The Carbon Man - Plucked from the Sea of Space
(Fantastic Voyage 11)

by Faceless 001

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After a week and a half adrift in space, Chip sighted an object coming near on the monitor.  The closer it got the more it looked like another spacecraft.  He let out a loud "alright!" and tidied up his appearance.

   The ship came near and opened up a large bay door, swallowing up the silver sphere.  Once the loading was done, Chip emerged from his craft, greeted by a pretty young lady.  She was cute - shaped like a model, with a dignified walk.  The pert woman with dirty blonde hair was dressed up in a white vinyl skirt and coat.  Chip immediately lusted for her, and felt a flush come to his face.

   "Hi.  I'm Chip". he said in his manliest voice.

   "My name's Ashley.  I work for Larch Consumer Products and Chemical".  She said as she came closer.  "You look like you could use some help with your shuttle."  He was pleasantly surprised when she put her hand up to caress his ragged beard.  "It also looks like you need a good shave." she said, her voice getting playful.

   Chip looked into her grey-blue eyes, noticing her lengthy blonde eyelashes.  Her rectangular frameless eyeglasses seemed to match the exotic, angular appearance of her eyebrows.  He had to take a step back to get his cool under control.  Ashley, at least he hoped, was just as turned on as he.  "I need help home, and I need to get some news." he told her, stopping short of mentioning his adventures through time.

   "Well," Ashley said, "I can offer you several subscriptions for news services."  She pulled a small remote from a pocket and pointed roughly at the wall.  A perfectly clear 3D image of the logos of several news services appeared stacked on each other in.  "Go ahead and make some selections." she said smiling.

   Chip took a lingering look at the holographic stack of vibrant, flashy animations and clips.  The sound that came with it was a series of channel ads.  He looked back between the ads and her and said. "You know, I'm a bit anxious to get back to Earth."

   "How about something for your shuttle?" she said, clicking off the news.  "It looks to me like you made it yourself."

   "Oh, no, I got this, from a friend, but I really need to get back to Earth." He told her.

   She crossed her arms and gave a pouty sigh, "Hmmm, we could bring you and your shuttle back to Earth for a reasonable fee."

   "Ok," said Chip, pleased at the promise of returning home. "works for me."

   "Great, Chip!" she said, her face lit up. "Follow me to fill out some forms, and we'll head back down to Earth.

   Chip followed as Ashley led him out of the shuttle and into a much larger craft.  It looked like a high tech variety shop.  All around Chip were aisles filled with merchandise, gadgets, toys, CDs, and even clothes.  In the middle of the front section was a glass table, with chairs and a couch.

   No other people were around, prompting Chip to ask "Is it just you by yourself out here?"

   "Yes." was Ashley's reply.

   "Don't you get lonely all alone?" Chip said.  "I thought I was going to lose it in that ship all alone for so long."

   Ashley came to a seat by the low lying table and sat down.  "I could never get lonely selling all these wonderful Larch products to so many satisfied customers." She said.

   Ashley offered him a drink as he took a seat opposite her.  The chair was soft and comfortable, and he was delighted to learn that Heineken was still being brewed.  The pretty girl got him a cool one and a glass from a fridge.  The lager tasted as good as he remembered.  It then occurred to Chip that the instant matter technology he had seen must not have been developed in this time.

   His attention returned to his hostess as she laid out the paperwork in front of him.  Pages of legalese documents needed to be signed.  They dealt with the responsibility of risk involved in space flight and things like that.  Chip skipped a lot of reading and put his name down by the Xs, reading the price as he signed the last line.

   "14 grand?!" Chip said tensely.

   "Our prices are quite competitive, don't you agree?" Ashley said, taking his hand over the coffee table.

   "How far away from Earth am I?" he asked.

   "We're up above the moon.  We should be orbiting Earth in a day." said Ashley as she pointed to the spot for the date, not yet filled in.

   "What is the date, anyway, Ashley?" he asked.

