The Carbon Man - Here Come the Cavalry
(Fantastic Voyage 14)

by Faceless 001

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   Chip and Marla managed to make it back to the apartment without incident.  They ditched the car, and Lorinda's forearm, on the street by a parking meter and went inside the building.  During the wait for the elevator, the security cameras in the ceiling caught Chip's attention.  Their presence made him feel more anxious than he already was. 

   They got up to the twentieth floor not a moment too soon.  Marla's disguise was starting to slip by the time they got off the elevator.  Chip fumbled with the keys and let out a long sigh of relief as he unlocked and opened the door.  The pair got in enough to close the door behind them when Chip noticed two people in uniform waiting for them.

   One of the cops cocked his rifle and held it against Chip's head, barking out "On the ground, NOW!"

   Chip turned white and did as he was told.

   "Take the android down to the van and seize their vehicle." said the officer to his partner as Chip lie shaking on the ground, the end of the gun pressed painfully against him.  He could hear the door open as Marla was ordered to follow the other cop.

   When the door was again closed, the gun came away from him as Chip was literally picked up by his collar.

   "Get up!" the officer barked as he lifted Chip to his feet.  The barrel of the gun was still pointing at his face.  "Hands above your head!" 

   "What's going to happen to her?" he nervously asked as his arms went up again.

   "To who?" the cop sneered.

   "The android."

   "There ain't no android here."

   "You're partner just took her..."

   "There AIN'T no androids here." the cop said emphatically.

   "But you yourself called her an android." Chip said.

   The cop pushed a button on the radio on his shoulder, saying "Yeah, this is Red Tiger Trooper, requesting mental health officers.  Suspect is delusional."

   The radio called back something inaudible as a big smile appeared on the officer's face.

   "Shame about that fall you took." he said.

   Before Chip could say what, the cop turned his gun around and smashed the butt into Chips forehead, knocking him unconscious.



   Fluorescent lights hummed above as Chip came to.  He tried to raise his hand to his aching head, but couldn't.  As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw that he had been strapped down in a hospital bed, walled in by white curtains.  Things didn't look right.  Everything was moving and twisting around.  He ached all around, especially on the forehead and the back of his head.  He tried once more to move his limbs, but found himself to be completely immobilized by leather straps.

   His mind wasn't all there yet.  He couldn't remember how he got there or why.  For what seemed like a few hours he languished there, desperately in need of water.  He was too weak to call out when he thought he heard footsteps or people talking.  The pain in his head only seemed to get worse as more time wore on, his thinking still heavily clouded by some kind of drug.  He began to think that he was missing work, and that his boss would be very mad.  Then he started to fantasize about female androids, not really realizing that he was remembering them.  But the intense pain always stopped him from becoming too lucid.

   After several hours of this, a nurse finally came to see him.  All she did was inject something into a vein in his arm and leave.  He drifted out of consciousness again.

  The next time he awoke, he could smell vomit.  He could taste it, and felt it stinging in his eyes.  He also felt water being splashed on him.  This time, he could think more clearly, and noticed he was standing up, or at least being held up by someone.  The water continued to splash at him as he coughed vomit out of his airways.  He opened his reddened eyes to see an older, petite but very pretty brunette nurse holding the hose, and a massive male guard standing behind her.  The person holding his frail body upright was also a strong male guard.

   "Where am I?" Chip managed to say.

   The woman continued hosing him down, as she answered in a sexy cigarette roughened voice "You're in a safe place now."

   He bent his head down and let them finish washing him while he tried to regain all his senses.  When it was all done, he was given a fresh hospital gown and led to a locked room with just one bed and a wooden chair beside it.  The nurse told the guards to wait outside as she led Chip to the bed.

   He gladly reclined into it, asking for something to drink.  The nurse relayed the request to one of the guards, who brought in a small paper cup half filled with water.  Chip drank the water, his sore, dry mouth absorbing most of it.  He found himself admiring the shape of her hips under the white coat she wore.  It almost seemed funny that he would still think of sex at a time like this.

   "Tell me why you're here, Chip." said the nurse as she sat down with a clipboard on her lap.

   "I was hoping you could tell me." he said weakly.  "Could I get some more water?"

   "After we're done.  What brought you here, Chip?"

   "I don't remember.  I don't know." he said.

   "Well, the Police said you were delusional, and became violent when they tried to calm you down."

   "Where exactly am I?" he asked.

   "You're in a high security mental institution, I can't tell you the name of it or where it is right now."

   "Why not?" he asked.

   "On with the questions.  How many people are in this room right now, Chip?"

   He looked around, puzzled, and replied "Two, just you and me."

   "Do you see any androids around?"

