the coach said softly as he left the apartment and closed the door behind him.

                 Hours later…..

                 “Mmmmm, uhhhhh, mmmm, feel so good…” Denise said groggily as she woke up and sat up sluggishly. She tried to remember what she was doing during the night but Denise’s mind seemed to be foggy on the details.

                   “Maybe I overdid things last night a bit...huh...feeling a bit odd in the legs this morning...that, and something...mmmm...something else… ” Denise thought as she slowly pulled herself out of bed and ambled into the kitchen. Ordinarily, she would have thrown a robe on herself but for some reason, Denise didn’t think she needed it.

                   “Morning, Denise. Sounds like you were having a lot of fun last night,” Rachel said as she stood with her back to Denise and drank deeply from a new bottle of water.

                  “Yeah. Can’t remember too much. Head feels kinda fuzzy,” Denise replied as she headed for the kitchen table and pulled a bottle of water out of the box Czersinski had left behind.

                   “I hear ya. Do you think that maybe..WHAT THE HELL??!!” Rachel started to say before sputtering as she gazed at Denise’s body.

                   “What are you..OH MY GOD!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” Denise responded as she sat down the bottle and stared at Rachel’s body in similar shock and amazement.

                As Rachel and Denise stared at each other, each could see that dramatic changes had happened to their respective bodies. Looking down and around, Rachel saw that the patches of smooth gloss were now fully visible on her thighs. The gloss was also present on the back of Rachel’s legs and was starting to creep up her back. Even more profound was the fact that Denise could see Rachel’s ass was not only glossy but her anus appeared to have changed into a round opening that looked strangely familiar.

                 For Denise, the changes were even more profound. The glossy, artificial look was visible from her neck down with no sign of freckles or other imperfections. In addition, there were faint traces of seams on Denise’s arms and legs. Denise’s sex had apparently changed into an O shaped sac that looked to be entirely artificial in nature. Above that area, the changes were just as startling and profound when seen. Denise’s breasts now resembled twin globes of latex or rubber capped by pink nipples and areolas that looked decidedly artificial in nature.

                 “YOU’RE CHANGING INTO A SEX DOLL!!” Rachel and Denise both exclaimed as they pointed at each other.

                 For several seconds, Rachel and Denise were silent as they alternated between staring at each other and looking at their own respective bodies. This silence was broken when Denise glanced down at the table and saw something unusual sticking out of a bag that the coach had left behind.

                 “Ooooh, look at this. So big….” Denise murmured as she pulled out what looked to be a very large red double ended dildo. Looking at it, the situation with her body seemed to recede quickly in her mind as a growing need for pleasure came to the forefront.

                    “Ummm, I, uhhh, I think, ummm, we should take that to the bedroom and, umm, try it out. I, ummm, don’t know about you but, uhhh, I’m, I’m feeling REALLY horny right now,” Rachel blurted as she staggered over to the table and placed her left hand atop Denise’s hip with her right hand resting on the dildo.

                     For the briefest of moments, Denise was going to turn down such a proposition in lieu of what had happened to her and Rachel. However, when Rachel touched her hand, Denise felt her need for pleasure intensify by multiple amounts. That, and something else she couldn’t quite quantify.


                     “Let’s get to the bedroom,” Denise murmured as she grabbed the dildo and headed to the bedroom in a steady gait with Rachel close behind her.

                     A short time later…..

                     “Hello? Hello, ladies? You awake? Everything all right?” Czersinski called out as he slowly opened the unlocked apartment door after knocking on it several times. Stepping inside, the coach didn’t see either woman but heard soft moans coming from one of the bedrooms and decided to investigate.

                      “Well, well, well. This is an interesting sight though not unexpected,” Czersinski said softly as he opened the door to Denise’s bedroom and saw what was inside. Atop the bed, Denise and Rachel were lying on their backs with their limbs sticking out widely from their body.

The double dildo was lying on the bed next to them and looked to have been used extensively judging by its condition.

                     “Fuck, mmm, fuck me. Fuck me in the ass. I, uhhh, need to fuck,” Rachel moaned as she moved her arms and legs slightly in response to seeing Czersinski enter the room.

                     “Fuck dolly. Denise needs to be used. Dolly want pleasure,” Denise gasped as she reached with arms that were almost completely artificial in appearance.