   "It's October 12."

   "What year?"

   She looked at him for a moment, then said "'34."

   Chip filled in the digits, still wondering if it was 2034 or 2134.  Things looked advanced, but was it decades or centuries ahead?

   Ashley took the pen, filled in a '20', and filed the forms away.  "Well," she said getting closer to him, "we have some time to kill, why not do some shopping?"

   "Alright." said Chip as he put down his beer and got up.

   "You can bring that with you." she said.

   "Sweet." he said, and was on his way.

   She led him to a counter with colognes and perfumes, and sprayed from a dainty bottle upon her wrists.  She took in the smell and said "Mmm, I like that one.  You pick one.  Do you like Vanyo?"

   Chip took the green sculpted bottle from her and paused for a moment, feeling very turned on by Ashley now.  Some of the other names he recognised, which made him feel a little more at home.  The cologne itself was like a pine cleaner with a cologne scent thrown in.

   "Only $249.99 for the small bottle." Ashley said.

   "Uh, I don't think I need any cologne." Chip told her.

   "Alright, how about a shave?  No charge for guests." she said.

   "Sure." he said as she showed him a chair behind a display counter.  He stared dreamily at Ashley as she pulled a straight razor from a display and turned on a water tap.  He hardly noticed the chosen method as she wetted and lathered up his beard.

   "Don't move now Chip." she said as she held the s harp blade against his neck.  As the blade carved away the hair from his face, he caught his reflection in the mirror.

   "I just met her, what the hell am I doing?" he asked himself.  The girl in the vinyl skirt kept cutting away.

   Chip began to speak, but was cut off with "Shh!  Don't move!"

   The look in Ashley's eyes seemed far away, but she skillfully moved the old fashioned blade against his neck.  The razor cut quickly and effortlessly in her hands, and gave him a perfectly close shave.

   Chip stroked his bare, cut free chin after she had cleaned it up.  Her skill was impressive.

   After washing him up, Ashley took him by the hand and gave him a kiss.  She then led him out of the chair to shop for some electronics.

   "How about a new phone?" she said with a smile.

   "Is that all you want to talk about?" he asked, holding her back with his hand.

   "Oh, of course not.  Larch Consumer Products and Chemical has many fine products to offer."

   "Look, why don't we go sit down again.  I'm too tired to shop."

   "Ok." she said, still grinning. "Let's talk some more."

   The two headed back to the couch.  Chip put his beer down and asked Ashley, "So how long have you been out here in space?"

   "Six years one month and seventeen days." She said.

   "Six years?" Chip repeated. "Isn't that hard on your body?"

   "No." she answered.

   "Don't you miss the Earth?" he asked.

   "I've never been to Earth, except in orbit." she said.

   Chip took a reclined position and pondered her last remark.  "What do you do in your spare time?" he asked.

   "Oh, I'm always on the go!" she said.  "There are lots of stops on my route, and lots of satisfied customers."

   Chip was a bit puzzled why she was still trying to sell him things.  The two talked and flirted for a while, Ashley mainly answering Chips questions with segues into ads.  After a while it became frustrating for Chip to put up with the constant product plugs, so he made himself a little more direct.

   His hand went upon her thigh, and he began to stroke her leg through her white nylons.  Trying to interest him in space craft insurance, she took off her glasses and undid the clips in her hair.  She tossed her hair down and put her hands on his shoulders.  Chip leaned back as Ashley felt up his chest and got on top of him.

   She stopped talking.  They kissed for several minutes, all the while groping each other's bodies.  Ashley knelt up and unsnapped the buttons of her skirt and coat.  She removed them and layed her underwear-clad body on Chip again.

   He played with her beautiful body, admiring and kissing her soft skin.  Ashley sighed and moaned excitedly as Chips fingertips felt for her nipples.  She didn't have any, but her breasts were round and full just the same.  His other hand felt into her white see-through panties, caressing her hairless crotch.  In fact, it was all just bare skin.  Ashley had no holes, not even lips.

