Fantastic Voyage

by Faceless 001

 This story falls under the Robots & Androids category.  You may edit out any profanity as you see necessary.  [I didn't,  Ed.]

I've been writing little bits of robotica (robot+erotica) since I was 15, but this one is the first I've actually finished.  There will probably be more on the way.

At 4:56pm the phone rang. I was just about to check my email when I saw the caller ID. That area code. That number. Monique?

"Hello?" I answered.

"Chip?" came the response, in a familiar sexy soprano timbred voice.

"Speaking." I stated.

"It's Monique!" the voice chirped. It was her.

"Hi Monique, how's it goin'?" I asked.

"Oh, pretty good. I'm doing fine. How are you?"

"I'm the same. You know, doing fine and all that."

"Say, are you busy right now?"

I hesitated. Monique and I had not really talked much since we broke up. "Well, not too busy." I answered.

"Well, I'm in town, actually I'm pretty close to where you live."

"Really? The caller ID was from your house."

She didn't say anything for a while, then said "I'm pretty close to where you live."

"Do you need to see me?" I asked.


"Alright. Well, I guess I'll see you soon?" I said, not believing that she was in town. Call display never lies.

"Ok, see you soon." She said in her most cheerful voice.

"Sure thing."

I hung up. I didn't really want to talk to her. She must've been stoned out of her mind or something.

Then I heard the doorbell.

I looked through the peep-hole, and sure enough, there she was. I didn't want to appear rude, so I unlocked and opened the door.

"Hi Chip." she said, smiling.

"Long time no see?"

"Can I come in? I really need to talk to you."

"Sure, come on in." I stepped aside and motioned her to enter. She put another little smile on her face, and said "Thanks Chip."

I stepped back and looked her up & down as she entered. She was dressed and made up to the hilt, and was even in high heels. She looked gorgeous, more than she ever had before it seemed. She had let her dark red hair grow to the length It was when I met her.

Her sweater, skirt & nylons accentuated her curves, and she hadn't gained a pound it seemed. She wore some of the same things she wore when I was dating her though, nothing new.

"What brings you to town?" I asked, as we went to sit on the couch.

"I came to see you. I miss you."

"Well, we haven't really talked much since we went out, and that was a few years ago now."

"Do you still find me attractive?"

The question took me by surprise. She heaved her bust forward and put her hand on my thigh. I looked into her wide brown eyes. All this was bringing back way too many flashbacks.

Before I could answer she said "Let's have sex. I'm wearing those black satin panties you always loved."

I was taken right off guard. "Really?" I looked at her with puzzlement.

"Yeah... why don't you undress me."

Monique stood up, taking my hand and putting it on top of her skirt. I stood up too, removing my hand. She put her arms around me. She didn't smell drunk, in fact, she smelled good.

"I couldn't." I said, interrupting myself. "It wouldn't be right."

"Oh, come on, just one more time?" She rubbed her legs against mine, pulling my other hand to feel her thigh. "Don't you want to do it again?" She asked in a sexy voice. She started to kiss me.

I still couldn't do it. As gently as I could, I pushed her away and stood up, saying "Sorry, It's been too long to just rush into things."

Monique took a step back with a blank look on her face. She paused, with her mouth open as if she was about to speak.

"Are you ok?" I asked, concerned

After a second or two, she looked at me and said "Plan B."

"Plan B?" I repeated.

From out of her purse, she pulled a handgun on me, aiming at my chest.

"You will come with Me." she ordered.

"Where?" I asked, instinctively putting my hands up.

"Put your arms down. You must act as normally as possible, or I will kill you." She said, her eyes set and cold. I looked again at the gun, it's barrel making a direct line to my heart. I could feel cold beads of sweat on my forehead.

She continued "Go outside and get into the driver's side of the white car." She followed close behind as I exited the house, pulling the door shut behind us.

"Wait, I need my keys, they're upstairs." I said. Monique pushed the gun into my stomach.

"Get into the driver's side of the white car." she repeated.

I did as she ordered. She got into the passenger side, the gun always on me. The door seemed to shut itself after me.

"Look straight ahead and put your hands on the wheel." she said. After I had done that, she said aloud "Return to Base."

The car began to drive itself, throwing my hands from the wheel, and scaring the hell out of me. It went speeding down the road, North, on the way out of town.

"Where are we going?"

"Look straight ahead and put your hands on the wheel."