                    The coach quietly chuckled to himself as he quickly removed his clothes. “Never let it be said I don’t try and make folks happy though in your cases, this might be a bit more primal in nature,” Czersinski muttered.

                      Taking a position behind Rachel, Czersinski maneuvered her body so that she was pointing her legs in the air as Rachel rested on her back. Placing Rachel’s hands around her legs, Czersinski posed the legs straight up and to the side. With that, Czersinsiki slowly pushed his hard cock into Rachel’s plastified sex and started to slide back and forth in a steady rythum.

                     Moving over to Denise, Czersinski repeated the posing before engaging in a hot, steamy fuck of the woman that was more doll than human. Thrusting in and out, Czersinski quickly got to the point where he unloaded a stream of warm spunk into Denise. As he finished, the coach withdrew from the bed to catch his breath and survey the scene before him.

                      “So strange...feel so different...mmmm..I….I’m a good dolly...dolly want to be used...dolly want to be fucked….NOO!!...I’m not a love doll….I’m Rachel...uhhh...Raunchy Rachel needs to please...mmmm….” the dollified Rachel thought as she wobbled slightly on the bed. For her, her transition into an inanimate love doll was nearly complete. Rachel’s openings were all sacs of latex and plastic that ached to be filled with cock or sex toy. Rachel’s breasts and butt had grown in size even as they turned to smooth, glossy latex.

                      As for Denise, her transformation was not as close to completion as Rachel but her words were barely audible. “Help me. Fuck me. Denise needs to please,” Denise gasped from a mouth that seemed to be the only part of her that was still human.

                     Czersinski smiled as he moved over and put Denise on her hands and knees atop the bed. Without saying another word, Czersinski inserted his cock into Denise’s mouth and groaned as he felt Denise’s lips close around it. As he thrust back and forth, the coach could feel Denise’s mouth turning into a smooth sac devoid of teeth and tongue like her other openings.

                     After building up to a frenzy, Czersinski released a stream of warm spunk into Denise’s mouth and watched as the cum trickled out of her mouth, now frozen in an O shape, and dribbled onto her breasts in an erotic sight.

                     “Now that you two have taken on a full doll look, and probably think as fuck toys as well, it’s time to get you cleaned up and ready for what is planned going forwards,” Czersinski remarked as he lifted up the two dolls and carried them into the bathroom. Once there, the coach dropped the dollified Denise and Rachel on the floor briefly before moving to the shower. Turning the water on, Czersinski placed the two dolls inside the shower and let the warm water start to wash the fluids from the night’s orgy of lust and desire.

                     As the minutes passed, Czersinski leaned in and gently rubbed a washcloth over the two dolls to make sure any grime and imperfections go away.  When he was satisfied the dolls were clean, Czersinski turned the shower off, scooped up the dolls and deposited them on the bed.

                       “Mmmmm...feel so good...uhhh...wh...what..no...no no...I’m not a love doll...I’m Denise...mmmm...uhhh...Double D Denise...dolly needs cock..dolly needs to be used...NOOO...YESSS..NOOOO….” Denise thought to herself as she tried to focus her thoughts on the woman she was rather than the inflatable sex doll she now existed as.

                        “Good dolly..dolly...dolly needs to be used...NO!!...I’m not a fuck toy...I’m Rachel..a lifeguard...this is all a dream...just imagining all of of this...all...all my fuck holes need filling...need cock...mmmmm….yess...NOO….yesss….. ” Rachel thought as her dollified body was influencing her thinking and pushing her towards the simple desires and wants of a sex doll.

                        After taking a towel to wipe away excess moisture on both dolls, and sending Denise and Rachel’s minds into orgasmic bliss once again, Czersinski left the room for a short period of time. He returned with two bags in his hands and set them on the floor. Opening the bag on the left, Czersinski placed several boxes on the table behind him with the bottom of the boxes facing the dolls.  Opening the other bag, the coach pulled out two boxes, looked briefly at the front of them and turned his attention to the dolls in front of him.

                        “Well, my dollified damsels, I’m sure you’re confused, and more than a little aroused, about your constant state. To start, I found myself in a bit of a personal financial bind and was at a loss as to how I can keep myself out of the poor house. One night, out of the blue, I was contacted by a gentleman representing a consortium that was looking to get into the business of selling amazingly realistic love dolls around the world. The unique part was these dolls were to be created from the templates of real women transformed into inflatable sex toys.

