Please Dress Me
(Expository Job for a Day)

by unknown


Can you imagine someone leaving me in the window with no clothes on? At least they closed the drapes. Sometimes they throw a sheet over me as they walk me through the store. But then I usually have to wait a couple of days before they put any-thing on me.

I am a mannequin in the ZCMI store window. I'm one of the favorites because my face has personality. That is what the boss tells people.

My boss, Nell, and her assistant, Jeff, are fashion display designers. They seem to like their job. It has a lot of variety and different things to do. Like they get to decide sometimes what they will do in the windows. Other times the people that are over them tell them what they have to do with the window.

Brittney came to watch them prepare the window. She saw how they take me apart first and then wire my body to the floor from my waist. How would you like that?

There is a work room that has the iron steamer for the clothes and all kinds of stuff. That is where I stay unless I am in a window.

My boss use to draw pictures all the time when she was working in another department. One of the head people saw this and asked her to help on displays. She then was asked to take the job. She likes it. She noticed Jeff was good at art work and asked for him to become her assistant. He is very funny and keeps them all laughing. Even I laugh sometimes. Can you believe that?

Jeff is working on a college degree. Nell did not need one because she was so talented.

I heard them say that this job is hard sometimes because of the deadlines that have a lot of pressure.

I could tell Brittney liked dressing me in the wedding dress. She dropped my hand once, but was nice to put it back on.

Well, I guess I'll say goodbye for now. You can come see me in the ZCMI window. I am there most of the time just hanging around!