The car went speeding off towards the highway. It ran right through two red lights and several stop signs before merging into the sparse highway traffic. I could see people giving me the finger and getting cell phones out. I was hopeful that someone would call the police. I tried to make eye contact with some of the other drivers, but Monique was watching my eyes.

"Look straight ahead." she ordered again.

I glanced again at the gun, still on me, and stared out at the passing white lines. Fearing for my life, I became still, with my eyes straight ahead, my hands on the wheel. Neither of us spoke a word more.

The car drove itself speedily down the road for at least an hour, but no police cruiser ever appeared. Eventually, the car pulled over to the shoulder, but didn't slow down. I thought it was going off the road until I saw a large trailer standing still straight ahead.

Getting closer, I saw its back doors open and two ramps come out onto the road. The car steered itself right up the ramps and into the trailer, abruptly stopping once inside. The entire process took only a moment.

Monique put the gun in the glove compartment. Puzzled, I asked "Why did you do that?"

"I do not need a weapon to control you now." came her curt reply.

Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw that the trailer doors were closing slowly. The car's doors weren't locked. I released the seat belt and made a run for it.

So, however, did Monique. As I ran behind the car, she caught hold of my arm and pulled me down and back. I stumbled forward, outstretching my other arm to push her down. My hand hit her right in the jaw, and she went falling back. I was able to find my balance, and hurriedly I turned to go, but the doors were just then closed shut. I stopped, leaning up against the cold metal doors as I heard and felt the truck's engine start up.

Knowing I missed my chance at escape, I turned back to Monique, who had gotten up and was moving swiftly toward me. She looked as if she wore a mask. As she got closer, details sunk in; flashing lights, microchips and circuitry around those two big eyeballs. Just as she clutched my arm, I realized I was not looking at a mask, but behind Monique's face. This Monique was a robot.

I took a sharp breath, then heard the machine speak: "You will come with me." The words now even more emotionless. I looked over to see Monique's lovely face on the ground. The robot had no need to wear it now.

She led me past the car, its doors still open, to the front of the trailer. Pointing at a small door she said "Get in". Her head was pointed in my direction. Her mouth was attached to her face, as I could see the speakers that emitted her voice at the back of a deep recess. There were even vents where the nose would be. Becoming impatient, the robot strengthened its grip on my arm and repeated louder "Get in!"

I did as she said.

Inside was living quarters - a bed in the center and another compartment on the right, probably a washroom. I crawled inside with Monique's duplicate close behind.

Once in, there was enough room to stand up. The robot shut the door behind us and released my arm. We stood at our distance for a while, our eyes locked. A very awkward silence fell, but I could just hear what at first sounded like a Gameboy. I listened for a while, and over the rumble of the diesel engine, I could hear the sounds of short, randomly pitched tones, emanating from different parts of her head. They seemed to match the blinking lights. I wondered what their purpose was.

Otherwise, I was amazed by the realness of the copy. It looked, sounded and even smelled like Monique. I didn't suspect a thing. I wondered what the hell was going on.

Now, for some reason I was a bit less afraid. I actually felt aroused, though the sensation seemed out of place to say the least.

"Is the real Monique alright?" I asked.

"Unknown." was the reply.

"What do you mean? You have to tell me." I insisted.

"The human I was constructed to resemble is not being monitored."

"You must've kidnapped her too, to make such a perfect copy. I demand to know if she's alright."

"The data specific to my construction was read from your brain."

I couldn't believe it. "My god, you... you read my brain?"

"I am not programmed for that function."

"Well, someone did. Who's responsible for this?"

"Every detail necessary to construct me was readily available within your organic memory. The human I was constructed to resemble is not being monitored."

"How many people do you monitor?" I was curious.

"I am not programmed for that function."

"No, I mean whoever made you."

The robot stood motionless for about five seconds, then said again "The data specific to my construction was read from your brain."

I decided to drop the subject, but continued asking "Well, why did you kidnap me?"

There was a brief pause, then she went on "Reference..... kidnap.... Sperm is required to grow a new human."

"That's why you look like Monique." I muttered to myself. The robotic Monique hadn't moved at all since closing the door and dropping its arms to the sides.

I sat down on the bed. Monique continued standing, flashing and beeping. "What the fuck kind of kidnapping is going on here?" I mumbled, slowing my breathing. Still, I could feel myself getting less scared, and a lot more horny. I had to adjust my fly a bit. Monique did have a sexy body, and it was reproduced flawlessly in front of me. I certainly did not have a fear of technology, in fact I've often fantasized about making love to a female robot. It sure did open possibilities.

"You want my sperm?" I asked.

"Yes" she answered.