                        “I was, to say the least, skeptical of such claims and demanded proof of such claims. The next day, I was emailed a clip showing a lovely woman who transformed into a love doll in the clip in a manner that indicated it wasn’t aided by digital manipulation of the images or something similar. Satisfied that they were telling the truth, I arranged for a sufficient quantity of the formula to be sent to me in the form of bottles of spring water.

                        “With that, it was just a matter of handing out the bottles and, well, picking up the products. Let me show you what I’m talking about,” Czersinski said as he stepped back and turned the boxes on the table around so the fronts were visible from the bed. Once this was done, Czersinski moved back to the bed, sat on it and pulled the dolls forwards so they were in a sitting position like him.

                       “Oooooh….owner touch dolly...mmmm...wait...wait...what...what’s that name?...is it..it….mmmmm...it is...OOOHHH!!!” the dollified Denise thought as multiple sensations and thoughts went through her hollow artificial body. The first thought she had was that she sensed what seemed to be an inflation plug located in her back and when Czersinski brushed his left hand against it, it triggered intense waves of pleasure throughout her hollow latex and rubber body. The second thought was the sight she saw with her fixed doll vision of the box directly opposite her that had KELSEA stamped on the upper part of the box front. Even though she could only see the doll’s face pressed against the see through plastic part, Denise sensed that the doll was, in fact, her fellow lifeguard transformed into a blow-up doll like her. Much like Denise figured she looked now, the Kelsea doll had painted eyes, an O shaped mouth and a face that seemed framed a look of eternal lust and desire.

                               “Mmmmm, I...dolly feels good….I….OOHHHH!!...that, that was intense...uhhhh...but...not a...a...mmmm...what...oh...that...that is….MMMMM!!! ” Rachel thought as sh experienced similar sensations when Czersinski brushed against her body and inflation plug. From Rachel’s fixed point of view, she saw a box with LARA visible at the top of the cardboard box cover. Judging by the lock of blonde hair hanging down between the painted eyes, there was little doubt Lara was the buxom blonde lifeguard who now was nothing more than a deflated sex doll.

                               “Sorry to say this, my dolls, but time is short and I have other places to be. So, let’s get you ready,” Czersinski said as he simultaneously pulled open the inflation plugs on the Dense and Rachel dolls.

                               “NOOO..DON’T DEFLATE ME...I...I...I’M NOT A DOLL...NOT...USE ME...DON’T...DE...FL...ATE...M...E…. ” Denise thought as he body started to rapidly lose form and shape. The loss of air was accelerated by the fact that Czersinski was pressing a hand against the doll’s abdomen, a touch that both terrified and aroused the dwindling thinking of Denise.

                                “FUCK ME...DON’T...DEFLATE ME...RAUNCHY RACHEL...NEEDS..TO..PLEASE...USE..DO….L...L...Y….” the dollified Rachel thought as air rushed out of its body and it sagged to a flat shape atop the bedding.

                               Once both dolls were fully deflated, Czersinski retrieved the two boxes on the floor and pulled out clear bags from inside them. Putting the bags on the bed, Czersinski swiftly folded the dolls’ bodies into separate piles with their heads sitting on top. Next, he slid the deflated dolls into bags and placed them into boxes marked DENISE and RACHEL respectively.

                              Placing the tops back on the boxes, Czersinski retrieved his bag and other boxes he had pulled out earlier. Putting the other dolls back into the bag, Czersinski stood before the boxed dolls and smiled as he pulled out his cell phone.

                                “So, this is it. Not sure if you dolls can still hear or understand me but you’re joining the rest of the team as sex dolls permanently. I’ve arranged circumstances that will result in no one looking for you or thinking you’re still alive. I’ll have to leave the country to take on a new look and identity but that’s part of the deal. I can assure you that whoever winds up owning you in the future will take good care of you. After all, you’re one of a kind dolls and something they’ll want to have around for a long time,” Czersinski intoned before placing the dolls inside the bag and closing the zipper.

                               For Denise, Rachel and the other dolls in the bag, they felt their futures were sealed….

                               In more ways than one….