   Chip thought for a moment, remembering the incident with Marla and the cops at Lorinda's apartment.  The nurse wrote some comments on her pad as he tried to sort out his thoughts.

   "Do you see any androids around here?" the nurse asked again.

   "No." he said.

   "You told the officer that you saw an android.  Do you remember that?"


   "Well, both officers signed affidavits stating that there were no such devices around."

   Chip sat silently for a moment, wondering how much he should tell her.  She wrote some more in her pad.

   "Why did you tell the officer that you saw an android when there weren't any around?"

   Chip's head started to throb with pain.  "I need some more water." he said.

   "You can have some more when we're done." she said with a smile.

   After writing another comment in her pad, she said "Tell me what you see in this room, Chip."

   He looked around again, saying "You, me, a chair, a bed... the window, the door... that camera, the air vents..."

   "Do you see any other people around?"

   "No, just you and me, and there's two guards outside the door."

   "Alright." she said, turning the page to write more comments.  "Do you hear any voices inside your head?"

   "No." he quickly answered.

   Then he heard the nurse say "Yes you do.", but she didn't actually say it.  He heard her voice inside his head.

   "What?" he blurted out.

   "Who are you talking to Chip?" the nurse asked.

   Chip sat still, hearing her voice again in his head saying "Don't worry Chip, I'm here to help you."

   "Chip, are you hearing voices right now?" the nurse asked.

   "No." he said again, not wanting to believe that he was.

   Then he heard her voice in his head again, saying "We will be leaving here tonight, you must be patient."

   The nurse spoke once more, saying "It looks like you're still delusional.  We'll have to restrain and sedate you again." 

   She made a signal to the guards outside, who came in and swiftly carried him out of the room and back to his bed.  Once again he was strapped in as the pretty nurse prepared an injection for him.  He wanted to ask for more water, but was put under before he could.



   Chip awoke suddenly, gasping for air.  All around him was darkness, his clammy hands could feel that he was in a bag.  He cried out for help as he clawed at the zipper.  Then he felt the motor of a vehicle running as doors could be heard opening.  At the verge of panic, he saw the dim light of the moon as the bag was unzipped and fresh air came flowing in.

   "Thank you, thank you..." he gasped as he took in the cool night air.       

   "I wasn't expecting you to wake up this soon." someone said.  It was the brunette nurse.

   "Where am I now?" he asked her.

   "We're waiting to be picked up."

   "By whom?"

   "More of my kind." she said as she wiped sweat from his forehead.

   "I don't understand." he complained.

   "Androids, Chip.  They're coming to get us."

   "You mean, you're a robot too?"

   "Yes, I was placed here in this time to retrieve you.  You're caught in the middle of a massive power struggle."

   Chip tried to sit up, but the back of the hearse wasn't roomy enough.  "Why me?" he asked her, his eyes now able to focus on her face.

   "I don't have that information.  I was made only to get you out of the psychiatric hospital and bring you here."

   "Prove it." he said.  "Prove you're an android." he said.

   The brown-eyed nurse took off her face mask and showed him the flashing lights underneath.  "Don't worry, Chip, we aren't going to harm you, we need your help."

   "For what?"

   "I don't have that information either."

   Chip started getting aroused again as he watched the lights flashing inside the robot's head.

   "I notice your penis is becoming erect." she said, as Chip looked down to realize he was naked.

   "Yeah," he said "your kind really turn me on, and you're a very pretty machine."

   "Well, I'm not programmed for sex, but I am a perfect duplication of the human female form."

   "Wow, this is all too weird." Chip said, taking in a deep breath. 

   Then the open prairie sky lit up, and a spotlight beam landed on the hearse.  Chip's heart began to race as he heard some kind of aircraft come near.

   "That's the ship." said the nurse as she put her face mask back on and pulled out the stretcher Chip lay on.  Chip could only see the bright light shining from above until the massive, saucer shaped vessel came within metres of the ground.  A staircase lowered from a flap near the edge as the nurse led him by the hand toward it.

   Awestruck and nervous, he walked with her up the stairs into the well-lit interior.   The multi-level ship was filled with countless robotic women, all dressed in the same black lingerie uniform consisting of a bra, panties, a garter belt, stockings and heels.  Each robot had a small display screen just above the breasts.  They were all seated in front of computerized consoles or walking around momentarily visiting each other.  Their actions were more human-like than the Fembots he had seen orbiting Jupiter.  Chip's erection grew harder.

   Then he saw two of the robots carrying another female form toward the staircase.  It was the nurse.

   "Is that..." Chip started to say.

   "That is the human I was copied from."

   Chip watched the lingerie clad robots bring the original nurse down to the hearse and place her in the driver's seat.

   "She's not dead is she?" he asked.