"Well, why don't you sit here beside me?"

The robot did as I suggested, sitting right up against me. She turned her opened head again to me, and said "My face mask is not attached. Will that be a problem for you?" Those computerized tones could be heard clearly now, constantly beeping to the flashing of those little coloured lights.

"No, that's ok. You still look sexy." I said, putting my arm around her shoulder. Her hand found mine, and I began to feel her up. The realness was astounding. I paused for a second, hearing Monique's synthesized heavy breathing.

She clutched her clinging black sweater and took it off, dropping it on the floor. The sight of the robot doing this made my cock instantly hard. I got into a better position on the bed.

Monique, without a word, went on to remove her skirt & heels. Her black bra, garter and stockings matched the panties she mentioned earlier. She then laid herself in the center of the bed, I straddled her, but didn't start undressing, as I found the inside of the compartment chilly.

I placed my hands on her tits, those fabulous big tits that were always so perky. In machine form they seemed artificially so, even under the satin bra. I instructed her to take it off. She arched her back slightly and unhooked the bra, then slipping it off her arms and tossing it to the side. Under my fingertips, her nipples began to grow erect, and the breathing sounds became overtly sexy.

"You're such a perfect duplicate. It's amazing." I told her.

She only elaborated her breathing routine in reply.

I placed a hand on her crotch, and felt it quiver in reflex. I thought of her what her thoughts would be like, or more accurately, what her CPU was doing. I wondered where it was. I asked her "Is your CPU inside your head?"

"My primary processors are located here" she said, pointing between and slightly above her breasts. My vaginal unit contains a separate processor."

Her hands started to undo my fly. I started to pull her panties down, she assisted by raising her butt off the bed.

"You must be some complex machine." I said.

"You would probably not comprehend the technology." she remarked, pulling my dick towards her pussy.

I halted her, saying "Nothing funny will happen to me if I fuck you, will it?"

"If you do not give me your sperm, I will kill you." she emitted from her speakers.

"Ahh, shit. You really know how to spoil the mood." I complained, losing my erection, and fast. Pulling myself to the side of the bed, I pulled my now limp dick back into my pants. The sound of the truck seemed to come roaring back.

Without moving her arms, Monique sat up and said "You will comply." I jumped back as the robot came at me again, slower this time.

Before she had a chance to grab me, I took hold of her arm and swung her as hard as I could against the nearby metal wall. She seemed to hop back from it, trying to keep balance. Quickly I kicked her from behind with my heel, as high up her back as I could.

It wasn't a very powerful kick but it sent the machine back up against the wall. I body-checked it back a third time, and heard it try to speak. The words weren't clear, and the voice sounded digitally distorted. Grabbing its head from behind, I smashed the robot against the textured metal again and again, until I had almost worn out my arm. All the while it's voice becoming more and more distorted.

Still talking, it began to twitch violently. I backed off, and watched it turn slowly around 540° and fall face first to the ground. As it struggled to get up, I jumped up and landed on its back. I stepped back and stomped repeatedly over where she had pointed out her CPU. Seeing it stop moving and settle down, I kicked its head until it was only attached by tubes and sparking wires.

I sat down on the bed, catching my breath, keeping an eye on the half naked machine. It only dawned on me then that I had no plan of escape further than this. Then I remembered the gun. The robot had put it in the glove compartment. I sprang to my feet and went out to get it.

The trailer was colder than the compartment, and dark. It was lighted before. I found my way over to the car, its doors still open. Sure enough, there was the gun.

It wasn't heavy enough to be made of metal. I wondered if it was even real. I couldn't really tell, so I headed back to that compartment. About half way back, I paused. Something made me go back and get the robot's face, probably just curiosity. It had lights blinking on the inside, too.

Once I got into the well lit bedroom, I examined the gun. It was fake, though not a toy. It looked just like a real handgun, except there were no moving parts.

So much for that idea.

I looked closely at the facial mask. It was heavier than the gun. It was like a rubber mask with a mechanical jaw attached. There were little connectors protruding from spots around it, to connect to the head.

The skin on it was frighteningly real. Tiny hairs, blemishes, everything was exactly like Monique's face. I threw it onto the robot's back, then the fake gun with it.

So now what? I was locked in a trailer, probably driving itself, bound for who knows where, with a busted mechanical copy of an ex-girlfriend, that tried to kill me.

I tried to think why someone, or something possessive of a technology so advanced as to read peoples' minds, would want me for my sperm. It was unsettling. It didn't make any sense.

…to be continued?

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