by Freezeray 2001

    I have a little fantasy I would like to share with the group. It kind of takes the form of a story.

    In the not too distant future, the nation decides that women as well as men should be drafted into the armed services. A new womens combat "brigade" is formed and filled with young female draftees.

    Designated to fill certain combat needs, the womens brigade is given a special uniform (hey, it's my fantasy): a navy blue shirt with a white collar, red and white stripe descending from the shoulder to the sleve with the brigade's crest on the left breast of the shirt, short white terry cloth shorts, white knee high socks, navy blue underwear, and navy blue shoes. The Brigade commanders decided that since the brigade would be assigned to warmer climates and that comfort and mobility were key, the special uniforms were in order.

    Engaged in their first tour of duty, the young female recruits are attacked by a strange and unusual weapon, never seen before. A type of cannon that fires a purple beam of light. Terrified and frantic, the young troopers try to escape, but it is of no use. When struck by the beam, the young women are paralyzed, frozen in their movement, terrified and surprised looks paralyzed on their faces. The women are frozen in various stages of movement, walking, running, knealing, some standing at attention, others saluting, unawre of the attack. Glimpses of the navy blue underwear are visible underneath the soft terry cloth short-shorts on some of the girls who are bent at the waist.

    All of the young troopers are frozen on the battlefield, unable to move at all. Amazingly they are conscious, able to see straight ahead, hear what is around them and they are sensative to the touch. Their skin is still warm. Unfortunately, they will be frozen like this for ever, terified and surprised looks on their faces, conscious but unable to ever move again.


    Sometimes, I imagine myself, frozen in place, wearing the same uniform, blue shirt and soft terry cloth short shorts. Unable to move a muscle, frozen for eternity.


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