   Chip stared into her eyes.  She was still horny, still looking that way anyway.  Chip unhooked her bra and pulled it down her arms.  She flung it off to the side and put her tits around his face.  He wanted to ask her what she was, but took another feel of her crotch and kissed a spot where a nipple should have been.  

   Ashley arched her back and looked up to the ceiling as Chip's hand went over and over the bare skin between her legs.  He also noticed that she wasn't getting sweaty, and her navel was missing.

   He started feeling her up like the doll he was now sure she was.  She liked it more and more.

   "You're a machine, aren't you?" he asked.

   "My name's Ashley.  I work for Larch Consumer Products and Chemical." she again said.

   Chip looked into her mouth, wondering if his cock would fit inside. 

   Suddenly a loud clang was heard as another vessel docked with the ship.  He turned to see a half dozen women enter after the portal opened.  All but one were quite obviously robots, dressed in the same style black leather corsets, adorned with formed plates of chrome.  All were identical, with short black hair and olive complexion.  They made their way toward Chip and Ashley, pointing large machine guns.

   The real one was unarmed.  She pulled a lens from her head band over her eye and studied the couple.

   "This one's human." she said pointing to Chip.  "Stand aside." she told him.

   "My name's Ashley.  I work for Larch Consumer Products and Chemical." Ashley said to the intruders as Chip got off the bed.

   The unarmed one gave the command to fire and Ashley's body was hit with a stream of bullets.  Smoke poured out of the holes as the damaged parts inside crackled and hissed.  The robot made a last series of twitches and movements before seizing up, her face locked in a cheerful expression.   Chip put his hands in the air yet again.

   "Don't worry," the leader assured him, "We just kill androids."

   "Why did you do that?" Chip asked.

   "That'll bring me a few thousand in bounty." she said with a smile.  "My name's Leena."

   "Are androids illegal?" Chip asked.

   "Do you live in a box or something?  Just the humanoid ones, programmed like that one." she told him.  "What's your name?"

   "I'm Chip." he said.

   "Is that your shuttle?" she asked, pointing to the silver sphere.

   He thought for a moment and said "No, but that's how I got here."

   "Wow, you're lucky the cops didn't get here first." she said.  "They'll be here soon to shut this place down.  I hope for your sake they're not looking for you."

   "No, of course not."

   "I'll let you hide on my shuttle for fifty thousand bucks."

   "I don't have any money."

   "That's hard to believe, but the cops are on there way.  Follow my girls to my ship, and we'll talk about this later."

   Leena ordered her robotic clones back and said "I'll be about fifteen."

   Chip was led by the uzi wielding fembots into a small craft, which pulled away from the company ship.  He sat down in one of the chairs, and took in the view of the ship.  Even in his strange circumstance, the open space demanded attention.

   Soon, a blue and white shuttle marked "Police" zoomed up and docked with the Larch ship.  Chip turned his attention to the fembots.

   "So, I guess you're all named Leena." he said.  None responded.  He had the urge to have his way with them, but the guns were enough of a deterrent.  He took a good look at the ships controls and hoped it wouldn't piss off the guards.

   Ten minutes later Leena came back on board, and they made their way back to Earth.  Leena pressed Chip for money, so he told her his time travel story.  She sat and listened, but she sure didn't believe him.  He though she was treating him with more civility than she should, but wasn't going to complain.

  Indeed the two were getting along very well with one and other.  Chip was feeling at ease with her, almost finding he liked her.  Her stories were full of exaggeration, but exciting to him.  She and her team of "Electro-Vixins" scoured Earth and space for androids on the loose.  Lot's of money was to be made by putting the unlawful machines out of service.

   What she asked of Chip was that he return to Earth to help locate robots for her to claim.  To avoid being put in a nut house for his story, Chip agreed to do the job for her.

   The rest of the trip was pleasant, but Chip's nervousness grew as they got closer to Earth.


…to be continued…

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