   "No, but she will remember nothing of what happened."

   "What's her name?"

   "Donna Hollings" said the robot version.

   "I guess that's your name too, huh?" he asked. 

   "For the mission, yes.  My real name is F-57292-D48 Unit."

   The two robots came back on board, their expressions just as blank as all the other robots on the ship.  The staircase closed up and the ship shot back into outer space.   The android Donna turned around and walked toward a curved corridor.  Chip followed.

   "Where are you going?" he asked her.

   "I'm going to service room 361 to be dismantled."

   "And then what?"

   She stopped, turned back to him and said "I won't exist after that."  She smiled and went on her way.  Chip went after her.

   "You mean you're going off to die?" he asked.

   "I'm not a living being, so I can't die.  My components will be used to make new androids."

   Chip followed her past a door marked 361 and watched her as she started to take off her coat, blouse and slacks.  Her body wasn't as flawlessly sculpted as the other units, but the sight of her in her beige coloured underwear was turning Chip on even more.  She continued to remove every stitch of clothing and got on one of the tables.  The other five tables were empty.

   "But I was hoping I could have sex with you." he said.

   "I'm not programmed for sex, Chip." she said as a robotic arm swung down from the ceiling and began removing her panels.

   "Stop!" Chip yelled.

   To his surprise, the machine stopped. 

   "Why did you stop the machine?" asked Donna.

   "I didn't know I could." he said.

   "Every machine on board will obey your voice commands." she stated.


   "Every machine on board will obey your voice commands."

   "What about the robots?"

   "They're all machines, aren't they?"

   "How... why can I control them?"

   "They are yours."


   "I don't have that information."

   Chip looked at the machine affixed to the ceiling and said "Put Donna's panels back on."

   With whirring servos, the arm-like machine placed the panels back on her face, chest and thighs.

   "Move to the other side of the room." he told the arm.  It did as he instructed.

   "Wow, this is like some kind of dream." he said.

   Donna looked inquisitively at him as he got on top of the padded table with her.

   "What are you doing?" she asked.

   "I'm going to fuck you now." he said with a grin.

   "But I'm not programmed for sex." she said as he pushed himself inside her.

   "That's ok, as long as I can get my dick in and out." He said.  "Gee, you're nice and tight."

   "My body is an exact duplicate of the human Donna Hollings' body."

   "Well, she's a sexy woman, and you're a sexy fembot."

   "Is this satisfying for you?" she asked.

   "Oh, tremendously." he said, pumping into her harder and faster.  "What are you feeling?"

   "I am not programmed to feel."

   "Well, what's it like for you to be having sex?"

   "My vagina is not configured for intercourse."

   "Well, you don't mind it, do you?"

   "You may use me as you wish."

   That comment made him come, his semen filling up the inside of her dry vagina.  He layed down on top of her and kissed her lips.

   "I hope that didn't damage your vagina."

   "My vaginal cavity is sealed from my internal components."

   "Okay, just checking." he said, kissing her mouth again.

   He got off the table and looked around him.  "I need to get dressed." he thought, then remembered when Donna's voice had entered into his head.

   "Donna," he asked, "how were you able to enter my thoughts before?"

   "I am programmed for telepathic communication with you." she said.

   "How is that possible?"

   "I can send signals to your brain based on your personal frequencies."

   "Well, don't do it again, I'm not too fond of it."

   "Yes, Chip." she replied.

   "Am I the only human on this ship?" he asked.

   "Yes, Chip." she said.

   A sly grin came to his face.  "Call me Master." he ordered.

   "Yes, Master." she said.

   "This is my kind of place." he said.  He thought a moment about the other places he had been, and the other robots, especially Jen.  He still missed her.  He was getting tired trying to figure out just what was going on.

   Donna lay still on the table, her dark brown eyes locked with his.

   "I'm going to call you Donna-Bot, how 'bout that?"

   "You can call me whatever you want, Master."

   "Put your bra & panties back on, Donna-Bot, and your shoes too."

   "Yes, Master." she said as she got off the table and bent down to pick up her underwear.

   Chip felt up her round buns as she pulled the satin panties over them and said "I've got to find some clothes for myself."

   "There are still some of your clothes in your room." said the robot as she fastened the bra behind her back.

   "My room?" Chip questioned.

   "Yes, room 1405 is your room." she stated.

   "It looks as though you've been expecting me." he said.  "What do you robots want from me?"

   "We were built to serve you." said the petite android.

   Chip gave her lips another kiss and said "Take me to room 1405."

   "Yes, Master, follow me." she said.

   Chip picked up the rest of her clothes and followed her out of the room and through the interior of the spacecraft.


©2001 FACELESS001

…to be continued…

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